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Black and Blues

Pairing: Taehyung X Reader
Genre: Angst, Implied Smut
A/N: - Referenced from WINGS short film #3 STIGMA, where Taehyung comes from a messy household with an abusive and alcoholic father.
This has been sitting in my drafts for quiet awhile now and I’ve decided to post it up. This is 
an independent writing on it’s own, but may also serve as a preview if ever I decide to make a longer writing/one shot out of this. 

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random rfa hcs idek

hahaha screw it im posting it it’s been in my drafts since yesterday morning 

hey hey hey, happy pride! I wanted to celebrate both on my main and this blog, but since I want to keep this blog pretty much strictly for mystic messenger, here’s my sexuality headcanons for them! hah, loopholes 


  • look. I love this guy as much as the next zen fan, but he’s definitely not straight  
  • he’s bisexual. but he’s very lowkey bisexual
  • like, he has a crush on V, but you know is in love with mc
  • im literally making a ‘zen, your bi is showing’ compilation it’s in the works


  • ok listen, none of the rfa is straight, okay? 
  • yoosung is also bisexual, he just has more of a preference for girls
  • that’s it, he never had a crush on another rfa member but he’s bi


  • isn’t she canonly bi? well, she is to me haha 
  • look its easy to make her a lesbian and she would be but she has a crush on zen, no matter how much she tries to deny it 
  • and look, poly relationships are a Thing ams stop self-inserting
  • ok but seriously, it is a thing and her route hints the most at it 


  • ….ok look, he’s a biromantic demisexual
  • also tbh i will not stand for another djhig meme in my house so help me 
  • see he loves mc, but his first major crush was V 
  • this is personal, but i don’t ship juzen sorry i dont see it dont like it 

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • my dudes he is pansexual
  • he’s also genderfluid i forgot to mention this but i think jaehee’s nonbinary and uses she/her pronouns
  • anyways, he still prefers he/him pronouns
  • and that’s that

v / jihyun

  • hohoho you thought zen was lowkey bisexual?
  • you haven’t met jihyun kim 
  • and really that’s all i got, he’s bi but like he’s only so lowkey because he doesn’t think to tell anyone 
  • also he’s jihyun kim, master secret keeper

saeran .. / unknown

  • i’ve told ya’ll that i think he’s asexual
  • and he is, trust me. he’s not bothered by sexual stuff, but just doesn’t get sexually attracted  
  • he’s demiromantic too 
  • look i don’t even read the saeran nsfw headcanons anymore, if anything, i lose here 
Everything Starts with Coffee

Ahhhh I hope I’m not too late for Emily friday!! I was wondering if you could do a fic about the reader and Emily being engaged or married or something about how they work together, like how they sit together on the jet and stuff, just lots of fluff?? Love you!!” - Anonymous

A/N: I am super apologetic! This request is from May, maybe early June that has been sitting in my drafts since then. This morning, however, it caught my eye and tugged at my heart - blame @dontshootmespence for my feels - so I shall finally write it. I love you, too, anon! (This takes place in season four.)

The morning-chapped lips against your cheek abducted the warmth from your palms, flushing the skin beneath your eye with sudden heat. “Good morning,” she whispered, her soft voice hoarse from sleep, as she languidly wrapped her arms around your waist, her chest pressing against your shoulder blades. The satin of her nightgown was smooth against your bare arms, her knotted hair tickling the freckles on your shoulders. You reached for the white mug, steaming within the coffee maker with a gentle chuckle, but her fingers curled around the handle first.

“Em!” you whined, her arms retreating from your body with a greedy laughter pouring from her scratched throat. “Emily, give me my coffee, you ass! Make your own!” There was a lightness in your playful chuckle. Though you wanted your cup from the other woman, you relished in the addictive grin across her face. Within a swift motion of skillful hands and the existence of the marble island, you pinned her against the center counter, the coffee crashing within the mug like waves of the seven seas. 

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Drawn To Life

Diego Luna/ Reader

Originally posted by diegolunadaily

Words: 1,639

Summary: You never expected to get a reply at two in the morning, let alone have these marks change your life.

Prompt: “Whatever mark you get on your skin your soulmate gets it too so one day, you just kind of just get a sharpie and start writing on your skin. You definitely didn’t expect to get a reply, but you did. Now it’s five in the morning and you’re just about covered in ink and this will be a pain to wash off later.”

Tagging: @kwaiky, @myfriendmagislit

Requested by: @ly–canthrope

Author’s notes: Oh, shit, this request has been sitting in my drafts for so long. Thank you for your patience, Madison!! I haven’t written RPF in a loong time since I’m always afraid people will come at me with pitchforks and fire bc I wrote RPF. Oh well!

Another sleepless night, huh?

You stare at the ceiling for a few more seconds before you roll over to turn on the lamp.

The clock glows a disappointing 2:13 AM.

You haven’t been getting much sleep lately but found that doodling often calmed you enough to lull you to sleep. Digging into the bedside drawer for a Sharpie, you start to play around with a flower design. Marveling at your handy work on your forearm, you start to notice a mark appear next to one of the flowers.

No. Way.

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Voltron crossfit Au

Because I’ve been working out lately I couldn’t get this damn AU out of my head so it exploded.

Voltron is new a hiit, crossfit place that opened up a few years ago. People of all shapes and ages (the min age is 13) sign up. Everyday there are new exercises and the people get to choose if they want to just workout one on one or take the class with others. It had become a place of fun since there is no judgement and everyone is very encouraging of peoples goals whether is to get muscular or to lose weight. We’ve all been at the starting line. And people see results so they come back even if they reached their goal. 

  •  Allura is one of the directors of Voltron. 
  • Her father originally founded it and created the program for those wanting to see results. He was mainly inspired due to his and Allura’s life style. She has always been athletic and ate right due to Alfors concerns for her health (they had family history of diabetes, mental illness, cancer etc) 
  • Though exercise and a healthy diet may not 100 percent prevent health concerns, it can improve your life and how you deal with them. 
  • Shiro is also another director, sometimes he surprises classes when he shows up out of nowhere and hijacks them to teach. 
  • Shiro started his journey with the place two years ago, it was hard to grasp the fact he lost his arm in a car accident so he was trying to get his life back on track. He happened to pass by when Alfor was doing a full body workout day. He always loved working out so he decided to give it a try. He loved it ever since. 
  • Alfor offered him a job when it was decided there were be more branches across the country. Since Shiro was a certified trainer but was let go it was a no brainer.
  • Hunk and Pidge are one of the trainers at the establishment.
  • Hunk mainly focuses on Upper Body. He’s very enthusiastic with his class so it’s almost always packed. PPL LOVE HUNK
  • He’s one of the most easy going trainers but despite that nature he doesn’t let any one slack off. He’s only part time though he has a side profession as a Car mechanic.
  • At least once a week he’s asked if his biceps can be felt. The boy is proud but boy is he shy. 
  • Pidge is a trainer focused on training all of the body but since most of the time they’re at school their weekends are the only time they teach a class.
  • she’s the youngest out of all the trainers but is very capable 
  • she is also the only one that hardly uses the equipment and weights. 
  • so whenever a class comes in and all they see is the mat, its a unanimous groan
  • Pidge can be a sadist
  • Also everyone dreads Mat day. Mat day is all cardio and grit. When they see Pidge working the desk sometimes it’s instant relief.
  • Lance is a new trainer but is increasingly becoming popular. Almost on par with Shiro and Allura.
  • He focuses on Full Body and Upper.
  • But whenever Allura can’t do a class he’s usually covering her since he’s the only that could come up with a decent lower workout regimen to her standards.
  • Even Shiro who has been there the longest could never get it right so he was highly impressed
  • Like Pidge Lance is also a student so he only teaches classes a few times a week in the morning. 
  • He wants to get a degree as a nutritionist. He became a certified trainer that year so he was very happy getting a job that pertains to what he wants to do.

Lol that’s all for now this was in my drafts let me know if I should continue or not.
Remember You (Pt. 1)

Originally posted by bwiseoks

…..All I have to say is that I apparently love torturing myself. :’) As if the Namjoon and Hoseok fic wasn’t enough, I just had to go and make fuckboy!Jin….ahaha…OTL. To make it worse, this was never meant to be more than one part, but y’know…I’m a masochist. I also want to thank @chokemejimin  or specifically the lovely @the95liner for her excitement over this since it gave me motivation to FINALLY finish this after having it in my drafts since October. (Thank you for following my main blog too <3)

EDIT: ASDFGJL; Tumblr has been stupid this whole day and I couldn’t edit this in the morning like I wanted, but I’m a shitty person and forgot to mention @hadskye (aka Admin RD) and give credit where it is due. Forgive me for being a horrible friend, but yes, this amazing woman helped me a lot with the hashing out of this story and provided me with part of the dialogue. 💜💜💜

 Genre: asdfgghjkkl;; SMUT…eventually, fluff, angst, Fuckboy!Jin au

 Word Count: 6,048

Part Two

  A bitter scowl decorates your face as your cheeks turn an annoying red, having to witness Seokjin lip-locked with one of your female coworkers in the back storage closet. Did he have no shame? Even when they both knew you were watching them, they shamelessly continued and it only caused your brow to develop a twitch.

 “You’re at work! Get out of there and get back to work before I tell manager Seoyoon-nim to fire you guys!”

 The two finally separate, with Seokjin letting out a dramatic sigh of annoyance while the girl had the decency to look scared and quickly scurry out the door that lead to the front of the café. Your stare pierces through Seokjin’s as he finally glances at you, letting that infuriating smirk adorn his stupid, handsome face.

 “Ah, y/n, I see that you’re living up to being a killjoy like always,” his smirk turns into a condescending smile as he fixes his – stupidly perfect – hair.

 Your heart clenches slightly as you turn away from him and walk toward the door leading to the front. “Just get back to work,” you mumble out and walk outside, letting your gaze pass the store as the sound of the grinder continues in the background.

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One of These Nights (1/?); jongyu; pg

Jinki knows that he’s gay. What he doesn’t know is how to handle a crush on someone as entwined in the music industry as he is.

finally beginning to post this longfic! this one is a little bit of a throwback to older shinee fics: it takes place around 2010 and goes up to the end of 2011. i tried to keep it as accurate to shinee’s career timeline as i could, though there are a few differences. i wanted that classic somewhat band au pining, since i’ve never done that before. ^^ and yes, this is 60k+ inspired by that one jongyu moment when they first met when jinki thought jong was older than him.

there will be at least six parts of around this length. i wouldn’t have been able to get this far without my lovely friends @fleckle @minsunshine @mscns who helped me edit and let me vent to them far too many times. and my ever-perfect partner @yurilikesgirls who has even read a printed-out version and marked it up to make it much much better than the first draft was.

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Title: Say Something 

Pairing: Joel/Ray (Roosterteeth)

Rating: T

Summary:  It’s 4.20am in the morning and mistakes happen. And that’s basically the story of how Ray meets Donut.

You’re weird.



aka what I worked on while I had writers block. (it happens.) this has been sitting in my drafts since chapter 4/5 maybe and I’m so sorry that this is very self-indulgent. Buuut this is also dedicated all of you who’ve read this fic and have been so lovely about it. <3


This post has been sitting on my drafts ever since I took my midterm exam. It’s been months but I could still remember the painful consequences of my poor strategy and mindset. So I decided to jot down tips for myself and set this as a reminder since finals is coming (omg, 5 more days to go!). Tips are really quite common but it really works for me, might as well share it! :)

Tip 1: Never. Ever. Stay out too late. Especially if you’re taking the exam the next day. Don’t force yourself memorizing terms or formulas until 4:00am in the morning and waking up at six or maybe not getting a sleep at all. It might be a waste of time since there’s a high chance of losing your brain’s focus and getting a mental block. You don’t wanna pass a blank paper don’t ‘ya? Instead, if your brain tells you to sleep, then do so. In fact, sleep helps reorganize information and increase learning tough subjects. But be sure to wake up early and start fresh! Information are best absorbed after getting enough sleep.

Tip 2: Do not cram yourself. Well, it usually results from poor time management. Distinguish your priorities:

  • Important and urgent 
  • Important but not urgent
  • Not important and not urgent

I know some of us say that their brain works exceptionally when cramming. I don’t disagree, tho, getting an A doesn’t work in a jiffy. Just skimming through pages without comprehension might let you miss a whole lot of important points. A jam-pack of information in just one night is a no no.

Tip 3: Do not overwork. This is a bit similar to tip 1 but I want to stress out that a good rest is vital. Don’t burn yourself from reviewing too much of the subject. Sometimes, some of the terms get mixed with your brain. It’s really frustrating when your brain sends you the wrong info. Pressure is weighty and draining but learn to relax, breathe and live. Just don’t get lazy tho! 

Tip 4: Do not underestimate your minor subjects. This could be my best and last advice for myself and everyone. The mindset of belittling minor subjects because it’s ‘just-a-minor’ might be the worst kind of mistake in your whole acad life. Okay, that was a bit exaggerated. It’s only a minor subject but that’s exactly the point. It’s a minor so you’re supposed to do better just as well as you do with your major because the power of your minor subjects can be seen through your GPA. It could help you pull your grades up and maintain whatever needs to be maintained or it could also drag you down. So start changing your mindset!

All these tips were the ones I wrote after I took my chemistry exam– the one I nearly cried for. Anyway, all of these won’t work if we don’t start, ne? Bonus tip I’ve read somewhere here on tumblr:

If you can’t find the motivation to get to work on something, force yourself to pick it up for just two minutes. The key word is force; procrastination is tempting, but keep in mind that there is nothing physically stopping you from doing what you have to do.After those two minutes, if you still do not want to keep going, put it away and go do something else. Even if you stop after two minutes, you will have two minutes worth of knowledge that you did not have before.More likely than not, though, those two minutes will make it easy to just keep going. Often times, the hardest part is getting started.

that boy you just called a nerd? he has a thorn in his side. the girl you called ugly? she has bruises bigger than dinner plates. the woman you laughed at yesterday? she just crashed down on the crossbar and broke her spleen and broke her knee. the old lady you pushed over last week? she was strangled in her very own bed as she read.

think before you speak. 85% of people reading this will ignore this. reblog if you’re part of the 25% that would never bully

Jungkook - Pride

It was a battle of pride as silence engulfed your shared apartment. You are sat in the kitchen having your third meal of the day, alone while Jungkook occupied himself in the living room. Its late in the evening and no one has dared to break the silence yet–it’s killing you inside but you’re not going to be the one to speak up first, if there’s anything Jungkook is good at, it is giving you the silent treatment even if he was the one in the wrong. But this time you’re not having any of it. If he wants to make up, he gotta apologize, you can’t always be the one doing all the work in this relationship, its exhausting. 

Once you finished your dinner, you left your dishes unwashed on the sink just like the rest of your other plates throughout the day. You walk pass Jungkook on your way to your room, completely ignoring your whole existence and its just driving you insane! It’s always like this, you always gotta have the shorter end of the stick and speak to him first. You stomp your way and slam the door shut making Jungkook jump from his seat a little. 

“Stupid Jungkook” you muttered as you brush your teeth and stare at your frowning reflection. You gargled and made your to your shared bed but you doubt you’d be sleeping next to him tonight. You turn your back on his side of the bed and pulled your blanket up close to you whilst a single tear slipped as you squeezed your eye shut, your chest feeling heavy.

Jungkook looked back at your bedroom door, wondering whether or not you already tuck yourself in bed. Biting his lower lip as guilt washes over him, he switch the TV off and quietly made his way to your bedroom. 

He looked over at your figure on your shared bed and he sigh, “she really did went to sleep” he muttered to himself quietly. Disappointed, he got ready for bed and slowly sneak his way to the bed, careful not to wake you up. 

You were still awake when the bed dipped on your side, you squeeze you eyes tighter as you feel him shift around. Jungkook looked at your turned back longingly the guilt finally taking a toll on him. With every fight you had no matter how bad it was, you’ve always find a way to tell him goodnight and that you love him before the both of you go to sleep. Jungkook always thought no matter how bad it gets you will still stay close to him and still kiss him goodnight. 

Whilst he stare at your turned back at him Jungkook felt his heart clench at the thought of you getting tired of him and the possibility that one day you might just leave. 

Leave him. 

At the thought, he unknowingly shifted closer and snaked his arm on your waist as he bury his face on the crook of your neck. Unknown tears slipped away from his eyes and he pulled you closer to him. “I’m sorry for always being a dick…” he mumbled,

“I love you” he whispered in the darkness of your bedroom as if it was his biggest secret from the world and that was all it take for you to forgive him and your hand found his and gave it a reassuring squeeze. “I love you too Kookie, goodnight”

There were so many thoughts that ran in Jungkook’s mind at that moment but he knew right here and then that he found the right girl for him and he has a lot of making up to do in the morning. 


Hey its been a while so I thought I’d finish this since its only just been collecting dust on my drafts XD I have a few more on my drafts that need finishing so I’m hoping ill get to them soon. Anyway hope you guys like this and Happy Easter!!! 


anonymous asked:

Owen x claire jw prompt - what happens after they leave isla nublar and/or they're still together and catching up with zach and gray next christmas. (: (:

A/N: This has been sitting in my drafts for like a week and a half, and I have about 5 prompts that say similar things, so this is gonna kill off all the Christmas/Vacation/Zach and Gray prompts involving Clawen. Sorry bbys. There were all so similar. (though, I might save one or two cause I liked their particular prompt)

Claire didn’t want to wake up that morning. She hadn’t been sleeping much since the island. Even after nearly a year, she couldn’t sleep right. All she could see was teeth. And they were coming for her. Every time she closed her eyes, tried to sleep or something, all she remembered was the fear. So, all she really wanted to do was sleep. In peace.

She jolted out of her bed.

Her whole body was shaking. She always ended up shaking. The beads of sweat gracing her brow. It was a common occurrence. She didn’t want to get up out of her bed

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picara93  asked:

Hi! sterek prompt over here :) some kind of online relationship, where either they don't know each other irl or they do but they don't know it's them who they are talking to (and crushing on) online! I hope you're still doing this, if not, sorry to bother!

Thank you for the prompt, love! Sorry it took so long.

Also on AO3

lonewolfhell (4:23): I have been up all night re-reading the first DeVoid book in preparation for the first chapter of the third one and RED I FORGOT HOW GOOD IT IS.

voidridinghood (4:24): Wolf, stop. You flatter me. Well you’ll be pleased to know I have been up all night finessing the first chapter before I post it on the 12th…or tomorrow. OMG WOLF THE 12TH IS TOMORROW, I AM SO STRESSED.

lonewolfhell (4:27): We are both terrible. We both have work in the morning. Red, don’t stress! I bet it’s amazing, I know it’s amazing.

voidridinghood (4:30): Speaking of work, how’s the new job going? You said it was with the emergency services, right? That’s amazing man. You don’t know that, Wolf. What if it’s shit? I don’t want to disappoint you.

lonewolfhell (4:32): It’s good, thank you. Yep, got me a brand new job in my tiny home town’s fire department. Luckily it’s just training tomorrow, so me being tired for tomorrow won’t be too life threatening. It is NOT going to be shit, stop it. Red, you could never disappoint me, you know that.

voidridinghood (4:36): Don’t you DARE joke about that, you know I worry about you enough as it is without your new dangerous job and adding tiredness to the mix. GO TO SLEEP, WOLF. Everything will still be here in the morning. You’re cute. I’ll try not to stress, but it’s hard. I’ve been perfecting this chapter for months, months, Wolf. Normally my chapters are written in days, I get so caught up in it and editing normally takes a day, like one, singular. Do you know how long it’s taken me this time? Two weeks. What if I’ve over thought it and should have stuck with my gut, the first draft I did, that’s what I’ve always done before and that’s worked out well enough. The chapter has completely changed since that first draft. Oh god, oh god.

lonewolfhell (4:43): Red, I’m fine, don’t worry about me. Why would I go to sleep when I could talk to you instead? I’m not cute, I’m a big manly man, grr. Can we forget I said that? I bet it’s hard *wink wink* oh god, ignore me. Lack of sleep is making me delusional. If you have altered the chapter, it’s because you thought it needed to be done. It’s your story, so you know what is best for the book. You got this Red.

voidridinghood (4:47): I’ll always worry about you, what am I supposed to do without my #1 fan? That is just beyond cute, stop with your flattery. I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS, THIS IS GOLD, WOLF ARE YOU HIGH? WHAT IS HAPPENING? THIS IS MY FAVOURITE. You’re the best at making me feel better.

lonewolfhell (4:48): I hate you.

voidridinghood (4:48): Shut up, you love me.

lonewolfhell (4:49): Maybe I do. Goodnight, little Red. Sleep well.

voidridinghood (4:49): Goodnight, Big Bad. Sweet dreams.

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Inspired by Kiss Me Kiss Me

A/N: I was actually planning this to be a mini series if people liked it. I apologize for grammar mistakes. This has been sitting in my drafts since last month and I kinda want to share it c:

Late night, my phone was ringing. My heart started to race and I was kinda scared since it was like in one of them horror movies when the phone rings at 1 in the morning then dies few hours later.  I seriously need to stop watching horror movies so much. I hesitated when it rang for about 5 minutes. I decided to man up and answer it so took my phone from my nightstand. I checked my missed calls and I saw Luke’s name on the first few names. My phone rang again and his photo appeared on my screen. I didn’t wait for it to ring. 

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