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Twin Andrews Part 2 | jughead x reader

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part one:

part three:

a/n: part two of twin andrews is here!! if you love it and want more make sure to send me a request for a part three!! love u nugs🌹

“wow V” i chuckle as we walk out of the gym “i can’t believe you got Betty onto the squad” we all laugh and Betty smiles admiringly to her friend.

“it’s about time we had a cooper on the squad” i chuckle looping my arm in the blondes “thank you both- this has been a dream since like forever-” she swoons grabbing her heart.

“you wish is our demand” Veronica tells her friend as we bow jokingly in front of her we all laugh holding a new uniforms in our hands “should we try them out for size?” i nod eager to get into something that was familiar.

we pile into the girls change room and put on our uniforms “im a vixen!!” Betty squeals jumping up at down and swishing her mini skirt.

“B can you zip me up?” i pull my red hair aside as she zips me up

“wow (y/n/n) looking hot!” Veronica exclaims fanning herself cause me to stick my tongue out at her “why thank you miss V”

we walk out of the changing rooms head held high, it started to finally feel like i was finally getting back into my old life, the one i left a year ago for with my mum. I find myself smiling at my friends glad that i came back, i needed them and I didn’t know that till this very moment.

“have you spoken to Archie?” i was snapped out of my thoughts

“spoken to him about what?” i ask stopping at my locker to grab a few books “Betty didn’t tell you?” i shrug feeling someone’s eyes on me “tell me what?” i press.

“she doesn’t need to know-” Betty stumbled with her words, i furrow my eyebrow hitting myself in the head with my chemistry book “if this is about B having a crush on him then yes i know” i roll my eyes.

walking backwards i giggle at Betty’s blushed cheeks, ronnie joins in on the giggle nudging the blonde with her elbow “approve?” she questions and i nod winking st the girls

“look i gotta go- Pop’s after school to celebrate? we have our very first Cooper and Lodge girl that means milkshakes and burgers on me” i ask glancing at the clock it was the last lesson and I was craving one of pops famous burgers

“sounds like a good idea!” Betty smiles at me “good see ya’s later”

i turn on my heels and collide with another body sending me to a heap on the floor, i land on the victims chest and we bop heads “fuck!” i cuss rubbing my head.

i didn’t get a chance to see his face before i tried to stand instantly going dizzy, hands dart to my waist keeping me steady.

“woah easy there Andrews” i instantly recognised the voice “Jughead?” i exclaim glances at his face taking in all his features and that old beanie of his “oh my god” i throw my arms around him as he circle my waist.

“i wow you look-” i step back glancing at him “you look good juggie” i hug him once more and he freezes before hugging me back. “still not a hugger?” i ask and he shakes his head.

“no but you’ve always seemed to be the exception” i laugh “id love to stay and talk but i have chem-” he smiles “me too, walk together?” i nod following the boy

“so how come you weren’t at Pop’s last night for my big return, i knew something was missing but Archie didn’t mention anything” he goes quite so i figure I’ve hit a nerve.

“how are things?” i ask changing the subject “yeah okay” his voice sounds strained “are you sure?” i press “im here aren’t i?” i bite my lip and walk next to him in silence earning a few glances from peers, a river vixen walking with an ‘outcast’.

“this is us” he point to the class i follow him in just as the second bell rang others scrambling into their seats as Mr Hill slips in behind us “seats everybody” i gulp glances around desperately for a seat i forget we’d be in pairs.

all eyes are on me and within seconds the class is buzzing in soft whispers “Andrews” i hear jughead call sitting a few desks back, he gestures to the open seat next to him and gladly slip into it “thanks jones”.

he nods glancing to the front of the class “welcome back miss andrews” Mr Hill greets me “good to be back” i clear my throat awkwardly the eyes of my classmates piercing into me.

“so the hotter Andrews is finally back” i turn in my seat to see Reggie smirking in his seat running his hands through his hair “Reggie Mantle, god even Chicago couldn’t erase your idiot voice from my brain” i smile sweetly batting my eyelashes before facing forward rolling my eyes.

jughead laughs at my comment and i smile at him “baby you couldn’t forget me if you tried” i shake my head facing forward “oh but baby It’s not your devilish good looks that made you memorable it was more what you were lacking in you know where”

the class erupts in laughter and i smirk at my victory “ive always liked you feisty my little river vixen” he purs.

“enough” our teacher yells standing and scribbling notes on the board “good to be back” i mumble catching Reggies sleazy glances in the car of my eye “gross”

i mumble copying the notes “you okay?” jughead whispers “yeah just sleaze ball taking a little bit of a long look” i gesture to Reggie with my pencil and Jughead narrows his eyes at the boy.

“yeah he definitely hasn’t changed since you left” i laugh trying to hold in my giggles and people’s eyes start to stray from the board to me.

“hey juggie” he murmurs glancing to the board then back to his book “Betty & Veronica wanted to go to Pop’s after school to celebrate them making the team- do you maybe wanna come?”

he puts down his pencil facing me “andrews are you asking me out?” i jolt up shaking my head furiously

“no i um no i was just-” i give up when i realise im no longer speaking English “what i meant to say is that no the whole gangs going to be there and i want to hear more about what’s happening around here- Betty told me you’ve been writing about Jason”

he turns to the front nodding “ill be there, we can talk about Jason another time when it’s just the two of us” i nod returning to my work.

“why aren’t we celebrating you becoming a vixen?” i roll my eyes “ive been on the squad since freshman year juggie it’s not that big of a deal” i tease clicking my pen.

“noted” he replies focusing his full attention to the white board.



i turn to see my brother jogging over to me looking slightly puffed “you good?” i ask continuing to walk my brother following hot on my heels, i was eager to get out of this damn school and to Pop’s.

“are you going to the dance tonight?” i knit my brows “what dance?” i question approaching my locker to grab a few books slipping them into my bag.

“the school dance- its tonight- Betty asked if I’d go with her and Ronnie” i close my locker “she what?” i say surprised.

“i- i dunno she just asked if I’d go with them and i said yes which means you have to okay!” i grown “arch i don’t want to go to a stupid school dance” he grabs me by the shoulders pulling me toward him “please!” he begs.

i remove his hands from his shoulders and start the walk to his car, “please please please please please” i block him out taking long strides to reach Archie’s truck.

“open the damn truck arch” he shakes his head “Archie! Open the damn truck” i yell frustration consuming me at how annoying my brother was being “i swear to god Archibald is you do not open this door i will kill you!” i hiss and he shakes his head.

“ill open the door if you come to the dance” i groan resting my head against the door “fine fine! ill go” i say in defeat earning a happy yell from my brother followed by the beeps of the car being unlocked “hallelujah” i mumble getting into the car.

“Betty and Veronica are going to the mall to buy a dress so ill drop you off and you can pick out something nice okay” he teases smiling stupidly at you “why don’t we both ditch and order in watch a movie something actually enjoyable” i offer clasping my hands together to beg.

“no, i can’t let them go by themselves” i smack his arm “um why the bloody hell not? we can take care of ourselves yanno” i tell him irritation itching at me.

“oh well it’s your first social event back- you need this” i ignore him glancing out the window as he pulls into the parking lot of the mall “bye sissy” he teases. i slam his truck door and flip him off as he drives away.

“jerk” i mumble

“you made it!” i walk toward the blonde and the raven headed girls “i made it” i smile at them as they loop their arms in mine “let’s get you a killer dress” i tell Betty as we walk into the complex and she blushes

“archie tell you?” i nod “when were you going to tell me you asked my brother out?!” i exclaim bumping her shoulder “i didn’t ask him out i asked him to the dance with V it’s not like it’s a date”

“whatever you say coops” i wink at her and run my fingers across the nearest dress rack “wish i had someone to go to the dance with” i think aloud flicking through the hangers.

“what about Jughead? Yous seemed pretty cozy in the hall” Betty speaks up curiosity filling her voice “oh my god!” i exclaim cursing.

the mention of his name reminds me that we were supposed to be meeting at Pops now “shit shit shit” i smack my forehead trying not to think about how hurt he’s going to be when he shows up and none of us being there

“what’s wrong?” Ronnie asks concerned her arms full of dresses “i invited Jughead to Pops tonight and i totally spaced” i tell them guilty “im sure he’ll understand” Betty tries to comfort me placing a hand on my shoulder.

“i hope so” i sulk “do you know what happened with him and my brother?” she shakes her head “they haven’t really spoken since before summer break i don’t think they spoke for the whole summer” i gulp, great what the hell happened.

the rest of the shopping trip i spent too engulfed in my own thoughts and theories about my brother and his former bestfriend that i barely noticed buying a dress and getting to Betty’s house.

“earth to (y/n)” im snapped out of my thoughts by Ronnie, she waves the curling wand in front of my face “you almost ready Arch will be here soon” i nod finishing off my hair and grabbing my dress “ill just change and ill be down before you know it”

“okay we’ll be outside”

i nod closing the door and quickly changing into my dress sliding on my heels and applying another coat of lipstick before glancing at myself in the mirror. i didn’t look half bad i smile at my reflection before the tooting of a horn brings me back to earth

“really archie? i was coming jesus” i complain opening the front door of Betty’s house and walking down the driveway to meet my brother the girls already tucked into the car

“wow little sis you look decent when you put in effort”

i gasp shoving him in the chest “your 10 minutes older than me okay-”

he rolls his eyes at me and mockingly opens the door for me, i smile sarcastically at him and slip in the passenger seat “the quicker we get there the quicker we can get home” i think aloud

“c'mon it can’t be that bad” Veronica teased but i just shook my head “you have no idea”

a/n: sorry for it being long and kinda poopy im in the midst of starting a new part it’s just with the ending i wanted for this is would’ve taken SO LONG! but be excited for part three because their will be lots of jughead x reader fluff! so if you’d like that PLEASE (im low key begging you) to just type a ‘part 3’ or ‘i really like this series or just SOMETHING. silent readers get me down!

and as always requests are wide open my friend feel free to drop a question or a request, love hearing from you nuggets!


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okay but think about Even and Isak and social media if Even ever got on board

  • imagine the snaps
    • Even loves sending Isak ridiculous snaps with the face filters and witty one liners. they usually make Isak roll his eyes but some of them are actually kinda funny and Even’s cute no matter what filter he uses so there’s that
    • Isak isn’t much of a selfie guy because he’s a self conscious lil bean but on the nights they aren’t together he sends Even snaps of his spread of homework with captions like why am I like this or will you ever fuck me as hard as this biology paper is
    • sometimes when they’re together Even takes sly photos of Isak because his boy is just so effortlessly beautiful and it blows Even’s mind and he wants to capture those moments for when he isn’t feeling so great so he can remind himself that while the world may seem bleak and hopeless there will always be Isak’s light
    • if Even’s feeling good Isak usually gets random snaps through the day, just little things that capture Even’s attention. sometimes it’s bright flowers or a black and white shot of buildings or clouds or literally just a snap of what’s right in front of Even as he walks. these are Isak’s favourite sort of snaps because it’s like seeing the world through his boyfriend’s eyes
    • when one of them is getting crushed under the horrifying weight of being a student or just being alive the other will send a cute little video saying something like you got this I love you you can kick this is the ass and it’s almost always followed by a blank snap that just says you need me to come over? because like hell would they let the other struggle alone
    • Even has been known to send Isak a snap of the front door to the kollectivet captioned are you going to let me in or what? after Isak’s sent him a particularly stressed out snap
  • facebook
    • Even doesn’t really use his facebook, he mostly got it because there were some groups in his classes where students swapped ideas back and forth and it was pretty helpful
    • Even and Isak are totally that couple that tag each other in stupid memes and just say ‘you’ ‘me’ or ‘us’ and everyone thinks it’s adorable
    • Even’s favourite thing to do is to find kitten photos and tag Isak in them with comments like ‘looks like you’ and when the boys see that they lose their collective shit because yes Isak you are just a tiny kitten definitely and Isak is so embarrassed and he’s going to kill Even
    • it’s hard to argue with it though seeing as the second Even runs his fingers through Isak’s hair the boy practically melts Even is convinced that if humans could purr Isak would
    • Isak gets revenge by tagging Even in hundreds of posts that try to say Terminator or some shit is the best movie ever made
    • sometimes they’re actually cute though and they’ll tag each other in those posts that are like ‘tag someone who changed your life for the better’ or ‘tag the love of your life’ and whenever the girls (especially Eva, who knew Isak way back when) see it they can’t help but swoon and sigh a lil because #goals
    • Even’s facebook has almost no posts because he doesn’t really see the point in documenting everything he does, but the few posts that are there are usually check ins where he’ll have ‘finally got Isak to watch *insert movie here*’ 
    • any photos of Even are where he’s been tagged in someone else’s photos. Eva is the worst for taking photos on a night out but hell if Even could say no to her when she’s so happy so yes okay he’ll bend down and take a photo with her 
    • Even’s favourite photo is one with Eva and Isak. he has his arm snug around Isak’s waist and he bent down a bit to accommodate Eva’s wish for a selfie and she surprised him with a kiss on the cheek and the photo got snapped just as Isak’s jaw dropped and he yelped out a hey!!!
    • Eva just captioned it with told you I’d steal him ;) and it became an iconic photo in their friendhship group
  • Instagram, the Skam fave
    • Even totally has notifications on for Isak’s insta because he’s extra af
    • Even’s instagram is probably what he uses most because he quite likes photography, he likes capturing the little moments in life that grabbed his attention
    • it’s very aesthetically pleasing and he actually got a lot of followers who’d have guessed?????
    • but every so often he’ll post a photo with Isak and it’ll literally be the cutest sappiest shit because that boy is so in love and it’s so obvious and his phone gets blown up with notifications to the point where he turns them off because he knows he’s dating the most gorgeous boy in the world he doesn’t need to see a thousand comments telling him what he already knows
    • Isak doesn’t use his instagram much, but Even always leaves cute little comments sometimes just a lil heart emoji. he especially leaves cute comments on the photo Isak posts of Even, things along the lines of wow what a good looking boyfriend you have you must be happy ;)
    • Even definitely looked at all the older things Isak was tagged in, and he even buys Eva a muffin at school as thanks for posting all those things with Isak in because they are a fucking gift
    • Even literally can’t get over how much of a baby Isak looked just a year ago??????????? sometimes he looks at Isak for ages until Isak can’t take it any more and asks what Even wants and Even just shows Isak one of those photos from Eva’s instagram and he’s just like how was this a year ago what the fuck Isak you look 12 I don’t understand this is keeping me up at night


10 Transformative Cophine Fics - Fic Recs

This is a smut post. These are smut-centric fics that blew my mind. You have been warned / prepared  for smut. This is the first of many, read these transformative works at your own discretion (I can’t promise that you won’t enjoy them… baha). The Cophine fandom has some of the best transformative works, what can I say.

Repercussions by @thecirclesquare

Cosima likes to keep things from Delphine, and this is one way to get answers. The moments of tenderness and closing line will make you swoon, and it’s all particularly well-told in first-person POV, as per thecirclesquare’s specialty.

Noise Complains by hellafitzgerald

Delphine’s late-night celebrations lead to her disgruntled neighbour Cosima showing up at her door in the middle of the night. Cophine instantly connect, as they are wont to do - funny, cute, and all I can say is Delphine should talk like this all the time.

Cravings by hellafitzgerald

Delphine’s trying to quit smoking. How would you distract her? Yes… Cosima thought the same in this fluffy fic that is also cute and funny and as smutty as smut can be. Del probably went ahead and smoked a cig anyway in an imagined epilogue.

Back to Her, And I Go Back (To Us) by @kind-of-always-late

You know when exes hate each other but also secretly still love each other? This is how that all plays out in Cophine land. Angsty, complex, and really enjoyable two-parter.

Here, Take a Shot by @xthetumblweedx

Obviously. 58 chapters and still going strong, probably every smut scenario you could think of… and if it’s not in there, you can always prompt it ;) Cochlear, Hell of an Encore and Perfect Strangers are my personal favourites - wonderfully-crafted AU scenarios that set the stage for, y’know. The smoot.

Forgive Us Our Trespasses by @cophinaphile

This is how you exploit a little opening in the plot. An alternate end to 3x10 that would probably have had me rolling around on the floor and screaming. Spectacular.

The Toy Box by @trylonandperisphere

Cophine trying some new things, getting to know each other a little better… if you’re not dead after the 5th chapter, I don’t know you. A fluffy foray into Cophine’s domestic life with really A+ smut.

Business & Pleasure by @mveloc

Delphine and Cosima make a trade. It’s 10,000 words of why you wish this happened on screen. They live together, they deal with each other’s co-workers, and they have… a wonderfully good smut time that even the most casual Cophine reader will enjoy.

The Stroke of Midnight by @thatscomplex

I think the real Delphine and Cosima would have done this. Romantic, angsty, but also hopeful and good and way better than canon. Here’s how 3x08 should have gone down.

It Showed by @novelconcepts

Back to the start of it all. Cosima’s perspective on the fumbling, new, transcendent experience of taking Delphine to bed for the first time. Really well done, nuanced and perfect.

curufins-smile replied to your post “berrysphase replied to your chat “valaraukars: the true edgelord of…”

Rugged and capable and murderous but lbh he’s really gross and probably smells dreadful. Make sure you bring a nosepeg :P

It has been scientifically established that he smells like gin and valour i.e. stale booze and battlefields. 

Mayor John Hancock appreciation post! Seriously, he is so sweet and loving. He has a lot of great quotes, but here are a few romantic ones.

First panel quote: “Nothing to lose but each other.”

Second panel quote: “Well, look at you. I must still be dreamin’…” (the Lover’s Embrace perk is great, by the way)

Third panel quote: “Words don’t begin to do it justice. You, you’re the best thing I got.”

Fourth panel quote: “Ain’t been an easy road, but it was worth it to get to you.”

My lovely fellow hot mess trash can @aliceofalonso is taking the bar in less than a week!!! So in a paltry effort to cheer her on (and cheer her up) I have written a very silly little lifeguard au. 

(Sorry not sorry for the title, Mere. I am puntastic trash. It is known.)

Bae Watch

Sansa slips from her perch on the high-platformed lifeguard chair, her sandals slapping against the pool deck. Wylla Manderly takes her place, climbing the ladder rungs on stiff legs.

Wylla’s expression is mostly hidden by a large pair of aviators perched low on her nose, but Sansa can’t help noticing her face is almost the color of her hair, the white blonde strands tinged slightly green from too much exposure to the chlorine they dump in the pool.

“Rough night?” Sansa teases. Wylla runs with the same crowd as Theon and the Tallhart boys. Sansa’s heard enough to know last night’s party most likely ended only a handful of hours ago.

Wylla grumbles a reply, settling in to watch over the handful of swimmers doing laps in the deep end.

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BTS as older brothers


There will definitely be a part II of this in the future because I want to use the same theme again for my “Protective/Possessive BTS” series, so look forward to that! ^^ Also, we can do “BTS as younger brothers” if you want~ 

Al eonni sends lots and lots of love to A.R.M.Y. and BTS! <3

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Jin: *never leaves you alone, is mesmerized by all your cute little actions, and super proud that you grew up well

Him:“Omo, my baby dongsaeng is so pretty! But you should put on your hoodie like this kekeke~ There we go, so pretty!”

You: “Oppa, I swear….[pouting]”

Him: “Ahh, this cute dongsaeng~ *-*”

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Suga: *is always concerned about your well-being while you are apart, calling you whenever he can to check on you*

Him: “_______-ah, are you alright? Did your exam turn out well? And what about that girl that gave you a tough time at judo?”

You: “It’s okay, oppa, I’m fine. School and judo are okay at the moment. But what about you? Did you get enough sleep? And did you eat well? Are the other members okay as well?”

Him: “Ya, don’t worry about me, I’m fine~ We’re all fine. Call me if something bad happens, okay? I can’t bear to see you suffer. Please rely on me, even if we’re far apart.”

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Rap Monster: *You can always use aegyo on him if need be*

You: “Oppa, I spilled soy sauce all over the kitchen counter and Mom’s coming home soon, can you tell her it was you if she finds out? She always lets you go because you’re not home that often-”

Him: “Do I look easy to you?”

You: “[aegyo attack] Please!!”

Him: “[at a loss for words] Yay, stop being so … cute!! And clean up now, I don’t want to tell a lie to Mom if it can be avoided~”

You: “You’re seriously the best!!!”

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J-Hope: a first taste of possessive/protective BTS *is the touchy-feely kind older brother. He wants to hold you, carry you, or hit you playfully all the time since he feels so close to you”

You: “Oppa, seriously, I can’t get a boyfriend if you always cling to me like that. Wherever we go, people think that you’re either my lover or that I’m a total tomboy. Let’s just do it at the house but not in public, alright?”

Him: “[pouting jokingly] Okay, if that’s what my dear little dongsaeng wants, I’ll respect it~”

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Jimin: *is the ‘best friend’ type of brother. You can always talk to him, joke with him, and if you weren’t siblings, then you’d definitely be best friends somehow*

You: “[whispering in his ear] Oppa, can you do me a favour?”

Him: “[whispering back] Sure, what’s it?”

You: “Can you please introduce me to Taehyung oppa? He’s so cute, don’t you think we’d make a nice couple?”

Him: “[see gif] Ya!! What is this dongsaeng thinking about?”

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V: another taste of possessive/protective BTS  *the older brother who sees your selcas online and questions you about it afterwards*

Him: “_______, I saw your latest selcas on instagram, don’t you think it’s a bit over the top? And the comments…guys my age commented that you look sexy, that’s-”

You: “That’s what? Really, Tae, I don’t see what’s wrong with it. When you suck on a lollipop and make all nunas swoon, then that’s alright, but if I post a pretty selca and get nice comments for it, then that’s indecent?”

Him: “Ya, you punk! But I do see your point. Just make sure the comments don’t get creepy, okay?”

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Jungkook: *the older brother who gets shy and cringes when you and your Mom discuss girl issues*

You: “Mom, when you and Kookie go to the grocery store later, can you please bring pads and tampons? I just used the last ones we had”

Him: “Oh god [cringes]”

You: “Seriously, why do you still cringe like this it has been years”

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The perks of being a rock

I wish I was funny and intelligent and charismatic like all of you lovely people but sadly I’m just a rock (x)

Just a rock. 







What a badass rock

like seriously

so strong

so kind

so cheerful




loOK AT THOSE LUSCIOUS LOCKS *swoons dramatically*



I dunno I just liked this one

but anyway

what a badass 

even when eating food



this has been a rock appreciation post

You have unlimited potential inside you. Never forget that.

Have a great day, sweetheart <3 I hope this made you smile even a little bit ^^

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someone: aww look at how cute he is he’s become a fetus again *swoons*



me: ahem

me: sorry to burst your bubble but

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me: sorry

me: fkboi kook has been unleashed again

Preference #4 Christmas Memories Pt.2

Derek: The warehouse loft had been completely renovated; illuminated garland lining the wall of windows, strands of lights wrapped around each pillar stabilizing the building, origami snowflakes suspended from the ceiling, a massive heavily decorated wreath hanging over the festively decorated bed, and a monumental sized fresh pine tree littered with an array of ornaments replacing the worn tattered desk. The pack was busy with ‘werewolf business’ leaving you to an empty studio most of the day and being left behind with strict orders from your boyfriend to ‘stay put’ meant going home was out of the question. So, after a deal of deliberation, you’d made the decision to make the loft more cozy and festive. Despite her clear unease with the Hale family, Lydia swooped by the loft to leave a few boxes of Christmas decorations to aid in the purpose. Placing a final sparkling silver bow on a present, subtle smirk on glossed lips, a sense of accomplishment bestrew the inner depths of your body. This was your first Christmas with Derek, the first holiday as a couple.

“What’s all of this?” A deep male voice questioned, clear bewildered amusement laced in the inquiry. Derek Hale’s broad athletic frame stood in the loft doorway, muscular arms folded over the ash Henley hugging his chiseled torso.

“You said ‘stay put’ so I did.” You gestured to the newly redecorated warehouse loft. “Do you like it?”

“It’s.” He paused, a subtle smirk on his plush beige lips as he approached you. “Festive.”

“You don’t like it.” You murmured in disappointment, nibbling on your bottom lip, releasing a heavy sigh.  

“I like it.” He reassured in a lighthearted chuckle, enamored willow irises gazing down at you affectionately as his calloused fingertips brushed the smooth skin of your forearms, pulling your petite frame against his. He wrapped his muscular arms around your lean torso, a low hum rumbling within the depths of his chest as he nuzzled the silken strands of your hair. He hated to admit just how smitten he really was; you were his weakness. “It’s just different. I am not used to this kinda stuff.”

“You smell nice.” You murmur, the offhand compliment muffled by the cotton fabric of his shirt. The familiar scent of pine, cologne and leather being inhaled in deep breaths, a sense of comfort settling within your bones, he smelt like home. “Der.” You whispered, setting your chin on his chest, looking up at him through your dark eyelashes.

“Hm?” He hummed, setting his forehead against yours.

“I love you.” You whispered affectionately, a warm blush creeping across the surface of your cheekbones as his plush lips twitched into a handsome grin. Despite the unyielding devotion, the passionate connection and indisputable gestures of affection; neither one of you had shared the legitimacy verbally but you couldn’t hold back any longer.

“I love you.” Derek reiterated, infatuated willow eyes softening massive proportions as he pressed his warm lips to yours in a sweet kiss. He wanted to spend every Christmas the very same way; his muscular arms wrapped securely around your petite frame, receiving luscious kisses from your alluring lips and whispering sweet affections to the woman whom held his masonry lycan heart within the palms of her delicate human hands.

Aiden: “Wake up, beautiful.” Aiden’s deep voice whispered gently, calloused fingertips brushing the smooth skin of your cheekbones. The scent of rich maple syrup and cinnamon teasing your awakening senses, button nose twitching as lethargic eyes fluttered open, squinting drowsily at the figure hovering over you. A disgruntled groan disrupted the complacent silence, a handsome smirk on Aiden’s graceful beige lips. “There she is.” He cooed with a smitten glisten to his almond shaped dark chocolate irises.

“Lie down and cuddle me.” You command in a hoarse murmur, the sheets shuffling as you nuzzled further into the feather pillow.

“Babe, c’mon.” He groaned in exaggeration. “I made you breakfast.”

“Without burning the building down?” You inquired, eyes still closed as a subtle smirk crept across your pout.

“Well.” Aiden bit his bottom lip, calloused fingertips brushing a silken strand of hair behind your ear as he pressed a sweet kiss below your ear. “Ethan did, but I put it on a nice plate. I even brought it on a tray and everything.” He informed in a smug sense of self-assurance.

“No paper plate?” You questioned, glancing up at your boyfriend through dark lashes. “What’s the occasion?”

“It’s Christmas.” He smirked. “I want today to be perfect for my gorgeous girl.”

“Aiden, stop.” A warm heat ghost over your cheekbones, the pink hue causing you to hide under the duvet, the butterflies tickling the depths of your abdomen as you suppressed a giddy girlish giggle. He always made you feel special, it was a foreign impression to be appreciated and adored.

“C’mon, sweetheart. Come out and eat before it gets cold.” He removed the duvet from your grasp, removing the tray of breakfast from the nightstand before placing it beside you on the mattress where he’d lain thirty minutes prior.

“Oh Aiden.” You gasp, back against the headboard as he settled the silver serving tray across your covered thighs. Aiden had gone all out; sliced French toast coated with powdered sugar and drizzled with maple syrup, a cup of chilled milk, a single red rose nestled in a meager midnight vase and a post it note with a message. Merry Christmas, Y/N. I love you xx- Aiden The romantic gesture brought you to the brink of tears. Despite his reputation, Aiden was quite the romantic. He had a knack for sweet little gestures that made you swoon and let you know just how much you meant. Yet, this breakfast had caught you off guard. The past week has been a bit difficult for the relationship, he was meant to accompany you to your family dinner seeing as your parents insisted. They wanted your whole family to meet the boy who’d swept you off your feet. At first, Aiden had completely refused ending in the biggest fight to date between you. He’d managed to recover with apologies every day after you refused to speak to him, take his calls or reply to texts for a day and a half. “This is…” You trailed off as warm tears glistened in your eyes. “Thank you so much.”

“I’d do anything for you, princess.” The completely smitten expression on his face made your heart flutter. “Including meeting the rest of your family.”

“Are you serious?” You inquired suspiciously as you blinked disbelievingly.

“Ethan made me see how selfish I was being.” He shrugged his broad shoulders as he pinched one of the rose’s petals, avoiding eye contact as he unfolded your napkin. “I don’t want to push you away. I don’t want you to leave me.”

“I am not going anywhere, Aiden.” You whispered, nimble fingers grasping his, ceasing the nervous actions.

“Promise?” He whispered, and for the first time you’d known him, there was a timid dread in the depths of his warm dark chocolate irises. He was a fragile weakened mess.

“I promise.” You murmured, pressing a reassuring kiss to his warm smooth lips as he smiled into the kiss.

Viola Riku’s Independent Narrative: An Analysis

Ok, to be honest, this isn’t going to be a particularly objective analysis; really, it will be more of a gush post, if anything. Because I’m just so happy over the fact that, for the first time in One Piece, a female character has completed her very own independent plotline and narrative.

For the sake of coherence, I will organize my analysis in two parts: what we know for absolute certain and what we can interpret from these facts.

What We Know for Absolute Certain:

1. Generally, a male One Piece character’s arc narrative involves the following steps: the villain has terrorized the character, the character develops to the point that they can physically confront the villain as retribution, and Luffy finishes the job. Examples: Wiper from Skypeia, Chopper from Drum Island, Law from Dressrosa, Kyros from Dressrosa, Franky from Enels’ Lobby, and Zoro and Sanji from the East Blue Arcs, etc.

2. Generally, a female One Piece character’s arc narrative involves the following steps: the villain has terrorized the character, the character develops, and… for whatever extenuating circumstance, they never physically confront the villain and Luffy instead does the entire job for them. Examples: Nami from Arlong Park Arc (she never got to fight Arlong), Kokoro from Water 7, and Nico Robin (her snapping Spandam’s spine doesn’t count… the fight was already over and he wasn’t really the main main antagonist of the arc anyway).

3. Viola Riku, after spending 10 years of her life being controlled and terrorized by Doflamingo, physically confronts Doflamingo.

What We Can Interpret from This:

Viola Riku is quite possibly the first female One Piece character to ever have her own narrative be completed in the same fashion that a male character has. During the entirety of the arc, she has spent each of her moments doing whatever she could to undermine Doflamingo’s power, from assisting Usopp in taking down Sugar to straight up staring Doflamingo in the eye and planning to kill him or stall him long enough for him to get taken down. 

She got her own narrative. She got tortured by Doflamingo for years, and she gets to take him on on her own. While it coincides with and runs parallel to Luffy’s plotline, it’s utterly independent with its own buildup, culmination, and conclusion. You could cut out her plotline from every other subplot in the arc and it would stand on its own utterly fine as an uplifting, ultimately triumphant plot. In all senses, while she does get help along the way, she’s the hero of her own story in the same way that many male characters get to be.

And, in an arc where Robin got shafted from a solo fight three times and a woman got kissed without her permission, I’d say that that’s pretty damn important.

Some thoughts on Maks' recent interviews, and career trajectories

Now that I’ve recovered from my swooning over the “I want Meryl to be the last person I dance with…” conclusion to his interview for Social Life, I did want to get out some first thoughts and impressions from his post-DWTS media tour. As will probably become apparent, I work in media–though nothing in the Maksyl realm–here I’m purely a fangirl. So this is more in the nature of getting things off my chest, and certainly not because I have any stake in or inside knowledge of Maks’ career or life besides liking him as a fan.

1. Maks has been most gracious in all his post-victory interviews towards fellow DWTS pros and contestants this season, as well as towards his past partners and his own history on the show. He displays a genuine understanding on his part of his past shortcomings–yet without false humility. In short: confidence tempered by self awareness looks good on a guy.

2. The way he has been talking about and acting towards Meryl, both in joint interviews as well as in solo print/TV/radio interviews has been simply swoonworthy. He displays such affection, respect, admiration, and love for Meryl in everything he says about her and them…that has been personally the biggest continued draw for me to their ship.

If I were marketing him, I’d say that is the single most appealing aspect of his ‘brand’ right now–an artist who has found his muse, a man who has found his inspiration to be a better version of himself, both personally and professionally.

Whether or not what MnM share at this moment can be sustained–from a career management point of view, *this* narrative is what has won him legions of new fans. Face it, he’s been super talented and sexy and in the public eye for a long time–but surely people handling him should recognize that it’s the “new” Maks that has vaulted him into both winning the championship and into his role as new public darling. In short: control the narrative. Whatever publicity and tabloid page-views that can be generated by a 'sexy bachelor on the prowl’ image, is not worth the dilution of this frankly more rare, differentiated brand for a male celebrity or artist. There’s a reason that George Clooney always has a steady girlfriend whenever he’s about to go into an Oscar campaign year.

3. Maks also evinces an attractive maturity in his work realm without loss of sex appeal–he’s been going all guns in his roles as artist, designer, businessman, non-profit fundraiser, international celebrity/judge, family man, even. His studios and his jewelry line have both benefited immensely from this image. I thought his interviews with media in India, as well as two longer print interviews here, have all really tapped into this new “maturity with a sexy edge” appeal–he would do well to solidify this aspect of his persona. Being chattered about as the “next JLo dancer boytoy” is so counterproductive, alas.

4. Finally–unlike some others on the Maksyl ship,his words and actions have allowed me to remain so positive about his relationship (whatever form it may take) with Meryl. (See #2).

The only part of his post-win interviews that I would have cautioned him against would have been his vocal desires to “be an actor.” Given his age and his degree of celebrity and his current 'hotness,’ he needs to not talk about himself as an aspiring actor–the streets of Hollywood are littered with them!–who is taking classes and looking for a big break. His agent just needs to land him a good role in a good film. Then, he simply is an actor, not perceived as one among thousands talking about trying to break into “the business.” He’s too talented and well-known for that.

Maks’ publicity should be reading more along the lines of, “Maks is currently weighing different roles…” “Maks is bring his considerable charismatic screen presence and talents as a choreographer to bring back the Gene Kelly-type of prominence of music and dance on the big screen….” That sort of thing. Furthermore, talking about wanting to “get into acting” makes him sound green, and detracts from his more successful, established ventures like his DWM studios and Cantamessa jewelry line.  Does his publicist provide him no counsel?

(On a fan note, I also see this as the potentially biggest roadblock of his relationship with Meryl–but that’s about his personal life and less about his career, so not going down that road here.)

5. Speaking of red-hot brands–and this is not a given at all because Meryl and Maks may want no part in this–the combination of them right now is dynamite. I’m amazed that joint photoshoots or TV sitdowns or a quasi-documentary or short film project have not been capitalized upon. Maybe they’re saving it all up for this mysterious future ABC special–but if M and M were both inclined for a career change, I’d be having people pitching all sorts of ideas for projects for them as a team. And it doesn’t have to be a cheesy reality show type of project–there are many other possibilities for creative collaboration. 

Sorry for going on and on! I just needed to get this off my chest. And it’s not a dig at Maks at all, but rather the people who guide his career. But still so happy to have found this new fandom, and can’t wait to get more of both Maks and Meryl in any form!

Nae Ha Neul : Kang Ha Neul

And for my very first Honey’s Oppa post, I’ll feature in my current Drama boyfriend…Kang Ha Neul! 

I have been infatuated with him ever since I watched him portray the younger version of Lee Sang Yoon in the Angel Eyes series, but I have not fallen in love with him the way I am right now. I am actually asking myself why I didn’t fell in love with him the first time… I mean, how can you not self? 

Image from @TheAnnyeongOppa FB Page

Those chiseled jaws and droopy eyes…ugh. It keeps on making me swoon and swoon for him in every way possible way. 

Originally posted by seoul-leaf

Also, I am always hypnotized with the way he smiles candidly…it just makes you want to smile all day long. I can’t really explain it, but I know you get it.   

 Here’s another reason why i can’t help but love him more…

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