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kaz. kaz has this been done before: top ten hottest publicity photos of yuuri?

10) An advertisement he did for a sports drink he sponsors which was basically a sweaty post-practice Yuuri gulping from a bottle while wearing a thin white shirt that had become very see through over the course of the photoshoot. Viktor has multiple copies of this saved onto all his electronic devices

9) In reference to an old ask about Yuuri sponsoring KitKat with the tag line being KitoKatsuki, Yuuri got the sponsorship just after his Olympic win. The picture of him on the packaging was one of him holding up his gold medal and smirking in a very smug, self-satisfied way and everyone universally agreed it was way more attractive than it had any right to be

8) A publicity photo of him with his and Viktor’s new puppy where he was dressed smart-casual and basically looking like the hot dad with the cute dog at the parent-teacher conference that all the single mums fight over at the school gates

7) The promotional photo of him in the ‘original’ Eros costume before he started the season in chapter 11 (for reference the costume looks like this)

6) A photo from a magazine that was following Yuuri through a day of training which was of him in the ballet studio doing a split with one leg on the floor and the other completely vertical by his head. It was the moment people realised just how crazily flexible Yuuri was and that was definitely a very popular revelation

5) A promotional photo for Yutopia with Yuuri looking like he was just out of the hot springs standing at the front of the building with his hair all wet and plastered to him and his face flushed with a towel round his shoulders and only some very loose clothing on. The general consensus was that the fact that photos weren’t allowed to be taken in the onsen itself was a national tragedy.

4) A promotional ad that both he and Viktor did promoting gender neutral clothing. Yuuri ended up in heels and red lipstick and no-one on the internet has ever recovered from it

3) A black and white photo that ended up plastered over shopping centres everywhere advertising the ‘Eros’ cologne. It looked exactly like you’d expect a cologne ad sponsored by an athlete to look and while Yuuri thought it was really embarrassing everyone else on the planet was thanking every deity they could think of that it existed.

2) A shot from the first shirtless photoshoot Yuuri ever did that I mentioned in a previous top ten. He did it with Viktor and the most famous photo of them ended up being one of Yuuri in the centre of the photo doing the classic ‘sultry eyes’ look at the camera with Viktor standing behind him with his arms wrapped around Yuuri’s chest and kissing his neck also looking directly at the camera but with a very obvious ‘back off’ look in his eyes. It ended up on a lot of people’s walls or under their pillows

1) A picture from a magazine spread about the two of them that Viktor convinced Yuuri to do. It was taken in their apartment and the photographer wanted a shot in their bedroom. Viktor kept teasing Yuuri about ‘showing the world his true eros’ and Yuuri ended up playfully wrestling Viktor onto the bed which changed its tone pretty fast and both of them completely forgot that the photographer was there. The final picture was of Yuuri straddling Viktor and pinning his arms above his head and smirking with both of them giving each other serious bedroom eyes. All the comments on the article when it was released were some form of ‘holy hell Viktor Nikiforov is a very lucky guy’ and ‘why the hell does Nikiforov even leave the house because if that were me I’d never even leave the bed’.


Yuzuru Hanyu and Arakawa Shizuka — both are Olympic Champions and natives of Sendai. Arakawa frequently appears on Japanese TV for figure skating related commentary and has been the source of inspiration for Yuzuru Hanyu’s famous Layback Ina Bauer. This moment was a bit interesting as their smiles grew bigger and bigger with each passing second…courtesy of Yuzuru whispering something humorous of course.

Mitsurou Kubo (the creator of Yuri!!! On Ice) retweeted this photoset of Phichit Chulanont’s infamous Instagram post and Michael Christian Martinez (Olympic skater from the Philippines) doing the same pose.

LMAO it’s like she confirmed what most of the fandom has been speculating that Phichit is loosely based on MCM.

Olympic Season’s Free Dance!!!

Kana Muramoto and Chris Reed’s blog post from June 7th, 2017 about their free dance for the 2017-2018 season. 


It’s been awhile, hasn’t it.

Vacation ended in the blink of an eye and practice has restarted 💪🏼

I’d like to announce the new free dance for next season here!

Choosing a song for the free really is difficult… It took time, but the song is one of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s! With a free dance primarily using two pieces of music, we want to match his wonderful music that resonates in our hearts and depict the life of cherry blossoms on the ice 🌸🌸🌸

Chris and I have been in the skating world for many years, but we both walked different paths. However, I wonder if it’s fate… Since our chance meeting, in just the past two seasons, I was able to gain life-changing experiences.    

We competed against the world as Japanese representatives, and this year’s new season will be our third year. A competitive career that passes in the blink of an eye… and the Olympics that only happen once in four years!!! Obtaining a ticket to the Olympics - the dream stage of any athlete - during the biggest season as part of Team Japan, with the desire to shine at the top, as Japanese representatives, is there a program that will be unforgettable on that big stage… We thought about it a lot.   

But there’s something off about just using a typical traditional Japanese song… Isn’t there a more creative idea…

At Asian Winter Games, we watched the ladies with Coach Massimo. One of the songs we heard there… we thought it was very nice… it was one of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s songs. A composer who represents Japan, we were like !? at Ryuichi Sakamoto’s songs. We listened to many of them and edited some of those together. When we did that, we got goosebumps from just listening to the song…

Next, we must think of a story that fits this song..

At first, the concept was of two people meeting in their dreams and walking towards the same dream.

But there wasn’t really depth… and it was lacking… We’d just be dancing to a program to Japanese music and it wouldn’t be memorable at all!!

When we think of Japan… hmm… ??

The first thing that came to mind was cherry blossoms!!!!!🌸✨

We studied many things about cherry blossoms, which are flowers that are symbols of Japan. We thought ‘Let’s depict the life of those cherry blossoms!!!’. Spring in Japan is always the time to see cherry blossoms in full bloom. Flower-viewings are places where people from across the world gather to see cherry blossoms. It’s also a season that’s a new start for people. And, because life is a blink of an eye, day by day, each moment and small event is to be treasured.

The story of the program starts in the dark, cold winter. It slowly becomes warmer and the cherry blossoms bloom a little, and in the end they’re in full bloom!! That’s the concept we’re using.

We think a very good program will be completed!!!

(Kana’s favorite season is spring and her favorite flowers are cherry blossoms…! lol)

We’re excited for it to be completed!!!

We are looking forward to the day we can see everyone at Dreams On Ice in July!

And we will do our best heading towards competitions in September!!!!

Looking forward to it〜🌸

Kana and Chris

((So… remember this artwork I super shyly posted? Relating to this rp? I mentioned I had some other drawings and few said they’d be interested in seeing! …Well, this is me finally getting up the nerve to post them. XD Months later. Derp.))

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Viktor and eating habits

Okay, so we all know that Yuuri is a stress eater. A habit not too uncommon for a person with anxiety, but what about Viktor? We’ve never seen Viktor being stressed, but here’s my headcanon. Viktor is the type to lose his appetite when he gets stressed (opposites attract right?). This is gonna get long so more under the cut :)

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Trust Yuzu everyone

I’ve seen so many controversial posts/comments about Yuzu choosing Chopin 3.0 as his SP for Olympics season. I understand that we are all worried about him but hey, Yuzu is very very trustworthy and he has been able to prove himself every time. All we can do right now is support him to the best of our ability because he is the one that we admire, love and support! I believe that Yuzu and his team know exactly what they are doing! So however the next season will turn out, I hope everyone can trust and support Yuzu wholeheartedly!

Earlier this year I commissioned @thetwelfthpanda to create this work based on the final chapter of my Rio Olympics AU, Sticking the Landing.

I didn’t know, last time we were here, what I wanted then, what my life would look like, after this was all over.  I still don’t, I suppose; dunno if winning a celebrity talent show really counts as a plan, but what I do want of my life is to have you in it, Sherlock. That’s what’s important. What….what do you want?”

After fourteen days of sports, crime, and rubbish attempts at flirting, we’re back where it all began at the closing ceremony.  

Sticking the Landing on AO3: John Watson, Captain of Team GB’s gymnastics squad is confident, ready for his third and final Olympics. Disappointed in London with a shoulder injury putting paid to his Olympic dream, can he secure an Olympic gold finish before retirement? Meanwhile, Sherlock Holmes has other problems. Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics is the newest Olympic sport, but one of the competitors has been attacked on the eve of competition. Does something more sinister lurk under the spangles and spandex? Can Sherlock solve the mystery in time to deliver a flawless ball routine? And does something more valuable than medals await the boys in Rio?

This artwork was commissioned to keep me accountable to the story and I’m delighted to say the final chapter will be posted today.  I’m even happier with the stellar job Ren did with this artwork - it’s unreal: I love their expressions and the details in the flag, uniforms and (especially) the shoes are completely and utterly perfect. A thousand thanks for this wonderful piece!

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what did her old and new team mates do to hope?

2007 info

PTSD info


some videos where hope discusses her past and what happened in 2007 are here

hope also discusses some of the current events and her feelings in the later episodes of keeping score here

the recent events have seen some of Hope’s former teammates and 99ers including abby wambach, michelle akers, julie foudy, and aly wagner (basically the same women who created the drama and horrible treatment in the first place back in 2007) who have decided to come out of the woodwork to publicly and collectively vilify and throw hope under the bus again. julie foudy especially has always taken issue with hope on a personal level and has used almost any opportunity over the years to publicly put hope down. current teammates in megan rapinoe and alex morgan specifically have shown public disapproval and commented in ways that cast hope aside in an unsettling way. with abby and pinoe especially, the throwing under the bus is hypocritical, hurtful, and extremely unnecessary. it took hope many years to be okay and trusting again around her teammates and she has been railroaded since the olympics ended. that trust, and I’m sure some bonds, have been broken. and once again, hope is left by herself and publicly crucufied without her teammates support in one of the most tumultuous times in us soccer history, save for 2007. and given her ptsd and lasting affects from her previous treatment as a young player on the us team, the current treatment makes it that much more heartbreaking. you’ll have to either look back through posts here or google info for the recent events info bc I have it scattered over my blog since the olympics ended and therefore cannot link one tag for it. it’s incredibly important for people to educate themselves on the entirety of what has happened to hope and not just judge her off of misinformation or no information at all. what happened and continues to happen to hope is very real and very wrong.

Deliciously Broken iii

Request(s): Ahhh!!! Part two amazing!! Loved IT . Part 3? ; YOU ARE KILLING ME HERE!! Deliciously broken is so insane love it! Update for part iii soon?? ; plleaassee do a part 3 of deliciously broken! its amazing! ; Well damn, Deliciously Broken is pretty dark, but I can’t get enough. Part 3 please? ; I’m soooo ready for Deliciously Broken part 3 😍👌🏻

Summary: After reaching the understanding that it was the Nogitsune who attacked her, the reader decides to have a heart-to-heart with Stiles. Takes place during season 3B. Slightly un-canon maybe???

Warnings: recount of violent events, alluding to sexual assault

part iii of this

Note: sorry this took so long to post! I’ve been caught up in watching the Olympics and going back to school shopping. Hope yall enjoy!

I don’t really know how this conversation is going to go. I mean, what exactly am I going to say? ‘Hey, man. Sorry I accused you of attacking me when you were possessed by some Void freak. No hard feelings?’

         I sit very still in my hospital bed, wringing my hands. It has been ten minutes since I woke up and asked to see Stiles. Of course, Nurse McCall was a bit concerned at first. Not even a day ago I was terrified of the guy and didn’t want him in a twenty-foot radius of me. And now I’m asking to talk to him.

         The door opens slowly. I tense and hold my breath. My heart escalates – and everyone knows it, thanks to the monitor.

         Stiles peeks at me like a timid child awaiting a scolding. He slips into the room, leaving the door ajar behind him. More than likely to make me feel better. As far as he knows, I’m still under the impression that he brutally assaulted me and I’m likely to scream my head off and flee the room the second he comes in.

         I think I surprise him when I remain calm.

         “Hey,” he says uneasily, sleepy eyes darting to the beeping machine.

         “Hi,” I reply, glaring at the stupid wavy lines before turning back to him. “Do you wanna sit down?”

         “Do you want me to sit down?” Being careful. I appreciate it, but I’m losing my patience.

         “Stiles, sit down.” I fight the urge to roll my eyes, something I never used to do until I began spending every morning with him on the way to school.

         “Okay.” The chair drags out from the wall. He brings it to my bedside, thinks twice and pulls it an entire tile away. When he sits, my mind flashes to the way Void looked sitting in that exact same chair.

         My heart rate jumps dramatically.

         Stiles places one hand on the back of the chair, prepared to rise. “Do you want me to go?” His voice is slightly deeper than usual, like maybe he had been asleep. I wouldn’t be surprised if Stiles had been camping out in the waiting room. That’s just Stiles.

         “No, no, it’s fine.” I force myself to shove Void out of my mind. This isn’t Void; this is Stiles. “I just…” I press my lips together. “You look like him.” I say the words without thinking about how they’ll make him feel.

         “Yeah.” He nods. “He’s kind of possessing my body.”

         I snort. Reverting to sarcasm is a classic Stiles move; it’s his number one defense mechanism. “I’m sorry. That was stupid to say.”

         He shrugs, staring at the floor. I fiddle with the plastic hospital bracelet around my wrist. We sit in silence.

         “I feel like I need to apologize.” I begin. His gaze flickers to my face. “I was kind of a maniac. I thought you…” I drop my eyes to the sheets, unable to face him when I say it. “I thought you were the one who did all this.” I gesture to the rest of my body.

         “Why would you feel like you need to apologize?” Stiles asks, voice edging between incredulous and anger. “You didn’t know. I didn’t tell you anything. I kept you in the dark. It’s not your fault that when a total psycho takes control of my body, busts into your house and throws you around, you assume it’s me. Most people would. I mean, what other logical explanation would there be? Who in their right mind would think ‘oh, wait, no, Stiles is just possessed by some crack-head fox spirit’?” He pauses his rant to look at me. “How did you figure it out, anyway?”

         I feel my cheeks warm. “I noticed little things, like the color of Void’s eyes and the way he smiles. It just wasn’t the same as you.”

         When he nods silently, I take the opportunity to ask, “Fox spirit?” Partly out of curiosity, mainly trying to veer the conversation away from my discovery. No need to tell him that I’ve memorized all the shades of gold and brown in his eyes. No need to tell him that I know his smile better than anything because it’s one of the things I cherish most. No need to tell him about my feelings. Things are too complicated already.

         He sighs, rubbing over his face and nods. “Yeah.” With his weary voice and tired eyes, he reminds me of his father. “It’s kind of a long story.”

         I hold up the arm with the IV. “It’s not like I’m going anywhere.”

         Stiles cracks a grin; my chest feels warm and light, and the heart rate monitor goes berserk. Suddenly embarrassed when he glances at it curiously, I duck my head and say, “Ignore it.”



         He sighs. “Why? Y/N, do you think I’m stupid? I know you like me.”

         I bite down harshly on my lower lip. “Stiles, this is really not the time to-”

         “How come? Because you’re hooked up to a heart rate monitor?” He crosses his arms. “So what? You have little tells. I don’t need to be able to hear your heart beat to know that I get to you.”

         “Well don’t you sound cocky?” I say coolly.

         He grimaces. “That came out wrong.” I laugh without humor. “But Y/N, look-”

         “I get it, okay?” I surprise myself by meeting his eyes. “You like Lydia.”


         “You think you’re the only one who knows stuff? Is that it? You’re not the only one who can know someone well. I know you. Better than I know myself, I think.” I swallow. “And besides, everyone knows that you like Lydia – except for Lydia herself, I’m guessing. And who can blame you anyway? She’s perfect.”

         “Would you just hold on a second?” Stiles snaps. “You don’t know everything either, Y/N. And this thing with Lydia… that was in, like, third grade.”

         I give him an ironic smile. “You liked her all of last year!”

         Stiles appears caught in a corner. “Well, yes, but… not anymore, okay? She’s become my friend. That’s it. She’s got a thing going on with Aiden anyway-”

         “The new freshman? The straight twin?” I raise an eyebrow.

         He nods. “I’m not making this up.”

         “I didn’t say you were.”

         “But you were making the face.”

         “I don’t have a ‘you-are-making-this-up face’.”

         “Yes you do. I know you, remember?” He presses his lips into a line. His voice softens and loses some of its volume. “You’ve been one of the few constant things in my life pretty much ever since I can remember. I know you, Y/N.”

         I sigh and cross my arms. I know he’s right. “Okay, so maybe I do think you’re making it up.”

         “Why? I’ve never lied to you before.”

         I blink. “No?” I lean forward slightly, filled with passion. “You still haven’t told me anything about this… Void… fox spirit thingy… and your dad said that you had known about this a long time and that everyone kept telling you to tell me-”

         “My dad said that?”

         “-and you never did! Withholding information is basically the same as lying, Stiles. It’s still not telling the full truth. And then Void said-”

         “If you had any idea about what exactly I’ve been keeping from you, I’m pretty sure it would make sense. And you wouldn’t be mad at me for it.”

         “Right. Of course,” I huff.

         “I’m serious.”

         “I know.” We glare at each other. I raise my chin slightly. “I guess you have to tell me now, since now I’m involved in… whatever is going on.”

         Stiles sighs and nods, dropping his head. He rests his elbows on his knees and stares at the floor. I examine the tense plains of his back through his thin flannel and t-shirt. I get the sense that he’s grasping for the right way to phrase everything.

         “Question,” he says as he straightens, leaning back against his chair. “What else did my dad say?”

         I furrow my brow. “What do you mean?”

         “When he told you that there were things going on that I wasn’t telling you about and he was hounding me to tell you. Did he say anything else?”

         My face burns and the monitor screeches. I’m beginning to really hate that thing.

         Stiles groans. “Oh, God, what?”

         “Well, he came by my house the night that everything…” He nods. “You were missing at the time, so he was looking for you. He told me that you were dangerous and to not let you in if you showed up. I didn’t know why you would come to my house of all places, and he might’ve… said something… about you caring for me.”

         He frowns. “But if he told you that, then why would you think that I liked Lydia?”

         I bite my lip. “Because Void…”

         “You can’t believe anything he tells you.” Stiles interjects. “He’s a trickster, Y/N. All he does is cause trouble.”

         I nod sarcastically. “See, I would’ve known that if you had filled me in.” He rolls his eyes. I let out a loud sigh and slump back against the pillows. “I just thought… you know… since he’s inside you or whatever… he would know what you were thinking.”

         “He knew what I was thinking. It wasn’t that.”


         He licks over his lips and leans forward again, engaged. The thought briefly crosses my mind that I should buy him some chapstick when I get out of here. “The thing that was… is… possessing me is called a Nogitsune. That’s kind of hard to pronounce though. Void is easier to say.”

         He launches into a detailed explanation of the Japanese spirit, how it feeds off of pain and suffering and chaos. He informs me of the Nemeton, how the door was opened inside his mind. He tells me about the constant battle in his head for control, how Void always seems to have one extra move ahead of Stiles.

         “How is all of this even possible?” I whisper when he’s finished. “How can it even be real?”

         “I’ve been asking myself the same thing ever since the bite.”

         I shift my shoulder subconsciously. “The bite?”

         “Oh yeah… Scott… he’s kind of a werewolf.”

         Here comes the part somehow makes everything else make sense. I hear about the misadventure in the woods. I hear about the beginning of the pack. I hear about the scream that started it all. I hear about the hunters and the magic and the monsters.

         When he’s through, he swipes the water glass on my bedside and chugs it. “So now you know everything,” he concludes. “Can you at least try to understand why I kept this all from you?”

         I nod. He offers a sigh of relief, sinking back in the chair.

         Silence. The buzzing of the lights above us. The hum of the monitor. The chatter in the hallway.

         “No questions?” He raises his eyebrows. “You’re just ready to accept all of that?”

         “You forget I’ve seen Void. Twice.” I look him in the eyes. “It’s not that hard to believe there are great evils out there after meeting him.”

         His face falls. His face is so full of sorrow and sympathy that I have to look away.

         Another pause stretches between us. “Can I ask you something?” He’s leaning forward again. He can never stay in the same position for very long. When I nod, he struggles to get the words out. “What exactly did he do to you?”

         I don’t say anything for a moment. I don’t know how to even begin to describe my time with Void. Stiles mistakes my silence for reluctance, so he tries prompting. “Now that you’re involved in all this…” He waves his head around and makes a face. “You’re a part of the pack. And the rest of the pack is going to want to know what happened. And I get that it’s probably hard to talk about, so if you tell me, you won’t have to repeat it. Makes it easier.” He swallows thickly. “Plus… I want to know.”

         I open my mouth but nothing comes out.

         Stiles is antsy. “He didn’t, like…” He doesn’t say the word, merely inclines his head slightly and raises his brows a fraction. “Because I read your injury reports and nothing sounded like that.”

         “No, he didn’t…” I avoid the word too, settling for shaking my head and wrapping my arms around myself. “How did you get access to my files?”

         “…it was more of a covert thing.”

         I scoff. “Covert? As in illegal?”

         “I prefer to define ‘covert’ as ‘no one else knowing about the ways you break the law out of concern for a friend.’”

         I find myself smiling. Typical Stiles.

         “So…” He edges forward until his butt is barely on the seat.

         The smile drops. “I don’t know where to start.”

         “Try the beginning.”

         I roll my eyes. “Okay.” I keep my eyes on the foot of my bed. “I was kind of mad at you when you dropped me off… but I’m assuming now that it was for a pack thing, right?” When he nods, I continue. “So I was having a night-in when your dad came over. You know this part already.” I wave my hand dismissively.

         “After your dad left, I decided to try and give you a call. I went to let Bingo inside, but he didn’t come to the door. I heard music coming from my room so I went to investigate. You… he… Void was sitting on my bed with Bingo in his lap and your cellphone beside him. We exchanged some words, obviously, because I thought it was you and I was mad. But then…” I feel tears stinging at my eyes. “Stiles, he killed Bingo.”

         “Oh no, not Bingo.” I can hear the pain in his voice; Stiles isn’t making fun of me.

         “Yeah,” I whimper, trying to suppress my tears. “And then I was holding his body and Void just… he was throwing me around. Literally. And he was saying these things…” I shake my head, unable to stop crying now. As I retell it all, I’m hit with waves of emotion. “And he got on top of me and-”

         Stiles reaches out to touch my arm, falters, and rests it on the bar lining my bed. “Hey, easy, Y/N. It’s all over, okay? Just calm down.”

         I’m sobbing, curled into myself. I’m unable to say the words, so I yank aside the collar of my dress to reveal my shoulder and neck. “Look what he did to me!” I nearly scream. “That’s never going to go away! I’m going to have that forever!”

         He stares at the circle engraved in my shoulder, a look of pure torture on his face.

         I let go roughly. “And then he choked me. I thought I was going to die. He was choking me. I thought I was going to die.”

         I keep my gaze on the bumps of my knees under the sheets. I sniffle, gradually gaining back some control. “He came to see me a few minutes ago, in a dream… and I know that sounds bizarre, and like it probably wasn’t real, but I know that it was real, Stiles, and-”

         “Hold on a second.” Stiles points a long, battered finger at me. “You said that he came to you in a dream? Like, just before I came in here?” He points to the door and wiggles his finger in a circle as he bites his lower lip.

         “Yes,” I say. “And-”

         “Y/N, I was sleeping in the hallway. Scott’s mom woke me up to come in here.”

         That eerie silence again. I swallow hard. “So you’re saying-”

         “That it was real? That he probably did visit you while we were conked out? Yeah. That’s exactly what I’m saying.” He rubs his palms together. “So what happened? Did you just talk, or-”

         “He broke my wrist.” Stiles blinks, shocked at the finality of the statement. “And we talked… a lot.” I tuck a strand of hair behind my ear. “And at one point he got on top of me, but it was more for just taunting me than anything else. Somehow that was worse.” I don’t mean for the last part to slip out.

         Stiles furrows his eyebrows. “What do you mean? What was he saying?”

         It’s my turn to bite my lip. “Just… the stuff about Lydia. And about you.”

         He raises his chin in understanding. “Got it.” He nods three times very quickly after that, rolling his shoulders forward and placing his elbows on his knees again as he examines the floor. “You know, Y/N, some time we’re going to have to talk about this. I mean really, really talk.”

         “What is there to talk about?” I find myself asking. “You know I care about you. Apparently Void knows, too, because it’s his favorite way to hurt me.”

         “Yeah, but I care about you too.” He runs a hand over his face. “It just really sucks that you had to find out this way.”

         I laugh, but it’s empty.

         Stiles is quiet for a moment – I’ve never seen him remain so still for so long. Then, warily, he brings his hand up and over the railing. I know what he’s doing. I can hear the monitor freaking out on me, but it sounds like a background noise; I can barely hear it over the blood rushing in my ears.

         Slowly, Stiles slips his fingers under my limp hand. They slide between the slots waiting for his, squeezing softly. “Is this okay?” he asks, staring at where we are joined.

         “Yeah,” I manage. It’s the most simple and innocent gesture, one meant to provide comfort and assurance that the one you care about cares for you too and is there. But this is something I’ve imagined for years, something I’ve yearned for with every fiber of my being. And in this moment, with all that we’ve been through, it feels incredibly intimate. I’m on Cloud Nine, the only thing holding me to Earth being Stiles and his warm grip on my hand.

         “We’re going to get through this, okay?” Stiles promises me. “And we’re going to do this together. No more secrets.”

         “No more secrets.” I breathe in total agreement.

         Stiles nods. He brings up my hand to softly kiss the back of it, then lowers it back to the bed and rubs his thumb over the scorching spot. For the first time in a long time, I feel at peace. I feel secure. I feel safe.

anonymous asked:

Who do you think has been the best US player post-olympics?

With the NT:

USWNT vs Thailand –> 1 goal (Played 1st Half)

USWNT vs Netherlands –> Forced an own goal 😏  (Played 2nd Half)

USWNT vs Switzerland –> 1 Goal + 1 Assist (Played 2nd Half)

USWNT vs Switzerland –> 1 Goal + 1 assist (Played 2nd Half)

USWNT vs Romania –> 3 Goals + 1 Assist (Played 1st Half)

USWNT vs Romania –> 1 Goal + 1 assist (Played entire game)

With Chicago Red Stars:

Sky Blue FC Vs Chicago Red Stars –> 1 Goal

Chicago Red Stars Vs Seattle Reign FC –>  1 Goal via PK 💁

Chicago Red Stars FC Kansas City –> 1 Spectacular Goal

FC Kansas City vs Chicago Red Stars –> :(

Chicago Red Stars vs Washington Spirit –> 1 Goal

Championship Semis vs Spirit –> 1 Goal



Paris is one of the candidate cities to host the Summer Olympics in 2024. What if that happens in the world of Miraculous ? Adrien, ~23, could compete as an Olympic athlete in Swordplay. 

However he would be late at the Parade of Nations because of an akuma…

Imagine Ladybug and Chat Noir, igniting the Olympic flame, and Adrien winning the gold medal in front of his girlfriend Marinette, who became stylist ! ♥

I don’t know if it has been done before, if this is the case I’m sorry

280 Followers, Merci !!!

“Facts about RGB that didn’t show up in the main comic” masterpost

I did my best with these. If you have one that I forgot, just add it and provide a link to where it was originally stated! I meant to have this be for the whole comic but man just the RGB stuff made this post long enOUGH. There is now a separate post for Hero over here.

Anywho, figured this would be helpful for newer folks who don’t want to go spelunking in the depths of the Internet to find this stuff!

So, without further ado!

He is 5′5″ tall. [x]

He has a very athletic build, based on Olympic ice skaters. [x] [x]

His birthday is May 21st (coincidentally, this makes his astrological sign Gemini. This seems to have been on purpose) [x] [x]

His zodiac animal is a rooster. [x]

The way that his collar is turned up is due to static electricity [x]

He smells like pennies and ozone [x]

The “color drool” that drips from his screen actually has a meaning. The nature of this, however, is unknown. [x]

His voice is sounds like “Patrick McGoohan crossed with Colin Firth“. [x] [x]

He is pansexual. [x] [x]

Aside from Madras, he has also dated a prism-headed magician named Magnus. [x] [x]

His favorite tea is rooibos. [x]

His antennae are quite sensitive [x]

He dislikes cats, having once encounted some in a Hero-recruiting gone wrong. [FOR THE LIFE OF ME I CAN’T FIND THE POST BUT I REMEMBER SEEING IT]

He loves puns, but only if he is the one making them [x]

He has musical talents, a good singing voice, and is fond of the ukelele. [x] [x]

He is a fan of Mary Poppins [x]

Negative RGB does not seem to appear exclusively when wet, and instead whenever RGB “dies”. [x] [x]

He does not consciously know about Negative. [x]

He DOES however know what is being played on his screen when he is in TV mode. [x]

His Hogwarts house would be Slytherin. [x]

His gemstone would be Bismuth, with a hook/chain weapon. [x] 

If he were an animal, he would be a coyote or a red fox. [x] [x]

If he were a Pokemon, he might be a Girafarig [x]

His wardrobe is influenced by Yellow Submarine, among other things [x]

RGB was originally a shadow persona of Mod, who took on a life of his own.


a propos of nothing in particular: you know your sj praxis has jumped the shark if “lol $outgroup tears” is your response to literal and not figurative tears

relatedly–you know multi’s old post about how axes of structural oppression are treated (supposed undesirability of Oppression Olympics behavior aside) as relatively, if not absolutely, hierarchical? how it goes, more or less, race>gender>cis/transness>class>[dis]ability->neuro[a]typicality? well I saw a post on an identity politics blog that, no joke, treated the notion of mental illness in the outgroup as worthy of mockery. Like it was an image macro that just said “$Outgroup member: But have you considered, I have an anxiety” or something like that. That was the punchline.

it really is at the bottom

not that I’m playing Oppression Olympics or anything