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underrated twenty one pilots lyrics

  • “i don’t believe in talking just to breathe and falling selfishly”
  • “gnawing on the bishops, claw our way up their system”
  • “a mortal, rotting piece of song will help me carry on”
  • “i’m the son of all i’ve done - impostor, been fostered, then my new father drained my dirty blood”
  • “i hope they choke on smoke ‘cause i’m smoking them out the basement”
  • “my nose and feet are running as we start to travel through snow”
  • “i will carry all your shame”
  • “i asked forgiveness three times, same amount that i denied”
  • “put away all the gods your fathers served today, put away your traditions”
  • “we have enough stuff just to blow stuff up”
  • “i’m screaming submission and i don’t know if i am dying or living”
  • “i just won’t let go until we both see the light”
  • “is the blood mine or yours? don’t wanna do this anymore”
  • “am i screaming to an empty sky?”
  • “i could pull the steering wheel”
  • “then i sat up off the floor and found the breath i was searching for” 
  • “tell our dad i’m sorry”
  • “we all know somebody who knows somebody who’s doing great”
  • “hope you’re dead, ‘cause how could you sleep at a time like this?”
  • “i do not have writer’s block, my writer just hates the clock”

Headcanon that Varric, Blackwall and Bull would spend evenings in the tavern together, drinking and exchanging stories.

Headcanon that Dorian and Solas would debate different magical techniques in the Library and both actually improved their fighting abilities from said debates (although sometimes they would end in passive aggressive conversations, shouted from different levels of the rotunda).

Headcanon that Leliana and Viv would spend evenings on the balcony discussing the latest Orlesian politics, high fashion trends and drinking expensive wine.

Headcanon that Cullen and Dorian frequently played chess with each other, especially after a particularly stressful day, and they would exchange stories of home, of family and friends.

Headcanon that Cole would often sit and listen to Josephine talk about all of the plans she needed to make- and they’d both feel better for it, Josi having someone to talk to, and Cole knowing that he helped just by listening.

Headcanon that Sera’s pranks aren’t always childish, sometimes she would overhear soldiers who were feeling downtrodden, homesick or lonely and would leave them packages of cookies and other treats stolen from the kitchen.

Headcanon that despite all their differences, the Inquisition companions interacted a lot more than we saw, going on trips to Val Royeaux to outfit them all, picnics in the Hinterlands to boost morale and improve trust between comrades and evenings in at Skyhold, eating, drinking and generally being merry.


Summary: Spencer keeps talking at the wrong moments

Pairing: Spencer x Reader

A/N: This is inspired by | this |song by Anteros. This has been sat in my drafts for ages and I’ve finally admitted I’m probably never going to write a second draft, so enjoy!

Despite the fact you were five martinis deep and had to squint your eyes to focus didn’t mean you were an idiot. It did however mean that you were drunk, but you weren’t an idiot.

You still noticed how every time you and Spencer got together, the rate of his rambling increased at a rate that you presume only he would be able to calculate. Not that you didn’t find it endearing, you always enjoyed listening to what he had to say, whether it was the number of relationships that would end in tragedy, or the square footage of train tracks that covered the state of California.

But tonight it felt slightly out of place. His words ringing slightly and your drunken mind not quite catching the rate of which he spoke. Finding yourself nodding between his sentences, regardless of whether it fitted or not.

“Right” You replied, to what you weren’t quite sure. And with his hand resting on your thigh, his slender fingers tracing patterns whilst he spoke, you were sure it didn’t matter. The evening had already been spent making out instead of watching the obligatory Friday night movie  (although in the past few weeks it had become more obligatory to make out than actually watch the movie or show). But Spencer was always the one to break it off. Stopping to point out an inaccuracy in the film you’d put on, or to answer a question you’d asked hours before.

You were sure it wasn’t nerves. After all, as soon as he finished telling you the exact percentage of a red shirts survival rate, he returned to kissing you as though he hadn’t even stopped. And every other night you’d have happily sat there and listened, asked questions and prompted responses. But whether it was the martini’s or weeks worth of built up impatience, you find yourself interrupting him.

“Spencer.” Leaning forward you say his name finely. His eyes fixed to yours as you begin planting soft kisses along his jaw, tantric movements as you watch for his reactions, his breath hitching as you move closer, his hands reaching for your hips as you straddle his lap. His words lost to your lips. A conversational silence strumming between you.

“Tell me over Breakfast?”

history lessons

hello! i have a bunch of requests that i promise i am working on - but this has been sitting in my drafts unfinished for ages and i finally got inspired to finish it last night.


luke hemmings & y/n
word count - 5375
warnings - sexual content, language


“Your boyfriend is waiting for you.”

You rolled your eyes as Olivia smirked at you.

You could already see Luke sitting on the wall, in the exact same spot he sat in every day. As much as you appreciated not having to get the bus home to and from school everyday, you weren’t exactly thrilled that the trade off meant that you had to share two daily car journeys with Luke Hemmings.

“He’s actually reading one of those extra credit books,” Olivia said, squinting so she could make out the title of the book Luke looked engrossed in. “What a fucking loser.”

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