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it’s good that they have each others



After 1 year or maybe 2 years of procrastination, the 20 386 FOLLOWER SPECIAL IS FINALLY DONE!! I don’t how I made it this far without a single follower special done but DAMN U GUYS ARE AMAZING! Made a bunch of friends and even besties in my time here and noticed by a bunch of senpais how did u guys notice me GIVE URSELVES A BDAY CAKE OR SMTH IDK.

It’s been a great 2 or 3 years here and I hope it’ll be just as if not more amazing in the following years to come until I let Acorn D I E. So without further ado here are some followers who entered the raffle, some who have showed their continuous support to the blog, new found friendships and cool blogs that have motivated me!


Hello everyone! This is Ohdeery (Joy), used to be letterstoluhan, and I would like to wish you all a happy (late) new year!

I would like to thank everyone who follows me. Thank you for dealing with my sporadic fandom spams and nonsensical tags. I know my blog is a bit of a mess and I really appreciate y’all sticking around.

Also, shout out to the people I follow for being active and keeping my dash alive.
(p.s. sorry for the crappy Lu edits :( my computer is down so I’m using my mom’s.)

Okay now here’s a list of people I follow. 
❀ for my flowers.

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Special shoutout to all the Lu Han dedicated blogs! Thank you so much for providing me with pictures and information on Lu Han!! 

@thisurlisjimine thank you soooo much for all the support you’ve given me these past few years. I really appreciate what you’ve done for me, even if it is subtle.
@sehanniedew hey there!
@lusass hehe, your username. I love it! c:
♕ @myfollowers and @myfollows I’d like to thank you once again for the love you’ve given me these past years. You’ve made my tumblr experience so much fun!

eeeeee! hello lovelies! i was gonna wait until i hit a milestone or something big happened but i’m a very impatient person so here we are

ps thank u to all who have put up with having my shitty art on their dash !! or whatever it means a lot !!! i love u all rmr that :*

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with the few months that overwatch has been out, including open beta, i can honestly say this game has attracted a special kind of following. while of course there are players who can be rude and distasteful, most of my experiences have been fun, kind– so many cool people, from all walks of life. whether it be they just enjoy the gameplay, or they relate to the characters, love the comics/shorts. the community is pretty okay so far, so shout-out to those of you who are creating, sharing, and just embracing the love for this really neat game.

I go on tumblr to have a peaceful time then I see Harry with Girls and it’s like my inner jealousy raging bitch is released so I have to escape and bury myself with the thought of Harry never loving me. Bye mortals it has been fun knowing yall