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Who Are You? - Part 1

I’ve never written anything before so I would love some constructive criticism. I know it feels kind of rushed, but I was hoping to do just a couple chapters (if anyone even wants more, that is). I find Y/N kinda distracting, so for now, no one has said the first person character’s name. Let me know what you think in the comments or a message!

Warnings: someone drugs a girl but then runs away, some swearing

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I’d never really been one for parties. I don’t like the way my heart beats funny when the bass is turned way up. I don’t like getting drunk and making a fool out of myself. I don’t really enjoy seeing my friends turn into fools. I’d never been one to hit up a party just because a boy might be going. And I especially hated crowded parties.

Yet here I am, I thought morosely.

It was still fairly early in the night, but that hadn't stopped everyone I know from devolving into drinking- and sex-fuelled monsters. I glanced around the room at the dancing and gyrating kids from Southside High. I held my red solo cup full of lukewarm beer to my lips momentarily. This was my best defense against the ever-present “fun police” who made sure that everyone was having their preferred version of a good time. I had only taken two sips since I arrived, but no one noticed as long as I kept moving the cup every few minutes.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I carefully slid it out of the ridiculously skinny pocket on my skin-tight jeans. I assumed it was probably one of my friends at the party, trying to find out where I was. There were too many bodies pressed together to really be able to see any distance. To my surprise, a number I didn’t recognize flashed across my screen. I hesitated momentarily before answering the call. It could be a wrong number, or it might be someone from some business calling to see if I needed their services.

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Comment on racism in previous reblog

This is a comment to this reblog

For some reason, the blockquote tag is butchering my reblogs, and stuffs people’s paragraphs among other people’s paragraphs, so here I am reposting my comment as a separate post.

[Important preamble for those who are not aware of this fact: Thanksgiving is not a uniquely American thing, it is found in some form all over the world - including Europe - and has been found all over the world - including Europe - long before any European set out to colonise other peoples’ land. You find it/them (some of us have several) on some date between August and the end of December all over the northern hemisphere.]

I am not turning a blind eye at anything. It is not I who am thinking thanksgiving is about “race”, about “Walmart”, or about any other US-centric stuff. Because it isn’t.

“…this celebration was specifically made pertaining native Americans…”

And, now you are using that as a weapon to justify racism.

“White people need to own up…”

NOBODY should need to OWN UP to shit because of their skin colour. But, THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE PROPOSING.

Please, think it through when you generalise and say they, and point your finger at everybody of a specific skin colour. Because that is fucking insulting.

Look - and look closely - at who is trying to throw oil on the racism fire by polarising “natives” and “white people”.

I am not they. I am not “white people”.

I am a person, I have feelings, I am doing my best to be an okay person. My skincolour isn’t a character trait. And, I refuse to be bundled up with people who “were armed and greedy”, to quote you. Because I am neither.

I am sick and tired of being rolled into one with colonisers and slavers - with thieves, liars, traitors, oppressors, rapists, murderers, et fucking cetera - only because of my skin colour or my home continent.

“…pretty damn insulting to pretend the things that happened before aren’t happening now…”

It would be if that is what I was doing.


You know, I couldn’t agree more. And, just now, I saw someone throwing the word “white” around exactly the same way other racists throw their insults around -




A Week In The Life: Thursday 1PM-2PM // 3PM-4PM: Immunology

Today has been gooood! I broke my personal record time getting to the science site when I accidentally spent so long in the shower that I had 16 minutes to get to lecture, but I made it! Today’s lectures, the last in the series before lecturer switch next week, were on central and peripheral tolerance which was so interesting; all the mechanisms for self tolerance are so intricate but things can go catastrophically wrong if they fail.

I spent the 1 hour gap between in the library and I took a THICC book out that I think will come in handy when we are set our first summative of the year next week. I’m really nervous about the summative because I haven’t submitted one since April so I’m worried I might not be in the swing of it when I do it, but I really want a First so I am going to give it my best shot!! On the way to the second lecture I saw a double rainbow over the science site, and after the second lecture I got myself a lovely soy gingerbread latte; I made all my lectures this week and have been generally pretty productive so thought I deserved it. Now I’m just relaxing a bit at home before heading to pick up my wages from Klute, yay!

I go home for the weekend tomorrow; I can’t wait to see my cats <3

Progress: Development Lectures - Cell Biology Lectures - Medical Microbiology Lectures - Development Tutorial - Biochemistry Lectures - Molecular Biology Lectures - Immunology Lectures

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How do you feel a little less alone? I've been talking to my mom about my struggles and she just dismisses them because she thinks they're not as bad as everyone else's. I've realized from that I can't talk to her anymore about my pain and I don't know who to turn to. I've been to a counsellor before and they don't sort your issues with the past they just tell me to breathe which isn't what I need, I need healing. People only listen to respond nowadays.

hey! first I want to mention your struggles and feelings are valid. it doesn’t matter if someone has it worse than you. because tbh if people think that way, that means only one person in the world has it the worst. does that mean everyone else, billions of others, can’t complain, when let’s say, someone got hit by a bus but shouldn’t even complain because some poor dude got hit by 9 buses? nah, that’s a pretty shitty way to think. we all have struggles and it’s okay to complain, rant, cry, be angry, or feel anyway you do feel. 

i’m really sad you feel alone. i want you to know you’re not alone. you will always have someone (me!!), even if it feels like everyone is busy with their own lives. 

i have to say, i’m not an expert. i’m sure a counsellor, who has a licence, would have more knowledge and experience to help, than me. so i would recommend speaking to a different counsellor, if you’d like to!

but, i do think it can help to put yourself out there. i know it’s much, much easier said than done. text some friends you haven’t spoken to for a while. try to make a plan to hang out with them, watch a movie, go to a museum! 

even talk to people on tumblr. message people you think give off positive vibes. about music, tv shows, anything that you’re into! i know it can be scary messaging someone because i personally always think i’m going to annoy them, but give it a shot! i’m sure they’ll surprise you and be super welcoming and kind! see what you and them have in common, and talk about it! 

basically, try to surround yourself with positive energy, and people who you think are kind. ily hun!! i really hope you feel better. please know i’m always here to chat! x

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just wondering, what's the story of you getting married so young? like you must've been 18 right? it sounds like real love tho happy for u guys <3

i was 18 :) tbh the story behind our decision is really personal. i’ve shared it before but as my follower count has grown i’m not as comfortable doing that. long story short, andy and i got married pretty quickly because of my health, his being in the army at the time, and him being wonderful and generous. we’re still really happy and i’m now doing so much better health-wise!!!

Me replaying a game: Alrightee, time to begin a new journey with a different character. 

Also me: Picks same hair style, same hair color, same eyebrows, same eye color, same nose, same makeup, same romance, same dialogue options, same combat skills, same fucking everything. 

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I sent her a message two weeks ago and told her that I was pregnant and how happy I was building a family with the love of my life. When I met her yesterday she pulled me into a hug and said "oh my god you're not showing at all" and I couldn't help but burst into tears. She immediately knew that something was wrong but I tried to act like those were just happy tears. She then hugged me again and I couldn't help but tell her that my doctor told me that there's a high chance that I will miscarry

and she just hugged me even closer and then asked me If I know why and if there’s any chance that we can do something about this. I said that I feel absolutely lost and hopeless because I had a miscarriage before and Taylor just looked into my eyes and grabbed my hand and said that she will make sure that I get a second opinion from a doctor who’s an expert and that she’ll promise me to try everything to help us save our “little angel” (that’s what she called my baby a few times).  and then she hugged me again and said how important it is for me to stay positive and have happy thoughts. And then she asked me all about what it’s like to be pregnant and If I feel sick or weird and how my husband reacted and everything. I said that my husband has some trouble dealing with my mood swings and she literally said “well, I’m not pregnant and my man has to deal with that already” lol She just really made me laugh and cheered me up and MADE ME be positive. And today, I just got an email with the address of a doctor ( Of course, I won’t say any names) and some possible date’s that I get to choose. I was overwhelmed because she didn’t just keep her word but when I asked for financial infos about this specialist I learned that “everything is being taken care of”… I’m speechless and thankful and even though everything about this is so private, I felt the deep need to share this story. I cannot even start to say how thankful I am for Taylor and how considerate and kind she is. She knows me and my story and I will never be able to thank her enough for doing everything to help me save my “little angel”. She, herself, is an angel and it makes me happy to know that she has found her own happiness. I hope everyone reading this will think twice from now on before judging Taylor or anything she does. I will never forget that she has done this for me and I will forever be thankful. Thank you for sharing this, Shay!

oh……my………god…….this woman is literally AN ANGEL!!! first of all, i’m so sorry for what you’ve been through and i’m sure everything will turn out for the better, but also wow, THIS IS WHO TAYLOR SWIFT IS! This is literally the best fan interaction i have heard and i really hope people understand her personality more rather than judge her. i’m so happy that she managed to get you advice and help, hopefully everything will turn out positive! Thank you so much for sharing this, you are very brave!

also the  “well, I’m not pregnant and my man has to deal with that already” hahahahaha this woman omg i love her so much

I am teaching myself how to take up space. How to not apologise constantly for the way I live and breathe. How an apology isn’t something I am supposed to say before I speak in a conversation. How  I’m so sorry, isn’t something I have to say before I just allow myself the basic right of speaking about anything.

I am teaching myself that I am allowed to exist on this planet without thinking of myself as a burden. How to not apologise for things that are out of my control. How to understand when people are trying to manipulate me into thinking the worst of myself and most of all how to stop thinking the very worst of myself as I deserve better than that from myself.

I am teaching myself that humans can exist without assuming the very worst about themselves and how the people around them perceive them. How to not apologise when someone bumps into me and I immidiately assume it is my fault. How to not apologise when I ask a question because I think others will think I am stupid. How to love myself for these flawed bits of me no one has ever wanted to love before.

I am teaching myself that all the lies my abusers told me about myself were so very wrong. How I am allowed to make mistakes. How as long as I apologise and amend things, anything is fixable if I still have love in my heart for the other person. How not everything that has ever gone wrong in every relationship is my fault.

I am finally learning how to take up space as a human being. It’s taken a long, long road to get here. And I still have a very long way to go before I am done understanding that it is my job to take up space, that I am not just an afterthought or a secondary character in this gift of life I have been given. That who I am is not an apology, that who I am is not wrong.

—  Nikita Gill, On Learning How To Take Up Space

“[Ray] would stay up til like 6 am, just working on this arrangement, over and over, and he wrote this whole string arrangement.” - Gerard Way, about #singitforjapan

When I was born, my Grampy gave me the nickname “Penny”. Penny is me in my purest, most authentic form. On July 19th 2012, I lost my brother Miyagi to an inoperable brain tumor. He was 26. My brother and I were very close. We were only 2 years apart. I never thought of him as a separate person, but an extension of myself. He was my reflection. In his presence I was confident and always so sure… I was Penny. Since that day I have been incomplete, losing all direction and sense of self. Since that day I have been lost trying to find him… trying to find my way back to my self… back to Penny. I turn to writing as my form of therapy, but it’s never quite enough. I released 2 projects since then, but I wasn’t quite myself. I try to find my brother’s love in other men, but they never can compare. I try to get closer to my brother by doing different drugs, hoping that if I get high enough I can reach him, but they only take me further away. I distract myself with work, which buys me things I wish I could share with him. I distract myself with work, which causes stress I wish he were here to help me with. The presence of my daughter, my siblings, my parents… only make his absence more apparent. And so, I find myself taking trips, trying to escape any person, place or thing that is too familiar. Physical trips by car, by plane… Mental trips with controlled substances… Trips in solitude in hopes that the quiet will bring me and my brother back together. Through out these travels I’ve been keeping a record of my dreams, feelings and experiences in notebooks. I turned these notebooks into a MAP. a Movie (TRIP short film), an Album (TRIP) and a Poetry book (2fish) This map has been helping me navigate through my suffering, uncovering the righteous path that has been carved out before and for me… Helping me identify my pain and my mistakes so that I can move forward and reach my full potential and find the light at the end of the tunnel… My personal “hero’s journey". and although I am not there yet… I know I’m getting closer. This map was made by me, for me… but I feel obligated to share because I know that I am not alone in my suffering. If there’s one thing I’m sure of it’s that every single person on this planet is suffering. Not a single soul in this world is immune to the pain of losing someone they love. The reality of this life is, at some point we will all lose someone we love. In sharing this MAP, I hope to inspire others to be more present in the lives of the people they love. I hope this MAP encourages honesty, empathy and compassion. In sharing this MAP, I hope to inspire others to share their own mistakes, imperfections and fears… because I believe in doing so we can understand each other better and realize we are more alike than different. In sharing this MAP, I hope to inspire others to share their grief and pain because I believe suffering can be alleviated when we understand we are not going through any of it alone. - Jhené Aiko Efuru “Penny” Chilombo


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I wish you would write an outsider POV Sterek, maybe from their neighbor's POV?

This is embarrassing.

Holy, fuckmuffins, this is embarrassing. She should not do this. She should turn around and go back home. She should just be at home. Forever. She can order groceries from Amazon and socialize with people over the internet and she thinks she could be very happy to just live at home. It would be fun. 

Also, she would be alive. Because she is not sure she will be after all is said and done. 

She gets to their door and then seriously considers just turning around. It would make her a fundamentally bad person but she could be okay with that. 


No she can’t.

She takes a deep breath, wishes that Jenny wasn’t at her father’s this weekend because maybe a cute little four year old would help, and then knocks anyway. On her next door neighbor’s door. 

It had to be her next dooor neighbor. Someone who she will probably have to see again. 

And, of course, Murder Man opens it. He is already glaring at her.

He is going to kill her

“Hello?” he asks and she realizes she has just been standing there. Staring. Which, like fair, he is gorgeous but mostly she’s staring because it is just now occurring to her that she should have told someone where she is going before just coming over to share this bad news. 

“H-hi,” she says finally. “My name is Tammy and I live in number 406–right next door actually and I-I’m so sorry but I’ve just… I’ve just scratched your car.”

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Cassian *introducing nesta*: this is my exgirlfriend nesta

Nesta: I told you to stop calling me that

Cassian: I am her husband

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you „stan“ a manipulative, white supremacist, barely talented, unbelievably rich cow with terrible hair and godawful dance moves. there are so many other great artists, that make music with actual value and finesse, maybe consider „stanning“ someone like that for a change instead of some odd persona a record label is spoonfeeding you : )

*clears throat*

Dear anon, before starting throwing shade at us and Taylor herself, I think that you should check your sources and “facts” first, sit down and read this.

If this person is, I quote, “manipulative” and “a white supremacist”, then I would very much like to take a look at your sources and proof so that we can discuss about it although I have a feeling that most of your “proof” comes from teen magazines or from unreliable sources. I don’t know if you have looked up the definition of white supremacy before, but I will give it to you now: “White supremacy is a racist ideology based upon the belief that white people are superior in many ways to people of other races and that therefore white people should be dominant over other races.” Now, I don’t know how you can qualify Taylor as a white supremacist when she has many friends such as Uzo Aduba (with whom she performed at the 1989 World Tour) and Todrick Hall (who is also starring in her Look What You Made Me Do music video). Moving on, you may call her what you want and you may use terms such as “manipulative” or “unbelievably rich”, but here are some facts about her that you might have skipped:

• she might be rich, but she doesn’t keep the money to herself. In 2015, during Christmas, or as we like to call it, Swiftmas, she sent packages full of gifts to fans around the world. One of these fans was missing a certain amount of money for college, and since Taylor was aware of that, she sent her $1,989 including a lot of other gifts (I used this as a source because I couldn’t find the Tumblr post but y’all can help me later when I post this) (x)

• she has donated an endless amount of money to fans with illnesses, to organizations, visited them at hospitals, and even wrote an eponymous song called “Ronan” for a 4-year old that passed away because of cancer (just google the name of the song and “taylor swift hospital” and you’ll see)

• she gave a certain amount of money and dropped at a hotel a fan who had missed her bus after her concert

• she invites fans TO HER HOME and tells us secrets, bakes for us, stalks us on social media, knows more things about us than ourselves, and is genuinely happy to see us, AND SHE GIVES US THE BIGGEST AND BEST HUG OF OUR LIVES AND SHE DOESN’T LET YOU GO UNTIL YOU LET GO and the conversation between you two flows perfectly because it feels like you’re talking to your long-lost sister and you have so much to talk about (and I and other secret sessioners are the source for this and if you have any questions or you’re don’t believe us you are free to ask politely)

• if you take a look closer, all Taylor never even once ever started the drama. Don’t you think that it’s odd that people keep throwing shade at her for no valid reason when they could actually throw shade at Donald Trump because all he can say is “tremendous”?

• she knows so many things about us it’s insane. She likes our posts daily and interacts with us, even with some emojis, because she knows that it could make a person’s day, week, month, year, or maybe even your entire life. At award shows or any other public event, she doesn’t miss on the opportunity and surprises fans. Do you know any other celebrity who loves their fans so much that they travel to the other side of the world for them, help them financially, send them gifts, spends HOURS with them on social media and tries to meet as many of us as possible?

• she recently met a girl at a secret session who had possibly a miscarriage, and not only did Taylor make her laugh and made her feel better, but the next day, she received an e-mail from Taylor’s team with a specialized doctor’s address. When she asked how much she had to pay them, they replied that everything had already been covered (x)

I would have written more about this but unfortunately I’m running out of time, so I will let our TS defense squad to keep giving you reliable information.

I would like to formally announce you that whatever you may have heard about her is absolutely absurd, no matter where you found the information, or whether you think it’s true.

Also, her hair is so beautiful and I will defeat you if you dare to fight me on this, and who cares about her dance moves?????? Because if your definition of a good artist includes having nice hair and good dance moves then I think that we have a very different illustration of what talent is. I really think that you should listen to her album “Red” and then I’d like to see if you can write such lyrics and if you can represent feelings through instrumentals. You probably have no idea that she has been rewarded so many times throughout her career because of her talent, and she is one of the most awarded celebrities nowadays, yet she is only 27.

I would like to finish this before I go in class with a clarification. You see, I chose Taylor not only for her music, but also for who she is. She has been there for me when I most needed her, and she never failed to bring a smile to my lips in my darkest times. You have here an entire fandom that would agree with me and would gladly tell you specific reasons why everything she does is important to us and why she is so special. Because Taylor isn’t only a celebrity. She’s the person we’ve looked up to in the past few years. She’s our Aunt Becky. She’s our life savior, for many. She’s our ray of sunshine. But most importantly, she’s our best friend. And we have a relationship based on trust, love, and respect, and in all honesty, I think that it’s beautiful.

Soooooo, judging solely by a hat and these panels

I’m now wondering if we’ll get to meet another crewmate of Roger in Wano 


“I shall keep your friends company until you are ready.”


“L-Lets go, Marshall.”

Immortal vrs Immortal.

Ardyn only has eyes for one person here though, and Prompto knows that Cor means nothing to him so time to get gone before a fight happens. 

There would be a winner and it wouldn’t be Cor.

Later Cor questions Gladio and Ignis about Ardyn, trying to understand the terror that had been pouring off his protege. There’s nothing wrong with a healthy dose of fear - thats what keeps them alive, but the levels coming off Prompto were something else.

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I'M TEARING UP SHOW THIS TO NIALL IMMEDIATELY IT'S THE EXACT REACTION HE WANTED!!!!! THIS IS WONDERFUL!!!!! MAN OF THE PEOPLE!! celebsecrets.)com/niall-horan-debuts-his-poignant-too-much-to-ask-music-video/


Niall Horan Debuts His Poignant “Too Much To Ask” Music Video

The video for the singer’s most personal song will make you feel proud, thankful, and transported.

True confession: usually when I watch music videos for the very first time, I look for “the headline.” I know, I know: it’s the journalist in me. My ears may be on the song, but my eyes scan the moving footage for something unexpected to stand out: maybe a surprise celebrity guest-star who plays the love interest, maybe a reference to a famous feud, or some Easter eggs that are a treat for longtime fans.

So I have to admit, while I watched Niall Horan‘s new music video for his song “Too Much To Ask” on its first play, I completely failed as a journalist, in the traditional sense. I found myself genuinely absorbed by the storyline. I watched to enjoy: focused not on finding any connections to his One Direction days or figuring out which ex-girlfriend may have left his heart shattered, but instead marveling at his fresh country-inspired sound and his truly honest vision that came to life like a short film.

I wanted to know why he was traveling the London Underground alone, put off by the sight of one of those PDA-packed couples in love that always pop up when you’re least in the mood to see them. I fixated on the visual of Niall sitting perched at the end of a bed, which is actually my personal place to ruminate when things are feeling off-track in my own life.

I wanted to know why I was so easily seeing my own self in him, when at first comparison, superstar Niall and I have literally nothing in common.

On my second watch, I looked closely for the story I was going to tell you in this article, and the phrase that came to me was “thank you.” No matter how much I have loved new music before, it has been a long time since I was this instantly transported somewhere beyond my laptop thanks to a music video, and the feeling reminded me of why I became a celebrity news writer in the first place.

After a first few view loops, what I have to say about and to Niall is “Thank you,” for sharing a story specific and personal enough to feel genuine, but relatable enough that we can all recognize a little bit of the song’s heartbreak. I have a feeling that every person’s interpretation of this clip will be different upon different replays, but enjoyable just the same.