this has been somewhat of a post

In almost 2 years of watching Mark, I’ve never seen him like this.

Now I’m not the most observant on the planet, and I still feel like a newcomer to the channel, but I know Mark has had his ups and downs since I’ve watched him.

Vlogs posted at early morning hours with the serious somewhat melancholy background music, saying how much he wants to be better, be more proud of his work and himself.

Honestly, I kinda assumed this time would be the same. He’d take his hiatus, then go back to what he was doing before, maybe slightly differently, maybe make some more Markiplier Promises™, until another vlog appears a few months later repeating the same position as the last.

But this time has been different- already!

I’ve never seen Mark so excited. Ever. I don’t even think I’ve seen him this happy? Even though Mark has always been doing something that he enjoys, I think you’d have to be dead to not realize that this is something different.

His excitement and passion to make these videos! His creativity flowing like (what seems like) never before! He wants to include us in all the goofiness that is his life! He’s so eager! And he’s doing it! Which inspires me too, maybe I can go out and accomplish things one step at a time, just like Mark is!

He wants to enjoy what he’s doing, and of course we want him to as well. And I know we will! There is so much hope in his heart and his genuine excitement is so important in such a world like this! His demeanor is so much more positive and joyful since his return you can’t help but want to support him (if you didn’t already)

I know I say it all the time- but I’m so proud! It takes courage to step outside of your comfort zone, even with people you know love you.

I’m so glad that you’re so excited @markiplier . I really am! And I am too! Now go enjoy your vacation with Amy, you deserve a break from your break ;)

anonymous asked:

Would you ever do a simple tutorial of how you draw horses? I want to make centaur OCs but lord horses are difficult creatures to doodle 😭

Mmmm there are so many guides that cover what I do, and I really don’t do anything more than those. Still use the whole blocks and sticks and form building and whatnot. And a buttload of references. Anything I could say different would kinda step beyond the stage of simplicity?

To offer something though I would like, suggest tweaking the use of circles when it comes to drawing horses. Or anything, really. Circles are great and highly accessible for fast, general drawing, but few natural things are perfectly round. Look at a horse from the front or back - it’s square and flat and meaty and saggy too, depending on your angle.

So like, I dunno, if you wanna step it up a notch, try changing your use of building-circles into something like this

And especially practice being able to see these shapes in dimension

And then piece them together. The triangle will really help guide the line up. Highly recommend.

Honestly I just follow the same gist of Hubedihubbe’s quick tut (please check it out, very good points made, much cleaner, actually labelled) so I kind of feel like I’m parroting here but.. I break down the rest in lines and diamonds.

As a personal preference, I like marking in the shoulder blade to elbow and the hip to knee, as they create pretty important shapes towards horse recognition. If something keeps looking off, check your leg length. A super rough way to get a close idea of what you need can be found in using most of the shoulder block for a landmark? It’s not perfect maths, it’s a rough tell. The hind legs are then worked out via the red line, setting the hocks above the intersection across the knees 

And uh, it goes on from there. You gotta look at pictures, do the study, and learn the meats. No real other way around that part.

There’s a horse bod.

But the reason of learning how to see those shapes in dimension is so that you can push your poses further! Try piecing it together with your front-view knowledge. And look at references, always! 

Shoulders are pretty narrow compared to the belly and hindquarters, unless you start looking into the draft breeds - then both ends more or less square up together. But moving on, more leggies are slapped on that thing

And fleshed out with all that meat knowledge :P (I know I haven’t gone into heads but this was about centaurs anyway. This guy just felt like he needed one)

And when it comes to practice and learning, don’t be afraid to simply draw these shapes directly over an image. It will help familiarise you with how these base forms interact with one another, how far they can squash and stretch and look at a whole variety of angles. It’s just practice!

Doing that helps to gain a solid concept of the subject, so that when you do set out on your own you can find that convincing territory.

So hey, this has been a very long and terrible not-tutorial. More like insight or something, and would only be helpful if you’re somewhat familiar with horses and already got the fundamentals of drawing down pat, since I skipped over a lot

Haven’t drawn a horse before though? I recommend you the Shrimp method

Anyway, hope all this was kinda interesting

Okay so bare with me on this! I know some of you are probably thinking but studyblrs are amazing and great and just all round so helpful, which they are! The studyblr community on tumblr is amazing and I get so much out of it but there are a lot of sides to it that are unrealistic.

When I had my first studyblr account over a year ago I was focusing on the aesthetics of notes and pictures rather than being helpful and talking to people. This quickly became too hard to keep up and I deleted the account. I did this because I had seen so many studyblrs doing it and I thought if they can do it so can I but obviously I was wrong. I am not being hateful towards any studyblr because I know some people find having pretty notes helpful but I don’t have the time or find it helpful.

Fast forward to now. I have taken a complete different route. I make somewhat helpful posts(are they?) and I stick to what works best for me. I don’t use fancy expensive stationery and I post when I can and so far it has been working for me.

I find many studyblrs brush over the fact that some people can’t afford expensive stationery, don’t have the time to do pretty notes, don’t all have iphones and that some of us just wing it rather than spending all night doing a subject. I think there are many expectations in the studyblr community that need to be left in 2017. I think we need to speak out about our mental health, stop doing all nighters and break the stigma behind the aesthetics of the studyblr community. I’m all for messy desks, crappy photos and messy writing.

I want baby studyblrs to feel less pressure than I did when I first started because you don’t need pretty or expensive stuff to do well in the studyblr community. None of this is important what is important is the help you give others, the advice you get, making friends and learning things.

Basically all you need to do to be a studyblr is to study and do your best because that is all anyone can ever ask of you no matter what!

Find what works for you and go with that don’t go with the flow that never gets you anywhere! If that’s pretty notes go for it! If that’s a messy desk who cares!

Message me if you ever need help or advice or just want to talk because I am willing to help with anything

More KatsuDeku Thoughts/Ramblings

The other day I was seeing a lot of people complaining about hate in both the ‘Katsudeku’ and ‘Bakudeku’ tags, but to be honest, I didn’t see it. I suppose I must have the right people blocked.

But, it did get me thinking about things that people love to bring up when discussing the “p r o b l e m a t i c” elements of this ship. Two big ones in particular come to mind.

One has already been discussed to death, and I hope to jeezus I never have to talk about it myself. Yes, Bakugo told Deku to jump off a building. It’s horrible and despicable and I would never defend such awful behavior. It was simple shorthand for Horikoshi to establish Bakugo as an unremorseful jerk. Congrats, dude. It worked.

The second thing, however, is something I could talk about at length.

So I will.

Let’s talk about THIS.

Warning: this is a goddamn long post. Pour yourself a drink.

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Active Larries

So further to the big boycott list that we periodically reblog, someone wondered a couple of weeks ago whether all the Larries on the list were still active as we’ve seen such a drop in some of the big ones. I’ve found myself with a bit of time on my hands after meeting a deadline earlier in the month, so I thought I’d go through the list and see what I could find. Lucky me getting to click on all those toxic blogs!

16meets18 - this redirects to, still active, has blogged today
2tiedships2 - active, has blogged today, is a prolific gifmaker but ~weirdly~ enough only makes gifs of Louis from nine hundred years ago
aaronexplainsitall (was aaronbutterfield) - Aaron flounced off Tumblr soon after Louis’ promo started at the beginning of the summer, then wrote this post in August about how he wasn’t going to blog about 1D anymore, has actually blogged about 1D since then, but is pretty inactive. One of the London bloggers who all appear to have dropped off Tumblr 
aboutchopsuey - fairly inactive, the front page of the blog has posts dating back 2 months, dropped off when Louis’ promo started in July 
alw4ys-you (was summer5tars) - on permanent hiatus, last blog is dated 3 months ago. Says they’re on hiatus due to anon hate and needing a fresh start, may have got a new name  
anchoredlou - hasn’t blogged since the end of August 
annalarrie - is the artist for all those fucking rainbow bear drawings that pop up, so may be a sideblog for someone else? I’m not sure. The latest post has tags about how the Azoffs aren’t saving Louis or Harry and how Jeff’s friendship with Harry is a stunt, so that’s how they’re looking 
annulloamato (was thendowncamethelightning) - no longer at this URL, anyone know where they went? 
ashavahishta - hasn’t blogged in a month but that’s not that unusual for Asha, she may be back. Has been really inactive since like February.
astolenchild - now afireforaheart, it redirects though. Still active, reblogging foetus gifs a lot 
bakagamieru - still active, is also a Ziam and has a hilarious post on the front page making some leaps of logic between Liam saying he likes the song Englishman in New York and shading/hinting at his true sexuality 
bananastagram - still Larrying
beautlouis - is now thelovejandles, hasn’t posted in three weeks but one of her tags says “hospital queue” so may well be in hospital (and if so, I hope she’s okay) 
beccasafan - still Larrying, still active 
betterstllbemywindingwheel - still active 
birdonahotdog - still active 
bitofbanter - was active earlier in the week 
blouehjob - now at deepindeniall, still active 
bluemetgreen - still active 
boyfriendsofficial - is no longer at this url 
britishhusbands - still active
bromanceshmomance - still active, although I think she had a bit of a hiatus? 
bulletproofhalo - we discovered this week that BPH has links to Rolling Stone and can make them write articles about the covers Harry plays, but can’t make them investigate Hollywood’s Baby Faking scandl! Gosh. 
bunboyfriend - still Larrying 
buscandoelparaiso - still Larrying, being particularly gross about Briana deleting photos 
business-direction - still pretending to be nice, still a gross Larrie underneath 
certainthingshappened - not there anymore 
claudiyah - hasn’t blogged since August so possibly gone 
claudiyah-art - ah, the above blogger’s fanart tumblr. Hasn’t posted anything 1D related since the beginning of August, may have moved on 
cliffordnlouis - not there 
conscious–ramblings (yeah, 2 hyphens, fam) - had a hiatus for about six weeks I think, just after Louis’ promo started, pleading mental health issues. Has posted a bit, but isn’t completely back. I feel like her powers are diminished since Aaron and Verily went AWOL. 
coolbreeeze - was actively Larrying this week 
curlyhairedcuntandboobear - still has the mantra “THERE IS NO BABY” in their header, where very clearly there is now A baby, regardless of who he belongs to 
dailydoseofziam - still Larrying, still Ziaming 
daysundercover - still Larrying, also reblogging foetus pictures from 900 years ago 
diggingandfluff - Fluff bowed out a few weeks ago didn’t she? Iftheresnolove made sure to post a message from her that said she was still a Larrie, but I’m not altogether convinced. Fluff always seemed the most likely to actually have music industry connections, I wonder if she finally saw the light 
directionereg - still Larrying 
droppedmyburrito - hasn’t been active for a couple of weeks, but was still Larrying then 
droppingtheveilofmaya - oh, still one of the most disgusting humans I’ve ever come across. Tends to get very angry when anyone casts doubt upon all her industry connections 
dunkirknews - now appears to be a spam blog? 
elceeu2morrow - still Larrying 
evenstarsinthesky - still active 
everythingstylinson - still Larrying, posting manips of Louis being on stage with Harry cos that’s not creepy at all 
felicitetomlinsondaily - Fizzy update blog so generally stays away from Larry stuff but I’m sure bigger brains than mine can say why they’re on this list? 
ferninism - is still friends with a lot of Larries, but hasn’t actually posted anything Larry related in quite a while. Still one to blacklist though. 
fireprooof - still active, still Larrying 
fluffyyorkshirepudding - are you kidding me that this woman is 49 years old. Still Larrying, has a wild story in her tags today about Harry glaring at Briana at a show two years ago 
freddieismyqueen - hasn’t posted on Tumblr in almost a year, since November 2016, but I’m sure I saw some Larrie this week talking about a new YouTube video from her, so she’s still out there 
fuckyeahlouis - gone, no longer there 
gaynkles (was lcighade) - no overtly Larry posts that I can see, but, well, they’ve still got that URL 
gaysilk - still Larrying 
gemma-daily - like the Fizzy update blog, I don’t know how they’re a Larrie, but yeah they’re still updating on Gemma 
genderneutralsongs - hasn’t posted since May 
geneticistlarrie - still active 
gigglelou - still Larrying 
goodmorningtoyouuniverse - still active 
happy1days - still active 
happytinylou - still active 
haroldslovebites - still active 
harryandlouisarehappilystrong - still Larrying 
harrysdimplesarethedeathofme - doesn’t appear to have posted about Louis in a while, although I can’t be bothered going back overly far. Is still friends with Larries as proven by the blogroll linked. 
heterophobiclouis (was worththewhiletweet) - still a Larrie 
iamlouistomlinson - still Larrying 
idareyoutotakealook - still Larrying 
iftheresnolove - still gross and disgusting, not even going to say anymore. Still updating her spreadsheets of lies 
intenselouis - still active 
investigatewsrm - redirects to investigaterainbows, still a Larrie 
itsastorm - still Larrying 
itwilltoteshappen - still active, can’t be bothered going far enough back to find any Louis content though 
jhoappreciationblog - is now password protected 
jimmytfallon - still active 
justinjaymie - one of the absolute worst Larries, I hate even going on this blog 
just-kind-of-happened - hasn’t posted in a week but that might be normal 
kindofsharethat - still Larrying
knightchanges - still gross 
lads-laddylads - still terrible, although she seems to be an outlier in the fandom now. She’s had some harassment recently about being straight and writing gay fanfic, and just seems to have some unpopular opinions. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ducks out soon 
lapelosa - has been missing for a lot of the year. Looks like Angela finally gave up fighting the Big Gay War! 
larrienation - used to be kaylornation, so it looks like they’ve got form in other tinhat fandoms too. Lovely 
larryalbum - still a Larrie 
larryappreciation - not a lot of Larry content but still has the URL so 
larryftdua (was vansandburberry) - still Larrying 
larryownsthisass - empty tumblr now 
lattebiscotti - still Larrying, writing posts about how Harry will be “MIA” when Louis is doing pro, they just know it! 
lawyerlarrie - still Larrying, still pretending to be a feminist 
laynefaire - still Larrying 
legohousedea - still Larrying, insisting Louis is wearing a nod to Freddie Mercury when wearing a shirt with a lighhtning bolt on 
lesbianslovelouis - of course she’s still active, the day she gives up I’m throwing a fucking party. Got EVEN CREEPIER in the last few months and has Barbie dolls to act out her creepy fantasies 
lhrry - still Larrying 
lhrryart - fanart blog of above blog, not particularly active this year 
loneozner - still Larrying 
lornasaurusrex - still Larrying 
lostjams - still active 
lottiesource (was lottie-source) - like the other updates accounts for the girls, I don’t know about this one being a Larrie blog, but it is still active 
louisandthedagger - still using the tag “my gay son” to refer to Louis so you know 
louisbravado - still active 
louisea - calling Camilla a trash bag so you know still Larrying 
louissbbtomlinson (was veteranlarrie) - still a Larrie 
loumos (was anchoredlou) - has been to a meet up of several Larries mentioned here (bulletproofhalo, srslycris, anchoredlou, firstmatesheera, olieolieoxnfree, too-old-for-this-ship) recently 
lsanchor - sideblog of janree, appears active 
lucystarkid - currently convinced it’s not Harry’s decision to play the Victoria’s Secret show, so yeah, still Larrying 
lululawrence - still active 
m3llybaby - hasn’t been active since Harry’s Dunkirk promo a couple of months ago 
mellygrant - somewhat active, second post says that she’s been on and off. Appears to be a Ziam tinhat too 
miss-you-sweetcheeks - not very active but sidebar still says they’re a Larrie 
nerds4life - still active 
nsfwtomlinson - still active, says Harry is a gay icon so I’m going to say still a Larrie 
oiiiioiiii - still active 
onmykneesforlarry - sideblog for nauticallyrics, apparently. Hasn’t been active since last December (NB nauticallyrics is definitely still a Larrie)
oopstatt - still active 
organictm - …interestingly, has this post calling out Big Larries…. still definitely a Larrie though 
ot5alwaysinmyheart - still Larrying 
otpwhatever - still active, can’t be bothered to find any Larry on there as it’s not recent 
pass-the-pencil - still active 
paynespider - still a Larrie, also hates Taylor Swift 
paynoisbatman - still active 
perfectionlouis - still Larrying 
proudoflou - still active, nothing overtly Larry on the front page currently 
quietasides - still active 
quirkyharry - nothing at this URL 
rainbowbears - nothing here either 
saracha33 - still active, still gross 
seahorseharry - still a Larrie 
seasurfacefullofclouds - still a Larrie 
sexatoxbridge - extremely sadly still Larrying 
shadyshit91 - one of the worst of the current crop. I feel like she slid into a power vacuum left by Verily, Aaron, Lapelosa etc, and is revelling in it. Also the author of the masterpost about how much Freddie looks like Brett and “is a Clark”. Totally disgusting human 
since-he-was-eighteen - now at pinkhalo, still a Larrie 
srslycris - lol of course she’s still here she likes the power 
sslarrybullship - using the tag “Harry is an LGBT icon” so 
sslarrysettingsail - flounced two months ago during Louis’ promo 
stephaniesoteriou - hasn’t been on Tumblr since last December, but this is th woman who writes for Yahoo, right? I dunno how recently she’s done that 
straightguysdont2 - still active 
stylinsin (was m-rmaid) - still Larrying, thinks the Victoria’s Secret show is a cover for something else 
suitsdirection - still active 
tdoj - nothing here now 
tellmethisisnotlove - of course Gabi is still active, she’s another one I’ll throw a party for when she leaves 
that-regular-chick - flounced in th middle of August 
thetommmo - still active 
theirstoryofevents - still a Larrie 
thembutterflies (was areyougoodwithyourhands/nelligans/handslows) - still active 
thetomlinsondaily - still active 
thesparkleboots - now at styles2017, but that says it’s a saved account with no posts 
thestylinsoncrew - password protected 
thisiskatsblog - is part of Rainbow Direction 
thispigeonisntgivingup - still a Larrie 
thosedamnbears - still active 
tmlinsons - inactive most of the year, not been seen since April 
tmlnsn - still a Larrie 
tomlinsins - not found at this URL 
tomlinsoz - redirects to louistomlivson, but that blog is on hiatus 
tommosgun - still active, reblogging foetus gifs 
tommosloueh - posted recently but before that hadn’t been active in a while 
tommosmiddlefinger - may have flounced today! Gosh 
tommosnips - nothing at this URL 
twopoppies - still Larrying 
unintentionalarry - flounced at the end of June, has a new URL which isn’t given 
urfookinjob - still active 
verily-i-say - Vee flounced at the beginning of the summer, but was back briefly in the middle of September. Not been seen since then so let’s hope she’s fucked off again. One of the worst; Vee is the originator of the “let’s make out like Briana had sex with her stepdad” grossness 
wankingloueh - now thegayankle, which is active 
waitingforthatday - still active 
watchyourattitude - still Larrying 
wellingtontat - is now theageofhaquarius, still a Larry 
whimsicule - hasn’t posted anything Larry in aaaages 
whisperedlouis - still active 
whiteknightonasteed - still active 
withoutacuppateaaa - thankfully, this horrendously disgusting Larrie hasn’t posted since December 2016 
yeezydoodles - still active 
youfuckingloosah - status: dark Larrie 
zenlikejen - still active, still gross 
zourry - still, most definitely, a Larrie 

Phew! And don’t worry haters, I still had time today to paint my kitchen, do som washing, watch a film, make a shepherd’s pie, AND spend time with my significant other! 

So I’ve seen a couple posts floating around about Jin’s vocal talent and I decided to make one of my own because the amount of talent he has really is NO JOKE.
As someone who has been singing for years and years I’ve always found it somewhat difficult to continue singing from my diaphragm (as opposed to my head) when hitting higher notes. Because of this I’ve perfected switching from my gut voice to my head voice.
Jin is not only able to hit high notes with his gut (which makes them more strong and wow he is so good at it) but he has also perfected switching from his gut voice to his head voice for a softer sound.
I noticed that V can do the same thing (hitting high notes with his gut) but not as well as Jin can. He tends to use his head voice more often to hit those high notes.
Jungkook and Jimin have effortlessly good voices, but that doesn’t always make for a strong singer like Jin. They have a comfort range that they tend to stay in while Jin’s range varies a lot more and he can hit lower and higher notes.
Overall, Jin is easily the strongest singer in BTS. The rest of our vocal line is very talented as well but like I said his talent is no joke and if it doesn’t bug you that he doesn’t get as many lines as the rest of them, it should.

Imagining that Dragon Age 2 is actually Cassandra’s mental image of Varric’s story helps to reconcile a lot of the discrepancies in the game:

  • Every dungeon looks the same? Varric only took the time to describe one, and Cassandra’s not imaginative enough to come up with others on her own.
  • Likewise, Fenris squats in his mansion for years with dead bodies because Varric never bothered to tell the story of “That Time We Rented a Cart and Dumped the Corpses in the Sea.”
  • Kirkwall seems way too small for all the people who live in it because Cassandra is imagining only the places Varric mentions specifically or she’s been to herself.
  • Lowtown in particular was probably in somewhat better condition than we see it, but because Cassandra has only visited post-mage uprising she doesn’t know what the Hanged Man looked like before some of the rooms were full of collapsed debris.
  • Doors and stairways are sometimes roped off because that’s the only reason Cassandra can think of for Hawke not going in them when they usually are so thorough about exploring.
  • Enemies always appear in waves because Cassandra is much better at keeping track of battles than Varric is.  Six thugs attacked but they ended up killing twelve? More must have shown up later.
LGBTQ+ Representation in the 2017 Broadway Season

For a long while, Broadway has been considered somewhat of a haven for the LGBTQ+ community (the past few years, though, have been monumentally lacking). For this post, I’m making a list of LGBTQ+ representation currently on Broadway. This will not include fanon opinions or implied LGBTQ+ characters. I’m talking about characters who either say “I am LGBTQ+/not cis/not straight” outrightly or are seen/discussed as being in a romantic relationship with a same-gender character. I will also only be discussing musicals, as plays have very, very limited accessibility.

Shows that I have not seen before and/or do not have enough information/knowledge to confirm one way or another are labeled with a question mark. If you know about any LGBTQ+ representation in these shows, please reblog with that information, and I’ll update this post accordingly! Also, if I have missed or somehow misinterpreted any representation, please send me an ask, or something, just tell me, and I’ll make the appropriate changes!

Here we go! Happy pride!

A Bronx Tale - No.

Aladdin - None.

Amelié -?

Anastasia - No.

Bandstand -?

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical - Nope.

Cats - Nada.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - No.

Chicago - None.

Come From Away - A lot of non-straight characters are in this show! Two of the most prevalent supporting characters are an interracial gay couple! Also, LGB (sadly, no transgender/nonbinary/or otherwise non-cis characters are ever mentioned) family members are mentioned by various other characters. No discussion of non-cis people, though, and all non-straight characters are supporting, not lead.

Dear Evan Hansen - :/// None.

Falsettos - The best! The greatest! The lead character is a Jewish gay man who is in love with another Jewish gay man! Also! An interracial lesbian couple!! The most representation of LGBTQ+ people on Broadway since Fun Home. (Still no non-cis people, though.)

Groundhog Day: The Musical - There is a very minor gay character in this show.

Hamilton - Noooope! (It’s here that I’ll remind you of this: “This will not include fanon opinions or implied LGBTQ+ characters. I’m talking about characters who either say “I am LGBTQ+/not cis/not straight” outrightly or are seen/discussed as being in a legitimate romantic relationship with a same-gender character.”)

Hello, Dolly! -?

In Transit - Yes! Two of the main characters are gay men in love, and the homophobia they face is mentioned a lot as well! I absolutely love this show, and it has wonderful representation all-around as well! (Thank you to @meepzer for pointing out that I forgot to mention it the first time around (I’ve been listened to this cast album on repeat for a month so I don’t know how I did that))

Kinky Boots - No. (The secondary main character, named Lola, is a self-described “drag queen”–which, of course, is not, under any circumstances, the same as a trans woman–who mostly uses she/her pronouns but identifies as a man and, if my memory is correct, is only attracted to women.)

Miss Saigon -?

Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 - Kind of? Apparently, at one point, Dave Malloy may have confirmed Anatole to be bisexual, but this is never explicitly mentioned or confirmed in the show itself. Also, there is a lot of same-gender attraction seen in this show–i.e. women dancing with and kissing other women, men dancing with and kissing other men–specifically in the chorus, but no character is ever explicitly mentioned as being LGBTQ+.

On Your Feet! -?

School of Rock: The Musical - Yes! The parents of one of the main characters are gay men! BUT, this show has been criticized for a stereotypical portrayal of gay men :(

Sunset Boulevard - Nope.

The Book of Mormon - There is a gay male supporting character who eventually overcomes his internalized homophobia and leads a self-accepting life.

The Lion King - No.

The Phantom of the Opera - Not at all.

Waitress - None.

War Paint -Yes! There is a gay male supporting character.

Wicked - Nope.

Simply put, there’s a lot of work to be done on Broadway, in relation to LGBTQ+ representation, as well as representation overall.


Hi guys!!! I need to take commissions again so that I can fund my own webcomic website. Slots are unlimited until i reach the amount needed to pay for it.

I only accept paypal payment - I will send you an invoice 

(payment upfront - EURO )

I can draw fanart of any sort - unless it contains nsfw. tasteful nudity is fine.

contact me at

Once a commission has been started i will keep you updated on its process and actively ask for your feedback depending on the type of commission! I can take a while to finish it, since I can be somewhat slow-but thats because im striving to deliver my best!

Thank you for reading! I wish you all a wonderful day and thank you for taking an interest!


I made a TFA Chicken Fancast that no one asked for :’’^) (text taken from Storey’s Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds)

  • Rey, Catalana: “This breed is known for its hardiness, particularly its ability to handle extreme heat, and for good foraging ability.”
  • Poe, Ameraucana: “ Ameraucanas are quite hardy, with active but friendly personalities.” 
  • Finn, Rhode Island Red: “Rhode Island poultry farmers developed the bird in the 1830s to produce a good utility bird…..with good dual purpose characteristics.”
  • Hux, Old English Game: “Although it has been over a century since the breed was used for fighting, the birds still have a feisty character that reflects their fighting heritage.”
  • Kylo Ren, Crevecoeur: “The breed is fairly hardy, though crest feathers can be subject to freezing in cold, wet weather…somewhat standoffish.”
  • Phasma, Blue Hen of Delaware: “Blue hens of Delaware were respected fighting birds during the american revolution.”  

And a bonus BB-8 (ameraucana chick <33) 

The Importance of the Autopsy

There is a lot of misunderstanding about autopsies out there– who gets them, how they’re done, and what their purpose is. I’ve often heard the question (not necessarily directed at me, but to forensic pathologists) “Why does this person even need an autopsy?” And sometimes it can seem silly. If someone has a big stellate gunshot wound through the middle of their forehead, it’s pretty easy to guess what they died of (though of course there’s the possibility it was inflicted post mortem). Or with very obvious accidents, doing an autopsy may seem like a waste of time and resources.

It’s still typically done.

I could list many reasons why this is (and I’m sure in the future I will), but I want to illustrate this concept with a scene. This is not identical to something I have seen (I don’t discuss those details online) but it’s close and typical enough that it could be, and it probably is a case of someone out there. And that’s the point.


This particular decedent died in his own backyard, right next to a ladder that had clearly fallen over. He appeared to have been repairing his roof. Now, while the immediate assumption is “he fell off the ladder,” other possibilities do need to be considered. Was he pushed (making it a homicide)? Did he have a medical problem, like a heart attack, that caused him to fall? These are things you, the death investigator, have to ask yourself. But based on the scene investigation you are fairly confident that it was a simple accident. The series of events seem clear: man climbs up ladder, man falls off ladder, man dies.

You might be expecting me to say that you’re going to discover something shocking during the autopsy that challenged your expectations; poison in his blood, or something like that. Rarely, that does happen. But in this case, you find something with a different set of implications.

The medical examiner does agree that this was an accident. There are no signs of wrongdoing, and there are no clots in his brain, arteries, or veins that would have caused a sudden natural death.

But his veins and arteries are seriously occluded. The worst you have seen in any person who did not die from cardiac complications. One of his heart valves is also about four times the size it should have been. It is very quickly apparent that this man, someone in his early 30s at his death, would not have survived another few years in his condition. When you see such significant heart disease in someone so young, it is almost always genetic in nature.

There are far reaching implications here, aren’t there? This man has three children, who are now going to be screened for genetic heart disease. If caught early, there are medications that may allow them to manage their conditions somewhat successfully.

When people think of autopsies, they don’t usually consider how investigating someone’s death may save or prolong the lives of others. Had this man’s death simply been taken at face value– an accident not worth exploring– this information may not have come to light.


He is the poster boy for a generation, a figure whose Instagram posts inspire column inches and whose ascent to fame has been documented so thoroughly that you’d think there would be no stone left unturned. Yet, throughout his career, he has remained somewhat shrouded in mystery: aside from the publicity that surrounds One Direction, he is surprisingly aloof, thoroughly attuned to the aphorism that less is more. Now, he is embarking on a career of his own – as both an actor and a solo musician – and he has turned to Another Man to celebrate his independence.

Saw this the other day but Tumblr crashed before I could repost. Luckily I had saved the image to my phone.

I feel like, at this point, I would definitely define what R, F, and I do as “Hierarchical Polyamory.”

EDIT: Wow. Who knew someone else’s work would become my most popular post? Also! As is the nature of human relationships, this has somewhat changed for R, F, and I. I feel I’ve moved toward a more equal relationship with each of them so I guess we’re more “Egalitarian Polyamory” now.

EDIT 2: I’ve been called out for posting someone else’s work. As I mentioned in the original posting, I wasn’t able to reblog. And I’ve never claimed this image as my own. I should have taken the time before now, of course, to give credit where it is due but I have been unable to find the artist or the original poster. The artist’s copyright is clearly visible on the lower left-hand corner of the image. If you are able to find their Tumblr or personal website, by all means let me know, I would love to link them.

Hello! I have been meaning to start a Tumblr for quite a while now, but found it difficult to devote any time to the endeavor. So here’s hoping i’ll be able to post content on a (somewhat) regular basis.

Now that all of the second season of Star has aired I thought it would be fun to go back through some episodes and post a few things that I have gotten to do on the show. Since the final 2 episodes just aired lets start there, and then I’ll post some earlier episodes from Season 1 and 2. Here’s a scene I storyboarded for “Face the Music” of Moon opening up her own “secrets closet” and suiting up for battle. 

Imagine if the Po3 Hadn’t Been Used for Good

(Forewarning this is going to be long and also contain a lot of spoilers for every series up to OoTS !!)

Okay so I’m rereading The Power of Three and honestly, Hollypaw Lionpaw and Jaypaw’s behavior is sort of surprising to me, it’s been a while since I read the books and I had originally skipped the second arc due to my library not having it and went straight to Po3 so I didn’t think much of it but holy crap are the three intolerant towards cat’s with unusual backgrounds. Now I know Leafpool and Crowfeather are their biological parents but for the sake of this post I’ll be referring to Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight as their parents, considering they raised them. 

After having just read TNP for the first time I’m really surprised by all of the snide comments and thoughts the three have about cats, even cats they know and love, who aren’t clanborn or follow the code. Considering it was a big thing in TNP for Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight to be forced to see past the circumstances of one’s birth and being tolerant towards cats from other clans and cats that weren’t even clanborn, I would have expected their children to reflect these views. Now, I imagine they did this to sort of have the big reveal of the three’s biological parents be so much more impactful but I think if we look at things a tad differently they become really interesting. 

So first we have Lionpaw, who makes the usual comments here and there notably being surprised that Daisy’s kits were chosen over Sorreltail’s to go to the gathering since they weren’t really Thunderclan as they were born in the horseplace. Aside from this he doesn’t seem too ambitious outside of the usual apprentice mentality of “I’m going to be the best warrior there ever was!” He does however seem oddly battle hungry for a cat who only just became an apprentice. At his first gathering he hints at hoping that ShadowClan would start a fight, Hollypaw only scolding him because that would be against the warrior code. He then remarks that his sister wouldn’t understand the rivalries amongst the clans due to her training to become a medicine cat. Now say what you will about it just being due to Lionpaw romanticizing battle and not understanding that the other clans aren’t bad per se, but then we get to Lionpaw’s first fight; the border skirmish with ShadowClan and that’s where things get kind of odd. The battles goes as expected with ThunderClan coming out as winner, but afterwards Lionpaw is outright overjoyed about his first real fight, even having enough leisure in battle to stop and assist Jaypaw not by throwing Owlpaw off of him, but instead guiding him word by word on how to defeat Owlpaw. 

Then we have Jaypaw, who’s sick of being patronized and urged into becoming a medicine cat apprentice. A cat who, his entire life, has only ever dreamt of one day being as strong and powerful as his father, Brambleclaw. He holds the same prejudice against cats not born pure ThunderClan and even has the gall to suggest to Firestar that ThunderClan take advantage of WindClan during the dog attack after spying on Barkface in a dream. He was offered to be trained by Tigerstar and Hawkfrost and almost accepted, only becoming a medicine cat because he realizes the power he holds and being very vocal about how disappointed he is with the day to day life of a medicine cat. (Applying poultices, collecting herbs, etc etc.) 

And finally we have Hollypaw, who’s most notable among the fanbase for being ambitious. She holds the same views as her brothers only having more respect for the warrior code which led to her insinuating that her own father shouldn’t be deputy because Graystripe was revealed to still have been alive. She ultimately becomes a medicine cat apprentice solely because she wants to be important to the Clan, not because she enjoys healing. Plus, they somewhat all have superiority complexes, as their father is the Clan deputy, their mother’s sister is the medicine cat, and their grandfather is the Clan leader. Jaykit notes at the beginning of the book that the clan worked hard to make sure they weren’t treated differently because of this, which seems fair, yet he notes “Sometimes it felt like the rest of the Clan went out of their way to make sure he and his littermates never got special treatment. It wasn’t fair!” Which ??? seems pretty fair to me and makes it feel like Jaykit expected more for being kin with Brambleclaw, Leafpool, and Firestar.

Now, it’s interesting in and of itself to note that Brambleclaw fathered them as he struggled with his own ambitions in his warriorhood, but it’s even more interesting to imagine what could have happened if the three hadn’t been so loyal to StarClan. For the sake of the post, let’s just say Hollypaw is one of the three and has the powers Dovewing gets in OoTS. Imagine if the three had become somewhat antagonistic during the series, especially after learning of the prophecy which, in this case, only serves to further their mentalities of being superior and reaffirms their faith in the warrior code. Fast forward to Eclipse and to the introduction of Sol, a cat who knows of StarClan and, presumably, the Dark Forest, a cat who has enough faith to know they are real, but who doesn’t seem to value them all that much. Originally the plan was for Sol to help train the three to learn to control their powers and to use them for the sake of their Clan, but we all know Sol only seeks to benefit himself and thus chooses to stray their paws from the path of serving their Clan in StarClan’s name. Now, the three, frustrated by StarClan’s refusal to elaborate on the prophecy eat this all up. So Sol twists the words of the Warrior Code and makes it seem as though it were their destiny to lead ThunderClan, with Hollypaw as the leader, Lionpaw as deputy, and Jaypaw as the medicine cat. He suggests they overthrow their kin and expand ThunderClan’s territory, claiming that if their rival Clans couldn’t defend their territory then that was their problem and that in expanding their territory they could provide so much to ThunderClan, enough that they would never have to worry about anything again. They could rule the forest if they wanted. 

But the three aren’t evil, they think they’re doing the right thing. This is their destiny, after all. They reveal their abilities to their clanmates and demand Firestar, Brambleclaw, and Leafpool step down from their respective duties, referencing times in which they strayed from the warrior code and how that impacted the Clan. Leafpool, having run off to be with Crowfeather and having been too late to warn ThunderClan of the Badgers. Brambleclaw, who nearly killed Firestar so that he could become leader not out of respect and devotion to ThunderClan or the Warrior Code, but because of his own selfish desires. And Firestar, who in giving territory to ShadowClan and allowing so many cats that existed outside of the code into ThunderClan sparked the battle which led to the Sun being covered. The battle which nearly killed their mother. And ThunderClan has reason to doubt their leaders at this point, they were never keen on what ThunderClan was becoming and now, due to the Eclipse, have reason to believe that StarClan is angry with them. And they have a completely viable solution, the three who hold the power of the stars in their paws can set them on the path that will lead ThunderClan to glory. It’s almost as if it’s too good to be true. 

Things get more aggressive quickly, due to their lack of experience the three make sure its known that those who disobey the code will be punished, they make it known that they hold a power cats can only dream of, and they make it known to their neighbors that they are not to be challenged. While they can’t have been happy about it, Firestar, Brambleclaw, and Leafpool all are the types of characters that would pity themselves, and they do, the Clan’s support of the three and the apparent prophecy about them leads them to believe that yeah, maybe they’re right. But Squirrelflight? You’d best believe that when she finds out she is pissed. And so, during the fire, it’s not Ashfur that blocks the Three’s path out of camp. It’s Squirrelflight. She expresses that she loves them and that they’re young and don’t know what they’re doing but that they are messing with powers they don’t understand, powers that could lead to the downfall of ThunderClan. The three don’t want to hurt Squirrelflight but things do get heated until ultimately Squirrelflight reveals that she is not their biological mother. Shocked and hurt, Squirrelflight flees with the three following. Suddenly, everything is different. The powers they have, the role they thought they were meant to play, if their biological parents had followed the warrior code that they are so heavily trying to enforce they wouldn’t even exist. How can they be anything but a danger to the Clan. A curse meant to cause the downfall of life as Clan cats know it. Confused and upset they flee the forest and Firestar, Brambleclaw, and Leafpool regain their positions and no cat sees the three for some moons. 

i’m like… so mentally healthy right now like it’s wild. i’ll still feel sad and stuff but in a completely healthy way. 

when i was really bad mentally i never thought i’d be okay again and it would just piss me off when people told me i’d be okay one day, i mean it took a long ass time i got really bad in 2012, 2013 was hell year i literally blocked the whole twelve months out, ask me a thing about 2013 i will not fucking know it, and then i finally started feeling somewhat okay in early 2015 and then i still felt a bit off until like this time last year but since i’ve been like really really really good mentally like i’m not saying my life’s been fantastic w/ no bad shit happening but my mental health has maintained despite the bad stuff that comes w/ life in general… this is a completely pointless post but it’s somewhat therapeutic to write this down 

I need to tell you...

…that we were amazing today. No kidding, you are the best, people. We were trending with #WhatsGoingOnNetflix in the top-30 worldwide (I’ve seen we were close to top-20). 

In some countries like Brazil and Italy and Spain and Canada, it went to top-10. (Italy, I love you more and more. I’m going to Naples next week and I was afraid of going to the new country, but now? You are the best.) 

People who take part in Appreciation Days are our heroes. They bring gifs and screenshots and it’s really easier to post tweet by tweet when you see Wolfgang’s smirk or Sun’s fist.

It has been six days since the news, and we are still trending. This is Daniela-level of coolness :)

I know that we all are tired and upset and losing hope. Maybe some shit is going on in your life, or maybe you have important exams, or you just don’t want to keep thinking about sad and, let’s be honest, somewhat scary things like Sense8 canceling. 

But this is not the end. 

We still don’t have any proper explanation about the canceling. I won’t believe that this is over until someone from the cast says full-scale long good buy. And they are not saying it yet. There were some posts on the different social networks that can be very, very slight hints that there is still some possibilities. It’s thin, but it exists. Also, some newspapers all over the world noticed us and making noise. They are on our side. Also, all of the sudden Netflix started advertising on Youtube. Well, probably they had read some of our letters… Or just got some brains from somewhere.

Anyway. If there is any possibility for the renewal we will make it real. Together.

Keep calling. Writing. Refilling request forms on netflix site. Asking friends to watch Sense8. Signing the petition (you all know where it is). 

And we will need you tomorrow. On twitter. At 12PM ET.

Stay tuned. We are not over. Not even close.

Strawberry Ice Cream- Request! John Wick x Reader

Request: So John Wick fic idea that I’d love to see you write…he is working as an assassin and has been tasked by a member of the high table with protecting you. Except you are stubborn, extremely independent, and obstinate. Would love some romance and open to smut if you feel like incorporating.

A/N: I know I haven’t posted in a bit but here’s a short and fluffy oneshot to make you forget my absence. This is a somewhat loose take on the request.

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