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DA Characters Masterpost

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1. Origin/class/gender/age. Do you have headcanons about their origin that inquisition doesn’t cover? expand it.

Dalish Elf / Mage / Female / Mid-30s.

Isii was born and raised within clan Lavellan. Her life was not always a happy one, but she eventually found a sense of purpose in training to be the next Keeper and delving deep into studying magic. Though their relationship was complicated, she was raised by Keeper Deshanna through the latter stages of her childhood and adolescence. As she never showed any skill in healing magic, her abilities were used most often as a hunter - a role which she excelled in.

2. Meaning behind their name, or at least reason why you chose it. Any would do.

Isii is named after a character from a piece of my own original fiction. While the name comes from an unrelated conlang, I would say that in Theodosian Elvish her name is a diminutive of isala (in need of), making Isii mean something along the lines of “one who yearns”.

3. Any extra AU’s they’re involved in?

Oh yeah. While I’ve got a section of one-off AUs involving Isii in my Fic Masterpost, the most popular are:

Tranquility - When Isii and Solas are captured by Templars, the Inquisitor can do little more than watch as the Rite of Tranquility is performed on her lover. But the Rite doesn’t go as planned when applied to a god and the consequences of their actions will change everything. (Ongoing multi-chapter series.)

Facing the Wolf - When a mishap with an ancient artifact sends Isii through a portal to an unfamiliar place and time, she is relieved to see that Solas is there with her… until she realizes it isn’t Solas. (Completed two-part fic.)

There is also the Inquisitor as Companion meme in which I write Isii as a party member for DAI.

4. What nickname Varric gave them (or would if they ever met)?

Varric calls her Stormy for two reasons - she has a distinct proclivity towards lightning magic and she’s got a very outspoken (and sometimes a little out of control/unpredictable) personality.

5. Favourite scent. Do they use it as a perfume? (I’m probably weird for wanting to smell your oc- I know that)

Taken from this drabble:

She smelled of warm skin, of honey and herbs. Even in the depths of winter, trapped in the Frostbacks, she somehow managed to smell like fresh greenery. The faint hint of worn leather lingered, even after she’d change out of her armor. Her hands always held traces of old dry wood from holding her staff- and of flowers. He was never certain when she was handling them, but he could smell them there, the sweet scent of spring whenever she touched his face.

She doesn’t tend to use perfume but she will occasionally add scented oils or herbs/flowers to her baths. In general (and outside of the context of what she chooses to smell like), she is partial to the scents of jasmine, cinnamon, wood smoke, rain and honey.

6. Their love interest. Why they were attracted to that certain person?

While she found him physically attractive right away, it was Solas’s mind and demeanor that truly drew her in. She was fascinated with his knowledge of Elven history and magic, appreciated the subtlety of his humor and liked having someone who was willing to challenge her (even if she didn’t always appreciate what he had to say concerning her people). She was also intrigued by the fact that he wasn’t like any of the lovers she’d had previously. While nearly all of her relationships were brief affairs focused more on physical pleasures than any emotional intimacy, the bond between them was the exact opposite. Despite her reservations about committing to that type of relationship - with him, it felt natural.

7. Fighting style, preferred weapons, favourite spells. You can use all dragon age classes and specializations in da universe as long as it sticks to canon.  

While Isii is a trained necromancer, she still tends to default to lightning magic. It comes more naturally to her than other forms. She dabbles in other styles, but she has less control over them than her chosen element. As a necromancer, she prefers to use spells that cause debilitating terror in her enemies rather than raising the dead - though she has no qualms over using the latter ability when necessary.

In combat, she prefers to use stealth when she can. Take the high ground, shoot from a distance and hopefully kill a couple of their guys before they can figure out where you’re hiding. When that’s not an option and she’s forced into a close-quarters fight, she will often manipulate her enemies into a trap. She will feign vulnerability and retreat - often causing her opponents to grow overconfident and therefore less conscious of the weaknesses in their defense. When they lower their guard and she sees an opening, she will go for the kill as quickly as possible.

8. Sum up their personality. Diplomatic, humorous or aggressive? Do they enjoy violence? What’s their philosophy on killing?  

Isii is mostly diplomatic when handling Inquisition affairs and humorous when she’s dealing with her close associates. Most who know her well would describe her as a playful tease - though that is a side of her she only lets certain people see.

While she does not enjoy violence, she does get a certain level of satisfaction from a well-executed fight. She enjoys the adrenaline rush and derives something close to pleasure from being able to properly manipulate her opponents. When she is grieving or angry she will sometimes feel an urge to release it through violence, though it generally leaves her dissatisfied.

Killing is necessary but should never be taken lightly. When hunting, she kills to provide for her clan - never for sport and nothing is wasted. She sees the death of enemies as similar. You kill because you need to - either because they would kill you if given the chance or because they pose a threat to innocents and have to be stopped. The only thing that would drive her from that is if she felt the need to exact revenge. If she felt it was justified, she would kill in order to make someone pay for their crimes - but she would have to be driven to a point of extreme grief and anger for that to be her first choice.

9. Do they appear attractive for their own brethren? Are they attractive by human beauty standards?

Isii is very attractive. Thick-lipped. Dark skin. A smile that warms her entire face. While she has the fairly slight figure that most elves do, her body is not petite and delicate but strong and athletic. She is also quite a bit fleshier in her hips and backside compared to some other women of her kind - she is well-aware that there are many who find that quality appealing. Her legs are her favorite part of her body - curved with thick muscles from years of running, hunting and climbing.

10. Place them on D&D character alignment chart.

Neutral Good. She doesn’t hold any particular respect for laws or organizations and in fact finds herself more driven to rebel against them rather than accept their controls (heavily influenced by the fact that most systems like this she’s come into contact with are run by humans). This puts her a little close to Chaotic Good, yet she sees the good of the whole as more important than the good of the individual. Laws are meant as guidelines, rules intended to be broken when the circumstances suit the need. She values freedom for all above all else and despises those who would enslave or otherwise confine innocent people. While she prefers honesty, she has no qualms about lying and deceiving when she has to (with the exception of deceiving those she cares for. This situation makes her very uncomfortable).

11. Give me link to their inspiration/development tag. Pretty please :)

Her Bio Page

#Isii Lavellan

#People Drawing Isii - for illustrations either gifted or traded with me.

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sometimes I really feel like I'm destined to be alone for the rest of my life.

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even in my own family sometimes I feel alone. it seems like everyone else has someone they’d rather be around and hang out with, and I’m just there because there’s no one else to talk to/be with.

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