this has been really fun tho

You know what I like about artists?

That…every single thing they do it’s amazing.

I’m not even kidding, like, the doodles, man. The doodles are my favorite thing ever because they are just so small, carefree, and fun.

I have a few artist friends, and they sometimes share their stuff in our squad chat and it’s always good to see the doodles because they light up my day. 

I think the doodles are my favorite part of art.

And this is just a guess here, bc I’m no artist in the sense of drawing so I wouldn’t know for sure, but I can just imagine that …every artist is so at ease while doodling and they don’t think much of it and yet it’s amazing on its own way once it’s done. 

Like, this is coming from someone who has like, zero talent in drawing ok? So, believe me when I say that I’m in A W E by every single piece of art. 

I see a lot of art/fanart where they go like ‘oh it’s just a doodle psssssh’ and whenever they are joking or not, I fall in love with it because damn, look at that.

To be able to let every single drop of creativity you have inside you and let it run smoothly across a tablet, paper, or whatever you draw in, it’s incredible. 

I wish I could do that, I really wish so, but I can’t; which is okay ofc, got my talents somewhere else. 

Like, for me, for instance, as a writer, it really takes me…well a while tbh, to come up with a cool thing. Sure, I can ramble about the idea, and expand it a lil, but like, it’s not the final product. 

Doodles? Doodles are art whenever they are finished or not. Maybe that’s just the way I see it? Small, tiny, carefre, charming, cute, for fun. 

*shrugs* I don’t know, man, it’s something that has been on my mind, but I really hope that every artist out there appreciate their own doodles bc I think they are cute and good. 

So, keep up the good work guys, because someone out there appreciate your art, no matter how small you think it is. <3

Feb 13. Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Zombietale.


hhghrjhgr i really enjoy her??? like a lot 

now pearl is On A Mission to woo this beautiful giant girl, and shes not sure why but she just CANT leave her alone

lol and peridots like 


I haven’t seen anyone on tumblr put up the wanted images/posters yet so here they are!

Note about Futaba’s: Hers says Navi for that is her codename in the JP release of the game. I’m pretty sure that the eng release of the game just uses her poster as is so I put together a version with her eng codename here! Hope I did ok putting it together for I am not a professional lol. Feel free to use that and the ones above as you like! Enjoy!

I do take image upload requests!

Leonard Snart

Honestly, I love Len so much and want him to return to the show.

I love captain canary and all his ships, but i miss him on the team. He was one of the best, if not THE BEST character.

He was the most developed with a great backstory and shit and idk i loved his snark…

His heroism emerging even tho he’s an anti-hero. But still being a badass criminal/thief/crook.

I feel like the show has been trying to fill the gap with new characters on the team like Amaya, Nate, (who aren’t bad), but are not the same!

Snart was a really fun character who had the best smirk and charisma that drawled in the viewers.

His interactions was the best and I miss our crook Captain Cold!

Wentworth is a gem and one of the best actors. It was really great seeing him back on the show and I want it to last, even if it means he is a villain!

I hope he lives and is in the next season!

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SHINee at a thrift store?? :D

~shinee’s gonna pop some tags~


  • weirdly gravitating towards clothes that don’t even look like they’re from this century 
  • “they’re comfy ok what more do you want from clothes” 
  • finds a pair of (key: ugly) elastic pants (minho: i think my grandma has the same pair) 
  • snaps the waistband a few times
  • these are his now and he’s never taking them off
  • actually pays for them while wearing them 
  • he wears (minho’s) grandma’s clothes
  • he looks incredible 


  • has been in the dressing room for a while 
  • they know he’s still in there bc they can see his sneakers (taemin: hyung you good?? / jong: *mumbling something* / ot4: what
  • can’t even open the door bc his arms are incapacitated so a worker has to open it with a key 
  • the door swings open to reveal kim jonghyun, world-famous kpop singer, national heartthrob, owner of a lambo, mother of taemin, all sorts of tangled up in a sweater with his arms sticking out and his head somewhere swallowed in the fabric 
  • shinee: ………………. / jong: …….. you guys gonna help me or what 
  • everyone snapped a picture (minho: this is going to be my new contact photo for you ahaha what a dumbass) 
  • still BUYS the sweater (jong: it looked good when properly put on ok) 


  • brought his own canvas bag 
  • “my body is ready, let us begin”
  • taemin’s pulling random shit off the hangers saying ooo~ try this giant flamingo-print shirt on
  • but he tied it so it looks good and that was not the reality taemin expected (jong: hey / taemin: you plagiarized my album)  
  • his pile of stuff he wants is v rapidly growing and he’s thinking of all the diy projects he could do 
  • actual sparkly eyes at all his new clothes and possibilities 
  • actively choosing not to question the members’ fashion choices too much bc his stress level will just go up, up, UP (hitchhiking baby)
  • is he just really good at finding good things or does just everything look good on him? (key: both. it’s both `▽´) 


  • buys another pair of track pants to add to his ever-growing collection (”i didn’t have a green one let me live”) 
  • “guys doesn’t this pullover remind you of our suits from dream girl era?” / ot4: haha yeah omg those suits
  • it’s a frankenstein’s monster of patterns and he loves it a lot 
  • he just kept on holding it the entire time they were there, very fiercely defending its honor from taemin’s general assholery (taemin: it’s ugly / minho: your face is ugly)
  • unironically wears it everywhere
  • it makes him easy to spot in a crowd tho 
  • might as well be wearing a neon sign 
  • choi minho, rising fashionista or fashion terrorist? 


  • isn’t really his scene but since he’s here might as well have some fun~
  • every time he talks to a member he’s wearing a different floppy hat but they’re not commenting on it 
  • TvT notice me senpais
  • pulling the most ridiculous things he could find and posing and strutting like he’s on a runway
  • walk, walk, POSE (ot4: *clap clap* / taemin: oh thank you thank you) 
  • sweg 
  • has been steered away from the shoes section bc nope, not today  
  • he’s actually growing kind of attached to this zebra-print jean jacket 
  • he??? bought it??? 
  • @ himself: when are you ever going to wear this / taemin: shrug emoji 
  • found a dope bucket hat
  • minho your sweater is still stupid 

Day 31: Diana is spooked in Halloween (Akko is still learning to fly ^^).

Last day of inktober! I began doing it because a friend wanted me to, otherwise this blog would be kinda dead haha. It’s been fun tho, I’m happy i could finish it, and reading your tags has been my favorite thing <3

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what are some of your favorite wicked fics?

I kind of tend to go off other people’s rec lists because 1) i’m not that big of a fanfic reader tbqh 2) this fandom is kinda ancient and 3) is a nightmare to browse so i need someone to help me guide that wasteland.

Considering you’ve probably seen this recommended before I’ll also add what I think makes them unique. Let’s start with the writers who are still active in alphabetical order:


If you like your gelphie slowburn, there’s no better writer than GretchenMaurice. With a total word count of over 400k you’ll be quite content for a while (pretty sure she actually needs writing to survive at this point). 

I love how she has grown in her skills so visibly, and all her fics are absolute gems. Also, while we’re at it, don’t forget to follow her on tumblr @lily-onher-grave​ bc every once awhile she reblogs one of those prompt games and your dash becomes a complete party of gelphie drabbles! :D

neednot’s Far Safer

Nita hasn’t published that many gelphie fics yet, but definitely keep an eye on her! When I read her work I always feel like every word matters. As if she handpicked it and placed it and no other construction could work. Definitely the most “poetic” gelphie writer. The flow in her writing is magnificent.

Also, if you don’t already, totally follow her @need-not​! She is wonderful & kind and deserves all the love!


I mean, at this point, who doesn’t know Emmanuel’s work in the gelphie fandom? Their work is almost a character study in the deepest details. Their characters are so fleshed out and feel so real and human. They aren’t afraid to make their characters incredibly flawed and isn’t afraid either to show the ugly sides of our beloved faves. Really interesting concepts and has definitely influenced my reading of the book. 

*Note, I haven’t read all their work bc most of it is explicit and I’m sex-repulsed lol. I have been reading Shame Machine though, because Em’s been really good with warnings and letting me know where the explicit stuff happens. So even tho I can’t vouch for all their work, knowing Em it’s still excellent! Have fun in the E-rated corner if that’s your thing. :P

If you don’t follow them already @gelphie​ I’m just assuming you’re new here. In which case, welcome! :D

Okay and now for the “Oldies but Goldies” in alphabetical order:

Beta Nova - Emerald City Lies

This might be my favorite fanfic period. I’ve read this fic over and over again, even though I’m a person who barely reads anything twice. It has incredible sharp dialogue and wit. God, I’ve laughed so much with this fic. It’s exactly my sense of humor. IT’S NOT EVEN FINISHED! IT PROBABLY NEVER WILL BE! and I still love this fic so goddamn much. go figure.

Beta Nova has exactly two other fics, both under 1,5k. One is fluffy and domestic and lovely, the other rips your heart out yet somehow summarizes gelphie perfectly in such few words. Love this writer.

jemandhyel’s A Very Bad Idea

I would’ve never discovered this fic all over on livejournal if not for Em’s gelphie fic rec list, but boy am I glad that I did! It’s Shiz era. It’s careless fun. It’s hella in character and absolutely lovely. I would say more, but honestly? It’s more fun if you go in blind. Just read it. Just read it and have an absolute blast of a time.


There’s a reason why you see this talented asshole on every gelphie fic rec list ever. Universally acknowledged as one of the best writers in this fandom. RM’s work will fuck you up in the best way possible. Read it. Read all of it. Yes. even the Avaric-Elphaba bodyswap one. Even the glessa one. Yes. Do it. Have fun. Have an absolute fucking blast.

(Personal faves amongst the faves: The Last True Eminent Thropp and The Variables in Our Equation but again. just read all their work. Phenomenal).

The Noble Arduenna’s The Narrative Strain

I found the concept of this fic absolutely fascinating. The overall question of this fic is “what would happen if the story was written by someone else?” which, given it’s fanfic, is wonderfully meta. 

If this was published after Hamilton came out, I can guarantee you it would’ve had a “Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story” quote at the beginning. Really well executed AU.

And fuck it, while we’re at it, might as well plug my own fanfic Walls of Sanctuary right? I’m a big fan of clashing different stories together. This time it’s gelphie in a Hunchback of Notre Dame timeline. Fun times! :D Tomorrow we get another update woo! 

Not sure if there’s anything new here for you anon, but it’s always great to reread these fanfics! 

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So like, I have a really dumb question, but first, your edits are really good like omg. But out of curiosity can you tell me how you make them? Sorta of a tutorial? I just wanna make these for fun and send them to my friends/try to make actual edits for the hell of it lmao. Totally okay if you don't tho!! I respect that and I'll still love your blog. Thank you for reading this, have a lovely day~ ♡^▽^♡

oh my god this has been in my inbox for so long….. sorry it took me so long to answer it!!

Okay, so I’m not great at explaining things so I recorded myself making one, but I’ll still try to explain it so you can understand.  Also I use for all of this because I’m cheap and don’t want to buy programs, and it works good enough so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And aaaaa spoilers I recorded myself making a quote I haven’t posted yet

(Under the cut because this got very long)

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I’ve had these for about a month now I think, I have just been too busy to finish them, there are actually 4 halves, Pearl and Amethyst here, and then Lapis and peridot for the other one which I’ll post later, I still have to finish shading Lapis.

but this has been a lot of fun shading practice. and even tho doing parts of this was hell i still really liked the end result XD

a.k.a shading style practice

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pretty please i need to know the deets about beauty blogger R and that video and also maybe how people respond to it? :3


  • so grantaire is like, CRAZY talented with makeup, its unreal, so he has a pretty popular channel w a few million subscribers
  • he really likes highlighter. like a lot. + shiny things + metallics
  • he does a LOT of collabs with cosette who is also a beauty blogger
  • enjolras is in a lot of his videos like, puttering around in the background, and its like common knowledge that hes The Boyfriend but hes never really been In a video until they do the tag which they both have a Lot of fun doing
  • he’s clueless tho. he picks up a tube of mascara and is like “oh this is mascara is this for your eyebrows??” 
  • some things he does recognise tho from grantaires videos but its always the most random products? an eyeshadow primer? a contouring brush?
  • “are you making me look hot??” “you always look hot” “aw wtf”
  • it gets intense when grantaire offhandedly mentions that cosette and marius did this video and that marius did pretty well
  • enjolras really wants to beat marius at makeup skills
  • it doesn’t happen, he’s TERRIBLE at it but he still insists that grantaire looks really good
  • he doesn’t. he’s wearing mascara in his eyebrows and liquid eyeliner as lipliner
  • the video BLOWS UP overnight and the majority of the feedback they get is really positive, ofc there are bigots and haters out there but thats nothing new
  • grantaire often has to physically remove enjolras’ laptop so he can’t fight for his honor with people in the comments of his videos

i want to celebrate my 3 years / 14k followers somehow but i’m not entirely sure what to do and i need more blogs to follow so in the meantime if you post

  • harry potter 
  • game of thrones / asoiaf
  • star wars
  • fashion
  • aesthetics / scenery / poetry

could you please like/reblog this? my dash has been so quiet and now that i’m active again i really would love to meet more people! and if you have any fun ideas for my celebration don’t hesitate to send them my way! i’m considering giveaways, prompts, playlists, anything fun to celebrate all you lovely people supporting me over the years!

Human!Outsider for the Month of Void. Sort of based on my AU where he is turned human by the Abbey and has to slowly regain his connection to the Void while trying to survive as a complete noob at being human.

Nyeeeee lol so I decided to try doing an adoptable OvO

So this here is Custard cake ~~ ! If you would like this smol as your own, $10, it’s first come first serve, so e-mail me at (Bear in mind this is kind of an experiment lololol;; it’s my first time doing this ;v;) She’s currently available!

You may change the name and make small changes to her design, but no more than that! Do not steal this oc pls and thank u uvu

If people like this idea of me doing adoptables, I will do more bc I love doing it omg

Custard Cake has been adopted by @askdarlingadelaide! Thank you very much for buying ~ Also, people seem to like me doing adopts, so I will do my best to make more kawaiiness in the future!!! *>v<*)/

Prompt:  Bakugou’s s/o is “half-and-half” and has a hidden regeneration quirk. Bakugou discovers it in the worst way (thinking she died)  

Requester: Potion Anon

Notes: I felt like doing a scenario again I hope that’s chill it also turned out long srry - so it’s under the cut

Originally posted by tobiasjc


Bakugou had felt dread before. That deep-seated feeling, when one’s heart dropped into the pit of their stomach, so heavy it hurt, it’s continuous, persistent beating churning sickness in your gut. Loathe as he was to admit it, he’d also felt fear. Heart-stopping, adrenaline enduing fear, white hot and blistering through protruded veins as he fought with everything in him against the source of the feeling. But never in his life had Bakugou ever felt dread and fear like this.

Everything seemed to pause when he saw s/o fell. Everything around him seemed to slow into a halt, the clanging, banging, screaming of the battlefield dulled by a sudden, painfully sharp ringing in his ears. The only thing that moved was you, back arched and eyes wide, blood splattering forward from your head. You seemed to move so slowly, as if falling in slow motion, and yet Bakugou still could not force his feet to move in order to catch you.

“Don’t take your eyes off m–” Bakugou was shocked, horrified, desperate and, hell yeah he was scared. But he wasn’t stupid. He’d heard the enemy long before they’d announced their presence, and he didn’t bother toying with the villain - he didn’t have time to play games here. The scream the exploding hero’s attacker emitted when a palm pressed to his face, exploding with little mercy, was horrific. Bakugou didn’t care, even as the villain doubled over, gasping for air and gripping as his face. After what they’d just done, he deserved this. They were lucky he hadn’t killed them.

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Here’s the ryuji & yusuke roommates au literally no one asked for but you’re getting it anyway

>So how the hell does a starving artist end up rooming with an athelete-turned-punk
>The answer is right there in the question
>Yusuke is absolutely incapable of taking care of himself
>Ryuji can’t stand it
>Basically, once they all graduate, Ryuji & Yusuke are the only ones who choose not to go to college
>Well, it’s more like Ryuji hasn’t figured out what to do with his life so he’s taking a year off (he’s gonna go to college eventually he’s gotta do his momma proud) while Yusuke is taking a few courses at a nearby university, just like Futaba is (tho she’s only going as mandatory [read: Makoto] socializing practice)
>Except while Sojiro is covering Futaba’s expenses, Yusuke can barely manage to cover art AND school expenses. He forgoes eating most days.
>And it’s pretty pitiful, you know. Sojiro offered Akira’s old space when Yusuke moved out of the school dorms, but Yusuke kept burning the curry and weirding out customers, so it pretty quickly became “as soon as you find another place, please leave”
>Ryuji took pity. Say what you will about him, but Ryuji ain’t the type to not lend a helping hand. Besides, he’s been (surprise!) saving up for a place of his own for a few years already, so he’s down to have a roommate.
>Do you know how bad of an idea this turns out to be.
>Futaba bugs their apartment so she can keep track of this disaster
>She runs a blog about it
>It’s famous. And has spawned like 3 memes
>The first month isn’t too bad. Ryuji works 2 jobs so he’s gone most of the time, & Yusuke somehow manages to keep his artistic endeavors to his side of the apartment (they share a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom with as much living space as you’d expect from a Tokyo apartment)
>Ryuji also does all the cooking. He figured out how early on, since his mom was usually out at work until dusk. Ryuji can’t cook anything fancy, & they usually just end up with veggie hotpot or ramen, but Yusuke is quick to compliment Ryuji’s skill (“And here I thought running was your only talent.” “…Thanks?????”)
>But then rent comes up
>And dividing up chores
>Things self-destruct from there
>Neither of them are the cleanlinest of people. They both prefer letting their stuff clutter in a corner or spread out on the floor. But when Yusuke’s clutter gets on Ryuji’s side or vice versa. Bitch it’s on.
>Also Yusuke almost never pays rent. He gets paid pretty well whenever his art is sold, but that’s rare & Yusuke refuses to get a job. Yusuke also does work on commission, but that requires /a lot/ of string-pulling from their friends.
>Please help these boys
>Their throats are sore from all the fighting
>They do get along sometimes tho. Ryuji gets Yusuke into video games (Yusuke loves visual novels & plays an unhealthy amount of otome). Yusuke gets Ryuji hooked on documentaries, tho Ryuji has an obvious preference for animal docs over the art docs Yusuke watches.
>Also whenever Ryuji has time off, Yusuke can sometimes drag him out of bed to go have some fun at places they both like, such as the planetarium or the monja shop

The waiting room:

Dave: Sooo… you can fly?

Hero MC: Yup.

Dave: cool.

Sam: Why are you here?

Hero MC: Things got intense, my friend with benefits is in a life and death situation so I decided to bail. Cant handle all the stress. What about you?

Sam: Well.. we needed to investigate Hayley Rose’s death…. but we didnt.. and people forgot… and stuff.. we’ve been here for a long, long time now.

Hero MC: You guys are detectives? Cool.

Dave: Well I am a practical handsome detective and she just has a fetish of running after a psychotic old man.

Hero MC: Well, I am dealing with a psychotic old man, a teenager and a really hard guy.

Sam and Dave: …… interesting

Trr MC: Well, its been fun being here with you guys, now excuse me its my time to claim a prince and to own a bitch. Time to get everyone in Cordonia to bow to me!

Dave: *sigh* How long will we be staying here again?

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Do you do traditional art too? If you do could you show us some of them?if not its alright thank you ☺

ohh man ok so I haven’t actually done much drawing traditionally recently - nowadays I do most of my drawing digitally :(

However! Here are some draws/doodles from a couple of my previous sketchbooks (2013-2017) because I want to emphasise that drawing in sketchbooks doesn’t have to be serious 100% of the time and that you can just artistically shitpost if u feel like it haha

under the cut because this is going to be rlly long

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