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They hadn't seen each other for way too long. Now though, Nnoitra saw a chance to /maybe/ get to hang out with Grimmjow again. Eagerly, he sent him a chat message「yo man u online? 」, 「imma go 2 ur town 2day cuz my parents are gonna do some shoping or something」, 「wanna hang out? 」, 「miss u 8) 」. He realized that last message was probably a bit unnecessary. [Marvel/DC!AU]

          – Grimmjow hadn’t really been paying attention to his chats nowadays. Not that there was anything happening on them anyways, but… yeah. The teen hasn’t heard from his friend in WEEKS, since the last time they’d hung out together. Unfortunately, his mother had caught on to him sneaking out like that, to go hang out and such, and she had grounded him for it. Lame, but it was pretty justified, wasn’t it? She was just trying to keep her son out of trouble, considering his ‘ burden ‘ — so she kept him out of the public’s eye. For everyone’s safety, and his own. She loved him, and she just didn’t want anything bad to happen to him. However, being the teenager Grimmjow was, he didn’t want to see it like that. How rebellious of him. So, in all, he wasn’t allowed to use the computer — equaling in him losing contact with Nnoitra for a while.

          However, once he’d FINALLY get online after a week or two, there were no new messages from his friend. It was a tad disheartening, really ; to expect the other to at least ask if he was there, only to receive nothing. Only one thought had crossed Grimmjow’s mind once seeing that — maybe Nnoitra found a new friend or two? Possible, considering that his parents ALLOWED him out in public. Meanwhile, the blue-haired teen was stuck inside. Thanks, mom. After that, and after letting his thoughts get to him, Grimmjow stopped paying any mind to the chat. Sure, he could have just messaged Nnoitra first, but… Mah, if the other needed him, he’d message him. Wouldn’t he?


          Much to his dismay, Grimmjow was working on homework online ( gross ) when chat notifications started sounding off. The teen, curious enough, went to check them, just to see the four new notifications from Nnoitra. Oh! So he finally decided to message him? It’s only been… weeks. Grimmjow took a deep breath and shoved his homework off to the side. Who fucking cares about that shit anyways? Opening the chat up, he took the time to read over the few messages that Nnoitra sent him. Apparently, he and his family were coming over to his part of town to go shopping, and he was wondering if they could hang out. Alright, honestly, getting out for a bit would probably do him some good. Not only that, but the other’s final message was what caught Grimmjow a bit off-guard. Blue eyes widened just a bit — and with that, he started typing back.

Me: 「hey man  
      sounds gud 2 me  
      meet @ our regular spot 
      k?                     」

          Grimmjow typed everything out quickly, and was about to sit back and wait for the other to respond. But, he looked at the last message Nnoitra sent. Should he just ignore it? Should he respond to that too? Joke about it? Well, fuck it.

    「miss u 2」