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taejun’s outfits are primarily monochromatic, featuring mostly whites, blacks and greys, with the occasional splash of colour; he holds a preference for neutral tones, avoiding brightly coloured, garish items of clothing. simple black and white suits ( sometimes paired with a silk tie ) make up his typical work attire. he tends not to wear patterned clothing, and if so, doesn’t usually stray from striped ( or very rarely plaid, if on a flannel shirt ) patterns. 

his strong legs are usually clad in dark jeans, some tattered and worn from repeated washing, wool trousers, and slimline joggers or sweatpants for wear in the comfort of his own home, as well as when exercising. 

in terms of tops, taejun can often be seen in one of the following : an array of faded t-shirts, long-sleeved and sleeveless cotton shirts ( with or without printed designs on them, some striped ), plain coloured sweaters, raglan tees, and white, black or navy button-up shirts left unbuttoned at the top.

taejun is relatively simple in terms of his choice of footwear; when not working, he’ll usually wear casual low-tops for everyday wear ( common brands include adidas, air jordan, nike, vans and converse ), heavy-duty boots when motorcycle riding, or dr martens. otherwise, he’ll wear laced, black leather shoes ( typically derby-type dress shoes ) whilst working.

layered coats and jackets are a staple with his outfits, consisting of bomber jackets, leather jackets, winter overcoats and windbreakers amongst other outerwear ; his choice(s) will vary with weather / season. he owns multiple denim jackets, some of which are embellished with an array of sewn patches and slogans. a myriad of hoodies, branded activewear ( usually adidas ) and running shoes are amongst his gym attire

any accessories he wears tend to be silver and are normally limited to watches, sunglasses ( his choice brands include ray-ban, police and gentle monster ), belts and plain rings ( a couple worn at a time, at most ); only on occasion will he wear scarves, caps, beanie hats, bracelets or necklaces. 

Travelin Soldier (1940s!Bucky x Reader)

Authorโ€™s Note: Hey guys! So between listening to music and reading a book for my English class, I remembered this song by the Dixie Chicks, and I turned it into a little fic by the same name as the song. If you want, you can listen to it while you read to increase emotions. The only thing I tweaked is that Iโ€™m applying it to WWII instead of the Vietnam War. Lyrics are bold and italicized.ย I hope you guys enjoy!

Summary:ย Just hours before Bucky ships off to Europe, he meets the reader in the cafe she works at and befriends her.

Other Characters: Steve and the Howling Commandoes (mentions)

Warnings: Angst and sadness :(

Word Count: 1,153

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