this has been in my drafts for too long omg

Dissipate [DRAFT!]
Dissipate [DRAFT!]

OKAY. here is my current draft of keith’s original song which i’ve been working my butt off on for like around 10 months lmao. i’m at a real crossroads with it so i think opening it up will help me - the vocals are just my guide and not the final versions! this is definitely still a big WIP but i really hope it is exciting and maybe it’ll be well received bc i’ve worked so hard on it!! 

i think i’ll aim for an official S4 release of the Actual Final Version, it has a lot of way to go esp with the mix if you compare to my more recent stuff - i’m actually working on a whole new version in a different key! but we’ll see how the final version turns out. for now anyway…. THIS IS DISSIPATE. the song i’ve poured my entire heart and soul into for keith. i haven’t touched this mix for at least 3 months so pls excuse the mess it’s in. BUT YEA. OKAY…. GUESS WE’RE DOING THIS?!!!!!!

Their names are burning underneath my skin
Before i even had a chance to welcome them all in
Something’s clawing at my insides
Stinging at my eyes
Realisation: they’re on my side 

full lyrics below the cut: 

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my princess | chenle

genre: fluff 
word count: 1.1k+
a/n; okay this has been sitting in my drafts for way too long omg fjldsh chenle’s so close to my age and it’s lowkey nervewracking since he’s so much more talented than me ooPs uh anyways this has been written over the span of months wAy back when chenle was actually my bias in nct dream instead of nana but like, i still have that soft spot for him ;-; anyways, my requests are open! please go request!!

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