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andreil going on roadtrips is literally??? just the?? warmest thing ever????? they werent able to do it before, for spring break, because of all the bad stuff that happened…but just imagine like sometime in the summer. for 2 weeks or so they get to be together, alone, free of worry leaving it all behind ((including kevin much to his distaste bc he didnt want to have the court so far from him but hes able to stick with his dad so its ok. also andrew pulled out the knives))

  • having just the road beyond them!!! they travel for hours with no real destination in mind, only the feeling of being able to be with each other like this 
  • with their fingers loosely laced together in the middle of the console and the windows down with the wind blowing through their hair. sometimes neil will stick his head out to really breathe in and feel his blood rushing because freedom is right here in front of him in the palms of his hands and it feels so good
  • andrew glances at him before turning back to the road again and his heart is clenching and burning with this entirely new feeling because neil still feels like a fucking pipe dream even though he is right there with him. and he always will be.
  • after a while they’d stop at a rest area, or maybe just the shoulder of an empty road. andrew would step out and go to neil’s side and lean against the hood of the car while lighting 2 cigs
  • they both breathe in the smoke while they lean back to stare at the starry sky which is extremely clear without light pollution, except its only neil doing so, because andrew is staring at him from the corner of his eye instead
  • the awe on neil’s face makes the realization hit him that he’d burn down the world if that meant nothing would ever be able to take this away from him again ((am i speaking about neil’s happiness, or neil with andrew? ;)))
  • this muddles his thoughts and almost melts his fucking brain, so much that he has to ask “yes or no?” and pulling neil in by the collar of his shirt when he whispers out a “yes. always yes.” and biting his bottom lip for the last of it in retaliation which makes neil smile against his mouth
  • they spend nights in shitty motels with junk food and candy surrounding them on their bed, courtesy of andrew
  • theyre wrapped in blankets like a cocoon and sharing kisses and nuzzles to necks and soft touches like hands running through hair, warm hands on the back of necks and sometimes barely-there fingertips grazing up and down arms when andrew is comfortable with it
  • neil will send a pic of them on the balcony with the sunrise behind them to the foxes’ groupchat and everyone dies from it. andrew is glaring at neil and flicks the ash of his cig towards him and neil just smiles
  • neil would want to go on runs in the morning, to stick to routine, to sometimes push away nightmares he had the night before, but in the end he will always come back to andrew because he knows he no longer has to be actually on the run. and andrew will be waiting for him
  • and he is, with takeout breakast and a 2nd cig in between his fingers for him, and the steadying presence with the feeling of home
  • they dont exactly have plans for their days, just whatever comes to mind and whats easy, either lazing about watching boring movies with andrew’s legs thrown across neil’s lap or andrew slowly taking neil apart bit by bit with hot hands and harsh kisses. it all works for them
  • ((once neil asked if he’d wanna go running with him sometime and maybe check out whats around and what to do and andrew just stares blankly at him like ‘are you kidding me’ and neil has the audacity to laugh))
  • and even after many years that pass they’ll still take these roadtrips, a lot of them on a whim just to get away from everything and to wrap up into each other and feel how they still fit together like 2 pieces of a puzzle even after all this time
  • until the end of forever

When Grantaire asks Enjolras out, he almost says no.

He doesn’t want to date Grantaire. Grantaire is antagonistic, apathetic, annoying, infuriatingly intelligent and nothing that Enjolras is romantically attracted to.

But Grantaire looked up at him with nervous eyes and Enjolras had wanted to go to that exhibit, and Courfeyrac had said he should try to fight with Grantaire less and it’s only one date, what’s the worst that could happen? It will be awkward then they’ll both forget about it.  

Then the date is wonderful. Awkward at first, but they begin to talk about art programs in underfunded schools and they talk and talk and end up at a cafe, eyes wide and bright, listening to each other, trying to understand that other not just dismiss what the other says out of habit. They don’t fight, and when Grantaire quietly asks for a second date at the end of the night Enjolras doesn’t even think about finding a reason to say no.

So it goes week after week, date after date, and at some point they end up holding hands every time they are together, lips pressed to cheeks in greeting and goodbye.

It’s not something Enjolras particularly wants or needs but it is nice, he doesn’t mind. When Grantaire calls him his boyfriend, Enjolras likes the title, even if he doesn’t feel like Grantaire’s boyfriend. Grantaire is still antagonistic, apathetic, annoying, infuriatingly intelligent and nothing that Enjolras is attracted to. He doesn’t want to write sonnets about Grantaire eyes, or that curl right behind his ear, or buy Grantaire flowers.

But Enjolras still wants to go places with Grantaire, and hold his hand, and hear what he has to say about the world. And that’s enough.

And then Grantaire has a dance recital– he comes to ABC meetings right after rehearsal, still in leggings and a loose shirt, smelling like stale sweat, a smile on his face; “today we finally perfected that last pass, it should be ready for Friday, I hope you all can come–”

and oh.

Enjolras goes home avoiding Combeferre, Jehan, Joly eyes filled with concern, “no I’m fine just a little tired.” Avoids Grantaire, “yes, of course, I’ll be there on Friday, I just need to go home right now.”

And then he’s alone at home and he thinks about the smile Grantaire had, the way the skin around his eyes crinkled, the way he almost hit Bosset showing how he lifts his partner and how his shirt rode up and


His first reaction is to call Combeferre, call Courfeyrac, but this is something that they can’t help with. This is him and Grantaire. He needs figure this out by himself.

Enjolras sits and he writes. He writes down every single thing about Grantaire, pinning him to paper, no detail left unnoticed, no virtue or vice dismissed. He sits and he writes for hours, turning over the man who had crept into his life without notice.

Finally, at two in the morning, he puts his pen down, leans back and thinks aloud ‘I have a crush on Grantaire’

and chaste, firm, upright, hard, candid, terrible Enjolras, blushes and—

‘I have a crush on Grantaire,’

He picks up the phone and calls him because Enjolras doesn’t waste time or emotion and—

—and Grantaire had, at some point, without him noticing, become the most contacted, most thought about, most important person in his life.

and Grantaire sounds so concerned fuck, Enjolras still hasn’t explained why he left the meeting like that, why he was acting so oddly and it can wait because right now the most important thing is

“Grantaire I have a crush on you”

“Enjolras our year anniversary is coming up in 2 weeks what do you mean you have a crush on me?”

┃┃╱╲ in this
┃╱╱╲╲  house
╱╱╭╮╲╲  we
▔▏┗┛▕▔    appreciate
     dallon weekes’ thighs
╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲


sf9 as mystic messenger charas 1/9

youngbin as v

soulmate! doyoung

i feel a little biased cause like all my posts r about the same people bUT IN MY DEFENCE no ones requesting any other members ;’’’)))


- hmmm ok

- so this is the soulmate au where you have a timer on ur wrist and it counts down the time until u find them

- so when you’re young you don’t rly know whats going on

- like u look at your parents but they don’t have timers

- “mom? whats thi-”

- “omG YOU R SOULMATE TIMER~!!! but you’re so young! it usually doesn’t come until your 19?”

- see, you’re like 13,,,,,and your timer says you’ll meet your soulmate in 3 days 

- aka the first day of school

- you’re pretty hype but you don’t rly know what happens when you meet them

-so for the next 3 days you practice how you’ll introduce yourself to them

- “hey! I’m y/n and you’re my soul- ahhh thats cheesy”

- “are you my soulmate? cause my timer is goi- that sounds like a pick up liNE”

- anyway time skip 2 the first day of school

- u be sweating because it says 1 minute and you’re all sitting in class waiting for the last student to come in

- anD BOOm

- a cutie patootie walks into the class and is like 

- “hello im doyou-”

- he stops cause you guys make eye contact and both of ur timers go off

- in front of the whole class

- the teacher is all like ;)))) and lets u guys sit beside each other

- but its suppperrr awkward

- like 

- “uh,,,,,,,,,hello,,,,,soulmate”

- like the whole class is watching y'all for some drAMa

- but there is none

- like you do admit, doyoung is hELLA cUTE

- and he thinks that about you too

- y'all become rly close but don’t rly “date” cause you’re too young


- all ur friends r jealous cause they haven’t gotten theirs

- time skip 5 years

- you guys r 18 now

- and almost all your friends have found their soulmatezzz

- you n doyoung haven’t rly officially started dating yet



- !!!!!!!!

- like you guys hold hands n cuddle

- but u haven’t gone the extra step

- actually,,,,both of u haven’t even kissed yet


- its ok tho!!! cause doyoung is preparing something big 4 ur 19th bday

- he’s been practicing for months and he’s so ready to show u

- time skip 2 ur bday

- you don’t see doyoung like anywhere and you’re hellA confused

- so like u walk onto the sidewalk and sEE

- doyoung in the streets with a bunch of his friends

- been the curious kid u r, u go over and see whats happening


- doyoung like strumming his guitar but then notices u 

- “this is loongng overdue but i hope you can’t accept it”


- then doyoung starts singing and wow!!! you’ve never heard that voice b4!!!

- u then take in the lyrics and realize that he’s taking about you

- an d how grateful he is to be your soulmate

- and how happy he is 

- because out of 7 billion people, its you thats his soulmate

- he couldn’t be any happier

- so at the end of the song when you’re low-key tearing up,,, he looks at you with so much love in his eyes anD UghgHGughUGhu

- “y/n, i love you so much, please be my girlfriend”


- you guys like hug an,,,,d



- it was so sweet n perfect like doyoungs lips moulded perfectly with yours

- low-key the passer byes were disappointed cause they thought he was proposing or smh but nevertheless!! they were happy :)

- its kind of funny, cause you guys met when u were 13 but didn’t rly consider the fact that you guys were soulmates. it was like a normal middle school crush but much more than that + you knew that he liked you back

- u nd doyoung are actually perfect for each other, like thats probably why y'all r soulmates ;))))))))))




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I think the worst part about it is how it ended,
and I never would’ve thought that I’d ever want to go back to bloodshot eyes and sleep deprived nights and screams muffled into a bathroom towel
but I’d give anything now to know that at least somewhere you’d be hurting too

And I wish you would call me selfish, I wish you hated me, I think I’d take that over smiling from ear to ear because my mom told me not to be so clingy when it’s over because that’s just common courtesy
And I think downing the dry Tylenol for my headaches would be more doable than stomaching the toothpaste I keep accidentally swallowing because I’m too scared to spit suddenly and I’d rather see it fill the gaping cavity in my chest than swirl down the drain
And I know I no longer feel the strain and hurt that builds up in the bottom of my chest when someone mentions your name but somehow my lungs flooding with water makes it easier to breathe than when they’re empty

It’s kind of ironic to see how it carried out because you’d think rinse, lather, and repeat would start to dawn on me but it never really did and it’s almost comical how unaware I was of these tendencies to crash and burn
and how convinced I was that I’d be different than the rest
and then how scared I was that I’d be the next person on your list marked “CAUTION DO NOT OPEN”
and now I can’t help but realize that the thought of me has probably never crossed your mind and if you could look past your own self content and scratch past the layers saying I’m fine and I hope you’re doing well and it’s really not a big deal at all, you could pull me apart and see I’m sorry but I’ve already abused those words so much they seem like nothing more than a reflex
and can we go back to how we used to be but it’s too late now and even I probably wouldn’t know how to respond if the conversation was initiated
because even though I want to ask you if I should cut my hair and if you still see the world like you used to, how can you even think to start with how are you when tensions aren’t so much as high but not even there anymore

So I’m fine,
I hope you’re doing well,
it’s really not a big deal at all
I’ve already been sewing my ribs back up and latching the bones tight in place as we speak

—  one day this will all just fade into a distant memory even though that’s the complete opposite of what we wanted
Picture Perfect (pt. 6)

PT. 1 | PT. 2 | PT. 3 | PT. 4 | PT. 5 | PT. 6 | PT. 7

Reader x Yoongi

Plot: After finding yourself in the same situation day after day, a stranger with a camera happens to change up everything with just a snap of a button and a lot of misunderstandings.

Genre: Drama/Romance

WARNING: that smut/really angsty

Count: 9,337

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A/N: This has been in my drafts for like… two… (??) weeks now? I’m also dead on in the inside from writing this.

“He Keeps Eating All My Toaster Strudels.”

Monday morning came after a day of nothing but laying in my bed.

The alarm went off; I grunted and contemplated calling in sick; rolled out of bed and showered – the usual routine. I didn’t even have to wake up really early, I just didn’t want to wake up in general. Every single time the horrifying bells woke me up I swore I had a heart attack.

It will be the death of me.

At work I was surviving off my employee-discounted coffee. Caffeine was my only motivation. Thank God mornings were slow – only an old couple and someone around their early twenties stopped by. Usually I would complain about being bored, but right now it was paradise to be able to lean against the kitchen door and just relax.

Sooo slow, yeah?” The cook, Seokjin, sat down on a nearby chair, “I hate just standing around doing nothing. It makes me wanna rip my hair out – ya’ know?”

“Oh boy, do I.” I smiled as I straightened up, “It’s also nice though. I don’t mind not having pissed off customers screaming in my face. I’d rather have my ears on my head and not their spit.”

Seokjin chuckled, “Luckily I don’t get to deal with those gems. I’d end up whacking them with my spatula and losing my job.” He scratched his neck and closed his eyes; a drowsy appearance swept over, “I’m surprised you still have yours.

“What does that mean?”

“Well, I figured you’d gotten a least a dent in the payments by now,” an eye opened, “for at least some credits or a dorm room or something. You’ve been here way longer than I have.”

Shit, I forgot he knew. “Oh… yeah. Well, I guess I just haven’t really looked into all what I have. I still need to pay rent and buy food and stuff. It takes a while.” Shrugging, I slid down the frame and pulled my knees to my chest, “And that’s the best case scenario – what if I don’t even get accepted? I’m old for going to college.”

“Ya! Don’t say that.” He pouted, folding his arms, “I still want to go and I’m what, two or three years older than you? You’re making me feel historic…”

“Seokjin don’t say that. You look much too young for your age.” I smiled.

“You’re much too formal – it’s fine to just be casual. We’re friends, yeah?” He returned the grin and stood up, “Someone’s here. I heard the bell.”

“Yeah…” I also stood, smiling more but this time to myself, “we are.”

I yawned and rubbed my eyes – I didn’t even bother putting on any make-up this morning. The customers are welcome to not stare at my face then. Practically falling through the doors, my feet carried me to the cash register and I lazily glanced around to see how many bodies had shuffled in. I only caught one sliding into a booth and my hand reached for a menu as I picked a pen up.

Man, I need more coffee.

“Hello, how may I help you…” I could feel my smile falter, “…Yoongi?”

“What’s up?” Gums appeared from behind his lips as I gently set the menu on the table, “I just want coffee. It’s early.”

“I’ll be right back with that for you.” As hard as it was, I managed to still sound at least somewhat professional. “Nothing else? No water?” My heels turned quickly as soon as he shook his head; my legs stiff. Yet you still avoid his gaze – how rude.

His expression evened out as he looked at me again, fingers carefully raising from his side to brush a strand of soaking hair behind my ear, before it retracted.

I can’t get enough of you.”

The words echoed in my mind. They rang through my body as he quickly looked away and excused himself from the bathroom. They spread throughout my chest as I turned off the water and drowsily dried myself. They appeared on the mirror as I wrapped myself in a robe. They shook the walls as I carried myself to my bedroom. They came from his soft breathing I heard in the living room as I passed by.

I threw on clothes and my fingers messily combed through my hair as I tried to fix it even though I knew it was pointless. Staring at my bed, my first thought was sleep – but it quickly drifted to Taehyung and I whipped my head around as I searched my cell phone. Even though rationally I knew I could just speak with him in the morning, I felt like it had to be done right now. It’s the least you could do. After minutes of searching, I ended up by the couch; staring at a sleeping body. I hesitated poking him – who knew what he would react like? For all I knew he could rip my finger off… how did he manage falling asleep that fast anyways?

“What are you doing Y/N.” It spoke and I jumped back – my finger safe for now. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, Jesus Christ you scared me.” I rubbed my face, wrapping an arm around myself, “I just wanted to know where my phone was. I need to check on Taehyung.”

“Oh… oh! Yeah, it’s on the kitchen-island-thing. Sorry, I should have told you.” He shuffled, turning around so he could look at me. I thanked him softly – my attention fully on a counter with my lump of a jacket sitting on-top.

The footsteps seemed louder than normal – even if was just my bare feet. Everything seemed loud. Everything seemed stiff. My thumb flipped through the pass-code and scrolled through contacts until his name popped up. Instinctively I pressed call and held the phone to my ear. My eyes wandered around the kitchen as it rang a few times before I heard a click.

“Y/N! How was your shower? How are you doing? It’s so late, why aren’t you sleeping? You need sleep! Is Yoongi back yet? I told him to grab… oh, well I guess he is or you wouldn’t have your phone.” The voice in the receiver was rushed, a grin sneaking onto my lips as caution dripped from his words.

“It was really nice Tae – I just got out like two minutes ago. You’re not my mom, stop telling me when to go to bed.” It felt weird talking so loud and cheerful. Silence was hovering through the entire apartment not yet a minute ago but here I was. “I’m okay, I feel better. Thank you for taking me home…”

“No, no, please don’t thank me. It was my pleasure to take you home. I just wanted you safe. Yoongi will keep you safe too – he’s really pissed about what happened. I am too.” Taehyung seemed to be starting to calm down. Calming down? “I’m not going to drag on about it though, don’t worry. No one has to know if you don’t want them to.”

“I know… thank you.” I suddenly became hyper-aware of Yoongi laying on the couch behind me. “How do you know he’s pissed? He seems the same to me.” My voice lowered slightly; I tried to curl into the phone so Yoongi wouldn’t be able to hear me.

“Just trust me. I’ve seen him upset a few times – except it was at me. He’ll be nice to you though; if he’s not I’ll personally come over and kick his ass.” It sounded like he was walking through his house, most likely going to his bedroom since it was really late. Now I feel bad for keeping him awake. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, of course. I’m fine. I just really want to sleep this off. I’m sorry I was such a wreck earlier.” A chill ran through my spine and damn, I needed to turn up the heat. The tile floor wasn’t helping much, either. “I didn’t mean to just… yeah. Just sorry.”

“Why the fuck are you sorry?” The shuffling stopped and Taehyung voice snapped. At you. “Don’t you dare apologize. You aren’t the one who needs to say sorry. That fucking breaks my heart that you think you need to ‘say sorry’. You were not a wreck. If anything, I’m so sorry I didn’t realize you were gone earlier. I’m so sorry that happened.”

“Tae, don’t be sorry. I’m not your responsibility. I’m just happy you showed up when you did. I don’t know what I would have done if you didn’t.” The words struggled coming out as my throat began clenching around them. Don’t you dare cry again. “Thank you so much.”

“Of course. It is my responsibility to take care of you since you’re my best friend. I don’t know what I’d do without you, Y/N. I love you so much.” The shuffling resumed and his voice was muffled. Just breathe. “Get some sleep. If you need me just pick up your phone.”

“I love you too,” my elbows touched the counter, “you get some sleep too,” suddenly all my weight was on my arms. “Thank you.” Just breathe. I somehow ended the call – or maybe he did. I couldn’t remember alone let alone form a coherent thought. Taehyung’s right, I sniffled, just sleep. My eyes shut tight and automatically my fists came to my cheeks. Calm down, why are you even crying? He was pissed off? Because of you? This is all because of you, you know that right?

The couch creaked and before I could turn around, my back was pressed against a chest and Yoongi’s arms enclosed around my own, “Hey, hey.” The contact shocked me, making me flinch and attempt to pull away. “Shh, it’s okay. I’m not gonna do anything. I’m an asshole, not a pervert.”

I knew he was only trying to make me laugh, but in the end my heart felt like it had just gotten stabbed because holy shit, Hoseok. I felt like such a piece of shit standing there in the kitchen just crying for some reason. Stop. I held my breath since you can’t cry if you’re not breathing. In the shower my tears were from the shock but now I was finally realizing what had just happened. I was digesting everything. Hoseok wouldn’t do that, why would he do that? Why would he -

“Don’t hold your breath, you’re going to pass out.” I could feel the heat from his mouth in my ear, which helped distract me from the ache in my lungs that was beginning to form. “Y/N – breathe.”  

He’d probably love for you to pass out. Everyone’s had enough of your crying for one night. You’re crying because one of your best friend’s almost just rapped you, yet all you ever do is sulk about how no one ever gives you attention? All your negativity does is give you negative attention. You deserve this. You brought this upon yourself. How can anyone respect you after this one? By becoming a doctor? You don’t make enough – you’ll never achieve your dreams or respect.

“No, no, no.. Shit.” His arms where shaking me, trying to break from me from my stubbornness. “Let it go. You’re just going to hurt yourself – focus on me, please.” Yoongi’s shaking only grew with each time he repeated himself.

See what you’re doing now? You’re freaking someone out. You’re fucking doing harm to everyone around you now. The only person who can stand to live with you is gone after this, sweetheart. Your time is up. Why would he want to stay around someone who can’t even breathe on their own? “I can’t get enough of you”? More like “I can’t wait until I leave”.

“Stop. Please stop.” Now he was rocking me side to side in a death grip, “Whatever is going on, it doesn’t matter. You know what does? Breathing. Don’t worry about anything else.” A whimper left through my wrists, my hands still fists on my eyes. “Yes, that’s it. Good job, you’re doing good. Just keep focusing on me.” His praises kept flowing out his mouth as more air escaped from mine until a sob eventually wrecked my body.  

God damn it, Y/N.

As quickly as I gasped he spun me around and buried my head in his chest. Yoongi’s hand soothingly rubbed my back which ended up coaxing more strangled groans from my throat. The hands at my face dropped down and clenched around his shirt; all he did in response was shush me repeatedly.

Eventually the voice disappeared – or maybe it didn’t. I just couldn’t hear what it was yelling at me anymore. Still though, the ache in my lungs was replaced with the betrayal stinging in my heart and my hands didn’t grab for something to hold onto but instead just for comfort – which happened to be the shirt I was crying into. But the more I cried into the shoulder the more pathetic I ended feeling. Just look at what you’re doing.

“I.. M’sorry. S-stop, I’m ruining your sh-shirt.” My fingers dug into his stomach in a weak attempt to push him away. “M’s-so sorry you h-had to do this.” I leaned away from him. Get him away from you, stop being so needy – it’s annoying.

“No, you stop,” the arms tightened around me, “stop apologizing. You didn’t do anything. First you apologize to Taehyung and now me – stop. You don’t need to say anything. What you need to do is just let me help you. It’s okay to cry, it’s normal. You should cry; it’ll make you feel better.” He rested his head on mine, and he surprisingly sounded grounded despite what was happening.

Time ticked away as we stayed slightly rocking in the kitchen. The cold-ass kitchen. Slowly but surely my weeping quieted and evened out until all that was left was occasional sniffling.

“Are you okay?” Yoongi mumbled. I couldn’t help but feel jealous at how easily he seemed to be breathing, but nodded anyways. “Are you tired?”

“Yeah.” I was shocked at my own voice. I didn’t sound like myself. “I am.”

He nodded, lifting his head and letting go of me slightly just to begin leading me from the kitchen and down the hallway. The entire time his arm was wrapped around my shoulders as if he trying to steady me. Which I didn’t mind much since fuck, I’m exhausted.

He opened and closed the door, directing us toward the bed. My knees gave out and I rolled onto the mattress, lifting the covers up and over myself. Yoongi was standing awkwardly to the side when I looked over, a forced smile appearing when our eyes met, “Do you need anything?”

“No.” Nodding, the male turned around slowly but the second he took a step my heart began racing.

Haha, look he’s leaving you. Doesn’t this seem familiar? A little too familiar? You know the second that door closes so does all the communication between you two. Didn’t you see his face? He’s done. Taehyung’s probably never going to talk to you over tonight, either.

“He-hey, wait. Yoongi?” I shut my eyes.


“Could you stay in here?” Peeling my lids open, I slid lower into the sheets. “Ju-just until I fall asleep.” He turned a little, just so he could barely look at me. “Never mind. That’s… stupid. Yeah just – sorry, I –“

“Yeah, I will.” He scratched his head, licking his lips. “Should I just sit on the bed or…”

“Whatever you want.” I feel bad enough for asking.

He walked around to the other side of bed, sitting down and then scooting more towards where I was laying down. Pulling his knees up, his eyes avoided me. He seems so awkward. It was as if an hour ago in the shower had never happened and it was back to whatever was between us again. Then again, what you asked him to do was pretty awkward.

Slowly, my fingers inched toward the hand that was closest to me, my head turned slightly so he wouldn’t see what I was doing. Once my fingers touched his knuckles, his head sharply turned and he stared at the action. What are you doing? My fingers continued trailing upwards until they reached his wrist, before gently wrapped around it and tugging it slightly towards me.

His eyes drifted up and bore into mine as a “Hey, what the fuck are you doing?” but I quickly shook my head to excuse the lewd thought that crossed probably both of our minds. Tugging again, he gave in this time and leaned in towards me and propped himself on an elbow before I rolled over and latched onto his chest.

I don’t give a fuck if he hates cuddling.

“Here you go…” I felt rude not being able to meet his eye, but in the moment focusing on just sitting the damn coffee cup down right was more important. After all, I’d rather not take a broken mug out of my check. “Are you sure you just want coffee? We have food, too.”

Yoongi lifted the menu, offering it, “M’fine, but thanks.”

“I’ll be back to check up on you later, then. You know it’s job to get you to buy as much as possible.” I placed the coffee thermos near the pile of napkins.

“How late is ‘later’?”

I paused, what? “I, uh… ten minutes? Why?”

“Drinking coffee alone sucks.” His voice pouted, “Plus you left early and I haven’t seen you leave your room.” I looked up.

“Sorry. I didn’t…” I glanced around the tables for my boss, “I didn’t really know what to say so I stayed in my room yesterday.” The last thing I wanted was for him to think I was ungrateful, so I ended up taking the seat across from him. “Thank you, by the way. What I asked was really weird – what I did was weird.”

His smile returned, “No problem. I don’t think it was that weird. I mean, I’ve definitely done some ‘weird’ stuff to you.”

I leaned on my hand, “So we’re even?” He shrugged. “Neat. Let’s never bring it up again, yeah?”

“Only for revenge.” Yoongi winked, bringing the mug to his lips.

As nervous as I was for technically taking a “break” and risking being caught, it felt good to clear things up with him. What mattered more was the ease of my anxiety from being “abandoned” or whatever. Though, the more he kept staring at me the more I felt bad for not putting on make-up in the first place. How ironic.

“Wh-why are you here?” Adverting my eyes, I broke the silence. “It’s early – for you.”

“Oh.” Yoongi froze. “Right… about that. I, uh,” from the corner of my eye I saw him nervously lick his lips and lean back into the cushion, “I have a doctor’s appointment. And it takes, like, two or some hours to get there and… uh, well then I have to sit in the waiting room and then deal with the doctors and then… yeah, you know what I mean? So that’s why I’m up this ‘early’.”


“So you came to get coffee? We have coffee at the apartment. I know you know that, too – since you always fucking drink all of it.” Forcing a laugh out hurt this time. Shit, was that wrong? “Wait, no. That came out wrong. I’m sorry. I meant more of an ‘oh, why waste the money?’ The coffee here isn’t any better.” Nice save, Y/N.

“No I know what you meant.” Surprisingly he chuckled, “I just wanted to see if it’s improved. Which it has – it’s not as bitter, though it has room to improve.”

“We have cream and sugar, don’t know why you’re still complaining.” I unconsciously bit my lip. “Then again you really like to, so.”

“Well I do like my coffee like I like my women,” he smirked as I raised my eyebrow, “’bitter’.”

My jaw dropped, “Am I bitter?” Did he mean that about me?

Yoongi shrugged, “Sometimes. Though I wasn’t talking about you.”


I returned to shift promptly after because wow, that was rude. I also wouldn’t have enjoyed getting caught taking an unscheduled “break”. Ten minutes later Yoongi left, and while leaning up the booth I found myself cursing him out for not even leaving me a tip. He happily raises not only my water but also electricity bill and doesn’t have the decency to help out. Shrugging it off, I quickly became distracted when another older couple came in.

The rest of the day was a blur. Things started picking up around four when kids got out of school and parents got off work. More than a couple of times I was surprised to find myself envying the families. I couldn’t say I wanted that life, but I wouldn’t hate it. Perhaps it was just myself longing for my parents. We used to do that. Ironically instead of enjoying the time I had with them, I moved away as quickly as I could. How cliché.

Serving them was the hardest part. My first-hand experience of seeing the siblings poke fun with each-other and the parents scolding them before quickly apologizing was… upsetting? You should be happy for them. They’re happy, they are doing what they love. Naturally I dismissed all the embarrassed and annoyed faces, wishing them a good meal, before I rushed back to the kitchen for the next table. Why aren’t you?

When the clock started nearing eight the younger and elderly crowd rolled out and in came what the staff referred to as, “The Lovers”. It was the perfect time of day for young adults and middle-aged couples to have a quick date night. Though cute, it was just as equally annoying. Not to mention most of them left a mess from doing who knows what.

What do you love?

“Aren’t they cute?” Wendy, one of the other waitresses, cooed as she swung through the kitchen doors. “The couples?” Seokjin hummed in agreement and Wendy grinned.

“I guess you could call them cute.” Shrugging, I hastily placed drinks on a tray. “I think they’re more… ‘ooey-gooey’.”

“What?” She gasped, and I couldn’t really tell if she was genuinely surprised or not. “You mean you don’t like the couples? You don’t like the love in their eyes? Though the sad part is that most of them won’t last.”

“No, not really.” My tone was sheepish to hide the disgust. You shouldn’t say that. “It’s not like I don’t like them, though. I’m just…” Haha, it’s because you’re envious. “Neutral.” You want what they have.

“I guess I’m just one for the love, right?” Wendy giggled, heading towards the restroom.

Yeah, I guess. I left the room, semi-uncomfortable.

Thankfully the end of my shift was nearing. The clock had me by the throat and it was choking me right down to the second. I’m so exhausted. I was proud, though – a successful day at work even after whatever that weekend, if you could call it that, was. I wonder when Yoongi will get back. The bell dinged and with one last glace at the clock, I decided this was my last one. If it’s that far away, why would he even bother coming back tonight?

“Hello.” A forced a smile. Holy shit, I’ve had enough. “How may I help you?” Jimin.

“Ah, no name?”

Cocky. “I thought we had met before.”

“I know, I know…” Jimin giggled, covering his mouth, “It’s just I really like your name.” Flirty.

“Thanks, can I serve you now? Water?” It took all my strength to not roll my eyes. I didn’t hate him – not one bit. On the contrary, though, I didn’t like him either.

“Yes, please. Also a sixteen-ounce of your most popular.”

“You got it.” I bowed my head, spinning around. Both brothers in one day. What a surprise. In the scheme of things, I had mostly forgotten about Jimin. He had faded away from conversations and I never saw him around. Then again, I didn’t see why he would be a topic of interest – especially with Yoongi. I thought he had finally moved back – but that would have meant Yoongi would have been back at Taehyung’s by now. Unless… Unless he meant what he said that night in the bathroom.

Did Jimin know he was going to the hospital today? He came to what I think would be to “keep an eye on him”, but he didn’t seem too concerned out at his table. He also doesn’t seem too concerned by flirting with his brother’s “girlfriend”. I frowned deeply, trying to balance the glasses on the tray coming out again. Where do I and Yoongi even stand? I’m not his girlfriend, but we’re definitely not friends… or am I his girlfriend?

“Have you decided on a meal? Appetizer?” What am I to him? “Or are you one for desserts first?” What is he to me?

“I’ll just enjoy this, thank you.” He handed me the menu. “I already ate.”

Who the fuck eats and then goes to a restaurant? “Are you sure?” He nodded with a charming smile. “You’re just like your brother.” My heart stopped. Wow, that one slipped out, didn’t it?

“What do you mean about that?” Jimin raised an eyebrow. “Sit down, let’s chat.”

“I can’t, I’m on shift. There’s other customers besides you, you know?” Jesus Christ, they are just alike.

“I can see why he likes you.” He sipped his drink, eyes sending an invitation to still sit down.

“You can see who likes me?”

“Yoongi, duh. You two are dating, right?” I nodded quickly. You owe me one. “Well, I can see why you two are. He likes sarcasm – actually, he is sarcasm. From the two times we’ve met you’re pretty witty. I think we can all appreciate that, yeah?” His fingers tapped the table near a seat. Pushy.

“Where are you going with this? Because you’re really wasting my time, sorry.” Tapping my foot, my eyes wandered around for my boss. “Spit it out.”

“I’m just going to leave it at ‘be careful’. He’s a dick, if you haven’t been able to tell by now.” Jimin licked his lips. “Due to his situation, he’s more reckless than normal. Do you… know?” I hummed in agreement. “Yeah, well then you know we all don’t necessarily know when he’s… yeah. I mean, of course we have a vague guess but who really knows?”

“He had an appointment today.” I swallowed, leaning into the tray. “Maybe we will know after.”

“Doubt it, but perhaps.” He ran a hand down his face, sighing. “Anyways, what I’m trying to say: I know you two are ‘involved’, but I’m more certain than not that he hasn’t told you about his past relationships.” Jimin stopped, letting the words sink in as he sipped his drink. Why would that be important? “I take that as a yes? Haha, well you’re in for a ride. Though, disclaimer, it’s not as bad as you think.

“I don’t know if you could call them ‘girlfriends’ or not, but growing up he had many female friends. Yeah, ‘big deal’, right? Anyways,  there’s been multiple times where he has legitimately cheated on his girlfriends. And when they came crying to him yelling ‘oh why?’ he shrugged it off. More than not he’d laugh at them, like it was some sort of game to him.”

If this was any other situation I would have shrugged it off, because “big deal”. The conversation and my thoughts collided with each other, forming a name. Jinwoo. My heart throbbed, but I couldn’t tell if it was from the new news I received or from the memories.

Jimin must have been able to tell I was unsettled, because he swiftly reached out to touch my hand. “He’s older now though, and he’s matured so much. I can’t promise you that he’s changed, but I can ensure you that he’s better.” Through the sad smile and concerning look, I felt a smirk play somewhere in his features. “I really just wanted to tell you though, since it’s been bugging me. You’re a really nice girl, Y/N, and I feel like this is ‘cliché’ with the whole ‘your boyfriend has a cheating past but he’s different now’ is going to bore your brains out. In the end I know this whole… thing has him shaken up – even if you can’t tell – and it might make him freak out.”

“Thanks… for telling me this, Jimin.” What the fuck? “I appreciate it.” Please, leave. “You sure this is all you want?”

“Hey, why are you up so late?”

“What,” Taehyung chuckled, “did you not want me to call?”

“No, I always want to talk to you?” I sighed into the phone, rolling onto my side.

Walking into the door of my apartment was more exciting than I had remembered. By closing time I had my feet practically carving a trail into the floor from how much they were dragging, and I could barely mumble a coherent goodbye to the other employees still there. I threw my stuff onto the couch after checking for a body – which to my disappointment, wasn’t there. Wow, he’s been there literally all day.

It’s not that the talk with Jimin set me on edge, but it did make me wonder a bit. It’s just the past. What was younger Yoongi like? Was he the player that his brother tried to make me believe? Why would it matter? Perhaps I had been rude to Jimin, and he had genuinely tried to warn me about what could happen. What could? You two aren’t even dating.

“You’re silent, what’cha thinking about?” The phone spoke.

“Nothing, really.” …Or are you? “What about you? You’re not chatty yourself.”

“Well, I was thinking about how I was going to confront Hoseok. I mean, that has to happen sooner or later, right?” Taehyung groaned; I sighed again. “I know you might just want it to ‘die off’ or something, but what he did was really wrong – drunk or sober. Haha, at least we know what he’s like drunk.”

“You shouldn’t have to confront him. I’ll do it. It’s between him and I, anyways.” I muttered, scratching my head before turning the lamp on my nightstand on. I can’t fucking think with it dark in here. “I’ll handle it, don’t worry. Knowing him he’d probably just get pissy if you did it. Plus, I would think he’s already punishing himself. Have you heard from him?” I glanced at the clock. 22:04.

Before Tae had rung me up, I had situated myself on the couch with the television on and a plate of scrambled eggs in hand. I was quite grateful he had called when he did, since I had migrated to my bedroom due to eating my eggs way too quickly and nothing good being on. In the back of my mind, I secretly wanted to be able to greet Yoongi when he got home – since, you know, hospitals are a bitch to deal with.

“No, but I haven’t tried to talk to him, either. I would doubt he shows up to the next outing – actually, make that three or four. If he does I’ll probably end up getting hammered and slugging him.” He chuckled again, this one a hearty one. That’s good. “Anyways, how’s Yoongi?”

“Oh, he’s…” Does he know? “He had some stuff to do today; he’s not back yet.” Play it safe for now. “He’s doing fine though. He keeps eating all my toaster strudels and I’m pretty upset about it.”

“He’s a dick. He’s sleeping on the couch right? Not all rubbing up on you in the middle of the night?”

“Pssh, he couldn’t if he tried. I feel violated when he even knocks on my door.” I felt good to have a normal conversation with him after this weekend. I feared he would end up being bitter for a week and not be able to take any matter lightly. When has he ever not made you laugh though? The event in theory was borderline traumatizing, yet in reality the only thing that was bothering me was Yoongi’s whole nice act. And talking to Hoseok.

“Yeah, well keep it that way! I must keep you pure.” His cooing made my roll my eyes.

“Who says I’m pure?”

“Well, then…” He struggled for a second, “…I must keep you in your current state of pureness. Whether it be one hundred or two percent.” Cheeky. “Promise?” I hummed in agreement, whether it was just a reaction or I really meant it. Somehow we managed to keep a conversation going for another twenty minutes, before we both started yawing a little too much and agreed to cut the call.

I turned off the light, rolling into the mattress. Bed never felt so good…  is it always like this? The crickets outside my windows didn’t annoy me tonight, and they ended up making me drift away quicker than normal. In fact, it had seemed as though I was almost dreaming in about five minutes when I heard a creak from my living room. Thief? I whipped over, eyes wide open as my clock read almost 23:00. Yoongi?

“Hey!” I shouted, taking a leap. This could end really badly, you know this? “Yoongi, is that you?” There was silence for a few seconds, and I considered jumping out my window because oh fuck that shit, before I heard a mumble.

“Yeah, it’s me.” Oh thank God. I never knew I’d be this grateful to hear his voice. “I’m surprised you’re still up.” The voice was closer, meaning he had come towards my door. My stuff is still all over the couch.

“I am, too. Let me get my stuff real quick, it’s all over the place. Sorry.” I switched the lamp back on, swinging my legs over the edge. The light burned my eyes, and I rubbed them hastily as I opened the door and felt my way down the hall. The apartment was dim – I didn’t even see Yoongi at first glance. “Jesus, turn some lights on.”

“I’d… rather not. I’m really tired. My eyes hurt from driving so much.” He grumbled from the corner. Oh, that’s right. “Do you need help?”

“Um, not really. But if you could just grab my jacket on the counter and throw it in my room that’d be cool.” I stuffed my keys and phone into my bag and with the other hand I picked up my shoes. Thinking back, I was surprised I even asked him to help. Wow, I’m really opening up to him or something. “How did your appointment go?”


Yikes. I could figure it went shitty and let the subject drop, heading back towards my end of the apartment. The warm glow stood out, and I bumped the door with my hip on the way in before dropped my belongings in the corner of the room. I turned around, Yoongi a few steps behind and avoiding eye contact. His arm reached out to offer me my jacket, his face seeming to study my wall.

“Hey.” What’s wrong? “Do you need anything?” Gingerly accepting my coat, I eyed him. He never turned to look at me – if anything, he turned into himself even more.

“Just sleep.” Yoongi shrugged, hands coming up to rub his eyes as a heave left his chest.

I tossed my jacket near my bag on the floor, “Is there something in your eye?” God damn it, you’re going to look me in the eye if it’s the last thing you do. “Le’me look –“

“No, there’s not –“

I stepped forward and pulled his arms down, dipping my head so I could finally fucking see his face. But, in the end I ended up wishing I hadn’t since the only thing I could see where the lines tears had carved into his cheeks. I suddenly understood why he had avoided eye-contact since from the looks of it he couldn’t even see in the first place. I froze, panicking and not sure exactly what to do.

“Ha… have you been crying?” Wow, what a genius thing to say Y/N – you’re a real charmer. “Yoongi.”

“No.” I wasn’t quite sure if it was a hiccup or a sniffle but he hastily covered up whatever noise it was with shaking his head.  “I’m just tired, I told you that.” My eyes searched his face, since his eyes seemed to be looking anywhere but mine. “Just let me go to sleep.” He tried shrugging away, and the memory of me trying to do the same to him just days before crossed my mind. Instantly I let go of his forearms in favor of wrapping around his chest, holding my stance.

“Why are you hugging me?” He asked, voice tight.

I thought for a second, or maybe it was a minute. “…Because you’re sad.” It was the best I could come up with. It was the truth. “And… everyone needs some form of comfort when they’re sad.” I leaned my head on his chest, listening to his heart beat a couple times before adding: “Even you.”

“I’m not sad.” Yoongi huffed, leaning into me. “I’m more disappoin – no, I’m more hurt than anything.” I silently edged him on, not moving; barely breathing. “It’s just my dad. I, uh well the reason I’m back so late is because I went to visit my parents. I haven’t seen them in a long time and I guess I thought it’d be a good idea to see them. So after I went to the doctor’s I drove straight there since my mom had called and I promised her I’d see her as soon as I was out. The hospital was honestly the only good part of the trip. Which sounds depressing but, whatever. They were nice and everything – it just took for-fucking-ever.” He laughed a little, his arms finally moving to around my waist.

“Anyways, I went to my parents’ house. At first they were super happy to see me, and kept asking how I was – it was really refreshing. Then we just started talking and somewhere the topic of my career came out – and you know, it’s non-existent. The reason I have as much cash as I do is because my parents are loaded and feel bad about my… condition. I ended up telling them that I’m still looking around and hoping maybe I’ll somehow pick up my photography and make some cash off of that.” He paused.

“Something tells me they weren’t that happy.” I sighed sadly.

He hummed, “Yeah. My dad has a really short temper and he never really even supported my ‘picture taking’ in the first place.” Yoongi swallowed loudly, resting his head on my own. “He told me maybe it’s ‘best I pass, since you aren’t anything I can truly be proud of’. I’m not anything like my brother.”


He nodded, “He owns this huge camera company – how ironic that is.”

“I’m sorry.” I tightened my hold. “That’s… that just fucking sucks. Your dad seems like a complete jerk – I don’t know why he’d tell you that.”

“I know he’s a jerk.” Yoongi whispered, maybe to hide the crack that slipped through on the last word. “But, I can’t help but feel like shit when he says he could never be proud of me.” His chest hitched, but this time he allowed himself to sniffle. “I’m better dead than alive to him. My mom too, probably. Sorry, I don’t even know why I’m telling you all this.”

I knew saying “no, don’t say that” wasn’t going to do much for him. He wasn’t crying – or at least, I didn’t think he was – but I would hate to say meaningless words at this point. He helped you. I began rubbing his back, thinking of what to do. Help him. “Do you want my bed? I can take the couch.”

He shook his head slightly, “No, I’m fine.”

“Too bad,” I turned him around, “you’re tired and my bed is super nice.”  This is your plan? Letting him go, I gently pushed him onto the bed. Yoongi lethargically took a step before sitting on the edge of the frame. What a way to comfort someone. “Do you want water? I’ll get you some water.”

I awkwardly made my way out of my room, heading straight for the kitchen. I couldn’t yet decide if leaving the room was more for Yoongi or for me. The entirety of the way there all I could do was criticize myself on how I could work things better because man, what his dad said was rough. I filled a glass with water, took a deep breath, and made my way back to him.

When I opened the door he was still sitting on the edge, except now his head was in his hands. I quietly placed the cup on my nightstand, my eyes not leaving his frame. What do I do? “Here’s the water…” I licked my lips nervously, clenching and unclenching my hand. Don’t rip your palms open again like last time. “If you need anything I’m just outside. I promise the bed is better.”

“Thank you.” The light clicked off as he looked up from his fingers. The red had left his eyes and the puffiness in his cheeks were gone, but he didn’t seem better. I took a step backwards, bowing my head slightly. “Hey, wait…” His fingers wrapped around my wrist. I stalled, immediately looking back at him.


Yoongi’s eyes met mine for the first time tonight. They darted from one to other, effectively distracting me from the pulling he was doing until the last second – when his other hand grabbed my waist and pulled me onto his lap. The first wave of emotion when his lips met mine was surprisingly relief. I steadied myself on the bed with my free hand, ignoring the awkward twist of my hips as I now sat on his lap. The next wave of emotion to hit was the anxiety. Yoongi tugged my wrist down more, causing my chest to not only arch into his, but also become filled with butterflies. You’re always so nervous when you kiss him.

The hand that held my waist trailed up to my chin, turning it. “Sweetheart, the couch sucks,” he whispered, “sleep in the bed.” His lips ghosted over my cheek as he turned it again before leaning back a bit. I felt like a deer caught in the headlights. When was the last time he used that? Yoongi’s eyes trailed over my face, studying me for a few seconds and then gazing into my own once more. With you? His thumb brushed over my bottom lip, slightly opening it – only when the pad slid off somewhat did I realize I was nodding.


A split second later and we were kissing again. It was always somewhat soothing when this happened, but the anxious feeling in my chest didn’t leave this time. His fingers abandoned my jaw and traced themselves patterns behind my neck all while twisting to the left and easing us down. In the back on my mind I couldn’t help but acknowledge whenever things like this did happen – it was usually for the benefit of him.

That’s rude, don’t say that. The other hand on my waist retracted as soon as my side hit the bed. He’s sad. Tugging at my bottom lip, Yoongi propped himself up on an elbow so he was semi-hovering over my frame. He helped you out. One of my palms felt it’s way up his arm and then up his face, holding the cheek. So much for promising Taehyung.

I couldn’t help but wiggle slightly from the uncomfortable position my legs were in. Twisted to the side with them dangling off the side wasn’t in my best interest. Luckily, after a few seconds Yoongi seemed to notice and he broke away to sit back on his knees. From there he lifted them from the edge and scooted them on the mattress. Shyly I covered my face partially with my hand, the other arm coming to wrap around my stomach as I curled into myself.

He smirked slightly, running his fingers up from my legs to grab each wrist, “Don’t do that,” Yoongi murmured while rubbing circles into my forearm, “I mean it’s kind of cute, but don’t hide yourself.”

The words made heat rush to my cheeks; my initial reaction was to hide even more. A hand came down and tugged my chin down, opening my mouth before he licked into it. As nervous as I seemed to be feeling, I kissed back quickly and pressed into it. He hummed in satisfaction, tilting his head while his palms deserted their locations to roam elsewhere. They found the hem of my shirt, pausing for a second and then sliding underneath and framing the bottom of my ribs. I hissed into his lips from how cold his fingers were, the contact causing my back to arch slightly. Nonetheless, they continued to travel up, slowly but surely.

Oh, shit.

I immediately became self-conscious, hyper-aware now of the fact that I was bra-less and I swallowed thickly. Then, again, you were about to pass out. I also became hyper-aware of the fact that I had hugged him like this, too. Either he hadn’t of noticed before – and was about to – or didn’t care in the first place. This is convenient, but concerning. At this point I was convinced he could feel my heart beating through my chest.

Once Yoongi had realized my situation, he moved hands back down – causing me to wonder if he stopping briefly before he rutted my shirt up more and then continued moving. He breathed into the kiss once his thumbs ran over my nipples once, twice – and then finally starting to massage my chest firmly. Instantly I reached down to grab the bottom of his shirt, pulling it up to hide the fact that I started squirming.

Breaking away with a lewd smack, he didn’t hesitate to pull his shirt over his head. I couldn’t be bothered to study his chest, since not only my eyes were starting to feel heavy but my entire body became drugged out. Yoongi reached down and tugged mine off, afterwards turning to throw both of them somewhere in my room. Though doing the deed many times prior to this, it didn’t change the fact that I could barely hold eye contact and remind myself to just breathe.

I need to turn up the heat. Goosebumps raked over my skin; a shiver causing me to shake involuntarily. Yoongi bit his already swollen lip and started to fumble with the button on his jeans – his eyes never ceasing to run lengths from my face to stomach.

“Why do you wear such baggy shirts?” He sighed, pushing the fabric past down his hips.

I frowned, curling into myself again, “Because they’re comfy? They’re not ‘baggy’ they’re just… not fitted.” He’s so fucking cheeky.

He sucked in his cheek, trying not to smile. “You really need some tighter clothes..”

“Do I?” Sighing I rolled my eyes, shifting my hips as Yoongi pulled on my shorts. Once they had slid off he pushed my knees down and lied in-between them, humming in agreement next to my ear.

Especially without a bra.” His voice was gravelly. I swallowed thickly, my heart dropping into my stomach, “Would you do that?” A line was traced with his tongue from my ear and along my jaw – ending at the corning of my mouth. His bangs brushed against my forehead, eyes peering from under eyelashes. “For me?”

Holy shit. My breath hitched and my eyes widened, not knowing exactly how to reply since I don’t know what the fuck he is doing, but keep doing it. My back arched, pressing myself into him which coaxed a small groan from his lips and his hands to slide up my stomach. Immediately afterwards his teeth attacked my neck, sucking skin in before gently biting it. Even though we still had – some – clothing on, there was suddenly stimulation everywhere. I reached up and knotted some fingers in his hair while the rest trailed across his shoulder blades.

A whine bubbled from my throat as he bit down on my collarbone. Yoongi pecked the spot, shifting his hips while my finger pressed into his spine. After fixating himself, my attention drifted to my thigh where something heavy was pressing into it. His nipping trail continued across the bones, the butterflies abandoning my stomach. I found a sort of confidence that he was at the least sporting a semi, and with the new feeling I lifted my hips up into his ever so slightly. The second pressure was placed he ground down with twice the effort, emitting a groan from both of us.

He let up, then pressed down harder. “Shit…” Yoongi stuttered, halting his trail. He continued the action over and over again, rolling down into me. Breathy moans came from my chest; small strangled noises coming from him. My fingers twisted around his locks and dug into his back. The air around us became heated, and I could feel my forehead begin to break out only after a few minutes.

Yoongi’s actions started to slow down, his licks returning. A few seconds later his grinding stalled altogether, but before I had a chance to complain one of his hands slipped down and rested heavily between my legs. My body went limp, my fingers coming undone from on-top of him. He pushed down harder and his fingers shifted slightly as my breath hitched again, a broken groan coming out. He skimmed through the thin fabric – stroking it again while his other hand began to grope my breast again.

“This s’okay, right?” He breathed into my neck, voice dripping with sexuality. I nodded feverishly, sighing as his hand dipped underneath the hem of my underwear. His didn’t go further, and only teased subtly before he growled lowly, “You have to say yes or no.”

After he spoke, fingers dove along my folds; slicking themselves as I tried to find the strength to speak again. A strangled “yeah” left my mouth after a second and then replaced with a sharp inhale as he slipped a finger in. After several slow pumps another digit dipped in – both swiftly curling upwards. My face flushed, hips bucking instinctively while a whine worked it’s way past my lips.

Once a steady rhythm had been set, Yoongi leaned forwards and sucked on my bottom lip. Not long after finding the certain place that caused me to squeeze around his fingers time after time again, he worked his way into my mouth, effectively swallowing the moans that kept falling out. I couldn’t really keep a decent kiss going on my end, which ended up making the action just smacking noises that filled up the room. Quickly a coil clenched in the bottom of my stomach, my hands flying up to tug at his hair and twirl the locks behind the ears.

“Are you close?” He purred into my lips, earning a nod and more broken moans. “Can you cum?” Yoongi’s thumb pressed harshly into my clit and his fingers seemingly pumped roughly right into the building knot. “For me?”

Instantly my breath caught in my throat, ignoring his play on words, before a strangled noise emitted out. My back arched as my heart pounded in my ears, eyes squeezing shut. The pace he had didn’t slow, but kept moving fluidly while little groans vibrated his chest here and there. Only after the stimulation became sensitive and I started squirming again did his hand retract.

Ever so casually he pecked my lips before leaning back on his knees and then swirling his tongue teasingly around his digits. Yoongi’s eyes, dark like many times before, bore into mine while his free arm snaked down his torso before his palm rolled over his boxers – a low groan pouring from his mouth.

What the fuck, why is that so hot?

“I-I don’t have a condom on me,” he choked out, continuing to palm himself. Though it was a comment, I could tell it was more a question than anything. My heart dropped – part disappointment, part arousal – as I shook my head, biting my lip.

“Just pull out?” I breathed rhetorically, “I’ve dealt with messier things.”

Yoongi hummed, not rejecting the idea. He’s too fucked out to say no at this point. His hands discarded my last piece of clothing. While he worked on his I pulled myself higher on the bed, trying to find a comfier – less hot – position. Before my head could rest on the pillows, his hand gripped the back of my neck, causing me to suddenly arch my back as his teeth grazed my jugular and his knee pushing open my legs.

I couldn’t tell if he was mumbling words or just moving his lips in my neck, but the noises seemed to disappear as soon the entirety of his length sunk into me at once. He shushed my small cry, soothingly rubbing my inner thigh. Stopping, he let me get used to the feeling all while peppering my neck in pecks. Soon after, my hips ground up into his, a grunt coming from both our throats. Immediately he slowly pulled out; in, rolling down with each press.

“Fuck, you’re really tight.” Yoongi sighed, nibbling at my earlobe.

“Well, I am single.” A small chuckle rocked my body.

His pace began picking up; he groaned, “Always one for humor.”

His hand trailed down to grab my knee and hitch it up higher. After a moan bubbled out from me, he bit down on my neck and thrusted faster. My body flushed, sinking into the bed as a hand clamped down onto his shoulder for support. Soon the room became filled with broken whines and growls, the rhythm becoming slightly less smooth as his hips jerked feverishly. The warm feeling returned in my abdomen, not letting me catch my breath.

His thumb returned to my clit, quickly flicking tight circles while I squeezed around him. My head spun, dizzy from what was happening and I quickly cried out once more, biting my lip and shutting my eyes tight. A second later Yoongi pulled out and his face fell into the crook of my neck as he came undone on-top of my, moaning into my skin. Warm liquid spewed across my stomach and chest, relief flooding through my veins.

Our chests heaved, relishing in the feeling for a minute. My hand ghosted from his shoulder to cup his cheek, lifting his face to meet mine. His bangs were damp against his head, eyelids droopy and lips swollen. Completely fucked out. He pulled back suddenly before I had the chance to kiss him.

“I’ll be right back.” He mumbled, pushing himself off the bed.

I stayed still, hyper-aware that this stuff was running off my skin and onto my blanket with every breath I took. The door swung open, followed by a warm cloth pressing into my skin. I hummed from the pleasant feeling, my hands rubbing the free edges in an effort to help. He dabbed the cloth on the comforter, picking up the mess.

A minute later he disappeared again, my fists coming up to rub my eyes as my breathing finally evened out and my body heavy with fatigue. I swung my knees up, dipping under the sheets while my attention turned to the click of the door. Yoongi crawled forward on the bed, capturing me in a kiss as his also pulled the sheets over his legs. Lying down, his arm wrapped around my side and moved me closer.

Our tongues swirled lazily around each others, foreheads mashed together before the slowing kiss finally came to an end.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any prompts about couples going outside, maybe even after a lot of time being stuck inside? or just something cute of going out like a lake trip or anything

(this has been sitting in drafts for a month waiting for me to get ideas sorry)

there are some really cute previously prompted date ideas here

You wanted to go hiking and I thought you meant a nice gentle walk in the woods not a billy goat scramble AU

Snowed/hurricaned/tornadoed/whatever in together AU

We’ve been stuck together for 2 weeks straight how are you not sick of me yet AU

It’s the first really nice day of spring let’s go do something AU

hope some of these help! ~Nicole

Teasing Lusts (Part 1) - Stuart Twombly Imagine (SMUT)

A/N: This has been saved in my drafts for weeks, I asked you guys if you wanted me to post it and since A LOT of you did, here you go! I hope you guys like it, enjoy! (: 


Pairing: Stuart x Reader
Note: This was supposed to be just a drabble but idk anymore. | Part 2 
Warning: SMUT and swearing, I think that’s it?
Word count: 1796

“Hey baby.” You boyfriend said from behind, wrapping his arms around your body. He brushed away your hair to one side then kissed you on your bare neck.

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