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Imagine your OTP looking up at the stars. Person A is really enthusiastic, pointing out the constellations and person B just falls asleep to their voice (taken from the prompts blog I hope you don't mind 🙈)

“And that’s Cassiopeia,” he listens to her murmur, her voice low, so soft in the darkness of the car that he has to blink a few times to stop the drugging sensation of sleep from lapping at his consciousness.

“I still only know the Big Dipper,” he states, smirking at Beckett’s huff of exasperation from his side. They’ve been at this for nearly half an hour now, camped out in her dead cruiser in the middle of a New Jersey highway after being abducted by proverbial aliens, staring into the sky full of stars while they await Ryan and Esposito to come pick them up.

He never would have guessed Beckett to be such an astronomy nerd, to know the constellations like the back of her hand, to want to share them with him.

“Look,” she says, scooting in closer to him, her shoulder bumping his as she points her finger to the glass of the windshield, and he holds his breath to avoid inhaling the sweet scent of cherries. “See that ‘M’ shape?”

Castle sits forward, genuinely tries to follow the direction of her index finger towards the sky, to locate the constellation she speaks of, and - oh, oh he sees it.

“There?” He traces the ‘M’ with his finger along the glass and Kate nods, actual excitement radiating from her body, transferring like waves of pleasant energy into his.

“Yeah, and to the left is Cepheus,” she continues, curling her knees up onto the seat, just a breath away from folding atop his thigh. “You know the Greek mythology behind stars, don’t you, Castle?”

“Mm, no, actually,” he replies, sitting back, narrowly avoiding the spring beneath the leather that always pokes him in the ass, settled comfortably in the middle instead. Sharing space with Kate Beckett. “I always wanted to know more, but I just never got around to it.”

“You’re missing out,” Kate quips, her gaze still roaming the sky, the stars alight in her eyes, brighter there than they are up above in the blanket of inky darkness.

Mythology, tales of gods and monsters and unfathomable heroic feats, doesn’t seem like something she would be interested in, not when he knows her stance on magic and fate, but he doesn’t want to question her intrigue in the subject, doesn’t want to dissect and overanalyze it.

Doesn’t ever want that spark in her eyes, the rare look of celestial wonder, to disappear.

“Fill me in,” he suggests, casting his gaze to the sky once more, attempting to find the stories she speaks of in the slew of constellations they can hardly catch a glimpse of in the city without a telescope.

Beckett is silent for a long moment, but he waits, releases a shallow breath of surprise when she relaxes beside him, the caps of her knees brushing his outer thigh, their arms flirting as she gets comfortable. Prepared to tell him a story.

“Cassiopeia used to be a queen,” she begins and Rick rests his head back against the top of the seat, tries to stare at the sky instead of her. Despite how severely she rivals their heavenly view. “But her vanity had her exiled to the sky in punishment.”


Rick drifts in and out of sleep beside her, dozing through her soft spoken lecture in Greek mythology, but he blinks and straightens every so often, tries his best to stay awake. She doesn’t mind, though, caught up in the stories her dad used to tell her when they’d sit in front of her telescope throughout the nights when she was ten years old on her bedroom floor, sometimes in the city, usually at the cabin.

The myths never fazed her, but the older she grew, the more fascinating she found them. The idea of being turned into a star, sentenced to illuminating the night sky for centuries to come, trapped but burning so bright.

“Don’t stop talking,” Castle mumbles, his head a mere inch away from falling to her shoulder, and part of her craves the warmth of it, the way she had felt waking up with her head on his chest only an hour ago, that split second of fleeting but blissful unawareness before memories of a dark room and bright lights and bruised necks had rushed back in.

“Hmm?” she replies, realizing she has in fact gone quiet, lost to the train of her thoughts, her eyes drifting from the constellations overhead to skate along his face.

She still wonders what it would have been like in the summer, in the Hamptons, with him, if they could have been on the beach, under a sky glittering with stars like they are now. Wonders if she could have curled into his side, pointed out constellations to him until his fascination was fed and the trace of his fingers up and down her arm became too much, until she shifted to find the dark blues of his eyes gazing at her instead of the stars, claimed the crescent moon of his upturned mouth. Two stars colliding, exploding-

“Like listening to you talk, Beckett. Great storytelling voice,” he continues, snapping her out of the silly - and totally inappropriate, jeez, Kate - fantasy.

“Great for putting you to sleep,” she retorts, watching his eyes slit open, ascending to locate her angled above him.

“Getting kidnapped by the men in black took a lot out of me, not my fault your voice can soothe me to sleep,” he quips, the corner of his mouth curling with a grin. “But I can promise you, I caught almost the entirety of the story about Cassie up there.”

“Cassie?” she chuckles, following the nod of his head towards his recently learned constellation.

“I want to learn more. We should have weekly stargazing sessions,” he muses and she hates herself, her utterly stupid heart, for internally jumping at the idea. “I actually have access to the roof on my building, and Alexis’s telescope… it’d be fun.”

Kate chews on her bottom lip, glances to Castle’s and lifts her gaze to his eyes when she notices the subtle breath he sucks in, the ripple of his throat as he catches the slide of her gaze to his mouth.

“Unless, of course - I mean, I know Josh is-”

“Not in the picture,” she fills in quietly, watching the constellations in his eyes come together, forming galaxies that illuminate the shades of blue as he shifts beside her, straightens in his seat and angles his body towards her.


“Kinda sounds like the setup for date,” she hums, bearing witness to the explosion of those stars in his widened eyes, the supernova of colors shining bright and sprinkling stardust throughout his features, and she’s tempted to taste it on his parted lips.

‘It - yeah, it could be,” he murmurs, echoing the rise and fall of his gaze to her mouth and back again. “After this case? If the aliens don’t take us?”

Kate rolls her eyes. “Chances of the date are starting to dwindle.”

“Oh, I am so not getting abducted if it means missing a date with you,” he states, startling when a flash of light beams through the car, but it’s coming from their side. Headlights from Ryan and Espo’s cruiser.

“We’re going to find a completely logical, earthbound solution to this case, Castle.”

“And then we’re going to have a date under the stars,” he sighs, ridiculously wistful, but he grins at her, bright and true and making her heart leap, and she shakes her head, but… it sounded nice, kind of perfect, and she can’t wait.

The boys are emerging from their vehicle and Kate moves to join them on the road, but Castle catches her hand before they can exit the car, his thumb landing on the inside of her wrist, caressing the line of her pulse and momentarily stealing her oxygen, causing her lungs to stutter and seize.

“Thanks for showing me the stars, Beckett.”