this has been sitting in my drafts for ages might as well post it

Some Ninjago Headcanons for y’all

-Jay is a HUGE nerd for Mystery Science Theater 3000, and drove the others crazy singing the Master Ninja Theme Song to the point where it was banned outright.

-Jay is also a huge nerd for Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

-Jay was home schooled simply because there were no schools or bus service available anywhere near the junk yard where he grew up, and his parents couldn’t afford to drive him to and from school in the city every day. (Worked out well for him, anyway, because being taught by his parents inspired him to become an inventor.)

-Jay used to have an accent like his parents. Then one day he found out about an Inventor’s Camp in Ninjago City and begged his parents to let him go. Ed and Edna managed to scrape enough money together to send him, but once he got there, he was mercilessly teased by the other kids for his accent. After that, he worked as hard as he could to flatten it.

-Speaking of Ed and Edna, they’re pretty good friends with the mailman. They really appreciate the trouble he goes to to deliver their mail, and will often invite him in for snacks before he leaves.

-The product Dareth uses in his hair smells of coconuts. People can tell if he’s entered a room by the smell alone. (If you want to bring scruffshipping into it, Ronin secretly adores the scent and is always trying to find subtle ways to sniff Dareth’s head. :3)

-Dareth has a life-time free pass to the Ninjago City Zoo. :3

-When Dareth is mildly ill, or has a minor injury, he’ll ham it up, acting as if he’s dying, looking for attention and sympathy. However, if he’s really under the weather or somehow manages to severely hurt himself, he’ll hole up in his home and try to avoid people until he’s better. If he can’t, he’ll do his best to act as if he’s fine.

-Cole is built like a bear, and is pretty much solid muscle. As such, even when he’s not a ghost, he’s always been bad with water. He’s too heavy, and sinks like a stone.

-Cole’s favourite manga is One-Pound Gospel by Rumiko Takahashi.

-Cole has broken his nose on several occasions, mostly while rock climbing. The first time he broke it, though, was during the incident when he was seven and fell on his face trying to do the Triple Tiger Sashay. The trauma of the incident caused a sort of mental block, which is why he refused to learn to sing or dance until finally dealing with the issue in episode 9.

-On the topic of the Triple Tiger Sashay, the reason no dancer could ever pull the move off is because it wasn’t originally a dance move. It’s a martial arts move.

-Zane was never very confident in his singing before the rebuild. Now, as the Titanium Ninja, he HATES to sing, because he is always perfectly on key due to his voice being automatically auto-tuned. He can’t stand the effect.

-After being installed into Zane’s head, PIXAL didn’t know what to do with herself during his sleep cycles. Then she found books. Now she reads. A lot.


Request: “Could you do a Alec imagine of being Izzy’s parabati and best friend since childhood and Izzy talks you into going on a double date with her and Simon and Raphael because she knows both you and Alec need a push to make a move and she knows Alec knows Raphael has a thing for you which will make him extra jealous?? And you can’t deny you didn’t have a good time because Raphael is nice once you get past his layers of undead doucheness and you both were sarcastic snarky brats the whole date??”

This has been sitting in my drafts for ages so I decided to finally post it.


Word Count: 1384

Clothes, shoes and a range of other items Izzy deemed ‘necessities’ lay scattered across the entirety of my bedroom floor like that first, crisp layer of freshly fallen snow, or perhaps a more accurate description would be that it looked as though the heavens had unleashed an almighty roar and sent waves of snow cascading down in an avalanche.  In reality, Izzy had come barrelling into my room, her arms laden down with a rainbow of fabrics and all sorts of beautifying concoctions that I couldn’t even name.  Somehow or other, I had allowed myself to be convinced into going on a date with Raphael.

I knew I shouldn’t have let Izzy talk me into it.  It was a crazy idea from the start, and I had somehow, foolishly let her convince me that I was doing this to help her out, and that things weren’t the other way round.  It was just so hard to argue with her perfect,well formed, valid arguments.  I mean, really, what reason was there for me not to go?  Apart from the obvious one which was that it would be a date with a vampire, but Izzy had managed to counter that argument faster than those superhuman bloodsuckers could run.  The one and only good reason I had for not going, was that I liked Alec.  I really liked Alec if I was being honest with myself… but Izzy didn’t know that.  Or at least I sincerely hoped that she didn’t.

Sneaking out of the institute was going to be near impossible.  Sneaking out of the institute without our absence going unnoticed was going to require divine intervention.  I didn’t know how Izzy managed it on a regular basis, especially with those terrifying high heels she always wore. Izzy had insisted that I wear something she picked out, and Izzy could be pretty stubborn when she wanted to be.  I supposed it was a Lightwood trait, it was definitely a huge contributor to all of the arguments she had with her brothers.  Her brothers.  If Alec caught us out here he would definitely kill us, if I didn’t die of embarrassment first.  Perhaps I would just sink down through the ground once and for all into my own grave.

Somehow, we made it out.  That wasn’t to say that we would make it back in, because I certainly wasn’t sure about that, but I was sure that Izzy would be able to sweet talk her way out of almost anything.  Or sweet talk somebody else into almost anything.  Like how she sweet talked me, into going on a date, with a vampire, with Raphael.

To be fair to Raphael, he wasn’t an awful date.  Sure, he could be snarky and sarcastic as hell, and had had a good few lifetimes to perfect the art of the perfect comeback, but that didn’t mean he was worse than me.  One of the good things about this constant bickering was that I think it made Izzy regret her decision to invite me along just a little bit.  I caught her rolling her eyes at Simon more than a couple of times throughout our meal at Takis Diner.  Especially when we first walked in.  
“Well hello there darling.”  Raphael had practically purred, his eyes crinkling with mirth as his lips tugged to the side in a smirk in reaction to the glare I shot his way.  
“Hi.”  I replied, stiff as a robot.  Simon stifled a laugh as he reached out to embrace Izzy in a warm hug.  
Raphael offered me a pout, his arms outstretched.  “Hey!  Where’s my hug?”  
“Same place as that Shax demon I banished yesterday, would you like to join it?”   
“I’m beginning to think that might be a better idea than this date.”  
“Good, then we’re on the same page.”
“Can’t you two be nice to each other for one night?”  Izzy interjected with a frown and a sharp glare. 

As it turned out, the answer was no.  Whilst we weren’t being serious, or at least not entirely with our insults and snippy snide comments, they did carry on for the rest of the night.  They continued through the meal itself, while I watched, with morbid fascination as Raphael and Simon both drank glasses of blood.  “Something the matter dear?”
“Just wondering how that stuff can possibly be appealing to you.”  I frowned, glancing at the deep red liquid.  
“Don’t worry darling, I’d much rather be drinking your blood.”  This was said with a deep breath in, which got him exactly the reaction he had desired.  With my fists clenching around my cutlery I managed to snap back with sickly sweetness.  “Well don’t you worry either sweetheart, I’d much rather be spilling your blood.  Guess we can’t all have what we want.”  
“I have to agree, I certainly don’t think I’ll be getting any -”
“Hm-hmm.”  Simon cleared his throat with a meaningful glance towards Raphael who sighed, leaning back with his drink in hand and a roll of his eyes. 
The bickering also continued along the walk home, although I did notice that as the night wore on, and we spoke more, chatted more, I began to like him more.  Not like like him, I was still head over heels for Alec, but I couldn’t deny that Raphael could be a nice guy.  When he wanted to be.  Or maybe it was just that I had wanted to see it before, or hadn’t looked close enough, hadn’t read between his sarcastic lines.  Either way, for somebody who was dead, he certainly managed to make me feel alive.  He managed to make me laugh and smile, and warm up to him little by little, right up until the moment Alec met us at the institute gates with a scowl to rival them all.  

Simon and Raphael got the message straight away, and scurried off into the night, leaving Izzy and I to approach a gently fuming Alec with dread curling in the pits of our stomachs.  “Heey.”  I greeted as I swung open the gate.  “Fancy seeing you here!” 
“Fancy not seeing you two here!  For the last 2 hours!  Where the hell have you been?  And why were you with that bloodsucker?!”  I took note of how when Alec said that, how he didn’t use the plural.  He was referring to Raphael, and Raphael alone.  
“We were on a date.”  Said Izzy with care.  
“A date?!”  Alec all but roared.  “With a vampire?!”  He was looking straight at me now, and I got the distinct feeling that I was the person his anger was directed towards.  Or perhaps it wasn’t quite anger.  Was it jealousy I was detecting?  “Do you have any idea-”
“It was my idea.”  Izzy butted in, her tone as pointed as her stiletto heals.  Hurt and a hint of betrayal flashed across Alec’s face.  
“Why?”  To me, he directed his next comment.  “I’m sorry she dragged you into that then, although you seemed to be having a very nice time.”  Was I imagining things?  To me, it sounded like jealousy, for sure.  
“I did have a very nice time, but I can assure you it won’t be happening again.  Raphael is nice, he’s funny, but I don’t see him that way.”  
“Oh.”  He seemed to pause to collect his thoughts.  “Well, that’s, good to know I guess.  But, why did you go on a date with him in the first place if you didn’t think of him that way?  You know he likes you-”
“Wait, what?”  
“And,”  Alec carried on regardless, “I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just ask somebody you do think of that way.”  Alec’s fists were now clenching and un-clenching at his sides as his eyes darted about.  He was thinking about something.  And if I wasn’t mistaken, he was jealous, which meant maybe this would be a good time to finally say what I had been thinking for a while.  
“Maybe I wasn’t sure he thought of me the same way.”
“Yeah, well you’ll never know if you don’t ask.”
“Okay then Alec, will you go out with me?”  For once Alec seemed entirely lost for words.  He nodded, still not uttering a single word, even as his mouth opened and closed while Izzy danced beside me.

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(1/2) I saw a post a while back about how Bioware sucks at letting the MC explicitly state their sexuality. Sure you can have a homosexual romance but you can never tell your companions 'Hey I like the flirting but I'm kinda not into you because you're (x) gender.' Like in Mass Effect my Shepard is lesbian, she's not interested in men which she would be open about. However because I was nice to Kaiden I triggered the romance and had to turn him down later in the game.

(2/2) Similarly in DA:O if a male MC has a romance with Zevran the Warden is surprised, like “Why are you flirting with me I’m a guy.” Instead of getting the option to flirt back.

Note: I thought I had posted this A LONG TIME AGO, but instead it has been sitting in my drafts. Sorry

Like the question, there are two parts to this.

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Komagayda: A Writer who Dares to be Different

When it comes to fanfiction, people have written a lot of works that, more or less, have the same plot or the same alternate universe. And most of you readers don’t mind these at all. Some of you may find these cliché, but the majority continues to enjoy them anyway. After all, fanfiction is about simply enjoying yourselves. Whether it’s by quick reading a one shot or by binge reading a multi-chaptered fic in one sitting, fanfiction is about letting yourself unwind and having something to squeal or to cry about your favorite characters. It’s not really about the plot, but about what the fic makes you feel when you read it. It doesn’t matter how many similar Coffee Shop AUs you’ve read as long as you’re enjoying yourself.

But if you come across a work that gives you a unique plot as well as scenes that triggers your emotions, then wouldn’t that be considered a bonus?

Introducing to you, Komagayda, a writer who dares to be different by coming up with completely original ideas!

Komagayda, as known in AO3 ( @kougaons in Tumblr), has four works under the YOI fandom. He likes writing mostly Science Fiction AUs but he has also written a Fantasy and a Vampire AU.

His most notable work is World’s End Holiday, a 20-chapter Science Fiction AU that has garnered 570 kudos and 7,105 hits as of date.

Komagayda has a talent for drawing readers in with his believable poignant world-building and the mysteries that drive his stories forward. In World’s End Holiday, for example, the story starts off with an introduction to the environment where Yuuri was and what he was doing by engaging the senses of the reader. Here’s the first paragraph of the story:

The friendly horns bounced through the morning air, slightly scratchy from the sound of the old vinyl record on the turntable. The smooth sound of the music carried airily as Yuuri Katsuki, age 23, stretched. He’d just finished setting up his solar still for the day, and picked some small tomatoes. The cucumbers and lettuce looked like they were coming in well, and the rudimentary cage he’d built around his strawberries seemed to have kept out any hungry scavengers so far, so hopefully they would grow to maturity soon.

Komagayda doesn’t randomly throw the reader into the middle of some conversation or action scene, where the reader would have no idea as to what was happening. He also doesn’t start like “ten years before the main plot,” doing long, elaborate, but unnecessary background information that, although essential when it comes to the upcoming drama, is really arduous to have to go through.

Somehow, he manages to go straight to the point without shocking or confusing the reader. It is easy to be drawn into his stories and to lose yourself in the worlds he create. With each chapter, he introduces a question or mystery that needs to be solved and it leaves readers wanting to find answers. There is never a dull moment with Komagayda’s writing.

Want to know more about Komagayda? Read the rest under the cut.

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the b stands for

This has been sitting in my drafts for ages. No one thing prompted me to post it at this particular point in time. I’ve just seen some particularly disheartening Discourse crossing my dash of late, and…yeah.

I know they mean well. This is what I tell myself, over and over again, as I read the message in my ask box and desperately try to figure out if or how to respond.

They mean well.

“My gf and I definitely think you’re one of the cool straights!”

Every time I read that message, the knot in my chest grows colder. Harder. Tighter. It hurts to breathe around it. One of the cool straights.

On my “about” page, I mention that I’m bi. It is, in fact, the second piece of major information I volunteer about myself after “resident old fogey”: “bisexual lady person married to a dude.” Sometimes, I acknowledge it in the posts I reblog (“are you a space bisexual or a deep sea bisexual?“); sometimes, I go on tag rants. Maybe I’m not particularly loud about it, but I’m not usually loud about things that don’t directly concern fandom. Just because I’m not loud doesn’t mean it’s not important.

You married a man, says a little voice in the back of my head. What the hell did you expect people to think?

I close out the message without responding. I tell myself, they mean well.


My first and only girlfriend hated that I was bisexual.

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stranger (m.c. smut)

keywords: one night stand, stranger!michael, frat boy!michael
warnings: mentions of anxiety, smut
word count: 2097 
a/n: idk what this tbh but if you want a part two you should let me know because i could make this into a series i kind of have an idea worked out in my head :))) this has been in my drafts for AGES tbh so ??? idk i decided to finally finish it and post it tonight. lemme know what u think & if you want a part two hope u like it!!!!

You were standing alone along the brick wall of a frat house kitchen, drinking straight vodka from a plastic cup. This was the usual for you when you were drug to these parties by your best friend and roommate. She dated one of the boys in the fraternity and she always drug you along but you really didn’t mind because there was always free alcohol and you weren’t the type to decline something as good as free alcohol. 

No one really came into the kitchen unless it was to get more booze, so it was a relatively quiet area. You could hear the music pumping from the living area and a ton of noise coming from the second floor of the house but other than that no one bothered you here. You were able to just chill out and get drunk. 

A boy, who definitely wasn’t dressed for this party or even looked like he was wanting to be here sauntered into the kitchen. He had on what looked like to be pajamas, a holey t-shirt and some black basketball shorts and no shoes. A snapback was covering his clearly colorful hair. You studied him as he poured some straight vodka into a plastic cup, smiling to yourself.

He turned around, meeting your eyes and smirked, “Hey.”

“Hey, enjoying the party?” you ask sarcastically. You could tell he was just like you, only in this very same kitchen for some alcohol. 

He chuckled as he walked over to your place on the wall, leaning back beside you. Taking a sip from his cup before replying, “Probably just as much as you are enjoying it.”

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Gajeel vs Acnologia (Genes Edition)

/tries to make ~fancy title~ because i’m a loser 


I’m mostly just gonna sum stuff up below: Acnologia and Gajeel look related – they could be the generic Father/Son, siblings, cousins, etc. Who really cares? It’s theory time! Let’s throw Rogue in there too since there’s also a strong resemblance in appearance with him and those two (thus ending any mention of Rogue in this whoop)

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A Jerusalem prayer for American Democracy

Praying for a Cleansing Reign

I will cast my vote
at the Kotel today.
I will walk it straight to the Wall
like a pilgrimage
and sit to draft my note
at the stone steps
of what was once our
White House
and my best kept
will sit in the crevice
between the rocks
of a ballot box
where no one will read it
but the doves of peace
and the pace of time
and the vast space between
your vote and mine
will not matter.
For we have all run
this race through
panting and ranting in
rue &
and all done – I’m sure –
with the very best intent.

But G!d may it end.
And may it end well.
And may it usher in
a better discourse than what has been
discussed with disgust
to no end.

For stirred and rattled have been our
brains on this campaign
– like cocaine.
Horrified at the faces of hatred.
Stone cold dismayed at the display
of fury on the Tv-scream
play by play.

So I will pray
my vote in today
between the cracks
of the holiest space
I can catch
my breath.

Along with a plea
for the American people
and their Democrazy.

A plea for discernment.
For the wisdom of the ages
to not abandon ship today.
But hold steady the angel
who ushers that nation forward
towards goodness & greatness
towards purple mountained
progress, all spacious.

Bless every compatriot
that their hopes for embetterment
should be amply fulfilled.
Though their choices might differ
their dreams are the same.
Health and prosperity on
every doorstep
every forceps
every forecast for
every rain.

May the great Bestower
beyond the curtain
turn a kind eye
to that nation
and have compassion
on them.

May no demons dance
on their democracy today.
Just a warbling trope
of hope
in the stones
where the birds of peace pray.

The Kotel is my ballot box
and I cast my lot
for a cleansing

- Chaya

This was posted on my Shul’s Facebook page.
Listen to this beautiful spoken word prayer, it will bring peace to your heart.
@fromchaostocosmos @returnofthejudai @littlegoythings I tag you in hopes that you will share it with your followers, regardless of their political views, as it is so peaceful.

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You shouldn’t judge people on how they look, else you’ll be swept off your feet like so.

Naoto Shirogane | 15 | Female | Chon’sin/Plegian | Dark Flier

Oh man I finally finished her. Been itching to finish this for a while now since I first made drafts of her while I was on vacation. Finally glad I managed to sit down and work on her~ . I’m digging the whole P4 x FEA AU I have going on right now wwww

Fun fact, When I got into FE:A back in 2013 I was not expecting to make Naoto in-game, but after finding out that there is a hair style/color build that works very well for her, I couldn’t resist (I only wish you could use other hair builds in body builds tho, Naoto definitely falls on the smallest body build lmao).

I MIGHT consider doing the rest of the Investigation team (I actually have a few ideas for most of them) , but I guess I’ll see about how I feel about it?

more info  under the cut as well ^q^

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In this well-known show, the main protagonist lives his entire life within protective walls, safe from the huge, dangerous creatures of the outside. Some brave members of his kind still venture outside for valuable recon and supplies.

Despite the danger and the protests of his more sensible friend, he dreams of making it outside those walls. And through a sudden job placement, he succeeds.

Am I talking about Attack on Titan or Bee Movie?

Striking the Right Chord. A Luke Hemmings Story.

Prompt: Teacher/single parent AU.


Your daughter was painfully shy, and after a nightmarish year in kindergarten, you were incredibly nervous for her to start Year 1. You’d barely slept the night before Charlie was scheduled to start, worried that you were going to be faced with daily bouts of tears as you had been the year before.

The light had just begun to stream softly through the sheer curtains covering your windows when your phone alarm started going off. Reaching blindly across your bedside table, you turned it off and settled back against the pillows, staring up at the ceiling. You’d never thought of yourself as the religious type, but you said a silent prayer that Charlie would be okay.  

A few minutes later, you’d managed to drag yourself out of bed, and lean against the kitchen counter, the steam from your mug fogging up the lenses of your glasses. You’d set your alarm earlier than usual, wanting to have time to shower and mentally ready yourself before waking your daughter.  

The sun had risen fully by the time you were pushing open Charlie’s bedroom door, and you laughed quietly to yourself as you took in the sight of her, long dark hair sticking out in every direction, a stark contrast against the pale yellow sheets she’d picked herself. Her mouth hung open slightly, her small hands clutching Fred, the stuffed dog she’d gotten on her third birthday.  

Bringing a hand up, you gently brush the hair away from her forehead. A few seconds later, her eyes fluttered open, deep grey and clouded with early morning confusion. Charlie looked a lot like her father, dark hair as opposed to your own honey blonde, but you were glad that she’d at least gotten your eyes.  

“Hey Charlie girl. Time to wake up!”

You spoke with a quiet enthusiasm, wanting nothing more than to start the day on a positive note.  Charlie grumbled softly, clutching Fred even more tightly to her.  

“Can’t I stay home with you today, Mummy?” Her voice was quiet and scratchy, and she rubbed at her eyes, keeping them tightly shut.

“Afraid not, Sweet Pea. Year 1 today! You’re growing up too fast for your mum!”  

Leaning down, you pressed a kiss to her forehead.  

“Let’s get you dressed, and then I’ll make you monkey pancakes. How’s that sound?”

Charlie seemed to perk up a little at that.  

“With bananas?”

“Is there any other way to eat them?”

She giggled quietly, and you gave yourself a pat on the back. You’d picked her outfit out together the day before, a pale blue dress with white polka dots. After she’d sat patiently on the bathroom counter as you braided her hair into two long plaits, you both headed into the kitchen.

By the time the two of you had plates with small piles of admittedly adorable monkey shaped pancakes and banana slices in front of you, Charlie seemed a little less reluctant to go to school.  She got quiet again once she was buckled into the backseat of the car, not singing along to the music as she usually did. As you slowed for a traffic light, you reached behind you, squeezing her foot gently.  

“Are you excited?”  Looking in the rearview mirror, you watched as she shrugged, and your heart sunk a bit.  "I bet you’re going to have so much fun. Mr. Hemmings’ letter was very funny, didn’t you think? I’m sure he’s going to be a good teacher.“

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