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Stop Drop Selfie
23 March 2017
Feeling the love this morning with two SDS tags! ❤❤ @grandenoirceur and @fatgirlgetsfitatlast here is my sweaty post-workout grinning face.

My friend Karen has been seconded to Sydney & today was her last Thai-X-Fit class with the crew 😢. She & I are the only ranked martial artists in the class (plus our instructor) and are far & away the noisiest ones! Gonna miss my fellow bellows! 😂 I enjoyed a 50-min intense workout class but will have to do my stretching later as last week I stayed to stretch and was late for work 😮. Will have to do my tags later too. Have a great day/night!

Later: okay tags - have fun @insanitytakeover @mikaxmaki @runningmyownrace @h-co3


taking these selfies bc i haven’t felt too great lately and the last week has been great. i’ve been thinking about what makes a friend a lot lately and over the last week i’ve realized that there’s no definition there are just feelings of when a relationship is right or wrong. today jon and i went and got hot chocolate and sat near the beach just talking for an hour and last night after the game liv jon john and i went to friendly’s and there was this moment of clarity while laying in the backseat with john that friendships cover so much more than a simple list of topical notices like my friendships are deep and loving even when i can’t see that. it truly doesn’t matter how far away or how long it’s been if someone is meant to be in my life for a season a reason or a lifetime they will be


This is the last BlackOut Day for 2015.  

I didn’t take a bunch of pics this quarter, but I had to share a few that I took for Halloween & wearing one of my Christmas shirts for the season.  

I also decided to share a picture of me & my Grandma for today.  This past week has been rough because she’s not doing well, & we’re uncertain what will happen.  She’s a fighter, & has remained stable for the past 5 days, which has been a blessing.  My emotions have been on a major rollercoaster since Tuesday, Dec. 15th when she has her health crisis, but I’m making it each day.  This photo was the last picture we took together; it was on her 85th birthday in August 2014.  When I looked at this photo this morning, I forgot how my Grandma looked before she got really sick this year, & what transpired within the last week - I’m so glad to have these handful of photos of her so that I won’t forget.  

This Holiday season is probably the roughest one I’ve endured in my 30 years on this planet.  But I’m making the best of it.  One comforting moment was me remembering last night a favorite story Grandma used to tell about me.  I was about 6 years old, & I had to go potty during the night of Christmas Eve.  As with any child, I was so scared that Santa would see me.  Grandma had to take me to the bathroom (this was before my rodding surgery; I couldn’t walk or bear pressure on my legs until after I had that surgery & got the rods implanted).  I remember her carrying me to the bathroom, & saying that we had to be very quiet & quick so that Santa wouldn’t catch us.  Boy, was I a quiet little mouse that night, lol.  Once I finished tinkling, she & I rushed back to the bed, & Santa didn’t see us.  When my Grandma told that story, she always said how tickled she was that I was so quiet & didn’t want to be caught.  It’s memories like that that I’m holding dear to me right now, & ones that will forever be in my heart.  

All I want for Christmas is for my Grandma to continue to fight for however long she can - she’s a tough, strong, caring, loving woman; the Matriarch of our family.  Everything I am & will forever be is due to her; I am forever indebted to her in life & in spirit.  The bond we share is unparalleled - no one will ever love me, care for me, & support me unconditionally as she has in her 86th years.  

So, this BlackOut is a bit different for me than the other ones I’ve participated in, but I’m still thankful & blessed, despite the challenges & uncertainties that are present.  

~ Vy, forever a spoiled Grandbaby 


chased the sun set today. dashed across a high way to the edge of a cliff. pulled my shirt off and bared my body to the sky. I love who I am. I love the body I’m in. I love the skin that has so willingly taken new shape for me this last year. I love even the parts that have been hard to love.

in a month I will be more authentic than ever before. it’s kind of like renovating. I had to take everything out for a while so I could repair a few things. so I could make some additions. in a few years I’ll know every new nook, every new corner. in a few years there will be memories hung all over.

transitioning has been hard. there have been days when getting up was too much. I’m sure there still will be days like that in the future, too. but learning to love who I am and the form I am in has made every challenge worthwhile.

i know this is a tough road, guys. but the journey is worth it.


Today is flannel day and basic. The sun has returned, and it is probably the last weekend of summer we’ll have this year, so grasping the opportunity to wear my awesome thigh highs once again before it gets too cold. 😁☀️
Day so far has been pretty chill. Went to the thrift store and sat in the park for about an hour. Found a nice semi elegant dress at the store, might make a post about that on a later occasion. 😊

nadine has been going around on twitter liking fans selfies on instagram! she did it last night to memeleanor and today to my friend. Here is my friends screenshot and one comment that i got by just watching my following activity

im guessing that she found these girls in her comments on her instagram page because 2 minutes after my friend left her comment nadine liked!


Behold the the Mok 2016 Trans Day of Visibility selfie set, Part One! Part Two here.
I may have taken… a lot of selfies. I was very excited and did my make up using most of today’s spoons, ok.

This year [and last, from the last tdov] has been a journey of finding how I was comfortable with expressing my Genderfluid Identity and how it meshed with everything else in my life.
I’m finally becoming the person that a younger me wished they could have been– and i’m so, so happy.


TODAY I finished my first round of crush60!! it has been quite the journey for me. I bought crush last year in the fall, started phase one, and then decided to take a break for christmas and restart fresh in January. I started again on January 4th and just finished today. In between these four months I took a trip to Aruba, house/dog sat for a week for a lovely family, and took a week off from lifting due to exertion headaches. I hit multiple PRs, discovered I could run 5 miles without stopping, rediscovered my faith in God, and started my transition to a vegan lifestyle. yes I have gained weight, but I have also gained muscle, confidence, and happiness. I started this journey meticulously counting calories/macros. I am happy to say I am three weeks into intuitive eating and I couldn’t feel more freed. I can go out to eat with my friends/family without franticly searching for the healthiest option on MFP, I can enjoy a snack at the end of the night without worrying about whether it ‘fits’, and I can indulge in a homemade meal without typing out every ingredient to see what the macros are. I can’t say this enough: do. what. works. for you. what works for you might me counting macros, it might be intuitive eating, or it might be clean eating! thank you Ben, Aubrey, Jen, and the whole crush team for inspiring me, motivating me, and helping me along this journey we call life. I am so happy to see big things happening with crush, this program deserves to go far.


happy viola selfie day! i’m vicky, the person behind violaproblems. i’ve been rocking out on viola for 5 years and in the past year have taken on cello as well. My viola is a Karl Höfner made in 1968(who I named Eva for her old elegance) and today I’m looking at old music, in particular St. Paul’s Suite.(the first and last movements) Hope everyone has an awesome viola Wednesday! Post your selfies on the tag #viola selfie


I totally forgot about today so you’re getting the most recent selfies i have saved!

I came out when I was 16. My parents aren’t supportive of me and they’ve kicked me out a few times. Thankfully I have amazing friends who have taken me in when I’ve had nowhere to go and invited me to their tables. My homeroom teacher has probably been the biggest supporter, she has helped me with legal stuff at school and been very understanding when i’ve missed class. Just knowing, that there is an adult that cares about my wellbeing, has kept me going.

 Last week I turned 18. A month ago I finally (after 18 months of therapy) got the green light to start my medical and legal transition. Because of my living situation atm I’m not able to do either but I’m extremely relived to know that as soon as I move out, I can. The future looks bright!

I guess I just wanted all the trans kids who live in unsupportive homes know that it does get easier. You will get through it. You are accepted and loved. You will be okay.

It’s my birthday a month from today, so have a selfie from my birthday last year after too many glasses of wine.

Happy Friday guys ~ thank you to everyone that welcomed me back, messaged me and took the time to check on my wellbeing in my absence. (Also thanks to the people that followed me too) There are some real diamonds on this website, I’m lucky to have found them. I hope your week has been wonderful and that your weekend is even more so. Club football has returned 🙏

Have a selfie as its been a few days since my last one 😋ha. Basically, neck up I feel good (loving my hair today). Neck down I’m feeling like a chubby monkey but chubby can be cute right 🙈🙈🙈. Ate out with family again today and now off to IKEA to have a look around at potential furniture for my own place (and probably buy some little things).

Have a lovely Sunday you bunch of gorgeous cuties 💕