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I just had all the feels about baby Stiles, maybe two or three years old, meeting full-shifted eight-year-old Derek. And Stiles is just absolutely mesmerized by the shiny black pup with soft yellow eyes. They make friends. Stiles even sometimes naps with his head on that wolf's fuzzy belly. (cont)

And of course, as they grow up, he sometimes talks to the dog - as most pet owners do - about his day, or what he’s worried about, or how he has a huge crush on that boy Derek from across the street who’s WAY TOO COOL and would never notice him in a million years because Stiles is young and awkward and Derek is awesome and sportsy and older and did I mention awesome?


I originally planned to write a fic based on it but my brain is dead writing wise at the moment and going through my old drafts, this made me smile too much not to post. 

adore fics where Stiles doesn’t realise his friendly neighbourhood dog is actually one Derek Hale and I love even more when Stiles either hates Derek but Derek has a major crush on him or Stiles is pining hard after the cool boy at school/his hot neighbour and Derek is actually too awkward/emotionally constipated to try and snuggle with Stiles in any other way but in his wolf form. Seriously, I’d read this trope 1000 times over and never get bored. 

“He smiled at me today, Sparky.”

Oh god, why did he have to name me Sparky? Who names their dogs Sparky? It’s not even a cool loser name. 

I think I was cool?? At least, I was trying to be but then he did this thing where he tipped his sunglasses down his face and grinned and I kind of face planted the sidewalk. Fuck, I hope he didn’t see.”

I did.

And then, he came to History wearing a leather jacket. Can you believe it? It’s like he knows what leather does to me…I swear, it’s like he can read my mind sometimes.”


Kind of like last week, when I discovered I had a serious thing for guys in glasses after seeing Tyler Hoechlin in Supergirl. And then boom! He showed up to school, wearing glasses, Sparky. Oh my god, what if I have, like, mind control powers?”

How do I have a crush on you?

What if every time I develop a new fantasy, Derek feels compelled to do it? Shit. What if I end up into kinky stuff? What if he shows up to prom in handcuffs and a blindfold??

Very unlikely. Unless I work up the courage to ask you out by then and handcuffs and blindfolds are something you want to try out on prom night.

Maybe I should write him some kind of apology card. Would that be creepy?”

Probably not creepier than pretending to be a stray dog because every time I’ve tried to ask you out I forget how to talk.

Do you think I could ask him out in the card too? Like, P.S. I also think you’re really hot. Except for your bunny teeth. Which are adorable. Please consider dating me. This is Stiles, by the way.” 

Yes. Wait – adorable?

“I’m going to do it, Sparky.”


I’m going to do the deed.”


“I’ll start on the ten year plan tonight.”

Ten year WHAT? 


Bokuaka Character Sheet (+ doodles because I procrastinated ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ )
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Soul Eater AU! HQ!!
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Character Sheets
(Yachi Hitoka)
(Oikawa Tooru)
(Iwaizumi Hajime)
(Yamaguchi Tadashi)
(Akaashi Keiji)
(Bokuto Koutarou)

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Genre: fluff, smut/mature

Character: Min Yoongi x reader (oc)

Prompt: “Let me spoil you tonight, Princess.”

Summary: He has a special way to help you wipe away your fatigue after a long day. And tonight, it is all about you.

a/n: I have so much writings piling up in my draft and this one was actually one of the oldest (lmaooo I am so lame), I wrote this in the middle of my packed deadlines but then I have been too busy and tired to re-read and edit this. Plus I ended up posting Heat which had almost the same topic *shrugs* Sorry if this is lame, it’s just a simple fantasy when I just wanted to be spoiled by my dear beloved Min Yoongi. Enjoy! 

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#7yearswithfx another year has passed and we’ve been through so much a first concert, a fandom name and a solo. you gave us hope, solidarity and compassion. you’ve blessed our ears with good music and shown us your kind hearts. despite your individual commitments you still try you best to meet with fans and find new ways to interact with us. Thank you for staying! f(Victoria+Luna+Krystal+Amber) = MeU, stay healthy and let’s continue for a long time together!

hi, this boy is great

Let me just go on about how much I love the great Min Yoongi, S-U-G-A aka Augst D, D-boy, genius jjang jjang man boong boong man, the sweet n stoic boi that deserves the world.
So his existence itself is a gift to this mortal world for so many reasons but here’s a random number of them:

Great rapper, 10/10, creative, a LYRICIST (I’m a hoe for that) and HAVE YOU HEARD 724148? THAT’S SOME GOOD SHIT

actually, this man is a all round great musician. A flexible and amazing producer and composer and beautiful singer

+he be making that synth money

Speaking of money, this boy works HARD for his. No one can a single person say he doesn’t deserve anything he has and will have in the future (if you think otherwise, fight me)

He went from selling his songs for barely a McDonald’s combo to wearing outfits that cost more than my birth expenses.

Boy can go from judgement day stare, to loving gaze to whiny child. What versatility.

Oh wait, versatility? He can do lit ass fast tracks like Agust D, and slow meaningful verses like in Dead Leaves


v pouty 

i could assemble a gallery for the MET of his pouty faces

He serves quality in everything he does, producing rapping, and hes funny!

Unintentional humour = the best humour 

Everything he does becomes a passion project

He didn’t even intend/want to be in bts. His training period was long so he thought and threatened to quit multiple times and he thought bts was going to be a hiphop group but he got bamboozled by bighit, singers got added and here he is, almost 4 years later, doing aegyo. Thats DEDICATION

His love for his soulmate

#dayones (I hate ratchet frat boy bts lol)

He is totally willing to say what others won’t and what he doesn’t need to for the sake of fans. From a quick remark on the fact he won’t do smtm to speaking about his inner thoughts, mental state and mental health issues.

This kid was out sick when there was a concert, leading to the cancellation, and even after the fans being understanding, sending their best wishes, and his apology, he FLEW OUT TO JAPAN ON HIS BREAK. Because he didn’t want to abuse all the love he’s received. He wanted to feel closer to what the fans did and took the time from his break to do so.

This guy is mad thoughtful

willing to call himself “a weak person who acts strong” instead of faking pride

Always repping home, even when it result in things like d-boy (if you know what that means, you’ll laugh too)

Stank faces.

So many stank faces.

He fuels my memes. I think thats worth somethings

Also he got a helluva face. A face thats meant to be sprawled all over sketchbooks (its all over mine atleast)

Hair colours always matching the album covers

He looks good! in every! hair! colour!!!

project #reviveyoongisscalp has been doing wonders. For starters, his follicles are prospering and you know what else is prospering? My eyes that have been blessed to see him with black hair after so long

legs snsd are jealous over

hes put on some weight and LET ME TELL YOU- I’m LOVIN’ IT. Get me some mcdonalds fried with those cute ass cheeks and im set


“i don’t give a shit” says the ever caring one

“you eat, seeing you eat makes me full” says the same man

Becomes Mr. Fix It when something needs to be repaired

Basketball SKILLS! surprisingly shooting guard, so hes light on his feet, would’ve played college basketball if all this didn’t happen

his hands

Bad at expressing himself and conveying much in person but lyrically- a gift and a storyteller

2AM twitter stories and journals 

Agust D is a great mixtape all together, listening experience from the whole thing at once is really it at its best

Back to dedication, his music career seemed almost set up to fail, which his parents disagreed upon, the career where he went without credit for YEARS is now bringing joy to not only him but to other people around the world. And did i mention he rocks GUCCI?

He straight up got it all. Humble, creative, dedicated, funny, cute, excuse my french but garcon est hot as shit and just all over is a well rounded person- all well he can admit there is ways to go.


Genre: mature, implied smut

Character: Yoongi x reader x Jungkook

a/n:  This was meant as a dream drabble but I got too creative. Warning: Prologue is coming!

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Slowly drifting away from the depth of your sleep, you are soon covered by a series of warmth. Both coming from the morning sunlight sneaking through the opened curtains and from the body heats pressing onto your body serving as blankets. 

As your own consciousness starts to take over your body, you stretch out your limbs to rid the stiffness from sleep, unable to move much due your body currently being held down by the heavy weight of a slender arm resting around your waist. You sigh as your senses becomes clearer and slowly you let your eyes to flutter open. 

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Hello everyone it has been a very long time since I’ve ever done an follow forever so guess what’s happening? (hint: a follow forever)

Anyways I have hit an unbelievable 17,000 followers which is mind blowing and I couldn’t be more thankful for all of you it means so much that you guys like me and my blog. I’ll try and keep the blog list from getting too long but whatever happens, happens. 
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Changes to this blog (+ leaving the phandom)

Hey, frens!

So, I think most people have realized by now that I decided to take a few steps to change this blog from what it originally was. When I first conceived this blog, it was a place to post about D&P only, because it was my new Thing and it was taking up too much space on my main blog, so I figured that having a fandom-specific blog would be a good idea. And it was, for a long time. I can say I had some great times here in this community, despite all the bad moments I’m sure you all have seen. 

I don’t feel like I fit in the phandom anymore for a number of reasons and that’s why I decided to take some definite steps to move this blog away from a phan blog into something more general. Some people have asked about it (and I don’t mind answering if you have any further questions, there’s also a few stuff in my opinions tag), but basically I disagree with a lot of decision D&P have made recently and their content doesn’t bring me the same enjoyment it used to. Plus, they haven’t been posting enough anyway to keep this blog running like it used to, especially since there’s more touring ahead of us. 

I guess I can say running this blog the way it was before was getting to be more of a chore than a pleasure to me. The only thing that kept me here was all the history I had and the difficult time I had letting go of the good parts of it. But I realized I don’t really have to let go of the good times or anything silly like that. 

I can keep this blog and make it into something that makes me happy and you guys get to decide if it’s something you want to see or not. No hurt feelings either way. It’s been an amazing journey and I had some great times, but it’s definitely time for me to broaden this blog’s horizons. Maybe one day, if things change, I’ll go back to being a phan blog. It’s hard for me to continue calling myself a part of this community as it stands now.

This doesn’t mean I don’t like/watch Dan and Phil anymore, I just toned it down a lot. I still love them and I will continue to watch their videos casually (and reblog some stuff about them from time to time, why not?), but it won’t be what this blog is about anymore. I also intend to continue to read (and rec) phanfiction because I honestly love the creativity from this community. And, if you’ll still have me, I’d still love to continue to be a phanfic writer, maybe write more AUs and stuff like that. I think I can make it work and I love having people who want to read it still. I feel like I have more stories to tell.

Anyway, this isn’t a goodbye. But if you’re here only for the phan, it might as well be. This is a general youtubers blog now and I intend to blog about some of the other creators I’ve enjoyed for a while (and you can see most of them already by the posts I’ve been reblogging but yeah there’s probably more that you’ll find out along the way). I think it’s exciting to bring some variety to the content and I feel happier with this blog than I’ve felt in a long time! I hope you’ll stay in for the ride, but, again, if this isn’t your cup of tea you’re totally free to go <3 I’ll understand.

And thank you to the phandom. It may be pretty broken at the moment (and I’ll be the first to say that it’s REALLY bad right now like omg), but it’s been a (albeit a bit dysfunctional) home for me and so many others. I made some amazing friends who I love very dearly and met so many special incredible people in this community. Thank you! <3 And I’m truly sorry it has to end this way.