this has been in my drafts for like 6 months

realistic/semi-realistic hopes for bcs s3:

  • jimmy & nacho in cahoots, doing shady shit together
  • jimmy starting to wear ridiculous clothes on a daily basis
  • kim doing more shady shit with jimmy ✔️
  • more gene ✔️
  • mike eyerolling at jimmy 
  • jimmy in something floral print 
  • jimmy in his boxers ✔️
  • we learn jimmy’s taste in music ✔️
  • we meet the ex-wives
  • jimmy says fuck ✔️
  • more howard and jimmy interactions ✔️
  • howard not being a bad guy/getting more character development
  • gene crying in the shower 
  • at least one (1) canonically queer character 
  • canon gay gus 
  • the cadillac 

far-fetched hopes: 

  • canon bi jimmy
  • canon gay howard
  • sex scene
  • gene crying and jerking off in the shower
  • kim paints jimmy’s nails 
  • anything where bob has to make orgasm noises
  • the return of jesse pinkman

things that will never happen but i hope for anyway:

  • jesse finds gene
  • jesse and gene fuck
  • #jimmyinacollar2k17
  • jamlin, so much jamlin

Katherine of Aragon / Mother of Mary I of England
Anne Boleyn / Mother of Elizabeth I of England
Jane Seymour / Mother of Edward VI of England

Motherfucking Danny Avidan jesus christ fuck dude motherfucking Ninja Sex Party singing bullshit jesus can you fucking believe this shit Goddamn created Cool Patrol and fucking covered Take On Me and shit right fucking Arin doesnt deserve him goddamn wearing neon spandex fuck yo shit i can’t even fucking believe this shit have you seen this shit fuck i just watched this shit fuck Arin Hanson man Motherfucking Danny Sexbang you put in the time fuck put in the time motherfucking write shit with his bare hands fucking best friend shit Arin Hanson I’m very tired No man i’ll just talk about the Cool Patrol video all day shit man you have to be so interested in the shit i have to say about the Cool Patrol video fuck dude i just watched it a 6 months ago fuck Markiplier man he fucked over Game Grumps crazy septiplier shippers freaking out or did the soundtrack fuck this guy who wrote cool patrol i don’t like dying i can’t stop thinking about who wrote Cool patrol all i can think is the guy who wrote cool patrol what the fuck fucking danny DANNY AVIDAN 


No. 11- APH Germancest Galaxy-Themed iPhone Backgrounds

  Hi guys! I’m so sorry that this took so, so long… Please forgive me! You see, I made a whole bunch of edits that were requested and needed to be done… And this has been sitting in my drafts for a while now… Like, almost 2 months… I’m sorry for the long hiatus!

  You can totally expect me to post WAY more often in the future, since I have all of them ready! Just be patient, that’s all I ask. :)

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・The first two backgrounds are suitable for the iPhone 5/5s/5c and the last two are suitable for the iPhone 6. (I put captions on the photos so you can tell apart.)

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*Please do not remove the caption and the credits. Thanks.

Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
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Concerning nudity: … As far as my parents and family seeing it, i’m like whatever. My grandparents is who i am afraid. Cause I think my Opa is going to like, love the show cause it’s like guns and clones, and like mystery, and cool stuff. I just, i hope i’m there to like, dive in front of the screen at that point, and just cover my shame. (x)


Stiles and I both feel it, everyday, just like you said we would. And it makes me think about the quote Jennifer used to start our first class. Because when I feel it, it’s like.. I’m looking into a heart of an  immense darkness. So what do you do instead? I look for my friends.