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moments with the types

Warning: fake deep.

ENFP: Feeling completely overwhelmed by the number of directions you could take. You find the freedom comforting but the realization absolutely terrifying. Impatience takes a hold of you, will things get better or worse? You want to know, but waiting to find out only brings a swarm of missed opportunities. Directions you could have taken. Why can’t you just be there already? 

INFP: Choking back laughter next to your best friend.You can’t decide whether or not you should break the silence or just let it happen. It’s been a good three days since you have spoken to each other, not because you’re angry, but because you have other priorities. You both understand this fact, but your friendship remains unbreakable. 

ENFJ: There’s eleven group chats open and you’re feeling somewhat unstable, but as the messages keep piling up in your inbox you become oddly content. Your words may be misinterpreted hundreds of times, but it’s only temporary. You can fix this, you know you can. You can fix a lot of things. 

INFJ: The break, halfway through the conversation when you realize that it’s no longer necessary for you to ask questions. It’s not because you’re disinterested, or uncomfortable with the subject matter of the discussion, but because you don’t feel the need to prod at an open wound. The topic doesn’t need any more understanding. You already know what’s happened.  

ENTP: Those unexpected 4 hour long conversations that  go where they’re taken. They start with sarcasm, lead into well-deserved venting sprees, and end in fake deep (but oddly therapeutic) ramblings -all topped off by reluctant farewells. All in all, they’re the conversations you usually regret for weeks to come, but you’re also very glad they happened.

INTP: The extra five minutes of silence you sit waiting for your alarm clock. Perhaps you’ve misjudged the amount of time you really need to sleep in order to be rested. Or, perhaps you’ve just conditioned yourself to anticipate the chirping reminders of the electronic life coach trying to keep you from decomposing too early. The sense of routine makes you uneasy. 

ENTJ: You’re moving people to tears. For once, people are viewing you as the inspirational figure you truly are. You have control over your life, and influence over others. It’s a responsibility you’re willing to take. The sheer awe in their eyes surprises you to some extent, but you deserve it. You’re incredible.

INTJ: Giving up on what’s going nowhere. Cutting ties with the toxic people who tether you down to one sided relationships and hours of worry. Finally realizing that any sort of efforts are futile in the situation. A worthless situation that holds no value to you, or anyone involved, so you let go of it. Refusing to commit to anything that you’ll never see the benefit from, because what’s the point?

ESFP: Neither of you are sure whether or not you’re joking, but things are finally happening, so why bother to ask? Your lack of communication is probably going to push you both over the edge. But not right now. Right now, you don’t care. You’re taking things as they come. No warnings, no pauses for clarification, nothing that could slow things down. You’re letting life happen.

ISFP: The second you realize that it’s okay to talk/think/care about yourself. It’s okay to be upset, to be hurt, to be angry. To feel things the way everyone else does and not be ashamed of it. You’re willing to let it out. To let others see and understand. You’re not a burden to anyone. It’s okay. 

ESTP: The beating of your heart intensifies as you wait for their reaction. Will they say yes? Or will you suffer the painful blow of rejection yet again, only to pick yourself back off the ground to start all over again? You’ve got a good feeling about it this time, though. You can tell there’s something different. Probability is working with you for once, as their head nods slowly and a weightless feeling takes over you. Yes. This time, it was a yes.

ISTP: You grit your teeth as you expect the words tumbling out of your mouth to be taken badly by their sensitive audience. Not many people seem accustomed to the way you express your affection. Tough love? Not really, just honesty. Something you find very important, and that others aren’t very aware of. What you’re not aware of, though, is how endearing it is coming from you. 

ESFJ: looking and realizing that you wouldn’t trade the people surrounding you for anything in the world. Finally you feel as though you belong somewhere. No one is out of place, no one is more dominant than the others. Everyone just works perfectly. Everything is going so well. 

ISFJ:  You’re finally taking some time for yourself. A sick day away from the world. Away from responsibility. Away from all the people who, as you’re growing steadily aware, take your existence for granted. For today, however, you only exist for yourself. It’s a concept that scares but intrigues you, and you’re ready to dive into the unknown so long as you have the promise of returning to familiarity at the end of those wild twenty-four hours.  

ESTJ: The visualization of time as a linear structure. You’re looking back through the empty tunnel, full of the whispers of memories that form and influence your daily existence. Despite the urge to go back and indulge in the fleeting moments, you cannot allow yourself the pleasure. Instead, you take what you need from the sentiment, and keep it close at hand. Just in case. 

ISTJ: The door swings open, and you feel the weight of the world being pulled off of your shoulders. Heat from inside the building, mirroring the external temperature no longer feels to you like a burden. You’re back home, rushing inside to switch on the air conditioning, dust off the uncovered surfaces, and get back to life as you know it.