this has been on repeat all night

  • someone: hey how are you?
  • what she says: oh hey i'm good
  • what she really means: i just spent 3 hours in the dark of my room listening to goner on repeat and honestly i felt so alive yet so dead because as i listened i felt all of tyler's pain being pushed on my chest but then as it ended each time i felt a weight lifted off and honestly i hope tyler has that same feeling every night and that he's not suffering because i love him so much and he doesn't deserve the pain he says he's in

Batmom Series #1

Warnings: death, depression, mention of drowning

Word Count: 1136

Note: I have so many exciting plans for my Batmom series, but I wanted to start with this one that tugs at the heartstrings ~ K


Your head was submerged under the water of the shower, as you hoped it would drown out the sounds of the world. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between your tears and the water. It had been a while since you let yourself cry over what had happened and you only let yourself in the safety of your shower. You remembered it like yesterday.

“Y/N….” Bruce said warily as he came back with a body in his arms.

“Bruce who is that?” you asked afraid of the answer yourself.


With just the sound of your name leaving his lips you knew exactly who it was. The world collapsed around you as Bruce set your son on the table, and you cried out for him. The pain was indescribable; like someone had ripped away the gravity from your world. Blood-curdling screams dragged out between hyperventilated breaths, and Bruce shed tears from the sound of you. He had come over to put his arms around you as the two of you sobbed and mourned for the death of your child.

Everyone knew that you were different, the hollow look in your eyes, and the lack of true smiles that stretched on your face. The funeral had been one of the hardest days of your life, as you depended on Dick and Bruce as your life support.

“Mom I’m right here,” Dick said as he fell into your embrace. You cried as you held onto him; the only son of yours right now, and held tightly. “I’m not going anywhere.”

When Bruce brought home Tim and Damian, you accepted them with open arms and they became your next two sons. You loved them both every bit as much as you did Jason, but a part of you would always be missing.

It was one day when Bruce and Dick had just gotten home from chasing after a new crimelord that went by Red Hood. You were coming back from restocking bandages when you heard a quiet and rushed conversation between Dick and Bruce that made you stop for a second to listen.

“We have to tell mom,” Dick whispered harshly to Bruce.

“No it will absolutely destroy her and we’re not sure yet.’

“She has the right to know, it’s not fair to her or anyone else. Don’t get me wrong, she is a good mom to Damian and Tim, but you and I both know that she has never been the same since him.”

“We can NOT tell Y/N Dick.”

“Tell me what?” you asked as you emerged from the shadows of the Batcave, holding the bandages that you had gathered for Bruce. ‘What is going to ‘absolutely destroy’ me?” you asked with air quotes and emphasis on their repeated conversation.

“Dick…” Bruce warned as you could see Dick start to open his mouth to say something to you.

“I’m sorry mom,” Dick said in response to the light warning.

That was all that was said that night that left you with a million questions popping in your mind. What could Bruce be hiding from you that Dick wanted to tell you so badly? And what on Earth did it have to do with Jason? It wasn’t until a couple days later that you would find out.

Bruce had gone out again and by now it seemed like everyone knew, except for you. You were in the Batcave cleaning when you got curious as to what was on Bruce’s computer; it was seemingly analyzing something. It wasn’t your fault that the sequence was finished and you saw what it was. A loud bang filled the cave as you dropped what you were holding, seeing what it read.

Red Hood, the new crimelord running Gotham is your son. Your son, the one that died in an explosion caused by the Joker.

“You weren’t supposed to see that Miss,” Alfred said from behind you as he had come to see what the loud sound was.

“He knew and didn’t tell me,” you whispered to yourself. “He knew and didn’t let anyone tell me.”

“I’m sure Master Bruce had his reasons.”

“Reasons to not tell me that my son is alive?!” you raised your voice, immediately regretting it as it was Alfred.

“Y/N I had my reasons,” Bruce said hearing the tail end of your conversation with Alfred. “He’s not the same Y/N. He’s running the drug game.”

“I don’t care he’s my son. And Dick was right I had a right to know. You didn’t have the right to keep this from me, Bruce,” you told him as you walked up to him indignantly.

“I’m sorry it was for your own good.”

After a bit of silence, you finally said, “I want to see him.”

“That’s not a good idea.”

“I wasn’t asking,” you replied still upset that Bruce had kept something of this nature from you.

It had been several weeks since the last conversation you had with Bruce about Jason. You had watched as he and his father battled on top of the building that he had kept Joker in. You had seen all the headlines as people began to recognize him for working outside the law to clean up Gotham; for doing what Batman wasn’t able to. You had seen it all but you never expected to come into the Batcave and see him standing there in his new get-up. You walked up to him and put a hand to his new helmet.


He flinched away from your touch a bit and didn’t reply.

“Please…just…let me see that you’re real,” you begged him as tears welled in your eyes.

He sighed but reluctantly pulled off his helmet. It was undeniable that he was Jason. He had aged since the last time you had seen him of course, but you could recognize your son anywhere.

You held your breath and hesitantly put your hand up to his face, and rubbed your thumb across his cheek ever so slightly.

“Hi Ma,” he finally said breaking the silence that had filled the air since he had gotten rid of his helmet.

Tears fell from your cheeks as he grabbed you and pulled you into a hug. He had grown so much and was taller than you, and you could feel his own tears falling onto your head.

“I missed you so much Ma, you have no idea.”

  • *rumors of season 2 info/confirmation*
  • Me: *listens to soundtrack on repeat while rewatching all of season 1* WE WERE BORN TO MAKE HISTORY

🐺 Depeche Mode - “Spirit” meme

“We have no respect,”
“We’re going backwards, ignoring the realities.”
“Are you counting all the causalities?”
“We are still in debt to our insanities,”
“We have nothing inside, we feel nothing inside.”
“The course has been set. We’re digging our own hole,”
“Killing we can control,”
“I’ve felt better, I’ve been up all night,”
“It’s so hard to breathe,”
“Will you cover me?”
“I dreamt of us in another life. One we’ve never reached.”
“I’m not going down, not today,”
“I pictured us in another life, where we’re all superstars.”
“Hey scum, what have you ever done for anyone?”
“Pull the trigger,”
“You wouldn’t even offer up your crumbs,”
“Your empty life is done,”
“We repeat the lie, time and time again.”
“This is the last time I say goodbye,”
“Call it what you want, you don’t mean a thing to me no more.”
“Our crimes will pass us by,”
“People, do we call this trying?”
“Oh, we’re fucked.”
“It’s shameful, our standards are sinking.”
“It’s futile to even start hoping,”
“Couldn’t even tell you why,”
“Corporations get the breaks,”
“There’s no news, poor man’s still got the blues.”
“We had something, that was yesterday.”
“I like the way you move for me tonight,”
“Let me be your man,”
“I don’t need you, I don’t need your ball and chain,”
“You know you could’ve given more,”
“I can’t lie, I can’t fake.”
“There is so much love in me,”
“I can’t run, I have tried.”
“You can despise me, demonize me, it satisfies me so.”
“You have poison in your heart, yeah, I’m sure of it.”
“You’ll always be alone,”
“You know you’ve never ever been a friend,”
“You’ve never been that kind, with all due respect.”
“You know it’s time to break up,”
“We’ve been walking far too long this icy road,”
“Poor little one, I will protect you,”
“I will be there for you, always.”
“You are my eternal, eternal love,”
“Who’s making your decisions? You,or your religion?”
“You patriotic junkies.”
“Come on people, you’re letting me down.”
“Where’s the revolution?”
“They manipulate and threaten, with terror as a weapon.”
“There’s a lynching in the square, you’ll have to join us.”
“How could we commit the worst crime?”
“Blame misinformation, misguided leaders,”
“For whatever reason, we now find ourselves in this,”
“We’re the judge and the jury, the hangman, the convict.”
“It’s too late for fury, our indictment was hand-picked,”
“For being so shallow, you must pay a penance,”

massachusetts gothic

-The snowbanks are melting, revealing what has been sleeping beneath them all winter. They are hungry. 

-Western Mass is a myth, they laugh. Their eyes are wide. Western Mass is a myth, they repeat. You cannot go there. No one can. 

-Why is that field red? The children ask. It’s a cranberry bog, the adults repeat. Just a cranberry bog. The eyes in the bog do not blink. 

-The screaming at night is the fisher cats, we promise. 

-The beaches are rocky. They are pointed, and jagged. They have teeth. Do not go swimming alone. 

-”They’re not safe to eat unless you boil them alive.” The old fisherman tells you. You think, you hope, he means the lobster. But he never specifies, and you never ask. 

-There is a reason everyone says “wicked.” 

anonymous asked:

Hey there awesome. Since you're so good at writing poly and you write for Dc comics, would you mind writing poly headcanons for the outlaws and a female reader.

I’m back! Sorry that it’s been more than a week since I’ve updated. It was not my intention. My computer broke down and I had to go get it fixed, so it took all week. I repeat, I LOVE THE OUTLAWS. I added Kori’andr in these because she’s a member, too. Sorry if you don’t like her or if you’re not about girls. 

  • Movie nights are a must. Roy has a tendency to pick really bad B-rated horror movies like Thankskilling, Killer Clowns From Outer Space or Zombeavers. Jason likes action movies and won’t admit it, but he won’t fight you on watching chick-flicks. Kori likes period movies or scary ones. 
  • Jason and Roy are those two guys who will comment on every single part of a movie. 
  • “He should’ve run out of bullets by now.”
  • “She can’t run in heels, can she?”
  • Roy is the biggest snuggler in the world. He will wrap around you whenever he falls asleep or does anything. Expect him to have his arms wrapped around your waist 24/7. 
  • Jason is the type to put his arm around your shoulder casually with a light blush on his face. This boy needs to work on expressing his feelings more often. 
  • Kori just loves holding your hand and swinging it as you walk. 
  • This is the type of relationship that just sorta happens. There’s not really a talk about everyone’s feelings. Kissing each other becomes a normal habit and everything else just normalizes after that. You were pretty certain it was a friends with benefits type thing for a while until Kori referred to you as her “first girlfriend” and you understood that it was an actual relationship. 
  • Jason does most of the cooking. Since his parents were basically useless during his childhood, he learned how to cook just about everything before Batman picked him up. 
  • Don’t let Roy or Kori near the stove if you want to keep your house. Kori thinks her star powers can cook food, but it just disintegrates it. Roy is the type of guy who thinks, “It says cook it on 350 for 30 minutes. So if I cook it at 700 degrees, it’ll only take 15 minutes.”
  • Be prepared for everything to turn into a gadget or weapon. Roy gets bored at home, so that’s how you end up with a lot of his strange inventions. Some things are pretty handy and cool, but others just make an even bigger mess or destroy things. 
  • Whenever there is a special occasion, Roy will make his own gifts. The most embarrassing time was when it was your birthday and he made you a vibrator “for those times when we’re all away”. It is kept in a box underneath your bed. 
  • If you request to join them on missions and what not, Jason and Roy will fight you on it. They know you could probably kick ass, but they’re afraid of possibly losing you. Kori is totally on your side with everything, but she warns you to be careful and not throw yourself in harms way. 
  • Meeting the parents is a huge, awkward ordeal. Kori doesn’t have parents really close by, but she’d eventually like you to meet Blackfire. 
  • Roy doesn’t want you to meet Oliver (Green Arrow), at first, still hurt by the past. You convince him otherwise, though, and Oliver is a bit touched that you’d want to see him. Although, it ends in you assuring Oli that if he puts Roy out in the cold again, you will have something to say about it. 
  • Jason is, surprisingly, pretty open to you meeting Bruce. He’s hesitant at first, not sure what Bruce or you would think. It’s a pretty awkward family dinner, considering his brothers kept asking some pretty prying questions. 
  • “Do you all sleep in one bed?”
  • “Have you killed anyone?”
  • “Have you seen Jason kill anyone?”
  • “How likely are you to dump him for me?”
  • “Dick, stop being a dick.”
  • Kori was actually the first to ever initiate a sexual encounter, never having touched a human woman’s body before. It got pretty intense, with you teaching her about your body and vice versa. The second time it happened, Roy walked in and was super into watching this go down. 
  • Fourways are a real work with all of you. Most of the times it’s just switching people off during the event. Every now and then you’ll partake in an act that involves all four of you, but that doesn’t happen super often. 
  • Jason loves having you sit on his face and then having someone else ride him. 
  • Roy is totally into hair-pulling. I mean, how can you not with his beautiful hair? 
  • Kori personally likes scissoring and using toys, fascinated by how your body reacts to each thing. 
  • Even outside the bedroom, Roy can get a bit handsy, but that’s just him. He teases you about wearing his hats all the time. 
  • Jason will scold you for wearing his leather jacket, but he can’t resist you when you do. 
  • Kori loves sharing clothes and having another girl around. It’s all pretty loving and there’s a lot of joking around. 
  • It’s amazing if anyone can get Roy to shut his mouth. 
  • You better be up for random tropical vacations because those three have an alien space ship for transportation.

Yuuri!!! On Ice || Victor Nikiforov/Yuuri Katsuki || Part I
notes: i needed a small break from solo and pair so i started writing super self-indulgent regency au. this is (hopefully) not going to be more than 10k, so i’ll post it in pieces here on tumblr, and then in full on ao3 once it’s finished. i hope you guys like it! ♥
warnings: chris attempts matchmaking, the author attempts to write period appropriate dialogue, and victor has no chill. also, there are mentions of alcohol consumption, though none of the characters are drunk


Yuuri Katsuki is not a gentleman. He has fine manners and an impressive education, but he is what he is: a man of no significant standing who must work to support himself.

Because of this, Yuuri stands out.

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Hope Part I

Genre: Smut (Oral) [The Vampire Diaries AU! Part I]  

Word Count: 2500ish

This is dedicated to my sweet strawberry jelly @nomoreghostie-anon​ who is finally done with her finals!! I honestly had such a great time during my exams and talking to you is the best part of my day!! I hope you like it and I’ll be writing future parts for it so consider yourself warned ;) 

I love you Sofii~~ 

P.S Guys check out her moodboards, they’re absolutely fantastic!!

You lay in your bed, your body covered with warm sheets and hands wrapped around your waist. It should’ve been happy and peaceful morning, the perfect start to the perfect day but you were nothing but haunted by your own thoughts.

A slave to your own mind.

Jeon Jungkook is a vampire.

You repeated it in your head again. And then again. Trying so desperately hard wrap your head around the fact that your fiancée, the man you have loved and have lived with for so many years and are going to be with for the rest of your life, has been alive since the Victorian Age.

Your mind recalled the events of last night which were nothing but a blur, the rush of it all sending your mind into overdrive yet again and filling it with thoughts you didn’t want to think about.

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Binary Star

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jaebum / Mark

Rating: PG

Word Count: 3,790

Summary: In some cases, these close binary systems can exchange mass, which may bring their evolution to stages that single stars cannot attain.”

You and Jaebum have been dating forever when Mark Tuan shows up in your classroom. You’ve always been against change - a bit debilitating, being a writer - but for some reason this new kid has you thinking there might be an upside to chaos. 

Originally posted by justmarkbum

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bookwormchocaholic  asked:

Trope prompt list: arranged marriage for Rumbelle. ;)

Ooooh. This is one of my favorite trope and one I’ve never been able to plot, because Rumple always slips away from such deals. But since it was asked, I guess we’d start with that?

Twenty years ago…

Ogres attack Avonlea. As a last resource, the king decides to ask for the Dark One’s help and sends him a letter offering their most precious treasure in exchange for his power: their gold.

Rumpelstiltskin, being the kind of man who cannot let a chance to see a nobleman beg go unremarked, presents himself at the Avonlea castle and proceeds to merrily mock them for daring to offer gold to the spinner of gold. But since he is a merciful soul… deep down… (giggly sniggers), he has decided to give them a chance. Give him a good reason for the Dark One to exert himself in their favor, and - cue deep bow - he will be glad to help them.

Any reason at all.

Any? At all?


Enter the lady of the land.

“The history books claim you drove the ogres away from the Marchlands.”

Rumpelstiltskin scoffs, never liking the reminder of those days. “The stories also claim I eat children for dinner.” A glance down to the lady’s growing belly. “Are you offering?”

Every man in the room steps forward - starting with the lady’s husband - but she raises a hand to stop them.

“Colette,” the king mutters, nerves on an edge.

She squares her shoulders and pretends a dozen grown men didn’t just almost commit suicide. “I said history books, sir. Not nursery tales to scare the little ones into good behavior.”

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Theory -

So after finally having finished watching NITW on Jacksepticeye’s channel I’ve formulated this theory: beginning with Mae’s dissociation from reality, I definitely feel that it was depersonalisation/derealisation in which she sort of experiences these ‘outsider-looking-in’ experiences or detachment from what is actually there. This is all pretty much explained in the last episode so I’m not going to waste time repeating everything she has said. As opposed to going into the overtones that manifest in Mae’s day-to-day life, I’d like to theorize about the dreams she has been having. They’re very abstract and if I’m correct, they began after she got mad drunk at the party. At this party, she expresses how she hated the statue (at college) which always seemed to point at her and in her dream that night, she destroys this statue (which is also pointing at her), seemingly as a coping mechanism to help her move on somewhat. Also as examples from when daily events seem to effect her dreams are when constellations in the background appear after looking through the telescope, the giant fish after Selmers spoke about a fish in his poem, or all the junk and litter after having built a robot out of junk with Gregg. This is all pretty normal - these subtle changes influenced by her daily, somewhat-mundane life. And yet we know it’s not these minor changes which captivate either Mae or us, but rather the mystery, and the darkness contrasted with neon colors, and just piecing together what all this means. Piecing together whether Mae’s dreams did coincide with the cult and their god. And I’m going to say that in my opinion, it was a coincidence. Sort of a theme subject to the narrative of this game (which isn’t a bad thing at all) in which these ideations and concepts of god are being questioned and challenged, mainly within ourselves. Mae (and we, the audience) find these concepts reflecting in the cult’s basis, and even the church at which Pastor K is admittedly agnostic. Whether the uncertainty or desire for a god manifests itself through dreams or hallucinating cults, it is something which occurs in this small town and while they may be interconnected, I personally believe Mae’s mind is making these connections where there are none in order to find an answer to all the questions she doesn’t even know how to ask.
What I really feel makes the game with it not only being the art style, is the mundane reality of it. Mae and her friends seem like actual people with actual conversations and actual problems that aren’t sugar-coated in any way. She and Gregg (in particular) do dumb shit which friends do and for no reason at all. Mae is someone reluctant to grow up and move on, in some ways with reason and in some ways without, and that’s easy to understand. She falls into this daily routine and is ultimately pulled into something more and she actively seeks it because it’s easy to be drawn into adventure. It’s a story-driven game which does story right, and it’s a game to remember.


Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Note:  I remember I sent @cyphertrip a ton of anons about post-first-time with Namjoon for her kinky Mondays (the blessed day), and I’m here to actually write this into reality.  This is not part of the end of year kink meme 2016 since no one requested anything like this but… 

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader
Rating: NC17-ish, but more M-ish
Genre: romance, smut (kind of)
Warnings: first time sex (disjointed flashbacks)
Word Count: 2689

Summary:  The memory of last night is fresh in both Namjoon’s mind and yours while you try your best to have an innocent date.




Today marks the three hundred sixty-sixth day since you said yes to dating Kim Namjoon.  Your one-year anniversary is today, and you wake up at exactly 6AM by force of habit despite having spent the night tossing and turning. You’re meeting Namjoon later for brunch at some ridiculously expensive French restaurant (his treat).  And you made a surprise reservation for two at a high-end Korean fusion restaurant for dinner (your treat).  In between meals, the two of you were going to spend time doing normal, cutesy couple things, the details of which were to be determined as the two of you walked around town.  

You and Namjoon had this day planned out for a good month, and you had even scheduled time off from work to enjoy a nice, long three-day weekend with your boyfriend.  It was supposed to be a relaxing day to enjoy each other’s company and to have some lighthearted fun.  

But you are the furthest thing from relaxed as you step into the shower to get ready, your mind a complete, fumbling mess as you replay the events of eight hours ago and how Namjoon had taken your virginity in the quiet, comfortable space of his room.  

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Chapter 56- Warner POV

so this is either gonna be really good or really bad to you, depending on a lot of factors. I’m personally a big believer of the “they don’t have sex in chapter 56″ argument, so this is where this fanfiction goes. Sorry to disappoint, if I already have. But this is, in general, a really hard fanfiction to write because there’s so many directions it could go. Obviously I followed the dialogue in the book for as long as I could, but after that, I went wild. I’m publishing this now, but I feel as if I could rewrite this fic 30 different ways and post them all. it’s why i haven’t written a chapter 55 fanfiction: i just can’t decide how exactly things would go down. the tone. the mood. the dialogue. 

i’ll stop talking and just let you read chapter 56, the bathtub scene, as told from the beloved perspective of aaron warner. enjoy! (or don’t. it’s whatever.)

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Unrequited V

Unrequited I   II   III   IV

It has taken me a while to get motivated and inspired enough to do this but I finally found it somewhere inside myself. I was moved quite a lot by a number of quotes so you can find all the links for those here in this sentence .

From the Anons when I first asked:

Unrequited….i’m literally crying. I can’t even express how amazing this is. The writing, the way you wrote their characters. Everything I love it all and you ♡ Also, will there be kind of a conclusion episode where they’re all dating n cuteness?

For unrequited ending..I was thinking just kind of a blurb where remus and sirius tell james and lily and james and lily tell remus and sirius and they’re both like finally! And maybe just them finally being able to express all there lovey emotions 

Honestly I just want to see jily and wolfstar happy and very fluffy for ending of unrequited. Like they just can’t stop staring at eachother,holding,kissing or saying they love eachother. Just more fluff like “I can’t believe you’re finally mine” ect


  • There are so many things she wants to tell him
  • So many things running through her mind as they sit there on the couch in the common room
  • His eyes are glued to a book
  • And there’s this quill he’s fiddling with in his right hand
  • And she’s trying to read
  • But all she can feel is the way the fingers of his left hand dance along her leg
  • The way they graze the skin slightly
  • Moving back and forth so softy, so rhythmically, it’s like they’re barely moving at all
  • But she can feel herself pointing her toes as if arching her leg into his touch
  • It’s only felt like a few moments since that night in front of the fireplace

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Multiple Asks

((Recently there have been a few cases of followers submitting the same ask/submission several times in succession. Essentially spamming my inbox with the same message. 

Please don’t do this! I respect that these repeated submissions may have been the result of a glitch rather than intentional spamming. But on the rare occasion where the latter is the case, I ask you to please stop. I appreciate that you’re eager for me to answer your question, but spamming me has the opposite effect. 

I will delete all repeated messages. People who spam more than once will be blocked.

Thanks for understanding. Have a good night guys. <3))

With Love Not Hate In Mind

First, let me start by saying that this will be a long post and I truly apologize for that. I wish I knew how to create the “Keep Reading” feature from my phone, but alas, I don’t know how.
Also, I would have made this post yesterday, but April 19th is the very painful anniversary involving the death of two people I love very much. I spent the day and night in absolute tears. I was not in a place to think this all out.

When you’re best friends with someone, you try and respect their repeated requests & wishes - so, for the last 2 times in less than a year, I held my tongue and tried to quiet the building anger inside of me. Let me tell you, that has not been easy to do! I understand and appreciate why she asked me not to say anything. She did not want these attackers to come after me. She didn’t want that target, made up of lies, pettiness, jealousy, misinformation & misunderstandings, painted on my back as it has been on hers.
But this time, I can no longer keep it in. I must break that promise I made to @thepromiseofanend
and speak the hell up.

Publicly dragging someone on social media, saying terrible things about them and calling them awful names - is much easier than keeping silent after being attacked like that and taking the high ground. It’s much easier than sitting back and watching the best friend you’ve ever known being lied about, “called out” based on those lies, slandered, and called hateful, cruel names - and not posting a defense of your friend, to set the record straight and get the truth out there, because you’ve promised her you wouldn’t.

See, she knew me so well that when she asked me not to, for the real reasons I stated above, she knew I would say, “Thank you, but I don’t care if they come after me…I cannot let this just happen”, each time she would add, “please don’t, it will only make things worse.”, to which I could only agree not to because she knows I would never want to cause her additional pain.

So, to the draggers, to those of you who have reblogged those cruel posts, applauded them, added on to them and generally helped to spread and propel the hate forward…this is for you.
Do you feel all better now? You feel all proud of yourselves for standing up to such a “mean ol’ bully”? The squashing of one by the actions of several…this brought joy to your lives? Some of you who participated in this, I believe just got swept up in the crowd mentality. But to me, that does not excuse your actions. I believe that everyone should do their own research, ask their own questions and come to their own conclusions before taking up someone else’s cause. Before participating in such public actions like this, people need to ask themselves, “what if this were me or my child that this was happening to?” “Is it justified simply because I don’t understand another persons ways or choices they make?” “Is it my place to say that only terrible karma will come to someone else? Do I know all the facts? Or simply think I know them?” And especially, “What if I’m wrong? What if everything I know is based on misunderstandings? And even if not, is publicly dragging someone really going to make things better?”

I know for a fact that in this most recent case, this blogger (notice I’m not calling you out by using your real blog name or listing them all) was upset because she did not understand why she had been unfollowed and blocked. She obviously talked about it to some friends who give her their perceived grievances to add - and the process was given life.
So with her ammunition loaded, she first decided to create a new side blog and use it solely for public dragging or as she put it “calling you out”…creating that hateful post. A few hours later, she THEN has a thought to contact a mutual friend to ask to speak privately and directly to my friend, which my friend agreed to even though she knew this person created the post AND the fact that she willingly agreed to talk even though she is on a family vacation with her children! So, by trying a different approach to her original issue, this blogger was not met with hate or a counterattack - which my friend would have every right to do after reading that - this person found out that in fact the whole matter could have been settled this way in the first place, that my best friend was indeed NOT the monster she and others believed her to be and proclaimed so publicly in hurtful posts, and that in fact, once the air was cleared…there might even be a new friendship.

I am proud that my best friend stood up for herself and pushed back publicly a little this time. I love the fact that she doesn’t publicly drag people in long, hateful, cruel posts. I love the FACT that she has never, ever, ever told me who I should or should not follow. In fact, in the 3 years we have known each other, she has done the exact opposite! She may tell me who she’s unfollowed or blocked and why…but has always stressed that just because she does something for her own reasons, does not mean I should. She especially stresses that she would never treat me differently if I choose to follow my own path - in fact she always pleads with me to do so, and I always have. And she has never acted differently towards me because I have. There’s a BIG difference in warning someone how another person is, so that the someone can make informed decisions if they choose to do so at all…and warning them that if they continue to follow some blogger or remain friends with them, they too will be blocked.
The first is what occurred. And for the few or one that said the later is what occurred, If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll admit that.

In fact, what really got to me, was that this blogger from yesterday started following me two days before this attack from one of her main blogs. So I returned the follow. (Now there’s a history here between this person and myself, which does not involve my bestie, but I will discuss this with her in private later on. And I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding). But even with all that’s happened, I have not blocked her. I want to talk to her about my own issue, separate from this, before making my decision. My OWN decision.

Please know, If I have unfollowed you or blocked you, it is simply for the following reasons:
1. You never followed me back, or if you once did, you unfollowed me. This would only result in an unfollow, not a block.
2. What you post on your blog, I’d rather not see on my dash. No judgement from me, just a personal choice of what I wish to fill my mind with when I take time out of a very stressful life and escape for a few minutes to tumblr.
3. If you’ve made a hateful or hurtful public dragging post about any of my many wonderful friends on here, or if you’ve agreed with those type of posts, reblogged, added on, or helped to spread the hate in any way, or continue to trash them, or if you’ve first blocked me for whatever reason - you will be blocked. Not ranted about or dragged…simply blocked.
4. And finally, this is for one person out there and they know who they are. If I have repeated tried to befriend you in an effort to make or keep peace, and you’ve continued to slap my extended hand away or ignored me completely…after a year of trying, I got tired of it and made the decision on my very own to block you. *blows kiss*

I have too much pain in my life and hatefulness surrounding me daily…to wish to fill my head with it on here. Everyone deserves mercy and reprieve.

And finally, the blogger from yesterday actually offered to remove the post after speaking to my friend, but my friend told her no, to leave it be. You see, she really doesn’t threaten, warn or tell anyone what to do. Even that.

In my opinion, it should be removed and a public apology issued. And if you do, please include the big triad and the glyphs at the end as you did before, because I believe that if you love these men and this band and their amazing music, you are an Echelon. No matter our differences or what we’ve done in the past. That’s the true beauty that I see in this crazy, wonderful, big family we belong to.

To all who have, thank you for reading and for your time. ❤

The Musical (Steve x Reader) AU

You should read the other parts before reading this!

Chapter 1: Hot Mess
Chapter 2: Connections

“You look beautiful, princess.”

“I’m not a princess, mommy.” Addison waves her scepter in your face. “I’m a queen.”

“Oh,” You bow your head. “My apologies, Your Majesty.”

Addison gives you a nod of satisfaction, and hops into her car seat. You buckle in her seatbelt, trying to carefully avoid ruining the hair you’ve spent nearly two hours curling. To say Addison has a difficult time sitting still would be an understatement, it’s more like nearly impossible.

“Mommy, can I have juicebox?”

You open up your purse, and of course just like most mothers, you find a couple juiceboxes. You thank your laziness for not wanting to clean out your mom bag. “Sure thing. I have apple, peach-”


“I do, but you can’t have grape juice right now.”

Addison scrunches her eyebrows together, and loudly huffs her breath. “Why?”

“Because if you spill it, you’ll ruin the dress mommy spent way too much time on.”

Addison’s glare wavers for a moment before she lets out a small sigh. “I’ll have apple juice.”

You raise your eyebrow and look up from your bag. “You’ll have apple juice, what?”

“I’ll have apple juice, please.”

You give her a small smile and pass her the juicebox. “That’s better.” You give her a soft kiss on the cheek and close her car door. You jog to your side of the car, start the engine, and head off towards the school.

Tonight’s the big opening night of the spring musical. Each class has a skit and a song that they preform. Steve had assigned Addison to be the Queen of the kingdom. You haven’t been told what song they’re performing, or even what scene they’re doing. All you know is that your daughter is playing a Queen, and that she apparently has to have the most elaborate gown ever.

The drive to the school mainly consists of Addison repeating the three lines, and you stealing glances at her through the rearview mirror. Seeing her so focused on her role brings a proud smile to your face. As you pull into the school parking lot, you hear Addie tapping on the window like a mad man.

“Mommy, roll down my window please!”

You look into the mirror and see her frantically waving through the window. You oblige, and roll down the window.

“Hi, Steve!”

Your eyes widen a fraction as you look out the passenger side window, and find the man who causes your daughter to act crazy. He stands at the trunk of his red, Volkswagen Hatchback, trying to juggle a couple of boxes. He looks over to your car, only to see Addison’s waving arms. A large smile works it’s self onto his face. “Hi, Addison.”

Addison lets out an adorable giggle as she looks back to you. “Can you park beside Steve?”

You grin at her very obvious antics, and pull the car into the spot right beside Steve. “Here you go, Your Majesty.”

“Thanks mommy!” Addison takes off her seatbelt, and grabs her sceptre. “Can open my door, Steve?”

“Honey,” You look back. “You have to call him Mr. Rogers.”

“It’s okay,” Steve opens the door and pokes his head into the car. “I’m used to it.” Hey says with a genuine smile.

You give him a small nod as he closes the door, and get out of the car. You walk around the side and find Addison on her tiptoes, peering in to Steve’s trunk. “What’s that?”

Steve reaches over her shoulder, and picks up a box holding a sparkling object. “This is a surprise for later.”

Addison’s eyes widen in curiosity as she jumps to sneak a peak into the cardboard box. “I can keep a secret!”

“Well,” Steve stacks it under another box. “This surprise is for you, so you’re going to have to wait.” He begins to stumble with a small box, and Addison quickly step in to take it.

“It’s okay, I can carry this.” She looks to him with the cutest smile she could make.

“I can carry-”

“Steve, let me carry this one teensy weensy box.” Addison begins to walk towards the school. “I’m a big kid!”

Steve watches as she walk into the school, shaking his head in amusement. “She sure is something.”

You stand next to him and let out an airy laugh. “Try being her mom.”

Steve gazes over to your face with an admirable smile. “You’re a fantastic mom. You’ve raised a great kid.”

Your lips form to a satisfied grin as you look back to the school doors your daughter disappeared behind. “I like to think so.”

The two of you stare at the door for a moment, before he reaches back into his car. “Mind helping me with a couple of boxes?”

“Of course not.”

He places some boxes on the ground, full of props for all of his students to use. You reach for one, but a glimmer catches you attention. You look over to the box that holds a supposed surprise for Addison. “If you don’t mind by me asking,” You tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. “What’s the surprise?”

“Oh…” Steve places a couple of boxes on the ground, and looks to you with a timid expression. A small blush creeps up his neck as he pushes a hand through his hair. “I just made something for Addie.”

You smile and place a hand on his forearm. “What is it?”

“It’s silly-“

“Steve, I’m sure that she’ll love whatever it is.”

He takes a moment before answering. “I made her a crown.” He opens up the box to reveal a large, beautifully crafted crown fit for any queen. It’s gold-like frame contains jewels of all colours. “I know it’s-“


You look to Steve with a look that could only be described as pure adoration.

Years have passed since you’ve yearned for the touch of someone’s lips. You’ve been so devoted on Addison that you’ve never thought about welcoming another man into your life. You haven’t had a very good track record, and that has always stopped you from having relationships. The absolute last thing you wanted was to let someone into your family’s life, and to completely ruin everything. The thought of Addison having someone as her father figure terrified you. What if they were to leave just like her father did? You could never do that to her.

Somehow, after all of that, you still experience this overwhelming desire to throw away all of your morals. All of those morals that have kept you and Addison safe for six years. You’re willing to throw them away for Steve. 

It’s clear to you now that he loves Addie, and that’s the only sign you need.

You feel a creeping fear crawl through your body. Your insides coil and writhe like a wrung cloth. Your brain screams at you to either take the chance or miss out on this opportunity. You release a shaky breath of air, making your decision.

You bring your hand up to Steve’s cheek, him watching your every move, and brush the back of your hand lightly down his skin. With his eyes fixated on yours, he brings his thumb to the top of your cheek as he rests his hand against the base of your back. Your heart stutters to a stop as the heat of his hands sends soft sensations around the skin he touches. His hand glides up your back, and makes it’s way to your hair. He grasps the locks of hair and pulls you closer. His eyes twinkle, making your heart beat at a dangerous speed. Your body feels weak with desire and the only thing keeping you standing is the firm hold Steve has on your body.

You move your face closer to his and whisper, “Kiss me.” 

His lips ghost over your. You feel his breath against the your heated skin. As he moves closer, you hear the sound of kids laughing in the distance. You two quickly pull away from each other, remembering where you are. 

You stare up into Steve’s bright, baby blue eyes, and they sparkle in a way you never witnessed before. You can’t help but feel a strong wave of disappointment wash through your body.

“[Y/N],“ His mouth his left partially open as he realizes what had just happened.

“Come on Mr. Rogers,” You sigh out, as you lift up a box. “We have a musical to attend.”


Next Chapter: Camping

Amnesia (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

A/N: So I got a song request to do amnesia by five seconds of summer, took a while and I lost the request in my inbox, but here it is xox

An unhideable feeling of sadness looms over Bellamy as he lays in the bed you used to share with him. Now you spend your nights in the drop ship, your eyes never opening as you lay in a peaceful coma. The sun began to rise, he could see the light hitting the outside of the tent. He hasn’t slept yet, how could he? Guilt plagues his thoughts. He blames himself for what happened. If only he had tried better to keep you safe, that grounder never would have attacked you and hit your head. You would still be here with him and he wouldn’t be losing his mind. Sighing, Bellamy stood up and made his way to where you are.

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