this has been on my to do list since forever

So I’m about to lose my frikkin mind with animating and drawing in my style which means meME TIME!! 

Some people have noticed that I have this knack at style adaptation but this time I really wanted to put myself to the test with some great spn art styles!!

Each person here has granted me permission to draw in their style for the meme and oh my god I had a ton of fun!!!!!!

first box is mine and i hate my own style with a burning, fiery passion rn ngl it is so difficult even for me (which is why i slapped a drawing i had on hand lol)

@kamicom oh my goddd i swear ur artwork is exactly everything that i love smashed into one i’m such a sucker for cute girly pastel shoujo stuff i have no idea why my actual style is the exact opposite…!

@vinnie-cha holy shit your style made me use a SAI brush I never knew eXISTED LMAO??? This was fun bc this forced me to do some airbrush and flow brush techniques for oNCE. I think I also spent the longest time on yours homg.

@sketchydean DOING UR STYLE OF LINE ART WAS SO THERAPEUTIC YOU HAVE NO IDEA. Also it’s taken me this long to realize you shade with about 3+ colors how u do dat on a daily basis.

@consulting-mutt Your style had me think a lot it was very educational on how to nail everything down perfectly like you do ;q;

@diminuel hhhHHHH I LOVE YOUR STYLE SO MUCH???? Adapting it has been on my bucket list since forever I wish my style was like yours oh my god ;w;

@jennilah I FEEL LIKE UR STYLE IS FORCING ME TO USE RAD SUPPLIES LIKE BRUSH PENS AND SPRAY PAINT CANS idk every time I see it’s i call it the “fuq da police” style and I think that’s beautiful.

Thanks again to everyone who allowed me to do this meme I am forever grateful \o/

hello, it’s me, your local jimin stan 

it’s been two years (and three fandoms) since this trashy blog has started it’s existance so i decided that it’s just about time to do a follow forever

to be honest, i only talk to like 0.3 people on this hell of a website so i’m mainly doing this to appriciate some blogs and people i admire from afar

however, some of you have somehow followed me back, therefore :

mutuals - italics

but sincerely, thank you to everyone listed below, you’re all making my life a little bit more entertained and i enjoy your presence on my dash 

without further ado :


@absolutehun @aeribaek @airjimin @aishbaek @angel-in-slow-motion @artificialxiumin @babyminseok @baehkhun @baek-a-licious @baekhyuntella @bang-tan @barefacedv @bts0715 @btsdadd @bwichim @bwiseoks @bwiyomi @byeolks @byunlucid @bxngtans


@callmeminseok @cbxiumin @chenbaekery @chimcheroo @chogifuckingwa @cmdrfenris @cowjimin @cursed-kpop-images @daenso @dearmyjimin @dopejimin @dreamjeongguk @eatkookiie @ethereal-baek @forpjm @gotjhope @here4jimin @hobuing @ilovejin @ilovminseok


@jaayhope @jjibooty @ji-min @jiminboi @jiminfrombusan @jiminiespinky @jiminrolls @jiminsaid @jiminssi @jiminstan @jiminvy @jimiyoong @jminies @jinchims @jinmini @jinsluvr @jungkoog @jungkookio @kaislover @kayonennka @kimtae95s @kim-minshook @krisinsanity @ktaebwi @kvths @littlebyuns @lolxiumin @love-seok @ludork @luflute @luluvly


@minblush @minchim @mingenius @minseokharem @minseoxual @minshookga @min-suga-swag-genius @mintsugakookies @mint-tape @namseok @nnochu @okaybaekhyun @ohjiminn @otpvmin @parkejimins @purrjimin @parkjiminer @park-jimizzle @parxjimin  @peachpjms @pjminnies


@silkjimin @silvernamspoon @sonshinejimin @smol-jims @stanjimiin @sugakookiebox @sugashark @sugutie @suntaes @suhocean @sweaterpawsjimin @sxhuns @taesberet @taesflower @taexguk @thekimcouple @thirdfromtheleft @uminbean @whyparkjimin @wo-xiuhan-ni @wuboxian @xehun @xiuchen-paradise @xiumins-buttcrack @xiuminssausage @yixingsosweet @yoonggi @yoo-ngie @yoongiski @yoongkitty @yoongster @yoonmin @yoonmin-smile @yoonseok  

and a special shout out to artists :

@2108koe @87gloss @beatroot-art @bokumuteki @idrawbts @lycheepeaches @maja-sinika @omurizer-draws-things@peacheschild @seiyoko  

Hello Everyone! A huge milestone has been reached for my blog, so I decided to do a follow forever. Today marks 32k+ followers for novice-heartbreaker and I’m eternally thankful to ALL of you for helping me get this far. Also we are around the 2 year anniversary mark of this blog being created!  I know I’m going to forget some people on this list, so I will edit as I go along. Here we go:

The following bloggers have supported me since I first started my journey:

The following bloggers are wonderful friends who have put up with my antics:

Did someone say cherished mutual?

Blogs that have inspired my own blog:

There are so so many more people I love and followers who are not mutuals that have supported me tremendously. I will definitely be editing this list if I forgot to put you but please know I truly care for ALL OF YOU! ♡ - Melody

First Follow Forever!

May 26, 2017

Sometime at the early hours of the day I reached and surpassed 1,000 followers. Since I’m still a major noob to this website, I’m not entirely sure what a follow forever is, but I think you just list a whole bunch of mutuals you adore, etc. So, well, that’s what I’m going to do. 

But first I just wanted to voice my thoughts, which may be a bit difficult because even though I am a writer, I have a lot of trouble expressing my emotions, thoughts, and feelings. So please, bear with me!

 As someone who has been writing since the young grade of second, I just - I can not believe I have ended up here. Posting my work on a social media platform for the world to see, with more than one thousand followers. This is amazing, and I never once thought I’d accomplish something as big as this.

Words cannot convey - they can not be fathomed or formulated to express just how grateful I am to everyone who decided to give me and my work’s a chance. Whether you’re a silent reader, a one time reader, a writing account, a BTS fan or not - I thank you. It’s because of  all of you that I have and am able to grow as a person. I look forward to the future. 

I adore and love everyone one of you, whether we’ve spoken once, thirty times, or not at all. Know that I am rooting for you! 

Here is to what’s to come!

Keep reading


“He is the organizer of half that is evil and nearly all that is undetected in this great city. He is a genius, a philosopher, an abstract thinker.  He has a brain of the first order.”


I’d say thank you a thousand times if that could properly express my gratitude to you all! I know I say it every time but I truly am thankful for you all. Again, I can’t bring myself to do a Follow Forever since I adore you all and would hate to leave any out of the list on accident. My journey on this blog so far has been one heck of an exciting ride and I have all of you to thank for it! Through all my high and low points, you were all my reasons to continue on! My blog has grown and developed with each interaction, giving rise to new ideas to the OC as well! So there aren’t enough words to express how much I appreciate you all for following me. This extends to all my followers from the oldest to the newest! I look forward to getting to know you all the best I can! Every fandom, Canon, OC, and Multi-muse!  

Thanks again!

-  𝒀𝒐𝒌𝒐

You thought I would never do this? Wrong! Here’s my first Follow Forever, on this account… And I think I’ve never made one before on my old account…


This was by far one of my most horrible years of my life for many reasons that I’ll not list in here, but, you know? I follow a lot of rad people who has been in my life since 2011 and, until today, they’re still in here. You may know I’m totsucat and I re-made my account because a lot of things, I wanted to re-start everything because I want my 2015 to be one of my most wonderful years ever.

And so, I’ll list all the lovely people I’ll follow f o r e v e r.


Aka the most wonderful people I’ve ever met since I was 15 y/o (wow, dude… Those are many years…); some of them speak Spanish and others speak English. To the people that speak Spanish I want to say… Gracias, por estar conmigo; soy un desastre manteniendo la comunicación y sin embargo les agradezco todo y estoy muy agradecida por haberlos conocido a ustedes.

To the people who speak English: I swear you guys are too awesome and I’m glad i met you all, I promise I’ll bother all of you bc I love you, okay? Okay.

kirisakixkarnival / ilterrorexscarlatto || xmiragecoordinator / memories-of-a-note || hanaikira || only-a-half || nai-chaan || shuhanmustbeprotected / sacredxdestiny || mizutaanis / sleepingrabbits || enoshimadonn || tifamex || chamiryokuroi || 27kb || lenpepper || lukamargarine || bunnyincandyland || janbananacat || bae-ware || shintarojpg || tsurukina || mimiharu || kokuyo-gang || zaikira4world || truemexicandiva || asgardiancat || roxas96neko-namine || airyme || byakuranskygesso || darktoshiro || rizavieyra || swagnolias || moenitas || jiofreed || disco-agidyne || akai-shoujo || takuya96 || fusoloid || aioiyuuko || kageyama-toubio || meryalex || sei-kuroneko

                         ;;Rad people

Aka the most awesome people that I follow (mutuals or not) and that I really want to become friend with…I care about all of you despite I’m truly shy to talk… And this new year I’ll try to be more, uhm, talkative? with all of you. I want to know you all and be friends w/ you.

Note: This has no particular order.

dermatina || funkysqualo || r18daigo || memebustershirogane || tinywhimsicott || flaminghomos || stingybee365 || hayabun || masayomi || ohmygongora || guardiandany || nishikxss || birdiemelodies || benji-dono || kirsctein || hatos || arovampires || dewamasaomis || espanya || 5abaody || lowellfamilyprecepts || featherlighty || feared-symphony || purpurhedgehog || pastelleblossoms || giourno || hassoutobii || capisu || totsukaz || youmukonpaku || agent-em || new-years-rezilution || sakashitananase || truthquarks || projectxd001 || gaydrifloon || visual-complex || blackyhoneybubu || rossignolmask || roshabot || ladynataliestark || lady-hyena || lady-von-whippingberg || liberty-writer || honqice || kyharin || tsunemori || kasugatakao || theladydiva || hyrulean-hero || agenderflower || see-you-later-kid || dreamingroxas13 || meikyute || sphealsy || admiraltaiga || aishatsukiari || asikku || kyxe || enoshimatroll || drakonthedragon || kryztal-nyann || itistimetoduel || h4ndmed0wn || skaviris || breakwitch || mikkau || sangorox || monochrome-monologue || bearsbutts || knotsee || evilpuppyregina || nyanjuice || dark-pit || sesshyowl || paxaa-buu || hanabridge || moi-skulls || gakupoid || nanik-a || 008safeworld || azzami || moya-shi || isami-nyo || roshabot || frillyfairyprincess || ousto || silly-carrie || mijika || doctor-benzedrine || letters-from-saint-helena || lesbiaku || hyukkyeopta || okumurajeiny || tsu-kun || trashy-queer || notabeansprout || emperorakashii || chularin || owl-face || niji-byakumay || electresque || helpless-joker || pochimonster || lems88

                         ;;In Memoriam

Aka the special place to remember my friends who aren’t anymore in this world but I still love and appreciate, and I truly hope I can met them again one day…

futou || dflourite

I truly hope you guys have an excellent year! I love you all, okay? ♥

Soooo ive been actually meaning to do this since my last hundred, but Im so lazy.

Anyway! For a little celebration of reaching 519 followers,here’s my follow forever!

Follow these blogs because they are amazing! If you’re not on the list, I still love you, and you’re awesome!


1-800-sp00ky 5secondstoshutthefuckup


achievementbands, achievementcreature, achievements-in-ten-seconds, ah-xray, aleks-chan, aleks-has-a-drinking-problem, aleksbabymama, aleksbbyplz, aleksflowercrown, aleksmarchnt, aleksnarvaezchu, aleksvitaly, aliceinwonderlane, allytheawesomeone, aloofcanine, anal-doge, and-you-be-my-homie, andrearoset, andrewl1m, andyleotho, armxn-arlert, armyofmoths, arwyinn, ascoolascastiel, asnowberry, athletictoaster, atopachievement, audreydoudy, augieno1, ayyygender,


baltazahr, basicallyaleks, bat-danz, beautyandthecreatures, bittersweet-clair-de-lune, bloodyjello, blurite, bmth-and-tea, boltgirl484, briannahugstrees, butaleks, butttarts, buymypepsimax, caitlinhdizzle, captainthief, chaoticcheshire, charmandersayshai, chester-ann, chewiboo, chibiminx444, chick-nugget, chickrie, china-prime, chinaprimehd, chinaprimeisonyourside, chloefizzyx, choopasaurus, city-of-powermoves, complimentaryapples, cooltrendykidwithsunglasses, creature-nob, creaturecatrhi, crittercreature, crystalheroinn


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this is a list of all the blogs I follow, and each and everyone is hella rad and you should check them out!

i love you.

i want you guys to know how much i appreciate you. i love every single one of you more than i could ever love myself and i hope for only good things in your life. i hope you feel happy and accepted and loved because you have a beautiful soul and you deserve the world. you, specifically you who’s reading this right now, mean so much to me. i know there are some people out there who will brush this off because they don’t think this applies to them, but dude this absolutely applies to you. i care about your well-being and i want you to know i am here if you ever need a friend.

thank you to everyone who’s ever talked to me, said hello to me, loved me, or been my friend. i know i don’t talk a whole lot about myself on here, so i’m gonna tell you about this: when i joined tumblr in january, i was in a very bad place in my life; i had nothing that i felt was worth staying alive for. and that’s when i started watching mark, and then jack, and then the grumps and matthias and everyone else i’m watching now. that’s when i made this blog to connect with people with the same interests, and holy shit did i meet people. i will remember this time of my life forever because youtube has literally changed my life: i am more confident in myself, i have met some of the best people i’ve ever known on here, i am happier with myself and my life, and i feel free. there are so many other things about myself that have changed since this year but i’m too tired to list them off.

so long story short: i have never loved as much as i do now, i have never felt more loved or accepted as i do now, and i have never been happier than i am at this very exact moment. obviously i still have my low days but they’ve gotten a lot less severe than they used to be. and i owe it all to you, this community. i love you all so much.

Finally my first follow forever, I decide to do it because the 1st of January I was gonna have 1 year with this manga blog. I wanted to post it the last day of 2013 but I didn't had chance to orz 
My dashboard has been full of new things to see thanks to all of you guys, always making it interesting to be here and not letting me able to close the tumblr tab because of all the amazing things you guys reblog.

This is the huge list of amazing blogs I follow (a lot of them are since I started this blog)It's had been like 4 times I had go to the page of "Following Blogs" to unfollow but you guys are the ones I had never thought about unfollowing because the blogs that all of you have are just perfect and i had fallen in love with the your personality/ theme/posts/edits. Everyone of these blogs has something special that makes me still want to follow them and I'm grateful that I had found there blogs♥

I was going to link all your urls but I'm too lazy, btw If I wrote wrong your urls tell me so I can fix it ;---:
Bolded: Are my senpais! I had follow them since I had my other blog and every single one of you had inspired me to have a better blog and I really admired them <3 They have I a great personality and blogs that make them my favorites 

A → D

-jenjam | agapi-san | aho-rashii | ahomin-e | aisaretaii |
akairingoo | akatsukii | akiiseru | alice-chii | all-i-want-is-anime almightyone | angel—flowers | angrywaifu | asameruu |
asamicch-i | astroemia | atsush-i | azranian | b-b-bakaaa |
dai-suki-da-yo | baenre | baka-potato | baka-satan | bentous |
blushing-pikachu | bobbidyboo | bokusatsu—tenshi | byaakko |
Captnkawaii | cold-decay | contracttodevil | cosmogyral-s |
cyfia | cyhe | d-delusions | deadbaka | deerlinqs | derikisu |
disenchanted-moon | divorced-lama | donatsuu | dorei-shounen |
doseijin | dumb-child | durararas |

E → M

eniguma | fallen-kira | fujoshii—chan | fumizukis | gaenyeom |
greekg0ds | greentea-melonsoda | gumi-tan | hakuryus | hanz-kun | h-eichou | h-eiwajima | h-ornymermaid | hanae-ichihara |
hanz-kun | hazuki-senpai | hearts-resonate | hijoushikina |
otaku-desuka |hikikomoiri | hikikomori-chan | holder-of-the-end | homokuro | hopeless-being | hydroge-n | inori—san | inuyashadepijama |isntoolate | izachi | jaapanese | jafarucchi | jigo-ku | jungraehwa | k-eikou | k-u-r-o-s-a-k-i | kaijus | katsu—sama | kinkeu | kiritoi | kiritopls | koitenshi | kono-yaro-baka-yaro | kuroh-chan | kurohoshime | kuronanashi | kurotachi | ky-chi | lazy-kun | levidono | littlelovergirl |
lonachu | luminalight | lurida | makilatro | manga-edits |
mchippie | medatanai | melodioussilence | merrrys | midorimo |
momokka | mugenchi | mugeneien | mushokuu |
N → Z
namida-no-nai-sekai | nekonurse | neomichan | nephilium | 
nezu-mi | nikiyaa | niriru | noimine | noriiko | noctvrnel |
oujiko | otomeinhell | panda-hiro | pandycake | peeeeeeeeeeh |
utoopias | phoeix | pinkupetals | plainwater- | planetary—suicide | plitz | psycho-chi | psychopas-s | psychopizz |
psychoticscream | psyyyycho | rarami-chan | relcreatesrue |
rikamii | riri-neko | seriss-a | rob0t-ick | ruffy-senchou |
s-eramic | s-h-i-t-a-i | s-hieru | sabishiis |sadako-wa-bitch |
saga—masamune | sakura-milk | seijuros | senpai-s | senpaihero | sexuoh | shiishios | shinigama |shinji-chan |shirokkuma |
shlnji | shoujo-world | shoujuu | sillysylvia96 | simptoms |
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t-sumetai | takrai-tama | teacupnyanko| tenyakami | the-gray-eyes | thinconceivable | thispieismine | tisetto | tsume-tai |
tsumikis | tsundere-sweet | tsusumi | ultraviolet-screams |
urayamashii-princess | uroborom | watashinjingles | wensdaytoday | wildherz | withoutlookingforit | world-o-f-nonsense | yaguchii | yamaguchi-kenji | yamaken-chi | yamazakis | yasashii-samurai | yinggg | yudoku | yukariis | yuke-i | yunzix | yuukiina |

i saw everyone doing this thingy where they compare their sylvaris to actual plants/flowers so i decided to do one too since this list of what flower matches who has been sitting in my drafts like forever but never had a chance to actually publish it.. XD  

didnt add maevon tho because he’s so new and i know like 0 plants so i havent figured out anything for him yet D: (my dear friend @spirited-drinker came up with most of these anyway,,,,,,) 

names + flower names in captions!


Since there has been a fluctuation in my follower count as of late (as well as changes in who I follow), I felt it was time to revamp the follow forever. How I got so many of you following me I have no idea. Especially over 1260 of you! You guys are amazing! I cannot express how much it means for you guys to appreciate what I do. I just wanted to make a list of people who have help make my experience here on tumblr an enjoyable one, whether be interactions or just posting some amazing content on the dash. Whether a personal or an RP blog, I love all of you! If you are not on this list, please do not feel disheartened. I don’t love you any less, there are still many of you I’d love to get to know.


1dpigeonlovesbigby , aeonfrodo , armatixinxrubro , aroseredrevolution , ask-lee-twdg , askmssnow , aspio , atrue-renaissance, astrasylverton, besafeclementine, bigbyxwolf, bigbywooff, bloodythug, blossominghero, brightstarinthecity, callierobbins, calling-you-a-boshtet, captain-c-redfield, chainxsmoker, circejones, clemmy-everett, clericsydney, crowdcontrols, cryptcombat


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Hi everyone! ^ ▽^

Another year almost through. This year has been quite a rollercoaster for me, and that’s why I haven’t been so active since the beginning of summer. I even totally forgot that my blog turned four a month ago :D that’s a long time wasted on this site. There isn’t any real reason for doing this follow forever besides wanting to wish you all Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah and even though I’m pretty early for some of those, I wanted to do this now anyways.

There’s some people on this list that I have been following since the beginning of times, and some that I only recently started following, but my dash is pretty awesome so all of you really deserve to be here. It was difficult to try narrowing down the list and I just wanted to have everyone I follow on this, and that’s almost what happened in the end anyways lmao…… And some of you aren’t even active anymore but that does not mean you don’t deserve to be in here. While going through the blogs I follow I also noticed that so many of my old bandom mutuals are still mutuals even after the complete change of my blog style and that makes me emotional ;; you guys are the true champs. Thank you so much for sticking with me and sorry !

Yeah okay I will just go on and on if I don’t stop here. All I really want to say anymore is: Thank you all for yet another nice year!! I hope you’ll have great time over the holidays and that next year will be kind to you <3

blogroll // the list under the cut!

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(*⌒ヮ⌒*)Hey everyone~
Since it’s my birthday today and I’m on Easter break I finally decided to post my 2nd follow forever which has already been on my To-Do-List for a very long time. I made my 1st one last year sometime around Easter as well when I was still a pure EXO blog… However, the 7 dorks of Bangtan took over my life and I didn’t even mean to but my tumblr was turning slowly but steadily into a Bangtan blog OTL Ever since, I’ve met lots of lovely people on this website, followed new blogs and gained new followers (but also got unfollowers ㅠㅠ)

Thank you so much to the people who have been sticking around with me since the beginning and didn’t unfollow me till now although I changed my blogging style! It really means a lot to me ;u;
Massive thank you to all of my followers! I’m honestly wondering why you guys are even following me ;o; (I don’t even have photoshop OTL) Whatever made you click my follow button, please always remember that I appreciate each and everyone of you. Love you all~

Special shoutout to ma homies Raisha, Lily, Hallah, Maddie, Nico and Samy. I’m so glad I got to know you guys and thanks for putting up with me. Each of you will always have a special place in my heart <3 [!!Please hover over your name for personal message!!]

Alright ‘nuff rambling, here are my follow forever lists:

italicised - blogs I stalk admire

♥ - chingus: you guys are truly amazing ~( ˘ ³˘)-♡


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Thank you all for being awesome bloggers! And belated happy easter btw, hope you guys had a great one this year :3

xoxo, Isa.

P.S. I probably won’t be able to blog everyday in the next 3-4 weeks since I’m taking/preparing for the Abitur exams in that time… Please wish me luck ;-; 

hey guys! it’s been about  FOREVER   and a  day  since i did a  BIAS  LIST,  but making lexa was a pretty big departure from my usual blogs in comic fandoms and i wanted to do something to celebrate hitting a milestone!  it’s been two months since i started this bae and the 100 fandom has been so wonderful and welcoming.  

so! here’s a shout out to some folks who are just great.  if people have more than one blog, i just listed the one i interact with the most  (  or the one i see you most currently  active  on  ).  if i forgot somebody, please don’t be offended, just shoot me a message because i probably just left it off by mistake  (  or couldn’t figure out where you’re active  ).  

love you guys! 

here to more  great times  down the line.   <3,  bucku

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anonymous asked:

Hi guys! Thanks for all the work you guys do! Takamina has been my Forever Oshimen since day one. And i know the list is super long as to why that is. She just simply amazing. I've been expanding my horizons lately. What do you think of Yui-han and Ricchan?? They seem to be constantly on my radar lately.

Wow, you guys really like these member features, don’t you?!

Mayuyu here, I’ll take this one because Yokoei is one of my favourite partnerships, these two are absolutely wonderful together!
We have the amazing Team A captain combined with the adorable Baka center. Rather than talk about each member as an indiviual, I want to talk about them as a pairing.

They have this perfect balance of cuteness…


And they have this amazing chemistry…

Questions and Answers from Yui’s G+:

Q: Recently, which member are you closest to?
A: Kawaei
Recently, we got separated one time, but we went rushing to the last train, so we looked like we’re a couple who were going to watch movies together. LOL.

Q: Are you dating with Ms. Kawaei?
A: We are………. not. LOL

She might say that, but we all know they are!

It’s everywhere for us all to see!

Recently, for Ricchan’s birthday, Ricchan rushed straight to see Yui after work, so they could celebrate her birthday together.

Yui even falls asleep on Ricchan’s lap, adorable… right?

The best thing about these two for me, is the fact that whey will always be able to make you laugh.

Even if it’s just by the way they act.

For me these two have everything you could want in a pairing, I think everyone should pay attention to them.

Everyone, please support Yokoei!