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New Orleans, 1914: After their parents die, she and her siblings are sent to grow up with the family of their father’s old childhood friend. Now living in a massive southern mansion, the grieving but still curious Sansa Stark can’t help but meet all sorts of different people at her new home: both friendly and wicked, but all madly interesting. Especially the household’s custodian, Petyr Baelish has caught her eyes. He fascinates and frightens her at the same time, not quite knowing yet if he’s gonna be a friend or foe.

Save The First Dance For Me

Who knew Kurt would find someone to slow-dance with so soon - and at his dad’s wedding no less? Klaine alternate meeting that sets off right after “Just The Way You Are”.

Had this in my drafts ever since the Klaine Valentine’s Challenge for “Just the Way You Are” but I never really finished it - I just couldn’t have that so I kinda polished it today. I’m not all that satisfied with it but it’s been sitting here unfinished for soooo long that I’m just gonna publish it now, hoping you’ll enjoy it anyway. :)

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Kurt has never been serenaded like this before but as embarrassed as he was in the beginning, he can’t help but smile brightly at his brother by the time the song comes to a close, and Finn looks right at him when he sings the last, “When I see your face…

He’s long gotten over his crush on his step brother (living together hadn’t been the appeal he thought it would have, and he refuses to crush on boys who keep their dirty socks lying around everywhere, anyway) but it feels great getting over the issues they’ve had with one another, too.

The girls take over with an upbeat dance song now, and Kurt grins at Mercedes when she throws him a wink. He looks around briefly, watching his dad and Carole retreat to their seats with linked hands, Finn trailing behind them, and even though more and more people are coming up to dance now, Kurt figures he should probably leave the dance floor - it’s not like he’s going to awkwardly dance all by himself.

Still smiling like an idiot, Kurt turns around to go back to join his family at the table, and almost crashes into someone who seems to have stood just behind him.

“Oh, gosh, I’m so sorry,” the guy says when Kurt lets out a little yelp, and holds out a hand to steady Kurt by the arm. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

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KYUNGMYEON & CHANBAEK; Business Internship AU

In which Do Kyungsoo’s priority is to win the position in the company. Winning his supervisor’s heart in the process, on the other hand, is the bonus. (or maybe, it’s actually the other way around.)


“What makes you think that this time you aren’t just messing around, Soo?”

“I don’t know, maybe because this time’s different, I mean, Joonmyeon’s different?”

“Well… ‘different’ huh?… That guy lives in a penthouse in the heart of Seoul and drives a shiny black Maserati Quattroporte, of course he’s 'different’.

And Kyungsoo bursts out laughing. Chanyeol indeed has a point.


His reaction to my tongue stud was pretty funny though. Thanks for the ask. -P

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((SOOOO UHH. I’M NOT DEAD LMAO HI DOES ANYONE STILL FOLLOW THIS BLOG okay so I know it’s been five months (and this ask has been sitting in the drafts that entire time oh my god I’m sorry i think i was saving it to post when i had a little bit more of a buffer rather than just spitting out one random ask out of no where before going silent again but yEAH) ANYWAY the last few days I’ve drawn some asks, so I’m gonna toss them into the queue to post every Saturday uhhh…..yeah. I’m sorry for that sudden and very long hiatus, life sort of…happened. And is still happening. I.E. spouse in and out of the hospital right now, I got a new job, I slipped and fell into a couple other fandoms for a while, our car busted, and just…yeah. 2016 was a long year. Anyway my art style’s changed quite a bit in the last few months and that’s gonna become wildly apparent next week and hopefully y’all don’t hate it too much but yeah I’m gonna try to start posting here again?? Idk how long it’ll last but we’ll see I guess LOL. I’m gonna comb through the 30+ remaining asks in the inbox, try to answer most of them and delete the rest before starting fresh, so hopefully that will result in something….idk lmao the pnf fandom has been very inactive as far as I can tell so maybe this will just go totally ignored but ya know….I’m still here just very tired and busy but I’m doing my best ;u; ~Grayce))




[ Repost and list 5 songs that inspire you to write your muse! ]

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Iron - Within Temptation
Raised in this madness
You’re on your own
It makes you fearless, nothing to lose
Dreams are a joke here
They get in your way
That’s what you need to fight day by day

Who Will Save You Now - Les Friction
I will not take from you
And you will not owe
I will protect you from the fire below
It’s not in my mind
It’s here at my side
Go tell the world that I’m still alive

Bulletproof - Evans Blue
How does it feel? 
What does it mean to you?
Your heart is real
It isn’t bulletproof

Tenth Man Down - Nightwish
Today I killed
He was just a boy
Eight before him
I knew them all
In the fields a dying oath
I’d kill them all to save my own

Crown of Thorns - Pearl Jam (Mother Love Bone cover)
I wanna tell you that I love you
Oh, but does it really matter
I just can’t stand to see you dragging down again

Headcanon: Taiyang understands Yang’s want to shut down after all that’s happened to her (he did the same thing after Summer’s death). So he gives Yang her space. But soon after Ruby leaves he realizes that it is time that his eldest daughter starts to heal (not fade into the background and watch friends leave like he did).

So he starts coming in to talk to her more(”how are you feeling today, kiddo? Want pie?”). Tries to get her out of bed to do something other than go to the bathroom (”you can’t just lay here, firecracker”). He gets her to take Zwei out on walks (sometimes he’ll find her softly smiling at the corgi’s antics). They start having meals at the table. One night Tai makes a pretty good dad joke and Yang actually laughs for the first time in months (”that was terrible!”).

He offers to start up her training again(“only if you feel up to it”). And continues to do so until one day she agrees to just watch him practice (”just for a bit”). Eventually they work up to having daily runs and workouts together. Yang joins in with his practices after realizing he can’t improve just by training with himself (after all, they only have each other right now). A week of this passes before they restart her own training.

There’s a day where she can’t lay a single hit on him and she keeps swinging a punch with the arm that’s not there. She gets frustrated, embarrassed and angry and goes in for the charge when she stops herself (she remembers what charging in with a blind rage did last time). She takes a step back and calms herself, then attacks. She is able to land a few good hits after that and Tai gives her two thumbs up and a wide grin despite his bloody nose.

Yang begins to contribute to conversations with Tai more. They talk a lot. About Ruby (who often sends letters). Qrow(who rarely sends anything). Mom (both of them). Weiss. Blake (”she must have had a reason, Yang.” ”…I know.”). The school. Penny. Pyrrha. Her arm.

Yang decides not to get a mechanical arm just yet. She wants to be able to accept and live with what has happened to her and fully heal (”before patching it up with a metal bandaid”). Taiyang agrees (and thinks she’s gonna be alright).

After a couple months of grueling practices and heart pouring discussions, Yang feels safe to say that she is getting better and even tells Tai that. He smiles proudly and hugs her (”dad, i can’t breathe!”) before letting her go to take Zwei out for his daily walk.

He begins the countdown for when she will also have to leave (because in the end, she didn’t need him anymore).

(and the world needed her more than he did).

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From Daily Sports 2015:

The good relationship between these five people who debuted in 1999 hasn’t changed. Named with the Japanese flavored “Japonism”, this tour’s concept has also been discussed among the members. Matsumoto is known to have many ideas for their performances, but Sakurai said, “We’ve never had a heated debate for 16 years. Because it’s the reliable and stable Matsumoto,” revealing that they don’t get into fights over that. Just as Aiba Masaki (33) has described this one year using the word “banquet”, accordingly they had a lot of chances to gather together as five people even in private. “(After work ended,) once, the five of us gathered right after we were dissolved. I was nervous,” Matsumoto said, embarrassed over their banquet.


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