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reverse idol! au haechan

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this is an idea i’ve had in my phone notes for a while and i love fluff so uh here y’all go i guess please enjoy~

word count: 2582

genre: fluff

  • so,,
  • donghyuck isn’t really the type of person who is super open about his musical interests
  • if someone asks him who he listens to he’ll tend to beat around the bush and just say ‘a mix’ or ‘michael jackson’ because really he does listen to a lot
  • whatever makes his ears prick up when he’s listening to on the radio he’ll have a second listen to tbh.
  • so donghyuck is blatantly listening to his radio, humming along to the songs he knows while studying
  • when suddenly a new song pops up
  • and he misses the information about it the dj says before they play the song because he’s busy working
  • but oh my gosh how he regrets that
  • because it isn’t a bad song and to him seems like your regular old catchy girl-group song
  • but just as the chorus builds up he hears this incredible voice and he actually has to put his pen down for a moment and just stops because,,, wow
  • so as the song progresses he waits for the voice again
  • and it sings again in the second chorus !!
  • so donghyuck looks at the LED of his radio but it isn’t displaying the song name or the group artist….
  • and when the song ends he actually feels rather deflated because he wanted to hear that stunning voice again but the dj doesn’t say anything afterwards so he can’t find out who the group is or what the song is called…

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Puppy’s Girlfriend

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Wes’s hands freezes in it’s movement when his phone buzzes in his pocket. Michaela looks up from her own stack of paperwork in the arm chair, a slight glare in her eyes, as it’s the 5th time Wes’s phone has gone off in the past hour. He makes eye contact with her and gives her a little nervous smile, she continues to look like she wants to kill him when his phone vibrates again with a text from you.

Wes sighs, and pulls out his phone. He smiles despite himself when he sees the picture of him kissing you on the cheek, and your surprised happy expression pop up in his notifications. He lets out the tiniest, little giggle when he opens the photo you sent him. It’s a picture of a very small Pomeranian with a bow in it’s hair, and it’s tongue lolling out of it’s mouth. He smiles even more when he reads your caption.


He quickly sends a reply of

you’re right, I am. WHO IS SHE?!?!

He sets his phone back down before going back to his paperwork. It’s about five minutes later when his phone dings again, and this time Connor had had enough.

“Alright Wes, just who the hell is blowing up your phone, and distracting everyone from their case files? I would like to know so I can punch them.” He says, a fed up smile on his face as he rubs his fists together. Wes looks down, an embarrassed smile playing with his lips.

“Sorry, my, uh, my girlfriend has been texting me pictures of dogs she see while she’s Colorado visiting her aunt.” He sheepishly rubs the back of his neck. Asher’s eyes light up as he gets up from his place on the couch beside Laurel and comes to stand next to Connor to mock Wes’s situation.

“Awww, Puppy’s ‘girlfriend’” he says, making air quotes with his hands when he says the word girlfriend, like he couldn’t quite believe what Wes was telling him, “is texting him pictures of puppies, how sweet.” A mocking grin on his face as his hands cover his heart and he gets a far away look in his eyes and pretends to wipe away a tear. “No, no, seriously who’s texting you so Laurel can curse them out in Spanish and we can get back to work.” The grin dropping from his face in an instant.

Wes scoffs, and hands him his phone when another text from you pops up. Asher sees the picture of him kissing you on the cheek in his notifications and shrugs nonchalantly, bumping Connors chin as he was viewing over his shoulder.

“Could be a friend, could be a cousin, could be an old high school teacher for all we know, I won’t believe you have a girlfriend until I see her with my own eyes.”

It’s the Friday after the Incident as Wes called it. You were back from Colorado, and were looking forward to a movie night that Wes had promised you. While you were putting away the clothes from your suitcase, you noticed a manila folder sitting on the edge of the nightstand. You knew that if Wes had forgotten his case file Annalise would have made him go back and get it which would cut off time from your movie night that he was not getting out of this time. So, disregarding the suitcase full of clothes, you grab the manila folder and head to your car.

You walked up the front steps and Mrs. Keating’s house and knocked, Wes had given you the address in case you ever needed to get to him, why he was so paranoid about something bad happening to you, you didn’t know.

The door opens after a few seconds to a rather tall white women with short blond hair, from what Wes had told you this had to be Annalise’s partner Bonnie Winterbottom.

“Hi, you must be Miss. Winterbottom, I’m Wes’s girlfriend Y/N, I think he left a case file at home today,” You tell her, extending your hand for her to shake. She takes it lightly and leads you into the house.

“Yes, I’m Bonnie, Wes was looking for his case file a few minutes ago, you can take it to him in the study.” She pointed down to the first opening on the right.

Wes looks up from his bag on the floor when he hears the clicking of your heels on the hardwood. His eyes light up when he spots you standing in the doorway holding up the case file he forgot.

“Hey,” he exclaims, jumping up and over to you, he plants a kiss on your cheek, “thank you so much for bringing this, you just saved my ass from extra paperwork” He looks back up and notices everyone in the room including Annalise is starring at you two. “Um,” he clears his throat before continuing, “Everyone, this is my girlfriend, Y/N.” You give Wes’s coworkers and classmates a timid wave, and slight nod suddenly very self conscious in front of everyone.

“Wow, Puppy really does have a girlfriend.” A tall dude says from the back of the room.

“Well, er, I better get going, let you all get back to whatever case your working on,” you turn to leave, but turn around when you’re almost out the door. “Oh, and Wes don’t forget about our movie night tonight~” You lean up and give him a peck on the lips and you know he’s cheeks are heating up because he ducks his head down once you pull away. “See you everyone!” You call out as you leave, once the door shuts the teasing starts, and doesn’t let up. Ever.

Songbook Series: Eric: We Find Love

A/N: Stop what you’re doing and go listen to We Find Love by Daniel Caesar!!! The Link is here (X). This song is one of my favorites and it’s the song for this chapter lol! Thank you all for reading my works once again! A new character is introduced this go around! 

Catch up here with the: Masterlist

Warnings: LANGUAGE. 

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A/N: I found this and a couple more drabbles in an old folder and, poor Dean, they’re all angsty. Oh well…


Sam shrugs and the corners of his lips go down, then he adds a “Nothing” and turns back to the groceries, putting them away.

“Nothing my ass,” Dean says from where he’s sitting at the table, an open laptop in front of him. “You’ve been giving me weird looks ever since you got back. What’s going on?”

“Nothing,” Sam repeats yet again, but his brother keeps staring, as to say “Spit it out, man, I haven’t got all day.” Sam sighs and, setting the eggs down on the counter, he finally answers. “I met Y/N. She was at the store.”

Dean sits up straighter ever so slightly as if a wave of electricity has gone through his spine at the mere mention of your name. But even if his body has betrayed him, his mouth doesn’t. “Good for you.”

His brother is already giving him a sympathetic look. “Dean, listen -”

“Don’t start with the TED talk, Sam. I told you I’m fine. She went her way, I went my way. It’s no big deal.”

“No big deal,” Sam repeats, scoffing silently. “The half-empty bottle sitting in front of you at 10 in the morning is telling a different story.”

“See, that’s your problem, little brother. You see it half empty, I see it half full.” Saying so, Dean grabs the bottle and pours himself another drink.

“If this is making you so miserable, why don’t you call her? She misses you too, you know?”

Dean freezes with his hand on the glass. “She told you that?” he asks, eyes to the table. “That she misses me?”

“It doesn’t take a mind reader to see it.”

“So, no then,” Dean says curtly and picks up the drink. He looks at it as if it’s the solution to all his troubles, as if on its way down that bourbon will heal his heart or numb it enough to mask the pain for a while. “She’s better off without me, anyway,” he mumbles and brings it to his lips, downing the content in one long gulp.

“Dean -”

“Don’t. Just don’t.” He shuts the laptop and, putting his palms flat on the table, he pushes himself to his feet. Then, bottle in hand, he leaves the kitchen

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Did I tell you? - Nick Jakoby x Reader [BRIGHT] (REQUEST)

Anon:Hi amazing person! Can I request something with Nick Jakoby? I was thinking along the lines of his S/O has this binder full of their text message conversations and she reads them everyday. (In the kitchen, bedroom, anywhere.) him discovering this such said Binder and finding it really heart felt. Him taking her to the bedroom and giving her a sweet loving to tell her how much it means to him to see such acts of kindness and love. Anyway, sorry for rambling! I love you amazing blog! Thank you!!!


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“Give me five minutes, I just need to wash my teeth”

You smiled down at Nick, who was waiting patiently sitting on the sofa.

“Take all the time you need”

Nodding you left him alone in your living room.

While waiting for you, Nick started to play nervously with the phone into his hands.

It wasn’t the first time you two went out for a date, but tonight was a very special one.

It’s been 3 years since your first date, and since then Nick understood that you were the right one.

You can call it orc instinct, love at first sight or whatever you like, but between the two of you there was something more than physical attraction.

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Operation: Surprise Jackson Wang


Jackson Wang/Reader [F]

Genre: Fluff, Birthday

Words: 3.5k

Originally posted by marksonislovely

In which you’re abroad and Jackson doesn’t think you’ll be with him on his birthday, but you and Mark get sneaky and set up a surprise for him at one of their concerts. 


Happy Birthday to this cute, hard working, talented, restless, beautiful, dependable, goofy dork whom I love with my whole heart.  I hope he has a wonderful birthday w/ plenty of rest and smiles. ^^ 


“How’s Japan?  Not too cold I hope?”  You chuckled into the phone at your boyfriend’s question. You had been in Japan for a few months for work reasons, and you had plans to stay longer, or until your work was finished.  Jackson, who was on the phone with you, was laying in the apartment you own right now, bored and alone.  You left him in charge of keeping it clean while you were gone, so he practically moved right in.  But, it wasn’t the same without you actually being there.

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Raw Talent Pt 2

Season 6b Masterlist

Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Word Count: 1,752

Warnings: None

   I tried calling Argent again as Scott dumped a can full of bullets onto the metal table in Argent’s bunker, causing a lot of unnecessary noise. Malia seemed to be aimlessly walking around, but I was sure she was trying to pick up on something. When the phone went to voicemail yet again, I sighed loudly and put my phone away.

   “He’s not answering our calls or texts,” I said, standing next to Scott as I picked up a bullet. There was no sign of the crest on it, but I remembered it clearly being an Argent crest.

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Going Back Home. Steve Rogers x Reader

Chapter 1

The reader has been invited to her older sister’s wedding on the East coast and is not looking forward to it. Her family is not the most supportive and has been the source of most of her insecurities, which threaten to come back out over the weekend. Luckily she has her supportive and wonderful boyfriend Steve Rogers coming along.

(This turned out longer than I thought, so it will be more than one chapter and there will be NSFW stuff later on.)

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“Steve you really don’t have to do this, I know you’re really busy lately what with training the new recruits and mission planning.” I said into my phone as I walked down the hallway to Director Fury’s office, stacks of files and folders in my arms.

“What’s the problem, I said I want to come with you and meet your family. You’re not ashamed of me are you?” I cringed at his words, the fact that Steve would even entertain that thought hurts me, if anything it should be the other way around.

I rush to explain the situation and make him understand that it really is not him, “I would never be ashamed of you Steve! It’s just, my family, aren’t the warmest people, why do you think you and the rest of the team have never met them despite knowing me for years?  And the last thing I want is for you to get put though all the ridiculous drama.”

There is a pause, and then Steve’s voice comes through the phone again, “well thats too bad cos I’m sticking by your side through whatever, you haven’t been able to get rid of me for a year and a half, you’re not gonna do it now.” I chuckle at that and finally concede, telling him that I will let Fury know we’ll both be on leave as I am en route to his office. “Don’t worry doll, it can’t be that bad, I’ll see you tonight, love you!”

I hang up the call and smile, at least its nice having someone that will put up with your family for you, and lets face it, Steve and I have been through far worse together. We had known each other since I had just started at SHEILD, and had been friends for a while until he had plucked up the courage (helped on by Tony and Clint) to ask me out. And who is really gonna say no to Captain America?

I reach Director Fury’s door while day dreaming and knock on the metal, I am told to enter and proceed to start my day of work.

Three days later I am standing in front of my half packed suitcase fretting about what to take with me while my ever patient boyfriend sits at the kitchen table, answering emails and occasionally giving his opinion to the questions “Is this one too short? Do you think this colour is weird? Steve you’re not even looking!”

“I’m sorry doll, it’s just that I need too finish this work before we go and you look wonderful in everything so I don’t even see why this is an issue.” I sigh at his words, and admit to myself that this is all a bit ridiculous, I have never in my life worried this much about what clothes I put on my body, the go to at SHEILD is whatever is easiest to fight in (even though I’m not in the field that often.)

“Yeah you’re right, I don’t even know why I’m so tense about this, I just haven’t seen my family in a while and they are always able to pick on all my little insecurities.” I stand there looking rather defeated and Steve’s face softens, he walks over to me and envelops me in a big super solider hug.

“It’s gonna be fine, and if anyone wants to start picking on my wonderful girl, then they’re gonna have to have a word with me first.” I smile at his words, reassured; if only for the time being.

A three hour drive up state later, and we come to a stop at our destination: a very large New England house set in it’s own grounds. Steve whistles “Whew! I didn’t realise your parents were loaded! This place is huge!”

I roll my eyes, “and also not owned by my parents, this is my Aunt and Uncles’ place, he made it big in stocks or something. We weren’t that well off growing up; though any amount of time spent with my mother you would think that we were the freaking Kennedys!”

Steve gives a chuckle as he takes out luggage out of the car, I try to help but he insists on carrying it all on his own (something about “being a gentleman, doll.”) Stepping inside the entrance Steve drops the bags by the staircase and I can already see that preparations for my sisters wedding are underway, with tables being laid and food being prepared. Looking around I notice a figure sweeping towards us, “Ah sweetheart you made it! So good of you to come.”

“Hello mother,” I say in my politest voice, trying to pretend I don’t notice her eyes looking me up and down, already assessing what she can see. I turn around “Mother this is the guest said I was bringing, my boyfriend Steve.”

Steve walks forward with a smile, “pleasure to meet you Ma’am.”

Neither Steve or I fail to notice the look of surprise what crosses my mothers’ face, as if she can’t quiet believe that I have a boyfriend. She smiles back “Well yes! It is lovely to meet the man that is able to go out with my daughter.” The words appear pleasant, but I can’t help wincing slightly, she notices.

Anyway, I’ll let you two get settled in, you in the last room on the right. And sweetheart,” she’s says as Steve and I go to get our bags and make our way to the room. “There are pre-wedding drinks this evening, I would hope you would make a bit more of an effort in you appearance for them.”

I shoot her a pleasant smile, although I was expecting the digs at my appearance, we had barely been here five minutes, and had thought I looked okay in my outfit.

Getting to the room I flop down on the bed with my hands over my face “remind me why I agreed to come out here again?”

Steve comes out of the bathroom and chuckles, “because it’s your sister’s wedding?” He says before he lies on top of me squishing me to the bed.

“Steve get off! I’m gonna suffocate under your ridiculously large body!” I yell, Steve just laughs and continues to hug and smother me.

“Sorry Doll, but its what I have to do, for the good of our country, I must neutralise the threat!” We both roll around on the be giggling like children and play fighting each other until Steve rolls over so that I am siting on top of him. I wave my hands above my head in mock victory and look down at him smiling. “Thank you for being here with me,” I tell him, meaning every word.

“Anything for my best girl,” he says before pulling me down for a kiss, it’s soft, sweet and reassuring. I think we can do this.

Temptation || Theo Raeken

Pairing: Theo x Reader

Plot: Theo finally takes you the way he wants after you’ve been teasing him for quite some time.

Warnings: Smut (a bit graphic but not extremely)

Word Count: 1074

A/N: Now, I’ve written smut before but this is the first time I’ve actually posted a sex scene as I’ve always thought that my writing skills in this department are bad but I’ve had this sitting in my ‘ready to post’ folder for a while. After reading it over and fixing some things as well as adding and deleting things here and there I finally think its at least decent enough to post. I guess just let me know what you think!

Whenever you and Theo were near each other, you were always accompanied by strong sexual tension. It had been that way since you met and it hadn’t gone unnoticed by the rest of the pack. Despite this, you never acted on it other than you teasing the hell out of the Chimera and him getting so riled up by your games that he’d have an inner battle with himself as to keep from pinning you against the closest surface and taking you right then and there the way he wanted to.

Today was no different as it had started out this morning in first period. You were supposed to be copying notes from the board and you were, but every now and then your mind would drift to Theo. You could feel his eyes on you every time you moved and when you finally looked over at him, your eyes caught his. He ran his tongue over his lips before clenching his jaw while he held your gaze. You smirked, returning your attention back to your notebook as you shifted, slowly pulling your jacket off of your shoulders. You let it fall down your arms, your supernatural hearing picking up on his frustrated growl when your movements caused your shirt to ride up your midsection just enough to make his imagination run wild.

After that was lunch. You sat at your normal table with the pack and Theo made sure he got a seat beside you, going as far as growling at Liam until he moved over. That whole period consisted of you purposely brushing against him, slowly running your foot up his leg, purring in his ear when he’d shoot you a look, and at one point, going as far as tugging down the hem of your skirt just enough for him to see the top of your black and red lace underwear. That was what made him moan as he shifted in his seat, reaching down to adjust the front of his jeans, thankful that the rest of the pack had either been in line for food at the time or hadn’t arrived yet. You had felt quite proud of yourself after that, unaware that Theo was on his way to snapping.

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A small word of thanks!

This Whouffaldi hug is for my readers:

Originally posted by brynabasil

I’ve just replied to some of the comments on my latest fanfic and I realized I owe all of you a big thank you. I mean it. Thank you to every single one of you who have read my fanfics, clicked the kudos button and especially those who spared a moment of their time to leave a word of feedback! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I don’t think there has been a time in my life when I haven’t written, at least not for very long. It’s something that I’ve inherited from my grandmother and it’s always been a big part of me. When I was a teenager, I won a local award for my short story and was invited to join a writing club led by a local author. I attended that for about 10 years and as a group, we published a couple of books and anthologies and it was a great time during which I learned a lot. When I left that club in my mid-20s, I fell into a sort of vacuum writing-wise because I needed a new challenge and I didn’t know where to go.

At that time, I discovered the first filming pics of Peter and Jenna on the set of DW and fell into the deep pit that is Whouffaldi which I decided to dedicate my heart and soul to :D I took on the challenge of writing multi-chapter fanfictions in a foreign language and the response I got for my fic called Family Ties really rocked my socks off because I had never in a million years expected so many people to read it and love it. It’s my love for Whouffaldi/Doctor Who as well as your amazing responses that made me wanna continue after that and here I am, 3 ½ years later, still writing fanfics and that’s mainly up to my amazing readers. You inspire me to keep on coming up with new fics, you make me want to improve, you make me want to sit down and write. It takes a lot of discipline to really sit down and try to write nearly every day because it’s tempting to just… not do it and you have no idea how much you’re really helping with that. It’s one thing to write a story you’re passionate about, but it makes it so much easier and so much more fun knowing that there are people out there who will take some time out of their day to read it. Thank you for making me get off my lazy arse!

There are currently 9 Whouffaldi ideas in my folder, there are other projects that I want to work on and over the last 3 ½ years, you guys have helped me just as much as the writing club I used to attend. That one taught me the basics of writing, helped me improve my writing in my native language, but you guys helped me write a multi-chapter fic, you helped me improve character writing, plotting, you allowed me to try out different genres and I can honestly say I learned a lot from you about writing and about myself and what I can do. While I was writing for the club, I was very proud of a 4000-word story I had written, but over the past 3 1/3 years I’ve written down more words than are in all 7 Harry Potter books combined and I never would have thought that possible in such a short time. Writing takes practice. Thank you guys for helping me practice. Thank you for still reading even though Whouffaldi has been off-screen for a while. Seriously, thank you!

Okay, that post got a bit out of hand (like some of my fics haha), but I really just wanted to express what your support means to me. I love writing and I love writing for you.

Runaway Bride 9

Summary: Your father forced you to marry a man you didn’t love what’s worst was you caught him having sex with one of the bridesmaid on your wedding day. It’s a perfect alibi to runaway from the stupid wedding, you left them a letter and run away while wearing your wedding gown. Sebastian Stan just finished his work and on his way to visit his mother when he saw you running. He thought that your groom left you in the altar, feel bad at what he thought happened to you so he followed you. You explained everything to him but both of you didn’t know a paparazzi took pictures of you and rumors spread like fire. His management have an idea to solve it: Pretend to be Mrs Sebastian Stan for four months. 


Originally posted by mybits-andpieces

Henry was passing by when he heard you crying on your room. Every night you are crying because of Sebastian and it has been weeks since then. He noticed you got thinner and paler. He showered you with expensive jewelries, clothes, bags and all kinds of gifts he can think of but that never made you smile even once.

He sighed and walked away from your room. Sebastian was also miserable he missed you so much and he wants you back.

Sebastian was called to Paul’s office but he was surprised to see Henry waiting for him “what the fuck do you want?” He scoffed at him.

Henry chuckled on Sebastian’s attitude “is that how you greet the CEO of the clothing line your endorsing?”

Sebastian’s eyes widened “that’s right Sebastian Stan I organized the party where you cheated on Y/N”.

“It’s all your fault” Sebastian growled at him.

“Did I tell you to make out with any bitches you see at the party? Don’t put the blame on me because you did it on your own” Henry chuckled “besides I know what I did and I won’t take credit for putting drugs on your drink at the party because I never did it”.

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The Alpha Shield Legend (Gif Set)

Part One     Part Two   Part Three    Part Four    Part Five    Part Six  

Part Seven

Scott x Sister!Reader

“You alright son?” John asked as he hurried past Stiles’ room and found the boy lent on his desk with his head in his hands.


“Scott just called (Y/N)’s up and moving again but we have no idea what happened last night to make her so ill.” Stiles sighed.


“Well here, this is the report I helped Lydia fill out… it’s not going in the files but I figured I could help get as much detail as possible.” John handed the folder to Stiles who started pouring over it.


“Wait when did Lydia call me?” Stiles asked out loud as he hurried to look through his phone. “Look, you did the same thing with Scott right, line up what happened at Scott’s and at the school.”

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Conflict of interest // Kim Junmyeon

Originally posted by idramaaddict

Pairing: CEO! Junmyeon x Chairman! reader (feat. Kyungsoo)

Genre: Fluff -ish, angst

Words: 2,165

Summary: You’ve spent your whole life preparing to enter the business world. Through blood, sweat, tears, and a little bit of nepotism, you land the stable yet stressful job of Chairman of the board at a large technology company. Your career means everything to you, but its all put at risk in the hands of the love of your life, his father, and a greedy politician.  

Part I | Part II 

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I ended up rewatching Frank and Karen’s first prison scene in 2.07 “Semper Fidelis”, so now here I am, completely distracted from my original purpose and about to go step by step through their body language, words, and how important this scene is for establishing their dynamic. Because it really is. (If you read this, I’m so sorry for the length.)

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Hidden agendas (Peter Pevensie x Reader/ Slight Angst)

Type: Drabble, Modern AU

Word Count:  3,8k

Genre: Fluff, Friendship, Bit of angst

Pairing: Peter Pevensie x Reader, Lucy Pevensie x Reader(Friendship)

Authors note/ Summary(Kinda): This is another type of fic I’ve wrote a year ago and it has been left unfinished as it has been sitting in a folder somewhere. So, I decided to post some parts as again, I got missing bits in between.
I think my idea back then was that Y/N was related to the royalty of Narnia, the previous kings and queens before the Pevensie’s and Jadis (The long winter in this story lasts 10 years), and she was summoned to Narnia by the letter that her late parents sealed for 21 years. So, she turns into a princess overnight with a choice to become a queen. And this is the period in between, of her getting to know Narnia and her developing relationship with the Pevensie’s…I guess…something along these lines.

Originally posted by ohnarnians

 ‘’Do you need that alarm clock?’’


‘’That one, the red simple one.’’

‘’Am…not in particular it was a gift.’’

‘’It doesn’t work.’’

‘’Yeah, Ed took out the batteries and suspicious looking “gadgets”. It’s from a country we’re not on a friend level with, and getting something simple as this for a gift, it leads into suspicion.’’ Lucy explains rotating the small square simple alarm clock in between her delicate fingers.

‘’Welllllll…your brother is in the right mind for precautions. Despite how annoying he might appear to you at those moments. Or others.’’ I smirk by the end of my sentence to which she shakes her head but still looks amused but makes her way across the room to me.

‘’Here, it’s junk either way. Like most of the stuff in my room.’’ She hands me over the small device and lets out a deep sigh, turning ahead and starts to approach her bed once more.

‘’Those are not your words.’’ I point out, eyes trained onto the clock as I spin around on her desk chair, to her desk. But I take a moment and glance up at her, as she sits onto the middle and edge of her bed, now the big lights turned off, and the camera momentarily turned off as well. She smirks but tiredly.

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Sparks Fly


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Warning: Small mention of death

Summary: Can I request a Theo fluff where two years ago Isaac died while being with (y/n) and in the present, Theo flirts with her and Lydia has a conversation with her and tells her to move on and Theo invites her to study (she’s failing) and things spark?

It was exactly 2 years ago that Isaac had passed, the memory still haunts you everyday, reminding you that nothing in life is permanent and everything can change in a heartbeat. You had no doubt that was the cause of you failing several classes, for your mood swings and the biggest one of all being distant from time to time.

School instead of being enjoyable to a certain degree, had now become a constant chore. One that required attendance, concentration and motivation. Passing through the hallways they were quiet, no student in sight. Re-adjusting the bag strap so it would sit more comfortable on your shoulder, paying attention was the last thing you wanted to do.

“Whoa Y/N, wasn’t expecting to see your beautiful face today”. Theo Raeken’s voice bounced off the walls, echoing throughout the massive hallway. Looking up at him all he did was show off his perfect smile.

“Sorry, zoned out…I suppose”, managing to return a smile.

Holding a folder filled with school work, one piece of paper was sticking out - the latest test that was randomly given out, no warning whatsoever the day before. “I’m guessing I wasn’t the only one that didn’t do well on the latest test?”, he said pointing to the score circled in red.

Feeling your cheeks get hot, you quickly covered the score. “Not my finest grade, but at least there is a chance to make up for it”.

“Well maybe we could have a study session? Two heads are better than one, right?”. This might have been the first time you saw Theo blush, or perhaps it was the lightning making it seem that way.

You intended your voice to appear strong, but instead all you did was stutter. “I-I”. Lydia had just come down the stairs and gave you a look indicating she wanted to talk. “I have to go”.

“What about the study session?”, Theo called out.

“I’ll get back to you”. Rushing past the flood of students that now filled the hallway you finally caught up with Lydia.

She grabbed your arm, gently of course and lead you somewhere more private. “Y/N you know I love you, but that conversation with Theo was hard to watch”.

Arching an eyebrow you were completely at a loss to what she was referring too. Rolling her eyes she smiled at how clueless you were, when it came to these things. “He was flirting with you!”.

Eyes wide open, she couldn’t be serious? Theo Raeken liked his girls confident, experienced and much more in the looks department, and you weren’t either of those things. “Good joke Lydia”, was the only response that came to mind.

“Y/N I’m never wrong when it comes to this, trust me Theo has been into you from the moment you guys met”.

Feeling the sudden need to take a seat, unfortunately there wasn’t one in sight. So the next best option was to lean against the wall. “Even if I believed you, I couldn’t go there….it wouldn’t be fair to Isaac”.

Lydia’s face softened and rubbed your arm, “What happened to Isaac is something that none of us will every forget, but don’t you think it’s time for you to live your life again?”. Tears were starting to form in your eyes. “He wouldn’t want you to not be happy Y/N, he’d want for you to smile, laugh and most of all he would want you to love”.

She pulled you in for a hug, until the bell rang and it was time to either go to class or to a free period if you had it. The first person you noticed was Theo standing near the end of the hall talking to Josh. His eyes drifted from Josh and found yours in a sea of people, and all that you could feel was a weird sense of calm.

He nodded towards Josh and made his way over, “So am I ever going to get an answer about our study da-session?”. Even though he covered up well, you knew what he originally intended to say.

“I have a free period, we can find a spot in the library?”. Theo told you to lead the way and the two of you managed to grab the corner table, slightly out of sight and giving a sense of privacy.

For the next 20 minutes it included silence, the occasional brush of the hands and the shy glance where the other person pretends not to notice. But you did notice, and so did Theo.

“Not that I don’t mind working in silence, but I thought the point of studying with someone is to talk?”. Theo put down his pen and moved the chair, so it was directly facing you.

No words came, mind was completely blank. Just sitting here and being so close to Theo invoked a spark, small as it was - it still couldn’t be ignored. “Were talking now”.

He laughed, before taking the pen from your hands and setting it down. “Thanks for helping me study”. It caught you off guard, Theo being sincere even though it was him who suggested the study session. “Anytime”, was your response.

Eyes lingered a lot longer than what one would recommend, and the spark from before flickered like it wanted to ignite into a flame. Tucking a strand of hair behind your right ear, Theo was making you nervous. Thankfully the bell rang at the right time you needed it too.

“I have a class that I need to get too”, packing up the books and pens scattered on the table.

For an unknown reason Theo was half smirking, half smiling. “Maths I know, we have the same class”. He stood up and handed you the last book, “Mind if I walk you to class?”. The gentlemen side to him was dose of fresh air, and as both of you were heading out the library and to the next class.

In that brief moment you remembered Lydia’s piece of advice.“He wouldn’t want you to not be happy Y/N, he’d want for you to smile, laugh and most of all he would want you to love”.

“Y/N?”, Theo broke you out of your daydream. “Zoned out again, huh?”, he asked. Nodding the last two seats at the back were empty, sitting down you couldn’t help but glance over at Theo.

It was a small step and the possibilities were endless. The calming feeling you felt with Theo was what had been missing. This wasn’t going to be easy, Isaac would always be a significant part of your life. But perhaps you could start a new chapter with Theo. After all when sparks fly between two people, beautiful things often happen.

The Omega - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Prompt by @merrahonthawall :  Hi! Can you do a one shot where the reader is very shy in school and no one really pays attention to her yet Liam knows all about her because he likes her but he’s shocked to find out she’s a werewolf? Sorry it this is a little vague

Word Count: 1,586

Warnings: None really

Author’s Note: I have no idea why, but lately I have been really insecure about my writing, because I’m dealing with a serious case of writer’s block. I tried to get it as you requested it, and if it’s not what you really wanted, I hope you still like it. Also, this isn’t beta proof, so please excuse any errors. Xoxo.

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

Scott and his pack had been trying to solve the current supernatural problem, causing Liam to stress out. There’s a new werewolf in town, an omega, and apparently it’s been causing more trouble than one should. The omega had been leaving evidence of a werewolf living in town as its been hurting innocent people. Sheriff Stilinski and Deputy Parrish had been trying to cover it up as a wild animal roaming in the woods, hoping the city of Beacon Hills would buy their lies.

One night, on a full moon, Liam had tracked the omega’s scent and followed it, which led him directly to the omega. From a distance, Liam saw the werewolf slowly approaching a hiker, who was going for a late night run, and ran towards the omega. However, the omega was quick on its feet and got away before Liam was within reach.

Two days after that night, Liam found out he almost had the chance to catch the omega again as Scott explained where the omega was.

“Apparently the omega was near the bowling alley last night,” Scott whispered, hoping the students walking pass him and Liam in the hallway wouldn’t hear him.

Liam’s jaw clenched as his hands curled into a tight fist. “What?” Liam hissed between his teeth. “I was there last night. Damn it!” Liam’s fist punched the nearest locker, his fist not only denting the steel, but knocking it off the hinges.

The principal turned around as soon as he heard the locker door hitting the floor. “Mr. Dunbar! My office now.”

“Whoa!” Scott immediately put his hands on his beta’s shoulders. “You need to calm down, Liam. You can’t wolf out in his office.”

Liam took a deep breath as he closed this eyes and tried to calm himself down before walking into the principal’s office.

Instead of suspending Liam or having him pay for the damage, the principal had decided to have Liam help at the front office during his free period for the rest of the year. Liam hated the idea but it was better than getting suspended from school again and having it on his school record.

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Imagine: Being married to Eric and after lots of talking you both decided to start raising a family but after a few years of trying, you found out that you might not be able to get pregnant. You wanted to keep trying but Eric didn’t want you to be disappointed if you couldn’t.

A few months after the last time you two have sex, you started to get sick. You thought it was just the flu but Eric, being the worry wort he is, made you go to your doctor (the same one who said you might not be able to have kids). You went by yourself because Eric couldn’t take off from work. While at the doctors, you find out that you are 2-3 months pregnant. After a moment of crying, you had asked the doctor if you could have a sonogram photo, even though it was only a blob. You didn’t want to tell Eric right away, you didn’t want to get his hopes up and then turn around and something happened. When Father’s Day came, you both had spent the day with your and Eric’s parents having lunch at a nice restaurant. While you and Eric were snuggling on the couch you made the excuse you had to pee, but instead you went to get the little present you hid in your tampon box, (because Eric is a lil shit who is nosey as shit and a tampon box is the last place he would ever look when you hide something from him). When you came back and sat back down, you handed the box (imagine like the little gift box someone gives you and it has like a gift card or something inside? yeah that’s what it’s like. Okay.) to Eric. He had a confused look on his face.

(ignore him shaking his head and just focus on the confused look on his face? It’s the only gif I have in my Eric gif folder on my computer where he looks confused okay.) When he asked you what is was, you smiled and said, “Open it.” He chuckled but still had a confused look on his face. When he took the lid off of the box, he looked even more confused; sitting inside was the sonogram photo you had gotten from the doctor. Before he could ask or say anything you said, “Happy Father’s Day.” You could tell that he was genuinely confused but when he said, “I’m not a father.” You grinned and told him, “In like, 7 or 8 months you will be.” He looked up at you like you were playing a trick on him.

 At first, he said that it was really messed up that you would play a joke on him like that. When you had told him that the day you went to the doctor you found out that you weren’t sick but pregnant. After you told him that the little blob on the sonogram was his unborn baby, he had the biggest grin on his face.

Eric was so happy that he was going to be a dad. He pretty much tackled you into a bear hug and planted kisses all over your face and thanking you over and over again for making him the happiest man alive. For the rest of the night, you guys snuggled on the couch and watched movies with Eric already resting his hand against your belly. 

Hey Fam! So since today has been hella emotional for me, I thought I would do this gif imagine a bit differently. I needed some happy lil thing rn and this is the result! I hope that you guys don’t mind that I did today’s gif imagine like this… I could also do more like this if you want, too. Idk, I just thought I would kinda switch it up… Ya, know.. add a little flavor to this blog…?…. hahaha. So let me know what you think! Love you guys! XOXO!

Rise Up #2

Summary: Dean and Sam catch wind of a case in Minnesota.
Characters in this chapter: Davena Garnet Rowe (OFC), Sam & Dean Winchester
Word Count: 1.2K
Warnings: Language, suspense (nothing more than what’s in the show)
Author’s Note: Italics are internal thoughts. GIFs not mine (x)(x)
Miss the beginning? 

Originally posted by banshy

Davena woke to the rain, the cold drops like ice, smearing the soot on her still warm, smoking skin. She pushed up to her knees and coughed, retching up the thick black substance until her head felt like it was going explode, until her lungs and ribs ached. Her body shook as she stood, as she took in the unfamiliar surroundings.

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