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A Response to Fail Night Magic

Stepping out of the Professor at Tolarian Community College’s video addressing FNM promos, I have some thoughts. It is clear to see that this is a serious issue for enfranchised players. Were it not, he would no have made his video. Were it not, no one would be talking about it. But I would like to do my best to offer some perspective. To put this in simple terms, this is not a change for you. In fact, this is so much not a change for you, that this outrage only fulfils the goals of the change. This change was to disincentivize competitive players. And in doing so to allow new ones to flourish. But as always, his is not a simple issue. Nothing is ever a simple issue. So in this, I would like to address the specific issues raised by the Professor. With hope, we can come to some sort of understanding that this is a necessary move.

To begin with, competition is not an incentive. Not everyone is so driven to win that the will continue to lose week after week in it’s name. What hope do I of winning, when I can’t spend $300 on a standard deck? When I can’t dedicate 3 hours of my day to the Limit Resource Set review. The Professor says that, competitive players must remain. Competition is what drives new players. I concede that to some this is true. Those born competitive people. But for the rest of us, to go 0-3 with our beloved Cat deck. There is discouragement in it, like it or not. A drive to win is not a quality we all have. So to this I say that, for FNM to flourish, we must diversify it.

This is all ignoring the outrageous cost on entry into non-draft FNM events. Like it or not, by and large, magic has a pay to win game. Formats are almost solved over night. Following Pro Tours and GP’s, the decks that win rise to the top, become bought out. Then, taken to FNM, all in the hope of winning a couple packs, and a promo. To reiterate, what hope does a new player, fresh with a starter deck, hope of winning, or even lasting a few turns. A 13 year old, without an income. Even me, paying bills, making due. I can only afford to draft. I can’t afford to have a fun standard experience and keep up with competition. In the end, this is not competition. A 1 v 1 match with two $400 decks is competition. My $30 budget build against Mardu vehicles is slaughter. So to that end disincentivizing competitive players isn’t to disincentivize competition. It is to give players, who never could have a chance, a chance.

The issue of a double sided token as the incentive to win, isn’t an issue. It isn’t an issue because this isn’t for you. Of course it is a strict downgrade in the promos that came before because it’s meant to be. I do not believe that this is a reward to attract a new kind of player. Instead, I see it as a lesser reward, and nothing more. It is something competitive players don’t want, but still MTG bling. You won. You got the unique shiny card. That is your reward. And you can use it in your deck.

The professor’s point on promos at the standard show down is a fair one. I will admit that. If this was their perceived incentive, they should move it to where they want the traffic. You want competition out of FNM; get rid of the promo. You want competition to be at the Standard Showdown; give them the promo. The choice to include a piece of foil art for a Rebecca Guay land is fantastic. The piece is chance in it’s non-foil version, and so it’s foil would only be more so. In fact, this may encourage competition in he standard showdown. A place for competition.

At this point, though, The Professor misrepresents the issue. Outright claiming that, given this single example, all will likely be land. But we don’t know this. In his Daily Update, Blake Rasmussen says that this is subject to change. “….we’re trying something new. That doesn’t mean we won’t re-evaluate in the future—we’re always evaluating what we’re doing.” To use the fact that lands may end up as a tired example is fair. But only in the conditions where someone states so. I foresee that it’s likely a the promos will end up in the packs. Only that this time Wizards wanted the promo to be a chase land. I may be speculating too, but my speculation regards varied alternatives. Not a single reality. There is no base for the Professor’s speculation on the continuation of lands. It feels as though he is clutching at straws.

From here, the rest of his points stem from speculation about why Wizards changed the promo. As he goes, he diverts further from the outlined reasons. I’m not pretending that Wizards tells everyone their reasons, all companies do. But using speculation, even good speculation, as a basis for fact is wrong. There is no mention of the quality of promos as a basis for change in either listed article. This is a clear strawman. And on top of that, a false one. The quality of promos has upset people. And it has been a factor in their absence at FNM. There is basis for the belief that quality of promo affects competitive attendance. I’m genuinely confused by where this came from, all the same. That Wizards are doing this because of complaints of quality. What’s more, The Professor doesn’t believe they’d make the smarter change. To improve the card quality.

To actually address this point, I recognise that quantity is important. This is especially the case in large stores. But in small ones it isn’t. Small stores has more than enough. There is an underlying problem here that Wizards needs to look into. But the level of micromanaging necessary, it’s clear why they don’t. It would take more effort than it’s worth to balance this between different size stores.

The professor’s third premise does raise some eyebrows because it’s a fair point. Wizards states that the quality increase of promo didn’t change attendance. The Professor then questions how can they correlate. How can promos and attendance relate if once quality changed, attendance didn’t? But Wizards isn’t correlating these two. They are correlating two things from this. That or new players and promo quality. And completion and promo quality. The implication lies in he next line. “….we don’t want players showing up just because they want the promo—we hope they’re there because they enjoy playing Magic…” It isn’t competitive players themselves they want to disincentivize. But competition. So to play for the sake of it.

He then talks about how the lack of change in data may be due to reputation. That, if Wizards doesn’t offer a good promo for long enough, no one expects one. And so the attendance doesn’t change. But were that the case, Wizards wouldn’t do anything. That data would mean that people who don’t like the promo aren’t going to FNM. It must be something else, otherwise their goals would have already met their goal.

To speculate some more, the lack of interesting promos may have been a subtle way to reach the same goal. To get people who are competitive out. Yet it didn’t work. Which would mean that they looked at more data than a single point. Like user reviews, or some such thing.

The professor’s final point about whether people go to FNM for the promos and only the promos is a fair. He does make it out to feel like FNM is dying, which it isn’t. But I have a few final points myself, because I conclude. If the promos weren’t that big a factor in attendance, why does it matter? This video address why they shouldn’t go, but not why they matter at all. If you want to simply play magic, shouldn’t the winning boosters, or personal victory be enough? To talk about having fun, and then complain about a lost promo; these topics don’t connect. FNM will be no less fun with the loss of the promo. And if some competitive players get so irate that they never go, and open the flood gates for new players. I’ll be happy. Because the more new players we get, the better the game will be. The better the next generation of pros will be. Or maybe they’ll pump WoTC’s profits. IDGF. We can’t expect everyone to want to keep winning for it’s own sake. And you can’t convince people to spend $400 on standard if they don’t see the fun in it. Competition is fun, but there needs to be an official casual space. And this is a push towards that.

Ultimately, The Professor does not give credit where credit is due. His arguments lack depth. Attacking the change, without acknowledging the reason. The removal of the promo was to stop it being a factor completely in competition. So that people who came to FNM, did it for the fun of FNM. Not only to win. The promo token is not to bring in a new audience, but to offer a no stakes prize. The standard showdown offered a home for competition. But they don’t need to move the promo there because the promo isn’t what brought competition. It was the idea of a powerful prize you can use. Saying the should move it, if they believe that and that alone, brought competition. It’s a wild over simplification of the issue and undermines Wizard’s decision.

I get being salty. But this is childish. It’s upsetting to hear that the way you play is not wanted were it used to be. But, misrepresenting the issue is unprofessional.

Countdown To You | Pt. 1

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Genre: Angst, fluff, maybe some smut in the future

Member: Park Jimin

Words: 3.4k

“Your soulmate clock is actually a countdown of how long your soulmate has left to live and holy shit you have to find your soulmate soon because your clock says you have three months left.” (source.)

A/N: Surprise!! :D A little present because I haven’t written and posted anything for a long time ;) I had this in my drafts for a while, and I decided to go on with it and post it because I love soulmate aus and especially ANGSTY soulmate aus. I think I will split up this fic into two or three parts. It won’t be a long one anyways. 

Partly inspired by this song. listen to it while reading this pls its an awesome song i love hyorin and hwarang dfjgkshkj

Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 5 | Pt. 6

You hated the concept of a soulmate clock.

The bright, red numbers displayed on the soulmate clock right next to your bed drove you insane, and you wanted nothing else but smash the stupid, useless object against your wall. You’d do everything to get rid of that clock and not lay eyes on these bright, red numbers anymore.

Ofcourse, you already tried smashing the clock against the wall, and ofcourse, the object did not bulge one bit, as the countdown kept going, and going.

Okay, a correction. You actually didn’t necessarily ‘hate’ the concept of a soulmate clock, but you just thought it was completely useless to have a countdown clock of your soulmate, signaling how many time you still had left to meet your soulmate until… he or she would leave this world.

Yeah. A soulmate clock was basically a countdown of your soulmate’s life.

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The Gym

I’ve come to some decisions regarding my personal training. 

I will not be blogging about my clients, whether successful or otherwise. Mostly because I consider personal training just that - personal.

However, this will not stop me from mocking the living shit out of people who richly deserve it. 

Please remember when sending anonymous hate mail to click the “send anonymously” button. I’ve had a couple awkward moments because people forgot.

Anyway, today’s post is all about the gym, and the fucking idiots that come into it.

Around a month ago, I’m cleaning the bathrooms out when a guy approaches me and asks me if I work there because people frequently mop at places they don’t work at. I said yes, and he told me he needed some help.


We go up to the front counter and he tells me he wants to cancel his membership. I’m not allowed to cancel memberships, only the manager is. I tell him as much and he informs me that he’s only in town for the day, he’s moved away, and he needs to cancel immediately. I call my manager.

She tells me to get his email address and she’ll handle it that way. I relay this information to him and he nods.


He then proceeds to tell me that whether we cancel or not it doesn’t matter because he got a lawyer to get out of a gym contract. He then tells me the lawyer has instructed the bank to not accept any more payment requests from us. Which is stupid because he’s under fucking contract, the ass.

Call my manager back. We check the info and fill out the cancellation form. He has one more payment to make per his fucking contract. I relay this to him and he loses his fucking mind and begins reaming me a shiny new asshole because obviously the guy mopping a bathroom is in charge and can change shit. Manager asks me to put him on the phone. He refuses because “they won’t work with me anyway.” Bitch, you aren’t asking us to work with you, you’re coming in making shitty demands thinking you’re hot shit. You ARE hot shit, but not the kind you think you are.

He then resumes bitching at me. With my manager on the phone I tell him that I’m not going to argue with him - he can either be a reasonable human again or he can get the hell out because I’m not dealing with it.

He reminds me of his lawyer and the letter the lawyer crafted. Barely able to contain my eye roll, I tell him that’s between his lawyer, the bank, and him. The collection company would be happy to deal with any of them if he doesn’t make his final payment. He storms out.

He paid without issue when we attempted the automatic draft this month. Of course he did. Jackass.

Then last night - which up until the end of the shift was a good night - this fuckwit comes waddling in 3 minutes to end of staffed hours to sign up for a membership. I get a commission on these, so I’m happy to help him. 

He asks about rates. I tell him how to get the very best rate (by putting a $100 down payment down, which saves him more than that long-term) and he agrees to it. I bolded that because it’s important to remember.

Anyway, we fill out the contract and part of that is a yearly gym improvement fee (standard shit at gyms.) He tells me he doesn’t agree to that. 

Then you can’t be a member. Sorry, have a good night.

He changes his mind and decides he’ll pay the yearly fee.

Then we get to the liability waiver (standard shit at gyms) and he tells me he doesn’t want to sign that part. 

Then you can’t be a member. Sorry, have a good night.

He changes his mind and decides he’ll sign.

Then we get to the cancellation policy (which again, is standard shit for gyms) and he tells me he doesn’t agree to it.

Then you can’t be a member. Sorry, have a good night. I’m annoyed with this idiot, so I want him to either agree and shut the fuck up and pay, or just shut the fuck up and leave. I’ve been off the clock for a half hour and I’m sick of his shit.

Then it comes time to pay. I tell him it’ll be $100. He tells me he doesn’t want to pay that, he just wants the rate that comes with it.

Visibly frustrated, I tell him the no down payment rate. I tell him he can either make the down payment and get the lower rate, make no down payment and pay a ridiculous monthly rate ($5 over the normal no down-payment rate because I’m an asshole and fuck that guy in particular) or he can leave and quit wasting my time. He tells me he wants the down payment rate. I again tell him it’s $100. He again tells me he doesn’t want to pay it.

Me: Then have a good night. We’re done here.
Him: What? 
Me: We’re getting nowhere and I don’t have all night to argue with you. If you’d like to sign up for a membership you’ll have to come back during staffed hours another day, preferably speaking to the manager who will tell you the same thing I did.
Him: But I just want the lower rate but I don’t want to do a down payment.
Me: Yeah that’s not how this works. Have a nice evening.
Him: Can I work out tonight? 
Me: No, you cannot. You aren’t a member and this is a members only facility after staffed hours. 
Him: But I wanted to work out tonight.
Me: And I wanted to go home on time tonight. We don’t always get what we want. I’m gonna have to ask you to leave.
Him: I’m going to talk to your manager about your attitude and the level of service you gave me. 
Me, while ripping up his contract and remembering I’m on my 2-week notice: You go right ahead. But for now, you have to leave.

And then he left. Told the manager about this human trash bin this morning. She’s not upset how I got rid of him and looks forward to his call.

This morning I also began training my replacement. She’s not gonna work out, mostly because I think she’s stupid.

First day of training. Refuses to clean the men’s room. Won’t even open the door. Wondering if she’s thinking somebody was in there I knocked on the door and opened it up. She won’t come in to clean it with me. Why? “Because I’m not cleaning up after men.”

What the hell. THIS IS THE FUCKING JOB. I tell her as much and she just says she’ll talk to the manager about it. You go ahead, dumbass. You go right ahead. 

**Author’s note** my boss at the gym is really cool to work for. I’ve not had any problems with her because I 1) Do my damn job and 2) Attempt to make members and potential members happy. That’s it. I could have told her that this refusal wasn’t going to go how she thinks it was, but the manager gets to have her fun too. Now back to your regularly scheduled idiocy, already in progress**

We do the women’s room without incident…until…it’s time to clean the sink.

We use a fairly powerful cleaner for the toilets/sinks. We wear gloves because that shit burns like hellfire when it touches the skin. My dumbass trainee, having finished cleaning the women’s toilet, removes her gloves. I tell her she’ll need the gloves for the sink because the cleaner burns the skin.

She tells me it doesn’t, then proceeds to spray the sink and begin wiping it out, getting cleaner on her hands in the process. Less than a minute later:

Me: Because you got the cleaner on them that I told you burns. Put them under running water, dummy.

The rest of the morning went pretty OK I suppose. But then she tore ass out of there RIGHT AT THE TIME THE MANAGER WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THERE instead of actually waiting for her like we’re supposed to. Told the manager about her refusal to clean the men’s room (and her discovery that the cleaners burn…) and it doesn’t look like she’s gonna be with us for long. At least I’ll get to hear how that conversation goes.

I’m getting too lazy for long posts like this. -J


 WrittenThroughTime…. Part 3 of your gift!!  The story continues… 


Hey…did you fall in the bottle? He hit the back button…that sounded like he thought she was an alcoholic.  He tried again.

So have you finished the whisky yet?  Nope…that sounded….lame.  He deleted that, too.

Jamie was sitting at his drafting table, hunched over it with his phone cradled between two big hands.  He hadn’t seen Claire in over a week and it was driving him crazy.  His shoulder felt better, but he had hoped she’d pop in to check on her patient.  He sat out on his fire escape hoping to “casually” meet her, only to have the cold drive him inside.  It didn’t matter if he left early in the morning or returned home late at night, he never seemed to run into her.  And he didn’t even know in which hospital she worked.

How did you enjoy the whisky?  Nah. That felt like he was fishing for compliments.  He didn’t want to come across as cocky.

Hi Beautiful.   Oh, he was tempted.  So, so tempted.

“Fuuuuuccckkkkk!” He threw his head back and growled in frustration.  Spinning in his drafting chair he looked out to see Laoghaire, his personal assistant looking back at him through the glass wall of his office.

“Can I help ye with something, Jamie?”  Dammit.  Why did she have to look so hopeful?  Like a broken down puppy starving for attention.

“Can ye get my sister, please?” he asked and stood up to move to his desk, hitting the back button. Again.

Fifteen minutes later, Janet Fraser Murray came striding towards his office. His sister might be small in stature, but she was feisty.  Direct and to the point, she spoke three languages fluently; English, Gaelic and Sarcasm.  She was sharp as a tack and ran the financial end of Fraser Distillery with a tight fist and an eagle eye.  Nothing escaped her notice.  And no deal was finished unless every ‘i’ was dotted and every ‘t’ crossed.  

Jamie loved her to death and wanted to throttle her most days at the same time.  She was also married to his best friend, Ian Murray.  But he’d be damned if he was going to put up with this much longer. This was her mess. He’d make her clean it up.  

“Brother.  I was in the middle of something.  Why the summons?”  He gestured for her to close the door and she did, eyebrow raised.  

“Jenny, I need to ye to get rid of Laoghaire.”  

“Oh, God, not this again!” she said.  “Jamie, you do this every quarter…I’m   not – “

“Yes. Janet. Ye are.” he bit out.  “I mean it this time.  Don’t look now, but –“ Jenny swiveled her head and looked at the shapely blond woman at the station outside her brother’s office.  “You know, for a CFO, you can be kinda daft. I said, don’t look!”

“Poor lovesick darling.”  Jenny clucked her tongue and turned a stern gaze onto her brother.  “You need an assistant, Jamie.  And Laoghaire –“

“Get me Willie.  He’ll do. He’s good wi’ computers, and he can even help me with the digital drawings.”


“Ye owe me, Jenny!” he hissed through his teeth.  Jenny drew herself up straight, and even with her high heeled pumps she only came up to the middle of his chest.  She opened her mouth to say something but he cut her off.  

“This is yer fault.  Ye kent well enough I was drunk that night at the pub. And ye practically shoved the wee lass into my lap.  ‘Dance!’ ye said.  ‘Buy her a drink!’ ye said.  And now because of one snogging session she moons over me all day out there.”  

He sighed deeply, and sat on the corner of his desk. “Truth be told, I canna take it anymore. I feel guilty as hell.”

Jenny knew her brother well. And she realized he really had hit the wall in this situation.  “Fine. I’ll send her to marketing.  Those fools could use someone to keep them organized.”  She eyed her brother curiously.  “Is that it? Anything else ye’d like to tell me? Maybe there’s someone else?”  

“Good day, Janet” He stood up to give his sister a brief hug.  “My love to the kids.  And thank ye.”  Jenny planted a quick kiss on his cheek and squeezed him back.  

Turning on her heel she strode out of the office and he heard her say to Laoghaire, “That’s it settled, then. Marketing is a mess and needs sorting. Starting tomorrow ye report to Rupert Mackenzie.”  Laoghaire gasped and looked at Jamie, and then back at Jenny.

“Sorry.  It’s how it has to be, Laoghaire.  Jamie isna best pleased with the situation either, and he’s sorry to lose ye, but we have to do what’s best. Especially since the wines will be coming out soon.  We need to get that department in order, and Jamie says yer the best person for the job.”  

Jamie watched the whole thing unfold in his reception area.  His sister was masterful, making him look like the hero while making Laoghaire feel important.  And he couldn’t be more grateful.  He shut the door and sank down into the big leather chair behind his desk.  He turned it toward the floor to ceiling glass window that overlooked Edinburgh.  Slouching a little and stretching out his long legs, he resumed his attempt to text one gorgeous, hard-to-forget, emergency room nurse as the city lights came on.

“That’s HIM?”  Geillis shouted as she took Claire’s phone from her.

“Geilli, shhhhhh”, Claire giggled. “Yes. That’s my neighbour.  Jamie Fraser.”

The two women were huddled up on the sofa in the Nurses’ Lounge.  There’d been a lull in the evening and they’d snuck off to grab some dinner and put their feet up.  Claire told her friend the story, complete with belt removal and Geillis had howled with delight.  A quick Google search yielded several pictures. Geillis was now pouring over all of them, settled on the sofa, with her bright red trainers propped up on the old, scarred coffee table. “Damn, Sweetie.  He’s delicious.”  She lifted her deep green eyes to Claire’s.  “And dead sexy.”

“I knooooowwww.”  Claire flopped her head back on the sofa and curled her feet under her.  “He seems really sweet though, too.”  

The phone pinged and Geillis jumped.  Handing it back, Claire noticed a text message.  Not a number she knew.

Did you move? Claire’s brow furrowed.

Excuse me? She texted back.

Did you move? Because another bulb burnt out and before I change it I wanted to make sure you’d be home.  Claire’s head snapped up and she elbowed Geillis, who was scrolling through her Instagram.  “Geilli…it’s him.  Jamie just texted me.”

Geillis practically threw her phone across the room, she sat up so fast.  “What’s it say? What did he say? Is he asking ye out?”  The redhead peered over Claire’s shoulder at the text.

Claire shook her head.  “He has another burnt light bulb.”

“Oh for God’s sake, Claire! He’s FLIRTING!”  She gave Claire that exasperated look she always did when Claire did or said something foolish.  “Well, don’t just sit there.  Answer him!”

Claire stared at her phone. And narrowed her eyes.  I don’t recognize this number. Who is this, please?

Geillis read it over her shoulder and hissed, “What in hell are ye doing?!?”

The ping was immediate.  There’s that many light bulb changers in your building inquiring after your services, then?  

As a matter of fact, no.  Just one very clumsy neighbour.

Geillis’ pager went off and she swore.  “I want to see those later!” she said.  “Claire, ye hear me?”  Claire hummed non-committedly and then giggled when the embarrassed emoji popped up.

How is your shoulder?

Better.  Thank you.  In fact, so much better I wondered if maybe I could take you to dinner?

Claire sat stunned for a minute. The phone pinged again.  You do eat, do you, no?

She laughed.  Yes, I eat.  Quite a lot, actually.  

Good. Me, too.  When and where?  Claire quickly checked her calendar, and sent him her next days off.  She told him to pick the place because she worked so much she really didn’t know of any good restaurants.  She was just about to sign off when his next text came in.

I seem to have a blank space in my contacts where your last name should be …

Very smooth, Fraser….    Beauchamp.  Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp.  Does that help with your OCD?

You’re French?  Interesting.  I wouldn’t have guessed.

It goes back a long way.  And how may I address you, kind sir?  The phone buzzed and vibrated in her hand in perfect five second intervals.  She felt as giddy as a school girl with her first crush.






See you Saturday night, Sassenach.  I’ll knock on your window.

Before she could respond with “what’s a Sassenach?” the door slammed open and Dr. Randall filled its frame.

Little Wolf - part 2

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Prompt: ‘Imagine being a werewolf, on the run from Sam and Dean when Crowley takes you in’ requested by @diesintheshower

Pairing: Crowley x reader

Word count: 1641

Warnings: swearing, hurting, violence, mention of blood, italics are the reader’s thoughts and gif used isn’t mine. Sorry if I missed anything!

Authors note: loosely based on Season 6 where Crowley tries to get to Eve by torturing alphas and other supernatural creatures.

Big thanks to @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname for your continued support for my work, honestly couldn’t appreciate it more! This has been saved in my drafts for one week and I can’t keep it there any longer! Posting this a lot sooner than I was planning but I hope everyone enjoys the continuation! :) x

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