this has been in my drafts forever so here

she tells him she loves him; that she’s never felt this way about anyone before. the weight of the admission settles into the hollow of his chest as he waits for the guilt to follow. he already knows how it feels so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise. it’s almost like routine at this point. but this time differs from the rest. because this time, he watches as a fractured part of her crumbles away as yet another lie slips past his lips. she knows, she knows, she knows, yet for some reason she can’t admit it to herself. he wants to ask her why. he wants her to know that she deserves better but he can’t bring himself to say the words out loud, because even though it’s all true, she’s like a drug he’s addicted to: something he hasn’t got the strength to quit just yet. he’s not sure he ever will. but this girl, she’s so in love with him, she refuses to believe that he would hurt her so her practised smile quickly falls back into place and she ignores all of the warnings. but she knows and somehow, that makes all of the difference. so when she falls asleep that night, with her head resting against his shoulder and her chest rising and falling with each breath, he whispers his broken goodbyes. he tells her that he’s sorry but he doesn’t say he loves her, because even though he does, he knows he lost her the moment he opened his arms to someone that wasn’t her and he knows that he doesn’t deserve her.

okay but can we please talk about neil dancing and singing to silly pop songs 

  • like he’d always dance around the house while he is alone
  • and one day he’d be making dinner bc let’s be honest neil is all into all that domestic shit while andrew watches some random game show
  • and for him by troye sivan starts playing on the radio
  • and neil starts dancing and humming almost unconsciously
  • and then he realizes andrew is staring and grins
  • “staring”
  • andrew rolls his eyes and says “what the fuck are you doing?”
  • neil just laughs and goes over to andrew and makes him stand up and starts dancing against him and singing all smiles and laughs
  • andrew just stares at him blankly but doesn’t pull off
  • until neil starts singing against his ear
  • all “this song is about us and i’m singing it to you bc i love you but i’m not saying it out loud” you don’t have to say i love you to say i love you
  • and andrew’s jaw clenches
  • neil laughs satisfied and goes back to cooking leaving andrew standing there
  • and of course he continues dancing until the song ends
  • omg then the rap part starts and neil sings it like his life depends on it
  • andrew just rolls his eyes bc of coURSE his not boyfriend knows the lyrics to the fucking rap why is he even surprised
  • anyway when the song comes to an end neil looks at andrew thinking he will just turn around and leave him alone
  • but instead andrew says “one hundred and six” and pulls him close and kisses the hell out of him
✰ — banned faceclaims

a few weeks ago, an anon asked me if i could post a rebloggable version of my banned fc list so here it is! it took me a while because i wanted to change up the format, but it’s all finished now. it’s divided into sections of actors, models, musicians, internet personalities & youtubers, and miscellaneous occupations. the list is divided up by the faceclaim’s primary occupation (ie. what they’re most famous for).

here, you’ll find faceclaims that the roleplay community should ban from their groups (CENTERED TOWARDS BANDOM ROLEPLAY BUT WORKS FOR ALL GENRES). receipts are linked where available. 

if you have questions pertaining to the reasons, send me an ask! if you think there’s someone i should add, shoot me an ask (with receipts if possible)! 

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also it's the demisexual v anon again too if you're willing to do some more v headcanons (romantic ones would be nice)!! i've read all your v things on here btw they'ew so cute tysm

This has been in my drafts forever I’m sorry

  • He’s basically got no immune system and gets sick all of the time.
  • It’s even more frustrating when you consider that he will knowingly stand out in the rain taking photographs or climb a rocky crag in the thinnest clothes he owns, leaving MC like orz.
  • Anyway, MC most definitely ends up nursing him through at least one case of the summer flu and he ofc is like ‘you’re so good to me ;3;’ as they feed him soup.
  • MC telling V off as they run him a hot bath because he disappeared in the middle of a photoshoot and they found him three miles west, shivering at the side of a lake.
  • “It’s not like we can just replace you,” huffs and puffs MC, tossing in a bath bomb and pulling off his clothes. “You are the photographer.”
  • “Yes Grandma,” V sighs.
  • Of course, that’s when they find flowers in his pockets. Flowers that are the exact shade of MC’s eyes.
  • V probably still doesn’t answer his phone that much or answer texts too often even after the events of the game. Instead he’ll apologise with a lot of flourishes to the person texting/calling/e-mailing him and explain why he never got around to answering.
  • And there’s always a great story. Oh, yes.
  • V solemnly talking about the other members of the RFA like they’re all children, when he’s not that much older than them. Like honestly, he is only five years older than Seven, but they’ve both resigned themselves to the role of father and son.
  • If he acts that way (older, not father) with MC then damn straight they are going to turn it into a joke.
  • MC wrapping their arms around his waist and whispering in his ear ‘what’s the matter, Grandpa?’
  • V’s a sarcastic fucker though, so he’d absolutely carry on with it like *SIGH* EVERYTHING
  • V remembering everything everyone says to him in a huge amount of detail even if he doesn’t seem to acknowledge it at the time.
  • V picking MC up some tea or taking them to a restaurant as a surprise that they referenced off hand once three months ago.
  • In the early days of the relationship, when he’s not in a good place, he mixes up things MC said with things Rika said and MC is on the receiving end of Rika’s favourite flowers, allusions to events they never lived through etc.
  • MC doesn’t point it out though. I mean. Why would you???
  • V doesn’t sleep very well after the events of the game to put it mildly. MC wakes up a lot of the time to find he left and came back and brought breakfast from their favourite bistro.
  • MC and V having breakfast in bed and MC groggily asking him how he knew what their favourite menu things were. They’re sure they never mentioned it.
  • Except they did. Once. Ages ago, while talking about something else entirely.
  • MC realising that that bistro is miles away and it’s raining.
  • MC cuddling up to him as they lie in food comas, like
  • “You need to respect your elders.”
  • “I’m older than you.”

the wolf among us + colours:  episode 4  →  in sheep’s clothing

i’m sure from your vantage point, it’s extraordinarily easy for you to judge me. but you sit behind a desk…all day…and only tonight did you see what it’s like to be pushed into a corner all the time for doing your job.

Jealous Much?

Request: “Could you do an imagine where the reader is Peter Parker’s age and she joined the avengers about the same time he did maybe earlier?? Idk haha but let’s pretend Pietro is still alive here (bc I miss him man) and Peter likes the reader and she kinda likes him but she also has a crush on Pietro? So Peter gets jealous and fights for the readers attention meanwhile Pietro finds the whole situation quite entertaining? Idk sorry if this is a bit confusing..??”

A/N: Sorry I haven’t been on in forever.  I had this saved in my drafts from like three months ago so I’m so sorry I’m just getting to this now. Don’t worry! It wasn’t confusing at all. I apologize if it’s not the best but I hope you like it! (I miss Pietro a lot too tbh)

Warnings: It not really a warning, it’s just that in this timeline Civil War didn’t happen. I hope no one minds. Also I didn’t give the reader specific superpowers so you guys can leave that to your imagination.

Pairings:  Peter Parker x Reader, Pietro Maximoff x Reader

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You heard the elevator door opening and immediately put down the magazine you had been reading.

“Hey Y/N! How’s it going.” Peter said as he entered the main room of the Avengers Tower.

“Oh it’s just you. “ You sighed as you began to read the magazine you had been reading.

It had been almost six months since you joined the Avengers.  You remembered how Tony had first approached you one day as you were walking home from school.  He told you he knew about your superpowers.Of course you denied it the first thousand times but Tony didn’t give up easily.  Once he showed you the proof he had you had no choice but to admit to it.  After admitting to it Tony asked you to join the team and the rest was history.  You had bonded with the the Avengers but you kind of wanted another teenager on the team.  Four months later Tony introduced the newest recruit, Peter Parker aka Spiderman.  He wasn’t exactly what you had in mind when you had thought of wanting another teenager but he was good to have around.

“So have you heard about that new movie that’s coming out-” Peter began but was cut off by a Sokovian accent.

“Hey Y/N. Hey Spiderboy.”

“It’s Spiderman.” Peter mumbled under his breath.

“Hey Pietro.” You said with the biggest smile on your face.  You had sort of developed a crush on him over the six months you had been here and you would take any chance you could to talk to him.  “Where are you coming from?”

“Oh I was training with Steve.”  He said as he wiped the sweat off his forehead and sat down on the couch.

“So Y/N like I was telling you there’s-”

“What’s it like training with Captain America.” You asked your eyes filled with fascination as you looked at Pietro and moved closer to him on the couch. You could here Peter groaning and you gave him a glare in response.

“He can be pretty tough trainer but he’s a good guy.  Haven’t you trained with Steve too?”

“Yeah but that was only for a little bit.  Have you ever beat him in a fight while training?”

“I mean once but it-”

“Oh my God! You beat Steve in a fight. Wow Pietro you must be really good.”

Peter rolled his eyes as he crossed his arms “Hey Y/N.”

“Steve will never be able to live that down.” You continued

“Hey Y/N!” Peter said a little bit louder this time.

“I think Spiderboy is trying to talk to you.” Said Pietro as he pointed towards Peter who was seated on the other couch.  Pietro wasentertained by whole situation as it was obvious Peter was jealous.

“What Peter. Can’t you see I’m talking to Pietro” You said giving him a nasty look.

“I was just asking if you heard about that new movie that’s coming out today.”

“Yes I did.” You turned your face back towards Pietro.

“I think he’s trying to ask you on a date.” Pietro said as his face was filled with amusement.

“What really?” You asked with a look of surprise.  You admit that you had a crush on Pietro but you also had feelings for Peter.  You couldn’t help but be attracted to him no matter his dorkiness.

“I don’t know what Pietro is talking about. I was-uh-I-just-”

“Well I’ll leave you two alone.” Pietro says while running off to who knows where.

“Peter, I would love to go on a date with you.”

“But what about Pietro.”

“I don’t have a chance with Pietro, plus he’s more like an infatuation. I like you Peter. Also I’m sorry for being such a jerk and ignoring you.”

“It’s okay. I just thought that you didn’t like me but now that you told me that I feel better. So see you later?”

“See you later.” 

Just as you were about to kiss him on his cheek on the way out he turned his head causing your lips to brush against each other.

“I-I'm sorry.” Peter said with a worried look on his face.

“No, no it’s okay.” You said leaning in for another kiss.

Laundry, Baths and Other Responsibilities

Part IV/VII of The Playground

Pairing: Wonshik/OFC

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: AU, explicit sex, pregnancy, foul language, mature themes, implied age difference (all characters are of legal age however), angst, alcohol mentions.

Wordcount: 8825

Notes: I finally got around to finish this…I’m sorry it took forever but y’all know all my usual excuses so I’ll spare you my boring chatter. This has been sitting nearly finished in my drafts for god knows how long, I got really distracted by this other story I’m working on, but here it is! Two more chapters to this arc along with a small epilogue and we’ll be done with single dads for a little while I think. I hope you guys enjoy this one! Big hugs xoxo

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it’s CHRISTMAS, so i figured it’d be time for my first follow forever with a lame ass graphic. it’s crazy to think i came back to this blog and was able to have it take flight in nothing less than a few weeks, and i’ve really been enjoying it. some of you may know this had originally been a 5h blog and i had a separate one for bands, but i said frick it and now here we are. since then, i’ve made loads of rly cool mutuals and friends on here, so this is my pointless gift to y’all. mutuals are bolded and the ones i’m chill with ( or think i am ) are also italicized.


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Motivational Spells !~

So ironically enough I was not feeling up to making motivational spells. I just kept hitting a block, and left them on the back-burner forever. Today I received a request for a motivational spell, so I decided to make a few! Enjoy!

Rainwater topical:

So this can be done a number of ways. I wrote it really stupidly on my draft, so I’ll offer one and then all of the alternatives. The important part is that you have rain or stormwater, and it has been boiled and filtered for cleanliness. Quantity here kind of depends on what alterations you can do as well.

Start with the basics.

  • Rainwater, optionally charged by the full moon for full effects.
  • Carnelian

If you have a chalice, you may use it here. If not, a regular bowl of some sort will work (not plastic!)

Add the rainwater into the chalice. Stir clockwise with your right hand; invoke its cleansing, nourishing energies. This will cleanse all of your burdens, anything weighty that is preventing you from staying motivated.

Add your carnelian, still stirring. This serves as your motivator. Raise its energies. Let the stone soak in the water for awhile.

If you like, you can be done here. This will be your topical, and depending on where you apply is, is what your results will be! (examples: heart, motivation for passions; throat, motivator for communicative events; third eye, motivator for weighty decision making and things involving the mind, etc.)

Now, here are your possible alterations. If you have storm water (preferably charged by the full moon), you can invoke ~both~ cleansing, nourishing energies and that electrically charged energy to boost your motivation!

~*~*~*~*If*~*~*~*~ you have copious amounts of rain/stormwater, this could totally be a bath!!  If you decide are going to do a bath, doing it during a waxing moon could be nice! Get all those energies movin’.

Speaking of baths…


Try this one! Super simple! 

All you need is:

  • Crushed peppermint leaves - or - peppermint essential oil
  • Baking soda

So, couple of things:

You do not want to go overboard on these ingredients. If you use the essential oils, go easy. Too concentrated, and they can cause burns. You want it to be very low-ingredient based. They are all powerful. Start with like 5 drops of the oil, and like maybe a table spoon of baking soda if that

Add your ingredients to your bath, stir clockwise with your intentions, and chill for a bit. The motivation will come.


Here is a simple motivational oil.

  • Cinnamon
  • Lemon
  • Ginger
  • Coconut oil

Melt your coconut oil and put the rest of the ingredients in there. Melting preferably by stove-top or heat-source other than microwave. You will need  to program it however you see fit. Chanting your intentions, firmly stating them, thinking them while channeling, etc. are all good ways to do this.

Things you can do with your oil:

Dress a yellow or white candle representing you sympathetically, light it and let it burn down.

Melt it to “re-liquify” your motivation, shake it up, wear it topically, put it in a wax melter and let the scent carry throughout your house.

As a final thought, you could also make a ginger tea with lemon, and as with the others,  stirring and channeling motivational energies

Hope these help~