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  • what she says: anders deserved better
  • what she means: anders had to take a hard decision and, while everyone can see it differently depending on personal ethics, his development and moral dilemmas from that point were disregarded because, in the narrative thats being pushed onto us, the ‘angry fighter for freedom' character has no place. Its not surprising that in the default world state, the mage hawke has not only killed anders but he also violently despises him; and several times we are reminded of how he 'single-handedly' started the war. Never mind the inherent abuse in the circles or the straight slave work that its presented in the kirkwall circle; good mages would have never rebelled, good mages seek help from the merciful chantry, good mages stay quiet until... until a /bad mage/ seeks answers through violence. Anders' life is nothing but the tale of the nice opressed, who smiles and gently corrects; and the mean opressed, who speaks up and ACTS. Once he becomes the Mean Opressed, his narrative ends. Theres nothing else to his character, he is Done, he will not evolve past that. In Dragon Age 2, most characters become, at some point, a monster: fenris and his markings, merrill and blood magic, isabela and her stolen book. Anders' monster is not being an abomination: is daring to fight with the same violence that was shown to him, to his people. We aren't shown any more of his development because right after his stand, we can kill him. We can abandon him. We can kill him, again. We end the game. His storyline has no closure; its made so we can comfortably hate him and never get to see his real drives and ethics. And thats why he deserved more.
  • what she also means: my son..... my be aut iful feli ne son..........

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This might sound weird, but how about a GIRLee Girls' Night Out?

hahaha you got it nonnie (names are from shinee’s school of rock (starts at 5:05) which they took part in TWO months after their debut wow! ~ the short’s genre is horror just a head’s up! 


  • has been trying to curl her hair for the past half hour
  • every few minutes “aH hot!!!” / minjung: omg you are a hazard to yourself
  • minjung offered to help and now she has v different curls going on on each side of her head
  • doesn’t know why she even bothered bc her hair is going UP when she dances 
  • absolutely refuses to wear heels bc the time she did she missed a step and almost died so she’s wearing dr. martens and no gwiboon we’re not even the same shoe size IT’LL BE FINE
  • almost fighting people to get to the bar bc she just wants a drink and a sEAT
  • she will stomp on someone’s foot with her heavy af boots by the end of the night probably


  • wants to stay in and bum but……………
  • breaks out her huge five inch red pumps (”HELLO MY BABIES” / gwiboon: you could kill a man with those…. i approve)
  • and after she puts on her bombass outfit she’s so hype
  • blasts edm while everyone is getting ready and that’s why her eyeliner is a bit uneven
  • walking around like her feet aren’t killing her 
  • it’s weird being able to see the top of minjung’s head 
  • she feels sO POWERFUL 
  • after a few drinks her wild side comes out (minjung: oh shit it’s jongmiiiiiii go jongmi go jongmi)
  • climbed up on the stage and when ot4 try to get her to come down she pulls them up and at first they’re like sos but then they dance their hearts out


  • her cat eye, brows, red lips, and highlighter are on point
  • basically her entire face
  • but her clothes/shoes too so basically just all of her, so on point 
  • when they first got to the club they all really needed to pee but there was a huge line for the girls’ bathroom so she burst into the boys’, wielding taeyeon and yelled “SHE NEEDS TO THROW UP” so they got a stall for themselves 
  • drinking a white wine bc she would (ot4: *~sipping of fruity cocktails~* these have so much more alcohol in them)
  •  is tired of yelling over the music so she texts everyone if she wants to say something 
  • when people ask her if she wants a drink she asks for water bottles and passes them out to ot4 (”hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, *takes away jongmi’s drink* junghee will thank me later and also hydrate”)


  • keeps rolling down the window of the cab to yell WHOOOOO at passerbys 
  • really pleased when people whooo back 
  • wearing sneakers and allowing junghee’s little height victory 
  • rolling her eyes when she tries to use her as an armrest (you’re not quite tall enough for that my dude / junghee: *grinning like her face is going to split* whatever shortie) 
  • took off one of her false eyelashes and put it on taeyeon and she swears she didn’t think that she would run out of the club screaming bc where is the logic in that?????? there are more bugs out ther taeyeon you misguided soul 
  • yell-rapping every song 
  • her lipstick is smeared and ot4 all have pink lipmarks on their cheeks 


  • making friends in the girls’ bathroom and now she has 7 more instagram followers (junghee: who was that?? / taeyeon: shrug emoji) 
  • dude they give french fries at the bar oh hey eunsook since when were you here 
  • wants to dance dance dance da-dance 
  • fantastic baby 
  • her hair has whipped several people who moved away grumbling 
  • if it looks like they’re going to start a problem minjung and gwiboon just stare them down until they walk away 
  • shuffling 
  • boom shakalaka 

Characters: Andy Biersack/You

Band: Black Veil Brides

telarnidaniela suggested: y/n confides in ashley when a secruity guard from the tour has been making her feel uncomfterble and getting too touchy feely and she doesn’t know what to do and andy finds out

A/N: WOW, this has been sitting in my drafts for a while. I apologize for the lack of imagines recently; I’ve been super busy studying for finals and everything :/ Butttt, school ends this Friday, so after that, I’ll have a lot more time to write for you guys! Thanks for sticking with me :)

Black Veil Brides had been touring for about 3 months now, and you were tagging along with them. You had started to date Andy a little over a year ago, so of course he asked you to come along with him on tour.

After a concert one night, you and the band were just sitting around in the tour bus chatting. Andy had left to go to the bathroom, so you took this opportunity to talk to someone about something that had been bothering you for a while.

“Hey, Ash, can we talk outside for a sec?” you asked, standing up.

“Oh, uh, yeah of course,” he nodded, following you out of the bus. “What’s going on?” he wondered when the door had closed, turning around to face you.

“Um, well, you know Steve, right?” you questioned, wanting to make sure he knew who you were talking about before you complained.

“The security guard? Yeah, I know him. What about him?” he replied.

“He’s just, uh, been making me feel kinda…uncomfortable,” you muttered, looking anywhere but at Ashley. Now that you were saying this out loud, you realized how stupid you must sound.

Ashley didn’t seem to think it sounded stupid, though. He tilted his head and said, “In what way?”

“I dunno, it just seems like he’s been taking every opportunity to touch me…like, yesterday, I was walking backstage before the show to meet up with Andy, and he bumped into me in the hallway and grabbed my ass. Like, actually grabbed it, not just brushed it. And it’s happened more than once,” you explained, sighing heavily. You didn’t want to be making a big deal out of nothing, but you were beginning to grow tired of being harassed.

Ashley frowned. “Really? I wish I knew…do you want me to say something to him?”

“I don’t really see what that will do. He’s not going to listen to you; I’ve already asked him to stop, but he hasn’t,” you groaned, rolling your eyes. “I just want it to stop,” you whispered the last part, pressing your lips together.

“Hey, it’ll be okay,” Ashley assured you, coming over to you and hugging you. .You hugged back, glad for his support. “I’ll tell Andy, and he can-”

“No,” you interrupted, pulling away and looking into Ashley’s eyes. “You can’t tell him. I don’t want him to know.”

“Don’t want who to know what?” you heard a voice say. You jumped in surprise and turned to see Andy standing there, crossing his arms. He looked accusingly at you and Ashley, and you suddenly realized what he thought must be going on.

“Nothing,” Ashley said, shaking his head.

“Really?” Andy asked. “Cuz if you don’t tell me, I’m pretty sure I can connect the dots on my own.”

“Ash, it’s okay. I’ll just tell him,” you sighed, not wanting Andy to think that you were cheating on him.

“Okay, I’ll let you guys talk things out,” Ashley muttered, going back into the bus and leaving you and Andy alone.

“What’s going on, y/n?” Andy wondered, moving closer to you.

You took a deep breath before explaining everything that you had just told Ashley. Throughout your explanation, Andy’s facial expression depicted rage.

“How come you didn’t tell me that you were feeling uncomfortable?” he asked. “I could have done something to prevent you from feeling like that.”

“I didn’t want you to do anything you might regret later,” you explained, shrugging.

“C’mon, y/n. I’m never gonna regret keeping you safe.”

You blushed and nodded, realizing that there was no reason for you to worry in the first place about Andy knowing.

“First thing tomorrow morning, I’ll go up to Steve and ask him to stop. If he doesn’t agree, he’s gone. How does that sound?” Andy offered.

“Great,” you smiled, hugging him. “Thank you so much.”

“Of course,” he chuckled, hugging you back and squeezing you lightly.

I didn’t really know how to end this?? I hope this is sufficient…

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Headcanon: Taiyang understands Yang’s want to shut down after all that’s happened to her (he did the same thing after Summer’s death). So he gives Yang her space. But soon after Ruby leaves he realizes that it is time that his eldest daughter starts to heal (not fade into the background and watch friends leave like he did).

So he starts coming in to talk to her more(”how are you feeling today, kiddo? Want pie?”). Tries to get her out of bed to do something other than go to the bathroom (”you can’t just lay here, firecracker”). He gets her to take Zwei out on walks (sometimes he’ll find her softly smiling at the corgi’s antics). They start having meals at the table. One night Tai makes a pretty good dad joke and Yang actually laughs for the first time in months (”that was terrible!”).

He offers to start up her training again(“only if you feel up to it”). And continues to do so until one day she agrees to just watch him practice (”just for a bit”). Eventually they work up to having daily runs and workouts together. Yang joins in with his practices after realizing he can’t improve just by training with himself (after all, they only have each other right now). A week of this passes before they restart her own training.

There’s a day where she can’t lay a single hit on him and she keeps swinging a punch with the arm that’s not there. She gets frustrated, embarrassed and angry and goes in for the charge when she stops herself (she remembers what charging in with a blind rage did last time). She takes a step back and calms herself, then attacks. She is able to land a few good hits after that and Tai gives her two thumbs up and a wide grin despite his bloody nose.

Yang begins to contribute to conversations with Tai more. They talk a lot. About Ruby (who often sends letters). Qrow(who rarely sends anything). Mom (both of them). Weiss. Blake (”she must have had a reason, Yang.” ”…I know.”). The school. Penny. Pyrrha. Her arm.

Yang decides not to get a mechanical arm just yet. She wants to be able to accept and live with what has happened to her and fully heal (”before patching it up with a metal bandaid”). Taiyang agrees (and thinks she’s gonna be alright).

After a couple months of grueling practices and heart pouring discussions, Yang feels safe to say that she is getting better and even tells Tai that. He smiles proudly and hugs her (”dad, i can’t breathe!”) before letting her go to take Zwei out for his daily walk.

He begins the countdown for when she will also have to leave (because in the end, she didn’t need him anymore).

(and the world needed her more than he did).

some interesting sam parallels in uncharted 4

so i’ve been thinking a lot about Sam’s motivations both before and during the events of A Thief’s End, and there’s a few parallels in the game that I find really interesting from a character standpoint. probably the most obvious parallel is Sam shielding Nate from Evelyn, and then doing so again from Rafe twenty odd years later. but I’m sure many people more eloquent than me have discussed these scenes so I won’t dwell on them.

what I do want to dwell on are these two scenes: 

in the first scene Sam gifts Nate the motorbike, and Nate pretty quickly reads between the lines. “the only time you pull a stunt like this is when you’re trying to make up for something”. YIKES drag him Nate. apart from showing us that Nathan is an astute motherfuckin kid who is close enough with his big brother to recognise the signs of an imminent let down, this kinda hints at the fact that Sam is not great at the whole Communication™ thing. because he’s afraid or maybe just not equipped for an emotional conversation with his baby brother, he tries to apologise in advance with a grand gesture - something he’s obviously done before, according to Nate. 

the second scene is just after they’ve climbed up to Avery’s statue and looked through the spyglass. Nate says something kind of pessimistic, Sam seems frustrated and tells him “you know you’re allowed to feel excited about this”, and when Nate continues in the same vein Sam tries to end the conversation with a pretty passive aggressive “okay”. just like the previous scene we see Nate call Sam on his bullshit. “your ‘okays’ are never just okay. it usually means the opposite of okay”. again, there’s that familiarity with his brother’s mannerisms, and Sam’s obvious attempt to evade an emotional confrontation. he actually uses that little “okay” at several other points in the game as well. use your words, Samuel.

basically I found these scenes interesting because they gave us tiny clues about why Sam felt the need to tell that awful lie. in Sam’s mind, at least, the hunt for Avery’s treasure was the best thing for both him and Nate, and I think Sam (Mr Terrible Communication Skills) was so terrified about the concept of his brother potentially refusing to help that instead of trying to communicate, instead of trying to explain, he crafted the Alcazar story and basically guaranteed Nate’s assistance. ahhh, those Drake brothers and their lacklustre communication skills. 

as a side note, I think it’s indicative of Sam’s development as a character that in the epilogue scene we see him try, in his own stumbling way, to actually explain to Nate, using words, what he’s feeling. it took like twenty years but he’s getting there. (although he’s still got a long way to go lmfao. in lieu of a big emotional apology, Sam tries to make amends with another gesture - a small fortune slipped into Elena’s coat pocket)

MOVING ON. the second parallel I wanna talk about is this:

tbh this is not so much a parallel as complementary scenes but HEY whatever… in the first scene Nate is upset that Sam is leaving, saying not unreasonably that “it’s not fair”. Sam’s response is a sad sort of smile and one of my favourite lines in the game: “nothing about our lives has been fair, but we’ve made it work”. twenty something years later Rafe seems to be winning the race for Avery’s treasure, and Sam tells him “you don’t deserve it”.  

HOOO BOY👌👌👌 I think these lines tell us a shit load about Sam’s motivation in the game. because that’s the crux of his character, isn’t it? as far as he’s concerned Avery’s treasure belongs to him and his brother, and to their mother before them. for a very large part of his childhood Sam had to play (or attempt to play) the part of the protective older sibling during a really tumultuous and unhappy period in both his and Nate’s lives. Nate at least could look to Sam for (probably dubious but well-intentioned) guidance. Sam didn’t have anyone. and I think that is the reason he latched onto the idea of Avery’s treasure so desperately. even as a teenager we can see the effect it’s had on him - we go from the despondently practical “nothing about our lives has been fair” to “I always felt we were destined for something great” in the space of a couple of hours. suddenly here is something incredible to work towards, an opportunity to be more than some punk kid with a deadbeat dad and no mother, an opportunity to be so much greater than his beginnings. I think it’s a form of escapism that Sam hadn’t been allowed or hadn’t allowed himself before. the obsession might have spiralled out of control during Sam’s thirteen-year stint in jail, but I think it took root as soon as he laid eyes on Cassandra’s journal.

and so it’s no wonder Sam is offended at the idea of Rafe discovering the treasure. Rafe hasn’t earned it, hasn’t spent twenty odd years scouring the world for clues, and sure as hell doesn’t have the same emotional connection to it as the Drakes. for Sam, this is an issue of attachment, as well as worth. 

HONESTLY I COULD KEEP GOING BUT THIS GOT REALLY LONG I still don’t fully understand Sam and obviously this is just my interpretation of these scenes but he’s an interesting character regardless so thanks Naughty Dog

wow so i’ll probably actually start gen 6 soon after months of putting it off because i have no motivation to do anything except play witcher 3 and watch sex and the city. i’ve actually started taking pictures and writing stuff and i have a few things in my drafts but i want to start posting once i get about 10-15 things done. at that point i’ll hopefully be somewhat committed and i won’t toss it all away for the fourteenth time. so yes this has been a mini update hopefully you all are having a lovely saturday :*


It appears that, in coming to this world, I received knowledge of this place as well.

I think perhaps I’ve already met them though. A Breton? Whatever that is… I’m still a bit hazy…

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