this has been a very intense day

Some help maybe?

Perhaps a bit out of the blue and a random idea, but I’ve been intensely struggling to keep any kind of thought positive, to the point I’m stressed out the entire day, throughout the entire day. Having a heavy chestfeel due to stress and a lack of motivation to do anything.

I’ve taken a real ‘me’ day today to try and de-stress but alas, it has done very little, my mind trails off to bad thoughts instantly when I’m not deliberately forcing myself to think of happy things.

Again, perhaps a random idea.. but I’m considering to ask you guys to maybe leave me some good words.. some happy things, things to motivate me to go on.. I want to try printing these out and pasting them around me in my room and in my sketchbooks so I have a little reminder people are out there that care. To get it through my thick skull that I’m not the worst person on the planet.

Don’t feel pressured to do so, it’s a random shower idea I had that I figured might be a good thing for me since I’m almost unable to think anything positive anymore.

Thank you.

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All of the sunshine children (and their guardians and the other "adults") get some kind of a happy ending or are on their way to a positive conclusion (I hope; eyeing you very intensely). But what about Gorilla Bodyguard? Doesn't he also deserve some happiness? #HappyGorilla

The Gorilla has been quietly observing Adrien since Mamagreste passed away.

He was there when Adrien broke down on the way home from the funeral.

He was there to get drunk and destructive Adrien out of the messes he made, and for years he silently bore witness to the anger, the sorrow, the numbness in Adrien’s eyes through the rear view mirror.

He was there to drive Adrien to and from Chloe’s doctor’s appointments.

Then one day, he noticed Adrien paying more attention to his phone than usual.

He heard his stifled laughter and saw the excitement in him whenever his phone chimed.

He sees the way Adrien’s eyes light up when Marinette is around.

And he smiles and thinks to himself:

“Thank goodness.”

Okay as much as I want Viktor being extra as fuck about Valentines day (we all know he would), I also really want Yuuri to surprise Viktor by being NEARLY as extra. Like, Viktor plans a huge, elaborate thing for Yuuri (it involves every single food Yuuri has ever said he loves, lingerie, roses, the whole shebang), but Yuuri has stuff up his sleeve too. Viktor showers him with love all day, makes him breakfast wearing his new lingerie and a skimpy apron (Viktor has 0 chill, he would be that ridiculous), takes Yuuri out on the most romantic date he’s ever been on in his entire life. 

Then when they get home and they’re cuddling on the couch, Makkachin curled up on both of their laps, unwinding after a very intensely romantic day, there’s a knock on the door. Yuuri has been sitting there with butterflies in his tummy for the past hour, and the instant he hears the knock on the door he flushes bright red. He turns off the movie and leans over to whisper “I love you, happy Valentines day” in Russian, just as Yurio steps into the apartment. 

“Don’t be gross while I’m here,” he grumbles and passes Yuuri a box. He makes his way into the kitchen and grabs the leftovers of the cake that Viktor made for Yuuri earlier. (They hadn’t eaten much of it because Yuuri felt the need to kiss a smear of icing off of Viktor’s mouth, and that had turned into a whole… thing.)

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Leah and I went into the city and battled 50 mph winds, ate vegan chicken wraps, laughed over death by water, almost fell asleep on the train (twice), and found this sweet sweet mauve wall.

This past week has been the most intense and emotional I’ve had in a year, but it was so necessary for these feelings to be drudged up, felt, and properly put back away in order to move forward. I still feel very much in that process of this and definitely need a few days to turn the world off and figure out where I move forward from this point, but it’s all just beginning, and that is so beautiful. 

forward and on, my loves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rules for my daddy

I has rules for my daddy too!

  1. Daddy can never feel like a bad daddy and if he does, he needs to talk to Princess about it. He’s the best and needs to know it. 
  2. Daddy must always be fair with punishments and let Princess know what she did wrong before punishing. 
  3. Daddy must never yell at Princess because yelling is scary. 
  4. Daddy must be as patient and understanding as possible. 
  5. Daddy must never force princess into anything she’s not comfortable with. 
  6. Daddy must eat three meals a day and let Princess help him be productive. Just because I’m little doesn’t mean I can’t help Daddy with life stuffs. 
  7. Daddy must always be honest with Princess even if he thinks the truth will hurt her feelings.
  8. Don’t make Princess make too many decisions. She’s not very good at it and Daddy should pick stuff.
  9. Daddy must always provide aftercare after an intense punishment or play session. Even when I’ve been bad, I need to be reassured that I’m loved. 
  10. Daddy has to love me and hug me and squeeze me and cuddle me and take care of me and hold my hand and kiss me and all sorts of the best stuff <3


  1. Loves and kisses and a happy bouncey little girl.
  2. Suckies
  3. Presents
  4. Mini-adventure: walk, explore, etc.


  1. Sad/bratty little
  2. Princess can tease Daddy with no touching allowed
  3. No cartoon time! Yes, that means no Gumball!
  4. Limited time with Princess/longer time apart.

I am so happy with how this skirt is looking so far! I’ve been painting it for a few hours today and this are the results, first one in the light and second one in darkness. It is just so luminous and beautiful in person, I swear the pictures don’t make it justice.

I’m mixing my fabric paint with a very high concentration of glow in the dark pigment, so it charges quickly and the colour of the glow is very intense. When it’s finished, it’s gonna be absolutely striking at night if someone has been wearing it all day and it has been absorbing the sunlight. 

And of course it will be available at my Etsy store Rouke Creations very soon :)

Back to nutrition and p-values

The last couple of weeks I’ve been working intensively on the latest report “Breaking the Rules- Stretching the Rules. It has been very time and energy-consuming and has been requiring a great deal of teamwork, but we are all very satisfied and happy to see day by day how the report is taking shape. I’ve been in charge of reporting on how certain companies apply their relentless and endless marketing strategies in specific countries. I’m steadily becoming an expert in Russia (yes, I actually can read Russian) and Turkey (fluent in Turkish, obviously) and hope to use my further language skills to report also on companies’ presence in German and French-speaking countries in the near future.

For the next couple of days, I have been allowed to use my own expertise to look closer on specific baby food products and demonstrate how companies use science and nutritional claims to promote foods and beverages for infants and young children. I must admit that it is quite a challenge I’ve been taking on me and I hope that the result will be approved by my supervisor. I have been warned in advance that it has to be good and worth publishing- meaning that if my points are not solid enough, all my efforts will be in vain. I highly appreciate the heads-up and the straightforwardness that I receive from my supervisor. I also acknowledge that my research will not entirely be in vain. I get to read on infant nutrition and energy requirements (MODULE 2) and use my knowledge gained through Module 3 to analyze studies, decode p-values and be cautious about biased results and conclusions.

It is a good change from demonstrating Code violations and holding companies to account. However, it’s also a challenge that puts me a little under pressure trying hard to succeed in my own field of studies.

Wave 8 Booster Box Review

After the initial bitterness (which was very intense this time because two Chrom SRs and I get none…) I’ve been growing excited and satisfied about my wave8 pulls every day.

Truth be told, I’ve never been so excited about a Cipher box. And by box I mean just the box.

Look at it. It’s beautiful. It’s fabulous. It has such a gentle shade of blue and it goes so nicely with Chrom and Seliph. I LOVE it.

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For about a day at a time every two weeks I get this very depressed feeling and I don’t know how to deal with it. It happened when I was younger and it was usually monthly. However, lately it has been bi-weekly and the feelings are a lot stronger. I get feelings of wanting to run away or be completely alone and do nothing. I guess I’m looking for guidance because these intense feelings aren’t my normal behavior. I’m usually a very happy-go-lucky person and I find myself in these bottomless pits. The funny thing is though, they only last one day and the next morning I’m good as new. If anyone can help me understand this I would be ever so grateful

MCU Ladies week: day three- favourite scene

(Note this isn’t my image I did a random Google search)

Agent Carter is my favourite of the marvel shows. Not just because Peggy is my favourite character but because it feels so authentic. I mean sure there are child assassins and evil psychics but the emotional arcs are very real, especially for Peggy. The final episode of season 1 is very emotionally intense, Peggy is on the run from the SSR, she had to tell Angie she was a spy, her friend has been kidnapped. It’s all very intense. In the end though, the story of Dottie is mostly resolved and Howard is saved.

The real story of Agent Carter though isn’t about spies, it’s about Peggy redefining herself after the war. Her colleges undervalue her contributions because she is a woman. Her relationship with Steve is often trotted out as an excuse to marginalise her. And she is still grieving for the live she lost in the ice. She never really said goodbye, his body is buried in the ice so she emotionally carries the memory of steve with her. The final scenes of Agent Carter season one are so beautifully shot and so laden with symbolism I find it hard to pick any other as my favourite. By pouring Steves blood away, she is finishing the mission, solidifying that she doesn’t need the approval of the men at the office. She could bring the vial in and maybe take some credit for finding it.

But more literally, she is letting the last physical piece of Steve Rogers go, she is absolving herself of the guilt she feels for his death (she should have gone with him, she should have looked harder). Steve continues to be an important part of her life, but she is ready to move on a little, hold the grief a little less tightly. Whilst she has always known Steve was more than the vial that contained his cells, Steve was his heart, and his bravery and his desire to do good but she had a hard time internalising that. So this moment is so huge for her. She isn’t forgetting Steve, she is remembering him in the most meaningful way. And yes she cries but that’s because she finally gets to say goodbye properly and bring a little part of him back to Brooklyn where he belongs, which is an incredible feat of strength on her behalf, and honestly very Captain Rogers of her

A Wizard’s Misgivings: Chapter 5

summary:  Dan Howell’s entire family has been in Slytherin, and there’s no doubt he’d supposed to end up there too. Phil Lester does’t exactly know what to do when he finds himself liking boys, so he’s usually just horrendously mean to them. 

tw: from here on out dan has the curse thing so just intense pain whenever he touches phil

word count: 4.8k

link to masterlist and link to next chapter

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What is wrong with this picture?
This poor wood pigeon was brought in to us my a member of the public after being found with a serious problem with its beak. Our vet, Emma, rushed it into our treatment room and saw that the birds top beak has been pushed through a hole in the bottom beak, closing the poor birds mouth permanently!
Emma put the bird under anaesthetic and quickly pushed the top beak out of the hole in the bottom beak. Once the bird was looking a bit more normal she closed the hole in the bottom beak with stitches and put it under careful observation in our intensive care unit.
Several days later the bird was doing very well, and eating normally. the wound was closing nicely, and we have high hopes for a happy ending to this story!

I’ve just returned from a trip to Jordan and Turkey, where I had the unique opportunity to interview twelve Syrian families that have been cleared for resettlement in America. These families have just reached the finish line of a multi-year screening process, and it was quite an emotional experience to meet with them at this juncture. The life of a refugee in America is by no means easy. But for these families, their resettlement has finally brought the possibility of an end to years of intense hardship. I’m very much looking forward to sharing their stories with you over the coming days.

Poe  Language Headcannons

okay though .. but Poe  Dameron speaking Spanish  (or  whatever language   dialect  most  resembles it in the  future)  because his  parents  did. Though he  doesn’t  run into people  who speak his language often, he likes to keep it sharp and  often will speak to himself in his mother  tongue   and he’s proud of  because  it  makes him feel like  he’s honoring his parents  and his culture. Though it isn’t uncommon  in intense  situations to hear  him cursing his enemies and his  team mates  gently jibe at him to   translate for everyone.

It also isn’t uncommon for him to revert to his mother  tongue  when he’s  very sleepy  or injured  so his squad has started to slowly but surely pick up the  language.

With  Finn, he’s never been very good with languages- he can’t understand  droids or wookies,  but  when he hears Poe one  day  sweetly  talking to bb8 in this  new language  he’s  fascinated- he wants- no needs  to know  what it is, he has never heard anything so  rhythmic and  flowing  before.

So as he and Poe  grow  closer he   encourages Poe  to speak his  first language even though it’s  perplexing to him,  but sometimes Poe will smile and  call  him “carino” or “hermoso”  or  “guapo” and Finn starts to put two and two together. He laughs  at Poe’s under  breath off hand comments, and hears him curse  when’s he worried or finn’s favorite- is when he  finds Poe  reading these ancient earth authors-  curled up in the  x wing  reading   Federico  Garcia Lorca,  and reciting his poetry to himself  and Finn and Rey like his mother used to do to him,- much to  Rey’s confusion and Finn’s amusement..Luis  Cardosa  y Aragon, Artuo Arias, etc are all people Finn comes  to know about

And over time  Poe finds himself speaking less  English and more of   his mother tongue around Finn-  

Until one day  the  two are sitting together, their last night  together  before a  dangerous mission and the  two are just  enjoying  each others company  when all of a sudden Finn leans  over and kisses Poe and whispers “te amo” and Poe is kinda stunned for a minute… He  finds  his  tongue and replies  “yo se”


I made a color script to help some good friends on a short film project for the open doors days at school. It’s supposed to be epic and kitsch:)

It is the very first time I do a color script and I didn’t expect it to be so fun !:) Was challenging but very interesting to try to be consistent with the evolution of the colors and the intensity, and to find a solution to each problem.

I only did the colors, all the design process has been done by them. Check out their awesome work: Valentine Zhang, Julia Trouvé, Vincent Chansard, Claire Matz, Benjamin Berrebi, Sarah Naciri (noblogyet), Maximilien Angelloz-Nicoud, Valérie Bousquié (noblogyet), Mathilde Vachet

Edit: Sorry for the quality it’s all a bit blurry. If I find a solution I’ll post another version

Sammy Imagine (Dealing New Beginnings)

Sammy Imagine (Dealing New Beginnings)
espinosahoran13 Request: Hey! Can u make an imagine if where nash and hayes are ur brothers and they’re hanging out with all the guys at ur house and sammy (your ex) brought a girl so you go out with this really hot guy just to make sammy jealous and then when u come back hayes tells u not to try to make him jealous and then sammy comes up and u guys resolve everything? I’m sorry if that’s long and confusing.
It’s alright dear. I got what you want me to do. I’m really sorry that this took forever to do but my life has just been so hectic lately.
You sauntered down the stairs just like any other day in boxers, a cropped tank top, and your hair in a very messy bun. You kind of wished that it had been from exercising but actually you were just doing a really intense room cleaning. You had been meaning to schedule a time where you could just take everything down and start from scratch.
You got that way sometimes. Everything had to be in the right place and it ticked you off when stuff was just not in the right place. It wasn’t OCD or anything but you just had a way of life.
You skipped into the kitchen to get something to eat considering you hadn’t eaten since last night and it was already 2:00 in the afternoon. You had woken up at 6:45am to get an early start on alphabetizing your books because you knew that would be easy. Then you went on to package and organize your letters based on subject.
You had managed to finish:
- Alphabetizing books
- Organizing your letters you got in the mail
- Creating a college box with all of the mail your received (sorted out which colleges you liked and disliked)
- Your photographs we’re chronologically organized in a small box
- You had stripped your bed of its old sheets and replaced them with just plain light pink and white sheets (layered with a couple of blankets)
- You had sorted through your chapstick and your fragances (lotions and perfumes)
- And you had managed to organize your laundry in three different ways (white, colored, cold wash) then you had your bras
You still had so much more to do but it comforted you knowing that you had completed a good portion of things on your to-do list.
And you actually had a to-do list. You had a huge whiteboard on your wall and you would write stuff down on it for you to do because you knew you would forget.
You walked over to the fridge and opened it up to find that all the leftover pizza was gone. You groaned internally as you dragged yourself into the living room to look for Hayes.
“Hayes did you eat the rest of the pizza?” You groaned out as you entered the living room area.
“Um no they did,” He replied pointing to the four other guys in the room. Your eyes widened a little bit. But only because of one guy in particular. Sammy. But you quickly composed yourself and that was when you registered the brunette sitting next to him.
Don’t be jealous y/n, don’t be jealous. You broke up. You refused to let your emotions get the best of you so you smiled curtly before dashing up the stairs and locking yourself in your room. You obviously still had feelings for Sammy so it hurt seeing him with another girl. But he had obviously moved on quickly so you would just have to live with it. Love wasn’t supposed to be painless.
You went back to cleaning your room without food and quite miserable, but your fear of the awkwardness that could break out at any moment was stronger than the stampede of elephants in your stomach, and that was saying something.
You color coordinated your closet so that it went from red to black. And you did the same with your clothes in the drawers. You lined up the pairs of shoes in your room in order of color but also by the type of shoe.
You had your sports section and your dance section.
In fact you only had a few more things to do when you heard a knock on your door. You looked up with knitted eyebrows and checked the clock.
You got up and unlocked your door and saw the brunette standing there.
“Um hi? Can I help you?” You asked, trying to be as polite as possible.
“Yeah I was wondering if you could show me where the bathroom is?” She asked and what ticked you off the most was that she even seemed nice. She didn’t seem fake and she wasn’t giving you mean looks. You always kind of hope that when your break up with someone they always go for the stereotypical bimbo or something. But no, this girl was nice and it ticked you off to no end. But you couldn’t be mean because she hadn’t done anything to you. SO INFURIATING!
“Yeah, straight down this hallway and it is the first door on your left,” You said pointing in the direction. She smiled and you tried to suppress your smile just because hers was that contagious.
“I’m Hannah by the way,” She said with another smile as she disappeared down the hall. Once she was out of sight you wasted no time in shutting the door and locking it once again.
“WHY!” You groaned as you sunk to the floor. “Why did she have to be so gorgeous, why did she have to be so nice, and real, and not fake, and cool, and just. Ugh! Why did she have to be with him. She’s just so everything and perfect, and not flawed, and not dumb….and not me,” You ranted slowly getting quieter and quieter as you shrank into a small curled up ball. You were jealous there was no denying it. You weren’t even denying it. You knew you still loved Sammy and you wished that you were the girl next to him not Hannah no matter how nice she may be. You quickly picked up your phone and did the first most irrational thing that came to your mind.
You called Dylan. Now Dylan was only a friend but he was really attractive. Not only that he was Dylan O'Brien. Yeah, yeah don’t get your panties in a twist you knew Dylan O'Brien. Kind of a funny story how the two of you met.
You were standing in line to get something at Coffee Tree when someone bumped into you. You turned around surprised by the jolt but when you turned around you were even more surprised to see it was Dylan. He apologized for spilling  his coffee on you; which, of course you hadn’t noticed because it was Dylan O'Brien. So he bought you your coffee and an entire new outfit and the two of you got to talking. This was about three years ago.
Dylan had just been starting on Teen Wolf as Stiles. The two of you became quite close and have been friends ever since.
When Sammy and you first started dating he was really wary of Dylan because of the friendship the two of you had. However as time grew on Sammy became more and more okay with the idea of Dylan being around you understanding that he wouldn’t do anything. But it took a while.
So at this irrational decision which only took you a millisecond to decide you were already listening to the dial tone as you waited for Dylan to pick up.
“Hello? Dylan here and how may I be of service to you?” He asked in his cocky voice which only made you roll your eyes.
“I have a favor to ask you,” You said hesitantly.
“Okay shoot,” He said.
“Will you go on a date with me?” You asked quickly.
“Why is that a favor? I also knew you were into me,” He said and you could tell he was smirking.
“No shut up. Not like that. I’m trying to make Sammy jealous because he brought this girl to my house to hang out with the guys and she’s really nice and it’s just so annoying because she’s really nice and ugh,” You rambled.
“I get it she’s really nice. Tough life I hate nice people,” He teased.
“I hate you,” You said in monotone.
“No you don’t, if you did you wouldn’t have asked me on a date,” He said cockily.
“Oh shut up will you help me or not?” You asked practically whining.
“Alright fine, but only because you asked so nicely,” He teased.
“Thank you I LOVE YOU pick me up in thirty?” You asked.
“Yeah sure,” He said before he hung up. Well now that, that’s taken care of. You quickly hopped off the cold hard wood floor that you had just dusted and hopped into the shower.
10 minutes later you stepped out and wiped the condensation that had formed on your mirror. You quickly blow dried your hair before running some eyeliner and mascara over your eyes. You had no idea where Dylan would take you so you texted him.
Y/N: how should I dress?

Dylan: extra fancy ;)
While it may seem that the two of you flirted the relationship with you was strictly a platonic friendship. You two had known each other for a while and he was practically your best friend which could be threatening to other guys (a girl having a guy best friend). 

And as you pulled on your gold and black lace dress you thought about how much it would hurt Sammy to see you with Dylan. If he still cared. It would be like you loved Dylan all along while you were with Sammy. You started to frown and feel guilty for doing this, when you remembered that he brought Hannah into your house.
Hannah’s not his best friend that would hang out with him and could possibly be a threat to a relationship…. Your mind said but you just blocked it out.
You pulled on your gold heels and put on some jewelry to match before you descended the staircase just in time for the doorbell to ring. You could hear footsteps from the living room as someone scrambled to get to the door but you reached it before Nash did.
“Y/N? Where are you going? And why are you dressed like that?” He asked. You didn’t answer you merely opened the door revealing Dylan in a suit and tie. You had to admit he looked good but you wished it was Sammy. However, no one needed to know that.
“I have a date my brother,” You said. At this you heard everyone walk into the lobby area.
“Oh y/n! I love your dress!” Hannah exclaimed and you prayed to God that your face didn’t show too much annoyance as you smiled to her.
“Shall we depart?” Dylan asked trying to hide the smirk that was starting to form on his face.
“We shall,” You said as you took his outstretched hand.
“Take care of her Dyl,” Nash called out to us as the two of you walked down the pathway. As you turned around you caught a glimpse of Sammy’s face and it was a mixture of sadness, hurt, guilt, and anger. You felt bad but he broke up with you.
*apres le rendez-vous*
“Well I must say that was really fun although I wish I had brought extra clothes,” You said laughing as you tried to get the key into the front door.
“Sorry I didn’t know we had to make reservations,” Dylan said in defense.
“Don’t worry I had a lot of fun playing laser tag with you Dylan, although my feet didn’t,” You said as you motioned to the blisters the beautiful but deadly shoes gave you.
“Blame the shoes not me,” He said with his hands up in the air and you smiled at him.
“Well thank you Dylan. This really means a lot to me. I didn’t mean to use you but just thank you,” You said with a smile.
“Y/N don’t mention it. I had a fantastic time with you as always. It was just like another adventure for us,” He said with a smile before giving you a hug. The two of you said good bye and you entered into the house.
“Have fun?” A voice asked from behind you and you nearly jumped out of your skin.
“HAYES! OH MY GOODNESS DON’T DO THAT TO ME!” You shouted as you shoved him and he laughed a little bit. “But yes Dylan and I had a grand old time,” You said dramatically.
“He’s not here anymore, he left after you and Dylan did. You don’t have to pretend that you’re dating Dylan we all know you’re not. Except for maybe Sam. He probably knows but you have implanted doubt in his mind. Not just in this scenario but for every moment that the two of you spent together. He could think your whole relationship is a lie. If you wanted to get him back jealousy was not the way to do it. In fact this probably just hurt him more to the point of not wanting to get back together with you,” Hayes ranted to you. You were so taken aback by his words that you were speechless. “Sammy’s coming here tomorrow morning at 9:30 so be awake you two are going to talk. I hate seeing my sister and one of my best friends like this,” He said before walking up the stairs and going to his room.
“Well, for a fourteen year old he sure knows what he’s talking about,” Nash said from the doorway behind you. You sighed and turned around to look at your big brother.
“You heard all that?” You whined. Nash smiled sadly and walked forward.
“Yeah,” He said and he hugged you. Despite the fact that Nash was only a year older than you the height difference between the two of you was uncanny. You stood at 5'3 and he was at 6'0.
“I know he’s right,” You said quietly as you continued to hug Nash. “I just don’t know if I’m ready to face Sammy,” You whispered. Nash’s hands found your face and he bent his knees so that he was looking into his baby sister’s eyes. Yeah he was only a year older but when the two of you were little he got to be the big brother to you more than he did to Skylynn so even though Skylynn was his real baby sister as of this moment, you would always be a baby in Nash’s eyes because he grew up with you and that’s how he saw you. His little sister to take care of.
“Don’t worry too much about it. Sam’s probably just as nervous. Get a good night’s rest and wake up looking flawless in the morning and he’ll have to take you back,” He said with a smile and you couldn’t help but laugh.“Thanks Nash, but I don’t want Sammy to take me back just because I’m pretty,” You said as you made your way upstairs.
“I never said you were pretty,” He called up to you.
“I HATE YOU!” You shouted and stuck your tongue out at him which in return you got a laugh from him.
“There’s the baby sister I know and love,” He shouted before you closed your bedroom door.
*the next day*
Well today was the day. Not really sure how significant that was to you considering you were only told last night. But whatever. You rolled over with a groan to see that it was only 9:00. You got up slowly and brushed your hair and teeth before changing out of your pajamas and just into some comfortable clothes. You pulled on black jeans and a dark sweater with white stripes on the elbow area. 

You followed the smell of food into the kitchen to find Nash making pancakes.
“Good morning y/n, looking flawless,” He said with a smile too cheery for nine in the morning.
“Shut up,” you muttered as you sat down with a couple of pancakes.
“Feeling flawless,” He said and paused. “not so much.” You merely rolled your eyes and just ate your pancakes. A few minutes later Hayes sauntered in and found a seat.
“Sammy should be here soon,” He said and you nodded your head.
Soon came sooner than…well you weren’t exactly sure. You weren’t sure if you were happy that soon came sooner than you expected or disappointed that it came earlier than expected. Nonetheless Sammy was now sitting across from you.
It was just the two of you. Neither of you had said a word but you both wanted to and it was blatantly obvious.

“Sammy I’m sorry,” You finally said. “For going out with Dylan last night that was entirely out of line I was jealous if I’m being honest and so I made a quick irrational decision. I don’t regret spending time with Dylan I just regret the fact that we played it off as a date when it really wasn’t anything but two friends hanging out,” You explained to him. Sammy looked at you with hurt eyes and you wanted to fall to pieces to make his pain go away.
“Y/N I’m sorry. For breaking up with you and then being the douche to bring another girl here to your house. That was totally uncalled for. I was worried that you would move on faster than I did and so I found the first girl I could. Hannah is really nice once you get to know her but she’s not you. Truth is I don’t think I could get over you. I was an idiot for breaking up with you and I’m so sorry y/n. I miss you,” He rambled out and your heart was melting and cracking all at the same time. Hearing this from the person you love but even though the two of you could take each other back and you would be together that doesn’t pay the cost for all of heart surgery. Just a couple band aids. You have to mend all of the rips and tears in your heart and not just jump straight into it.
“I love you y/n,” He whispered after a moment. You looked up at him. “I still love you,” He said again.
“I love you too,” You said quietly and a smile appeared on his face. “I want to be with you Sam but we can’t just go back to the way things were before. We have to take this slow. I’m willing to do that for you because I love you Sam and I would wait for you for as long as it takes, but are you?” You asked him.
“Y/N I would wait forever multiplied by three and one more just to see a smile on your face. I love you so much if there’s any chance of a possible relationship between the two of us then I am fully ready to take on the responsibility of said relationship.”
As the words left his mouth a smile formed on your lips.
“Alright. Deal,” You said with a smile.
“Hi, I’m y/n I’m Nash and Hayes’ sister.”
“Hi I’m Sammy I am friends with your brothers and a couple of your friends.”
I hope you liked it :)

-simplicational’s queen

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