this has been today's last selfie

Even’s episode last season had been building up from Ep 7 onwards all the way up to Ep 8.

If we’re doing things by halves, Even has been anxiously on edge holding onto baited breath regarding Mikael since last week, and the selfie today parallels too too too much with the Ep 8 one from last season. Some form of a build up is happening slowly from Ep 3, to where we are now, Ep 4.

It’s 1st May, Mental Health Month, and Even gave us our first update of the new month. Nothing to do with Sana. But everything to do with him. Sana’s liked that photo.

This is Sana’s season, we know Sana and Even know each other. If Even does have an episode, we’d see it from Sana’s POV. So it has to be at a place where Even and Sana are both present.

IDK when that karaoke night thing will happen, but I feel like it could be very soon, maybe this week or next … and if it is this week, on Friday … Sana and Even would both be present there.

And if it was to happen, if Even was to have an episode, I feel Sana would do her utmost best to try and help Even in any way she could, by saying or doing something, or even … by praying something, if it could help Even in some way.

And that would … fire a thousand more questions into Isak’s mind.

Brace yourself.


My boyfriend and I got back from our little vacation last night and I’m honestly feeling relaxed and rested for the first time in ages. Today I wore my favorite dress and took a beautiful walk to see a waterfall. Also I baked a chocolate cake and ate a piece of it as a snack. Dealing with eating more and gaining weight has been hard as fuck but I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone and challenging myself and I’m trying to be proud of that.


Time flies and just last week I reached my first full year on HRT. Following tumblr tradition, here is a little collection of pictures dating pre-HRT up until today.

Much have changed during the last 12 months and I dare say I look a slightly bit different than I did back then.

This will be the last monthly(ish) comparison post I’ll make in regards to HRT. Thank you to the people who have followed me mostly through it!. I started my blog in February, so most of the changes has happened during the time I’ve been here on tumblr. :)


Last year, on this day, I took the first three pictures. Today, I recreated them and took the last three. This last year has been rough. I went on and off my meds, and so my usual caloric intake and diet was way too much for my adjusting metabolism. It couldn’t keep up. I ended up gaining 60 pounds before I stopped. I went up two binder sizes in a year. A year ago I was also closeted and in an abusive, controlling relationship, and just not confident in myself. I was ridiculed by my ex for my weight, no matter when I was 120 pounds and underweight or 140 and a healthy weight or 180 and overweight. Now, I may be unhappy with my body image but at least I’m more confident. In myself, in my identity, in every part of me. And, I’m on the way to losing weight and getting back to a healthy range. Idk where I was going with this but i needed to say it ig

Today’s weight in 75.5kg
So haven’t weighed in in like 5 weeks. Loss since my last weigh in is 1.8 kg. Total loss 4.5 kg Weight-loss has been painstaking slow but I know a lot of that has been due to depression and physical pain issues that have landed me in bed a lot as well as my struggle with BED. But loss is still a loss. And progress is still progress proud of myself I’m still moving forward.

Now I think the next step is to up my exercise game I have been having on average one full on work out 30-45 mins and one HR walk a week I want to up that to exercise 3-4 times a week if my health allows. I got this

Stop Drop Selfie
23 March 2017
Feeling the love this morning with two SDS tags! ❤❤ @grandenoirceur and @fatgirlgetsfitatlast here is my sweaty post-workout grinning face.

My friend Karen has been seconded to Sydney & today was her last Thai-X-Fit class with the crew 😢. She & I are the only ranked martial artists in the class (plus our instructor) and are far & away the noisiest ones! Gonna miss my fellow bellows! 😂 I enjoyed a 50-min intense workout class but will have to do my stretching later as last week I stayed to stretch and was late for work 😮. Will have to do my tags later too. Have a great day/night!

Later: okay tags - have fun @insanitytakeover @mikaxmaki @runningmyownrace @h-co3

Post-Wod selfie! I really need a haircut! Going to a new stylist this evening which should be fun.

Apparently I’ve been bad at posting WOD recaps so let me cover Thursday and today.


- 400m Running
- 15 overhead squats
I forget how long it took me, but I definitively finished last. The positive was I used a 15lb bar, which is more weight then I’ve ever done on a squat. I’m getting a lot better at squatting, although my progress has been slow. Still not to below parallel, but getting there.


Pre-Wod we did these one legged deadlift things. My balance is so bad I couldn’t do them with weight, but it was kinda an interesting challenge. Reminded me I really need to work on balance more.

WOD was 18 minute AMRAP with
- 200m running
- 9 deadlifts @ 55lb
- 6 burpee jumping pull ups
I finished just after deadlifts in round 5. I was really happy with my running today. For all the runs I felt like I had pretty good speed and ran the whole time. It doesn’t seem that impressive, but I feel like running without dying (even if it’s only 5 sets of 200m) is awesome!


i was tagged by @jonahsimms (thank you ana!) a very long time ago to post my lock screen, home screen, the last song i listened to, and a selfie! my lock screen has been the same for two and a half years now.

anyway! anyone who wants to do this can! i’m not gonna tag anyone bc this went around a while ago and i’m not sure who did and didn’t do it. :)


Final Tattoo Update

Okay so this is the last tattoo update. He is fully healed. It took probably about 2 weeks for this to be completely done healing. I’ve mentioned before but incase it was missed I will say it again: This took a little over an hour, and I would rate it on a pain scale from about a 4 out of 10 to a 6.5 out of 10. The pain varied and it got more intense as the process went on, but pain is different for everyone so this is just my particular pain scale.

Amon was originally what got me into Legend of Korra. And without that, I wouldn’t have been able to have kept this blog going and I would not have met some of the wonderful people that I have through this. There are incredible people that I have met through this blog and I am forever grateful for having them as a part of my life, however brief it may have been. 

This show, this fandom, is a part of my childhood and I was so glad I was able to be a part of it as an adult as well. I’m so humbled and thankful for everyone who has made this experience so worth while. While this tattoo is for myself, it’s also for all of you. So thank you so much for sticking with me and giving me something to be so passionate about.

[All the photos were taken today, of the healed tattoo. Some people don’t know where it is still, so the last picture is a selfie with the tattoo poking out, to show where he sits.]


I’m back in minneapolis! I’m clean and comfy and ready for bed.
Today has been sort of a rollercoaster. I went to bed around 10 last night. I woke up a few times but it was to my advantage because I needed to charge my external battery and tablet but I just had the one cord. So that worked out. I woke up at 730 and showered and got dressed and packed.
I went down for breakfast but even though i just got 2 eggs and potatoes I still felt like it was to much food. My waiter was very sweet though and only made fun of me a little when I couldn’t open the ketchup because I had lotion on my hands.
I called a car and went and waited outside. I wanted to go to the goodwill but for some reason the one I wanted to go to was outaide lyfts service area?? I’ve literally never seen that before. So I picked a different one. Which turned out to just be a book store. Which isn’t what I wanted. I called another car and he was a goofball. Took me to an antique store but the entire shopping center didn’t open until 10. Which was a half hour away and was not in my schedule!
The car that they ordered for me for the airport was at 1045. And the hotel was about 10 minutes from where I was. So I thought I would have to leave by 1015 for sure.
But I was determined. I wanted my souvenir. I tried walking around the shopping center but everything was closed except the hardware store. So I looked in there.
At 10 the store opened though. I set an alarm for myself and looked around. I wish i had more time because it was so cool in there. It was one of those market places where people rent space but like a really modern vintage and clean feel. Really awesome.
I wanted a piece of jewelry but I was overwhelmed by the options and my time constraints. But I found this stone orb that I just love. It was a lot more then I would normally spend on something but I figured it was my one souvenir from California. I could splurge a little.
I called a lyft and waited in the other antique store in the shopping center. That one was good to but much more expected of an antique store. Still really nice.
The driver I had was the same woman from that morning! Hello! She was sweet. We talked on the tide back and she got me there at 1031 so that was perfect.
I ran upstairs and grabbed my backpack. The car was already there so I checked out and we were off.
This is where things sort of went sideways. My driver was the same that had picked me up from the airport, a real sweetheart. But I realized that because it takes an hour to get to lax from where we were, leaving at 1045 was stupid?? Like my flight was at 1 but started boarding at 1215. So I would only have a half hour to get through tsa and get water and stuff before they started boarding. And that was it there was no issues.
And of course there was traffic. My driver was great though and took us the back way and we got to the airport by 1145. Still stressed but all okay. The email from the airline said terminal 2 so that’s where she left me. All good.
Except I get to the tsa and he says I’m in the wrong terminal. I should be in terminal 5. Which is on the other side of the airport and I need to catch a bus. I almost started crying. So I just start going towards where he said. I go downstairs and feel very confused.
I see an info desk and go talk to them and just start crying. I feel lost and confused and I don’t want to miss my flight and i wasnt eaten since 8 and I wanted to go home. The woman at the counter calmed me down and sent me in the right direction. I had to go out and walk a few minutes but I found the right terminal. Except then I didn’t know which tsa line to go in because my ticket had no gate on it?? So I just picked one.
Then my bag set off the alarm because I had a bottle of sand. The guy was really nice though and said that it was okay I could keep it. They just needed to know what it was.I had to repack my bag but it didn’t take to long. I found the board with the flights and I chose wells because my gate was only like 10 gates away from me.
I rushed over and was still a little teary and hungry but there was no where to get a quick thing. I mean there was one place but it only had meaty things.
I got on the plane after I filled my water bottle. I had a middle seat. Which wasn’t ideal. But the 2 woman next to me were nice enough. I was still a bit weepy though. I was just hungry and sad and wanted to go home.
I had saved one of the cookies from my flight in though so that helped. I didn’t think this flight would have food because it’s sort of a cheapy airline. But I was able to get a Jimmy John’s mini sandwich! I had to take turkey off of it But it was the best sandwich ever because I was so hungry.
I didn’t sleep but I kept my face mask on and dozed while I listened to my podcasts. I felt nervous every time the plane moved but I was okay. I felt a lot better after I ate though.
We landed at 630 and I decided to just take a regular cab home. I knew it would be twice as much as a lyft bit I didn’t know where to get them to pick me up And I wanted to be home. Asap.
My driver used to live in the building next door to me! He was nice.
Sweetp keeps yelling at me but also letting me hug him. I missed him so much.
After I unpacked and had a slice of pizza I took a bath. I’m all ready for bed and ready for work tomorrow I’m so grateful i got to go on this short trip even if today was hard. Tomorrow I have Mcad camp and figure skating camp! It’s going to be a long day but I’m excited.
I hope you all sleep well. Hug your pets for me.

Imagine introducing Draco to posting selfies on Instagram Pt. 2.


Originally posted by the-goblet-of-slytherin

Draco was sitting in your shared living room on his new smart phone. He kept posing with that adorable smirk of his and pointing his phone in different directions.

“Draco darling, what on Earth are you doing?” You asked knitting your eyebrows together.

“I’m trying to get the perfect lighting for my new selfie.” He said as if the answer was obvious.

“A new selfie? You’ve already posted two today.” You sat down across from him holding back your laughter.

“Yes, but it’s been nearly four hours since anyone has liked my last selfie, so I have to post a new one so that my followers know I’m still handsome, and to get more likes than Potters dumb selfie he posted last night.” He said finally snapping a picture of his adorable smirk.

“Maybe you should post other pictures. You know, besides your face, people may think you’re narcissistic.” You retorted as he finally gave you his attention.

“Oh come on y/n no one would ever think that I am my mother. Don’t be daft.” He said once again returning to his phone.

“What? No, narcissistic not….” He wasn’t paying attention to you anymore but rather smiling at his phone, “Oh forget it.” You rolled your eyes.

A few moments of silence passed as you both sit there, he on his phone and you regretting introducing him to social media.

“HA! IT’S ABOUT TIME!” Draco jumped up nearly scaring you to death. “ I now have more followers than that dunderhead Potter.” He said smugly.