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“Until now, I made ‘I wish there was such a person' leading characters. This time, however, I created a heroine who is an ordinary girl, someone with whom the audience can sympathize, someone about whom they can say, 'Yes, it’s like that.’ ” ( — Hayao Miyazaki)


“Ionneg Legolas, if I were to ask of you for one thing, it would be to know that your Nana and Ada love you more than all of Arda itself,”

Mother’s Day: One of Iestil’s fondest moments, back to peaceful times with her husband and son.

Wishing you all a Happy Mother’s Day from the Mirkwood Family


What’s a soul mate?

Well, it’s like a best friend, but more. It’s the one person in the world that knows you better than anyone else. It’s someone who makes you a better person. Actually, they don’t make you a better person, you do that yourself because they inspire you. A soul mate is someone who you carry with you forever. It’s the one person who knew you and accepted you and believed in you before anyone else did or when no one else would.

And no matter what happens, you’ll always love them.
Nothing can ever change that.

an angsty teen mix for angsty teens | listen | cover art

1. Anthems For A Seventeen-Year-Old Girl - Broken Social Scene // 2. Youth - Daughter // 3. The King Of Carrot Flowers, Pt. 1 - Neutral Milk Hotel // 4. Runs In The Family - Amanda Palmer // 5. Midnight Kiss - Propellers // 6. Teen Idle - Marina & The Diamonds // 7. I Wanna Get Better - Bleachers // 8. Ribs - Lorde // 9. Pity Party - Melanie Martinez // 10. Twin Size Mattress - The Front Bottoms // 11. Eleventeen - Kimya Dawson // 12. Transgender Dysphoria Blues - Against Me! // 13. Miss Teen Massachusetts - Skaters // 14. We Are The Kids - Walk The Moon // 15. Teenagers - My Chemical Romance // 16. Lovely Bones - Dead And Divine // 17. Carmen - Lana Del Rey // 18. So Far (It’s Alright) - The 1975 // 19. The Youth - MGMT // 20. The Kids Aren’t Alright - Fall Out Boy // 21. 40 Mark Strasse - The Shins // 22. Eat That Up, It’s Good For You - Two Door Cinema Club

Defender || Myungsoo

Request: may I request a fake relationship au scenario for the lovely myungsoo please!~

Comments: This one has been sitting in my drafts forever, omg :3 Since I did a fake relationship au before, I sort of tried to take a different route with this one so the two weren’t the same just because I don’t like writing the same thing idk, so I hope you like how this one came out! x

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          Too many times, you found yourself slipping out of reality and into the depths of your thoughts. For someone your age, you had one too many thoughts swarming through your head at all times, ranging from one thing to another, and never ending.  

           You looked across the table and examined your father. He was in the midst of laughter, clapping his hands happily and looking dangerously close to choking on the food in his mouth as your mother stood beside him, giggling quietly. She placed her hands on her husband’s shoulders and said a word or two you didn’t catch because while you saw everything before you, the world was silent in your mind.

           Your father reached for the piece of cloth underneath his silverware and wiped his mouth. He met your eyes and moved his lips a bit, only to frown when he wasn’t met with an answer.

           Suddenly, you felt someone place their warm hand over yours beneath the table, and you fell back into reality when you heard a voice whisper to you, “Answer your father.”

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anonymous asked:

Where do the twins and Allison rank in terms of age in Gallifreyan standards vs. human standards? How did this affect their 'growing up' on Earth? Can a Gallifreyan 'child' be considered a child/immature to humans?

see,      this is where it gets a little tricky   !      trying to explain gallifreyan aging is almost like trying to solve the chicken   &   the egg riddle.    it can be damn complicated.      but some of the basics is handed out to us throughout the show.      gallifreyan children don’t become full adults until they reach the age of 200      (      the equivalent of 18 for us humans      ).      they technically age like as we do,      but they do it slower,      giving them the ability to live longer.      it’s said that gallifreyans will go through a process of aging as we do up until they reach their teenage years,      at which everything starts to exceedingly slow down,     leaving them to look more like young adults for a couple of decades.     the tenth doctor had once remarked that being 90 felt like being a kid.

my understanding is that for every year we make it around our sun,      it would have likely taken twice as long,      if not longer,      for them to do so with their twin stars,      more especially because gallifrey was several times larger than earth,      suggesting it’s orbit was slower.      they age the similar to us,     but it takes a two or three years longer,     i’d like to imagine,      for them to reach a birthday.

so,      with that in mind,      the twins are still very much young men,      all things considered.      they only recently hit their 200 mark,      being 206 now.      the same going for allison just three years behind.     but here’s a catch   !      gallifreyans can also age themselves up artificially,     making themselves appear older than their original incarnation already was.      the twins have done this at least once in their life,      likely somewhere around the time bradly was leaving for his first war,      when he was still technically a babbling boy,      a baby to his species.      he would have aged himself up to both look older   &   feel more like a man should when at war.      while he didn’t age himself up that much,      he did make it enough so that he was technically just at or above 200 around the time the world war i came around in 1914.      so,      by gallifreyan standards they are rather unofficially much older than 206.      likely around early 220 - 230s      (      but they won’t tell you that.     they stick with their actual age      ),     which may be around the human equivalent of early thirties   ?

see,     the twins themselves physically look to be in their mid   -   thirties,     &   i personally reference them to be around that age bracket to our standards,      being 36 or 37 to our world.      allison coming up to be around 33 - 34.      which is fairly young according to society standards today.      stress is also a big factor in how each of them aged.      stress does the same thing to their bodies as it does to ours.      it can make them sick or appear older as time withers on,      but it      (      like most things      )      takes longer to show evidence of.      (     the second doctor’s hair changed from black to gray due to the amount of stress he was under so there is canon evidence of this    )     but because the twins have undergone a hells worth of stress in just a few of their lives,      they have aged differently than most of gallifreyans would have.     they look older.      if it weren’t for the stress tacked on to artificial aging,      they would likely appear closer to their appropriate age rather than mid   -   thirties.

as far as growing up with human kind,      it made it difficult.      extremely difficult.      because they can appear to be the same age for dozens upon dozens of years,      it was challenging to stay away from both pictures   &   familiar people after so long.      to the eyes of the world,      then    &   now,      they would be eternally youthful.     we will have been long dead,     likely by hundreds of centuries by the time they show a hint of a wrinkle or gray in their hair,      which is precisely the reason why the siblings avoid their pictures being taken or staying somewhere      /      with “friends” for any more than a couple of years.      they leave before there can be any signs of their youth staying intact.      none of the moore siblings have ever stayed in one place for more than perhaps a decade.      they are always moving,      always meeting new people only to leave them later in life.      yet they have never forgotten a face.

can a gallifreyan child be considered a child      /      immature to humans   ?      i believe that’s all in the manner of how they are raised,      much like it is here,      but they certainly could be.      bradly   &   john were very mature for their young age,      to a certain extent of course,      mostly because that is what their father was impressing upon them to be.      see,     along with their invisible connection to one another   &   how differently they aged after the time war,       there was yet another difference that took them apart from their species.     they were brought into this universe differently than most gallifreyan children were.     they were conceived   &   carried through true parents   &   love,     not by a machine that would weave different genetics from two participating parties to create a new person.      they were considered a strange family to those around them but the twins,      along with allison,      were loved more than most children,      i think,     because of the way they were introduced to the universe.      &   sean wanted to to impress upon them to be themselves,      no matter what;      to take things with a grain of salt,      &   let them go as soon as they could.      he   &   dianne both wanted their children to be better than what was considered “normal” to the gallifreyan society.      they took a far different approach to the way they raised their kids,      which is why they are the way they are now,      &   the way they were when they landed on earth.

back to the original question:      yes,      they can definitely be considered immature due to their young age that lasts so much longer than their human counterparts.     but the twins themselves were fairly mature when they landed.      granted they were still very much kids,      kids that would play around    &   do stupid shit that would get them into trouble sometimes,       but they also lived with the guidance of their parents’ lessons.      yes,      they unfortunately had become drastically more mature after the death of both of their parents,      but they had moments when either of them were just little kids.      bradly had especially grown after that night,      he became a man who had to support his family in any way possible,      no matter what it meant in the end.      bradly was the one to mature the most after their death.      none of them were the same,      but john   &   allison would likely say that bradly changed the most after losing them.

tfc band au (cause im that person)
  • idk if anyones done this or whatnot and this has been sitting in my drafts forever so
  • nicky, the sweet little soul that he is, is jamming out to some obscure music one day and he ends up watching a video of matts band in high school and he freaks. the fuck. out. 
  • matts just like dude? who wasnt in a band in high school
  • and like it turns out a bunch of the foxes know how to play instruments and shit (andrew learned the guitar in juvie, renee being the scret hippee she is plays acoustic, aaron started to play the bass and the drums when he still lived with his mom like he was so into music he can play anything and allison has a fucking gorgeous voice shes a fucking siren)
  • dan and neil really cant play anything bc they werent able to learn anything while they were in high/middle school but aaron teaches neil the drums and hes okay and it turns out dan has a great fucking voice like its deeper and raspier but its so amazing
  • kevin can kinda of play the guitar? like he learned a little but hes pretty bad and “doesnt have time for it” bc hes spends too much time at the court
  • nickys just dying cause he wants to make a band so bad
  • (see: jam sessions that the teams been forced into on the weekend (nickys doing of course) between practice and theyre all exhuasted but they do it anyways cause they always end up doing weird shit)
  • kevin refuses to join in the fun tbh cause all he cares about is exy (he legit just leaves the jam sessions to go to the court rip kev)
  • so one day nicky covertly brings them (with the help of neil because hes basically their manager little child) to this “battle of the bands” contest
  • everyones like “nicky son??? were not even a band??”
  • (they end up winning anyways)
  • after that they do some gigs like at bars and coffee shops and wymack and abby come and watch them sometimes
  • renee and allison are so into it like they get so excited for the performances and they make tshirts and everything
  • and like dan and matt are always super cute together on stage and nicky and aaron go wild and kevin tries to play sometimes but hes still pretty bad and refuses to get help so they just have him go sit with wymack and andrews just there sitting watching neil tbh like what else does he have to do (maybe he could try playing the guitar idk)
  • sometimes theyll have neil on stage playing back up on the drums for aaron but most of the time they leave him in the crowd cause andrew gets too distracted by watching how hot neil is playing the drums
  • eventually they get to be really well known around campus and a lot of students come out and watch them
  • and then one day a reporter asks dan a question about it after and game and she explains how they started playing together and how its been a great way for the team to bond and stuff and she asks people to come out and see them preform the next weekend
  • meanwhile nickys back in the locker room fucing scREamING CAUSE EVERYONE KNOWS NOW
  • hes legit playing a cd that he burned of recordings from their live performances what even are you nick my son
  • at their next performance theres legit people on the sidewalk bc theres not enough room in the place theyre playing
  • and everyone freaks out like guYS thIS is SO FReaKINg CRazY
  • ofc theres a guy from a record label there watching and hes like in love (who wouldnt be) and so he approaches neil and nicky on their way out and is like “i wanna have you guys come into the studio so we can see if well be a good fit together.” and nickys legit almost fainted at this point and physically can not speak so neils just like yuo sure sounds great
  • (nicky just doesnt sleep that night)
  • so they go in and they sign a contract (neils officially their manager) and they agreed to record and album during the offseason
  • dan and matt legit just write songs about each other rip you losers
  • kevin actually decides to help and write some songs but theyre like horrible (no guys! i told you its not about exy jeez!)
  • no he actually writes a couple good ones about the foxes and theyre hella cute
  • renee and andrew have the best songs that are like just so emotional and heart breaking and everyone expected that from renee but anDREw????
  • so they recored their album and its a huge hit and like everyone buys its and theyre all just so cute and they have a hUUggGGE celebration (nicky smol son)
  • the next off season they go on tour
  • just imagine them on tour
  • i dont think i have enough words to describe the foxes all squished together on a tour bus being cute af
  • im just gonna leave this here
  • imagine the tour

Michael Jacobs on Shawn & Angela’s fates.

MJ: The easiest thing for me to do would be to satisfy an audience and say “Sure it happened. Pixie dust over everything.” It didn’t happen, because that’s not what’s real. Are they [Shawn & Angela] happy? Remains to be seen. Is what becomes of them both satisfying? I believe so because it’s real. It’s what will happen to Riley and Lucas, it’s what will happen in a succession of friendship in this world and it’s why the show’s worth watching.”

Michael Jacobs on the two types of relationships in the BMW/GMW universe (Shawngela & Corpanga):

MJ: But what’s great about GM Hurricane, is that one thing that happens in life, and I would love the entire audience to know this: There’s two types of relationships. The long runner—the staining, influential relationship where you marry somebody and dedicate what you hope will be the rest of your life. Cory and Topanga. And they did it young. It’s rare. We can’t have everybody that meets in high school have that relationship.
Interviewer: That’s why I am so concerned for the fate of Lucas.
MJ: I’ll get to that. But here’s the important thing [about GM Hurricane]. There’s another relationship. What was the relationship that set you up to know what love was? And for me, Cory and Topanga, they got there. But Shawn and Angela, they are able to know what love is because of knowing each other. 

I saw a post recently that basically insinuated that everything the writers have said about the show goes against Lucaya/supports Rilucas and it gave me pause, because how can anyone think that’s the case when quotes like the above exist, when the quote that basically dismisses the idea that Lucas & Riley will end up married exists, when there’s all of these quotes from Michael Jacobs out there that are actually quite damning for rilucas? Are we reading the same quotes? 

Like I’ve said before though, perception is a multifaceted and fascinating thing, so to each his own.

Anyways, I’ve always found the 2 quotes above particularly interesting, but they’re especially so when you note the connection between them, as well as certain things that happen in season 3.

In the BMW/GMW universe, Jacobs says that there are two key types of relationships. 

  1. The Cory & Topanga or, as Jacobs calls it, “the long runner”. This is the long lasting relationship, where you plan on spending your life together. To clarify, this doesn’t mean a relationship is exactly like Cory & Topanga’s. Jacobs has emphasized many times that there is only ONE Cory & Topanga. What this means is simply that, like Cory & Topanga, this is the legit relationship that lasts.
  2. Then there’s the relationship that “makes you ready for something else”. It’s the relationship that sets you up to know what love is, so that when you meet the person you’re actually supposed to be with for your own long runner, you’ll be ready. It’s important and the fact that it doesn’t last the rest of your life doesn’t take away from it’s value. It matters. It’s just different than the long runner. This was Shawn & Angela.

And isn’t it ironic that when Jacobs speaks of what will become of both Shawn & Angela (Presumably reaching a place where they are both happy with other people, aka their long runners…), the relationship that sets them up for their actual long runners with other people, he says that it’s what will happen to Riley & Lucas, as well. It’s especially ironic when you acknowledge the fact that Jacobs has always been hesitant to talk about Riley and Lucas in relation to Cory & Topanga, but he has no problem acknowledging a potential similarity in what becomes of Rilucas when he speaks of Shawn & Angela’s story.

Also, anyone else peep the use of the word “friendship” when he talks about Riley & Lucas’ relationship? It’s an interesting choice of words. Certainly, you want your significant other to be your friend, arguably your best friend, but it’s curious that, in this context, Jacobs refers to their story as one of friendship, as opposed to a “relationship”. I think friendship and the importance of it is going to be one of the major lessons to come out of this triangle, but I don’t think it’s going to manifest itself in the way that quite a few fans seem to think.

(PS: I literally JUST noticed the similar color palate in Riley & Angela’s GM Hurricane outfits. Just some curious visual food for thought…)

(PPS: Another interesting parallel. Jacobs says that it would have been easy to sprinkle pixie dust over everything and just make it (Shawngela) happen, but that didn’t, because it wasn’t real. And then goes onto say that what happens to them WILL be real and this “real” thing will also happen to Lucas & Riley as well. Make of that what you’d like…)

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