this has been sitting on my draft for a week now


Rework of my Tianshan Day 4 Comic [Part 1]

This has been sitting in my drafts for a good few weeks now… ^^; I’m still not satisfied with how the next panel looks like– So instead of trying to fix it up like a normal person, I’ve been working on other stuff~ *whistles*

I have completed some of the other panels, but the story can’t continue until the 4th panel is done~ Hey, I just work in mysterious ways! 😂

Ah, I’m just gonna post it as it is now, and I’ll upload the rest at a later date! ;)
Berena prompt which I do not have the time to write, but would love someone else to (please tag me in it if you write it): Serena is drunk (Bernie suspects Raf and Fletch had a bet on which of Bernie...

This has also been sitting in my drafts, collecting dust for weeks on end.

Berena fic, inspired by the above post.

Hope you enjoy it, @slightlyintimidating  :D

“You’re not being a very good leshb.. Leshbe… Gay right now are you, Major?” Serena slurred as she watched the blonde take off her shoes in amusement.
“I think you’ll find I am being an extremely good gay right now, Ms Campbell” Bernie smirked. Standing up, she took hold of the brunettes waist as she attempted to lift and place her down in a relatively acceptable place on her bed. 
What she did not expect was the sudden roar to come from the brunette as she was un-intentionally tickling her. Bernie shot her head back and gaped at the brunette in distain. Tightly grasping the blondes waist, in one pull, Serena pulled her down onto her, their lips meeting quickly. After a few sloppy kisses, Bernie pulled away to look at the brunette who looked incredibly smug.
“Much better” she slurred once again, biting her lip, a look of achievement across her face. Bernie sighed and gently shook her head before laughing to herself silently, pretending to be shocked.

Serena kept her eyes on the blonde as she watched her make her as comfortable as possible, she reached out and stopped her. Their eyes meeting.
“Will you stay with me tonight?” She asked.
“Um, I er- I-” the blonde stumbled over her words.
“Please?” the brunette held a firm grip on the blondes arm, her thumb circling the skin over the material of her blouse.
“I don’t want to be alone” She stated. Bernie recognised the sadness and vulnerability in the brunettes eyes and nodded.
“Sure. If that’s truly what you want?” she spoke softly.
“Yes” the brunette exhaled.

Bernie laid awkwardly next to the brunette in the bed whilst the brunette made herself comfortable. Turning to face the blonde, she nuzzled her head in the crook of her neck and puffed out air, her arm sprawling across the blondes stomach as she snuggled up to her. Bernie eventually relaxed her body as she was not used to this amount of contact. Her heart rate slowly decreased and returned to its normal rhythm. Something about this felt right. She smiled as Serena’s breathing suddenly became shallow, she was well and truly asleep. Bernie gently stroked her arm with her fingers.


Serena woke up to Jason staring at her at the foot of the bed.
“Auntie Serena” he frowned.
“What is it, Jason?” Serena yawned and sat up. Unaware of her surroundings except for her very curious but insistent nephew stood at the end of her bed. 
“Why is Bernie asleep in your bed?” Jason asked as his gaze turned to the blonde who was asleep beside her. Serena turned her head so quickly that she momentarily got head rush. She looked at the blonde, love and confusion filling her heart and soul.

What? How did she get here?

She asked herself quickly before placing her hand on her arm, shaking her gently.
“Mm.. What’s wrong?” Bernie murmured before yawning as she stretched comfortably before she made eye contact with Jason. Her eyes flicking open quickly upon seeing him, aware of where she was. She suddenly found herself wide awake.
“Hello Bernie” Jason grinned.
“Auntie Serena” he enquired, turning his attention to his aunt.
“Your cheeks are red” he stated, observing.
Serena felt her cheeks burning, she felt all eyes were suddenly on her. Bernie pouted, trying to suppress her amusement and looked anywhere but the brunette.
“I er-” Serena tried to find the correct words, whilst looking anywhere but Jason, she turned to Bernie who was looking in the opposite direction.
“I am just startled that’s all.” She sighed as she stared at Bernie who had pulled the covers up to her eyes, clearly suppressing a laugh.
Serena turned to Jason once internally hissing at the blonde for being useless.
“Why don’t you go and watch something downstairs and I’ll be down shortly” she told him as she tried to collect her thoughts and tried to remain composed. Jason just blankly stared at her, this was not routine for him.
“Okay.” he slowly responded and began to move towards the door.
As he reached it, he turned.
“Auntie Serena”
Serena closed her eyes and took a second before turning to him.
”Yes Jason” She breathed.
”Why are your clothes on the floor, in a mess specifically?” Jason asked.
This was Serena here, Serena was tidy, she had order and for her clothes to be a mess on the floor was incredibly unlike her.
Serena was stunned, shocked, she was speechless.
“B-because, I er-” she stuttered.
”It’s okay, I will be downstairs.” he shook his head before leaving the room.
Once alone, Serena exhaled as she felt her face go fifty shades of embarrassing red. Her hand underneath the covers traced her chest. Check, her bra was still on and check her knickers were still on. She turned to the blonde and pulled the cover hastily from the blondes grip.
“Thanks for the help.” she hissed.
“You looked like you had it covered” Bernie stated.
“Tell me everything” Serena turned to her.

Serena groaned as Bernie told her bits of the previous night.
“At one point you asked, well it was more of an exclamation, an order, but you asked me to ‘take you’ whatever that meant” she grinned. Toying with the brunette, knowing full well what the brunette meant.
“God, I am so embarrassed and so sorry” she apologised as she hung her head and hid her face in her hands. Bernie stared at her inventively, taking in the woman she loved first thing in the morning. Serena lifted her head, a puzzled expression across her face.
“How did my clothes end up on the floor?” she asked. Bernie fell silent. 
“I don’t know..” she sighed.
“You must of done it whilst asleep. You had your clothes on when I fell asleep.” she informed her. Serena just stared at a spot in the room as she collected her thoughts
“Right…. And, you stayed because..?” Serena asked, slowly.
“As I was putting you to bed, you practically begged me to stay.. So I did.” Bernie smiled, feeling awkward and a little annoyed at herself for agreeing to stay.
“…we didn’t do anything, did we?” she suddenly asked. The timbre of her voice higher than before, displaying her sudden concern.
“No, Serena. I don’t take advantage of drunk women. Not even those I like.” the blonde explained.
“As sexy as you were, which you were…” Bernie began, her eyes trailing over Serena’s exposed body.
“I wouldn’t of done anything, even if you were allowing me to” she concluded. 
“Thank you, Bernie” Serena exhaled. She felt a little silly for asking.
“You’re welcome.” Bernie smiled.
Bernie kept her eyes on the brunette as she looked around, she ran her hand through her messy bed hair.
“How are you feeling anyway?” she inquired.
“My head hurts a little but mostly I’m embarrassed because of how Jason and you saw me.. and I’m also a little hungry.” Serena trailed off.
The blonde sat up, she was fully dressed.
“I’ll make you some breakfast” she suggested and before Serena knew it, Bernie was leaving the bed but was stopped by the brunettes hand on her arm.
“You don’t have to.” she smiled.
“But, I want to” the blonde smiled.
“Okay fine.” Serena huffed, giving in and watched the blonde stand and stretch.
“One thing” she broke the movement as she inventively watched and listened to how Bernie stretched and moaned. It was mostly appreciated. Bernie turned to face her.
“You like me?” she cocked her head to the side. Bernie mirrored her head movement and bit her lip at the sight of Serena Campbell first thing in the morning, again. God she was adorable and sexy as hell. 
“I think we’ve established that a long time ago” she responded, her eyebrows raised knowingly, joking a little.
“You find me sexy?” the brunette pried. Her intense gaze at the blonde getting deeper.
“I do.” the blonde nodded after a moment, feeling herself becoming hot and flustered.
“Why don’t you show me?” Serena got up onto her knees, exposing her body to the blonde. Bernie did not know where to look, she felt the brunettes eyes looking deep into her soul. Her mouth became dry as she kept eye contact with the brunette. Serena pulled Bernie into her body and snaked her arms around her waist, her fingers circling the small of her back causing her to shiver at the contact.
Bernie’s breathing became laboured, she enjoyed witnessing sexy and confident Serena Campbell.
“I er-” she stuttered as Serena leant closer and her lips collided with hers in a soft kiss. The blondes hands immediately cupping the brunettes face, as she deepened the kiss.
Serena pulled away from Bernie’s lips, her head titling as her lips found the sensitive spot under the blondes ear, breathing heavily she left a light kiss against the blondes skin.
“I thought you were hungry?” Bernie stuttered, the question almost inaudible as she felt herself getting hotter and hotter. Serena smiled against her neck before whispering.
“I am.. but a woman has other hungers.” she stated. After a moment, she pulled away and met the blondes gaze, her eyes sparkling dangerously. Bernie exhaled, a puff of air leaving her lips as she realised what the brunette meant.
Serena let go of her as she moved back, giving her a look. The blonde following, soon straddling the brunette.
“Well, Serena… aren’t you just full of surprises.” she leaned down and traced her tongue over the brunettes lips. Serena wrapped her arms tightly around the blonde to keep the contact. With her eyes full of want and arousal, which was intensifying by the second, growing and burning in her core, Bernie stroked the brunettes cheek as she brushed her lips gently over hers in a soft but loving kiss.

I dont know how else to say this, but no. I suppose theres “fuck no”, or “fuck you”. 

This has been sitting in my drafts for weeks now, I was going to render it out more but I just honestly lost my drive to work on this piece. Don’t get me wrong I am exceptionally proud of what I did get done here, this is probably my best digital rendering to date, but it’s time to be inspired and focus on other things!

So here, have my favourite pirate! (even though he doesn’t consider himself one… yet)

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beck finds out that mark was using Vicodin as a condiment for his potatoes :O


Three days of silent treatment and Mark was about ready to smash his head repeatedly against the nearest airlock until he could watch all the stupid still in there fly into space.

Because he was stupid. So, so stupid. He’d thought he reached the pinnacle of Mount Stupid when he blew himself up in the hab, but nope.

‘Breathing inside Hydrogenville’ had officially been downgraded to ‘small oversight’, as ‘Mentioning Mark’s appalling Mars seasoning choices while in Dr Beck’s presence’ took the ‘Greatest Stupid Move in Mark Watney’s Life’ award home. Well done.

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Beauty of Manga Arima (and why it’s important)

So Manga Arima is gorgeous. Hell, it’s pretty much the first thing Kaneki notices about him, and he’s surrounded by dead bodies, some of which Kaneki knew.

It’s very purposefully - he also seems be drawn more consistently with care and detail than all the other characters, we’re supposed to find him beautiful.

I don’t think there’s a single shot of manga Arima that doesn’t look fluid and graceful. Every single movement he makes seems perfect and effortless.

Seriously, go and reread chapter 142. He looks amazing in every panel, it’s ridiculous.

And then there’s his famous.

You should not look that graceful when dodging.

It’s important because while Arima is apparently human, in some ways he comes off as more otherworldly than any of the ghouls.

And it’s terrifying, because he’s not doing it with an overpowered Kagune or a monstrous Kakuja (well, it can be argued that his quinques are pretty OP but still) but purely with skill and technique. He truly seems like a “God of Death” beyond the earthly world that even the ghouls are tethered to.

And anime Arima? Even if it weren’t for the dorito face (which I don’t really mind because at least it crosses into so bad it’s funny territory for me) anime Arima just lacks that grace and beauty that makes Arima who he is. 

CLAMP Ask Meme

The fandom probably already has one of these, but here’s one I came up with (and that’s been sitting in my draft box for weeks).

Cardcaptor Sakura: Do you believe that love can pass through any barriers?

xxxHolic: Is there a wish or a goal that you have for yourself?

Tsubasa Chronicle: Where do you want to be right now?

X/1999: What type of death are you most afraid of?

Tokyo Babylon: Are there any social and/or political issues that you believe should get more attention?

Kobato: What is your current outlook on your daily life?

Wish: What is your ideal world?

Legal Drug: Have you ever considered running away from your problems?

Gate 7: Do you believe we can learn from history’s past mistakes?

Angelic Layer: How do you think the future will be? 

RG Veda: Have you ever lost someone dear to you?

Magic Knight Rayearth: What do you want to see change in the world?

Clover: What is a skill that you’re proud of?

Chobits: Have you ever changed yourself for someone else?

CLAMP School Detectives: Are you good at reading other people?

Man of Many Faces: Have your parents/guardians/teachers/etc ever put high expectations on you that you felt/feel you cannot live up to?

CLAMP School Defenders: Do you have a group of friends/support group you can depend on?


jongyu / morning after au / pg-13 / 1600 words
Jonghyun doesn’t expect a one-night-stand to turn out quite like this.

this lil things has been sitting in my drafts for a while now, and i guess i never bothered to post it. thank you to the lovely @shitfics for reading it for me and convincing me it is good enough to share lol enjoy!

Jonghyun wakes up in an unfamiliar apartment, blinking blearily into a chipped, pasty white ceiling. There’s sunlight filtering in from behind the curtains, nearly blinding him as he buries his face into a pillow. His head is throbbing, each of limbs feels heavy and uncooperative, and there’s a dull ache in his lower backside – but he welcomes that one with a faint, knowing grin. He went out to the club last night with a reason after all.

It’s easy to recall the beginning of the night: Going out with Kibum to have some fun and forget about his shitty week, which meant flirting with the attractive guy he met at the bar (“Jinki,” he remembers the man yelling over the thrum of the music, leaning in so close his lips brushed against Jonghyun’s ear). They’d hit it off right away, a hot, smooth chemistry that had Jonghyun leading Jinki onto the dance floor after only a couple of drinks, already reconsidering his resolve not to go home with the first cute guy he met that night.

He’s glad he did, because Jinki got him hotter and on his knees faster than he ever thought he could give it up – he’s still amazed he got so lucky on the first try.

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He sits next to her. The silence between them is tearing him apart. It’s been months since their break up. Five months, two weeks and three days to be precise but hey, who’s counting?

“I messed up.” He tells her, still not daring to look at her, he doesn’t feel as if he deserves to. “I really messed up and I know you can’t understand why I did what I did but I just need you to know that I love you. I never… I never meant to hurt you.”

“I still do,” she says quietly. “I always will.”

If he wasn’t sitting right beside her he might not have heard her but luckily for him he is sitting right beside her and he did hear her. He heard every word. Now he knows he has to look at her. “What?”

She takes his hand in hers and can’t stop looking at how perfectly they fit together. “Five months, two weeks and three days. That’s how long its been since you left, that’s how long I’ve had to get over you. I’m not. Over you, that is. I’m not over you, I don’t think I ever will be, I don’t think I ever want to be.”

He doesn’t let go of her hand. She is everything. He is getting a second chance and he’s determined to never lose her again.

—  Second chances do happen and sometimes you do get to make things right
Hey Little Girl, Pt. 3

Hey guys, this is the last part for now. I’ve been working on another section, but I’m having a bit of a thing about it at the moment, and I’m unsure of whether or not I’ll be able to fix it enough for it to see the light of day. Sigh.

In any case, I hope you like this one. Poor bumbly Finn.

It’s like a game he’s been playing all day as he sits at his desk and slogs through the paperwork. Where is Rae? Every half an hour he scans through the security cameras to see if he can find her black store t-shirt among the masses milling though the store. Oh, there she is, standing with her arms crossed as she studies a mannequin thoughtfully. Yep, spotted her, crouching down in the DVDs showing a customer something.

But this time, when he spies her behind the counter, his blood starts to boil and he lets out a strangled noise. Because fucking Sean has his hands all over her. She’s got her head thrown back and her eyes closed as he gropes at her shoulders and her upper back. The video is black and white and grainy, but he can practically hear the sensual moans she’s making as Sean touches her. Fuck that.

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my fave part of barn mates is how much peridot has been influenced by amethyst? like its just so clear in the way she talks how much shes picked up from her. some parts stand out more (i got yo numbah!) but its there throughout and its just. she so clearly admires amethyst and looks up to her and now shes started picking up on her speech i just. :’)

and then just in case you didnt notice throughout the episode theres the “holy smokes” right at the end. i love this show.