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Katherine of Aragon / Mother of Mary I of England
Anne Boleyn / Mother of Elizabeth I of England
Jane Seymour / Mother of Edward VI of England

sheith adopted brothers au, pt 1

(aka broganes done right)

  • Keith was adopted by the Shirogane family in elementary school
  • he and Shiro, who’s 2 years older, were always really close. Keith looked up to him a lot
  • they get older, and feelings between them develop naturally 
  • they both know it’s not really okay because they’re “brothers” but they’re not actually blood-related so…it’s not that bad, right?
  • regardless they try not to act on it
  • except it all comes to a head Shiro’s senior year of high school. He’s the star of the baseball or football or soccer team or something and after a party with his team where he got a little too drunk he comes stumbling home to find Keith in his bed
  • (this is a common occurrence in the Shirogane household, and no one thinks it’s strange)
  • Shiro wakes Keith, and then, completely intoxicated, kisses him 
  • it’s Keith’s first kiss. He’s happy.
  • at first they both try to pretend it didn’t happen, but they’re two hormonal teenagers who’ve been dancing around feelings and attraction for too long
  • things escalate, slowly but surely. They start to experiment with each other
  • they sleep in the same bed more often than not. Their parents know but think it’s just a close sibling relationship. Shiro and Keith do their best to keep what they’re up to a secret.
  • the summer before Shiro leaves for college things change between them. They confess to having feelings for each other, and when they’re alone they act as if they’re in a relationship, though they still keep it a secret.
  • Shiro goes to school in the fall, but he still talks to Keith every day
  • he doesn’t go home for Thanksgiving break, instead choosing to hang out with his friends the Holts, who live closer to where he goes to school. Keith’s sad but before he leaves school for the weekend Shiro makes sure to call Keith and tell him he loves him and that he’ll see him soon. 
  • on the way to the Holts’, the car that Shiro is being driven in by Sam with Matt is hit by a drunk driver. The accident is really bad. Shiro loses and arm and hits his head. He remembers nothing of the past 6 months. 

part 2

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The Perfect Family//Part 10

A/N: This has been sitting in my drafts for months so here it is!

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Today Spencer was Rossi off to another school to do a presentation on the FBI, being the youngest member of the group they always sent him saying he would be the most ‘relatable’. How you had no clue, not a lot of people would relate to Spencer. 

Spencer had insisted that you go on your maternity leave early, it had been 4 weeks since you stopped working and you felt like you we’re going insane. Everything was already set up, the crib, the changing table, everything was stocked, and neatly organized. 

The only things missing we’re the babies, after walking around the nursery and checking for the hundredth time that everything was perfect you grabbed your purse and keys to your car. Now that Spencer wasn’t home it was the perfect opportunity to sneak into the office and grab something to work on while you we’re at home. 

Luckily you we’re able to sneak in quietly, just as you we’re walking away clutching on to all the files you heard a loud cheery voice call your name, “Y/N, Y/N” Penelope said walking after you. Caught, there was no way out this one. 

“What are you doing here, Spencer would lose it if he saw you” Penelope said shocked to see you. “I couldn’t stay home, I’m going insane,” you quickly confessed, “Besides it is just a couple of files, nothing too crazy.” 

“Well then stay, join me Spencer should be coming back soon and you can keep me company and not be insane” Penelope had a bright smile on her face. “That’s definitely better than staying home.” 

Penelope watched you as you continuously watched the clock tick, “Time will pass faster if you ignore it” Penelope said as she continued to type. But it wasn’t time that you we’re tracking, no it was something else. Contractions. 

“Yeah, its hard” you said staring mindlessly at the files infant of you, but still you continued looking at the seconds as they ticked by, almost mocking you. 

“Y/N, are you okay” Penelope finally asked noticing the look on your face. “Um, kind of, but I think I’m going into labor and I want to wait for Spencer but..” you said in-between your short breathes. 

“Oh my god,” Penelope said jumping out of her seat, “To the hospital” she said grabbing your arm. “I will call Spencer, they will meet us there, but you need to be at the hospital” she said frantically. 

Penelope was trying to juggle your arm, her purse and a cell phone all at the same as she was walking out the BAU, “Are you guys okay?” JJ said concerned. 

“OH NO, no Y/N is going into labor, Spencer is hours away, and I am freaking out.” Penelope said she continued to type on her phone. “Okay, okay it’s fine” JJ said holding on to your other hand. “The hospital first, then we will contact Hotch and get Spencer here, it will all work out” JJ said trying to calm you down. 

Somehow it did all work out, Spencer made it just on time. JJ and Penelope stayed by your side the white entire time, reassuring you every step of the way. Seeing Spencer hold them was magical, it felt unreal to watch him as he carefully cradled they in his arms, with a smile on his face and tears in his eyes. Surely this was the best days of both of your lives. 

That night as both the babies slept beside you in their cribs you asked without looking away at them, “Have you thought about any names?” 

“Hannah,” Spencer said without looking away from the babies. 

“And Diana,” Spencer immediately looked up at you, “Diana?” he said shocked. 

“Diana, like your mother. I think it would be perfect.” Spencer quickly teared up hearing you say that. 

“Hannah and Diana Reid, they’re absolutely perfect” 

I’ll happily continue to do more seventeen click and drags… maybe i’ll do prom night next?

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UPDATE: this has been in my drafts for like 4 months and i went on a sudden hiatus im so sorry but im carrying on with things now before college starts

1: When he found out that they were having a girl live at the dorm with them, he was annoyed:

2: He didnt like you when you first met:

3: Meanwhile he instantly liked you:

4: He was the nicest to you:

5: He was fascinated by you:

6: You shared a room with these two: (Pick 2)

7: You spend more time in his room than you do your own room:

8: The one in charge of cleaning the dorm: 

9: The one in charge of taking out the rubbish: 

10: The one in charge of cooking: 

11: The one in charge of washing the dishes:

12: The one in charge of everyones jobs and makes sure no one slacks:  

13: But this one always finds a way out of doing his job: 

14: He has a habit of walking in on you while you’re changing:

15: You two ALWAYS seem to need to go to the bathroom at the same time, so whenever this happens, you both automatically put our your hands to play rock paper scissors and whoever wins goes in first:

16: You two always bicker and argue over silly things:

17: You two stay awake really late just talking to each other:

18: He is the loudest in the dorm:

19: He is the quietest in the dorm: 

20: He accidentally gets locked in the bathroom on a regular basis:   

21: Sometimes he gets scared at night and asks to sleep in your room: 

22: And when you get scared you sleep in his room: 

23: All of the boys are convinced that you and him are a thing: 

24: But in reality, it’s actually you and him who are a thing:  

25: you and these three have a movie night every friday: (pick 3) 

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hiya! just wanted to pop by to tell you how much I’m enjoying reading A Pleasant Undoing! it’s really lovely, so thank you for writing! out of curiosity (and bc i live in belgium) i was wondering which belgian beers you like best? have a nice day!

Oh wow—hello to you too! Okay, the truth is, I drink very locally, like almost exclusively beers made within the 5-6 surrounding states (MA, ME, NH, CT, NY, VT) so my knowledge of BEL drafts are limited. That being said, my tiny town has an incredible ale house that features Belgian pours pretty heavily, and though I tend to avoid them generally (because they typically fall within an 8.5-11+% ABV and I’m a huge lightweight), I’m going to make a concerted effort to start sampling them more often.

I’ve recently been very intrigued by saison (indicative of Clarke’s thrill over Trillium, which @orangeyouglad8 and I sampled IRL last month and got properly drunk doing so), and am interested to try this Brasserie Dupont Saison that the ale house offers. I shall report back!


No. 11- APH Germancest Galaxy-Themed iPhone Backgrounds

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