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Voltron story idea- 

The castleship gets caught in an electrical space storm and the energy causes the crew to transport to different points of times in the castleship (so like space and time displacement)

  • Hunk gets sent while the castleship is still in construction and meets smol Coran.
  • Lance gets sent about 4 centuries into the future and meets Queen Allura. 
  • Shiro gets sent a few decades after Allura has been put in the cyropods and discovers something. 
  • Allura and Keith get sent to the day before Allura’s mom dies (and gotta keep Keith from stabbing Zarkon).
  • Pidge and Coran get sent to a bit after Allura is born and Pidge meets some of the past Paladins.

I just thought of this 20 mins ago. So many ideas, so many possibilities, so much angst >;3c

“My mom has been really sick for 50 to 60 percent of my life. She had a nervous breakdown when my father left, and she ended up in a psychiatric ward. Then she had breast cancer twice while I was young. I was her only child so it was a lot of pressure. While my friends were at the playground, I’d be coming home to pick my mother up off the bathroom floor. I’m newly married now and have a child on the way. But I still have to worry about her all the time. She never remarried, so I’m all she has. She’s on oxygen now. She was so sick during my honeymoon that I had to call the hospital every three hours. Every evening when I get home from work, she has a list of things for me to do. If I don’t visit for a few days, she tells me how selfish I am. She’ll say: ‘Forget it. I’m fine without visitors. Don’t come back.’ I don’t know what I want to happen. But I’m starting a new family. And I’m at the point where I’d like some freedom to live my life.”

Fandom PSA - on Anti Behavior

I’m finally addressing what needs to be said given the behavior of fandom over the last few weeks. It took me a while because I wasn’t entirely sure what to say that didn’t have me go off on a tangent with my point hiding like a needle in a haystack.

I’ve been seeing a lot of horrific actions from fandom lately, but what’s even worse is that a lot more well-meaning fans are getting sucked into anti rhetoric because they are terrified of being wrong and becoming a potential target. That’s insidious.

Accusing people of something as strong as pedophilia because their ship has an age gap is not social justice. Sending people disgusting images of gore and child pornography because you deem their ship immoral is not social justice. Creating block lists of “problematic” blogs because you don’t agree with their content is not social justice 


It’s disgusting and such actions aren’t fooling anyone. Because this isn’t about protecting fandom and survivors, this is about dictating fandom behavior to feed their own inflated sense of self-righteousness. This is the reason we call these people “antis”. Their motivation lies entirely with disliking a certain ship or content creator, and using social justice buzzwords that Tumblr thrives on in order to spread fear and discourse. 

Trust me, I’ve been in fandom longer than a fraction of you have even been alive. Morally policing fandom has NEVER ended well. NEVER. All it does is just create victims, and once one innocent person is driven away, the mob then turns its teeth on another, and the vicious cycle continues until the entire fandom just falls apart. It probably stems from a form of jealousy, a narcissistic need to have fandom enjoy things the way they do, and if they can’t have their fun then no one can. Then again, I’m not really here to rationalize such irrational actions. 

So for those who find themselves caught in the middle and unsure what to do, I’m going to ask that if you see this kind of “anti” behavior to please recognize it for what it is: just someone who is using buzzwords to wave around their superior sense of morality and nothing more. Like, seriously, what kind of person sees an event that specifically talks about dedicating a week filled with nothing but positivity for fandom and they immediately start tearing it down? What kind of person makes callout posts and block lists that call for fandom to rally against a single individual just because they don’t agree with said individual’s content? What kind of person thinks it’s okay to slander and accuse others of heavy crimes like pedophilia just because a certain ship is in competition with their own? 

Such sanctimonious behavior isn’t unique to fandom, either. As a parent, I see this shit all the time in the, erm, “mom fandom” I guess we can call it. I’ve seen people accused of child abuse for using formula instead of breastfeeding. For letting their kids watch more than an hour of TV per day. For not feeding their kids organic food straight out of the dirt. Ridiculous? Yes, and this whole “anti” behavior is ranked right up there on that ridiculous level. And both these groups of people are coming from the same exact sanctimonious place. So you’re damn right I don’t buy into anti rhetoric about how they are just “looking out for fandom”. Bullshit. And that bullshit is the same everywhere. 

Nobody here is saying you can’t be uncomfortable with things, of course not. But there are a lot of things in this world that you are going to be exposed to that you don’t like, that make you uncomfortable, that will trigger you. There are only two healthy ways of dealing with this: 

One, you can engage that person in a conversation, explain your stance, and then listen to their response. No, this isn’t tone-policing. You don’t know anyone’s story or their motivations. Nothing in this world gives you the right to be abusive to another human being that sits behind your screen. 

Two, simply don’t give that person your support anymore. Unfollow, block, and move on with your life. Don’t turn someone into a target of abuse. Don’t create a victim.


-stellar grades: you know you can do it. and you will.

-get healthy: You only got one body to live in. Take care of it hoe.

-cut my hair: snip snip. You’ve been wanting a change for a while. If you’re going to cut a few inches off, might as well cut of 8 inches and make a wig. Here’s to a good deed and a way to cut off a security blanket

-try out some dance classes: get in tune with your body. You love music, you want the confidence. Learn to ooze sensuality.

-get a tattoo: Your body is temple. Really though not to be cheesing or anything. It’s an opportunity to reclaim your body but also a fun project to save money for.

-take a self-defense class: Got to learn how to kick some ass.

-Find a new skill or hobby to get awesome at: The body is an amazing thing. The mind is even greater. It has so much capability. Use it well.

-Make something your proud of: Y'all got pinterest for a reason. Check out one of those pins you have saved.

-Stop comparing/competing: Every one has their own reality. Define your own. Don’t worry about trying to match with someone else’s.

-Go thrifting: Who knows what you’ll discover? Plus it’s good for the environment…reuse, reduce, recycle

-Own a beauty fear: Maybe you’re overly reliant on eyeliner like me. Ditch it. Find a new look to own.

-Go to a concert: All these good things get pricey af but if there’s a festival you’ve been eyeing, save up. You get to ogle over your fave artist but also learn some budgeting.

-Go out of your comfort zone: The path to self growth is reliant on being faced with uncomfortable situations. Push through because you know damn well, you can do it.

-Watch those shows/read those books you have lined up: You know those moments you have where you can sit and relax. Use it to check out everything you want to watch/read. Even if it’s a few minutes or a few pages. Take these slivers you have and use ‘em for relaxation.

-Check those bank statements: budget budget and budget. ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your bank statement. It’s about time you look straight at all those “treat yo self” sessions. This will help you push through and save for even better treats

-read more articles/watch more news: there’s a lot happening in this world and it’s crucial to stay informed. we got to use the knowledge given to us to our advantage.

-keep a memory jar: grab a random jar and some post it’s and write out anytime something good happens in 2017. Sometimes it’s way too easy to forget the good when something bad happens but opening it new year’s eve, right before 2018 will show you bright side of things.

-Love yourself

story time

so I’m currently in the midst of watching a lot of shows that have been recommended to me through fandom, two of these shows that are currently running are riverdale and supergirl. I’m noticing the pattern that in most wlw ships that I’ve come across usually involve a brunette lesbian and a bisexual blonde. 

This has been on my mind for a while and was brought to the forefront when I realised I was trash for both supercorp and beronica. So whilst I was at college I was surrounded by friends and I was making a few comments about it, see the majority of my friends are LGBT and so I only had to bite my tongue a few times when slowly explaining this to the straights™. Then this girl joined the conversation who was my friend and asked me to give a few examples (she doesn’t watch as much tv as I do) and I came up with this list:

  • Betty and Veronica (Riverdale) - before I realised V likes boys too
  • Kara and Lena (Supergirl)
  • Clarke and Lexa (The 100)
  • Cosima and Delphine (Orphan Black)
  • Alex and Piper (Orange is the New Black)
  • Xena and Gabrielle (Xena: Warrior Princess)
  • Emma and Regina (Once Upon a Time) - not sure about this one
  • Brittany and Santana (Glee)
  • Emily and Alison (Pretty Little Liars)
  • Carol and Therese (Carol) - also not sure

As I was going compiling this list I realised that I didn’t understand why this seemed to be so common? Also my other friend was giving me a strange look whilst I was talking about all this and it took me a minute to click. This girl that I was giving examples to was someone I used to have a thing with, we were never exclusively a couple, but it was fairly obvious through our actions and body language that we were more than friends, thankfully she didn’t catch on but this girl is a blonde bisexual, who was part of a subtext-built ship with me, a brunette lesbian??? in real life too??

Top 10 KJK & SJH Moments

It’s been a rough couple days. We all deserve something to make us happy. Here’s my top 10 moments starring Kim Jong Kook & Song Ji Hyo.

1. Episode 21.

The first encounter of the “Spartace” couple. The two formed a team and faced the other guests and members. Ji Hyo in an earlier episode requested to not be on the hiding team anymore, and wanted to join up with Jong Kook. In the end they defeated the 8 members (cast and guests) to win the episode. 

2. Episode 182.

Kim Jong Kook protecting Ji Hyo from 3 members of the opposite team. He was doing such a good job that Gary got a little jealous. 

3. Episode 48.

The objective of the game was to guess each members face while being blindfolded. Ji Hyo took this once in a lifetime opportunity to pull on Jong Kook’s hair without being punished. 

4. Episode 163.

Are they getting married?

5. Episode 34.

Blindfolded once again. This time it was to pour water into a glass up until the fill line. I think he might be drowning. 

6. Episode 40.

The final mission was for them to compose a song using toy instruments. Ji Hyo was asked to do a high “cuckoo” on her recorder, but (purposely?) played low note after low note. Which led to this comment.

7. Episode 93. 

Votes are casted the beginning of each round to see who would be targeted. First round everybody voted Jong Kook but failed to rip off his name tag in the allotted time. Which gave Jong Kook an extra vote. The two teamed up and voted for HaHa (Ji Suk Jin also voted for HaHa, 4-4 split between him and KJK) and to no surprise he was eliminated. 

8. Episode 170.

The Wizard of Oz, Running Man Edition. Both Ji Hyo and Jong Kook are cowardly lions, and to get over their fear they are asked to chop wood….. Yeah RM gets kinda weird sometimes. 

9. Episode 291.

While Ji Hyo and Gary are on their very first date. She mentions that she doesn’t meet up with the other cast members outside the show as much. Only Kwang Soo for a meal or two and tanning with Jong Kook…. Wait what?

10. Episode 261.

The cast members enjoy a nice day at a carnival before entering a scary haunted mansion. They had rides, free food, games, prizes and other stuff found at a carnival. Jong Kook tried some fried octopus and fed it to Ji Hyo. 


From this prompt list
‘I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.’ with Stiles Stilinski
Word Count; 1.3k
Warnings; None
A/N; It’s my first time writing here, so I hope you like it! Feel free to send requests 

‘Just calm down’, Scott stated in a feeble attempt to ease his friend. 

‘Just calm down?’ Stiles shouted, ‘How the hell do I calm down about this?! It’s not right, she’s going to freak out! There’s no way in hell she’ll feel the same.’ He paced back and forth across Scott’s bedroom, chewing on his fingernails and mumbling to himself, while Scott sat at his desk, finally giving up on his overdue homework, which, was not going to get done with Stiles in such a panic. 

‘It’s not a big deal Stiles!’ Scott attempted to assure his best friend. ‘It was bound to happen. Y/n has been your friend since forever. You two have a connection, of course you guys would fall in love.’ 

‘No,’ Stiles grunted, flopping flimsily onto Scott’s bed, ‘of course I was going to fall in love with her. She’s not going to feel the same way, period.’ 

‘And how do you know that? She thinks you’re the greatest guy alive. When weird stuff starts to happen, you’re the one she calls. You’re like Superman and she’s Lois Lane.’

Stiles jerked up into a sitting position with a look of shock. ‘You know, Scott, Batman is way cooler.’ Scott looked at him with raised eyebrows. ‘Right, right, not important right now.’ He huffed, flopping his head back down onto the pillows. ‘I just can’t believe it. I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.’ 

Scott huffed in frustration, spinning back around to face his computer. Stiles began muttering to himself again. She’s never going to feel the same way you idiot, y/n is perfect and you’re just a spaz. 

‘So are you going to tell her or not?’ Scott asked distractedly, not that Stiles seemed to notice. 

‘I can’t, she’ll just laugh at me. I can’t lose her, she’s my best friend.’ 

‘Right,’ Scott began, ‘well that’s too bad, because I may or may not have texted her to come over…’ Stiles shot up, glaring at his friend who had a sheepish grin smugly sitting on his face. 

‘I swear I’m going to kill you.’ Stiles barked, leaping up off the bed and towards the door. ‘I’m running before she…’

He was stopped by a knock at Scott’s bedroom door. Stiles turned to look at Scott, who was trying to conceal his grin. ‘I told her to come straight up.’ 

In a panic, Stiles ran to a new spot in the room in an attempt to act natural. You opened the door slowly, before popping your head in with a confused expression across your face. ‘So why am I here?’ You ask, turning to Stiles, who was standing awkwardly against the back wall. 

‘No reason,’ he babbled, ‘absolutely no reason at all right Scott? No reason at all.’ He lifted up his fist to his mouth, trying to stop himself from talking anymore.

‘Actually,’ Scott responded, picking up his school work and heading towards the door ‘Stiles really needs to talk to you. I’ll just head on down stairs so he can start.’ Scott winked at Stiles and smiled at you before leaving the room, shutting the door behind him. 

You two stood awkwardly for a few minutes, Stiles not bearing to look at you. You shift awkwardly, trying to gain some eye contact. ‘Stiles?’ You asked quietly. 

‘Hey.’ he replied, lifting his hand to the back of his neck and rubbing it. ‘Do you want to sit?’ Stiles stumbled over to Scott’s bed, gesturing for you to join him. You sat softly beside him, placing your hand gently on his back. 

‘Are you alright?’ His breath hitched in the back of his throat as he looked down into your eyes. You were worried, he could tell. He watched you closely, taking in every detail, fearing that he’d never get to be this close to you again. You smelt like strawberries, he noted, and your hair was shiny and soft, and your lips were pink and plump, and all he could think about was how he wanted to stroke your hair and kiss your lips and hold your. He found himself leaning in closer to your, breathing in deeply. 

‘I made a mistake.’ He whispered, flickering a glance to your lips, before moving back to your eyes. Those beautiful eyes that he could stare into forever. 

‘What do you mean Stiles? What happened?’ You was concerned, your eyebrows furrowed as you tried to read whatever it was he was thinking. 

‘I just..’ he stuttered, ‘just don’t hate me for what I’m about to tell you.’ 

‘I promise I won’t! Just tell me Stiles, you’re freaking me out.’ He sighed.

‘Sorry, I just… I’ve just never done this before.’ 

‘Done what?’ 

Just do it Stiles, he thought. 

‘Fallen in love, and please, just let me get this out before you freak and hit me or laugh or run screaming.’ he blurted out, eyeing off your look of astonishment, before you nodded slowly, still unsure of what was happening around you. 

‘Okay…’ he began, trying to find the words to explain himself. ‘I know its stupid, and I know I shouldn’t have done it, but every time I see you, I just… everything stops. It’s just you standing there, with your big smile and your stunning eyes, and everything else just goes away. My mind goes blank and all I can think about is how seeing you is the best part of my day, and how you always laugh at my jokes, and how when you’re scared at night you call me, and we talk for hours until you fall asleep mid conversation. I think about how when pack meeting run late and you’re tired, your eyelids start to flutter and you rest your head in my lap, and how in those moments I’ve never felt more comfortable or content. Because I always want to be with you, and listen to you, and support you, and protect you, and make you smile.’

Stiles looked up at you. Your eyes were watering as you stared intently at him, waiting for him to continue. 

‘I love you y/n. And you deserve to know the truth, that for the past three days i’ve been scared out of my mind. I don’t want to lose you, I can’t, but I have to ask. Is there any chance, any chance at all that you could feel the same?’ 

You were shocked, to say the least. Stiles had been your best friend for years, and not for a minute had you ever think he would fall in love with you. He watched your face as you though over everything he had said, terrified you would slap him or laugh at him. But you didn’t. You smiled softly, leaning closer to him. His breathing stopped when your forehead touched his own, and stared into your eyes. The both of you sat there for a few moments, before you pressed your lips to his, kissing him tenderly and carefully. Stiles was frozen in shock. 

She’s kissing me, he though, do something you idiot. 

So he kissed you back, moving his hands to cup your cheeks as his lips moved against yours in perfect sync. Your heart skipped a few beats as he kissed you, and he felt all the breath in his lungs disappear at the though that you were there, kissing him back. You pulled away slowly, resting your forehead against his again and smiled

‘Wow.’ he said breathlessly, refusing to open his eyes, out of fear that you would disappear if he did. You let out a small giggle of happiness, causing him to chuckle and caress your cheeks with his thumbs, still holding your face near his. ‘So, that’s a yes right?’ 

You laughed again, ‘Of course it is dumb-ass. Did you seriously think i’d run away?’ He opened his eyes to look up at you, with a look of complete adoration across his face. 

‘Maybe.’ He answered, pulling your lips back to his. 

You two were quickly interrupted by Scott, who pushed his door open. He looked you both up and down as you two stopped kissing, Stiles moving his hands down to yours as you both turned to Scott. 

‘Well,’ he said amused, ‘I’m betting it worked out then?’

‘I’m thinking so,’ Stiles agreed, ‘but you’re still an ass.’ 


Hey, guys! I’ve been wanting to open commissions for a while and since it’s getting really rough here, I thought now would be the best time <3 

Okay, so! I really need the money, my family and I are struggling here at home and finding a job has been difficult so any help would be appreciated! Here are the price list so far, although it is not completely set in stone and you’re all free to message me for any info/questions. You can inbox me here on Tumblr or shoot me a private message. I will be accepting payment through PayPal!

It does not have to be Splatoon-related, so do not hesitate to contact me! If you can’t buy something, pls reblog to spread the word! Thank you all so much! ; v ; For anyone confused on the menus, check the read more for details and explanations!

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My Grimspiration #2

A Peak Inside My Grimoire

It’s been a while since I have gotten to work on my grimoire. Partly because everything I was planning to put in it is saved on my computer and it was getting repaired all of last week. But have no fear, I’m back and ready to work on it more in the coming weeks.

I created a list of rules for myself to follow as I continue on with my practice and so that I know what I can and cannot do. It will help keep me on track and safe as I move forward and begin learning more and trying out new spells.

I then included the wheel of the year because I want to make an effort to start celebrating of the witchy holidays. I found this one of Google Images and I liked the set up of it. It has the astrological signs as an added bonus. I put it on some scrapbook paper that looks like wood because it looked awesome and would help me tie in nature a little more in my book.

Hopefully you enjoyed seeing my grimoire and that you’re inspired with ideas for your own! If you have any questions or want help with your own grimoire, feel free to ask! 

Keeping On The Low // Wonho x You

Originally posted by wonhontology

Characters: Monsta X’s Wonho x You

Scenario: He’s a backup dancer while you’re an idol. Usually he’s the lead dancer for your comebacks - just not this time round.

A/N: Sooo this is my first official piece and I don’t know why I picked Wonho ((maybe because I’m one hoe)) but yeah, enjoy~

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The ‘boyfriend’ title has always been one Wonho clings tightly to, given the amount of bliss he feels whenever he’s around you. Back when he first had feelings for you, never had he hoped for his love to be requited because he had always thought that he was far out of your league. He never thought you would view him as more than ‘just a backup dancer’. But you proved him wrong the day he accidentally let the cat out of the bag and you responded by saying you felt the same way.

Wonho has never felt happier. He loves you wholeheartedly despite the relationship not being easy. Unlike other guys who have the ability to flaunt their girlfriends to the world, Wonho isn’t able to do such a thing. Although that is killing him, he understands that you’re an idol and your love life can never be made public. The only time he can be publicly intimate with you is when he is given the lead backup dancer role, which happens during each one of your comebacks…except your recent one.

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John x Madi

So this is my new OTP. I stumbled on to it because it was a “Top 5” OTP for someone else’s list; however, I’m so happy I made it! 

I think John and Madi had a connection from the onset. I think TPTB established early on that there was some kind of connection between the two of them. Considering the initial glance (always has to be some intense glance - I’m tal'bout Richonne), him being fixated on her while they were imprisoned, to letting his guard down in front of her. These seem to be the wonderful beginnings of a fantastic OTP. 

Some may dispute that he was fixated on her while imprisoned because he was looking for a “third option” as he put it, While I definitely think its true that doesn’t negate the fact that he could also be attracted to her.

While there interactions have been minimal, they are poignant when they do happen. This last one being no different. I think it’s easy to forget that John is probably not as confidant in himself as he once was. This is hard to believe because he’s handsome, has the curls of God, muscular build; shall I continue….Without being able to accurately quote what he’s said I think he’s used words/phrases like “one-legged creature” “invalid” etc. So the idea of being a “Pirate King” probably seems like a stretch.

In comes Madi. She’s regal, unapologetic, thoughtful, progressive, a little rebellious and this woman sees in him what he can not see in himself. She’s has concern for him with no ulterior motive. He can be honest, and more importantly he can be week in front of her. When they’re talking in bed, and she proclaims “if I were a no-good pirate, I would follow you where ever you led” I think he’s surprised. I think he’s overwhelmed, and I think she's  able to help him reclaim some confidence he may have lost..and then I’m sure he blew that back out….I mean my God he told her where they buried the treasure!! Come on now!!!

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No Other Men Like Me

Original imagine:  Imagine possessive!Dean when you’re flirting with the bartender to get info for a hunt written for @aprofoundbondwithdean. This is also #35 public sex/semi-public sex, (specifically semi-public) requested by an anonymous requester for my Follower Appreciation Day Drabbles from the 100 Kinks List.

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count: 2586

Warnings: Explicit language, nsfw, explicit sexual content, smut, unprotected sex

Author’s Note: This has been sitting in my draft folder for a while. I wanted to write something for Kale, because she does so much for the authors in the fandom. This one is for you and all the things you do for us. xoxoxo

Tagging: @spnfanficpond  @jensennjared @mrswhozeewhatsis @the-mrs-deanwinchester @official-shipper @balthazars-muse @brooklyn-writes-flangst @climbthatmooselikeatree @mamapeterson @rizlow1 @eyes-of-a-disney-princess @winchesterenthusiast @salvachester @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @katnharper

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Top 30 Favourite Person of Interest Episodes

Been wanting to do this for a while, and I thought I’d do it now because…hey, seems as good a time as any. I hum and ha over the order, but these are pretty solidly my top 30 favourites even if the order fluctuates and my top 5 are nice and concrete for the moment. And I’ll do some short reasons that, as I come back and edit this, get a bit long in the top 10.

30. Most Likely To…

Directed by Kevin Hooks

Written by Melissa Scrivner Love and Denise The

The first of many Denise The written or co-written episodes on this list, I love how this episode manages to weave together major plot developments with Vigilance with a fun number plot that they get a lot of mileage out of. And it’s kinda fun to see Mayor Natural Eyeliner from The Dark Knight Trilogy. 

29. Sotto Voce

Directed by Margot Lulick

Written by Sabir Pirzada

I have some issues with this episode in the grand scheme of the season (I think Shaw’s return should have had a full episode to itself, but I also know there were a lot of behind the scenes constraints so I try not to be so hard about that even if it’s not ideal), but on it’s own, I think it’s nice and tightly paced, with heartfelt moments from Root and Shaw, heart-pounding ones with the Die Hard-style setup, a lot of fun with the Finch/Elias team up and the final musical sequence is one of my favourites of the series. The shot I picked might be one of my favourites from the series, and I love it as a callback to the pilot. 

28. .exe

Directed by Greg Plageman

Written by Greg Plageman and Erik Mountain

I do wish we had gotten a full episode within this AU, but what we got I quite liked. Amy Acker as The Machine is a treat, some great Mayhem Twins moments, and I have to say that the “dark Finch” theme is one of my favourite pieces from the series.

27. Panopticon

Directed by Richard J. Lewis

Written by Erik Mountain and Greg Plageman

I didn’t love this episode the first time. I thought it was fine, but didn’t love it. Boy did that change after seeing how the season unfolded. All the characters get great moments, the first look at this world dominated by Samaritan is fantastic, Martine’s introduction, and how they kick off both the season arcs right away works wonderfully.

26. Mors Praematura

Directed by Helen Shaver

Written by Dan Dietz

The first time Root and Shaw really work together, it’s great seeing how they bounce off each other and where their dynamic starts to evolve. And if that wasn’t enough, I’m a big fan of Vigilance/Collier as antagonists, so having them appear here is icing on the cake for me.

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Solace // Derek Hale

Summary: You start ignoring the pack when you’re best friend Ellen relapses after ten years of being cancer free. You care for her and she keeps telling you to live your life after she’s gone. You’ll miss her dearly but with the support of Derek and the pack you know you’ll be fine.

Characters: Derek x Reader, Ellen (OC), Lydia, and the pack.

Words: 1195

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or the characters.

Warnings: Mention of death, pregnancy, depression, angst, and cancer.

Author: Caitsy

Requested: Yes, anon

Tagging: At the bottom

A/N I tried my hardest to make it known that Ellen has cancer while not getting into the symptoms because I’m don’t know much about cancer.

Master List

Prompt List


Originally posted by stilessderek

Ellen had been there for you since you were very small, mainly because her parents babysat you. She was a year older than you and you loved her so very much that you viewed her as both your best friend and sister. Recently you had noticed a drop in her life, it wasn’t surprising but it wasn’t welcomed either.

When you were still in high school Ellen was diagnosed with cancer at the age of thirteen and not only did it destroy her but you felt lost. Ellen didn’t come to school much and then her parents and her decided to do homeschooling. Ellen didn’t want people to see her bald head.

“Hey Ellen, what’s wrong?” You asked her while she was in her apartment.

“I have some news.” Ellen weakly smiled. It was almost like you knew what the words would be before they tumbled out of her mouth.

“What’s wrong?” You asked sitting down beside her.

“The cancer came back.” She admitted, “I was in remission for ten years and it’s come back.”

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How do I know the difference between wanting to have sex with a partner because i want to be intimate with them and society has drummed into me that that's how to be intimate, and if I want to have sex because I just genuinely want to?

 This is something I used to struggle with A LOT, not helped by the fact that I was also surrounding myself with toxic people who explicitly encouraged sexual activity as a marker of how good a relationship was. What helped a lot for me was to find other forms of intimacy and make a conscious effort to try them with my partner and observe how it affected my relationship and my thoughts and feelings about sex. This is the list I got a lot of ideas from. It took a while for me to really get a good idea of how I was feeling and overcome the messages I’d been fed, and not everything on the list was a success, but I ended up realizing that a ton of my so-called “”sex drive”” was, indeed, just a desire for intimacy, and that I was much happier finding that intimacy in other ways.



Quickies before I go study!! It’s been a while since I drew anything so this was really fun! 

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Lucas question

Has it been confirmed or anything whether or not Lucas was actually peeping on Zoe or if she was just being dramatic in “Daughters”?

The letter, the way it was worded, how he described “looking in on her doing yoga” leaves a horrible taste in my mouth and I know others have felt the same (while others ignore this. -and yes ignore this. Bringing up the humor of the fuck you list while leaving out that part of the list entirely-).

How did you guys interpret this and can an answer become clear on whether he actually was peeping or Zoe was just trying to bug him when she called him a “pervert”?

Did he just stick his head in or was he watching her?

I know 2016 has been a fucking r o u g h year. on my 24th birthday, i found out my baby girl’s heart stopped beating & i had to get a D & C a week later, making that my second miscarriage in a year.  i was forced to move out of state to live on a military base because my apartment complex dicked me over & i would have been homeless with three cats. i was physically assaulted while at work, then fired & haven’t had a steady job since and ya girl is struggling

i was also dumped by the man i thought i was gonna marry (which is ok, cause i realized im gay af anyways)

if anyone wants to help a sista out with christmas, it’d be great. my savings is running low & i have anxiety about it daily