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do not read this if your name is Harrison Browne

seriously, Harrison, stop reading!!

Today (3/14/17) Harrison Browne announced his retirement from the NWHL and women’s hockey. He made history as the first(!!!!!) out trans person in a professional team sport when he came out last year just before the NWHL season started. Harrison has been a role model for LGBT+ fans and athletes, and has been an advocate for inclusion since coming out. 

Watch his video on the decision to retire here X 

(okay for real, Brownie, this is where you have to stop reading)

I’ve seen so many personal accounts from people who have been inspired and encouraged by Harrison’s bravery and I want him to know just how special and important he is to so many people so @unofficialbuffalobeauts and I have come up with a plan: on March 24th (the number on his Beauts jersey) show your love and appreciation by using ‘#ThankYouHarrison’ on tumblr and twitter. We’ve got 10 days, so collect your thoughts/make your art and reblog to spread the word!!! 

Alright, lemme see if I got the plot points from this chapter sorted out:

  • Assuming the mission to take the Progenitor 9 years ago refers to the first attack on the walls in 845, the current year 854
  • Since last chapter ended on 1 year following the attack on Trost, making the year 851 then, there’s been a 3 year timeskip
  • The reason Marley hasn’t attacked the walls in so long is because they’re dealing with a war already; taking the coordinate has been postponed
  • This war has been going on for 4 years, since the year 850.
  • This also explains why Marley didn’t go all out at the battle of Shiganshina – not enough resources to spare
  • The nation Marley is at war with is called the Middle East Union
  • BUT the war is supposedly coming to an end, so says Gabi
  • Marley has a weak navy – that may be good for those on Paradis Island
  • They do make use of air warfare though – we’re shown soldiers preparing to be deployed from above
  • The Middle East Union has developed anti-titan weapons in the form of tanks; even the captain here is cautious to deploy their titan warriors against these
  • The Eldians in Marley are taught to believe their oppression will end if the “bad” Eldians on the island are killed
  • Zeke and Reiner are alive…for now
  • Zeke’s successor has already been chosen
  • Reiner’s successor is about to be chosen
  • Interestingly, the candidates for Reiner’s successor are kids while Zeke’s successor is older, possibly late teens/early 20s
  • The 9th shifter is called the Jaw Titan
  • The pilot is named (Galliard), but seen only in titan form
  • The Cart Titan (probably the mule/quad/horse titan by Zeke’s side at Shiganshina) has a named but unseen pilot (Peak/Pique)
  • It’s unknown how long Galliard and Peak have been shifters, but there’s no mention of choosing successors for them so they probably aren’t too close to the 13 year limit
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And as always, I encourage you cool creative people to make your own posts because this blog has always been only a small portion of the many sci-fi/humans in space/space Australia posts.


Georgina shoots Roy a look of cold hatred. She speaks to Patrick in a clear, controlled voice.
Georgina: Roy has this idiotic idea in his stupid thick skull that something happened between me and his friend Joël the last time I was staying here. Just because he saw Joël walking out of here one morning. Not that I should be under any obligation to defend myself, but for the record, Joël did crash here once after we’d been out together one night as a group, but he slept on the couch.
She turns to Roy, stabbing her finger at him. He notices that her hand seems to be trembling.
Georgina: I’m tired of your baseless insinuations, Roy, and I’m sure Joël is too. Joël and I have been friends almost as long as you have. Platonic friends. Stop trying to stir up trouble. It’s childish and petty and just because your own marriage is a sham doesn’t give you the right to try and destroy other people’s. I don’t want to hear any of your ridiculous assumptions ever again.  
Roy stares at her, a grudging admiration replacing his incredulity. Patrick scratches his head.
Patrick: Not very cool, Roy. You can’t go around making wild accusations like that without proof. It’s bloody dangerous.
Outside they can hear horses whinnying, the whirr of an idling tractor. Georgina puts her hands on her hips and glares at him.
Georgina: Anyway, we came to tell you that we’re going to the hospital to pick up mother. They just rang and said she can come home. Do you want to come with us?
Roy: I need to sh- shower and shave first. Where’s Dad?
Georgina: I don’t know. Working. I tried ringing him but he’s not answering his phone. You know what he’s like when he’s with his horses.
Roy: Yeah. It’s a fucking joke. No wonder Mother’s the way she is.
Georgina: You can’t blame Dad, Roy.
Roy: Yeah? Why’s that?
Patrick: I’m going to make some coffee. We’ll leave in 20 minutes.
Georgina nods. As soon as Patrick’s footsteps have receded up the gravel path Georgina hurls herself at Roy, her fists flailing at his chest. He grabs her by the shoulders.  
Georgina: I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! Why do you always try and ruin everything-
Roy: Calm the fuck down. I didn’t know Patrick was there, did I? Anyway, how is any of this my fault? You’re the one who cheated. I’m just calling it as I see it.
Georgina: I didn’t cheat!
Roy: Bullshit, Georgina. Joël told me the truth. So you can just climb down off your fucking high horse already. This is me you’re talking to, not your dumb gullible husband-
Georgina: Nice try. But I know that Jo said nothing and that you’re bluffing. How do I know you’re bluffing? Because NOTHING. HAPPENED.
Roy: Really? Did you forget I saw you kissing in the club?
Georgina: That was nothing. We’d just had a bit too much to drink, that’s all.  
She marches past him to the door, her chin in the air. Roy calls after her in a singsong voice.
Roy:When he lay down beside me he was so strong and assertive, but so tender. I will never forget the feel of his smooth mahogany skin, his soft, sweet kisses…’ You know what? That doesn’t sound very platonic to me. And I’m sure it wouldn’t to Patrick, either.
Georgina: Fuck you, brother dear.
The door slams and she is gone.


It’s the post about a russian baby girl who stands out in a world where team Tutberidze tanos every jumps in the second half of the programs. This girl actually skates, performs, has lovely expression. Has been doing it since she was at least 8 years old. She’s almost 11 now and her name is Kamila Valieva.

When I first saw her, she landed doubles and single axels and was the loveliest swan EVER. On her final poses she counted till five before breaking the character - so cute <3 She’s always been a good spinner and her upright positions are pretty impressive. Kamila started learning triples last year, it wasn’t an easy process but now by some miracle she has pretty solid 2a & 3s, 3lo and goddamn rippon lutz. Just a couple of days ago she won Russian National competition for the smallest age group (this fact actually promted me to make this post). There’re three parts there: elements, SP & FS. Kamila slayed elements where she showed +goe 3lz & 2a-3t, placed 3rd in the short and 1st in the free.

Kamila’s coaches are not big names at all in Russian singles - Natalia Dubinskaya and Stanislav Kovalev. And here’re Kamila’s programs avaliable online.  

  • 14-15 season: Russian Folk SP, The Swan FS (ICONIC)
  • 15-16 season: Cirque SP, Indian theme FS
  • 16-17 season: Hallelujah SP, The Witch FS 
Marauder’s: A Naughty Fiction (Part 6) SMUT

Requested?: No

Prompt: Y/N has always been a student at Hogwarts but has gone through her years practically unnoticed by anyone that caught her eye. This year, she expects that to change. Instead of shoving her nose between the pages of books someone will be begin to take quite the interest in her. Watch her finish off her last year of schooling while fucking around with guys along the way.

Warnings?: Smut, DRUGS, alcohol, cursing

Words: 3,492

A/N: sorry this took me forver to put out and write, i’ve been having writers block lately. ANYWAY, I just finished this about five minutes ago and haven’t read over it too thoroughly so there might be a few mistakes. Much love and keep requesting :))))


Why do I do what I do? Merlin, I fucking hate myself. One minute I am collected, and the next i’m off the chain, what the hell is going on with me?

I don’t like him, I don’t

Yet, I crave him so much

But maybe it’s not a want

It’s a need.

I bloody need him.

I want to feel him once again, but this time I want him to remember, I want him to remember.

All night these dastardly thoughts have been racing through my head, the night me and Sirius shared resides in the darkest parts of my memories, for I shouldn’t even dare to remember at all, yet I do, I keep thinking about it, and it just makes me want it more and more.

When I awoke I had a massive headache, my eyes could barely open because of the bright sunlight shining in on me. I twitched slightly, too tired to pull the covers over my head.

“Morning.” Lily said.

I peered over to her, she was sitting on her bed, a cup of tea nestled in between her hands, and a pair of sunglasses placed on her nose.

“Need some?” She questioned, referencing to her sunglasses. “S’quite bright in here.”

I sat up slowly, rubbing the bridge of my nose.

“What the hell happened last night?” I asked, looking down at a set of lingerie lying on the floor.

“Well, we got drunk, and I mean bloody drunk,” She said, getting excited. “I brought some of my favorite muggle alcohol and you and I finished them off.”

“Me and you finished off two bottles of…” I looked down at the floor reading the labels on the front of the glass. “Jack Daniels?”

Lily got quiet all of the sudden, looking down into her mug.

“Lily…” I pressed. “Who else was with us?”

She stayed quiet, still looking longingly into her mug.

“Just James, and Remus and Peter…” She said half-heartedly.

“You’re telling me Remus drank hard liquor? Because we both know good and well he doesn’t drink hard liquor.”

“…And Sirius.” She said quietly, sounding ashamed.

“And Sirius!” I laughed sarcastically, getting angry.

“Lily,” I questioned.” “What the hell happened last night?”

the night before…

“He did what!” Lily whisper yelled at me, dragging me into the corner.

I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms protectively.

“How many times do I have to say it. I started freaking out, then I leant up and kissed him.”

Lily scoffed, not knowing what to say.

“What?” I yelled. “It’s not like I haven’t kissed him before!”

“Y/N…” She sighed. “This is different, you were…you were…”

“Lucid? Yeah I know.”

She eyed me up and down, flashing me a quizzical look.

“You don’t like him… do you?”

I got choked up, my air catching in my throat

“Pshh… What, me? Like Sirius? Haha, of course not!” I said, trying to play it off, but the thoughts inside my head were contradicting everything I was saying.

She raised her brow at me and shook her head as we walked into the common room, running into James and Remus.

“Oi, where are you two off to?” James asked, pulling Lily into a hug.

“Just going upstairs, a long day it’s been.” Lily replied, rummaging her head into his neck.

“What she said.” I added.

“Are you guys not going to the party tonight?” Remus asks, smiling at me.

“Party?” I asked. “What party?”

“Just a house party for Gryffindor’s, maybe a few Hufflepuff’s.” Remus added.

I scoffed, biting my lip instinctively.

“No Slytherins?” I asked.

“Merlin no, definitely not. Sirius made it very clear he didn’t want them here.”

James coughed and nudged Remus’ side, I guess that was something he wasn’t supposed to say. Me and Lily looked at each other suspiciously and waltzed up the stairs to our room.

“What are you wearing?” Lily yelled to me from the bathroom.

I couldn’t find anything I wanted to wear in my wardrobe despite the countless dresses and denim I had all lined up.  

“Not sure yet.” I added.

She walked out of the bathroom, sliding in an earring, her hair freshly curled and bouncing along with each step.

“Let me look.” She said, pushing me out of the way and searching my wardrobe.

Then it caught her eye, the light pink, holographic dress. It was tight up top and flared out at the bottom, quite skimpy. If I bent over too far everyone would have quite the view of my arse.

“This,” She said. “This is what you’re going to wear.”

“That?” I yelled, a bit curious.

“Yes that! You’ll be the talk of the school, why haven’t you worn it yet?” She asked.

“Well it was more of a collective purchase, I wasn’t planning on wearing it.”

“Well you will tonight, and I bet you’ll get more than just a few cheeky glances.” She said, winking.

I rolled my eyes, but gave into her pressure, slipping up the small dress wearing nothing but dark red underwear beneath.

“We look good.” She said, I agreed, nodding along with her.

“Great, even.” I added.

My hair, once again, sat high atop my head, my makeup still natural, but with a hint of flare.

“Let’s go.”

The party music was booming, we heard the rumble from atop the stairs. Some couples were getting a head start already, pushing each other up against their bedroom doors, making out vigorously.

“Bet ten galleons you’ll fuck Sirius tonight.”

“I won’t so, you’re on.”

“You will.” Was all she said and we began to strut towards the compacted crowd.

The moment I stepped foot on the floor seemed all the attention in the room was on me. Guys were ogling over me, girls were slapping their men on the arms so they’d pay attention to them, yet I could careless. I had one person on my mind, I had one person I wanted to impress.

I saw him with James and Remus and a few other guys from our house horsing around with one another. They all had drinks in their hands and seemed a little buzzed. I looked down quickly, checking my dress to make sure I looked alright, that there were no wrinkles. Why did I care so much? Maybe Lily was right, maybe I did like him, maybe I just couldn’t accept it.

When I looked back up he was already staring at me, his mouth watering. His eyes met mine, intensely. He stared into them for a good five seconds before they started travelling down, lower and lower. The guys around him began to notice.

“Sirius?” Remus shouted to him. “Are you alrigh-”

And that’s when the others caught on, when they all got sight of me. Something about this dress was illuminating, it made me stand out against everyone in the crowd. Sirius finally took a sip of his drink, still staring at me. He chugged it all down, placing it on a table next to him, and waltzing over to me.

“Fancy seeing you here t’night, you look ravishing.” He said wrapping his arm around my waist pulling me into him, whispering the last part of the sentence into my ear.

“Thank you.” I gulped, barely being able to speak, my stomach erupting with butterflies.

“Well,” James said, Sirius still gazing into my eyes. “Let’s get this party started.”

One shot, lime, two shots, lime, three shots, lime. Apparently I liked tequila.

My vision began to lighten as the liquor in my stomach began to churn, cooking up a spell. Sirius stood behind me, his hand around my front, he held a  lime in his mouth and each time I downed another i’d turn around and suck the juice out of it, making sure to look him right in the eyes.

“Sirius, Y/N!” Lily slurred, her pupils insanely dilated.

“Evans!” I yelled. “What the hell are you on!”

“Molly… or maybe it was acid, either way come upstairs with us!” She yelled back, undeniably fucked up.

“Upstairs? The party is down here!” I shouted back, making sure she heard me over the music.

“Yeah but upstairs I have two bottles of Jack Daniels with our names on it.” She said with a sly smile, biting down on her tongue with her teeth.

I looked up at Sirius who was already looking down at me. We both nodded to each other and followed Lily, James, Remus, Peter and two other guys up the stairs to our dorm room.

“Whiskey for everyone!” Lily yelled, us all stumbling into the room after her, everyone giggling back and forth to one another over our drunken states.

She pulled out eight shot glasses and placed them all upside down on the floor, Remus rolled a blunt and placed it down next to them, while Peter peppered a few psychedelics here and there.

“Let’s play a game!” She squealed, pulling us all down to the floor, Sirius pulling me into his lap, he didn’t like the hungry looks every guy was giving me.

“Truth or dare,” James said. “The game for the brave and the… weak.”

He proceeded then to go over the rules of the game, saying that if you refused a truth or a dare you had one of three options; take a shot, hit the blunt, or take a psychedelic, and if you had already chose one, the next time you’d have to pick another.

We were an hour into the game, but still barely made a dent into it. Remus and Peter were stoned out of their minds, Lily and I well, let’s just say we drank a little more than anticipated, and everyone had officially taken at least one psychedelic.

“Lily, Y/N,” One of the other guys with us murmured. “Truth or dare?”

“Both of us?” I asked, slurring my words.

“Both of you.”

“Isn’t that like, against the rules?”

“Nope,” He said, popping the P. “So what’ll it be?”

I was about to speak before Lily answered for me.

“Dare.” Lily said suddenly, a devilish gleam In her eye.

The guy started laughing, and whispered something into one of the other guys ears.

“Strip.” Was all he said, leaning back on his hands.

Since I was far from sober, the phrase was almost like music to my ears, but a clarifying sobriety deep down was yelling at me, telling me not to do it.

“You’re not too pussy are you?” He asked.

Me and lily looked to one another, raising our eyebrows.

“M’not too pussy, maybe Y/N, but not me.” Lily slurred, standing up all wobbly.

“Well, I said both of you, so strip or pick.” He said, the word pick referring to the drugs.

“This isn’t fair,” I whined. “You lads will take advantage of us!”

“Advantage?” The bloke questioned. “Never in a million years.”

I looked down to Sirius who seemed rather annoyed, jealous the other boys could see me… exposed.

“Or,” The boy called. “Give me and… Remus a lap dance.”

“What?” Remus asked, the statement sending him quickly back into reality.

“You heard me Moony. I mean if you don’t want to I bet there’s someone who’s far more anxious to take your place.”

I looked to Sirius who was watching me like a hawk, he looked like he wanted to kill the guy who had dared me, his blood boiling and pumping through his veins.

“I’ll do it,” Sirius said all of the sudden, loud and stern, his jaw clenching. “Give me the lap dance.”

He stood up swiftly, his hand grasping onto my upper arm, a tight lock on it.

“And slip into something more… comfortable.”

Me and Lily disappeared into the bathroom, pulling two select pieces from our wardrobe. James was pass out drunk, he slept soundly on the wooden floor so Lily had no choice but give one of the others a lap dance. We were both still under the influence, completely hammered, so I left on my dark red underwear but slipped a bra over my breasts and a silk teddy over the top as well.  

“C’mon ladies,” He called. “Don’t keep us waiting.”

We both sauntered out, Lily’s hips swaying much more than mine. The sudden exposure of my skin making an uncomfortable feeling erupt from within me, my hands instinctively wrapping around my chest.

“C’mon, don’t be shy.”

I dropped my hands walking right towards Sirius, an angry look still plastered on his face.

“Merlin…” I heard a boy call.

I looked over to my right and Lily had already began to dance. Getting low to the ground, swaying her hips, rubbing up on all the guys around her. I saw Remus scoot backwards, undeniably uncomfortable, yet he still watched from afar, a strange sight it was indeed.

I straddled Sirius, my legs wrapping around his lap, sinking down onto his crotch. His hands never touched me, they just held him up from behind, his eyes looking into mine then down my body quizzically.

“This feels so, familiar.” He stated, trying to sound calm but still I heard the rage spitting through his teeth. He really didn’t like the looks they were all giving me.

“Familiar?” I asked, acting like I had no clue to what he was referring to, watching him try to figure out what about this was so strange.

But I knew, I knew the feeling, a feeling I’ve been trying to shake ever since it happened, no matter how badly I didn’t want to. He was remembering the time we spent together, that I prayed so dearly he’d forget.

Suddenly I was being lifted off Sirius lap and placed into someone elses, their hands gripping roughly to my hips.

“If you’re not going to do anything to her I sure as bloody hell will!” One of the boys from earlier squawked.

He looked at me with a distinct hunger in his eyes, he was devouring me with them. He started moving me up and down onto his crotch, trying to get some friction between the two of us. This is not how I wanted it, this wasn’t how I wanted any of this to be. Suddenly I heard a thud and a shuffling of feet and once again I was being yanked off someone else’s lap. Sirius threw me off to the side, and yanked up the kid who pulled me into his lap by his collar.

“Who the hell do you think you are, mate?” Sirius yelled. “You think you can bloody treat a woman like that, my woman?”

The guy was petrified, looking at Sirius then back to me.

“D-didn’t know she was yours, mate!” He squealed while falling back down onto the floor with a thud.  

And for the last time Sirius yanked me up, throwing me over his shoulder, and pulled me into the bathroom. I was pushed harshly against the door, smacking my head a tad on the wood. I felt Sirius’ hands wrap around my waist, one of them also holding me up under my bum. He rested his head on my chest and stayed quiet, my hand landed in his hair, playing with it.

“Sirius?” I asked looking down at him sleepily, watching his chest heave up and down.

“Hmm?” He asked.

“Didn’t know I was yours…” I said playfully, biting my lip, a small smile sweeping up onto my face.

He smiled into my skin, I felt the stretching of his lips against my chest,a low rumble escaping them.

“You aren’t really… s’just like you is all… got a tad jealous.”

“A tad?” I asked, pulling his chin up so he looked at me, he tried to hold back a smile on his face.

We were startled by Lily’s playful squealing coming from my room, and the sound of pounding music being turned up. We looked back to one another and began to laugh and he set me back down on my feet.

“You’re drunk.” He said laughing.

“So are you!” I yelled back, poking his chest.

“Yeah but I wasn’t the one who almost gave four different guys a lapdance.”

“You’re just jealous.” I said, sticking my nose up in the air, walking away from him.

“Oi!” He yelled. “Of what?”

“You wanted one, a lap dance.”

“Did I now?” He asked, testing me. “How are you so sure?”

“Well for starters I saw your dick jump out of your pants when I walked out of the bathro-” I couldn’t even finish my sentence before he cut me off, tackling me to the ground.

“We won speak of this!” He yelled playfully, pushing his hand over my mouth.

And suddenly we were in the position again, me straddling him, my crotch coming close and closer to his. He looked down at me on his lap, one of his eyebrows raising, then looked back up at my outfit. I kept my eyes on his, watching him as I lowered myself a top his pants, pressing down hard.

“Y/N,” He moaned, his head falling back. “You’re drunk.”

“Doesn’t mean I don’t know what I want.” I said back.

And with that sentence he latched on tightly to my hips as I began to grind harder and harder onto his erection. My hands flying back into his hair, my fingers tangling themselves within the strands.

I turned around swiftly, trying to synchronize my moves to the beat of the music. I began to pull my teddy down, strap by strap, making sure to give him a show. He sat there, leant back, watching me with a glaze over his eyes. I dropped the pink silk to the floor, becoming exposed to him like I was that one time.

I bent over infront of his face, then sat down on him backwards, his hands massaging hard into the skin of my ass. I moved my bum into the crotch of his jeans again, enjoying the sound of his breathless moans escaping from his lips.

I pushed him down on his back sitting down on his stomach and leant down to kiss him. Our lips pushing into each other roughly. There was a definite need there. I heard him whimper as I bit down on his bottom lip, pulling on the now pinkened skin.

I began to scooch my crotch lower and lower until I was perched on his cock again, grinding hard down onto it. I began to dry hump him, suddenly feeling the pleasure from my side. To make the friction much greater, Sirius pushed himself up on his hand, rubbing himself into as I was to him.

His mouth was wide open, attaching to my neck from time to time. I rubbed vigorously into him, the material of my panties beginning to bunch up onto one side. I could tell he was getting close, the sound of my moans filling his ears and a sudden wetness now covering his clothed cock. Then I watched as his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he let out a throaty district  moan, saying my name softly as he came. I too, trying my hardest still to reach my desired place, and within no time I was there, a moaning mess just like him.

He fell back onto the floor and I feel on top of his, my ear to his chest listening to the pounding of his heart and the shortness in his breath.

“Hot damn,” He said. “I don’t think I’ve ever came so hard in my life.”

The room was now empty, no sounds of music, no more squealing. Lily had finally laid her head to rest that night, Remus tucking her in after she got a little too crazy with that one boy from their house. Her soft snores were the only thing filling the room, well, that and the sound of Sirius whispering to Y/N, goodnight.

She slipped into bed as well, looking up to him as he placed a chaste kiss to her forehead, praising her once again for the beautiful work she had done that night. He walked out of the room, a small smiled placed across his face as he hopped quietly back to his dorm.

When he entered he sat down on his bed, laughing at James sprawled out on the floor, Peter looking practically dead, and Remus asleep as snug as a bug under his covers. Sirius peered over to his bedside table, looking at the family photo which sat gloomily next to him. Not a hint of a smile coming from any of their faces in the picture. He picked it up, getting a closer look at his brother whom he envied so deeply, but wanted to love so bad. The green surrounding the picture frame seemed to look so obscure next to the red lace panties that were sitting behind it.

Red lace panties.

Only then was it when Sirius realized everything he seemed to forget.

Dream or Reality?

Summary: Dean needs a ride after another late night of drinking, but you’ve had enough. Until he lets a secret slip. 

Pairing: Dean x Reader 

Word Count: 1k it’s a shorty

Warnings: Angst? Swearing (I love the F word and I’m not sorry)

Authors Note: This is complete trash I know but I needed to get something out. Happy to continue to a part two if ya’ll want it. If you want to be tagged in future writings just let me know! xoxo

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me Dean.”

Rolling over to search the bedside table you check the clock to see its 3 in the morning. You’re not surprised seeing that this has been the same ritual for the last four years. Ever since you decided to spend the rest of your days with the Winchester boys, Dean has leaned on you. You didn’t mind, he was the love of your life, although he would never know that. But every night that you had off from a hunt or impending apocalypse Dean would find himself calling your phone from some dive bar at the edge of town, and it was getting a little annoying.

“Hello?” You sigh, already grabbing your jeans and shirt from off of the floor.

“Y/n iss time to blow!” He sings out, you can hear the smile on his face. His stupid, beautiful, incredibly aggravating face.

“Dean do you mean its time to go or are you finally accepting your sexual attraction to Castiel?” You laugh to yourself, making your way to the bunkers front door. Bugging him and the angel about being madly in love with each other was always one of your favorite things to do.

“I told you once and I’ll tell you again, I don’t want to blow him!” Suddenly sounding a little more sober on the other side of the phone. You grin to yourself, knowing you touched a nerve.

“Yeah yeah whatever you say assface. I’m on my way now.”

You made it to the bar in record time, beating your previous seven minute personal best. Pulling up front you saw him immediately and you could feel your heart beat gaining speed. He looked like a dream, an absolute dream. He was leaning on the side of the building, looking up at the stars. He was wearing the leather jacket you got him for Christmas last year that fitted him perfectly and that pair of jeans that hugged all of the right areas. You wanted nothing more than to hold him, caress him, show him how much you loved him.

“Y/N?” Dean says giving you a questioning look. You didn’t even notice him walking up to the car. too busy stuck in your dream.

“So how was it? Couldn’t convince anyone to come home with you tonight?” You huff, already headed back to the bunker. The more you thought about Dean using you, leaning on you, leading you on every chance he got, was starting to make you angry. I mean you would do anything for this man. You would give everything for him. You would die for him if it ever came to that, which it almost had more times than you could count on one hand.

“Heh am I sensing some jealousy?”  He manages out with a huge ass grin plastered on his face. Knuckles growing white from your grip on the steering wheel you yank the wheel to the right and pull off to the side of the road.

“You know what Dean? You can get out and fucking walk. I’m tired of being woken up at all hours of the night just to come pick your drunk ass up and get nothing but shit in return. I’m not saying I like you and I’m definitely not saying I’m jealous of the dozens of different girls you’ve fucked in the past. I’m just saying you can expect me to be there 24/7 to save you.” You’ve never ever exploded on anyone the way you just had on Dean. But it needed to be done. He needed to know that what he was doing wasn’t right.

“Shhh calm down Y/n. You know I love you now shut up and drive before I throw up in Baby and never let you drive her again.” He says as he closes his eyes, slumping against the window, immediately passing out.

“Dean don’t fucking tell me to shu- wait what did you just say? Dean?” You couldn’t believe your ears. Did he just say he was in love with you or was that just your imagination? Maybe Gabe was fucking with you again or maybe you were still asleep. Neither seemed very possible but there had to be an explanation. You didn’t know if you needed to scream or puke but you decided that you needed to get Dean home safely and figure out what in the hell just happened in the morning when he was sober and you were sure you weren’t dreaming.

Getting out of the car you rush to the other side internally debating wether or not to wake the sleeping hunter. You instantly felt bad for yelling at him, he didn’t deserve that. He looked so peaceful and happy in his sleep, you didn’t want to ruin that by waking him up. But you couldn’t carry him and you didn’t want to risk him puking all over the inside of his prized possession so you open the door and held his sleeping form so he wouldn’t fall out of the car.

“Psst Dean we’re home it’s time to wake up.” You whisper in his ear, taking the chance to lightly touch the side of his face, rousing him awake.

“Mmmm Y/n you’re so beautiful.. How did Chuck make something so beautiful?” Dean slurs out, slowly making his way out of the car he leans on you either too drunk or too tired to make it by himself. But you didn’t mind.

“I dunno Dean why don’t you ask him next time you see him?” You laugh knowing his words are probably empty, the liquor taking over. “Now lets get you to bed okay?”

You make it to his room five minutes and two falls later. You tuck him into his blanket and leave a glass of water and two aspirin on the table, knowing he’ll appreciate it in the morning.

You stand in his doorway for a minute, taking in his soft features and small snores coming from his sleeping vessel.

You don’t sleep that night, too many thoughts running through your head. Dean could never be in love with someone like you. Your beauty lacking and your personality boring. You knew you were no where near being good enough for someone like Dean. He was the most beautiful human being to ever be created, inside and out. He was kind, and good hearted, and sure he had his demons but they didn’t define him. You knew he hated himself, but you cherished him. He was a dream, he was your whole universe. But he never said he was in love with you, who said he loved you. Loving someone and being in love with someone are two very different things.

If only you had known that you were his sun, his moon, and all of his stars.


I’ve been meaning to do a redraw for awhile now, and last night I ran into the pic on the left and thought “you know what? No time like the present, let’s fix this mess.” So, the left is what Melissa used to look like, and the right is what she looks like now.

The original was done in July of 2014, Almost 3 years ago.

Man, my style has changed a lot in just 3 years.

British Invasion | 3

Overview: In the middle of her freshman year of high school Riley Matthew’s mother gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to run her firms London Office. Much to everyone’s surprise her mother accepts the job, forcing Riley and her younger brother Auggie to leave behind everything they’ve ever known. Almost three years later the Matthew’s family moves back to New York and Riley comes to realize a lot has changed in the time she’s been gone.
Author’s Notes: [As always the text in italics are flashbacks.] This chapter is rucas centric and covers what happened when they last saw each other.
Chapter Three: “There’s never a right time.”
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2
Word Count: 3,729 


Countryside bathed in brilliant summer sunlight and hills covered in weeds and daisies was all Riley saw as she climbed out of her taxi. In less than 48 hours she’d be reunited with her friends for the summer and the excitement of it all was starting to get to her.

The six of them, herself included, made a plan to spend 3 weeks of the summer before sophomore year in Texas on Lucas’ family ranch. After incessantly begging her parents to let her go, they finally agreed and she spent every second after that looking forward to the trip. She hadn’t seen any of her friends since before her family left for London so getting to spend 3 weeks with them in the sun was everything to her.

School in the UK lets out earlier than school in the US so Riley arrived in Texas a day and a half before the rest of the gang would. Her parents didn’t see the point in paying to fly her out to NY just so she can take another flight to Texas. So instead she hopped on a plane from London straight to Austin.

Lucas’ grandfather was more than willing to help her get settled in and show her the ropes of country life. He took a real liking to her the last time she visited, back in middle school, so he was excited to have her back.

Riley took a deep breath and looked around at the hot and cloudless lazy summer day. She had to cover her eyes for the sun was too bright but once her eyes adjusted she couldn’t help but let out a soft gasp at her surroundings. She forgot how beautiful it was.

She breathed in the fresh air around her and let out a genuine smile.

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There is a very loud and disproportionately powerful cohort of American society that seems to believe that fascism has been in power in America for 21 out of the last 37 years. But not consecutively. They think that from 1981-1993 the US was in the grip of a fascist regime, then from 1993-2001, the US was the shining example to the world of a free democratic society, then from 2001-2009, again the fascist regime regained power, then from 2009-2017 democracy and freedom returned, and now we’re in our first month back under a fascist regime. 

America is unique in that way. It has had 3 separate fascist take-overs in the last 40 years, and so far the last two both ended with the free election of History’s Greatest Leaders. Funny how that works.

‘When Hinata woke in the evening, he half expected to see the wild man mysteriously gone, as though he’d never been there in the first place.

But instead, there he lay, fast asleep. Shafts of deep golden sunlight fell across the man’s sleeping form, and Hinata stared at him, transfixed. He had long, dark lashes and a finely shaped, straight nose, and low cheekbones with a proud jawline, all of which started to fill out some sort of stereotypical profile for a rugged jungle king.

If ever there had been someone created to survive the unforgiving landscape of the jungle, it was him.’

The rainforest expedition is to last a full year—365 days of living under the lush canopy of trees.

Danger looms. Adventure awaits. The jungle calls. Hinata Shouyou has never wanted anything more.

Or so he thinks, until he meets a curious stranger there, who shows him what it means to be truly needed.

Read Chapter 3 on AO3

Chapter: 3 / 6
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Hinata Shouyou/Kageyama Tobio
Additional Tags: Inspired by Tarzan, Alternate Universe - Jungle, Emotional, Mutual Pining, Sexual Tension, Warm and Fuzzy Feelings, Touch-Starved, Intimacy, Plot With Porn, Learning Experiences

sims!d*s/ladybug camping trip

so my sims 4 screenshots have been piling up forever, so i’m just gonna drop the camping trip even tho it’s way off from where i last posted

also because these have been sitting on my hard drive since last year:

…and i’d like to get rid of them lmao.

Things to know:

  • Vix and Kou are married, and they have 3 kids: Nolan [teen] and Shiori [child, named for kou’s sis] who came with, and Olivia [nearly young adult] who stayed home cos there wasn’t room on the lot for her lmao. 
  • Adrien and Marinette are dating. They do not know about each other’s identities.
  • Adrien and Kou are best friends, and Shiori has a little girl crush on Adrien. [it was stupidly cute, she would seek him out anytime the fams hung out together lol]
  • Vix and Nino are work buddies [via their musical careers].
  • Nino and Alya are still only close friends but there’s UST 8D

anyway, prepare for action and adventure, drama and danger, love and betrayal lol…and just. lots and lots and lots of pictures under the cut.

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Instagram post by Fufu Huang • Feb 25, 2017
Fufu Huang (@ladyfufu613) on Instagram: “姐妹情深這兩個舞妓感情特好😊 #北野天滿宮 #舞妓”

Today is Baikasai (梅花祭), the annual Plum Blossom Festival at the Kitano Tenmangu Shrine. Every year on February 25th the maiko and geiko of Kamishichiken hold a large outdoor tea ceremony that serves approximately 3,000 guests (you must purchase a ticket beforehand as seating is limited).

I could highlight all of the people being served tea, but nothing can compare to senior maiko Katsuna (勝奈) of Daimonji (大文字) helping out junior maiko Umekana (梅叶菜) of Umeno (梅乃) with a small adjustment of her shidare. The moment lasted just a second (as can be seen on other videos), but it shows the unique solidarity between all maiko and geiko to help each other out and to not leave anyone behind. 

Umekana has been a maiko for 5 months now and Katsuna has an impressive 51 months (4 years and 3 months) and four previous Baikasai under her koshihimo. This may be Katsuna’s last Baikasai as a maiko as she will likely have her erikae at the end of the year if she chooses to stay. 

British Invasion | 6

Overview: In the middle of her freshman year of high school Riley Matthew’s mother gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to run her firms London Office. Much to everyone’s surprise her mother accepts the job, forcing Riley and her younger brother Auggie to leave behind everything they’ve ever known. Almost three years later the Matthew’s family moves back to New York and Riley comes to realize a lot has changed in the time she’s been gone.
Author’s Notes:  [As always the text in italics are flashbacks & Please check the tags for any trigger warnings.] 
Chapter Five: “Mr. Perfect.”
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Word Count:


“We should totally go out for wrestling.” Zay says offhandedly, throwing a baseball in the air as he laid on the floor of their room.

It was a month into their sophomore year and the two boys were trying to decide which sports teams to try out for since freshman year was a flop. Last year they both got killed during football tryouts but they did manage to get a spot on the baseball team, even though it was just junior varsity. Lucas was determined to find a sport he was good enough for, especially now that a certain pretty brunette was across the pond. He needed something to distract him. He needed something to take his mind off Riley and what better way to do that than some healthy competition?

“Seriously?” Lucas crinkles his nose. “Wrestling?”

“What’s wrong Mr. Perfect? Scared everyone will see your junk in those oddly skintight jumpsuits?” Zay teases. “Come on man, you’re strong as a horse, remember? Put that to good use.”

“I guess so.” He shrugs, leaning back in his chair to shake hands with Zay. “Looks like we’re trying out for wrestling.”

“You invited Farkle?” Lucas questions as the three boys approach the gymnasium where tryouts were being held. “If I blew hard enough he’d fall right over.”

“Hey!” Farkle smacks him on the arm, “don’t mistake my slender figure for weakness, my friends. I’ve got muscles baby don’t you worry.”

“Oh yeah?” Zay laughs, “Where are you hiding them?”

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Since Seungri’s probably going to have a comeback soon why don’t we try to reach 20 million views on his last MV? This song is amazing and it was sad how he didn’t win any awards for it furthermore the MV doesn’t even have 15 million views and it has been out for more than 3 years

In 2012, the last year of recorded data, developing countries received a total of $1.3tn, including all aid, investment, and income from abroad. But that same year some $3.3tn flowed out of them. In other words, developing countries sent $2tn more to the rest of the world than they received. If we look at all years since 1980, these net outflows add up to an eye-popping total of $16.3tn – that’s how much money has been drained out of the global south over the past few decades. To get a sense for the scale of this, $16.3tn is roughly the GDP of the United States. What this means is that the usual development narrative has it backwards. Aid is effectively flowing in reverse. Rich countries aren’t developing poor countries; poor countries are developing rich ones.

Earlier this year, I got hooked on the idea of finding the tallest tree in the world.

Hyperion is a coast redwood and towers at 380 ft (115m) tall. Out of all 3 trillion trees on the planet, Hyperion is the tallest. I spent half a year researching, road tripping, and bushwhacking through the dense forest just to try and find this tree. Its location has been kept secret for a decade by the arborists who discovered it for fear of it being harmed. After six months of searching, I finally found it. The last photograph is my proof.

Wanna know what the best part was? Feeling guiltlessly like a kid again on a giant adventure. There are so many parts of adulthood that suppress our inner sense of wonder and awe. Don’t listen to them. Chasing your dreams and the things that intrigue you - no matter how silly they may sound - is the most important thing you can do in life. Get out there and find your tree.

Somewhere in Redwood National Park, CA. October 2015.

Running Man Episode 340 Ratings

This weeks episode received a 7.4%, beating last week by one percent. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but for running man, it means everything. For the first time in 18 months or 79 episodes, RM has finally defeated a show in their same time slot. By a mere 0.3% differential, it managed to edge out Secretly, Greatly.

For 1N2D the past 20 episodes had an average rating of 18.0%, the highest 20-episode run by any Sunday show in 4 years. Running Man had an average rating of 18.1% across 20 episodes from December 23, 2012 to May 5, 2013.

Just wanted to show you guys how far the show has fallen since 2014. The lack of established PDs are shown throughout the last 2-3 years or so. And you can clearly see it in the episodes. 

But there is hope, most of the members week episodes have been doing great compared to the ones throughout 2016. Gary’s was the only one that had a significant drop but that was because of the new year, most families aren’t watching TV at the time. 

I know i got a reputation for being “negative” so i wanted to share this news with everybody. this is a really good sign. I’ve always said that if RM can maintain around 7-10% we will be in good shape. 

Let this be a good year for the Running Man crew and staff. Forget about past controversies and just move on. Try to make every episode like it’s the last.