this has been done only about a billion times

Baby’s First Conceptual Art: Fat bodies are the product of capitalism. They represent greed, gluttony, and sloth.

Anybody who has progressed past Banksy levels of “shock” value in art: A statistically large obese population is a symptom of a capitalistic society, yes, but it is extremely important to remember that these ‘fat bodies’ have human beings with minds and feelings and lives behind them, and already face large amounts of medical and social discrimination simply for daring to exist with the wrong body type. This absolute hatred of fat doesn’t leave your beloved ‘skinny bodies’ unscathed, either, as this obsession over body shape has caused absolute epidemics of eating disorders among people of all body types, and especially in children. Additionally, the root causes of a good part of the current ‘obesity epidemic’ doesn’t have its roots in ‘laziness’ or ‘greed’ at all. The cost of living is rising while wages stay the same, and for a lot of people it’s become increasingly harder to gain access to more balanced diets, because of the ever-growing divide in inflation and wages, food deserts, and fast food restaurants offering full meals for only a few dollars while the same ingredients to cook that meal at home is maybe three or four times that, at least. Stress is known to slow the metabolism, physical and psychiactric medical help are still costly to seek, and the constant demonization of overweight figures only serves to create a vicious cycle that further makes it harder to live a stress-free, medically sound life if you’re already overweight. If you really want to cover a topic that’s been done do death incorrectly a million billion times, the way to go about it isn’t to point at the symptom and exclaim loudly that it is evil, but rather, to look at the root of the problem and examine what has happened in our society to cause a demographic shift of this magnitude in such a relatively short amount of time.

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The thing is, if there was a baby, it would be going exactly as it is now. Blacklisted and such. My friend who is not 1d at all was like "yeah I bet they just don't talk about it" and she thinks it's completely real. The only thing that's weird is how it was announced but 1d has never done anything normally.

Anon, weird things about this baby story:

- the way it was announced

- the timing (2 months-1month in, depending on what version you prefer to follow)

- the fact that it’s been brought up a billion time but up to today, 5 months later, we still don’t have an official rep statement

- the fact that Louis and Liam threw a fake baby away two weeks before the story broke down, inexplicably repeating “it’s not real”

- the shape, position and dimension of the belly

- the complete lack of congratulations and involvement by ANYONE (exception made for Kevin Jonas and Simon Cowell- you see the comic aspect of this, right?)

- the fact that they had a “pregnant” woman stand in the middle of an arena with no one but a 15 yo girl watching out for her for 6 nights in a row

- the fact that the bears do have their own bodyguards 

- her social media being cleaned up months before the alleged flirt started

- her grandmother literally leaked pics of them being close in a club

- we were made to believe that she and her mum went shopping with Louis’s family, but were sadly hidden by a plant

- the date of the birth keeps shifting in accord of what’s more convenient for 1dhq

- everybody looks like they’d rather be watching an episode of Masterchef Morocco than being there while questions about it are made

- the fact that the topic is blacklisted

- Louis, as we know him, is behaving so bad from day 1

- a professional was called to organise their outings (in low profile clubs where many people could see them hang out together) and be sure they were papped for weeks

- Louis went out clubbing, partying, having dinner with Harry for 4 years without no one ever knowing (because that’s what you do when you need privacy)

And this is coming to me with no order, while I’m tired. You could write a book out of the inconsistencies of this ridiculous stunt. You have to concentrate to find out something that ISN’T weird.