this has been the week and a half of hell

Things People Seem To Forget About The Nordics
  • Denmark: Lost the major 300-so years of war, is the happiest country in the world, friends with Germany and Netherlands
  • Sweden: One of the Nicest country in the world, lets Nazi Germany past through him to invade Norway in order to keep his neutrality
  • Norway: aLEXANDER RYBAK wAS HALF BELARUSSIAN, Oil, rich, left Iceland to suffer economically even though he got shit ton of oil and money
  • Iceland: Most dangerous Nordic nation according to Geography, can erupt at any moment, the Icelandic found a way to control how lava flows (tHEY ARE LAVA BENDERS), has a penis museum, has the gates to hell, eats rotten poisonous sharks that have been buried for weeks, eATS PUFFINS
  • Finland: Most dangerous Nordic nation according to the people, is not afraid of Russia and Sweden, smartest nation with a high education ratings
Shakespeare (Part IV)

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Harry X Reader (AU)

In which Harry is a poetic frat boy who just so happens to be the TA for your new English class.

Read previous parts here.

Author’s note: Hi, hello!! An early update!! I wasn’t feeling too hot about this part but I hope you guys like it. Any and all feedback is appreciated, as always. Enjoy!

It’s not pleasant to wake up in a room without blinds.

Light pierces your eyes, even through the lids. The sun is blaring hot. You can feel an uncomfortable layer of sweat coating your back. When you open your eyes, it takes a few panicked moments to remember where you are.

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Theatre Kid Gothic

Want to do something after school? Can’t, it’s hell week. It’s always hell week.

“It’s in the prop room!” The prop room door is open, the lights are off. Everything is in the prop room but nothing can be found. People who enter the prop room never return.

The show is three weeks away, it’s hell week, the show is three weeks away, time is crunched, the show is three weeks away, we’ve only blocked half of act one.

Your costumes are hanging in the prop room. You don’t dare to ask how, you’ve never been given a costume, but it’s hanging in the prop room.

You need your character shoes, the left one is missing. Nobody has a left shoe. Where did the left shoes go?

Remember to watch your back. If the audience can see it, they can see everything. The things you don’t want them to see.

You have a quick change, you have thirty seconds. The techies have you dressed in five. How do they do it? You don’t even remember exiting stage left and you’re ready to enter stage right in your new costume.

It’s hell week and the lights are running. Who’s running the lights? You can’t see, the lights are too bright.

You are hot and cold, the lights are one you, temperature makes no sense, you’re sweating but want to put on a sweatshirt.

There’s mic tape all over you. You don’t wear a mic, but there’s mic tape on your face and neck and chest and back. It hurts.

You need to get makeup done. “Go to Ben!” There’s nobody named Ben at the theatre, but you find him anyway. He does your makeup perfectly.

@pearlo said:

Do V and Y get a lot of creepy people coming up to them when the kids are babies to coo about how biracial kids are the ~most beautiful~

YES AND IT’S SO BAD ALL THE TIME. It’s a different flavor racism than the one Yuuri dealt with in Michigan but it’s JUST AS BAD and bad in SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS depending on which one of them the person sees with the kids or if it’s both of them???

One time Viktor is watching Irina’s ballet practice when she’s like five, waving through the studio’s glass when she looks at him and smiling as she does her clumsy little plies

Another father walks up to him and asks which one is yours? And Viktor points out Irina.

“Oh, wow,” says the other father. “She’ll be a looker when she grows up.”

“Um,” Viktor mutters, because that’s a weird thing to say to him about his five-year-old. 

“I mean, she’s part Chinese right?”

Viktor squints dangerously. “My husband is Japanese.”

“Oh, well. You know. They all look the same. But I’ve never seen an ugly Asian girl. She’s gonna be real pretty.”

Viktor takes Irina out of that ballet class and starts sending her to private lessons with Lilia, which is what Lilia has been WANTING THIS WHOLE TIME VIKTOR KONSTANTINOVICH I TOLD YOU. I TOLD YOU.

On the other hand, when Yuuri is alone with Mikhail, little old European ladies keep coming up to him and pinching Mikhail’s cheeks and saying things like, “Mixed babies are just adorable,” and Yuuri wants to physically slap their hands away from his child.

It’s equally as creepy though when people HIS AGE, LATE TWENTIES EARLY THIRTIES, look at his babies and say, “Oh, I want my babies to look just like that! Like, Asian but without the eyes! They’re so cute that way!” and then hastily and fervently glancing at him and saying, “No offense!”

It gets better when they go back to Japan but like even there?? even there sometimes people say backwards shit. Kyo and Koichi are born and a lot of people say they have “Anime eyes” because they’re so blue. Yuuri has to go into Emma’s school once because someone is teasing her so badly about having a big nose that she doesn’t want to go to school. Twelve-year-old Mikhail begs them to let him dye his hair black so that he “looks normal.”

Which, like, they’d let him dye his hair whatever color he wanted–it’s impermanent and something he can have agency over even at a young age–but not because he feels like he has to, y’know?

But yes people are horrible and Yuuri and Viktor Nikiforov just want people to let their babies LIVE and not say weird creepy things about them??? Also Yuuri Nikiforov is going to fight the FUCKING WORLD if one more person screams at him a slow voice?? He speaks perfect Russian? He studied it for five years in college?? Why is it that he’s the one who gets talked to like a child when Viktor is the one who STILL sometimes goes blank in the face and just blindly agrees to whatever it is the person he’s speaking Japanese to has just said to him.

“Is the moon made of cheese, Viktor?” Mari once asks a very tired Viktor, trying to smother her laughter as she watches him rock back and forth with both twins and their matching stuffed tigers cradled in his arms. Six-week-old Kyo and Koichi have had a case of the sniffles and, while not serious, it’s been a hell of a weekend.

“Uhhh yes,” Viktor mumbles, eyes half open. “It’s fine.”

Yuuri takes a break from wanting to sleep forever to laugh hysterically into Viktor’s knee before trying to fall back asleep.

“I’ll babysit the terrible trio tomorrow,” Mari assures them. “You guys look like you need a break.”

“Bless you,” Viktor whispers, strangely understanding every word of that much more complicated sentence. “You will be sainted.”

“The patron saint of sniffles and drooling brothers,” Mari says, and Yuuri doesn’t know if she’s talking about him or the twins but he throws a pillow at her anyway.

We met with a half-dozen different teachers in East Mosul, and one lady, “Ms. Faeruz,” was clearly the group’s spokesperson.

She’s been a teacher for 32 years, which means Ms. Faeruz has been educating Iraqi kids since Saddam Hussein was a fresh new name, practicing his mustache flexing. It also means she’s seen more war than the average general. Here’s how she described the first few weeks of ISIS rule as a teacher:

“They showed us how to teach children. They bring us their rules. They separated female from male.” That part really pissed her off (which, if I’m being honest, did give me the “hell yeah” shiver). “They should be together! This is the first thing they did. They separated male and female teachers [too].”

They also shot up the school’s water tank, because at their core most ISIS militants are childish douchebags with guns. “The barrel full of water, the water tank. They shoot it.” And then, to top things off, “ISIS burned all the textbooks.”

Once they’d gotten rid of the old lesson plans and, uh, the fucking water, ISIS really got to work.

Think Your School Is Rough? Mine Was Run By ISIS

Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook Reaction to Pretending to be Your Boyfriend

Part of Pretending to be your boyfriend

Part I, Part II, Part III


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tbh I’m still waiting on a coda that hypes up jealous!dean big time

Like all of them getting back to the bunker and Cas is taking the trench off and Dean sees a piece of paper fall out of the pocket. He goes to pick it up and freezes when he reads the print on the front. Mick Davies. British Men of Letters. 

“You kept it?” he snarls at Cas.

And Cas looks confused at Dean’s tone but just answers, “Yes. I thought it would be wise in case we ever need to contact them.”

“We don’t need help from those assholes, Cas!” Dean yells and stalks away, crumbling the card in his hand. Later when he’s in his room, he tosses it in the trashcan and burns it.

And Dean thinks that’s the end of it until the next day when he finds Cas in the library researching the British Men of Letters.

“Cas, we are not working with those assholes! Did you see what the did to Sam?”

“I’m not recommending it, Dean,” Cas replies evenly. “I just thought it best to be prepared should it ever become necessary. And Mick said-”

The name rolls off Cas’s tongue and Dean sees red. “Oh. Mick, huh? We’re on first name basis now, are we? Well that’s just great.”

Confusion tilts Cas’s head and squints his eyes and it is not cute right now. “Dean is everything all right?”

“Of course!” Dean shouts, jumping to his feet. “Why wouldn’t I be thrilled about you getting all buddy-buddy with middle-aged Harry Potter?!” Dean turns on his heel and marches out of the room.

Of course, Cas is still struggling to understand sarcasm, Dean’s brand in particular, so he continues researching and is more and more fascinated about the history of the Men of Letters, which he happily relates to Mary, Sam, and a very bitter Dean.

A very bitter Dean, who answers all of Cas’s questions for the next two weeks with “I don’t know, why don’t you go call your boyfriend, Mick?”

So Cas… does… and then reports his findings to the Winchesters and Dean is ready to fucking explode every time Cas says “Mick said…” or “Mick thinks…”

Mick this. Mick that. Mick, Mick, Mick.

Dean spends a lot of extra time in the garage throwing tools and glaring at engines.

I reckon you could finish me off without breaking a sweat…


And did Cas really not sweat? He had to. Dean tried to think back to some hunts when Cas got a bit roughed up, tried to focus his memory on Cas’s forehead, the column of his throat, which was so long and smooth up until where his stubble-

Not the point, Winchester!

And one day they’re in the middle of a hunt and they’re stumped, exhausting all of their resources and Cas begins, “I could call M-”

And that’s it!

“WE’RE NOT CALLING MICK!” Dean screams and Mary and Sam’s eyes go wide.

“Why not?” Cas pouts.

“Because I don’t want his fucking help, Cas!”

“But his library is far more-”

“I don’t fucking care!” Dean yells. “You are not calling him, Cas, and that’s final!”

Cas’s eyes narrow and, yeah, definitely not cute this time. He gets to his feet. “Are you giving me an order, Dean Winchester?”

“Yes, Castiel, I am!”

Cas turns level eyes to Sam who just nods and takes his mother’s hand. “We need to go.”

They’re gone in seconds, leaving Dean to single-handedly face the fury of an angel of the lord. 

“You are being irrational and I want to know why,” Cas says.

“I’m irrational?” Dean scoffs. “You want to get in bed with the enemy! Literally!”

And there’s that damn head tilt. “I have no intention of sharing a bed with the British Men of Letters. I don’t sleep, Dean.”

Dean slaps his hands to his face, groaning and somewhere in the back of his mind, just begging Cas to smite him and end this all. 

“Dammit, Cas, that’s not… that’s not what I meant.”

“You are referring to sexual intercourse then? Because I also have no interest in engaging with the organization in such activities.”

“Cas, you’re killing me here,” Dean says weakly, exhausted at the sheer amount of oblivion coming from this ancient creature. “Why do you want to work with them?”

“You told me to.”

“When the hell did I-”

“You’ve been telling me to call Mick for the last two weeks.”

Dean blinks, trying to remember when he had lost his damn mind in the last two weeks- “Cas, I was being sarcastic!”

“Oh.” Cas looks calmer now. “So you didn’t want me to actually call Mick?”

“No, Cas! I don’t want you to even think about that fucker!”

“Why not?”

“Oh for the love of- HE WAS FLIRTING WITH YOU!”

Back to confused. “When?”

“When we rescued Sam! Oh, Jesus Christ, Cas. Sweat! The way he looked at you after you said you didn’t sweat.”

“Humans find the inability to perspire sexually appealing?”

“No, you idiot, you are sexually appealing!”

Dean is so frustrated he can’t even process what he just said until something lights in Cas’s eyes. It’s a bit dazed and disbelieving and… hungry? 

“You find me sexually appealing?”

“I-I-I w-what?” Dean stammers.

Cas takes a step toward Dean. “You said I was sexually appealing.” 

“What? No! I-I- I meant him - Mick - he-he finds you, ugh, se-sex, um, appealing. He finds you appealing.”

The light dies and Cas frowns. “Oh. So you don’t?”

Dean has to make a big decision then. To lie or tell the truth. To play it safe or take a chance.

And, well, when has Dean Winchester ever played it safe?


Blue swarms on Dean until he can’t see anything because Cas’s face is too close and something soft brushes Dean’s lips. They kiss and Dean wraps his arms around Cas’s waist, diving into this moment and locking the angel in place with him. 

When they separate Cas is grinning and Dean is too dizzy to see the teasing angel. “You were jealous,” Cas breathes.

“Took you long enough to figure it out,” Dean slurs and wonders if it’s possible to get drunk off of kissing because he’s showing all the signs of a good buzz.

“Actually, Mick told me last week.”

And there it goes. “Cas! What the hell!”

“You were confusing me,” Cas argues. “You were angry all the time but you wouldn’t talk to me.”

“So you’ve just been fucking with me this entire week?”

Cas’s fingers card calmingly through Dean’s hair and Dean gets the suspicion he’s being treated like an angry cat. “My apologies, Dean. Can we go back to kissing?”

Dean has half a mind to deny Cas but Cas’s other hand is hovering just over his ass and who the hell is he trying to kid?

“Fine. But we’re gonna have a long talk about your pen pal later.”

But that talk comes several, several hours later.

Oh look I accidentally wrote a shitty drabble again oops my bad

Dropping By (5/5)

Helping hunters with research and patching them up brings them to your house at all hours of the day & night. But what happens when your close friends , the Winchesters, are the ones showing up? What happens when a certain Winchester crawls into bed with you ?
 Warnings : swearing, flirting, slight smut.

Pairings :  Dean x reader

2 weeks later..

    You’ve been staying with Jody and the girls since that night, you drove through the night to Sioux falls . When you arrived at her house,  you both try to figure out how the demons found you,and why. The only logical explanation you came up with was that they were associated with the hunter you helped out the night before.  They must have outed you to the demons.  You cant seem to figure out why though . You’ve had your house warded so strongly, Castiel couldn’t even find it until you gave him your location. So how did they?  You’ve spent the last two weeks helping Jody around the house,and spending time with the girls.  Jody requested you keep an eye on Claire, she’s still hung up on being a hunter.  You do as  she asks,  when Claire brings cases to you , you look them over, but find the flaw , showing her it isn’t really a case. 

   As you lay on your bed, Claire comes in, laying down next to you. It’s silent for a while, until Claire speaks up,“   Why havent you gone back to your house? Not saying I want you to leave, but isnt you life there? Your clothes, the lore books. I know you’re going crazy sitting around here.”

Shes not wrong, I am starting to go stir crazy .

" Honestly, im scared. I’ve never been in the physical part of hunting, only the research . You’re right though, I need to go back . Atleast to get my things."  You stand up , grabbing your keys off and phone off your night stand.

Claire follows you down the stairs to Jody ,“ I didnt mean right now Y/n !” She says from behind you . Jody looks up , raising her eyebrow at you  

  “ I’m going to head back home, grab some things. Ill be back .I’ll be back on the road before its dark .” You kiss her on the cheek, then Claire ,and try to head out before she can stop you .

 “ Y/n wait !” Jody is only a couple steps behind you . 

 “ Jody , its safer to do it during the day! “

“ let me come with!” 

  “ You have work J . I can do this. Ill call you when I get there!” You hop in your car, starting on our journey back home.

You finally pull into your home, you didnt really realize just how homesick you really were. You love being with Jody and the girls, but that isnt your home. 

 As you get step onto your porch , you glance around, checking your surroundings . When the coast is clear, you head inside. It looks the exact same as you left it. You immediately go to the sigil hidden behind your mirror in the entrance. You scratch out the symbol that blocks angels from finding you . Just in case.

  You fly around your house, grabbing clothes and shoving them in a duffel, then filling another bag with lore books. The suns about to set, so you begin heading out. When you open your front door, you come face to face with a man . He was taller than you, slicked back brown hair and big brown eyes. A sickening grin forms on his face. I was so close. 

“Finally , you came home. We’ve been waiting.”  You slam your door shut, Thank God for the devils traps all over.

  He starts banging on the door, you also begin hearing banging coming from your back door.  “ You can’t hide forever sweetheart.”

 “ What do you want from me?” you yell back

 “ Your little hunter friend outted you in attempt to save his own ass. The last thing any of us need is someone supplying hunters with information to kill us. So , you see I can’t let you go”

  Fear overtakes your body . They arent going to let me go . You take a deep breath, close your eyes and pray to Cas.

Cas, im in a little bit of tight spot here. Please help me.

 You hear the tell tale sound of wings fluttering, opening your eyes you see Cas standing right infront of you .

  “ I dont think i’ve ever been happier to see you” you breath out, wrapping your arms around his shoulders in a tight hug. You’ve met Cas a couple times while you were with the boys, he instantly won a place in your heart. You could see how much he cared for the Winchesters, just like you do .

  Cas returns the hug, “ Why are there demons outside your home Y/n?” He asks concerned.

You pull away and pick your bags back up . “ A hunter tried to save himself by outing me aparantly, and now they want me dead .I just came to grab some things and then head out.”

  “ This isn’t the first time they’ve been here has it?”

  “ No , it was about two weeks ago , i’ve been staying at -” You’re cut off by him transporting you out of your house. You look around your new surroundings, not recognizing where you were. It looks like a war room, theres a giant table with a map as the top. Chairs circling around it. “ Cas where the hell did you take me? I just wanted you poof me back to Jody’s !” you half yell. Before he answers ,another voice appears.

“ y/n?” Oh hell. Thanks a lot Castiel.

“ You are welcome” He answers, you send him a glare. You forget he can hear thoughts sometimes. You turn and face Sam , a tight smile on your face.

 “ Hey Sammy” You say awkardly as you swing your bags back and forth .

“ What are you doing here ? Is something wrong ?” You sigh , tossing your bags onto a nearby chair.

  “ Noo.. I was just stopping by for a visit !”you try to play it off, He’s going to kill me for not telling him.

“ He will not kill you Y/n , Sam deeply cares about you .”Sam sends you a “what are you hiding look”

“ Who does Sammy deeply care about?” Son of a bitch.

Dean comes strolling in the room ,beer in hand. His eyes widen when he sees you . You don’t say anything , not even hello .

“ Well Y/n, what’s going on?” Sam questions , his arms crossed over his chest,and he is sending you his classic bitch face.

Castiel speaks for you ,“ Two weeks ago demons showed up outside her house, a hunter told themof her in hopes of saving his own life.She’s been staying with Jody ,until today she went back to retrieve some of her things and they reappeared. She called me , and I brought her here. I thought that would be best .” He sends you a soft smile, that you return to him. You can’t even be mad at Cas, he was only trying to help. He flutters away , before anyone says anything. You look between the boys, both giving you disapproving looks. 

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“ Oh shut up, I handled it. Now if you don’t mind, I need to get back to Jody .” You go for your phone, ready to call Jody and see if her or Claire will come get you 

“ Oh no Sweetheart, you’re not getting out of this conversation.” Dean grabs your phone out of you hand. You send him an annoyed glare, “ Dean im fine, its dealt with . ““ You’re not going back to Jodys Y/n .” Sam spoke up  Well this is going to go well.

“ And why the hell not?” Annoyance clear in your tone.

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 “ What if they trace you back to Sioux Falls? Huh? You want to risk putting Jody and the girls in even more danger than you already have?” Your face falls, How did I not think of that .

Dean aggressively places your phone on the table, making you flinch. “ Damn it Y/n ,why wouldnt you just call us !” He roared. You shrunk even more ,

  “ Because I didnt need you to play hero ! I thought I had this covered !”

“ Well you didnt! Now you’re going to stay here until this is taken care of, dont even fucking argue.” He storms out of the room , leaving you standing there, tears about to spill over to your cheeks.

  Sam walks over to you , pulling you into a hug. “ Why didn’t you really call us Y/n, no crap about having this handled.” You sigh , How can he even tell when im lieing.

“ After you guys left, you’re the only one that called me Sam. Dean didn’t even try to contact me. I figured he wanted to forget about being at my house. So I didnt want to drag your guys back to me.” You say , barely above a whisper     

  Sam doesn’t respond, but Dean does.” Sam , can you give us a minute.“ his voice doesn’t have any hint of hostilly, or anger left in it . But it isn’t exactly a friendly tone either. Sam kisses the top of you head, then leaves the room. Dean sits in one of the chairs around the table, he’s tapping his finger against the table.  Here comes there rejection speech . I should of just stayed at Jodys, none of this would be happening. I didn’t even need my crap anyway  .

   It feels like forever before he speaks, but when he does his voice is softer than you expect. ” Is that really why you didn’t call us for help? You thought I wanted to forget about what happened? “ He’s staring at you while you keep your gaze on the floor.

"  Your mood completely flipped when you left,  you went from not wanting to leave to, ’ get me the hell out of here ’ within minutes Dean . Your brother is the one that was calling me, not you . So my fucking bad that I assumed it was just something to pass your time with ” it comes out cold, no other emotion besides anger running through you  . You hear him scoff as he stands from the chair. He makes his way infront of you , stopping barely 2 inches away from you. You stand your ground, not letting him intimidate you .

 " You think  you have me figured out don’t you? I was already attached to you before we spent the week at your house, I always felt something for you , but I wasn’t sure what it was. And I didn’t need to know since we only saw you once in a while. Spending that week with you , made me even more attached to you. Having you sleep in my arms, waking up next to you , just being near you made things feel semi normal . Do you know how dangerous it is to be associated with  a hunter, let alone a Winchester!? Everyone we care for dies ,Y/n . I couldn’t have that happen to you .I realized that when  I had to push myself to leave you . That’s why I didn’t call. I knew you were okay , Sam would tell me. But this, “ he signals between the two of you , ” can’t happen. I wont let it . I can’t lose you like I lost everyone else. No matter how much I love you .“ As the words slip out of his mouth , his eyes widen.

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  Did he just …. but then he said we cant… why is Dean Winchester so complicated.

   The air is thick between the two of you , both in shock of Deans words.

 ” You .. you love me?“ You finally manage to squeak out. You look up and see him looking anywhere but your face. You lift your hand to his face, guiding his eyes to yours.

 ” I’m not saying it again.  “ He turns, grabs your bags off the chair & starts to walk away .  You can feel your heart about to beat out of you chest.He says he cant be with me, so why am I staying?

 You follow behind him, he leads you to an empty room. It was bigger than the one you stayed in at Jody’s, it had a normal size closet and two nightstands next to the bed. The bed was quite big, reminding you of your own bed at home.I just want to go home.

  Dean drops your bags on the bed, and goes to leave.Oh no you don’t Winchester.

    You grab his wrist, spinning him around to face you . You move your hands to fist in his red flannel, and pull his lips to yours. He doesn’t push you away , instead his hands grab onto your waist, pulling you closer. Your lips are molded to his in a heated , fast kiss. He nips on your bottom lip, making you moan . His hands entangle in your hair, bringing your lips tighter against his. The kiss is frantic, but perfect. You can feel a tingle wave through your body . Deans hands land behind your thighs, making you jump and wrap your legs around his waist.You can feel his erection press against your heated core, making another moan erupt from your mouth. Dean begins kissing every part of you neck he can reach and he slams your back against the nearest wall. You begin grinding yourself down on his bulge, pulling a groan from him. 

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 He removes your back from the wall, proceeding to drop you onto the bed. You land with a bounce, a shocked gasp escapes your mouth . You look at Dean , his eyes glazing over with what you assume to be lust. He moves to hover over you , his lips right above yours as his body pins you to the bed.

 ” I mean what I said Y/n , we can’t .“ He starts to move away from you .

"Oh I don’t think so Dean .” You lock your legs around his waist before he moves any farther. You quickly flip the both of you so now Deans on his back. His eyes are wide, and he’s about to protest, but you beat him to it .

“ You don’t get to make this decision for me . I get you don’t want me in danger, but guess what? I already have a fucking target on my back ,and surprise, its not because of a Winchester . No one is safe when they have anything to do with hunting. Regardless if they are physically killing things, or doing the research . So get it through your thick skull Dean Winchester, I love you . And I’m not letting you push me away because you’re being a big fucking baby .” you’re out of breath by the time you finish your speech . Deans staring up at you , hands resting on your waist, his lips slightly parted.  His breathing is heavy , but so if yours. You stay straddling him for a few minutes, before the silence ends.

 " You love me?“ he asks timidly . You let out a laugh , shaking your head.

 ” You’re just processing that now? Yes D, I love you . If you don’t want to be with me for a different reason than my safety, tell me . But if that is the main reason, then you’re out of luck, because I’m not accepting it. “ A dazzling smile appears on his face, making you raise your eyebrow at him . He then turns the tables, flipping you so you’re beneath him now. He is back hovering over you, but he doesn’t hesitate to kiss you this time. His lips are soft against yours, completely different than previous kisses from today . His lips slowly move with yours, he slowly traces your bottom lip with his tongue, you part you lips, letting his tongue tangle with yours.

Originally posted by lovershub

Your fingers interlock in his hair, pulling him deeper in to your lips. He moves his lips from yours, beginning to trail kisses from underneath your ear down to the collar of your shirt. He leans back , and you take the cue to take your shirt off. He mimics your actions, stripping his layers off. You both take a minute to look at eachother , then continue taking the rest of each others clothing off.  In a matter minutes, you’re both completely naked, and Deans lips are back on yours. He gives you a quick kiss, then moves his lips lower. Slowly dragging them down your neck , to your breasts. He wraps his lips around your hardened peak ,while his hand tweaks your other one. He swirls his tongue around the bud, making you let out a string of moans. He switches boobs, but slides his hand down your body , finally ending up on your clit. Your aching your back into him as he sucks at your chest, and circles a finger around your clit.

” Dean , please .“ You whine  He picks his head up, releasing your nipple with a pop, giving you a  mischievous smirk .  He moves himself down your body , until hes right infront of your core. You move your hands to his hair, as he licks through your soaking folds.

 ” You’re soaked Sweetheart, is this all because of me?“ He asks as he presses down on your clit with his thumb. You whimper and nod, causing him to chuckle. He dives his head back down, and sucks your sensitive clit into his mouth . Your grip tightens on his hair as you moan his name.

” Dean please,  I need you inside me. Do this another time !“ you beg. He smiles, pulling himself back up and planting a lingering kiss on your lips. You reach down, taking his hard length in your hand. You begin to guide it to your entrance, he takes control, and pushes into you. It’s uncomfortable at first, but you adjust to his impressive size quickly. As he starts moving slowly, thrusting slowly but still deep. You rake your nails down his back ,as moans fly out of you . He keeps a slow steady pace, but you want more.

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” Dean please, go faster “ you whimper out. He does as you ask ,and begins slamming into you. The sounds coming out of you are obscene, but you can tell Dean enjoys them. He switches positions,  so your legs are spread open to him while hes on his knees. He grips onto your hips, beginning to pound into you even harder. ” Oh my God. Dean “  you breath out, you can feel yourself getting closer to the edge.  You hear Dean grunt, he slides is hand from your hip to you clit, pulling his thumb in tight circles against it. You feel yourself tightening around his cock as his thrust become sloppy. ” Come on D, cum for me. “ You whisper as he slams into you particularly hard. His thrust throws you over the edge into the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had. Dean finishes at the same time, moans of pleasure leaving both of you.  He rolls himself off you , pulling you into his side as he adjusts himself. You’re chests are both still heaving.

” So- I guess the games over now, huh?“  You ask as you trace circles over his bare stomach. He lets out a laugh , and kisses your forehead.

” Yeah I guess it is. Now we just get to go straight to the good part sweetheart". you laugh

“ Dean , I love you.” You say suddenly. He tilts your face up to his, a smile beaming at you

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“ I love you too "  He goes to kiss you again , but a knock at the door stops him .

” Are you two done now? “ You hear Sam’s sass through the door. You both laugh , and get out of bed. You throw on the flannel Dean had on , and pull up your sweats.  Dean opens the door as he pulls his shirt on , Sam’s got a blush on his face as he rubs the back of his neck.

” You okay there Sammy? “ Dean asks with a laugh , ” Whats up?“

Sam clears his throat  before talking, ” I called Crowley , had him look into the demons that showed up at Y/n’s. He said he took care of it . Everything should be clear. “ You feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.  But what happens now? I don’t l think I can leave Dean now…

” Well that’s great ! Now we can go get the rest of y/n’s stuff. “ You and Sam both snap you eyes to Dean sending him confused looks.

” You don’t think you’re going back there now that demons know where you live , do you? Because that’s not happening. You’re staying here with us. “

 You cant control the smile that forms on your lips. ” Dean Winchester, are you asking me to move in the Bunker?“ You ask slowly but playful .

 ” Not asking, it’s happening Sweetheart. “ He pulls you to his side, planting a kiss on your head.

 thank God for that damn Game.

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 @redeyed-winchester @allison-rosewood-maximoff @ykcim24-7

914 words
a/n: a result of finals week + me trying to get over writers block. almost 1k words of just ?? orz

It’s nearing two in the morning and by now, the words on your laptop screen are getting smaller and increasingly blurred together, the letters rearranging themselves to become utter nonsense. Or maybe you’re just too tired, having not slept in almost twenty hours.

Regardless, you need to finish this essay before six, giving you another four hours to get yourself together and write another half a page worth of words. At this point, your bullshitting skills are slowly failing you, but this crap is better than nothing and honestly, your writing skills are sharp enough to get you the grade you need. They won’t fail you now, although your body might well will.

Finals week has always been hell, but you’ll be done and able to sleep for however long you want right after you finish this essay.

With a sigh, you blink the heaviness out of your eyes and get up to splash cold water onto your face for the third time this hour.

You really need better self-care skills, you think as you look at the bags under your eyes in the mirror.

After you get back to your desk and manage to get out another sentence on literary theory in an episode of a TV show, you hear the rattle of someone trying to open your front door. All of a sudden, you’re more awake than you’ve been in the past five hours, all senses on alert. You keep a bat in your room for this reason, and you reach for where it sits leaning against your desk, getting up as quietly as you can and sending telepathic messages to your family and boyfriend, hoping that you don’t die.

You can hear the intruder’s soft footsteps on your floor and you clutch the bat tighter, eyeing your phone where you’d thrown it earlier in an attempt to get rid of any distractions. To get it, however, you would have to cross in front of your door and risk being seen.

Heart pounding in your throat, you press your back to the wall and chance a glance into the hallway – you swear your heart stops beating when you meet the intruder’s eyes as he walks toward your room.

Jaehyun,” you whine, sinking to the floor as the tension drains from your body. Your fingers lose their grip on your bat and it falls to the floor with a soft thump.

Your boyfriend is smiling, clearly amused at the sight of the bat. “Did I scare you? Sorry, babe.”

Breathing deeply, your stress and tiredness hit you again, all at once and mixed with relief. You blink away the tears that come with the sudden rush of emotions. “Jaehyun,” you say again, looking up at him with wide eyes and outstretched arms. “Hug.”

He complies quickly, kneeling down to wrap his arms around you and let you bury your head into him. “Sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. Why are you awake right now? It’s two in the morning.”

“Finals,” is your reply, accompanied by a sniffle. “It’s my last one but it’s due in six hours.”

Jaehyun starts running his fingers through your hair, clearly worried about you. He doesn’t ask why you didn’t start earlier, though, which you’re thankful for. Instead, he asks, “How much do you have left?”

“Half a page to make it fifteen pages,” you reply, sighing. His mere presence is already making you feel better. “How was work?”

“The same as every other day.” He pulls back and you frown at him, missing his warmth. “How about you finish that half page and then we sleep for the next twelve hours?”

You make an affirmative noise and get up, ready to be done with your essay. Jaehyun stands with you, picking up his bag and your bat and setting them in their respective places while you sit back down at your desk.

Jaehyun brings you a cup of cold water for you to sip at periodically, the cold helping to keep you awake. When you only have a paragraph left, he finishes showering and climbs into bed to wait for you, playing a game on his phone. You can hear the sound affects as you type, the playful sounds mixing with the clicking of your keyboard.

By three, you’re done with both writing and a quick revision, feeling confident enough for three in the morning and twenty hours of no sleep to send it in. Your professor replies with a “got it” soon after, and you find the speed of her reply funny, for no reason other than the fact that it’s three in the morning and you haven’t slept in twenty hours.

At your soft, muffled giggle, Jaehyun looks up curiously at you, shifting to the side to welcome you into bed. Grateful, you crawl under the covers and snuggle in next to him.

“You know, I think I did better on it than I would’ve if you hadn’t shown, Jae,” you tell him, voice a little unintelligible when weighed down by your sleepiness and muffled by his neck.

“Sorry for scaring you,” he whispers back, pressing a kiss to the side of your head. “I’m glad you’re done with finals now.” There’s a silent ‘I wish you would take better care of yourself’ in there.

“Me, too.” Sorry for worrying you. I’ll try.

“Sleep,” he murmurs into your hair.

You exhale in reply, and then you’re sliding into dreamland, Jaehyun following soon after.

“All I Meant To Say”

Summary: Dean deals with being blindsided by the reader’s death.

Characters: Dean x Reader (Deceased)

Warnings: Angst

656 Words

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Dean called your voicemail for what felt like the millionth time, in all honesty, it probably was.

You died two weeks, three days, and four hours ago and Dean remembered every dreadful minute. He also knew he would never lose count of the number of days he’s had to spend without you.

People talk about soulmates all the time. Nobody talks about what it feels like to lose them. For most people, it feels like half of you has been ripped from your very being. Then, they just feel an emptiness.

For Dean, it felt like he was back in hell, being ripped apart over and over again. He expected to wake up from whatever nightmare he was suffering from. But he never did. He never even got to say goodbye. You never let him believe that he had to.

It all started a year ago. The two of you were on a hunt together and decided to split up, Dean had run into one of the witches you were hunting, and ended up on the brink of death. Seeing no other option, you made a deal. Your life for Dean’s. It was as simple as that. You bargained for time, and eventually, the demon was persuaded. One year. That was all you had.

As the day of collecting drew nearer, you were conflicted. You wanted to spend every moment possible with Dean, but you didn’t want him to be there when the hellhound came scratching at your door. You knew he would try to prevent the inevitable. He would either kill the hellhound, give you a hex bag or do both. Both options would only be temporary, and you were tired of looking over your shoulder.

So, a week before the date, you suggested to Dean that the two of you get away. He agreed, thinking that it was just to take a break from hunting. The two of you spent days in bed, enjoying each other’s company with no distractions or interruptions. Occasionally, the two of you would go out to eat or to watch a movie, and it felt amazing to act like a regular couple. Then, as the hallucinations became more prominent, you told Dean that you had to run an errand, never returning.

Dean saw it on the news the next morning. There was a ‘bear’ mauling in a random motel room. He tried calling you and leaving a message, letting you know about the new case. Only when he got to the scene of the crime was he told that they identified the body. He called you again, praying that it wasn’t true, that they had misidentified the body. It went straight to voicemail, and as Dean left a message, his voice echoed from your phone, which was left on the bedside table. His world crumbled at the confirmation of your death.

Two weeks, three days, and four hours later, Dean parked at your favorite spot, a cliff overlooking the water. He sat on the hood of the Impala, his phone in hand. He still paid your phone bill, the need to hear your voice still very present. He knew exactly what he was doing to himself. He knew that all he was doing was reopening scars that needed to heal. But still, he pressed call, his heart ached to hear your voice again, even if it was just your voicemail. Your voice sounded through the phone, “Hi, this is Y/N, you know what to do.”

Hearing your voice was bittersweet. For a moment, it made him forget that you were really gone. “Y/N, it’s me, Dean. Just wanted to let you know that you never came back from that errand. I miss you too much to be mad about you lying to me. I just hope you know that I love you. That’s it. That’s all I meant to say.”

[Fic] Live

A little post-show Flinthamilton goodness which is all soft and gentle for @captain-flint for surviving the exam hell of those last few weeks in such an awesome fashion. I feel like such a proud big sibling rn :’).  This is for you hon! <3

Based on the idea that Flinthamilton in their domesticity would probably end up accidentally running an orphanage. The Miranda tree has also been referenced here!

It all starts with a little girl.

She’s half-starved and shaking when James finds her, huddling in a corner and trying to escape the ever present evening rains. She doesn’t say a word even when James tells her that she can come accompany him home - her panicked glance says that she has long since lost the innocence to believe strangers who appear kind.

He finally coaxes her into walking with him and Thomas doesn’t need a single word when they come home to seat her at the table and put as much food in front of her as she can shovel down.

“Do you think she can stay with us?” James whispers as they both watch her. “I don’t think she’s got anywhere else to go.”

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Jealousy (Part 2)

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Pairing: Severus X Reader

Rating: T (for Language)

Status: 2/2

Genre: Romance/Humor/Friendship

Summary: Severus Snape is not a fan of Remus Lupin, especially since it seems like he’s taking away the Reader away from him. So what does Severus Snape, the greatest spy and Potion Master do? Act like a child of course.

A/N: The GIF has nothing to do with the story, but it was the only one that had them both in it and I thought it was fitting. 

by: bigeyes-redmouth

Part 1 Here!

“He’s a thirty-three year old man, but he’s acting like a petulant child that didn’t get his way,” You ranted, pacing up and down in front of Remus’s desk. “How the hell am I suppose to fix what’s wrong if he won’t tell me?“ 

It had been a week and a half since your spectacular fight with Severus and you were ready to maim, crush, and kill him until you stopped seeing red. 

Most of Hogwarts seem to sense what was going on. Students had been leaving his classrooms with tears and so many docked points that it didn’t look like there was going to be a House winner this year.   

You were doing a better job at not taking out your frustration and anger on your students, but you couldn’t help avoid eating in the Great Hall. Hey, you were an adult, you knew how to pick your battle.   

“Do you really want my advice?” Remus asked, sitting casually on his desk. You whirled to face him, impatiently pushing away the strands of your hair.   

“Yes!” You paused, your shoulders slumping. You sighed and hopped on his desk, placing your head on his shoulder. “I don’t know what good it would do Remus. That man is hard to read on a good day." 

Remus placed a comforting arm around your shoulder.   

As the smell of books, wood, and cocoa reached you and soothed your wounded feelings, you couldn’t help feel so lucky to know a friend like Remus Lupin.  

You had met him on the outskirts of a Wizard village in Nice, arguing in terrible broken French with a vendor. He had been super close at being hexed and arrested until you swooped in and saved him. The rest was history. 

“[Y/N], I think this particular problem is an affliction we all go through,” He said with a smirk.  You looked up at him. “He’s jealous." 

You paused for a second. Two seconds. Three seconds.  

“Of what?” You exclaimed, ripping yourself away from him to continue your pacing. Severus Snape didn’t do jealousy. Anger, rage, humor, bitterness, sure. But Jealousy? 

Remus shrugged. “He doesn’t seem to like me hanging around you." 

“So I’m basically a toy to him?” You demanded, your hands on your hips. “Something no kid in his class can play with because the toy is his property." 

He smiled amusedly at you. “I think he values you more than a silly toy." 

You scoffed, making your second turned around his room. No matter how hard your brain was working, you still couldn’t compute this. It just didn’t make any sense. 

“If it makes you feel better, he did the same thing with his best friend." 

You froze. 

Lily,” You said softly. Of course, Remus caught it. 

“You know about Lily?" 

You nodded jerkily. You knew the whole tragic saga of Severus and Lily’s friendship. You also knew what the implications were. 

“I-I think I’m going to go grade some papers now,” You stammered, stumbling towards his door. “Thanks for the help, Rem." 

The door closed before you could hear his reply. 

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anonymous asked:

Dean and John are late coming home from a hunt, Sam runs out of money for food and rent and he ends up going to a church because it's open and it's so cold outside and Sam doesn't know what else to do because he's honestly not sure if they're coming back this time.

I know Sam’s probably more non-denomenational Protestant than Catholic, but I figure he’s not super picky and I was raised Catholic, so the terminology tends to skew that way. Sorry.

Sam falls to his knees in the pew. Part of it is praying, because Pastor Jim taught him this much and more. Sam knows the Mass inside and out in three languages. He knows the importance of prayer.

He also knows he hasn’t eaten in three days and falling to his knees is pretty much a foregone conclusion. He’s cold–the motel they’re staying in is shitty, without a drop of heat, although it’s better than where Sam will be in a few days, on the streets–and wet–because of course it’s raining. He’s hungry and just tired, because he’s hungry and cold and worried as all hell, so sleep has been a little elusive as of late.

Dear God, please. Bring them home.

He doesn’t ask to magically find the money for groceries or rent. Just his family back, because they’re not good but they’re functioning together, and if there’s one thing Sam’s learned in the last fourteen years, it’s that things are always better when he can at least know where they are, know they’re alive.

He hasn’t heard from them in two and a half weeks, and while that’s not entirely unusual, it still sends dread sinking into Sam’s stomach.

Our Father, who art in heaven…

He makes it through a whole host of Our Fathers before a hand lands on his shoulder. “Son?” The man asks, looking at Sam uncertainly. 

“Sorry,” Sam stumbles over the words. “Sorry, am I…should I not be here?”

The Priest frowns at him. “Well, the teen event is downstairs,” he says. “In the Hall? The pizzas just got here. You’re here for that, right? Or…”

“Yeah,” Sam says rushed. “I’m here for that.”

He remembers a story he heard once, about a man sitting on his roof as his town floods, praying to God to be rescued. A man in a boat comes by and offers to save him, but the man says God will save him. It happens again. Then a man in a helicopter comes by, but the man turns him down in favor of God’s mercy once more. When he does drown, he takes it out on God, saying he prayed for mercy. God asks what more the man possibly could have wanted. God sent two boats and a helicopter, and three kind servants to help him.

Sam’s not that man. He sees help when it comes, even if it wasn’t exactly what he asked for.

So he rushes to the Hall and eats pizza and talks with the other teenagers in the warm hall. They’re all good enough to pretend he belongs there. Maybe they’re used to people coming through sometimes. 

The Group Leader sits them in a circle at one point and they debate philosophy and Sam startles when he realizes it’s eleven PM and they all have to leave. Everyone else’s parents pick them up at the curb. Sam slips away into the darkness.

Tomorrow morning, the motel is going to kick him out.

Maybe he can stay in the church. He’s quiet and there’s a little room off to the side, if he’s good about it, no one might notice him slipping in there at night.

He prays once more before bed. Please, God. Thank you for tonight. Thank you for saving me. Please bring them home to me.

Four fifteen in the morning, the motel room door bangs open. Sam draws his gun from under his pillow, but it’s John’s big frame filling the doorway, Dean slinking in behind him.

They both look beat up but are walking, moving, here. Sam closes his eyes.

Thank you.

If Home is Where the Heart is Pt. 2 (Laurens x Reader)

TW: Mention of sex, swearing 

Summary: Since I like to drag things out, there is an unnecessary part 2

Part 1


You mill around your friend’s apartment. They said you could stay with them until you got back on your feet. They had to go out of town for a business trip, leaving you alone for the next week and a half. You hear someone knock on the door. Figuring it’s the pizza you ordered, you open the door. John is standing the other side. 

 "What the hell are you doing here?“ you sneer as you start to shut the door. 

 He sticks his arm out to stop you. "Can I come in?" 

 You roll your eyes but open the door anyway. "Look, I fucked up-" 

 "Damn right, you did!" 

 He sighs and continues, "We both did.”  

You fall silent, knowing that he’s right. 

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Something Different //part2

Fandom: Supernatural

Summary: Slow-burn Crowley x asexual!reader. When Crowley notices you actually have a weak point, he becomes very interested in taking advantage of it. But not everything goes as he expected.

Word count: 3,114

[Masterlist] [Part 1]

Originally posted by dean-winchester-crush

How long does it take a coffee to brew? Does the amount of sugar change it? If it wasn’t boiling, how would it taste right after pouring the water? Would it taste just fine or does waiting for the drink to cool have that much of a meaning?

You closed your eyes just for a while. The day has been exhausting and far from enjoyable, but you couldn’t leave it behind yet, as you still had much work to finish. And that required some help. A very slowly cooling help.

Something shifted behind you.

Faster than you would honestly expect in your state, you throw a spoon that was lying next to your hand at the thing that appeared in your very quiet, very empty apartment.

Crowley flinched when it hit him hard right in the forehead, not doing him any harm. The spoon landed on the ground with a loud clink.

“Seriously?! A spoon? What did you expect it to do?” Crowley looked at you in pure disbelief, massaging his head. You hoped he would have a dark bruise soon.

You waved your hand, in which you had a demon-killing knife.

“To distract any idiot that thought I wouldn’t have my baby in my back pocket, within reach,” you grinned, proud of yourself. You were half-dead from sleep deprivation but you still managed to stun your guest.

Crowley raised an eyebrow, nodding appreciatively. He clapped his hands in a mocking manner and you saluted. If he wanted to play, he should remember two could do this.

“Well, so now that we can talk properly, what are you looking for here?” you gestured to your crappy motel room, where you’ve been residing for the last few days.

The Winchesters were out, dealing with something big on their own. You were tired after your last hunt and wanted to rest and regain your strength before going to the field again. Lucky for you, there wasn’t much of a job for a hunter anywhere close to where you were staying, so you decided to take a short vacation - no one knew how long would it last. You had a bad feeling about what the boys were after, but they didn’t want to make you a part of it, at least not yet. You were actually pretty confident they would reach out for you sooner or later, but there was no point in rushing things. If they were going to need you, you had to be in shape for when the time came. And for now… well, no one ever said that having some well-earned free time had to happen in a perfectly clean area. Especially when you were diving in the possible cases in that state.

Crowley admired the pile of dishes almost falling from the sink on your left.

“What makes you think I would only make a visit to such a lovely and courteous person like you if I needed anything?” he asked slyly.

You muttered a curse under your breath, already tired of dealing with the demon and his moods.

“Dude, I know you far too well, sadly, to be fooled by a crap like that. Do you really think I’m that stupid?”

“I’ve never said that.”

“But you still try to pull a fast one on me. It says something even if you personally don’t. So?”

Crowley smirked smugly, not bothered even a little, and you felt your blood boiling. The bastard didn’t even have to say anything to annoy the living shit out of you. That definitely required some skills, but you were far from commending him on his unusual talent, quite the opposite actually.

“I only wanted to check on my favourite hunter, see how life is going… I see it’s as miserable as I thought,” Crowley glanced around with an air of pomposity. You had to admit the rest of the small apartment didn’t look much better than the kitchen.

“I had better things to do than to clean and scrub the floor,” you shrugged, raising your chin. “Some of us don’t waste our time spying on and disturbing others.”

“Oh my, and what is so absorbing?” he chuckled.

“Maybe finding an effective way of killing you?”

“I could give you some lessons on that, and some other subjects…”

You brushed off his flirt, ignoring it just like you have for months now. It looked like Crowley couldn’t take a hint even when hit with it.

“I don’t need your help with anything, and most definitely not with killing demons. You may not recall it, but I have almost killed you twice, man. And even now, I’m this close to doing it again if you don’t stop talking and leave me alone.”

“Don’t flatter yourself, darling. I have only let my guard down because of some other… events that have been distracting me…”

“You should name yourself the King of Lies, Crowley. I could have finished you with a blink of an eye,” you snarked, leaning on the counter behind you, but not putting your knife down. Crowley may not be your main enemy right now, but you still didn’t trust him.

“Please, darling. You sound like I have never done the same…”

“Maybe because you didn’t?”

“May I remind you that time when you were rotting in my prison…?”

You shrugged, looking him straight in the eyes. You could see he was starting to get irritated with you, probably not used to be treated without respect.

“It wasn’t your work,” you declared with confidence.

Crowley’s eyebrows raised with disbelief.

“I am the King of Hell, and I ordered my demons to capture you,” he said slowly as if he had to explain something to a child.

“Exactly,” you nodded approvingly. “You only gave orders. I, on the other hand, had to hunt you down myself, without anyone’s help. And, let me repeat myself, I was successful,” you added proudly. You could see Crowley boiling with anger. Oh, it looked like you just stepped on someone’s pride… What a shame.

For a moment you could swear Crowley’s eyes flashed red, but it was gone before you made sure. It sent shivers down your spine and made you clench your hand on the knife harder, but the demon didn’t attack you, coming back to his senses quickly. Crowley cleared his throat, bringing a smile back on his face. Smug bastard.

“If you excuse me, it looks like I’ve got something to take care of,” he nodded in goodbye theatrically, before disappearing. The faint odour of Sulfur filled your small kitchen, making you open the window.

“So now we have quiet days or something?” you asked the air, but no answer came.

Well, you certainly weren’t going to miss that annoying bastard. You still felt a little bit pleased with making him that furious. It was a few months since you stopped hunting him, just like the Winchesters did. Crowley may be a pain in the ass, but you needed him from time to time as he has proved his utility on a few occasions.

The only thing you weren’t so sure about him, was why did he have so much interest in you. At first, you didn’t even notice that until the Winchesters asked you about it, claiming that Crowley usually didn’t pop out of nowhere without any particular reason, or at least not for any hunter they knew.

It was even weirder when you thought about how many times you got on his nerves just to annoy him, very much like he did to you. You were enemies for the majority of your lifetime, at least because of your labels as a hunter and a demon, and now it wasn’t actually that different. You were not friends. You couldn’t stand working with each other and almost always ended up irritating the living shit out of each other. Sure, there were those rare times when you could actually talk like civilised people and not fight or throw things, but what did that mean? What did that mean to Crowley, was the more complicated question. Could this be that he was just bored in Hell and wanted something fresh and new?

Well, guessing by his rather rushed departure, you were almost sure he wasn’t used to being treated not like the king he claims to be. He wasn’t your king, so why should you act like he was?

You yawned, looking at your almost frozen coffee you forgot about. Who says that women are complicated? Have they never met a demon?

Probably. It looked like you were the only one who demons clung to. Yay.

Dealing with humans was a lot harder than one would think. Of course, it got easier the more information known about them. It let you predict their behaviour, to get them interested or willing to do something. The best results were given by acknowledging their darkest, deepest secrets or weaknesses, even though it was difficult to find them out. But Crowley was patient and perceptive and that usually earned him access to a person’s soul. Usually. For those who he had no time to carefully drop the bait, he usually seduced or made one of his demons seduce.

But, apparently, you seemed to be almost as resistant as he himself and could see through his plotting, because no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get to you. It was more frustrating than truly dangerous, especially now that you were not actively hunting him down. But Crowley was not one to give up so easily. You were talented, determined and he would greatly appreciate using you from time to time, even if it meant he had to blackmail or provoke you. After all, he was the King of Hell. Why should he hold back?

Crowley approached you, sitting at some second-rate bar in the middle of nowhere. Oh, he perfectly knew why you were here, as he has been watching your actions for the past week, heating them from time to time to keep you and himself entertained enough. Why would he do that, one may ask? To prove a point. An important point.

You barely raised your eyes, with your head leaning on your arm on the bar’s counter, a half empty glass loosely grasped between your fingers. Black circles under your eyes contrasted with the rest of your worn-out face, still partly covered in dust. Your clothes still smelt like fire and a ghoul’s nest, as you probably didn’t have the time or strength to properly wash yourself. No one could blame you if they knew about your last week. It was understandable you were in pressing need of whisky, even as nasty as the ones served in a place like this.

“Hello, darling,” Crowley flashed you a bright smile that could lighten up the whole room if it was meant to do that. You sloppily thought you wished to smile back when your knife entered his body, but you were too weak to even move somewhere away  from him.

“I hate you,” you muttered instead, letting your tired eyes slide shut once again.

“Darling, there is no need for such offensive words. Or did something happen?” he asked in a poorly concealed mocking tone, perfectly aware of what happened.

You growled loudly, not bothered even a little by the weird stares people around gave you. Crowley laughed.

“I suppose it’s because of your recent… case? Or maybe I should say, cases, darling?”

“Screw you, Crowley.”

“Me? Why me? Did I do something to you?” he tried to sound offended, but it wasn’t that easy to do with a smile plastered to face.

“Don’t play with me, Crowley, I’m not in the mood. I know you had to do with those ‘unusual’ cases that are literally making me die from exhaustion,” you snapped at him.

“Me? Darling, accidents happen and…”

“Like hell!”

“Actually, Hell is doing quite fine from what I’ve witnessed. Besides, it would be a shame if you died right now as I still have not prepared you a room…”

“You are so funny,” you growled out sarcastically, eyeing him furiously.

“Say it again, please.”

“You wish. By the way, what made you do all of this? Is it because of our talk? I had never considered you to act like that,” you asked, curious about his motives.

Crowley shrugged.

“I have not even the slightest idea what you are rambling about. Did you see me anywhere, creating any of this mess with my hands?”

“Oh, come on! Are you really offended by what I said? Are you five?” you raised your head, your emotions granting you some strength.

Crowley didn’t move. You could see how pleased he was with his idea of messing in your recent hunts and making them a lot harder. If you had any doubts before, now you were sure whose fault it was.

“If it’s too much, you can always admit it and ask someone for help,” Crowley declared, making it obvious as to who he had in mind to seek help from. So there was his motive – he wanted to make you beg for him to stop and admit that he was stronger and smarter than you. Your previous conversation must have hurt his pride more than you thought.

But there were some options he apparently didn’t think of.

“Oh, but I already did,” you laughed, looking over your shoulder when you heard someone entering the bar. You pointed a finger at the newest guests. “And there is my cavalry, ready to fight any evil, suited or not.”

Sam and Dean finally noticed you at the bar, but the relieved smiles froze on their faces when they recognized the person sitting by your side. You could almost see how they were one step from running to you with their blades drawn. Screw the human witnesses, it’s the Winchesters time.

You waved your hand calmingly, though, making them stop in the middle of the bar. You gestured them to stay low and that you were doing just fine. Sam raised his eyebrow, not convinced, but you made the thumbs up gesture. He shook his head disapprovingly, but took a sit at one of the tables next to Dean. He made sure to have a good sight of the two of you, just in case. You were grateful to him. Sammy always tried to help the best he could.

Crowley observed your actions, giving the boys just a glimpse of an eye. They weren’t a real threat, at least not at the moment. Right now though, Crowley had an excellent chance of taking notes on you. It was almost like a blessing, as someone sarcastic would say.

“Oh, so the boys are here too,” he nodded to himself. “What a surprise. How nice of them.”

“Yeah, it’s nice indeed, because I’ve heard they are kind of busy right now. Are you happy now? You wanted me to call them to make a trap for all of us?” you asked half-jokingly. The three of you were almost invincible together and you were pretty sure that with the boys’ help, you could take care of your mess with ease.

“Maybe later,” the demon took a look at the Winchesters. “It would be even nicer of them, if they cared for you as much as you think they do.”

You ordered another drink after finishing the one in your hand. Crowley’s behaviour is perplexing. He rarely talked in so many riddles.

“What do you mean?” you had to ask, when he didn’t seem like explaining his words.

“Which one do you think cares for you more? The one checking out the blondie or the brunette?” Crowley gestured to their table.

You looked at them and then shrugged. Nothing was out of ordinary for you.

“I don’t know. Both probably, I mean, they both came there.”

Crowley squinted his eyes, surprised by your answer and the lack of emotions you should have had. It almost made you laugh.

“What? Should I be jealous? Crowley, please…”

“Why not? Samantha looked interested in you…”

“Sam was more focused on you than me, if it makes any difference to you. And even if he wasn’t, why should I forbid him from finding someone? It’s not like we are together or something…” you laughed at the last part and the ridiculousness of the thought.

Crowley looked like he was still thinking about it.

“Crowley! One more minute and I’m gonna think you are setting me up!” you snapped at him, losing your good mood quickly.

“What would be so bad about it? Maybe it’s my new hobby?”

“Setting people up? Are you mad? Did something possess you?” you started to worry seriously.

“You wish. But just think about it – I’m not saying Moose is the best choice for you, but he sure has some… values important in…”

Your drink flew to Crowley’s face, soaking him in the middle of the sentence. For a brief moment you looked at each other in silence, both taken-aback. You raised from your seat, waving at the Winchesters to stay where they were.

“I don’t have either time nor patience for poor jokes like that, Crowley,” you said in a low voice.

“Maybe it was not a joke?” the demon didn’t move at all.

“It better be.”

You left the money on the counter, nodding at the surprised bartender and approached the boys, moving out from the bar with them. They shot Crowley a death glare on their way out.

The owner of the bar took the money you left, eyeing the demon who now was completely dry. It looked like your drink must have missed him, the man thought, not noticing even a one drop on the expensive suit. The wealthy have always been the luckiest one. At least, almost always.

“A tough one, huh?” he asked lightly, hiding the money.

“It looks like it,” Crowley said, not looking at him. He was still keeping an eye on the door, now closed.

“Nah, don’t worry, man. You’ll find another one – it shouldn’t be a problem with your look.”

An idea sparked in Crowley’s head. A wolfish smile crossed his lips.

The bartender turned around to take something from the shelf behind him. When he came back, Crowley was gone and the only thing that was left was a huge tip. The man looked around, pretty sure that it wasn’t possible to move out of the bar that quickly, but as there was no other possibility, he mumbled something to himself, moving on to the next customer.

[Part 3]

frozen-delight reblogged your photoset and added:

But if it had been “just” Sam (i.e. if Cas had pulled out Sam with his soul in place), then Sam would have spent like an hour tops in the Cage - call me callous, but I dont think that would be enough to make someone “pop out of Hell wrong”.

Was it as quick as that? I know that in 6x01 Sam says he has been back for ‘almost the whole year’ but I guess I have always allowed a week or two in my mind for Cas to be miraculously restored and then to work out a plan. I suppose you’re right, though, if hell time worked for Sam the same way that it did for Dean then if successfully rescued he could potentially have endured a relatively short spell underneath (say Cas pulled him out after a week, Dean’s four months are forty years, Sam’s week would be two and a half years or so??). Two and a half years of torture might have an appreciable impact on somebody, though, even if it doesn’t touch forty (or 180, the approximate length of time Sam’s soul was under in actuality by that measure). 

However, I also wonder (and have seen discussed elsewhere) if Cage time operates differently from general Hell time. This would seem plausible given that Hell time works differently to regular time anyway - I guess I think of it like Inception, levels and levels and as you go deeper time expands so what’s a few minutes up top feels like longer the deeper you go. And the Cage is in the very deepest part of Hell. I think that idea about time is based mostly on what Sam says in 6x14 after his seizure:

SAM: So, how long was I out, again?
DEAN: I’m telling you, like two or three minutes. Why, what’d it feel like to you?
SAM: About a week, give or take.

In that case, even allowing for a super-speedy angel rescue, an hour in the Cage could feel like at least 30 weeks/7+ months, and a week would be like… sixty-four and a half years. 

But I guess this is all academic anyway, because Sam didn’t get rescued with his soul in place, and it wasn’t just trauma that was making him behave oddly, and so.

Your idea that he got tugged out almost straight away though made me really think how odd it is that Bobby just went along with not telling Dean that Sam was back. Even if it was a few weeks or a month later, Bobby says in 6x01 that he’s known almost the whole time. Dean’s grief must have been so raw at first, even if he did more or less settle in with Lisa later, and it is crazy to me that Bobby was so chill about letting Sam not tell him he’d been pulled out, regardless of whether Sam was a bit unheimlich and odd feeling. Has anybody ever written or read any good fic about this??  

working in the fucking ceramics department:
  • We keep the keys attached to a red baby leg. The peg we hang it on has a drawing of a little house behind it, complete with a dog bowl of food and a sign that says “Baby Foot Home”
  • Someone’s been making a million small ducks which I have been unloading for weeks. Some of them have lost their beaks and look like sad old men.
  • We found a photo of our boss when his hair was long and now the photo is literally everywhere. on all the signs. on the desktop. photoshopped into the tiles of our faces we put in the window of his office.
  • Oh yeah they looked through people’s facebooks and found the weirdest photo of them and made them into tiles
  • If you need to check out a tool you gotta run around and track one of us down while we’re mixing clay or unloading kilns because we’re never at the desk like man good luck
  • we get to do cool stuff like wear respirators while we lift 50lb bags of dirt into giant vats and then mix it for an hour and a half straight then die
  • I had to mix some slip once and they told me to add the powder from the bin with the skull and crossbones on it. I asked what would happen if I wasn’t wearing gloves and a mask and they said “Oh. Y’know…”
  • There is always something that is a boob. or six boobs. Clay boobs will apparently never go out of style.
  • Someone has been making casts of rumpled underwear for a few weeks now. I feel awkward touching them because they look worn.
  • No one ever comes to pick up their pieces on time and we basically have bisque hell alley of no return. Shattered pieces of forgotten bisque ware, abandoned by the only people who ever cared about them.
  • Some people make…really big stuff….super heavy…and it’s hell…to load and unload eSPECIALLY WHEN WE HAVE TO START UNLOADING WHILE IT’S STILL HOT
  • other people make 200 small traffic cones.

Tododeku Week 2017 - Day 3

fears | Quote

Sometimes at night I would sleep open-eyed underneath a sky dripping with stars. I was alive then.” - Albert Camus, “Return to Tipas”

This night Shouto’s mind was filled with seemingly endless thoughts. Another sleepless night thanks to the stuffy heat in Izuku’s room this time. It has been a long week for him, exams were written and graduation neared. It seemed like time was closing in on him. Izuku and him decided for this weekend in celebration of being out of exam hell to do a sleepover at Izuku’s house. But releasing tension was anything his mind wanted to brace itself for right now.

He sighed.

“Izuku!”, he said in a low voice.


“Are you… ?”, he paused.

He must be sound asleep. It was too hot for Shouto to sleep, so he sat up for a beginning letting the cover slide downwards to his lower half of the body. Although a gentle evening breeze started to waft through the opened window it wasn’t enough.

Slowly he stood up and got out of the room. He decided to go and get some fresh air at the balcony at the Midoriya’s. Slid through the balcony door he could finally at least breath again for a moment. It was still rather warm outside but the hot degrees from the hours where the sun was still up cooled down a lot compared to the afternoon heat. The evening breeze kept him at ease before the thoughts clouded up his mind again.

It’s okay for you to be a hero.”

As beautiful as the sight of a the clear night sky spread above him was, all he could think about was the unsettled future. It was a horrifying thought if somebody were to ask him. Though the moonlight and the dulled light of the stars spent a bit of comfort after all.

The lighted street lamps attracted a dozen of moths circling around the light just to either fly away again or stay a few seconds to realize the light is too bright or burning them but instead of going they try again and again to stay close to the light. Somewhere in the distance a group of young adults, maybe even his age or going to university laughed while they passed the streets.

He wasn’t sure about what was going to happen after they all graduated from U.A. High. Of course his wish and goal to become a hero hasn’t changed. But since his father’s rank rose to the Number 1 hero under the professional heroes he didn’t really want to be overshadowed by his father but even by surpassing him he would be still compared to him. Not going into the business of professional heroes in starting accepting hero agency’s requests and maybe internships was no option either. But was that really what he wanted?

He heard a shifting of the door and a dozy yawning Izuku appeared in the doorframe.

“Hey bud, why’re you up”, the boy with the awful looking bed head greeted the sitting person on the floor.

“Sorry, did I wake you?”, Shouto replied looking up to him.

“No, it’s fine. Isn’t it a bit chilly out here? You’ll catch a cold. And I tell you catching a cold in summer is one of the worst times to have one.”, Izuku commented with worry.

Shouto didn’t even notice he got goose bumps and a smile made its presence felt.

“Would you mind to bring me a coat then?”, said the one facing upwards from his left to the boy standing.

“You know, you don’t need to speak as formal as that with me. Of course I don’t mind”, said the shorter fellow of them.

He left into the darkness of the flat for his room grabbing a hoodie jacket out of his shelf and a coverlet to return to his mate and sat down next to him. Shouto thankfully accepted Izuku’s jacket immediately slipping into the warming up clothing. Although it seemed to be washed it already had a faint scent of the curly head. A very soothing scent.

He was surprised when Izuku huddled together with him under the blanket he also took with him. But since the bedhead just woken up himself the lingering warmth of sleep was still with him. Shouto leaned on his shoulder admitting to his warmth.

“I couldn’t sleep, so I came here to get some fresh air. Why aren’t you sleeping?”, Shouto began hesitantly after a while.

“I was thirsty and wanted to go to the kitchen for a glass of water when I realized you weren’t in your futon. I guessed right that you were here. What’s on your mind?”

Shouto didn’t really know how to begin. He took a deep breath cooling down, sorting out his thoughts before he tried to explain what it was that got his mind so scattered.

“You know, somehow you should think I can finally breath again since the last exams are done and written. There is nothing to worry about anymore. But actually it’s the future that’s coming that frightens me. Do you know what I mean?”

Izuku just listened attentively and nodded.

“Yeah, I also thought a lot about it. We’ve come so far that we can consider ourselves official heroes in a few months. Some will directly start at hero agencies, some will maybe start out as sidekicks next to a professional hero. It has always been my dream to become a wicked hero saving people with a smile like All Might did. And finally it’s just an arm’s length away.”

“I agree. But recently I think a lot about my family and my father again. I’ve been told all my life that my only purpose to live was to surpass All Might. Also I am really afraid to become like my father. I…” Shouto didn’t continue. He didn’t want to continue this thought.

“But isn’t it fine? Remember what All Might once said: ‘Children inherit Quirks from their parents. But the really important thing is not that connection, but recognizing your own flesh and blood, recognizing yourself.’ You aren’t neither your father or All Might, but you are yourself and nobody else. You should be proud of yourself!”

This reminded Shouto of the words his mother once said. A tear running down his cheek. Izuku’s look seemed concerned as he added whispering: “It’s okay.”

It’s okay for you to be one. As long as you have a future you feel strongly about. You don’t have to be a prisoner of your blood. It’s okay for you to become who you want to be.”

“You do great. Really, I mean it.”, Izuku almost whispered with a lulling voice.

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine.”, he murmured reassuring while patting the bicoloured hair. It only resulted in Shouto snuggling into Izuku a little more. Slowly breathing in and out the two of them got tired again. Izuku was the first to suggest to go back to their room.

“Shouto. We should-”, he broke up in the middle of the sentence the moment he perceived Shouto really fell asleep this time.

At least he found rest, so Izuku didn’t bother to wake him. He covered the sleeping boy into the blanket pulling him back to his room laying him down onto his bed delicately. He ran his fingers through the soft silver shimmering hair of Shouto in the little moon light that shone into the room, softly placing a kiss on the reddish corner of his eye before he huddled up to him on the sheets and dropped off to sleep once more.

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