this has been a vegan food ramble

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hello. sorry if this is a silly question. i've been vegan almost six months now. recently my cat has been having digestion problems and her vet recommended i make her food myself as she's unable to digest processed cat foods properly. im rambling. anyway, to do this i will need to buy, cook, and blend chicken for her. my friends were teasing me saying i'm a bad vegan… im just trying to do what's best for my cat. what do you think?

Oh my good of course you have to do it and (even if it’s not easy for you or disgusting) it’s absolutely necessary and fine (in this case) to do it!! Cats are not able to digest vegan food properly and if you own a cat you have to be aware that it needs meat, it’s as simple as that. Please don’t let your friends tell you you’re a bad vegan, it’s obvious that they only want to have a reason to make you look like a worse person than you actually are (because i bet they don’t have the balls to live vegan at all). It’s all fine. Do it for a happy and healthy cat! ❤


Food Journal Day 139, for the 25th of July 2017! I dined upon:

Breakfast: Banana, apple, ginger, carrot & raisin porridge with nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds & cashews), seeds (chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, linseeds, sunflower seeds & sesame seeds), powdered banana, cranberry & blueberry. So, I caved today and decided to go back to soy milk, despite prior ramblings where I said I wouldn’t. What swayed me more than anything else was the fact that, as a vegan, it’s extremely important to have a reliable source of Vitamin B12, which you have to get get from fortified foods or supplements, as it only occurs naturally in foods from animal sources. When you look at the the labels of many non-dairy milks, you’ll find B12 has been added, and that’s very much for the benefit of people like us, so we don’t develop a deficiency. As much as I loved the one I made, it’s good to have a kitchen staple that fills that role, and gives me peace of mind :)

Lunch: Leftover veggie burger, spaghetti in tomato sauce, stuffed pepper, roast carrots, roast broccoli, couscous, cucumber & beetroot salad and regular salad (spinach, chard, red lettuce & green lettuce).

Dinner: Dal with rice, onion bhaji, green beans, sliced cucumber & salad (red lettuce, green lettuce, chard & spinach).

Supper: Banana, nectarine, grape & clementine nice cream with crushed nuts (almonds, cashews, hazelnuts & walnuts) and slivered almonds.