this has been a productive aps class

Quotes from my AP classes
  • “I’m not gonna write ‘chicken butt’ on my paper”
  • “Who was the most famous poet in the 20s?” “dr seuss!!!!” “One fish two fish the red fish is a communism”

  • “Sorry about that. I don’t get to quote The Princess Bride often”

  • “Aren’t you looking forward to next month?” “Like this one isn’t hard enough”

  • “i’m having an existential crisis can i step out”

  • “What’s the message of Green Eggs and Ham?” “Eat stuff.”

  • “Dude, imagine the McDonald’s theme in a minor key”

  • “What was the most famous plane in World War II?” “Jay-Jay the jett plane!!!”

  • “Welcome to APUSH, where you’ll meet the world’s dumbest smart people”

  • “I would die for Carrie Underwood”

  • “I’m glad we can’t swear in essays because I would just add ‘and shit’ to the end of every other sentence”

  • “If you mention Macklemore one more time I’m going to kick your ass”

  • “This class’ morale is increasingly decreasing”

  • “We want to save the whales but do the whales want to save us?”

  • “We need an AP conspiracy theory class” “The NSA would be up our asses so fast”

  • “Veggietales was hardcore.”

  • “Please keep track of how many times I say ‘like’ in my speech”

  • “French is a ridiculous language. Beau. Three vowels. None of them are O.”

  • “Do you have a boat? I don’t have a boat. I just look at the water and think ‘hm, must be nice’.”

  • “I don’t like water. It’s just so meh.”

  • “Like Pokemon only Cthulhu”

  • “I don’t think Jesus had anything to do with abolition” 

  • “*singing* I want to cry but I don’t have time”

  • “Do you hate this?” “*collectively* yes.” “Good, then we’re right where we need to be.”

  • “What is it with you guys and communism?”

  • “Education is stupid.” (-a teacher who has a phd)

  • “Do puns count as speaking points?”

  • “What’d you get on the stats test?” “49. It brought my grade up.”

  • “Hemingway committed suicide towards the end of his life.” “yeah i’d say it was towards the end of his life”

  • “Calling John Adams ‘ratchet’ will not get you the point.”

  • “I’m the only redhead in my family I’m convinced I’m adopted” “Hey same” “Maybe you two were adopted from the same place” “What, is there just an orphanage for gingers?” “Yeah it’s called Ireland”

  • “We take tie-dying very seriously in this class.”

  • “The eyes in the Great Gatsby actually represent Santa Claus”

  • “My grade in this class has been 89 all year I’m going to shit”

  • “I can’t tell if me sticking myself in ravenclaw is suitable or a product of internalized narcissism” “You just said ‘internalized narcissism’ I think that’s your answer”

||16.10.4|| 2/100 days of productivity

I’m actually posting this on Saturday because the school has been crazy this week. My APES teacher decided not to teach us anything and yet gives us homework, and even my Bible teacher is more organised and actually teaches stuff (*gets 110% on the test*). I am just so concerned about APES exam on May right now.


jan. 13, 2017 // day 16 of 100 // it has been a hell of a first week back. spent two days in a workshop with National Geographic writer/filmmaker Neil Shea. such a cool and talented guy. i had a fantastic time learning from him. pictured some notes i’m taking for my AP Art History class.