this has been in my drafts for too long omg

  • i honestly see him as an english/ELD middle school teacher
  • has a “No Jesus, No Peace. Know Jesus, Know Peace” mug on his desk
  • tells terrible jokes to his classes to make them feel at ease
  • but they’re just so bad that the students either laugh at how bad it was or laugh to make him feel better
  • known as “that hella nice teacher”
  • but he’s too nice you know?
  • he keeps giving chances to students and some of them take advantage of it
  • probably eats homemade lunch lmao
  • sometimes students walk in his classroom during lunch and he’s laughing by himself eating his lunch because he’s watching anime or something
  • the kind of teacher that would stay hella late after school until the janitor tells him that he’s locking up just in case a student needs help with something
  • has a guitar in his classroom and plays it during class sometimes :*
  • he has so many pictures of you on his desk and on the walls
  • “mr. hong who’s that person that’s in every picture?”
  • “that’s the love of my life.”
  • mr. hong might be hella shy but he’s honestly so patient and understanding that students feel safe in his class and he’s so willing to help them