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Have no idea if this one will appear by its tag - Tumblr really hates me and support doesn’t want to do a thing about the fact that some of my posts simply don’t appear in the tag search… (oh look! WIP has been posted! I bet the finished one won’t have the chance now XD XD XD )
So, once again, I am about to thank all those of you who reblog and share my art on Tumblr - that’s a big deal for me! <3
Nevertheless, just another WIP for the 23rd of Feb which is The Fatherland Defender Day in my country. Hope to pull it out the way I apicture it to be in my mind… :-)

Transcribing Critical Role

Just because there have been a couple folks in the tag asking about it lately: @crtranscript has been working on transcribing/captioning all episodes of Critical Role, and we could really use your help!

Currently we have five episodes with complete closed captions on the official YouTube page (episodes 1, 2, 51, 57, and 58), and about forty episodes transcribed in their entirety (see list here). You can help with the transcription of the backlog over here.

In addition to tackling that backlog, starting relatively recently, we’ve been rolling out a new process where we’re going to be putting up captions for the new episodes approximately weekly (with a ~5-6 week delay). Be sure to keep an eye out for lots of great opportunities to help make this show accessible to as many folks as possible!

I Was Tagged

Tagged by @gwyndal Thank you!

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The Scientist Lindsey Sterling and Tyler Ward Cover

True Love Pink and Lilly Allen

Rather Be Pentatonix

Can’t Help Falling in Love Hearts and Colors

Unbroken Demi Lovato

Standing By Pentatonix

Penny Lane The Beatles

She is Love Parachute

Brokenhearted Karmin

Lay it All on Me Ed Sheeran

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