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I REACHED 2.5K!!!!!

Thank you all so much for following me, I love each and every one of you to the moon and back!! 

Now as promised I will be doing drabbles today to celebrate. Here’s how it’s gonna work.

  • Send me a prompt from the list below the cut.
  • Send me a pairing with your prompt (I will only be doing Sam, Dean, Castiel, Jensen and Jared).
  • All drabbles will be reader insert (the only exception will be if you think the prompt would work for Arya and Dean – check out Can’t Love, Can’t Hurt if you don’t know what I’m talking about – then I will write those drabbles)
  • If the prompt you chose has already been picked I will ask you to pick another one (I will update this post periodically to cross out the prompts that have been chosen)
  • You have until I’m done getting my root canal to submit your request (my appointment is at 11 so lets say that’s until 1pm EST)
  • Blacklist ash drabbles and ashley hits 2.5k if you don’t wanna see them

Prompts below the cut!!! Also tagging my forever tags under the cut for signal boost and things!

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anonymous asked:

I was wondering. Pearl said she became familiar with the human concept of a knight. Did she and other gems figure out other human hierarchies, like instead of My Diamond, they found out humans have kings and queens and emperors and stuff? I wonder because a kid asks if Pearl is a "princess" in a fanfic of mine and I'm not sure she would recognize a human title like prince, princess, so on or not.

I think she would! :D

Gems have been around a long time, and monarchies existed way after the 5,000-year mark when they arrived, all the way into the 1800s. We still have monarchies even now, though less prominent. Aside from that I’d think Diamonds weren’t exactly monarchs, and I can discuss more on that in another post.

But Pearl, like Rose, has watched human beings grow and at the very least watched them settle in Beach City in a time period indicative of the Age of Exploration, when explorers were indeed sent by their monarchs. I’m rather certain at one point she’d learned of or observed these political constructs.

hey guys, quick update! i’m having some major laptop issues that’s going to require a new one at this point, it’s made it difficult to be on a computer for more than a short period of time (hence the lack of keeping up with ador-tv blog so far and a lack of a news article with an event being posted, since my photoshop also has been removed for right now). i’ll be looking to try and get a new one within the next few days, but in the mean time please be patient with us / the sideblogs (though weather and stuff is queue’d for another week or so!).

follows and stuff should still happen at regular times!

capfalc replied to your post “I just read the most biphobic thing ever and I’m having another panic…”

ugh, the discourse lately has been a nightmare. screw whoever that was, they clearly don’t understand the very simple descriptive words that make up the acronym. Its not gay woman loving gay woman, its woman loving woman. Period.

And even worse THEY ARE A TERF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was all like other queer women who aren’t lesbians and use the term wlw are lesbophobic. I can’t believe that there are people in the community who believe that my attraction to men negates my attraction to women. I can maybe understand why there are straight biphobic people, but lesbian and gay people who are biphbobic make no sense! I know that I’m bisexual and I’m comfortable with that. It just bugs me that there are that think that I’m just not queer enough to belong to the community. And of course the term wlw is an umbrella term for any woman who loves women! I’m not in any way attacking lesbians by using that term! I wish people would understand that!