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So. The person I’m calling out has been vagued a couple times on tumblr already and things have been building up. I think she knew this so she deactivated before I confronted her and before I posted this.

@/tangyurines aka Maggie, now deactivated, was caught up in sth very similar before (she dated a minor who was around 7 years younger) and had the URL @/coupscoffee but she deactivated then when she was called out. I was not aware of this and I’m sure many others aren’t but @/coupscoffee and @/tangyurines are one and the same. When she first deactivated and came back I have been made aware that some people knew who she was and she said she had learnt from her mistakes and will not be repeating them so they forgave her… Which is understandable But, as @/tangyurines after all that has happened she has yet again tried it and this time she was refused.

Above are screenshots from one of the many minors this person has tried to target this time around. She’s been trying to ask minors out and even after being refused has pushed most of them and kept on flirting and honestly was just making them uncomfortable..

Please be careful who u make friends w online, esp minors. When people tell you about these things u never expect it to happen to u but it might.

Once could be a mistake but this has gone on for way too long and way to many times. There are so many people your age around so why target minors online?
I personally was also befriended by her and got to know her before I knew about all of this, I was also in a group chat along w her. Things about her always seemed a bit off and even if I stated multiple times that I was uncomfortable with her talking about things that were way too sexual In front of minors present in the group chat, she still did it. People who followed her might also recall all the anons she had which were explicit and basically sexting in front of everyone with a Mingyu rp anon. It was just too inappropriate esp as a svt blog that had many minors following. She was also quite manipulative in the way she talked.

Since she has already deactivated before this post y'all might not get the point of this post but, the point is that she’s done this before and just remade. She could come back again, with another URL and another bias. I made this post bc I have been approached by ppl who were targeted and they were all my mutuals and friends that I consider my sisters. Seeing her act this way disgusts me and I couldn’t stand by and watch it happen.
I know some of you wont see the wrong in this, esp if you’re a minor. I know many minors are ok w this sort of thing but pls understand that is someone that’s older than u by 7 years is trying to date u, there’s Sth wrong. I know some of u have her on snapchat and insta and other social networks and I just want you to be safe, please don’t engage in contact w her if you’re a minor. She might seem nice or friendly but understand that that doesn’t mean she won’t do ugly things.

Having said all this, I am in no way making this post to encourage people to send her hate or bully her, but I am extremely disheartened by the events and just want all of my fellow carats to be safe since it seems you can never really know someone too well. If any adult seems fishy to you or is harrassing you in some way please don’t be afraid to cut them off!! Be safe I care for u all 💖

Dan and Phil versus the World

Well, here goes. This marks a lot of firsts in my internet life. How do people post fics on Tumblr? I don’t even know.

Artist: Rishi (@lesterslexicon) - art tba
Beta: Sam (@edginghowell)
Word count: 12k
Rating: PG
Warnings: Some coarse/inappropriate language (inc. infrequent ableist slurs, à la Dan’s old videos), one description of a panic attack, general angst and worrying about the future
Summary: In an alternate universe (where Poe the cactus survived), Dan and Phil revisited Japan after TATINOF. Now they’re back in London, but something’s changed, leaving Dan tense and restless. Maybe they’ve been so busy selling Dan and Phil™ all these years that they’ve forgotten how to be themselves. Storytelling has a way of seeping into real life, but it only confounds things when you start to believe it.
Author’s Note: I signed up for the PBB in May on an impulse, having never before worked with either a beta or an artist. Thanks to Sam for her top-notch beta reading and bants, and to Rishi for her lovely art. This story is dedicated to both of you, without whom it would probably still be half finished and abandoned. I hope it’s not (too) crap for a first phanfic. The themes are friendship, understanding, growth and dreams, and there is a lot of introspection, analysis and flashbacks. Really, the whole story is one long existential crisis on Dan’s part. And procrastination station.

Read on AO3 here!

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Here, have my two favorite pages of a NaruSasu comic I found on pixiv!

(fyi; on the first one Naruto is asking something like “Hey Sasuke, out the two of us, who’s on top and who’s on bottom?” and Sasuke misunderstands so Naruto goes “No, I mean who’s seme and who’s uke?!” Sasuke’s reaction later is also priceless tho)

Hello everyone!

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