this has been really fun tho

Leonard Snart

Honestly, I love Len so much and want him to return to the show.

I love captain canary and all his ships, but i miss him on the team. He was one of the best, if not THE BEST character.

He was the most developed with a great backstory and shit and idk i loved his snark…

His heroism emerging even tho he’s an anti-hero. But still being a badass criminal/thief/crook.

I feel like the show has been trying to fill the gap with new characters on the team like Amaya, Nate, (who aren’t bad), but are not the same!

Snart was a really fun character who had the best smirk and charisma that drawled in the viewers.

His interactions was the best and I miss our crook Captain Cold!

Wentworth is a gem and one of the best actors. It was really great seeing him back on the show and I want it to last, even if it means he is a villain!

I hope he lives and is in the next season!

Feb 13. Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Zombietale.


♡ here are my draws for this year’s daiya big bang!! i worked together with ewa for this bang and it was really really fun to chat together about these boys!! thanks so much for keeping me in order and things and i hope we can jam more together in the future!! ♡

here’s ewa’s wonderful fic!!! and a big thank you to the organizers for all of their hard work!!

Flower Embroidery jacket buddies!!! 🐙🐚🌊🌸🌻🌷🌼

Suri and Lante are uni students and best friends!
They have very different schedules but they try to meet up once a week for chit chat.

Suri is an oc, a female octoling I never introduced even tho she has been around for a long time! She is really busy with uni studies and works but she is a cheery helpful octoling. When she plays she likes to use the octobrush to run all over the place for fun.
tho her lack of direction sense makes her always lost…

LANTE use he/him!!

but yea in general Homestuck has both its shining moments and terribad ones and I can’t recommend it to everyone but I Love It A Lot as something that changed so many aspects of my life

I’m packing for a flight back to my hometown at 9am tho so like if y’all still wanna talk about it or reminisce on really fun stuff that happened a while back feel free to message off-anon and we can do that when I am less burdened and more coherent :))

[Kuro Expressions!]
~Excited Kuro: Sees a new game out that he`s really interested in.
~Embarrassed Kuro: “So… uh do you want me to stay here or…?”
~Naturally Smiling Kuro: *watching Mahiru sleeping*

@canthydefromthelicht Oh man It`s been a while since I tried to color something and I just ended up keeping it low ahahaha xD 
Welp, still, as we`ve said… Kuro needs more expressions. Doesn`t have to be canon tho since we already love him with the current array of expressions he already has! It`s fun drawing him with others tho~  \(≧▽≦)/

Human!Outsider for the Month of Void. Sort of based on my AU where he is turned human by the Abbey and has to slowly regain his connection to the Void while trying to survive as a complete noob at being human.

I’m actually happy to post this. I wanted to do a redraw of an older sketch just to see how I’ve progressed. About a year ago I really cracked down on trying to make my art more fluid and not so stiff. After doing a very long, frustrating, and tiring Disney study I feel like I’ve actually gotten somewhere. I can actually say I’m feeling way more comfortable now with my evolving style and although there were tons of lip biting moments, It has been such a fun progress! Still have lots to improve on, but I’m happy with the results so far. …these 2 have really helped me out tho. The picture on the left was drawn on January 27th of this year, and the one on the right was November 13th, today. There’s a difference, but its not substantial obviously. 10 months of literally doodling everyday and this is the result. It really puts into perspective just how much work goes into doing fun little doodles like this, and how much time it takes to improve. Something to keep in mind about the hard work and time put into these things. Don’t give up and give things time, the final results are always fun but the journey getting there can be just as enjoyable.


marvingarza  asked:

Sorry for bothering you do you have any pro tips or reference for females body and pose it's my first time to draw a female because i only draw males its because to be artist i need to draw both gender's sorry if this is rude I'm 18 still working on drawing to become a cartoon creator or story board artist IDK which one sorry if this question sound confusing

It’s fine!
At first i was really bad at drawing bodies and stuff, so i studied human anatomy and the sizes and proportions of it. Every artist should study at least the basics of human anatomy, even if your style is not realistic.
Lately i’ve been looking up pictures of models doing poses and stuff and replicating them with my characters. Like this one here

It’s a really fun and easy exercise, try doing that! (don’t trace tho ;y)
Even tho my style is really cartoony, anatomy has helped me a lot.
But the most important thing is: Draw and practice everyday, and every time you can.
Hope this helped

ASTRO on Running Man

I wrote this out well over a month ago and now that the boys have been considered for the show I figured I may as well post it :)


  • this happy virus would fit right in with the running men oh my god
  • would simultaneously be a huge dork and as savage as he could be (while also being respectful tho, this boy has manners)
  • constant laughter. at himself, at the running men, at literally anything
  • he’d be really intense in the game and have the most fun
  • would also have fun during the intros they do before the missions when they all stand in a line and crack jokes at each other’s/the production crew’s expense
  • mj would just die at all of it and probably clap whoever was standing next to him on the shoulder way too hard
  • he’d be crap at hide and seek lbr this boy is too loud he’d be hiding and see someone and get caught bc he started whispering to the vj and moving around too much


  • he’d be so respectful and probably pretty quiet
  • but also die at like every joke
  • he’d be super into the games and probably have a ton of fun sneaking around and probably end up getting chased and idk what it is but i can see him doing that awkward half bent over run while clutching the mic pack on the waistband of his pants
  • probably pretty good at hide and seek like he’d kill it on a team but probably couldn’t do it on his own
  • gets out one of two ways:
  • he tries to get someone else out and his tag is pulled (either by the person he’s pursuing or by someone else coming in from the side)
  • or he’s literally just standing there and reacts too slowly to stop someone (probably ji hyo lbr) from sneaking up behind him and pulling his tag
  • would use the word “what” twelve million times


  • he’d be so floored to be on running man lol
  • someone asked him if there was anyone he would want to wish him happy birthday and jaesuk was one of the two people he named
  • he’s a budding mc so he’d probably end up talking about how he admired jaesuk or something
  • they would totally point out his prettiness and call him a flower boy at some point
  • then he’d do the little palms-under-chin pose and the editing team would probably put that pink flower petal animation over it
  • eunwoo’s smart so he’d probably be able to figure out a lot of the missions
  • probably would be decent at the hiding bit of hide and seek
  • is too nice and too pure to rip other people’s name tags and ends up out because of it
  • if he pulled anyone’s tho he’d take forever to psych himself up for it and then would cling to whoever’s tag he pulled in apology right after


  • we all know bin is competetive as fuck y’all he’d be so ready for running man
  • he’d jump into the games with so much enthusiasm
  • would also really want to win and def would cheat remember when he started throwing things into other people’s baskets on ok ready
  • srsly bin would love every minute of being on running man
  • would probably be pretty good at hide and seek if for nothing other than the fact that he’s really enthusiastic and rips other people’s name tags off as his flies by
  • doesn’t apologize for anything he does he giggles and gets away with it
  • he’d probably win
  • if he got out it wasn’t for lack of effort on his part whoever got his name tag had to fight him tooth and nail for it


  • the unexpected ace
  • like he’d be so quiet and shy during the introductions but as soon as the games started shit would be ON
  • would pull someone’s name tag and immediately apologize like twelve times
  • alternatively he pulls someone’s tag and as he walks away he looks into the camera and goes “i’m the best” a la that one astro play video during the spring up shoot where they were messing around with basketball
  • gets out by walking right into someone he’s up against (let’s say jong kook) on accident and giving himself a heart attack
  • literally i can see him going round a corner or opening a door and then the stupid Sparta theme would start playing and then he’d run straight into the commander
  • and then he’d do his precious tiny screams and clutch his chest and have his shocked open-mouthed smile as his tag got pulled off


  • oh god he’d be so excited and giggly the entire time
  • lots of accidental aegyo during the intros just as he reacted to things
  • his height gets mentioned at least twice
  • he also goes up to one of the members mentioning it (probably suk jin) and stands on his toes just to be an ass
  • would probably be pretty good at missions
  • but would be crap at hide and seek
  • he’d be out so fast y’all he’s too young and loud and excitable
  • wouldn’t shut up this boy would see someone all the way across a building and start screaming
  • would proabably be able to wiggle away from a captor once or twice just bc he won’t stop moving
  • when his tag gets pulled he’s the one that dramatically lies on the ground like he’s been shot
  • he’d have fun the entire time tho like literally would not stop smiling for the entire episode
  • also the most likely to sing parts of hide&seek while playing hide and seek

If you want to keep your relationship private, ramparts smooching is probably not the best way (or place) to keep it on the down low :P

I just really love how he’s all hoping to keep things private, even tho they will eventually get out (I’m lookin’ at you Jim =_= ) but then like your makeout spot is like… right in the open where there are always guards patrolling? Not super subtle there, Commander :P I mean to be fair, it could just be that my Inquisitor made out with him a LOT, like WAY too much, but… naahh, that can’t be it ^_- 


Want more of my DA comics? Check out my Dragon Age Fanstuff Index page! ^_^

hello brief updates

-i got aa6
-i made the dean’s list
-i am slowly starting make up and its fun??? im v bad at blending tho ajsjshd
-i am seeing a counselor regularly
-being online has been v anxiety and stress inducing so im not really chatty much these days sorry
-pls take care!!

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That gay nirvana post was so funny i loved it lol but im so happy for you, you have transcended all of life itself and gave a big fuck you to everything we consider real, thanks i love you P.s. I think you are god

Awww thank you anon! I’m glad to see people positively (for the most part) responding to it. It’s been really tough to come to self-realization, just coming to terms with me being trans has been quite the journey.

I think that making fun of the situation and making lighthearted jokes is just a step in the right direction. Really I’m proud of my boyfriend tho…. not to be gay but he’s my sun and I’m glad he came out

Yay, I did Frisk now, this is super fun! The last part will be Asriel, but I’ll be taking a little break before I start on him. As much fun as this is you can only do something so much before it gets tiring, and I don’t want to be halfing Asriel’s. He deserves as much love as Frisk and Chara. As it was this one I took more breaks to ensure the quality didn’t drop, but it was still just as fun as Chara’s!

Anyways here’s my first one I did with Chara for anyone interested:

And the last one with Asriel: I haven’t started him yet, he’ll be here when I do finish tho.




Anyways, shorter, but still fairly long post ahead…

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Did you ever get into a really big card throwing 'phase'? Because my system host has been into playing cards for so long that they are her number one stim and she can throw them accurately Across A Room. I've been watching her do it recently so I can kind of do it now and it's really fun.

YESYESYES like i said i got into marv at a rly young age so i tried 2 throw cards like gambit and tht became a stim for me…..there was always pokemon cards EVERYWHERE in both mine nd my brothers room and sometimes to ths day i still stim by tossing stuff like tht


N: it isn’t like everyone has a computer at the dorm, and in the past we didn’t have a tv either. playing games with the members, it was fun– it’s been a long time tho, really long time. we always played around like that, but all of a sudden just didn’t have the time to anymore, so yesterday was (what we used to do) from back then (x

(trans cr. yuu-jin)