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Something that’s bugged me from the very beginning of Voltron is the fact that we never hear why the Blue Lion chose Lance. The reasons this bothers me have changed over the course of the show, but it’s never stopped bugging me.

At first, it bothered me because I couldn’t see why a Voltron Lion would choose someone so arrogant, annoying, stupid, and frankly useless as Lance. (Calm down, I don’t think this anymore!) I wanted the show to tell me what he brought to the table, because I sure as hell couldn’t see it. He wasn’t a warrior like Keith, a tech-head like Pidge or Hunk, not a leader like Shiro or Allura, and not a tactician like Coran.

It wasn’t until the mission to liberate the Balmera that I started to see a little of what the Blue Lion saw in Lance. He acted like a moderating influence - where Keith wanted to go nuts, Lance was a team player - despite his ego, Lance works well with others. However, this wasn’t a moment of revelation - “Oh, now I get it!” - more of a “Oh, good. He’s not completely useless.” Throughout the show, I kept getting these little nuggets of usefulness, but it wasn’t until reading your theories that I fully appreciated Lance’s full impact on the team. It made me look at his character in a completely different way.

Here’s my question. Allura’s moment of spite in not revealing Lance’s contribution to the team negatively influenced my view of him as a team member, and I’m concerned I’m not the only one. And I’m not just talking about viewers - it seems to me like the other Paladins, even Allura who presumably knows why he was chosen, don’t respect Lance very much. Maybe it’s just me, but I get the impression that most of the others - all very skilled and intelligent people - regard Lance as sort of the idiot younger brother. Maybe they like him, in the same way you like the dopey dog that tears up your sheets, but they definitely don’t regard him as an equal, capable part of the team.

Am I wrong here? Is there something in their interactions I’m missing? Because with the team seemingly getting split up the finale, and Lance’s briefly revealed homesickness and sensitive side, I’m worried that Lance might have deeply-hidden feelings of being unappreciated that might lead him to not wanting to rejoin the group.

Of course, this also sets up the group for a heartwarming moment of realizing just how necessary Lance is to the proper functioning of their team, and understanding just how much they really need him.

Here’s the thing about Lance. Lance initially does not give off a very strong impression. But I would recommend going back and rewatching the first episode if you feel, or felt, like he’s not an asset to the team.

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I've seen some say that YD needs to be taken away from homeworld and put on earth to appreciate organic life a la peridot, but i feel like that method wouldn't be the best. thoughts?

I think that’s attempting to prescribe a very shallow solution for a problem YD does not actually have.

Problems YD has, in no particular order, which I had to put a readmore on, because it got too long:

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what's your fav bottom!niall fic???

ohhhhh god alright here we go