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Happy new year everyone! 🎉 Here in Italy we use to eat lentils the last day of the year, it should brings ‘money’ (never happened in my life, but lentils are good)

also sorry for basically being a ghost in the past three/four months, uni life has been very intense this year (I barely have the time to draw for myself) but HEY it’s my last year and, if everything goes right, I might try to go to an art school after I graduate!! It’d be a dream!!! For now I wish you all a very energetic new year!! Thank you always for your support 💕

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on jakku giving people food freely (i.e. as a gift with no expectation of return) and saying its a gift is how they propose marriage. Giving different food back is how you accept. Rey in the resistance is SO CONFUSED. Why are you all into polygamy resistance people. Everyone is proposing to me. Im flattered general but really jfc where did this come from. I don't even know you random mechanic #6! Oh.... poe/finn... thank you for the apple. Would you like a space potato?


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So I was rereading The Two Towers the other day, and it struck me that there is literally one instance in that entire book that Legolas speaks without being prompted to someone he doesn’t know.  And that out of three instances in the entire book that he speaks to someone he doesn’t know at all (one of whom is not even a person, but an Ent, which I don’t think counts since elves talk to trees anyway).  And it made me think back on what we see of Legolas, and come up with the following headcanon which I present for your perusal: shy Legolas.

Legolas who is fine in his woodland home, because they’re all elves; everyone basically gets to know each other, because you have so many centuries in which to develop at least some level of comfort with each other.  But he doesn’t really go very far away very often, particularly if you headcanon him as being kind of young, so he’s not very good at talking to people outside of his immediate sphere.

So, painfully shy Legolas who takes on the role as messenger to Elrond because he feels responsible for what happened to Gollum.  Legolas who spends the entire time before the council sweating in anticipation of having to speak to someone else – to a lot of someone elses, in fact.  Legolas who has been psyching himself up so intensely and for so long that as soon as someone mentions Gollum, he’s blurting out his news – no matter that he’s kind of interrupting someone, he’s been working on these words for the last three days, they’re coming out right now.

Legolas who goes on this journey with a ton of people that he doesn’t know. I imagine he’s met Aragorn, at very least because Aragorn brought Gollum to them, and he knows Gandalf, because who doesn’t know Gandalf.  But other than that, there are all these new intimidating people that he doesn’t know, and they seem great, but he has no idea how to interact with them, and he keeps getting tongue-tied when he tries to say anything.

Legolas who is actually really lovely when you get to know him – he’s sweet, and can wield some devastating sass, and he actually has quite the poetic streak, but you really only get to experience that part of his personality once he’s become comfortable with you.

So, Legolas who spends the first few weeks of the Fellowship’s journey saying almost nothing to anyone but Gandalf and Aragorn. Everyone else thinks he’s stuck-up, but he’s actually just too uncomfortable to know what to say to them. And then he finally starts gaining some confidence on Caradhras, because finally he doesn’t feel like he’s at a terrible disadvantage, but of course he just ends up aggravating everyone because – now that they’re all miserable is when he decides to be cheerful?  So they all just think he’s self-absorbed and kind of rude, when really he’s just socially awkward and terrible at first impressions.

And then Moria happens, and Gandalf “dies,” and they make it to Lothlorien, where Legolas is kind of the only person who CAN negotiate for them.  And he does his duty when he has to – besides, these are wood-elves, the closest to his people he’s run into anywhere else, so he’s at least able to talk to them about the Fellowship and ask them for passage. Besides, Gandalf is dead, and he’s too busy being sad to be anxious.

Legolas who is one of the only ones who can look at Galadriel for very long because a) he’s an elf, and more used to this sort of thing, and b) he’s frankly so relieved he doesn’t have to talk out loud that having her in his mind is nothing.  And maybe she’s able to sort of gently ease his worries about the people around him, at least to the point where he starts relaxing enough around the other members of the Fellowship to interact with them like a regular person – or, elf.

This headcanon actually makes me have even stronger feelings about his relationship with Gimli – because a) once they become friends, the two of them are almost never seen outside of each other’s company, and b) Gimli often seems to be the designated speaker, but what he says applies to both of them. Also, Gimli is very confident, self-assured, and charming.  Legolas is decidedly none of those things.

So, looking back through their relationship starting from the beginning: Gimli’s ready to try to look beyond the elf-dwarf feud, because he’s diplomatic enough to realize that they need to be able to get along for the rest of the Fellowship.  So he makes some cautious overtures towards friendship, which Legolas responds to with one-word answers and lack of eye contact – which leads Gimli to think that he’s giving himself airs, when actually Legolas just has no clue how to do this social thing.  So then Gimli, offended, gets a little snippy towards him, which makes Legolas withdraw further, and before Lothlorien they’re both pretty much ignoring each other, with the occasional snappish comment here and there.  And of course the blindfold business doesn’t help matters.

But in Lothlorien, the Lady gives Gimli the inspiration to try to look beyond the feud again, and gives Legolas a little more confidence.  So Legolas goes to Gimli and tries to apologize for the blindfold thing, and Gimli – while not quite ready to forgive – does sense that he’s really uncomfortable and is honestly trying, so he gives him a chance. They start spending more and more time together, and eventually Gimli realizes that Legolas is actually lovely one-on-one, but he’s just so uncomfortable around unfamiliar people.  

This activates Gimli’s mama-bear instincts, and he sort of becomes Legolas’s protector.  I imagine that the two of them become really good at communicating nonverbally in the presence of other people (though of course they do talk when they’re together), but they just get a really good feel for each other, and usually Gimli is able to just speak for both of them after no more than a shared glance and some facial expressions.  And they become each other’s most important people, and make sure to stay close all the time.

This, of course, makes “he stands not alone” even more touching and poignant, because this is the only time in the entire book that Legolas speaks to someone unfamiliar without first being spoken to. (Which gives me EVEN MORE FEELINGS ABOUT THIS SCENE THAN I ALREADY HAD) The thing is, Gimli is all set to speak for both of them: Eomer asks why the two of them aren’t saying anything, and Gimli immediately goes on the defensive.  Which would make sense because he’s not only defending Galadriel, but also taking some of the heat off of Legolas with his own reaction.  Eomer of course reacts – and then Legolas leaps in to defend Gimli without any prompting. The thing that makes him overcome his reluctance to speak is Gimli being threatened.

I also – to move things into the more romantic angle; forgive my shipper heart – absolutely headcanon that Legolas was the first of the two to realize his feelings, and also the first to bring it up – and I think that that, too, is heightened by Legolas being so timid and awkward.  Because Gimli makes him feel comfortable – enough to tease, enough to defend, and enough to confess.  I think it’s even more meaningful if this poor awkward and socially-anxious elf is the first one to gather the courage to speak.

Basically: Legolas is shy and socially awkward and Gimli is confident and protective and they both deserve all the hugs.

Beauty of the Ball

Title: Beauty of the Ball

 Summary: No one wants to fly solo to the biggest celebration of the year, and yet you find yourself in that exact predicament.  That is until a very kind king decides to change that.  

 Warnings: None?

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The battle was won, Erebor reclaimed, and thanks to the amazing healing power of the elves, everyone got out with their lives.  Sure, Thorin had to use a cane to walk and Fili had some back problems now, but they were alive, and that was all that mattered.

It is what brought the company to this day.  It was about a week before the big celebration.  They were going to call it “Thorin’s Day”, to honor the bravery of their new king as he faced the dragon and reclaimed his kingdom.  Many argued, and by many you mean Nori and you, jokingly, that it should be named “The Company’s Day” but it didn’t have the same ring to it.

Planning and preparations were in full swing, the food being planned, wine and ale purchased, the now golden floored hall being decorated, it was a site to see.  Now that the other dwarves had returned, life was bustling once again in Erebor, it was great to see the carefree smiles that no longer held worries of dragons and death, but instead were optimistic of the future.

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I’m sure someone has done this before but please consider a Marichat/Adrienette Tarzan AU where Adrien grows up in the jungle, but instead of being raised by apes, he’s found by black panthers. He finds a snarky brother figure in Plagg, runs around the jungle like a panther, swift and agile and stealthy in the night. He knows he’s different from his brother, but he doesn’t know why. He has seen humans, and though he seems to have the same kind of head and arms and torso and legs as them, he doesn’t look like them, he doesn’t think he’s one of them, not really. The colors of his skin and hair are unlike the other humans hunting in the jungle, with their dark bodies painted and their sharpened spears pointed at Adrien’s animal brothers.

One day he stumbles on the crash site and finds the plane. Plagg somewhat tries to steer him away, but Adrien is drawn to the strange jagged metal. He slinks into the plane and finds a photograph–though he doesn’t really know what a photograph is, he’s innately sharp enough to work out that it’s some kind of painting. He’s elated to find that the humans on it look quite like himself, not like the other hunting humans he’s seen. One of the humans on the photo is a tall man with short silver hair and intelligent eyes, and the other is a woman long flowing hair and a gentle smile. Adrien’s heart pangs at the sight of them, though he doesn’t know why. And then there’s another human, a cub–a baby–sitting on the woman’s lap. This little human has fluffy hair, and bright eyes… It eerily looks like Adrien himself, when as a boy he used to look at the clear, still water of the watering hole before the other animals came in.

With a jolt Adrien realizes what the photograph is, and what the destroyed state of the plane means. He looks at Plagg, so many questions hammering in his chest but nothing getting past his throat. Plagg says nothing, but, in a rare show of affection, rubs the top of his head on Adrien’s shoulder.

Meanwhile, Marinette has been sent into the jungle to cook for a scientific expedition. While Mme. Mendeleiev is mostly a camper, she’s too busy doing science things to eat, much less prepare meals, thus the need for a cook. And while Mme. Mendeleiev is an intense, rather acidic personality, Marinette is given time to walk around the perimeter of the camp and sketch. One day she dares to stray a bit farther than she usually does, and chances upon a ladybug resting on a leaf. She very carefully hunkers down on her belly to inspect it before it flies away. With keen eyes, she commits the scene to memory: the exact shade of red, the number of spots, the way the light fell on the trees, and the green, green eyes in the shadows– 

Marinette gasps, freezing in place. For several moments, nothing moves, not even the air nor the little ladybug resting on the leaf. And then the body that owns the green eyes inches forward. Her heart pounding against her ribs and the ground below, Marinette drinks in the sight of the figure before her. Dirtied hands, lean but strong arms, fair but slightly tanned human skin, dazzling golden hair, and the most curious green eyes Marinette has ever seen.

Edit: Aaaand I’ll be putting all related drabbles and things in the #feral!adrien au tag.

Day #29

Hey peeps!
It is with much relief that I say I am FINALLY getting over kidney stones 2017. Just when I thought I was better, nope! More stones and 2 surgeries later, here we are! But all is better now. I had my second stint removed yesterday morning and I feel SO much better this morning. I got THE BEST sleep last night, first time in a month! All of this struck right at the beginning of my HRT journey which was really unfortunate, but IT DID NOT CONQUER ME! I stuck with my hormones even through all of the other medication once I got the green light from my doctor. Today is 29 solid consecutive days on HRT and it is definitely showing in my opinion. A picture only says so much, but my skin is getting so soft, it is really nice and makes me smile. It has been difficult separating my emotions because some things I was experiencing were because of the kidney stones or medications they had me on. So, I am excited to really tune into my mental state as I begin finishing my antibiotics and eventually get back to just taking my hormones. I did have a bit of an emotional spell right before Mothers day, but that very well might not have been hormones. I had a lot of stress going on unrelated to why I felt like I was having such intense emotions. Like I said, I am glad to be getting back to just my hormones.

Also, I know it is not Tuesday.
But honestly, whatever. 
This shirt is comfy.


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can we talk about harry getting a little tattoo on his ring finger when he gets married?? just imagine how sweet it'd be aww

PLEASEEEE I THINK ABOUT THIS OFTEN BECAUSE IT’S LITERALLY SOMETHING HARRY WOULD DO!!! He’d be so cute about it, too, and maybe he doesn’t even tell you when he has one of his mates that have done a million of his other smaller tattoos do it. It could happen a month of so after the wedding and honeymoon (which was nearly a whole month itself and Harry had told everyone to fuck off while the two of you disconnected from the rest of the world for a bit). You’ve had a little over a week to settle in as newlyweds now, though, not that it took much, because you finally stopped paying rent at your own place and moved in with Harry completely about a year ago (even though he had been begging you to for months beforehand, because you mostly lived together, anyway, so it just made sense and you were just wasting money). Today’s been his first day back at work, though, which really just entailed going to a few meetings and getting a bit of writing done for his next album, and the rest of the time was spent fucking around with his team. 

When he comes home, he finds you in the kitchen finishing up dinner, and he wraps his arms around your waist from behind and presses his face into your neck. “’F you tracked dirt into this house because you refuse to take your shoes off at the door, ‘m gonna’ kill you,” you tell him, placing a hand over his on your tummy, and you feel him smiling against your skin. “You wouldn’t. Can’t live without me,” he shoots back, and you spin around until you’re facing him, and he’s grinning down at you (and you, up at him). He leans in after that, but you turn your head so that he misses your lips and gets your cheek instead. You expect him to put up a fight, pretend that he’s hurt, but instead he just presses his lips harder against your cheek, grabs for your hands, and laces your fingers together. He’s got you pressed between his body and the counter by the time he starts peppering wet kisses along your jaw, and you groan, doing your best to move away from his assault. His grip tightens and he presses up against you a bit harder. “You’re so annoying,” you complain, but you’re out of breath from laughing so hard, and he knows you don’t mean it. “‘S too bad. Y’stuck with me,” he counters, bringing your intertwined hands up, and that’s when you see it. 

You’ve had an obsession with looking at Harry’s left hand ever since you put his wedding ring there during your ceremony, and each time your heart has lurched and you’ve nearly caught a sob in your throat. This time it’s no different, but it’s more intense than it has been since the first few days, because there’s the tiniest bit of black ink just below where his new, shiny wedding band rests against the fourth finger. Said ink appears to be in the shape of your first name’s initial, in your handwriting, and there’s a red sort of glow around it, which leads you to think that it may be permanent. That thought makes you feel a bit dizzy and you must look very suddenly drained of color, because Harry narrows his eyes at you, and then follows your gaze to his finger. He smiles, and you look up at him with wide eyes. “You like it, then?” He questions, his voice his softer, but just hearing the rasp of it brings a smile to your face and you hold his left hand tighter. 

“Is it real?” You murmur, and he lets out a breath of laugh, because it very obviously is, but your voice sounds genuinely filled with wonder as if you don’t quite believe it. “’Ve got ‘big’ tattooed on one of ‘m big toes, ‘nd you’re asking me ‘f your initial is real or not?” He teases, and you want to swat at his chest, but you’d rather keep holding his hands, squeezing them as if to encourage him to further explain. “Remember when I told you I didn’t even need a ring? That night when you thought I was proper smashed ‘nd I was beggin’ you to let’s just get married already, and your argument was that we didn’t have rings yet?” He starts, and you give him a small nod, and he lets out another quiet laugh. “I believe I told you we could just get tattoos ‘f some sort on our ring fingers after, didn’t I?” You nod again, and he brings his hands up to cup your cheeks, and you wrap your arms around his middle, hugging him close to you. You had been together right around four years now, and you still were never able to get close enough to him. “Still wanted mine. Even if you wouldn’t let me marry you that night. You’re part ‘f me. Already were, but now y’can see it,” he says, and you turn your head to press a kiss to his palm and then you’re leaning up to kiss him properly right after. 

Harry makes a choked off sound, like he’s surprised by the kiss, but he melts into it easily. You think you could probably kiss him forever, just like this – standing in the middle of your kitchen, you in your joggers and t-shirt, and Harry in the same except he’s got on jeans, feeling the newest sensation of feeling an extra ring on his hand as he cups your cheek. It’s breathtaking, and you’re certain no one has ever been as in love as the two of you are. When you pull apart for a bit of air, you tell him that you want his initial, too, and he raises an eyebrow. “Y’can have it t’night if you trust me enough t’let me do it,” he tells you, and you nod quickly. He’s no tattoo artist, you know that, but he does have a kit, and he’s got enough tattoos himself to know how to do it properly. He’s also tattooed a few of his mates, just as they’ve done him, so you know he knows what he’s doing. Also, there’s something about Harry tattooing his own initial, in his handwriting, into your skin that makes it beyond intimate. Just the idea makes you feel hot all over and needy for him, so you press closer and drag your hand over the dip in his back beneath his t-shirt. He clearly doesn’t pick up on it, though, because he smiles as he presses a peck to your lips and steps away. You whine because that’s all you get out of him. 

Not a minute later, though, you catch his smirk and realize that he has, in fact, picked up on it, but instead of doing something about it, he’s taking two plates from the cabinet and placing them on the counter beside the dish of pasta you’ve successfully made (and forgotten about in the fifteen minutes he’s been home). When he speaks, it seems so sudden that you nearly jump. “Know tattoos get y’ all hot ‘n bothered, baby, but think about how bad y’gonna’ want it after I’ve done your tattoo,” he tells you, turning back to face you and setting both plates in front of the barstools at the island in the center of the kitchen. “Remember when y’got your first? Could hardly keep y’off ‘f me while I drove us home,” he says, and his voice is fond and you love when he does this – pretend he’s not just as affected as you are. You let him be cocky, even if you know the truth. “Promise I’ll take good ‘f you after we’re finished. Know how wet it gets you,” he murmurs, once you’re sitting beside him, and you lean over to press a kiss just below his jaw, and he places a hand on the inside of your thigh. 

You end up getting two tattoos that night – an ‘H’ in his handwriting, just below where your wedding band rests, to match his, and a heart he’s drawn directly on the skin of your hip. “’S a fuckin’ shame ‘m not gonna be able t’get my mouth on y’there for a week now,” he tells you after he’s finished, and you tell him there are plenty of other places he can put his mouth in the meantime.

And he does


you being a good slave for him 


Xiumin would firstly make sure you weren’t being good because you had done something bratty, and were trying to play it off innocently, but rather that you were really being a good little girl for him. He’d then make sure to grant you a reward by fucking you, until you were close to passing out from overstimulation.

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Suho would be amazed you had been such a good little slave for him, as you were usually quite the opposite, and would show you his gratitude by tying you against the bed post, and placing various vibrators at your entrance, in order to make you cum various times, as strong as possible.

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He would’ve made a bet with you a few weeks back, saying that if you succeeded in being a good slave for him for a complete month, he’d let you dominate him. When you accomplished this, he would be amazed, but nonetheless, a deal is a deal, so he would let you order him around as you desired for an entire night.

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This huge tease would find you being so good for him as a major turn on, and wouldn’t hesitate to compensate you. He’d use one of his silk ties and would place it around your eyes, instantly intensifying your sense, as he’d take you harder than he ever has, making you moan out his name multiple times during the night.

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Seeing as you were being so good for him, chen would let you choose your own reward. Whatever it is you’d come up with though, he’d intensify it , doing everything rougher, and harder than you had originally asked, nearly making you not able to stand for the next couple of days following.

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He’d act oblivious to your ways, wondering how long you were going to keep up the facade. However the moment he talked to you about it and you denied it ever being an act, he threw you a devilish smirk and instantly pushed you up against the nearest wall, reminding you how you should always behave, in just a matter of seconds.

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He would think you were also trying to cover up for something you’d done  and would try to reach your breaking point, teasing you at literally every chance he’d get to try and make you misbehave. Once you did, he’d remind you why you shouldn’t ever play him and would punish you for slipping up so easily.

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“Baby girl, Ive been noticing just how obedient you’ve been acting these couple of days. I wanted to tell you sweetheart, daddy is very happy about that and has a reward in store for you. I just hope you still remember your safe word.”

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Sehun would keep intense calculation on the number of days you had been good. Four days? Four intense orgasms in store for you. Six days? Six orgasms. Everyday that you’d behave he’d add more onto the reward you were getting. The moment you finally misbehave is the day hell will break loose, seeing as that would be the day you were finally going to get the heavenly compensation he had for you.

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I couldn't find anything on google about witchfire, what is it exactly, how does one light it, and why does it die out?

Witchfire is a term I have recently seen come into use. As far as I can tell it is the replacement term for witchblood because that term was too easily misinterpreted as referring to race. Some people believe that witches (or witches of a certain type) have to have their magical power awakened by spirits in order to become witches. And some of the people who believe that believe that such magical power can also be taken away by the spirits.

This has seemed to be a recent trend in tumblr. Before idk the last year to sixth months…the popular trend was to believe that some people were born with extra potential to be witches—natural talent and that was known as witch blood while others ended up gifted due to interaction with spirits or by devoted practice could get to a similar level of ability.

Lately there has been a train of thought that this witchfire thing can only be lit by a pact or oath with a spirit that is very upsetting and intense. What is described is a type of ego death and rebirth similar to the anthropology concept of shamanic death.

Alternatively, many witchcraft traditions have a different kind of oath to spirits that is quite lovely, but not in vogue these days—but was mentioned often in the witch trials, folksong and folklore of spirit romance or marriage. Now while this could be frightening, it is often quite lovely. A couple years ago on tumblr it was what my friends and I wrote about quite often (before my friends faded off this site—I am too taurusly stubborn to go) the spirit familiar romance, which is alike to a marriage. Similarly spirit relationships of this vein can be like friendships or kinship. In the case of kinship types, the spirits are sometimes provided to you by an elder witch either from your family, ancestors or adopted patron lineage.

All that aside, as far as the larger witchcraft scene outside of the trends of tumblr, spirit work of some kind—not particularly pacts or initiations or oaths or ego deaths—is fairly central to traditional witchcraft. Many people begin to be traditional witches by tending to a garden and connecting with the spirit of a particular plant or tree. Or they make an ancestor altar and start to commune with either ancestors of family or those of vocation (other witches and magical people). Or they start leaving out milk for fairies, etc.

In terms of things like witchblood, witchfire, or silver or red threads—my experience has been that in most cases, a person who takes an interest in witchcraft and sticks with it for awhile is meant to be a witch whatever the term. The spark of interest to me is your intuition noticing the calling. And one way or another if your interest persists you will be a witch or simply are one.

What I really love about ace is that they’re the best metaphor for the underdog. They’ve done amazing covers both singing, dancing, and both on their YouTube that’s better than some famous groups covers, yet do any of them exceed one million yet? Sehyoon was training with winner at yg, but stopped after a year and had to openly state that he trained with them for YG to notice. Junhee could have been an actor, and had a genuine chance at making it. Jason could have been a dancer for 1million and could have been as famous as lia Kim or continued to train with jyp. Donghun could have taught kids music and is the child of an amazing singer. Chan could have debuted at jyp with Jason. They’ve produced music that doesn’t follow the sound of Kpop but has the same music theory to make their song a catchy, yet haven’t won any serious awards. They had highly complex, intense, and professional choreography (more intense than some bts songs), but won’t be treated seriously because of what they wore on stage for a month. Their lives didn’t change after debut, in fact they’ve just worked harder. Beat Interactive had to put them into survival shows so they could be seen by the very people they’ve worked for because they haven’t been able to succeed the way they should. And then being disrespected on those shows one day then dominating the next but still not treated right.

Ace has had so many other options, take career paths with much more stability and money, but chose to be idols for a small company because they wanted to be happy and enjoy what they did. Despite such little reward at the moment they still work their asses off because they just wanted to be good at what they love. And I have undying respect for that

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dyou have any....... Sad Headcanons? :0 i love torturing myself with sad headcanons lmao

I do.. 


  • Tried to contact his father at one point to casually slide in the fact that he’d made a successful band but his father brushed him off, it hurt him more than he’d hoped and Murdoc saw it as the last straw, he gave up on trying to talk to his father after that.
  • During phase 1 he’d frequently disappear for days and it would scare Noodle; she would cry, stay up, and call his phone to ask where he was but he never would answer
  • At one point when he was younger he wanted to be perceived as artistic and tender, so he tried to do a stage performance - by his own choice, but everyone at the bar hated it and he quickly hardened in terms of himself as an artist but the work itself is still venerable (I’m thinking about the plastic beach lyrics versus how he presents himself as a rock star) 
  • Once smashed one of 2D’s customized pianos that he’d made with his dad and when he saw 2D’s face he genuinely felt very very ashamed.


  •  I imagine in phase 3 he did a bit of self harm for several reasons, by now most of them are in that light pinkish stage 
  • Can’t bear to look at photos of himself from when he was younger, he easily breaks down when he thinks about everything that’s happened in the long run
  • Sometimes in public when someone accidentally grabs him too hard or moves too quickly he’ll just shut down and start sobbing
  • Deeply ashamed of some of the things he said during phase 2
  • Sometimes he’ll be trying to do very normal things, like reading the paper, but the words just don’t make sense and he’ll re-read and go over and over but he’ll always just come back blank, the others try to help on days like this but in the end he’ll usually just cry of frustration and no one will really know what to say or do.
  • Shoots bottles in the backyard when he’s upset, he’s getting pretty good at it


 I like to think Russ has a lot of psychotic symptoms because it helps me deal with things and I think it makes sense in my mind. 

  • He has a lot of paranoia issues.
  • He falls into episodes very frequently and easily and because of his private nature it’s not always apparent but one of there others will walk into his room to ask him a question and they’ll see notes all over the walls and find out that Russel has been scared out of his mind for the past few days from delusions.  
  • Has a fear of walking alone in the city or being too out in the open, after the shooting he always makes sure he has somewhere to escape to.
  • Prone to just staying in bed all day and thinking and thinking and thinking
  • Obsessed with mortality, sometimes he’ll think about how noodle 2D murdoc (and katsu) are going to die and just start crying


  • Prone to very intense angry outbursts because she goes into a “fight or flight mode” very easily just from all the shit she’s been through and she can unintentionally lash out at the others
  • Has trichotillomania and frequently cuts/pulls her hair when she’s really stressed
  • She remembers the first time she genuinely saw Murdoc hurting 2D and her perception of him changed a lot that day. (Murdoc noticed she wasn’t as friendly and even looked a bit scared of him but she say anything when he prodded about it)
  • Noodle is sensitive at shows, the blinding lights and loud audience can sometimes stir memories of the El Mañana video, she just focuses harder on playing. 
  • Still has a lot of nightmares, she feels a bit childish in asking to sleep with any of the guys but when they can tell it gets bad the boys will take it upon themselves to just slip into the bed and hug her without saying a word.

I’m not sure if all of these these are necessarily sad but they’re things I think about pretty often, admittedly a lot of them are really self indulgent and just me transposing personal shit but u know we all do that 

Welcome, naughty children, to my latest Richard III rant! This time, we’ll be talking about how I think Richard III is usually played way too old and why I think his youth is an important trait to depict onstage!

So, Richard III is usually played by older actors. It makes sense, in a way- it’s a very major and challenging role that dominates his play, so of course theatre companies would want to cast an experienced actor, especially one who will likely sell a lot of tickets. And as a character whose perceived ugliness is important to the storyline, it’s a good opportunity for those who have aged out of young leading man roles like Romeo and Hamlet. Ian McKellen was in his fifties when he played Richard, Laurence Olivier in his late forties. But I don’t think that’s the most authentic way to portray the character.

First of all: history. Obviously Shakespeare plays fast and loose with historical fact, but the real Richard died at the age of 32. Yes, that’s right, he was younger at the time of his death than Richard II, who is usually played as very youthful, younger than Eddie Redmayne. In fact, Shakespeare’s histories truncate history somewhat, portraying the play as occurring only slightly after King Henry Vi’s death (his coffin is on display when Richard woos Anne. The real Richard married Anne at around age 20. If Shakespeare is condensing 13 years into this play, does that mean Richard is really only in his twenties?

Second of all: Continuity and context. In Shakespeare’s Henry Vi part 3, Richard’s role as the youngest brother is emphasized. He’s referred to as a “prodigy,” called “Dicky, your boy,” and a reference is made to his cracking, adolescent voice. Richard gets along well with his older brothers as they fight in war together until they begin settling down, getting married, and starting families; that is when he realizes how different his path must be from theirs, that at an age when other young men are pursuing love, he can only pursue power.

On top of that, Richard’s brother, Edward, is portrayed as a charismatic, swaggering young man in Henry Vi part 1 but is dying in Richard III. Most stage productions, divorced from the context of Henry Vi, imply that he is an old man whose death was sad but expected, but actually, Edward was only 40 when he died of a sudden illness. The frantic confusion surrounding his death is important to the play- a clear plan was never put into place about what would happen if Edward died while his sons were still children. He made Richard the lord protector in a last-minute deathbed decision.
That takes me to another facet of Richard’s characterization in the play: his intense disdain for Queen Elizabeth, his brother’s wife. Elizabeth was about 6 years older than her husband with grown children from a previous marriage. That makes her about 15 years older than Richard, who constantly makes snarky references to her age, referring to her “experience” and her advanced age both to her face and behind her back. He continually puts down older women and thinks of women as useful for nothing but their wombs and property claims, even killing his young wife in the hope of obtaining an even younger one, but it is three older women- his mother, Queen Margaret, and Elizabeth– who give him the real psychological snack down. Elizabeth absolutely destroys him in their scene together, a powerful matriarch who has seen right through him from the start. Why do I always see an older Richard dominating a young and vulnerable widow Elizabeth onstage?

Third of all: original performance. Shakespeare’s leading man, Richard Burbage, most likely originated the role of Richard. He would have been in his twenties when first playing Richard– younger than when he played those famous “leading man” roles, Romeo and Hamlet, that most actors tackle before “aging into” Richard today.

Fourth of all: modern day resonance. Yes, this is all very well and good, you might say, but nowadays, we want to see a Richard who reflects our political reality. He should be a stand-in for whatever old sleazy dudes are in power in America at the moment.

Maybe. But Richard on the page reminds me of another kind of dangerous man altogether. A young man born into privilege and fortune, but with a deep-seated sense that life has been unfair to him, an obsession with violence, intense misogyny and hatred of men who are more successful with women, and a predilection toward long soliloquys detailing his twisted world view? That reminds me of infamous mass-murderer Elliot Rodger, who killed 6 people and injured 14 at UC Santa Barbara in 2014. Rodger uploaded a long video explaining his motivations. Wikipedia says, “He explained that he wanted to punish women for rejecting him and that he envied sexually active men so he wanted to punish them for their sexual activity.”

In Richard III’s own soliloquys, he plots to destroy those who preoccupy themselves with love and sneers at those who caper in ladies’ chambers and make their heavens in ladies’ laps. He plots to conquer women who detest him and destroy men who trust him. There is a specific, deadly kind of self-pitying rhetoric seen in online forums dedicated to “incels”– men who are involuntarily celibate– like Elliot Rodger. They overemphasize their concepts of female shallowness, believing that bodily and facial proportions and physical attractiveness are the most important thing to women, that those who fall short of these standards are seen as “subhuman” and cursed to never know love. The idea that it is their behavior, not their appearance, that makes them repugnant to women never seems to occur to them, or to Richard.

Elliot Rodger was not a bad-looking man, but he was a reprehensible one. In our modern world, I’d like to see more Richards portrayed as less literally physically deformed and more preoccupied with the idea of being seen as deformed or otherwise untouchable, getting revenge against a world that he sees as having rejected him.

What do you think?

<(~_oO°~VvUu*_//❤️\-  S E R V A M P   A N I M E - //❤️\_*uUvV~°Oo_~)>

do you all remember that day,
that day we’ve all been waiting for… !
waiting for a masterpiece to become an Anime ~~! 5. July !

god aka StrikeTanaka said: “let there be the 5. July 2016 ”
~~~>// and then the ultimate Servamp Hype began \(*w*)/ !! \<~~~

what a great day to be alive,
now it’s the 5th of July, the very first anniversary for our beloved vampire series ❤️ (9 *w*)9 !!
 S E R V A M P
heeppiiiii basdeeeey Savanpu Animeee ~ :> ! höhö ~
It really has been an entire year, goddammit, time runs fast as always ;w;) It feels like as if it has been released a few months ago, ahah.. :’D
but still, good times, VERY GOOD TIMES…!
I know some of you weren’t there when the ServampAnime-Countdown started, but it is a fact that every ServampFan was hyped af and a lot of us even didn’t do homework or something >v>)b
Those last days before the release were intense with creating a lof of countdown-fanarts and screaming all day long.

And then when the Anime was actually released we cried happy tears, didn’t sleep and probably watched the first episode like 6 times xD
like, it was truly beautiful, almost everyone had holidays so it’ll be pure heaven to watch the series >w>)9 ! srsly, couldn’t have been a better time ~

At that point tuesday was the official Servamp day ! :D
nothing was more in important in life, IT JUST WASN’T.
And after having watched every single episode we fans talked about it, spammed pics all over our other acc’s, etc ~
For example my weekly SakuyaSpam on Instagram!  I simply posted almost every screenshot of Sakkun possible and wrote a bunch of texts down below =w=)❤️ ( especially enjoyable per episode 3 & 4..!! AHH YISSS ).
It was just incredibly amazing to see all those characters in actual bright colors, moving and speaking with those ikemen-voices! dayum all those seiyuus ~ everyone did a great job \\v\\) ! SAKUYA'SVOICELIKEGODDAMMITYUTOEARGASM24/7.

sadly there wasn’t the AliceinArc or the very first Servamp rendez-vous in the restaurant,
but ey,
it was still enjoyable, ne ? \( >v>)/
Even my father said he didn’t really understand what’s up in the Anime but he was truly impressed by those character designs/animations !
The alternative ending that people chose for the Anime wasn’t bad either, I liked that past of Tsubaki and how everything escalated right at the worldtree tower =v=)b
Of course the ending will be faaaaar more different ! so excited what will happen ~~ letthesufferingcome.. !
So if fans are sort of confused about nearly everything,
~~~ P L E A S E ~~~ ;///;)9 !!
the Manga is so much SO MUUUCHH deeper and exciting, just DO ITTTT :M !!
D O   I T

that having said it is still to say that the 5th of July is a very special day >w>)9 ! one of the best days in my entire life, ahah <3 mychildshallbeborntherehuehuehue
hope you had a lot of fun exisiting on that day too :>! If you entered later in the fandom, then IMAGINE THE LEVEL OF INSANITY WHAT HAPPENED BACK THEN òwó) !!
great times ~ gonna read my entire SakuyaSpam when I’m going to bed owo
And also remember, thanks to the Anime people got to meet new people an make friends ! It’s always great to meet new lovely people ~~
so THX A LOT SERVAMP-ANIME once again ( /*/////*)/!! words cannot even describe how great Servamp is, srsly

now my drawing,
have some Kuro with Kuro and Kuro !
Kuro carrying Kuro reaching for Kuro, bathing in Kuro’s kuro-ness and Kuro almost touching Kuro’s necklace.
can you feel his pain?
eheheh ~~~ !
last year I drew a Chibi Version of Kuro and his inner self with some water, and now the ‘upgraded’ version xD

// I’ll also post a Speedpaint of it on my yt channel! ( if everything goes right ) gotta post it a few days later :D ! //

~ HOPE U LIKE IT \( >w>)/ !!

Rules for my daddy

I has rules for my daddy too!

  1. Daddy can never feel like a bad daddy and if he does, he needs to talk to Princess about it. He’s the best and needs to know it. 
  2. Daddy must always be fair with punishments and let Princess know what she did wrong before punishing. 
  3. Daddy must never yell at Princess because yelling is scary. 
  4. Daddy must be as patient and understanding as possible. 
  5. Daddy must never force princess into anything she’s not comfortable with. 
  6. Daddy must eat three meals a day and let Princess help him be productive. Just because I’m little doesn’t mean I can’t help Daddy with life stuffs. 
  7. Daddy must always be honest with Princess even if he thinks the truth will hurt her feelings.
  8. Don’t make Princess make too many decisions. She’s not very good at it and Daddy should pick stuff.
  9. Daddy must always provide aftercare after an intense punishment or play session. Even when I’ve been bad, I need to be reassured that I’m loved. 
  10. Daddy has to love me and hug me and squeeze me and cuddle me and take care of me and hold my hand and kiss me and all sorts of the best stuff <3


  1. Loves and kisses and a happy bouncey little girl.
  2. Suckies
  3. Presents
  4. Mini-adventure: walk, explore, etc.


  1. Sad/bratty little
  2. Princess can tease Daddy with no touching allowed
  3. No cartoon time! Yes, that means no Gumball!
  4. Limited time with Princess/longer time apart.
a quiet life, a lonely life, a loving life

This fic is for kazliin​, who is an incomparable goddess and responsible for the amazing Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches, one of the best yuri on ice fanfics. It’s been a wild ride these past few months, and everything you gave us, we want to give back, in as many ways as we can. I hope you like this, and everything else we’ve made you <3 <3 <3 

i wrote this in between Chapter 13 and 14, so a lot of it got spectacularly jossed. but by the time chapter 14 came out i had already written 4k of it OTL. it seems a shame not to put it out, if only to show kaz that her fic has been pushing us to create and produce even before UMFB officially ended. 

EDIT: it’s kazliin’s birthday today, and i only found out! happy birthday kaz and thanks for everything in the rivals verse you are a gift. 

a quiet life, a lonely life, a loving life 

Summary: Morooka has been following Yuuri’s career. He doesn’t plan to stop.

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Episode 94, part 2: everyone’s favourite angry teenage CEO has a hallucinatory disassociative episode during a card game! (part 1 is here) (there will be a part 3, these dorks are pretty fucking chatty)




Ishizu has foretold his doom and accurately predicted every twist and turn of this duel so far, even correctly calling cards before Seto had even drawn them… she knows the future and she knows he’s going to lose, there’s nothing he can do… this is the worst day ever



so yeah, Kaiba’s a bit of a rollercoaster rn 

Yami is working some intense camera angles, the cinematography choices are bold this episode but I think they would have been better using that effort on keeping everyone’s eyes consistent sizes and shapes just saying

Yami’s dubious because Isis has really held her own during this duel and seems very confident

he’s also ADORABLE and WORRIED FOR HIS (boy)FRIEND how cute is that

in fact, Isis is a lot more cool and calm than Kaiba is and I think Yami’s able to tell: Kaiba’s talking big talk (as per fuckin usual) but he’s STALLING

like this isn’t like him; no dramatic pronouncement, no outrageous gestures, he doodles around asking if she’s ready and shit, and he’s sweating

Isis is ready, she’s seen this before and she remembers it for our benefit now:

I don’t know if this is in slightly fuzzy slightly sepia because that’s how she sees the visions or because that’s what her memory is like (if it’s her memory, her memory is quite like Yami’s but she remembers in “video” not “images”)

either way, it doesn’t end well for Seto

Seto Kaiba blasting off againnnnnn

Kaiba goes to call his attack and Yami Malik just fuckin heads off, so confident in Isis’s plan that he doesn’t even bother to stay to watch Seto lose (maybe he doesn’t know about the painful-looking explosion, it seems like that would be right up his twisted, sketchy-looking, don’t-go-this-way-after-dark alley)

Y’know, I’ll say it again: Yami Malik in the Japanese is weirdly complimentary. Like okay, “fearsome” is not always a word you expect people to take as a compliment but he definitely means it as one, and he’s very upfront about acknowledging both Isis’s and Mai’s dueling ability and strength. So way to go on being less sexist than a portion of the fandom, Mr Murderous Maniac.

In any case, he doesn’t get far…

Yami’s attention is attracted by the lightshow but almost immediately returns to Seto, who abruptly stopped talking halfway through the word “attack!” and is now staring into space and TRIPPING MERRILY THRU A 90s MUSIC VIDEO EFFECT

You can almost see the wheel spinning in his head: someone drugged me, the holograms are malfunctioning don’t be ridiculous KaibaCorp tech doesn’t malfunction, I’m experiencing the sudden onset of a high fever, someone’s hacked into the holograms, somehow this is being caused by Mutou lying about friendship–

But he’s confronted with a vision of the stone tablet of “definitely not me” and “definitely not that shortass Mutou” that Isis showed him in the museum, and I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP, HIS VISION LINGERS ON:

the images from the tablet flash across his eyes but he starts and ends on the image of Atem!

And then he sees a vision of something he hasn’t seen before:

I don’t believe he recognises “himself” in the young man, he focuses on the tablet, on his dragon, but he is briefly connected to his past self’s feelings


Although surprisingly, when he snaps out of it, he doesn’t start denying it or questioning how, he questions why

Somehow, he trusts his loyal dragon and decides the vision came from his most important card(s)

Which is why we ended up with a man standing on a blimp yelling “What the hell do you want?!” at his own hand of trading cards #justYGOthings


a/n: this has been written over the course of a couple of days so forgive me if it’s shit. Requests are coming soon!!

Warnings: SMUT, sMuT and more smut.

Summary: When you and Carl begin to get very heated something interrupts the two of you, but that doesn’t stop Carl.

You and Carl had the whole house to yourselves and you were sat on Carl’s lap, straddling him as he lay on the bed and you could feel him from beneath you. Wearing just one of Carl’s tops and underwear and Carl wearing just a top and boxers the friction was intense, making you both writhe with pleasure as you squirmed on his cock. You’d grind down against him and he’d chuckle letting out a small but strangled moan and each time you did it you could feel the dampness soaking through.

“I can feel how hard you are.” You whisper in his ear before bringing your lips to his cheek, then to the left corner of his mouth and then to the right.  

“And who’s fault is it?” You could hear Carl starting to get impatient and because of his lack of willpower he brings his hands to your face, pulling your lips to his. Your tongues move against each other and before you can let yourself get lost in it you pull away from him, sit up and move his hands from your face, pinning them to the sides of his head.  

“I take pride in the ability to make you this hard.” You laugh and you lower your head again, this time peppering kisses along his neck then moving on to the collarbones. You make your way south, stopping at the waistband of his boxers. You hook a finger in the waistband but don’t do anything and instead just stare at him, your eyes filled with lust and matching Carl’s as he stares back at you with his mouth gaping.  

You finally tug down the boxers and his length hits his stomach. You take a hold of him and look up at him and his head is against his pillow with his eyes shut tight. You stroke him for about a minute and little moans and grunts leave his mouth before you wrap your lips around the tip of his cock and suck harshly. Surprising you a little Carl lets out a loud moan and grips your hair. You smile to yourself and do it again and again and again

“Fuck (Y/n,) don’t stop.” He practically shouts. You begin to bob you head up and down and before you know it, you’re going as far as you can without gagging. When you bring your head up so you can breath and give yourself a minute Carl rises to, his face right up close to yours. You can feel his breath, the warmth of it had you shivering. He’s about to kiss you but a loud bang, the sound of things falling from downstairs had Carl and you rising to attention.  

He quickly gets his boxers back on and grabs his gun before running down the stairs and you following right behind him. You both enter the living room and are greeted to the site of Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie and Carol.

“What the hell was that?” Carl shouts, and you imagine that his heart must be beating as fast as yours. Each of their heads turn to look at the pair of you stood in the doorway and each of them smile and furrow their eyebrows at the same time.  

“Sorry, we didn’t want to disturb you guys but um,” Rick smirks, not making eye contact and tries to hold in his laughter. “Glenn dropped the plates.” You both sighed at the relief and you shut your eyes before realizing that you’re only in a top and underwear. You are thankful that the top you’re wearing as Carl’s because it isn’t very revealing and covers the most of you.  

“How are you guys back? How long have you been back?” Carl asked his dad and Michonne and they smile along with the others.  

“Long enough.” Rick says, making your cheeks heat up and turn red. “Carl, put some pants on your something.” He chuckles, still refusing to make eye contact. Looking down you see the reason why. The bulge in Carl’s underwear was very prominent and had you chuckling once you realized. He looked down and rolled his eyes before grabbing your hand and walking upstairs, pulling you behind him.

“I can’t believe that just happened.” He says, shutting his door behind him. You laugh again and he stares at you.

“I’m sorry, sorry.” You smile again and try to contain your laughter.

“Find it funny do you? Well you know what.” Before finishing his sentence he walks over to you and lifts you, ignoring your screams of laughter before throwing you onto the bed and crawling up your body. His fingers skim your up your body and you squirm at the touch, shutting your eyes and smiling. His face in front of yours when you open your eyes and he’s staring down at you, his eyes filled with an emotion. One you’d never seen before. It was lust, filled with love and you never wanted it to go away.

You lift your head so that your lips connect and his tongue enters your mouth while his hands travel towards your pussy. He pushes your thighs apart and brings his hand to your clit, wasting no time. You jump a little at the sudden contact but have no time to register it because he begins to rub quick, harsh circles. Disconnecting your lips from his he lowers his head to your neck and leaves tiny kisses and you moan out his name.  

You can feel the smile against your skin and although you are aware that his father is downstairs, you were to lost in the moment to care about anything or anyone else. He looks up at you and winks before entering a finger into you, slowly pumping it in and out. You shake from beneath him at the lack of sensitivity.  

“Carl, more.” You mewl, bucking up your hips against his finger but he removes it and pushed your hips back to the bed. He shushes you before bringing his head to level with yours and looking at you, all the while inserting two fingers into you. He begins to pump them and your breathing becomes faster and hasher by the second while your legs begin to shake from the intensity. He removes his fingers yet again, leaving you breathless and empty.  

He sits up, reaches his hand into the bedside table drawer, pulls out a condom and rips open the foil, rolling it onto himself. You bring your hands down to your clit and rub in circles for a couple of seconds before Carl pushes your hand away, replacing it with his. He holds his cock , placing it at your entrance and the moment felt so long as you waited for him to push into you. When he finally does your back is arching from the bed and your fingers are clenching onto the bed sheets.  

“fuck.” Carl’s tiny whimper has you bringing your hands up and into Carl’s hair and pulling him down to you as you place your lips on his.  

“Move, carl.” You whisper against his lips, your hands on his cheeks and he nods, moving his hips at a slow pace at first before speeding up. You bring your legs around his waist and begin to moan loudly at the new angle that Carl was hitting.

“You’re beautiful you know that. Even if you do embarrass me.” He breathlessly whispers in your ear and you moan even louder. At this point you didn’t care if the whole of Alexandria heard you two because you were too lost in the moment to care.  

“Fuck, Carl, I’m gonna cum.” You mutter the words as you feel your high approaching, your body trembling again, the feeling becoming too intense.  

“It’s okay (Y/n) baby, cum for me.” He kisses you and you assume it’s to muffle your moans and your hips roll with his. “Let go.” He whispers against your lips and before you can become aware of what is happening you can feel yourself clenching around Carl’s cock and him following you, spilling into the condom.  

His thrust grow sloppier by the second and he finally stops and kisses you for a second then pulls out of you, both of you feeling exhausted. Carl moves under the sheets after removing his condom and putting it into the bin and you join him, feeling his hands snake around your waist.  

“You really are gorgeous you know.” Carl’s eyes meet yours and you smile, your cheeks a bright shade of red. You lift your hand to his cheek and kiss him gently but you linger for a bit before staring at him.

“I love you.” You whisper before laying down and closing your eyes.  

“I love you too.” Is the last thing you hear before falling asleep in Carl’s arms.

anonymous asked:

My bus was half an hour late and I was in the rain. Pls some Keith headcanons if you got some, it would really cheer me up❤️

i’m so sorry!! i hope you can get under a warm blanket soon :(( but yes! of course!

  • Keith snorts when he laughs, the entire team finds it super endearing
    • they try to make him laugh after a hard day, it always brightens everyone’s mood
  • he isn’t normally very affectionate, but he randomly gets hit by waves of intense affection and just plops onto people
    • just, i need love *grabby hands*
  • pidge has pictures upon pictures of aliens crowding around keith
    • it makes no sense to any of them, he’s the most reserved of all of them, but the aliens always flock to him
    • especially pets, he’s been knocked down by hordes of dog-like aliens too many times too count
    • at this point he just kinda rolls with it
  • after finding out he’s deceptively strong, pidge and lance will randomly jump on him at any time during the day, trying to knock him over
    • it never works
    • keith gets Grumpy
      • his hair gets floofier when he does A Grump
  • he really likes baggy clothes, despite normally wearing tighter ones
    • when he actually sleeps, he sleeps in a shirt about three times his size
    • he loves it
this is real

Adrienette/Ladynoir reveal fluff

Rating: G+/T
Genre: Friendship, Romance
Characters: [Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir and Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug], Chloé Bourgeois/Queen Bee, Alya Césaire
Words: 4,563

“Adrien Agreste has had it up to his eyeballs with Marinette Dupain-Cheng. He wants to catapult her across Paris, serenade her on piano, and kiss her so hard that neither of them can breathe.”

In which Adrien finds out and is not quite sure what to do with that information.


Adrien Agreste has had it up to his eyeballs with Marinette Dupain-Cheng. He wants to catapult her across Paris, serenade her on piano, and kiss her so hard that neither of them can breathe.

At first, his wild, racing brain seems completely unreasonable until he lands on the third thought. Because firstly, Marinette is wonderful and sweet and gentle and he’s been so oblivious to her feelings all this time and now he can’t even take his eyes off of her. Secondly, he’s been wildly in love with her since the first time they met and he doesn’t mean the time where she saw him trying to remove gum from her seat.

He’s talking about crashing into each other headlong at full speed and subsequently becoming tied up in her yo-yo. Because Marinette Dupain-Cheng is Ladybug and he’s not sure how he has missed it for so long.

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Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #29

That’s almost a hundred.

Rules: You can find past weekly rec lists here, and non-list recs in my general fic rec tag. This is stuff I like, and I have a huge bias toward Lance, hurt/comfort, and general fluff, in that order. Gen unless otherwise noted. Please comment on the fics if you read and enjoy them!

The Times They Remembered Pidge Was a Girl by MagmaWrites
Words:  1,639 (WIP 1/?)
Author’s Summary:  The stuff you have to deal with while being a girl doesn’t change just because you’re up in space. At least you have four guys, five lions, and two aliens on your side.
My Comments: Super cute space family being super cute.

Reach out for you (break these walls) by Utsukushin (UserFromPluto)
Words: 9,139
Author’s Summary: Keith is trying to make himself smaller, to bury his head deeper in his knees, and Lance’s heart freezes in his chest. Anger dissipating like an exploded firework, Lance lets his hand fall limply to his side, mind blurring with static. When he tries to speak, nothing comes out but a choked noise, so he tries again.“Keith,” he breathes. “Keith I’m not going to hurt you.” (Keith has an abusive past, but with time and care Lance helps him become accustomed to positive touch.)
My Comments: Klance, but reads mostly platonic. Lance just cares a whole, whole lot, and he’s very gentle and very careful and sweet, and the way Keith just sort of BLOSSOMS under the sunlight of his regard is beautiful to watch.

Garrison Days by castlestormed
Words: 4,093
Author’s Summary: Snippets of the kids’ Galaxy Garrison days: Hunk keeps things together, Pidge plods on with a purpose, and Lance tears through life with the audacity of a trainwreck. Fic 1: We were only talking. (Lance) Fic 2: Are you done ranting? (Pidge) Fic 3: We had a reason that day. (Hunk)
My Comments: Great interpretation of my favorite trio. Just a joy to read.

The Machinations of Perception by HapaxLegomenon
Words: 11,518 (WIP 5/23)
Author’s Summary: Matt Holt has been a Galran captive for… he doesn’t remember how long. He’s starting to lose hope of ever escaping, and is well past the starting point of losing his sanity.
My Comments: This one is intense and brutal. The rating is deserved, though it’s delicately handled. Take care if you have psychological triggers. That said, I’m very compelled by this version of Matt and his struggles to hold himself together so he can TRY to take care of his new cellmate.

Tell Me Something, Anything by wingedflower
Words: 1,875
Author’s Summary: Shiro wakes up from a nightmare with his Galra arm hurting like hell. He is ready to handle this alone, like always, but this time comfort comes from an unexpected source.
My Comments: I love it when Lance is out of his depth but still tries really, really hard, because he just cares so much and he can’t not try. He does succeed in helping in the end, and Shiro is grateful.

Ache by Zurela
Words: 3,790
Author’s Summary: Lance’s knee gets dislocated during a fight with a new robeast. He decides to ignore that for the sake of protecting his teammates, but Shiro doesn’t seem to agree with that idea.
My Comments: Here, have some more Lance whump. I never really get tired of it.

A Bright Light by Bandity
Words: 9,412
Author’s Summary: Lance gets injured on a mission gone wrong, but that was really only the beginning of his problems.
My Comments: Possibly my new favorite fic of all time, definitely my favorite of this list. Lance just deteriorates so FAST, and the scenario is so creative and cool, and the support of everyone else as they try to figure out the problem and fix it and help Lance through it is wonderfully steady and strong. Great Hunk, great Shiro, great everyone, and there are several images in this story that are gonna stick with me for a long time. Powerful stuff.

Everything You Are by Bandity
Words: 5,508 (WIP ½)
Author’s Summary: Follow up to Disappear Completely. Spoilers for Season 2. Lance was getting better, he really was. But when faced with losing another team member, he might just end up back where he was before.
My Comments: Sequel to my PREVIOUS favorite fic of the list, and this one is so good, too. I loved the levity in parts and the way Lance at the end draws Keith into his world. But in the middle is a whole lot of pain and grief from missing Shiro. Absolutely heartwrenching.

let my roots take flight by BathosBardess
Words: 3,362
Author’s Summary: “Katie, you’re fourteen.” “Pidge Gunderson is seventeen. He has no family. He graduated with a 3.8 GPA. I’ll be fine, Mom.” // Katie Holt never meant to be a problem child.
My Comments: Great Pidge backstory with some really powerful language and touching scenes.

For The Love of Quiznak, Just Let Us Take Care of You by inkbadger
Words: 2,876
Author’s Summary: Shiro gets sick. Of course, he doesn’t realize that he’s sick until it hits him like a truck.Or: Space Dad gets taken care of by his worried kids.Who sometimes want to throttle him for not sharing these things.
My Comments: Super cute space family being super cute, this time featuring sick Shiro.

Heirlooms by mackerelmademedoit
Words: 6,333
Author’s Summary: Something is wrong with Red and Keith just can’t figure it out. As her consciousness bounces backwards and forwards through time, Keith does a little time travelling of his own and remembers his father.
My Comments: Great Keith backstory, but I also love this one for the Keith and Coran interaction.

Deep Breath by Vialana
Words: 1,164
Author’s Summary: Envy is an ugly emotion. Lance hates it. Shooting things helps him deal with it.
My Comments: Really lovely Lance and Blue. I love them so much.

Constellation by WildWolf25
Words: 4,109
Author’s Summary: Each of them are like stars in the vast, cold, darkness of space. But when they come together, they form a constellation, and suddenly the world doesn’t seem quite so dark anymore.
My Comments: Paladin cuddle pile! Always good.

Disturbance by buttered_onions
Words: 18,915
Author’s Summary: Shiro is missing. Lance is determined to find him, but first he has to figure out how to work with Keith.Direct sequel to First Steps.
My Comments: HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS MORE OF ONIONS’S STAR WARS FUSION. It’s so so so so so good, ahhh, SO GOOD. I love the way the Force is practically a character, communicating with and connecting the others. I love how Pidge is introduced. I love Hunk and Coran. I love Lance’s perspective and how he tries to mend fences with prickly, hurting Keith. I love all the premonitions of much more dangerous and weighty events in the future. I love the internal journeys, GOLLY, I love internal mindscape journeys so much, used to write them al the time. ANYWAY, it is a good fic, you should read it, and everything else in the series so far.

Why do You Always Flirt with Me? by xSomedayxSoonx
Words: 5,279
Author’s Summary: The Voltron team is learning how to get along with each other in the Castle of Lions, but Allura can’t figure out why a certain paladin won’t stop flirting with her. She doesn’t mean to snap at him, but Lance stopping his flirtatious behavior affects the whole team.
My Comments: Oh man, I love fics where Allura and Lance become friends. I love how this one is more about cultural misunderstandings than anything else. Good stuff.

Midnight Sneaks by windscryer
Words: 2,809
Author’s Summary: Hunk and Lance just happen to be awake when Pidge wanders into the kitchen at oh-dark-thirty. And they have delicious mousse and freshly whipped cream.If she weren’t so tired, she’d have definitely caught onto their plot sooner.
My Comments: I love love love Hunk and Lance teaming up to take care of Pidge, even against her will.

The Stars Are Underground by lady_ymmik
Words: 2,452
Author’s Summary: A short drabble in which Lance misses home and rambles about Space a lot.
My Comments: Sweet emotional h/c featuring Lance and Shiro. What’s not to love?

All the things I can’t change by WonderBoy
Words: 1,186
Author’s Summary: voicemail (n): 1. a system in which callers can record and leave a digitized voice message 2. a message left using this system 3. a reminder
My Comments: This one hurts a lot.

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