this has been rotting in my drafts for three months so here

KnB Season 3 Vol. 8 Drama CD

Hahaha. According to what was written on my drafts I was supposed to post this last December. 

Even though I’m a trash, I’m also an old rotting trash so I don’t have the energy to draw even though I was planning to but since it’s 5/4 A.K.A. MAYUAKA DAY *CRIES*, I wanted to do ANYTHING so Mayuzumi drama CD for anyone who wants to read!! TTATT!! 

3rd Season Volume 8 Drama CD feat. Mayuzumi Chihiro


  • Ousaka Ryouta as Mayuzumi Chihiro
  • Hatano Wataru as Mibuchi Reo
  • Masuda Toshiki as Hayama Kotarou
  • Fujiwara Takahiro as Nebuya Eikichi
  • Kamiya Hiroshi as Akashi Seijuurou

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i’m thinking of you all the while (II.) || a bonkai oneshot

A/N: 6x22 rewrite.

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, part II of the season finale AU is finally here! I went through a pretty dry spell with my writing these past months, but I finally got to cracking again and I’m glad I managed to finish the draft I started back in June (no joke).

So, the first part, as you recall, was all about Bonnie reluctantly killing Kai and all the good angst that comes with that. This time around, it’s more sexy and devious and morally ambiguous. Because they both get to live. Or do they? For part (I) go here

“Of course, you don’t have to help her. You could just walk away. She dies of collapsed lung, no blood on your hands, and you and Elena get to live the life you always dreamed of.”

Kai had been taught that words were like honey. Dip your tongue in that sweet elixir, and you could coax the bear out of his lair, but you could also spite the queen bee. The trick was to mix honey with a little venom, every time.

So really, Malachai Parker just wanted to see Damon and Elena ride into the sunset together. Now, if their tires suddenly got stuck against the corpse of their witch friend, that was only a minor hiccup on the road to happiness, right?

Besides, who has ever heard of happiness without sacrifice? The most Damon Salvatore would have to do was take three steps back, turn and exit the church. That was hardly taxing.

“Either way,” he added, not unkindly, “you better act quick. She hasn’t got much time.”

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