this has been sat in my drafts for ages

history lessons

hello! i have a bunch of requests that i promise i am working on - but this has been sitting in my drafts unfinished for ages and i finally got inspired to finish it last night.


luke hemmings & y/n
word count - 5375
warnings - sexual content, language


“Your boyfriend is waiting for you.”

You rolled your eyes as Olivia smirked at you.

You could already see Luke sitting on the wall, in the exact same spot he sat in every day. As much as you appreciated not having to get the bus home to and from school everyday, you weren’t exactly thrilled that the trade off meant that you had to share two daily car journeys with Luke Hemmings.

“He’s actually reading one of those extra credit books,” Olivia said, squinting so she could make out the title of the book Luke looked engrossed in. “What a fucking loser.”

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