this has been in my drafts for some time now


His reaction to my tongue stud was pretty funny though. Thanks for the ask. -P

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((SOOOO UHH. I’M NOT DEAD LMAO HI DOES ANYONE STILL FOLLOW THIS BLOG okay so I know it’s been five months (and this ask has been sitting in the drafts that entire time oh my god I’m sorry i think i was saving it to post when i had a little bit more of a buffer rather than just spitting out one random ask out of no where before going silent again but yEAH) ANYWAY the last few days I’ve drawn some asks, so I’m gonna toss them into the queue to post every Saturday uhhh…..yeah. I’m sorry for that sudden and very long hiatus, life sort of…happened. And is still happening. I.E. spouse in and out of the hospital right now, I got a new job, I slipped and fell into a couple other fandoms for a while, our car busted, and just…yeah. 2016 was a long year. Anyway my art style’s changed quite a bit in the last few months and that’s gonna become wildly apparent next week and hopefully y’all don’t hate it too much but yeah I’m gonna try to start posting here again?? Idk how long it’ll last but we’ll see I guess LOL. I’m gonna comb through the 30+ remaining asks in the inbox, try to answer most of them and delete the rest before starting fresh, so hopefully that will result in something….idk lmao the pnf fandom has been very inactive as far as I can tell so maybe this will just go totally ignored but ya know….I’m still here just very tired and busy but I’m doing my best ;u; ~Grayce))


A challenge I gave myself over the last couple of weeks after my husband and I talked about how Dairanger would have made a very weird proper Power Rangers. So I decided to try it out for myself! The main cast is done and public but I’m doing more that are gunna be exclusive to my PR/SS sketchbook. (this has been in my drafts for months now, oops. This sketchbook is still in the works)

I’m going the Time Force route where I kinda want to keep things the same so I’m staying close to the source material but just twisting some details. 

So here is Power Rangers … think I’m somewhere between Thunder Force or Star Force? 

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Dating Luhan Would Include

This has been sitting, unfinished, in my drafts for quite some time now. So, I slapped it together and now I can finally say that I am finished with this little series! So much relief ^^”

Other Members: Baekhyun Chanyeol | Chen | Kyungsoo | Kai | Kris | Lay | Sehun | Suho |Tao | Xiumin

• him absolutely MELTING when you use aegyo to get him to do something he really doesn’t want to

• like, he’d adamantly deny your request until you pull out your best aegyo skills, ‘cause like, he’s all manly and shit on the outside, but he’s got a ridiculous soft spot for all things cute n’ adorable

• ALWAYS being amazed when he solves his Rubik’s cute. How the hell does one person solve it so quickly? Witchcraft, I tell you!

• I hope you’re into sports, 'cause this guy’s gonna haul you to a ton of games, or force you to cheer along beside him at home while watching on tv

• video game competitions. You’d better hone your skills, honey, 'cause he ain’t gonna hold back

• cooking every meal for him when he’s home, 'cause he can’t cook worth a damn, but he’s also just so in love with your home cookin’

• him purposely annoying you every so often, purely because he thinks you’re super adorable when you’re mad

• coaxing him into going on tons of roller coasters n’ such at the amusement park

• but then feeling totally terrible when you realize how much his fear of heights affects him, even when he’s just trying to be manly and brave for you

• always having a perfectly-made cup o’ coffee ready for him when he wakes up, and he’s just gonna be so grateful because he loves coffee and he loves you and it’s all just so PERFECT

• not having to worry too much about getting on his nerves, 'cause he’s got a relatively good temper. Like, he’d never lose his shit for something silly

• him taking FOREVER and a day to finally allow you to sleep in his bed, 'cause having other people on his bed really just isn’t his favourite thing in the world

• but once you start sleeping over, he’s gonna miss the days when you aren’t able to and the other side of the bed is filled with a cold emptiness

• horror movie marathons. And like, he’s gonna love nothing more than when you bury your face in his chest during the movie when you’re scared, 'cause he’ll just feel so damn manly and impressive

• I can totally see him being into couple items. Like, it’d start off with simple, almost unnoticeable things like matching phone cases, but it’d take off quickly and before you know it, he’s got entire couple outfits coordinated for you two

• PDA is a total must with this kid, like he’s just gonna want everybody, and anybody, to know that you’re all his

• him being just an all-around caring boyfriend. Like, he’s going to take such good care of you, even to the point of spoiling you absolutely rotten, but he’d do anything to keep you happy and he’s just going to be so in love, and completely devoted to you


…And here’s some doodles of Gavin saying something I’ve been trying to convince myself forever.

There’s no point in tearing yourself up over something you can’t change. Just do better next time.

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My experience is that FFN have less comments in number, but proportionally more that is, err, interesting feedback discussing the story at depth rather than “this is cute plz rite moar”. But I write so little these days that it’s hard to make any real comparisons, so - though it’d be an interesting experiment to make, thinking about it *g*

This has been sitting in my drafts for the longest time, and I keep forgetting and then coming back to it and kinda thinking a lot, but now since I’m posting fic again I think I have some data to answer you with.

My opinion that the best place to get feedback depends on the fandom still stands.

When I was posting ATLA fic, I barely thought about posting to AO3 (even though I had an account already at that point). I didn’t end up doing so until much later in my fandom time there, and the feedback received was - eh - not bad, but nowhere near on the level of what I got on FFN and LiveJournal at the time. So I’m with you thus far.

Posting K Project fanfic, though… FFN is mainly for exposure, and that’s it. I mean, I still value the reviews I get there, but there aren’t nearly as many, and even in terms of ‘interesting’ feedback, I still get significantly more on AO3.

I think this has to do with the fact that K Project FFN has a lot more self-insert fic than canon pairing fic lately (which isn’t a surprise considering the cast of the series - there’s an otome game based on it, after all), so not as many canon pairing fans hang out there. There certainly are Fushimi x Yata fans on FFN who don’t frequent AO3 for whatever reason, but the majority of us are on AO3 and so the majority of feedback - meaningful, interesting feedback included - comes from there. It terms of proportions, it all seems to scale equally.

Note: It could also just be the fact that there’s a really amazing set of fans in K Project who leave lovely, thoughtful comments on all my new chapters (most of whom are on AO3). I was feeling really anxious before posting this fic because I wasn’t sure how it’d be received, but the response has been really gratifying so far.


it’s CHRISTMAS, so i figured it’d be time for my first follow forever with a lame ass graphic. it’s crazy to think i came back to this blog and was able to have it take flight in nothing less than a few weeks, and i’ve really been enjoying it. some of you may know this had originally been a 5h blog and i had a separate one for bands, but i said frick it and now here we are. since then, i’ve made loads of rly cool mutuals and friends on here, so this is my pointless gift to y’all. mutuals are bolded and the ones i’m chill with ( or think i am ) are also italicized.


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about the #blackinfanfiction masterpost...

oh boy, i have bad news and good news

good news: it’s still happening

bad news: you may have noticed that this is a different url/completely different blog. well… the account that had the draft of the post on it no longer exists because tumblr fucking deleted it so now i have to start over, i’ll probably restructure it and reorganize it. i’m gonna have to find all the fics again, which shouldn’t be too hard because i remember most of the titles but it’ll still take some time plus i’m working on fics of my own as well as school work sooooo

the deadline for submitting a fic has been moved to march 27 and the post will be on this blog because my other one was deleted but all the rules still apply

please spread the word!!!!!!! 

Originally posted by ihiphop

Anonymous asked:

Hello. My apologies if this has been asked before; I’ve checked the masterlist and didn’t see any listings about my topic, so hopefully this isn’t a repeat. My issue is I’m *very* tempted to edit my incomplete first draft because my writing has changed so much over time. Is there a downside to doing this?

Yes. The downside is that if you put time and energy into editing now, you’re putting all that time and energy into editing a story that’s not even finished yet. Why is that bad? Here are some reasons:

1) You’ll likely lose momentum. When we’re writing a story, we build up a forward momentum. If that momentum gets interrupted, even if it’s to edit what you’ve already written, it’s going to be very hard to re-build that momentum when you’re ready to pick back up where you left off and start writing again. This often leads to stories not being finished.

2) You’re investing time and effort in a story that may never be finished. We all hate to think about it, but the truth of the matter is, we all have a pile of stories that we started and never finished for whatever reason. If you stop to edit before the story is finished, you’re increasing the odds of never finishing, and so essentially you’re putting all that time and effort into editing a story that may never be done. It’s a potential waste of time.

3) You’re editing the story without knowing where it’s really going. First drafts are “rough drafts.” They’re exploratory, and most of the time you end up with a story that’s different than what you set out to write. When you edit an incomplete first draft, you’re doing so without all of the knowledge you’ll have once the story is finished, so it’s better to wait until you know for sure what the story is going to be.

4) It doesn’t get you out of editing later on. Good stories are written in drafts. You write the first draft, make changes, write the second draft, make changes, write the third draft–and so on, until you have the final draft. The changes you make to each draft–that’s editing. So, even if you go back and edit from the beginning now, it doesn’t get you out of editing from the beginning again once you get to the end. You still need to make changes and write your second draft. So, in a nutshell, you’re just doubling your work if you go back and edit before the draft is done.

So, my advice would be to stick it out and keep writing forward. Don’t worry about whether or not the writing in the middle and end matches the writing at the beginning. You’re going to fix all of that when you edit the first draft anyway. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question may go unanswered. :)  

Konoha Hiden Spoilers

This has been saved in my drafts for 3 weeks now so I thought I should post this before I get serious about studying for finals. The picture is from 2ch. I don’t have time to look through Konoha Hiden yet and it hasn’t gotten to me yet. Since the text gets cut off I’ve inserted some words so that it makes sense.  If anyone has the full page so I can properly translate, it would be appreciated! Translation under the cut.

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ღ Fetus&2011 One Direction Video Masterlist ღ

you better get a box of tissues ready tbh bc this gon’ be painful and nostalgic bye

these are just some of my personal favourites compiled into a handy masterlist

X Factor Video Diaries (don’t watch these if you’re not solely here for louis being loud and irritating as fuck) 

O2 Tour Diary

X Factor Tour Q&A 

One Direction Q & A

Sugar shoot Behind the Scenes

The Pokemon Diaries (if u’d like to hear louis singing DON’T CHA WISH UR GIRLFRIEND WAS HOT LIKE ME to harry)

Dare to Dream Photoshoot Behind the Scenes

Makeup at The Hits radio (i watch this solely for louis applying foundation and giggling)

One Direction by One Direction (yOU KNOW YOU WANT TO)

Up All Night Album Cover Shoot Behind the Scenes (NIALL HAS A FUCKING LEPRACHAUN WHERE HE SITS)

Find The Phone 

Super Pokemon Rumble

Sugarscape interviews!!!!!!!!!!! (THE BEST OKAY)

enjoy bbies


You can coax the cold right out of me
Drape me in your warmth
The rapture in the dark puts me at ease
The blind eye of the storm
Let’s go for a walk down Easy Street
Where you can be reborn

And kiss me on the mouth and set me free
But please, don’t b i t e


Dear Readers and Friends, 

Thank you all for being so patient with my fickle, fluttery self as I rant and rave and tease about one of my many beautiful projects of 2016: a magical little anthology titled Paper and Bones. This collection of my work has been a long time coming, encouraged by all of your beautiful words and notes of support. Now, at the final stages of the book’s draft ( and after finally having a grasp on the tricky timelines and process of self-publishing on CreateSpace ), I’m very happy to share some concrete information on the book out this month - including an official release date and synopsis. 

TITLE: Paper and Bones by Naiche Lizzette Parker

RELEASE DATE: March 15, 2016

PRICE: 8.99 - 9.99 USD ( estimate, price not set ); international and kindle prices to come

SYNOPSIS: “What a shame. Somehow we became godless and unafraid of a sky where there are no stars left to tell our stories.”

Paper and Bones is an anthology of poems and tales surrounding magic, romance, and the gothic written and illustrated by Tumblr writer and fantasy aficionado Naiche Lizzette Parker. A collection of both her old and new work, the poems weave the heartbreak of love and loss with the thrumming song of enchantment.

The anthology is ribbon-tied by three short stories. In “Ghost Towns,” a group of misfit youth board a yellow bus across America to find themselves in the places that time forgot. In “Battle Strung” emerges the flip-side of New York City, an underground battle of the bands run by bloodthirsty, rockstar fae. And in “Paper and Bones,” the title story, a girl finds a boy’s journal on an airplane home from Paris, returns it, and begins a relationship struck by intense love, loss, and plain madness over the course of ten years when they are continuously forced apart.


idfc || Liam Dunbar

(this is kinda inspired by the song idfc by blackbear and personal experience. I know this isn’t a request but it has been on my drafts for quite some time and I thought I would make it up to you for not posting anything lately, there was more on this chapter but since it was a completely different scenario and situation, I decided to leave it for another chapter ;) .  I’m also thinking about turning this into a mini series, let me know what you think)

Summary: Y/n has been in love with Liam for over a year now, they have a nice friendship and sometimes it seems like there’s room for something else. But what happens when Hayden,Y/n’s best friend, likes him too and he seems to like her back? will she hide her feelings from them and pretend to be happy or will she stand up for what she feels and fight for it even if that means breaking her best friend’s heart?

Words: 1,093

Chapter 1

Originally posted by rosyrobot

“Why was it so important to you for me to pick you up on a school day? Is your mom okay?” You asked your best friend Hayden.

Sometimes you would take the school bus and other times you would drive there, but for some reason you didn’t know, Hayden was desperate for you to drive her to school.She rolled her eyes and smiled 

“yeah, I just wanted to have some private minutes with you before school” She looked at you and her eyes were eager to tell you something

“Okay… I know you want to tell me something, so talk” you waited for her to put on her seat belt and started the car

“Just like I told my mom, this is a confession, so you’d better keep it to yourself” You laughed at her comment 

“like I have someone else to tell them your secret”

“Whatever, the point is…I think I’ve moved on from Stiles and I like someone else” She covered her face with her hands and sighed

“Oh my god! Finally you moved on, I’m so happy for you” you smiled, you liked Stiles but he wasn’t boyfriend material and you couldn’t let your best friend be obsessed with him “who is he?” Your mind started to think about names trying to figure out who her new crush was

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Wishful heart, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction

Remember when I said I was writing a Gruvia multi-chap AU? Well, here you go. I had this drafted for about 3 months now,  but I wanted to have a few chapters finished before publishing it. Thing is, I didn’t have enough time to write as far ahead as I wanted since my current semester has been a tad too busy, but then I though this WIP got enough dust waiting in my documents so…tadaa!  

And yes, it’s a Genie AU lol. First AU ever, I hope it won’t suck majorly xD

Main pairing: Gruvia
Side pairings: Nalu, Gajevy
Universe: Genie AU
Rating: T (for some swearing)

Summary: Juvia is a lonely young princess who will soon have to rule her kingdom, Agrabah. But when she meets Gray Fullbuster, a commoner who’s anything but common, her life was bound to change. What happens when it’s the princess who ends up with the lamp instead of the street rat?  

I’ll leave you with the prologue to get a small taste 

[Wishful heart] - Prologue

Heels sank in the golden sand as the young man dragged his way through the desert, the clinging sound of his sheath breaking the silence at each step. It hadn’t been a good day, if a yet again failed attempt to clear a dungeon and several more miles to boot until he reached the city were anything to go by. The only thing he could consider pleasant in the last few hours would be the soft breeze that brushed on his sweaty skin as the late day sun merged with the horizon.

“Damn, I can’t find my flask.” Gray looked over his shoulder at the pink haired man that lumbered a few meters behind, searching frantically in his pouch.

“You must have lost it when I flew you back on the surface.” a blur of blue muttered, flying around his head.

“And I’m so thirsty…"

“I’m sorry Natsu…”

“Remind me why you two tagged along?” he huffed.

“Had nothing else to do. I thought we would get to kick some monster butts or something.” The man with the pink hair replied.

Gray scoffed. There were monsters some times, he had fought many. But before they could actually run upon one, Happy – the flying blue blur, which was in fact a small cat that now soared past his head– decided to ignore his order to not touch anything, which resulted in the place collapsing with them barely making their way out, thus losing any chance there was to slay a dungeon monster. And finding it. What Gray had been searching with such vigor for years. And he was running short of patience.

“Maybe next time we find one–” Happy started.

“There ain’t gonna be next time. I won’t take you with me again.” He stopped walking and spoke again before Natsu could protest, “It’s your fault. Didn’t I tell you not to touch anything?”

“But that ruby seemed so precious! I could buy fish for a lifetime with it…”

He slapped his palm on his face in exasperation. What a significant reason indeed.

“Chill man, it’s not such a big deal.” Natsu said.

Gray’s eyes narrowed. “I’m not doing this for fun.” They stared at each other for a charged moment, Natsu barely shrugging at his glare. He sighed, running his hand through his raven hair; what’s done was done and there was no point venting on them now. “Anyway. Let’s get going. We should be back before nightfall if we hurry.”

And with that, he kept walking ahead.

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