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Tartaros arc interview: Nakamura Yuuichi (Gray)

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Is there any scene from the Tartaros arc that left a deep impression on you?

The battle with Silver. It has been a while since Gray played an active role, and the battle with Silver was a battle of fate. I had been looking forward to acting the scene out since reading it in the manga, and I thought to myself “Finally…!”. I gave it my all during the after recording.

Who do you think shined in the Tartaros arc?

I can’t single out anyone. Each character had their moments, and all the voice actors gave their best in playing their parts. As an actor, I would be very happy if the audience can feel this when watching the broadcast.

What would you want to do if you were under Doriante’s “regression magic” and returned to the form of a child?

I would leverage on all the knowledge I possess as a 35-year-old and work as a prodigy child actor. I’ll be popular.

The Exceeds play an active role in the Tartaros arc. Which exceed do you like?

Carla. Those who are caught up with the manga will probably know, the Exceeds will learn even more magic from now and… Carla!!

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The Tartaros arc touches on the mysteries surrounding Natsu. It is one of the important episodes in Fairy Tail. It is because of the support of everyone that the anime has been able to continue so far. Please enjoy watching the anime every week!

So the thing about Carmilla is that, by the character’s nature…she really is a “background” character.  This is, she doesn’t like Laura’s broadcasts.  Doesn’t support them.  And while she would never tell Laura to stop doing them, Carmilla would honestly rather be traveling the world and sleeping in different motel rooms every night (I cry).  It makes a lot of sense that she just sort of hangs out in the background and offers her snarky commentary.

But beyond that…

Carmilla as a story is and has never really been about Carmilla’s journey.  Carmilla is about Laura.  She is our narrator.  She is our hero.  She is the main character. .  Even in it’s inception, the novella, it was about Laura.   Carmilla may be the title character, but this is Laura’s story.