this has been my saturday

au where isak’s sister is getting married and her fiance’s cousin is even and he’s invited,and so isak and even meet at the wedding and the whole day is just them trying to figure out if the other is into them (or guys at all) and even jokes about blowjobs and isak isnt sure if he’s JUST jokin or theres something behind it so isaks like “yeah dicks. haha…?” and is just looking at him with squinty eyes and evens like “dicks…”and someone walks up to them like, “hey boys,what are u talking about” and both of them look up and isak panics like “cake!” but at the same time even calmly says “dicks” and isak almost gets a whiplash turning to look back at him but evens just ??smilinG and the person just chuckles and walks away awkwardly and isaks like “dude wth” and evens like “what? we WERE talking about dicks” and isak screams internally ,”okay too much dicks” and evens like “does it make u uncomfortable” and isaks eyes widen and whisper yells “we are at a wedding” and even just shrugs “there are a lot of di-” and isak interrupts with a hand over his mouth, “aLRIGHT” and they both laugh and isak acts annoyed, rolling his eyes but hes smirking. and even bites his inner cheek while staring at isak and theres no talk about dicks for the rest of the night,but there are more laughs and stories and at one point when everyone else is dancing and theyre sitting at the table, even is feeding isak cake and theres a little icing on the corner of his mouth and even wipes it off with his thumb and as he’s pulling his hand back his middle finger gently runs along isaks jawline and they almost kiss but then people are pulling them up to dance so, it has to wait 

In the last week ALONE, oliciters have:

- Lined up at a con just to ask Katie about the “new” canary so they can laugh about it with their lil twitter friends

- Slutshamed, victim blamed and advocated rape-culture by LITERALLY looking up names/photos of WB/CW execs to place bets on who Katie slept with to get her job back, spreading viscious, slanderous lies by suggesting her re-hiring is the result of blackmail related to her leaked photos, and implying she is benefitting from the fact she was violated.

- Have offered to send people said illegally distributed, sexual content without consent to any mutual who likes the tweet.

- Have @ Katie with insults because of her re-hiring.

- Bodyshamed her.

- Have had the fucking audacity to flock to Stephen and Marc, screaming the victim and whining about how they feel “unsafe” and are being “harassed” (when people are calling them out) and bringing up hate against Emily as an excuse to justify their negativity

- After a year of mocking Laurel fans, celebrating Black Canary’s death, creating a “ByeByeBirdie” hashtag, raising money to send the writers a giftbasket for killing her, kept posting gifs of her death scene at Laurel fans and telling them to “get over it”, they are now having a fullblown meltdown and screaming fanservice and playing the victim over the fact a 5 minute guest appearance, AU version of Felicity got killed on a totally different show???? That’s nothing short of fucking karma, but go off I guess.

All of this over A. Fucking. Ship.

I’ve never come across such petty, disrespectful, self-absorbed, entitled, hateful, misogynistic, childish people in my whole fucking life. And this has all been since Saturday. FIVE FUCKING DAYS.

Anyone who is a part of the fandom and doesn’t call them out is just as bad and can fuck off right now.

anonymous asked:

Any metal-heads in the house? (I.E People who listen to metal music, I know Norm used to have a metal head.)

It’s still Norm. Thanks for the ask! 

calling all asexuals

hey everyone!! so i need a little help. i’m doing my math investigative task and my topic is on if there’s a correlation between GDP per capita and the number of asexuals confirming their asexuality. 

basically all i need to know is what country you’re from and what year you found out you were asexual! all data from 2000 to 2015 is extra welcome! please reblog your answer in the reblog and not in the tags so i can easily copy!

it’ll be super super extra helpful if you’re from the US, UK, China/India, or any other Southeast Asian country except for Singapore (sorry fellow Singaporeans!!) but feel free to help add on your data even if you’re not from the above countries!

and if you’re not asexual, please help boost this! i need all the data by february 5th so i have time to write up the report.

thanks so much!! as a way of saying thank you, everyone who reblogs this with data will be automatically entered in an art giveaway so please please do help me out, thanks!

Edit: thank you all so much for the data! I have plenty to work with now and won’t need more. The results of the giveaway will be posted this Saturday when my math has been submitted! Thanks again everyone, you’ve been a massive help!
Crochet Commissions

Welp. A lot of things went to hell for me very quickly, including even MORE unauthorized use of my credit card, which bumped up my minimum payment to 75.00. Now, if I had started my job today, I wouldn’t be putting up this post, but the payment is due on Saturday. 

My sister has been using my credit card unauthorized so many times, but most times, she pays me back. As of right now, she’s refusing to do so, because other things are more important to her. 

So as it stands, I have 10 cents in my bank account. My parents are lending me 50.00, so I just need 25.00. 

You can see examples of my crochet work here.

All prices include cost of materials as well as shipping!

Throw blankets are 35.00

Plushes are 15.00

Twin sized blankets are 125.00 (Custom color picks are totally fine)

Placemat flowers are 15.00 (custom colors are fine)

Pillows are 20.00 (custom designs not extra). 

She’s Every Woman

Pairing: none specified - you choose!

Word Count: 760 (including lyrics)

Warnings: fucking cavities, dude.

A/N: A little drabble written based on the song She’s Every Woman by Garth Brooks

She’s sun and rain
She’s fire and ice
A little crazy, 
but it’s nice

He watched her sleeping, her hair forming a halo around her face and shoulders, fanned out across the pillow. It’d been a long time since he slept, but tonight was the first night he enjoyed missing out on rest, just watching her muscles twitch, her eyeballs moving behind her closed lids, and the gentle sound of her breathing as her chest rose and fell was like a song to his ears.

She stirred slightly, but didn’t wake, just curled closer into him. He’d never understand how she could go from this gorgeous, ravenous, unpredictable hunter during the day to such a sweet and kind, perfectly untainted angel at night. 

And when she gets mad
You best leave her alone
‘Cause she’ll rage
Just like a river
And she’ll beg you 
To forgive her
Oh, she’s every woman
That I’ve ever known.

His mind shot back to the first time they’d kissed. He took her by complete surprise, his mind and heart racing with adrenaline post-hunt. They almost died. Their lives were too damn short, too dangerous to risk not spending every minute he could with her by his side, as his woman. 

She drew back and her fist connected with his jaw when their lips broke away from one another’s, cursing him, ‘how dare you’s’ flying through the empty night air as people watched on in both horror and shock. Blood spattered her face and hair, but she was beautiful. He laughed while she stormed out to the car.

When he found her, propped against the hood, arms folded over her chest while she looked at her feet, she was crying. Her apologies came out in sobs, tears streaming down her face while she asked him over and over again for his forgiveness, that she didn’t mean to punch him, it just happened. His arms wrapped around her, pulling her against his chest while he calmed her down, told her she had nothing to be sorry for, that he could take a hit, but he’d trained her well, because damn it, that hurt. 

Looking up at him with a new sparkle in her eyes, she giggled lightly and smacked her hand against his chest, rolling her eyes. That was the night they both figured, why not? Why not give it a try? They were together all the time anyway, sometimes posing as a married couple if the job required it, and there was no denying that either one of them was attractive enough. 

She was like no other woman he’d ever met before, and somehow, all of them compiled together in the perfect package, wrapped up in a bow. She was caring, loving, would do anything for him and everyone he loved. But she was so… different.

Her instincts took over on a hunt, slicing and dicing the things that go bump in the night without a second thought. She was a force to be reckoned with. But he could handle it. 

She’s so New York and then L.A.
And every town along the way
She’s every place that I’ve never been
She’s makin’ love on rainy nights
She’s a stroll through Christmas lights
And she’s everything I want to do again 

It amazed him how she could just take on the persona of any person she’d come in contact with. Once, they had to go check out a college after sixteen people turned up dead with scars along their arms. She fit right into the sorority scene, despite the fact that she couldn’t stand those girls. 

The rain reminded him of her in every way. It came quietly, always calm before the biggest storm hit. But when it rained, it poured. Nothing about her was subtle. If she was happy, she was beaming. If she was angry, she was on fire. And if she was upset, hurt, lonely, everyone in the room felt it. 

Every new memory with her became one he wanted to relive again and again until the day he died.

It needs no explanation
‘Cause it all makes perfect sense
For when it comes down to temptation
She’s on both sides of the fence 

She was everything he’d ever wanted… and everything he never wanted. This wasn’t what hunters did, not the life they deserved. But here she was, beautiful, glowing, carrying his child, tempting him to step away from the only thing he’d ever been good at. 

So he did. For her - the only woman that he’d ever really known.

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you’ve got the run of the place, now that you’re running around (and may kindness, kindness, kindness abound)

Summary:  “Grandpère,” she says, firmly, because they are all but alone amongst the hedges and Papa says it is alright to call him that when they are alone. She is not sure if he is really her grandfather, not truly – but she feels right, calling him so, and he always looks so pleased when she does. She has been doing it all afternoon for just that reason, in fact, and each time – well, Marie thinks, there is a warmth. Her fingers tighten around his, and he does not move to take his hand away, but rather squeezes firmly back. “Tell me the story about the princess in the castle.”

gather round folks for phil has done it again (”it” being neglected her studies to write cathartic fic). this idea has been in my head for weeks, but something happened just last saturday that really planted this seed in my heart firmly and so couldn’t rest until i’d actually written it. i did do some research into the history surrounding it, though don’t quote me on anything, because i’m playing really fast and loose, here, but marie therese was really a daughter of louis xiv and his wife was really spanish. also, going by book canon, sources seem to agree that aramis managed to outlive all his friends and live solidly past his mid-sixties, and since anne historically died of breast cancer at 64, I figured this made sense, if you are able to put aside your Historical Math Goggles and just agree to cry bittersweet tears with me. title is from joanna newsom’s “esme”. enjoy!


“Yes, ma chère?”

“Grandpère, Papa has seemed very concerned of late.”

It is a mild day, the type of day where the sun is just warm enough to make one’s skin feel caught in a gentle embrace. The sky is a soft blue, and the air has but a hint of damp to it that settles well in one’s chest. A soft breeze skitters over the two figures in the garden and sweeps up through the rose bushes and into the open sky.

Along the stone path leading down to the hedges, the old man and little girl still in their walk. A bird calls somewhere across the gardens, but the little girl is not concerned with the bird, nor even with the mildness of the day; she remembers her governess once say that she is too young to appreciate fine weather for its own sake, outside of an opportunity to play outdoors. She, personally, does not agree with this assessment; she is perfectly appreciative of the weather. Right now, though, she has some very important matters weighing upon her mind.

Her grandfather, who knows this, reaches over and pats her shoulder, sighing very slightly.

“Here, over here, let us sit down for a moment.”

“Are you going to answer my question?” asks the little girl, not moving – not because she is not sensitive to an old man’s aching feet, but more in a way that suggests she and the old man are kindred spirits, of a sort, and just now she is quite sure of his evasive tone and intent.

“Maria,” says the old man, tilting his head in a manner which the little girl knows means he is about to tease her. “You did not ask me a question.”

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Aquarius concept! The clothing is up to change a lot, but I like this silhouette!

This weekend I’ll go visit my mom for her birthday (Aries mom <3) so I’ll go a few days without internet! Every playtester/proofreader that’s needing a little more time to play the game, feel free to send me the report about bugs and grammar next week! I tried working on the game these days, but I’m preparing to move from my current home this saturday, so everything has been really complicated. Got some time today and decided to do something fun other than fixing annoying bugs that I can’t understand xD I’ll probably post Sagittarius tomorrow, as someone already asked for her concept with colours! :3

I thought I could finish the demo before moving out but that wasn’t possible at all, as nothing really ran smoothly xD but I’m giving my best now on trying to figure out the HUD thing! I’ll always let you all know of any update on the demo :3