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Has anyone noticed that Chris was actually never involved in the prank? He was passed out with Josh in the beginning. Which makes me wonder why Josh would go after Chris when he was never involved in the prank.

Actually, this topic has been discussed pretty extensively in the fandom! I’m glad you asked, though, because this was one of my first questions as well once I really started getting into Until Dawn.

I would try to find some sources of posts that explain this better, but I’m unfortunately pretty unorganized with the theories I find. They’re lost deep in the void of my 4000+ likes, so I’ll just try to summarize.

Of course, I’m rubbish at summarizing, so sit back, buckle up, and get ready for an info dump.

The most obvious answer is that Josh is really just punishing Ashley for her involvement, and only involving Chris because he sees it as an opportunity to push them together. This is foreshadowed by the potential line of dialogue: “They just need something to bond over, y'know? Some sort of traumatic event to send them into each other’s arms.” But this theory seems to be oversimplifying it a bit; it fails to explain why he doesn’t involve Jess, Mike, Emily, and Matt (who all also took place in the prank) and DOES target Sam, who tried to stop it.

My personal favorite interpretation of this is a combination of two other theories I saw here on Tumblr: that he specifically targeted his closest friends - including Chris - as a way of punishing himself, and that he thought he was helping them by making them the heroes of his viral video.

At the beginning of the game, Chris, Ashley, and Sam are Josh’s highest three relationships (strangely enough, Sam is actually tied with Jess, but I won’t get into that for now). These are Josh’s best friends, the ones who are most friendly and concerned for him in early chapters. According to this theory, it makes sense that Josh, who canonically has severe delusions (thinking the others will laugh off the prank, etc), would think that he’s doing his friends a favor by making them stars of the prank he thought would be so popular, there wouldn’t be “enough hard drives in China” for all the views it’ll get.

The first theory mentioned is a little harder to prove or explain, but the basic idea is that Josh feels responsible for his sisters’ disappearance (his hallucination of Beth says “Why didn’t you save us, Josh? Why did you want us to die?”), so in his mind he’s punishing the person truly at fault - himself - by terrorizing and thus alienating those closest to him.

If anyone can find the original links to these theories (which do a much better job of explaining them than me), please feel free to reblog with them attached! I’d like to get the credit back to those who deserve it.


Hi everyone, long time no see.

It’s been a long year. A lot of things have changed and I think it’s time I talk about something important. This Update has to do a little with the blog and a lot with me, so if you want to skip the rest of this you absolutely can, this is just something that has been on my mind for a while and pushing to be said. This seems like the best time to say it and I’m sorry if it gets a little long and a lot personal.

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in one year: 88 imagines. 1793 followers. 4000+ posts. 17,441 notes on my originals. 

it has been one year since i started this very blog and made the best decision of my entire summer. 

i can remember the moment that i decided, okay let’s try this tumblr thing and see if anyone will read what i have to put out there. i never imagined that it would end up like this. i have gained so many experiences, memories, and friends, all due to this blog within one year. 

i can’t thank everyone enough for this journey and i can’t wait to continue writing for you. 

for this occasion i’m putting together a list of people i can’t thank enough for having my back since the beginning, a list of blogs that make my dash amazing, a list of my oldest followers, and what i’m most proud of from this blog. so that’s what’s gonna be beyond the line. 

love you all so so so much. 

many thanks and much appreciation, karren xx

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One day at a world meeting
  • <p> <b>America:</b> lol China is so old lol he's like....4000 years old lmao what a dinosaur amiright Oz, my man?<p/><b>Australia:</b> uhm actually mate, my culture is the oldest continuous culture in the world. The indigenous Australians have been around for over 60,000 years--plus the time /after/ Colonization.<p/><b>America:</b> <p/><b>Australia:</b> <p/><b>America:</b> <p/><b>Australia:</b> <p/><b>China:</b> Ha! Who old now you stupid capitalists?<p/></p>
writing update

So there has been too much life and work happening lately, and this was probably the worst month for me to do another writing challenge, but nevertheless I am still at it. I’m working on Chapter 3 of my Spones fic, which is currently just over 4000 words long. That’s part of why it’s taking so long. I considered splitting it in two and posting the first half, but it would lose some flow and I feel like I’d have an excuse to take my time with the second half.

So it’s still happening, and I’m making progress every day. This is the absolute longest it’s ever taken me to update anything and I am so embarrassed, but I’m doing my best. So please hang in there! 

Thank you :)

In Starling Green: Update

So, we’re about that time when I’ve been posting - and I have Chapter 3 - BUT I added a whole bunch to get a 2000 word chapter to about 4000 words, which has not been edited by my fabulous Beta (because I literally just finished writing it and sent it to her. Mea cupla.).  

Alas, this means I’m not posting without a big ole stamp of approval :( 

However, to make the time pass faster, I will be taking PROMPTS! Send me a prompt and I will write a 5 sentence fic in a Robin Hood AU (which may or may not fit in with the larger fic, depending on the prompt) 

Tagging concerned parties: @imusuallyobsessed @alexiablackbriar13 @megansarah11 @memcjo @ranaahh95 @babblingblondegenius @1106angel @almondblossomme

Forbidden Love|(Demigod!Michael)

“I wish I didn’t have to go.” He whispers, voice so soft and full of love that it has you tugging out of his embrace and latching your lips against his.

Word: 4000+

Request: No

Rating: R

[A/N: this has been in my usb for a long time, i decided to finish it and post it! also, there is fairies and underlings in the smut (barley shown though) + michael’s eye colour actually changes colour because he’s a demi god, and I want that to happen! but anyways enjoy!]

The moon was shining brightly tonight as you maneuver your way around to get to the secret hiding place. Twigs kept on snapping below your beige coloured sandals as your sheer white gown was tucked between your palm, not trying to ruin the beautiful material at the ends. Crickets kept on chirping as a crisp wind blew by causing your hair to flutter around your shoulders by it.

The stars twinkled and beamed amongst the forest leaves, the moon sending rays of light down your arms as you finally reached the rock that you spent countless of years with. You sat down on the bolder as you looked at the stream before you, the water skimming silently through rocks as some fireflies swept along the water while others buzzed around.

Your fingertips ran over the smooth rock, the pads of your fingers dropping into every bit of stone that broke off. Your head was cocked to the side as you watched mosquitos flutter pass you, the peace of the stream lolling you nearly to sleep as you watched fishes effortlessly swim before you.

“Boo!” You hear his deep voice howl from behind you, your body jumping as your head snaps to the side and peers up at Michael. A sigh falling from your lips before you turn back around and look at the scenery.

“I don’t know why you insist on doing that,” You say while fitting your hands into your lap, a husky chuckle falling from Michael’s lips as you feel him wrap his arms around your waist, his hair tickling your ear as you feel him press a kiss at the nape of your neck.

“I’m sorry,” Michael whispers in your ear as you feel him unwrap his arm from around your waist and sit down on the rock with you, his arm slinging around your shoulder as he rocks you and himself back and fourth, a small laugh flying out of your mouth.

“The son of Hades apologizing, that’s a first,” You say while smiling at Michael, a annoyed look on his face as he rolls his eyes. “I’m just joking.” You laugh before leaning in and pressing a kiss to his pale cheek.

And nothing has ever changed from the first time you’ve met Michael. He still had his jet black hair and bright green forest eyes, his skin was still pale like a ghost and his humor didn’t mature at all. Michael always looked angry, no creatures or animals ever wanted to look at the son of Hades just because of his appearance, little did they know that he was so sweet and kind despite his dark image.

No one would have thought that the son of Hades could ever love a person, even like. The day that you met Michael you remember his sad tone and worried look on his face, and many people said that it was a look of anger but it wasn’t. It was a look of pure sadness and rejection. He told you the stories about how nobody or anything wanted to talk or touch him, the only person or thing that he had was his father’s underlings.

He told you about how even when he went to planet earth nobody wanted to even talk to him, most humans were just spewing words of hatred to him as he walked along the streets alone.

In that time your heart was ready to explode because of how one can be so cruel to this beautiful boy. From the first time you saw Michael walk through the leaves of the pine trees he was so beautiful, his ruby red pouty lips hung in a frown as his moss green forest eyes looked at you with fear. His black hair was fanned over his eyes as a few hairs stuck out of his chin, and from the first time he said anything to you, you two both became history.

“What are you thinking about?” Michael questions, voice interrupting your thoughts causing you to turn your gaze towards him, a smile tugging on your lips. “You.” You simply state, voice soft and simple while you surge forward, lips running along Michael’s pale skin.

“I always think about you, you’re always on my mind.” You whisper, lips pressing into the skin by his chin as you hear him let out a shaky breath, you feel one of his hands slip from your shoulder to rest on your neck, soft fingers drumming along the hairs there.

“I’m glad that we think the same.” He chuckles, your heart warming from the adorable sound in the air.

“I’m glad we do.” You say, your eyes flickering to Michael’s as his glow in the moon light. “You’re so beautiful,” You breathe while you watch Michael’s cheeks begin to turn red, the shade making him look so young and youthful.

He begins to shake his head in embarrassment which makes you giggle softly, your hands slipping from his neck to lie against his broad chest. The feeling of his heart hammering in his rib cage can be sensed on your fingertips as you tear your mouth away from his neck, your lips aligned with each other.

“God, I’m so in love with you.” He says, voice so heavenly and beautiful so you don’t even think twice when you press your lips against his.

The usual taste of black berries burns on your tongue, the feeling of his lips moving against yours makes a high pitched moan flutter from your lips as you clench your fingers into his chest. His fingertips move along the back of your neck before tangling into the hair there.

This was always the passionate kiss that you and Michael share, it wasn’t just kissing to gain something from it like energetic crazy sex but it was to feel the passion shared between the both of you. Feeling the love that was built up through many nights seep into your lips and slip amongst your tongue, rub against each other to just feel everything you ever wanted at such a young age.

“Michael!” You both hear a voice boom, causing the resting birds in the trees to flee from their nest and the river to somehow quiet down instead of the calming sound that floated amongst the both of you.

Both of your lips tear away from each other, looking towards the voice that separated you two. Michael and your jaw’s dropping as he slips away from the rock, your hands sliding down his chest to rest along the old bolder and you watch Michael step towards the man before your eyes.

He had jet black hair, like Michael’s, a long beard roam down his chest as he was wrapped in a dark cloak, a tall sharp spear clenched in one hand as the other was out hanging by his head, his eyes burning red as he looks at Michael before his gaze flutters to me.

“This is where you have been sneaking off too! This place!” He yells while tossing his hand forward gesturing to the area.

“That’s not even the worse part! You’re with her!” He bellows, causing you to jump as you feel tears begin to prick your eyes.

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The Tempest characters as @dril tweets
  • prospero: just give me one hour and no swear filter and i can literally completely destroy anyone psychologically with aim instant messenge
  • miranda: never knew that anything was good or bad until i got on the computer, i had always assumed that everything was Average until i got yelled at
  • ariel: bad news: were all helpless cogs doomed to ceaselessly perpetuate a machine good news: the machine is a Sega and were all sonic the hegehog
  • caliban: people always talk down on the Zoo but if your'e a shitty animal like me it is a great place to network and be gawked at for zero pay
  • ferdinand: my romantic girl friend sees the super blood moon reflected in my greased back hair and pledges then and there to bow to christ our master
  • antonio: i will tell you this right now: I'm from hell. Im highly fucked up. Ive been known to say rude things and watch the carnage unfold brutally
  • sebastian: the air is rusty and im dead
  • alonso: see this watch? i got it by Crying. my car? crying. my beautiful wife? Crying. My perfect teeth? Crying. now get the fuck out of my office
  • gonzalo: ah.. why is it that computers can send hateful commentary thorugh the modem... but weren't designed to send something nice.. like a Song
  • trinculo: watch what happesn when a man with nothing to lose collides with 4000 "babe the Pig" commemorative plates piled next to a sears dumpster
  • stephano: Auh.. Beer! Theres nothing LIKE it! 123 cups of scalding hot Beer on my office desk. Dont spill it now, it's good.

tomato-bird replied to your post :one of my favourite exhibits @ the british museum…

Freakin’ Ea-Nasir and his shady business deals XD

lmao just think about it this guy has achieved a kind of immortality few could imagine. this was written almost 4000 years ago. whole empires have come and gone. entire nations have been founded and destroyed. entire religions have been founded and split into hundreds of denominations within that time period. the entire composition and cultures of the world have changed during those 4000 years.

and this guys’ reputation for bad customer service is now enshrined forever. just imagine people peering at a shitty Amazon review about your product 4000 years later. amazing.

Celestiα’s New Dream Address: 4000-5631-5405

After months of work and waiting, Pushie is finally here and I couldn’t be more hyped! Taking part in this has been such an awesome ride. With all this hype from posting it I just had to draw my boi!

The biggest thanks to @yugsly and @oroart for directing this and @thecolossaljigglyman for making the incredible music track! None of this could have happened without you guys!

And if you haven’t seen it yet, you can catch this Sk8 Boi and many others in Push It 4000!

i haven’t posted anything in a week, what’s up with that?? WELL THE TRUTH IS i have been really sick for an entire week. it’s not serious or anything, it’s just a cold, but it has still prevented me from doing almost anything this week. i have a lot of schoolwork to make up after that, eughhh

anyways, hopefully i’ll be able to stream stuff tomorrow! i might do an update, or requests or whatever, not sure yet. by the way i am still thinking of things to do for my 4000 follower milestone so if you guys have any suggestions that would be great!

i really wanted to make up for when my computer went kaput and i couldn’t do anything for like two weeks, but then this happened. >:I hopefully i can get some stuff done tomorrow!

Turns out my last post of 2013 is also my 4,000th post!!! Werk. Gosh, what a year it’s been! The Busy-Lazy family has experienced some highs and some lows, but as my mother always used to say, “What are you complainin’ about!?! At least your hurr did looks nice today, sheesh.”

Here’s to an awesome 2014, filled with more fun, more laffs, a few more surprises, and various and sundry plot twists!!!

Hailing from the small town of Table Top, 23 year old Jack Bleasdale (aka Zeazy) is a Melbourne-based photographer whose work documents the youth culture that surrounds him on a daily basis.

There is never a dull moment with Zeazy, whether it’s hanging out with the ZzLvN boys back on the farm or his Brunswick crew in Melbourne. Jack’s photography is based around his friends and framed around a natural aesthetic. 

Jack has documented and filmed events including Strawberry Fields, Let Them Eat Cake, Rainbow serpent, Lost the plot, Yemaya festival and Confest and has also worked for Blend Co. Superfoods, Novel touring and events, Bad Luck Zizzy clothing, Declic, PSALM / SERVE clothing, 303 touring and events and every single part of his life from his grandads funeral to his own own near death experiences on skateboards and all the shitty photo jobs in between to survive. 

He has also been a feature photographer for Pilerats magazine, Sticks and stones and photographer of the week for Milk bar magazine. I have been on tumblr now for 3 or 4 years with over 4000 of my own posts its pretty much one huge page of my whole life since i picked up a camera 7 years ago to this very moment i cant wait to look back on all these images in 20-30 years time and just be blown away about what an amazing and blessed life i had.