this has been in my drafts for a really long time

AU where instead of going to Samwell, Jack starts a widely successful Publicly Broadcast show for children.

Jack learns that he is great with kids after coaching them for a little over two years. Moreover, kids are good with Jack. There is no pressure to be anything other than who he is.

It all starts with a local news program doing a fluff piece on Jack Zimmermann’s coaching ability. But then it turned into something completely different when Jack skated onto camera and started to introduce every single one of his kids and what was special about them. He was…really enchanting actually. He didn’t ever really talk down to them. Jack just treated them as a tiny friend. 

They ARE his tiny friends, but that’s not the point. 

The footage they got of “snack time” was really the best. Imagine a good 16 kids piled around this massive man teaching them the best way to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

 It should have been obvious that a local channel would contact him. It still surprises Jack. They want him to host a show? Why? Everyone always teased him about how impersonable he was during interviews. Is it because he’s Jack Zimmermann’s son? Or Alicia’s? 

Jack asks all of these questions to his mother and she just laughs. “You made a PB&J interesting to 16 kids just by being you”

Jack figures it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot. 

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Dog Days Are Over

Summary: You were already having a bad day, and then in walks Mr. Perfect and his best friend’s puppy. Oh, and he needs you to hurry because he’s got a blind date tonight, and he’s really nervous.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,993

Author’s Note: Do you know how long this has been in my drafts? Anyways, here’s more fluff. Sorry I’ve been the Ebeneezer Scrooge of fluff, but I can’t help it that I’m a cynical, angsty bitch who likes to make people suffer.

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There were certain rules to being a veterinary technician.

Number one, waterproof mascara and eyeliner always! When the customer cries, you cry. Number two, carry a lint roller on you at all times; it’s best to get the pocket-sized one, because Mr. Twinkles sheds a lot! Number three, iron your scrubs! And it’s probably best to keep an extra pair in your car, because Mrs. Comier’s Jack Russell likes to pee on people.

Even though you knew these rules by heart, and you followed them every single day of your work-life, today was an exception. It was just one of those days that absolutely nothing- no matter how hard you tried- was going right. You were covered in fluffy cat hairs, Mrs. Comier’s Jack Russell peed on your leg twice, and you had run out of waterproof mascara; so when Mr. Langley brought in his thirteen year old Labrador to put her down, he cried, and so you cried, and in the end you looked like the raccoon that liked to sneak into the office dumpsters at closing.

Today just wasn’t your day.

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The Signs as Writers
  • ♈️ Aries: They’ve been writing since they were really young. They are always working on a project, or attempting some crazy challenge. They don’t shy away from trying out new genres or writing styles. Once they want to do something, there’s no way to stop them.
  • ♉️ Taurus: They may appear to have a controlled exterior, but all of that changes the instant you ask them about their characters. They write the most lovable & sweet characters, and they also happen to be their own #1 biggest fan— so beware talking smack about their babies.
  • ♊️ Gemini: They’re always juggling several projects at the same time. They write fiction and enjoy it, but they do much more. They can be spotted writing the comic-book version of one of their previous works, or typing up a movie script. Prolific doesn’t even begin to describe them.
  • ♋️ Cancer: Their storytelling is spontaneous, almost volatile, and that is what makes their books so fun to read. There’s no telling where their stories will go or what will happen next. For them, what matters most is not the journey— but the adventure!
  • ♌️ Leo: They know their characters better than anyone else. Sometimes they may spend more time writing backstories (and doing world-building) than actually writing the book, but at the end it’s all worth it. That’s why their characters feel like real people.
  • ♍️ Virgo: Their two best friends are subtlety and foreshadowing. They love leaving clues in the background, hints of what will be happening later in the story. They live for astute readers and, if you pay attention, you will realize there is more going on than you could’ve ever expected.
  • ♎️ Libra: Some writers are afraid of having multiple points of view, not them. They have tons of POVs, and they all get their chance under the spotlight. Sometimes their antagonists get the most character development, and that’s why they don’t feel like “villains.”
  • ♏️ Scorpio: They use everything in their power to strike the reader right in the *feels*. They’re the masters of cliffhangers and plot-twists. It's not about playing dirty, it’s about getting a reaction out of you. Character deaths should be expected, though they will still surprise you every damn time.
  • ♐️ Sagittarius: They don’t simply just *write* a book, they immerse themselves in the process. They’re dedicated researchers, and are known to go as far as changing their entire surroundings to match the ‘feel’ of the story they’re currently working on.
  • ♑️ Capricorn: They don’t write one-shots. Everything (and yes they do mean *everything*) they write is part of a series or their overarching mega-macro-universe. Expect to see cameos, familiar faces, and recurring themes across all their books!
  • ♒️ Aquarius: With them, no idea is too strange or far-fetched. They can take anything and spin it into a story. Mixing genres, and making new ones along the way, is all par for the course. Best of all— is that their crazy story ideas always work.
  • ♓️ Pisces: Everything they write is magical. They can make the most mundane story feel bigger-than-life and, when it comes to creating breath-taking worlds & settings, there’s simply no better. Be careful, though, because if given the chance they *will* make you believe that magic is real.

These have been drafted for way too long for me to not have them done. Buuuut I kinda wanted to get a couple long/difficult prompts out of the way first. Here you go! It’s my first time writing Reinhardt and Roadhog oh god oh man oh god

Cw: Blood

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heyy!! if you’re reading this and have no clue who i am, im tee, and ive been running this riverdale sideblog for the last month or so now!! it’s no big deal, i know,  but i recently hit 2k!! im honestly really confused, but im not complaining lmao, so i wanted to write up a little follow forever just to thank my mutals + just recommend some blogs that i find funny/enjoy the content of (whether happen we be mutals or not)! a heads up - not all the blogs recommended are strictly riverdale orientated blogs, but they’re still all worth checking out! the list is under the cut!

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Jemma Simmons has always been Lance Hunter’s annoying little half-sister…the annoying little half-sister who has him wrapped around her little finger. Not long after graduating, Jemma moves to LA to live with Lance, a general slob but adored by both his thousands of followers (he’s somewhat of a famous musician) and his little half-sister. Things are going great (Lance has showed her all the hot spots in LA), until Jemma is introduced to Lance’s best friend and bassist, Fitz. Both a little awkward and strange, the duo dance around one another until they finally cross the event horizon. Their relationship is great, effortless really, even after Lance throws a temper tantrum, only assuaged by his on-again, off-again girlfriend Bobbi.

Life is perfect.

Until it’s not. Lance and Fitz are involved in a terrible car accident which leaves Hunter banged up but relatively okay, while Fitz is left in a coma. It’s nine of the longest day for the Hunter-Simmons family, but he finally comes out of it, much to the relief of Lance and Jemma. His recovery is long and grueling, even so, Fitz and Jemma’s love for one another never wavers, if anything, it grows. And when Lance heads off to chase after the elusive Bobbi Morse and Jemma stays behind, Big Brother Lance Hunter knows that his annoying little sister will be perfectly okay. After all, she’s part Hunter. 

I’ve been hoarding some underused labels for a long time, and I think it’s time to release them. Under the cut are labels that I would consider “underused” since I haven’t seen them or barely seen them. There are definitions attached, written by yours truly, to help you out if you don’t completely understand them. Please like or reblog this if it helped you out or you use one of them! I’d really appreciate that. Otherwise, have fun using them! No credit is needed to be given to me if you use a label from this.

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An ISFJ and an INFP in a relationship?

Okay. I’m going to try to get back into this. *Crack knuckles* *Cracks back* *Cracks neck* *Cracks ear bones and shit*

Let’s do it.

INFP stretches and takes off her headphones with a satisfied smile, gets up from her computer and quietly enters the hallway from his workspace. Walking toward the centre of the house, she passes ISFJ who is walking in the opposite direction carrying a basket of laundry to another room.


ISFJ: ^o^

INFP: *Double takes*

INFP: Wait, what??

ISFJ: *Stops in tracks*

ISFJ: What… er, what is it?

INFP: I didn’t…

INFP: How long have you been here?


ISFJ: Are you…


ISFJ: INFP, I spent the night.

ISFJ: We spent the night together.

ISFJ: You… it was your idea.

INFP: *Gazes off in the distance, trying to remember*


INFP: Are you sure?

ISFJ: ?? ???? ?? W  hat? 

ISFJ: Yes! I’m very sure!

INFP: Hmm…

INFP: I don’t know, I feel like that was a few days ago.


INFP: Oh, hey, laundry!

ISFJ: Oh, goodness.

INFP: Whose is that?

ISFJ: Mine. I did yours a little earlier.

INFP: Oh awesome!

INFP: *Gives ISFJ an excited kiss*

INFP: You’re the best, thank you!


ISFJ: Heh, wow, yeah, of course!

ISFJ: It’s no problem, really!

ISFJ: I’m– glad you appreciate all of that, and I’m not just doing it for, nothing, I guess.

INFP: No, yeah, totally. I have such a hard time doing things like that because I get so easily preoccupied with other things. I don’t know how you do it.

ISFJ: Haha, yes, I know, INFP. But I like helping you!

INFP: Hey, you know what, since you’re here today,

ISFJ: (I swear to you I always was. OTL)

INFP: Do you want to go somewhere and do something today?

ISFJ: Um. Well, I hadn’t really planned on it but, okay.

ISFJ: Where do you want to go? c:

INFP: *Shrugs*

INFP: I don’t know yet!

INFP: We’ll figure it out, though. If you think of anything let me know!

ISFJ: Oh, goodness. Okay, yes, I’ll help you figure something out, haha.

INFP: *Spontaneously remembers what he drew for ISFJ on his computer*

INFP: I’m going to find something to eat, but hey, I did something cool to my computer! It’s on right now, you should check it out.

ISFJ: For sure. :)

ISFJ continues down the hall, leaving INFP and sets the basket down in the bedroom. Afterwards, ISFJ shifts to the next room over to look at INFP’s computer. On the screen is a cartoon-esque, autumn landscape with a small piece of writing at the bottom that read “You’re always bright just like the sun, and yet, somehow, even that holds no candle to you.”

Fun fact: I head-cannon INFPs as dorky (possible even cheesy), hopeless romantics.

Save The First Dance For Me

Who knew Kurt would find someone to slow-dance with so soon - and at his dad’s wedding no less? Klaine alternate meeting that sets off right after “Just The Way You Are”.

Had this in my drafts ever since the Klaine Valentine’s Challenge for “Just the Way You Are” but I never really finished it - I just couldn’t have that so I kinda polished it today. I’m not all that satisfied with it but it’s been sitting here unfinished for soooo long that I’m just gonna publish it now, hoping you’ll enjoy it anyway. :)

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Kurt has never been serenaded like this before but as embarrassed as he was in the beginning, he can’t help but smile brightly at his brother by the time the song comes to a close, and Finn looks right at him when he sings the last, “When I see your face…

He’s long gotten over his crush on his step brother (living together hadn’t been the appeal he thought it would have, and he refuses to crush on boys who keep their dirty socks lying around everywhere, anyway) but it feels great getting over the issues they’ve had with one another, too.

The girls take over with an upbeat dance song now, and Kurt grins at Mercedes when she throws him a wink. He looks around briefly, watching his dad and Carole retreat to their seats with linked hands, Finn trailing behind them, and even though more and more people are coming up to dance now, Kurt figures he should probably leave the dance floor - it’s not like he’s going to awkwardly dance all by himself.

Still smiling like an idiot, Kurt turns around to go back to join his family at the table, and almost crashes into someone who seems to have stood just behind him.

“Oh, gosh, I’m so sorry,” the guy says when Kurt lets out a little yelp, and holds out a hand to steady Kurt by the arm. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

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Well, I’ve been working on what was supposed to be my dcbb fic for this year again, and I’m sincerely torn. I’ve only just started it, and it is gonna be a long-ish fic, which theoretically is perfect for a dcbb, but…

Signups are in April, and this story is gonna be done LONG before October. Do I really want to wait that long to post it? I’m really struggling with what to do with it.

I also REALLY want to talk about it, BUT I CAN’T if it’s gonna be a dcbb fic. And if I don’t save this for the dcbb, I probably won’t have time to write another long fic before the draft deadline, so essentially this is my do-or-die fic for that particular challenge… And this is the sort of waffling thought I’ve been plagued with for days now.

I should probably stop thinking about this until the signup deadline has arrived… Gah. I like this story a lot. 

*waffles some more*

I did think of a good secret code name for it, though, so there’s that. It’s officially “Project NYOOOOOM.”

The story actually has nothing to do with this gif. I just appreciate @elizabethrobertajones‘ NYOOOOOMs.

I won’t be around much during the day tomorrow. I’ve got Adulting to do in the morning (wheeeeeeee getting my driver’s license renewed such fun oh gosh I can’t wait to get to the MVA to wait in line for half the day said no one ever).

Okay that’s enough waffling for tonight. Time for sleeps.

i’m so fucking sorry :/

i’m so sorry guys, i’m so so so sorry for not updating. i honestly feel like such a bad person for not updating in such a long time. 

i just got home from the mental hospital after i failed miserably at committing suicide and now i’m on a shit load medicines and i don’t think my life has been this bad ever. i’m so sorry for not updating at all but i really need to get myself together before even trying to get back on the internet. if u guys want i can post some old shitty ones i have in my drafts but i don’t even know, sigh. i feel like i’m disappointing everyone right now, my family, my friends, my followers, everyone. :/ ahh. i’ll see u guys. i love u. ♥

As of late i’ve really been having a mental debate with myself on rather or not i should bust out with a very old OC i’ve been so hesitant to bring on here, aside from my other blogs, i’ve been thinking about her for so long now. But the fact that she is a  Negan daughter i fear will cause others to avoid her given there are so many already amazing bb’s out there for Negan. I haven’t fully touched her since 2015 after some drama with some ho i use to talk to so she is a touchy subject for me. 

I’m like really scared to try her on here even though i really want to, idk what do y’all think?? This is her fc btw;

I don’t know, should i? I have enough blogs as it is but i’ve been motivated for her for a while now given she is a bit different from my other muses. Or should i just try her out on this blog before i do anything big?? I don’t know, i could use some opinions if you guys care help a sister out? 

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hello ivory! I don't know if anyone has ever told you this before but since I've been following you for so long now, it's definitely necessary to mention. you're writing style and choice of wording just improved so, so, SO much, it impresses me every time you upload a new story. you are just incredibly eloquent and everything you write is so significant and I all I dearly hope for is that you can grow as a writer and someday just accomplish whatever you desire!! <3 I send love, my dear.

Holy moly, thank you so much!!! I do not mean for this to sound really narcissistic, but I am exceptionally glad that somebody else has noticed as when I read back on my old drafts for deerguk and sugascript, I cannot help but notice how much my style has changed and improved. Ever since sugascript, I have practically been writing nonstop, so I guess it kind of proves to show that continuous practice really does make perfect!

Though truly, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart. Your kind sentiment means so much to me, and I hope I can continue to improve and impress you from here on out! ♡ 

Smile, My Dear

Exams are nearing rapidly so of course now is the time I finally get inspiration to finish this which has been sitting in my drafts for 6 months off  ㄟ( θ﹏θ)厂  Angsty, angst with character deaths because I was in a hella bad mood :/ Enjoy <3   (not really proof read sorry :)

The knowledge of their love was probably Wysteria’s worst kept secret. It started just over three months ago, when the kindling news of a potential war between Stein and Wysteria became a more realistic fear for the people, the years-long tension between the two countries finally reaching the brink. For the first time in history, the palace’s royal knights were deployed into the country’s streets to help keep the peace amongst the citizens but mostly to make sure than no Steinians had entered the country secretly to collect information.

It was then that they met. She was woman running the local bakery with only two employees under her, Manaka Chiba. He was the captain of the royal Wysterian knights, Alyn Crawford.

Being the avid chef he was, it was only natural for him to ‘conveniently’ be posted outside this bakery. It was a small one and not very well known, but Alyn guaranteed that this very independence would mean much better quality goods than the bigger bakeries. And he was right.

After the lunch rush had passed, and he managed to break off a fight between two drunk males, he stepped into the patisserie for something to eat. He tried not to pay too much attention to the girl that took him to his seat, wrote his order, made his pastry behind the counter, but he failed miserably.

His eyed followed her bright aura around the shop as two younger boys swept and cleaned around him. “Here’s your pastry, sir,” she spoke softly, but he couldn’t find it in him to look up at her when she did.

And that’s exactly how it looped over the next few days. He would go, order a different pastry every time, and she would always make them perfectly. He never looked at her then. No, instead, he gazed at her through the doorway of the shop, catching himself taking note of every little thing she did…

It wasn’t until some days later, when Alyn was busy surveying the busy crowd, that he heard a sudden cry erupt from within the bakery. Without giving himself a chance to process what was happening, he was already inside and greeted by a sight that made his blood boil.

Another drunk, he couldn’t believe it, it seemed to be the only think these men could do in the face of a prospective war, drink. Currently, he had her grabbed by the arm, shouting profanities that in her face. Manaka… not caring about how how he had somehow learnt her name, he walked right up to the two, roughly grabbing the man by his shirt, dragging the drunkard out of the bakery with a bit more force than he really needed.

“Do you really think, with the state Wysteria is in right now, that we knights want to be dealing with people like you?” The captain spoke down harshly at man. When he did nothing but cower, the knight tutted, making sure to kick up some dirt straight into the man’s face as he turned and walked back inside.

The shop had emptied out while the altercation took place, leaving just the workers behind. “Hey,” Alyn called out to the woman who was crouched on the floor, staring into space.

“Oh-” with an exclamation, she launched onto her feet, “sorry for causing you trouble.” This was the first time he had properly looked at her, and up this close as well.

“Don’t apologise,” he frowned while she groveled, “it’s my duty. I’ll always be here to protect yo- the people.” A red shade appeared on his cheeks as he narrowed his eyes in embarrassment due to he slip-up. Desperately hoping she wouldn’t notice, he was about to turn away when a hand grabbed his arm.

“Thank you, captain, for protecting me.” Again, he marvelled in how soft her voice was, face lax and eyes gentle with a hint of amusement as she conveyed her gratitude to him.

“It’s Alyn,” he replied gruffly, pulling away from her lest she see him blushing even more. Leaving as quickly as he did, he never heard her repeat his name, the word melting in her heart as easily as that day’s cream cheese frosting did in his mouth…

The next day the knight found himself making light talk with the bakery’s owner, Manaka. As the week went on, he found himself spending more time talking to her while he was eating. Although he could never stay long as he had to patrol, she came out to him, standing by his side and speaking to him when there wasn’t much of a crowd.

He found that he very much enjoyed speaking to her, her soft voice was a starling but pleasant contrast to the loud sounds of the village and the harsh environment of the palace. She was peaceful, a source of comfort for his aching mind and body.

Over the course of the three months, the bakery’s reputation increased dramatically, which meant more customers, which meant more people saw the two of them speaking to each other. The nosier old women even managed to notice the fact that Alyn would stay at the bakery until the early hours of the morning ;) It wasn’t long before Giles pulled the knight into his office late one night, a slight frown on his face.

“I’ll get straight to it, is it true you’re seeing that girl from the bakery?” Alyn nodded, no point in hiding it since everyone in town was talking about it. And knowing Giles, he probably had someone look into as well, just in case. “Well, I only have one question. Will is distract you?” Giles’ eyes were clear and focused as he stared at the old friend from his childhood.

“No,” Alyn’s answer was immediate. “I would never let anyone take me away from my responsibility to this country.” However the knight could not help but feel some relief. Since this was only thing the chamberlain wanted to know, it was proof that Manaka really was as trustworthy as he had thought.

“Very well, then I shall leave you to it. Heaven knows we could all use some happiness right now…” And with a tight smile, Giles returned to his mountain of paper.

That was the one thing that Alyn hated the most about this unnecessary tension between the two countries. The people had lost all of their warmth. Compassion was slim, and genuine smiles were even rarer. To an outsider, it would have looked at if the country was running just like it always was. Needless to say, that was not the case.

Even Manaka didn’t smile anymore. But she still had warmth inside her heart. It was a warmth that she could only convey in her creations, not anywhere else. “I don’t want to smile as if everything’s okay like everyone else is doing,” she once said when they were laying in bed together. “I’d much rather not smile at all, than smile for no reason other than to fool myself.” Alyn couldn’t lie, when he heard her quiet whispers, his mind was plagued by fear. Hugging her tightly, he could only wish that she didn’t turn out like the rest of the citizens had; empty.

Their steady but tender romance continued, and as more time passed, it really did seem as if everything would be okay. It wasn’t until a month later that the news Manaka wanted to hear the least of all reached her ears.

It was late at night, and she was drifting off to sleep when the sound of someone running up her stairs bought her to full attention. A quick rap on the door, followed by a familiar voice, quelled her fears.

“Yes, come in,” she called out to the other side and the door opened to reveal Alyn, panting and clad in full armour. Eyes wide she got up and walked up to him, “what’s happened?” She demanded, knowing that it wasn’t good news.

Releasing a long sigh, he pulled her into his arms. “I can’t say much, but we’ve received information from someone that Stein are planning a surprise attack. All knights are going to the boarder, hopefully we can figure out what their problem is and solve it before things get ugly.” He explained the situation as calmly as possible, not wanting her to realise just how tense he was.

Surprisingly, she was the first to pull away. Nodding her head in resolution, took a step back, opting to hold his hands instead. “I… I understand. But please, take care of yourself.” She wanted to sound strong, someone worthy of standing by a knight’s side, but her voice wavered ever so slightly towards the end.

Pain slashed though his heart, he couldn’t handle seeing her so visibly upset. So he did the only thing he could think of and leaned down to join his lips to hers. Hands locked tightly together, lips locked harshly in passion, the two of them let their mouths show their longing rather than speak it.

“I won’t see you for a while, but this will be solved soon,” he whispered encouragingly. “It’s just a misunderstanding, I’ll be back soon.”

The next morning, Manaka woke up early as usual, despite her restless night, in order to buy some ingredients. It was always quiet at that time, with only a few people on morning walks here and there. The only thing different that day was the very obvious lack of knights patrolling the street. That’s right, she thought, they’re all at the border.

The sudden sound of running footsteps behind her made her furrow her brow, but before she could even turn around, a loud thud followed by excruciating pain flashed through her head. There was only darkness left behind…

At the boarder, the atmosphere was tense. Alyn Crawford and Albert Burckhardt stood at the centre, each merely a foot away from where the boundary line would be. The silence was broken by the sound of crunching leaves. As Alyn diverted his gaze to behind Stein’s knight he saw a pink haired man bounding up to the royal adviser. Without so much as glancing at the Wysterian knight, he leaned up to whisper in the glasses wearer’s ear.

As the boy spoke, a sinister smile appeared on the other Steinian’s face. When the pinknette pulled away, his, too, was twisted in what could be called ‘pleasure.’ And Alyn did not like it one bit.

“It looks like Nico has something that may be of interest to you, Sir Alyn,” the man sneered before turning to wave at the people behind him. The Wysterian knight kept his gaze locked firmly on the men in front of him, refusing to look at what they were bringing until it was right in his face.

A chocked gasp almost escaped his throat as his eyes widened impossibly. People, dressed in simple cloth, ragged and bruised, were pushed to their knees. Tears were streaming down their face, mud all over their skin.

Eight more bodies were bought and thrown at the captain’s feet, however they made no sound as they made harsh contact with the ground. Dead. Anyone could tell that they was no life left in them.

“We took twenty of your people, since you were foolish enough to remove all of your knights from the town it was easy,” Nico giggled lightly, but it sounded manic. “And every single time Wysteria rejected our conditions for… ‘peace,’ we, well actually I, killed one.”

“However-” Albert pushed his glasses up his nose “-being as stubborn as you people are, we realised that we would very quickly run out of hostages, so we decided to tell you about them so that your country make take ours more seriously.” The man drew something out of the inside of his coat and presented it to Alyn. “here are our new terms, Stein hopes that you will consider them a little more seriously than those of the past, otherwise the rest of these ten civilians will end up with their faces in the dirt as well.”

“Ten?” One of the knights behind the captain murmured, as there were clearly twelve left.

“Oh, Albert, you miscounted!” The boy exclaimed, seemingly far too excited by a mistake in numbers, “let me fix it for you.” Seconds was all it took for Nico to pull out his sword and slit a clean line across the necks of two Wysterian citizens. Seconds was all that passed as Alyn had to witness his own people get slaughtered like cattle.

Not too long afterwards, the remaining hostages were taken back to Stein’s camp, all crowded together under one tent, the silhouettes of their enemies’ backs visible through the cotton. Manaka was among them, her body still trembling from witnessing the death of two of her fellow Wysterians. Up until them, the hostages were taken out of the tent; they all knew what happened, but they never had to see it happen.

By Manaka’s side was an old woman, they had never met before, but she still spoke to Manaka as if they were familiar with one another. “Everything will be okay,” her voice was rough with age but still held the gentle tone of someone who never let themselves become overridden by negativity. “Please, don’t let this break you, we will be saved.”

Manaka, as well as the others, could only stare at her in wonder. Their current condition did not call for such optimism, yet she still managed to channel it. “Don’t lose your smiles,” she whispered, the weight of the word seeming to take up whatever space there was left in the enclosed space, draping everyone in a heavy silence. The situation was just too grim for anyone to take in the gravity of her words.

Back at the palace, Alyn had finished reporting the complete situation to the princess and Giles.

“There’s no way that we can accept these conditions. They’re getting more ridiculous every single time.” Giles spoke exasperatedly, brow furrowed into a harsh V.

“They’re toying with us,” the princess added, “playing with our people’s lives. Stein knows we cannot, and will not, accept their terms…”

Alyn clenched his fist as he heard them speak, “what about the hostages?” He demanded.

They both looked up with sad eyes, but those same eyes had a harshness in them that the knight had become all too familiar with. The words that came next didn’t even surprise him. “We’re sorry Alyn, but we can’t give the country over like this just for a few hostages.”

“Everyone has lost their humanity. People do not care about each other anymore,” the captain spoke to his knights later on that day. “None of you are required to follow me, in all honesty, it would be better if you didn’t. But some of our people are out there and they need us, I’m planning to get them out tonight.”

Deep into the night, as the full moon shined down on the trees, Sir Alyn and a fairly large-sized group of knights strode into the country of Stein, heading straight for their campsite.

Knights were posted here and there around the site, the group managed to silence and tie up every single one without problem. Luckily, most the them had returned to Stein after the day’s event, only the captain and a chosen few were left behind.

Once the light of the campfire was in sight, the cluster of Wysterian knights dispersed, each assigned their own role in either disarming or immobilising the enemy, or aiding with the freeing of the hostages.

The reds moved quickly on the forest floor, they had the element of surprise on their side after all. Taking each individual down, they only had a few moments before the rest of the men who were sleeping deeper into the forest came after them.

It was at this point that Alyn went to help those who were getting the kidnappees. Five of them had already been sent safely back to the other side of the boarder. Pushing himself into the tent, he was helping the sixth one out when his eye landed on her.

“Manaka!” He exclaimed, brain momentarily freezing at the unexpected sight before him. Next to her was an old woman who also looked up when she heard his voice. Making eye contact, the kindly lady smiled a true smile. Warmth filled his body as he stared. “Thank you, I knew you would come for us,” She spoke with compassion and Manaka, who was by her side, bit her lip and nodded along with her.

“Sir we need to retreat!”

The moment was broken by the cry of his comrade. “Back-up Steinians are coming towards us, the rest of the knights are on their way we need to go now!”

All of a sudden, his lover was taken out of his view as the knight pulled his captain away the tent. Frustration marred his features as Alyn forced himself to turn around, sixth hostage in hand, as he ran away from the campsite.

Knights dressed in deep brown sneered as they watched the red become one with the black. Returning to the tent, the royal adviser and his accomplice found that only four civilians were left.

“No!” Nico growled when he saw the sight, immediately drawing his sword and stabbing the closest person to him. In rage, the edge of his blade made swift contact with the next man, before Albert Burckhardt stopped him.

“We can still use them, idiot,” the older man hissed, gazing at the two women left behind. One corner of his mouth as he walked towards them, grabbing the younger one harshly by the arm. “Especially-” he breathed right in her face “-this one.”

Without wasting another second, he dragged Manaka out of the tent, walking out into the open. Manaka could hear scuffling behind them before Nico called out, “what about this one?”

Turning around she saw Nico roughly handling the elderly woman who had kept Manaka company these past couple of days. She was frail and definitely couldn’t move as fast as the younger male was pushing her.

Albert watched with uninterested eyes. Reaching up, he readjusted his glasses before saying, “kill her,” in a monotonous, frosty voice. Manaka struggled against her captor’s hold, screaming out in frustration at his mechanical words.

“No! Don’t touch her! Don- Leave her alone!”

The more she struggled, the harder the grip on her arms became and the wider the smile on Nico’s face got. “Ha, ha,” the boy chuckled coldly, taking his sword into his hands, moving slowly and enjoying the moment.

The old woman merely stood there, her eyelids were hooded as she stared at the havoc taking place in front of her. Rather than fight back or plead for her life, she turned to the lovely young girl that she had stayed beside in the tent, and called her name.

“Manaka,” despite the serenity that her voice always depicted, it rung loudly over the clearing, stopping Manaka’s futile protests in an instant. Gently, the old woman turned her lips up, as Nico gracefully turned the sword in the air. Her countenance twinkled in the moonlight, the blade glimmering with the stars. Her upturned lips opened when she said, “smile, my dear,” as the sword opened up a hole right in the centre of her chest.

Further into the forest, Manaka’s wretched screams echoed around the huddled-up knights. Alyn face contorted with pain and fury Manaka…! He couldn’t take it, now that the freed hostages were travelling deeper into Wysteria with a convoy of knights, he was assured of their safety. But not hers, she was still there.

Getting to his feet, he surveyed his team. The citizens being the priority, all the healthy knights had been sent with them so only the injured were left. In his state, he didn’t care, he wanted to save Manaka himself, this is personal, he told himself, no one else needs to get involved.

“Sir, are you going to get her too?” The knight who had been with him the tent looked up and asked. After a moment of contemplation, the captain nodded.

“Yes, stay here, I’ll be back-”

“We’re coming with you,” they interrupted him, those that could stand on their two feet doing so. “Wysterian knights working together, Sir. Let’s go and get her.” Gazing at his men, Alyn Crawford felt his chest swell with pride.

This time they did not bother trying to keep quite, they ran straight for the lit fire. The knights circled round the back while the captain went to the front as a distraction. Once he was in plain sight, he caught sight of the disgusting scene. The old woman was dead, he could tell that even with the distance. But what really got his blood boiling was the fact that Manaka was held tightly in the arms of Albert and Nico and the rest of the knights taunted her, pulling and tearing at her clothes and hair.

Twigs snapping beneath his feet, Alyn made his presence known as he walked up to the group. Nico was the first to notice and when he did he laughed merrily.

“This is your one, isn’t she, captain?” He teased, the whole group oblivious to what was happening behind them. “We’ll take a lot of pleasure in this,” the fire reflected off his eyes, malice shining brightly in the amber.

Meanwhile, Alyn’s troupe had formed a line behind their expecting opponents The first knight walked up to the nearest Stein guard and hit his head with the hilt of the sword. Idiot, Alyn cursed as a ‘thump’ reached his ears, you should have smothered him silently, if the first knock didn’t reach anyone else’s ears, the sound of his limp body falling onto the floor most definitely did.

The rest of the Steinian knights followed their captain, Albert, and the two foes all paired-off to engage in their own 1-on-1 duels. Leaving Alyn behind with Nico, all bright-eyed and contorted smiles.

Tightening his hold on Manaka’s hair, he stared at her lover straight in the eyes. “Say goodbye to your pretty, captain!” A deep cackle escaped from his throat, it was a sound straight from hell.

“No, please,” tears streamed down Manaka’s face, she couldn’t take the pain anymore. “Alyn save me!” Her cries pierced through his heart.

And as Nico’s sword pierced her chest, a Wysterian knight made his way behind the boy with cotton candy hair and, using all of his training, did what all the young knights had become accustomed to do; he killed him.

Alyn rushed over to her prone body, gathering her up in his arms. Letting out a rush of air, he noticed that the sword hadn’t gotten too deep into Manaka’s chest, his wild eyes and delirious mind refusing to acknowledge the pool of blood that her body was quickly creating.

By this time, the rest of the knights had rejoined their captain. The rivals that they had defeated lay scattered over the forest floor, the living ones currently scattering since they were heavily outnumbered.

In that moment, the shock had clearly ruined Alyn, he was shouting incoherent orders at his knights, “bring some bandages,” and “tell the palace we need a doctor,” where among these instructions. The men all looked at each other is dismay, water pricking their eyes as they watched their rock, their strong captain, crashing so heavily under the weight of her laceration.

“Please, Sir Crawford… there’s nothing-”

“Shut up!” Alyn refused to listen to what the other male had to stay, desperately clutching his beloved in his arms, her face against his chest, his heart beating as rapidly as the blood gushing from her wound.

“Just look at her!” The young knight exclaimed water dropping from his cheeks, “look. Just spend whatever time she has left by her side…”

Eyelids flickering, “… Alyn?” She croaked.


“Smile, my dear… everything, will, be…”

And the captain of the royal Wysterian knights watched, he watched with burning eyes as the life drained from his beloveds’ eyes, he watched as her body went limp in his arms, he watched the clouds in the sky roll by as his screams continuously echoed all through the forest.

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It’s a sunday afternoon when Credence realises that he’s in love with Percival Graves. Like a really, truly, madly, deeply kind of deal. 

Graves had heard Credence singing along to the wireless one day when he’d come home early, not setting off the wards so he could walk silently to the lounge in which Credence was situated. His boy, for lack of better vocabulary, was dancing. Credence had swayed and stepped carefully around the lounge furniture, eyes drifting closed and hands clutched to his chest. Graves had watched for longer than he’d meant to, had reluctantly padded back to the door to set off the ward which would give Credence time enough to get himself together before greeting Graves. 

Graves saw the long and graceful legs of Credence stepping deftly around his dreams, thought to himself about cradling the boys shoulders in his arms and dancing slowly and close together. 

Getting back to The Realisation, as Credence calls it (in his head, when he’s very much definitely alone, fretting over what he’ll do if his Mr. Graves might find out)…

Graves brings in a record player, Credence doesn’t understand how his guardian could know about his secret pleasure, blushes hotly when presented with such a gift. This is when Mr. Graves begins to put on his old favourite records in the evening, Credence shares with him, a small and shy secret, that he had never been allowed to listen to music before, had only been able to listen to dreary hymns, maybe linger at a street corner to hear the buskers. But never before had he heard music such as that Mr. Graves brings to him. Often Mr. Graves seemed to take on a pained expression when Credence shares such a thing, a tightness in his brow, a barely concealed anger behind the eyes, so Credence tries his best not to. 

But on that fateful Sunday afternoon, with Mr. Graves feeling quite loose limbed and content with Credence’s food in his belly, Mr. Graves asks if he would like to dance. Credence refuses at first, of course, of course. Says he never learnt how to dance, never really had the coordination either, probably, and as Graves gets more and more insistent, Credence declares that he has no INTEREST in dancing. Now, Graves knows this to be a lie. 

Mr. Graves laughs as loud as Credence has ever heard, snapping his head up in shock, gently taking Credence’s wrists and pulling him to his feet. Holding on tightly, Graves assures him that he won’t step on Credence’s toes, coaxes Credence to put a shaky hand on his shoulder, Graves’ resting on his waist. The other still firmly holding Credence’s chilly and graceful fingers. 

This is where Credence knows he’s gone, well and truly screwed, because for the entirety of the afternoon, all Graves does is dance with Credence, teaches him to quick step, waltz, but mainly holds him closely and tightens his hand whenever Credence tries to beg off. Graves never becomes impatient with him, presses his chest close to Credence’s, has a lightness in his eyes that Credence had never seen in another human being before now. 

Credence realises he loves Mr. Graves on a Sunday afternoon, slow dancing with the man that saved him, with music slowly fading out in the background as the record comes to a stop. Percival Graves finally holds the boy he loves in his arms, a warm cheek against his stubbled one, Credence’s awkward feet sometimes knocking against his, warm in the knowledge that even if his love isn’t requited, he has this one moment which he could live on forever.

There is a house in New York with slow music drifting through an open window, the rain now quite heavy and making the carpet sodden, the window left that way out of absentmindedness. It’s occupiers, quite besotted and not really realising at all what might be going on in the outside world, can barely remember anything but the room they’re in and the feeling of being pressed against one another, and the feeling of being safe, and the feeling of love.

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Ace, Kid, Zoro, and Sanji with a chubby s/o headcanons?

Sorry, this has been sitting in my draft quite long time but I just can’t complete it. All I get is just mainly they’d love you for what you are, with chubbiness or not, because really these guys are just so sweet. And the s/o turned kind of negative ugh 

Probably my worst work so far, please be understanding.


Ace is the most supportive boyfriend and is the kind of significant other that showers his lover with love and affection. He loves seeing you smile and will do anything in his power to make you feel comfortable around him, so he’s sensitive to the changes in your behaviour when he does something.

Your chubbiness is something he doesn’t even realize. He knows that your laps are soft and makes the best pillow for naps. He knows your waist isn’t stick thin and your hips are more curvy than others. But that’s it. He knows it, and he loves it, so he really can’t understand why you’d look a little hurt when he expresses how soft and cuddly you were.

When you tell him about it, he kinds of walk on eggshells around you, because he’s afraid he’ll accidentally do something that makes you feel sad. But after he realises that just makes the opposite effect, he clings to you even more and constantly tells you how he loves your body even if you get embarrassed and tells him to stop. So really, his solution is a simple ‘I will just express how much I love you for what you are and hope you’ll come around someday’.


His behavior depends on how you feel about your body. If you’re confident and proud about how you look, he won’t hesistate to tease you every now and then about how curvy you look, or remind you about your weight when he caught you eating food or drinks with high calories.

If you have low self-esteem and finds that you’re struggling with the fact that there are extra fat on your body, he would refreain from teasing you about it in public, but in private he would sometimes purposefully lift you up like you weigh nothing, hoping you get the implications that he didn’t mind you being not as skinny as other girls.

Whichever you feel about your body doesn’t change how Kid thinks that no one should ever tease you about your weight besides him. If he ever catch someone making comment about him – well, pray that the poor guy doesn’t lose his life.


He probably loves the fact that he can use your extra weights in his workouts. He cluelessly let that slip and doesn’t really understand why you got offended, but when he finally gets it, he confronts you about it, gently this time.

If gentle persuasion doesn’t work, he just lifts you up, twirls you around, and even tosses you in the air for good measure, before arching an eyebrow and saying how he can handle you just fine, hence you don’t need to feel bad about being chubbier than normal girls anyway.

Starts picking you up for no reason at all randomly, and demands you to see how light you were to him every time. If you ever expresses your desire to lose the chubbiness, he would be a little sad (seeing as he has to look for more weights for his training now) but supports you fully, and doesn’t mind training with you.


Excessively fawn over you than any other girls ever since you started dating, so when you feel inferior because of your weight, he tunes up the compliments on how lovely your curves are and how much he appreciates them.

If you love eating, he’s ready to become your own personal chef, taking every criticism of yours to heart and tries to set up a grand menu that melts your heart everytime you’re presented with his special meals. If you’re trying to lose weight on the other hand, he makes sure he gets the delicious but low calorie stuff, and replaces your snacks with something lighter but still very fulfilling.

I personally feel like he wouldn’t mind learning to sew. He would be awesome in modifying clothes so it would look even better on you, seeing as most clothes are designed to look good on slimmer bodies. Sanji would probably be really good on it, as he feels the rinse-and-repeat gesture calming, not to mention it has some similar aspects to cooking. He would definitely do it to bump up your self-esteem.

Bottom line: chubby or not, they would act just as how they would treat their significant other. It’s your behaviour about it that makes them change how they would treat you, but by no means it would lessen their love for their lover.