this has been sitting in my drafts for a while. i might as well post it

Marrish standom really creeps me out with this “Lydia is eighteen!” rhetoric they’re using; it sounds like something a predator would say. Just because it’s okay legally, doesn’t make it okay morally. The law may say that Lydia is an adult, but for all intents and purposes she is still a child, a teenager, and extremely vulnerable to emotional manipulation by someone she wants the approval and attention of. 

Lydia being eighteen doesn’t make her capable of knowing when she’s being manipulated and taken advantage of. It doesn’t grant her the maturity to be in a relationship with someone in their mid-twenties as an equal. No matter how smart she is it doesn’t make up for years of life experience. 

I’m not saying not to ship Marrish, I’m saying to stop presenting it as if it’s a healthy or good relationship. Stop telling people that they’re wrong for being uncomfortable with it. Stop accusing people of ship hate when it’s actually legitimate criticism.