this has been in my drafts for ages so i thought i'd post it

cold hard facts to prove that none of ur faves are straight

harry “basically-every-male-in-this-series-told from-my-pov–is-handsome” potter

- every male in this series is handsome as told from his pov
- (he’s also not white but that’s for another post xox)

ginny weasley
- aggressively bi
loves girls.
- and loves boys 
- that’s it
- it’s just a fact.
- the statement itself is my evidence.

ron weasley
bi crisis over krum

dean and seamus
i was gonna do these as different points but they’re so in love and obsessed with each other i can’t even separate them for this
- are in love.

sirius black
probably just a little bit in love with every single one of his friends
- but most of all lupin

remus lupin
probably just a lot in love with sirius
- no better metaphor for bisexuals than a werewolf

draco malfoy
- no one has ever been more obsessed with another human that draco with harry some of that HAD to be a little gay just sayin…

bill weasley
if u shorten his name it’s literally bi
- ??
- can’t get more obvious than that my friends
- also the werewolf thing

cedric diggory
- not a bad place for a bath harry wink wink
- white male that dies…what other reason than bury ur gays
- ???
- so gay it hurts

albus potter
- cc is complete bullshit and i will fight anyone that says otherwise but at least it’s basically totally canon that albus and scorpius are GAY AF

scorpius malfoy
- see above. 

I love cuddly sleepers!pynch, but also consider: 

  • Adam kicking in his sleep and he gets ronan in the crotch one night and ronan shoots awake like he got hit by a freight train and pulls the blanket right out from adam so he rolls off the bed because “for fuck’s sake parrish control your mother fucking legs” while Adam looks up at him on the floor still half asleep like “huh?” - his hair a birds nest. 
  • Ronan waking up with Adam sprawled over his back, slightly drooling over the spot between his shoulder blades. 
  • Ronan waking up with Adam’s hair up his nose or in his mouth like 90% of the time. 
  • Adam waking up with a dead leg or dead arm because ronan likes to bracket one of Adam’s legs between his own, or he falls asleep with his head on Adam’s bicep rather than the pillow. 
  • One time Adam comes home a little late and Ronan is already asleep. Adam collapses onto the bed on his back, one arm thrown up covering his face and Ronan rolls over towards him resulting with his face pressed into Adam’s armpit and when he realises he shoots awake again like “what the shit, Parrish you nasty fuck go shower” while adam just laughs at him because “i thought you liked me all sweaty and covered in car grease lynch?”
  • Ronan waking up with a textbook jabbing him in the back because adam fell asleep reading with the lamp on again 
  • Adam hogging the blankets and Ronan doesn’t complain because Adam’s body heat is more than enough but when Adam leaves for college he starts using the blanket, not just because it’s cold but because it’s forever covered in Adam’s scent