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“Oh, have you had sex?”

So some people are reading this as Eurus deducing from Sherlock’s playing (of Irene Adler’s theme) that’s he’s had sex.  Which is a very plausible reading.

But I think it can also be interpreted in the opposite way.  

We (the viewers) have heard a lot about Sherlock “the virgin” who “wouldn’t know” about sex, so we think it’s self-evident that he’s virginal, and it would be surprising if he weren’t.

But Eurus hasn’t been around for all that.  To her, he’s just a 40 year old man who has *not* been raised in an institution.  It would be natural to assume he has had sex at some point.  So quite possibly her deduction based on his playing is that he *hasn’t* had sex, and that’s why she asks the question.

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do you like other naruto pairings besides sakura pairs and which ones?

I have sooo many that I love, anon. You don’t even KNOW! If you’d like to, you can follow my sideblog catbrows which I’ll be drawing more for while on break too!

But to be blatantly honest, there’s not too many ships that I DON’T ship in Naruto. They’re all great to me with some promising fodder for fanfics and fanart! 

-possible unpopular opinion below-

One major thing though is I CANNOT ship Ino with anyone BUT Sakura. I’m sorry… IT’S THE OTP OF OTP’S. OTL I cannot undo what has been done in my brain. Sakura and Ino are soulmates to me!!!!!

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however! My faves would have to be KakuHida, NaruSasu, NejiTenLee, and JirTsu. Probably more, but I just can’t think of them right now.


It has been brought to my attention that a person within the Markiplier fandom might have committed suicide as a consequence of severe bullying for posting unpopular opinions about Marks earlier relations.
According to my source, people went as far as tracking this person down, getting their address not only for their home but for their work space as well. 
I can only hope that this isn’t true but i have to say i am extremely disappointed. 

Now i am not a highly ranked YouTuber so my words will probably fall on deaf ears but when i looked into this i felt so sad and angry. The people who seek out these kinds of fandoms are people who usually need a friend and a reason to laugh in trying times. Bullying people whose opinion is different from yours, no matter what vile words are used, should never be an excuse to send hate.

I know for a fact that Tumblr tends to be very over dramatic. So i severely hope that no “permanent damage” has been made.

I’ve contacted the person in question and i hope that it has not been too late.

The Markiplier fandom is non of my business and how Mark handles his audience and fans is something i will not interfere with but when people reach out to me i listen and try to help the best i can. I sincerely hope you will too.

- Wiishu out.

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thank you so much for the thoughts you share here because a lot of times i feel like i'm on my own with my interpretations of stuff or feelings and then i feel like i'm dumb for not seeing it like everyone else or something. but I agree with a lot of the opinions you've been posting and i just want to say thanks for being unapologetically you.

awwwwwww holy shit wow thank you this is actually really really reallyl really really sweet and it means a lot!

Romancifying the Chanceverse

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Louis-Cesare is my favourite Karen Chance man

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They’re one of my favorite in Chanceverse guys!

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I will say that currently this pairing is definitely my favorite established couple.

I really like Dory and LC too! The next part is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I really hope they don’t end up like Cassie and Pritkin. (So trigger warning: if anybody is in love with Pritkin, they probably don’t want to look at him as a boring trope or romance cliché.) But this post has been long overdue, so here’s my two cents on how to and how not to write believable original romance arcs in urban fantasy. 

There’s been an issue with KC’s books, that they were initially ‘miscategorized.’ TtD was apparently in some parts of the world mismarketed as a paranormal romance or young adult novel or something (hoping it would sell better), which made many fans angry and disappointed and turned them off the series entirely. Every time somebody complained about the lack of perfect romance arc they expected from a PNR novel and didn’t find in Cassie, KC kept repeating that she is not writing a romance novel, she’s writing urban fantasy, which made me immeasurably glad because her characters were a breath of fresh air, and her books lacked the expected romance clichés that make other books boringly predictable cookie-cutters. They stood out, they defied expectations, they weren’t just another variation on the same old same old soulmatey I-want-to-have-your-babies Happily Ever After just with a bunch of fantasy hot guys instead of realistic hot guys.

Cassie had a hot vampire roommate, and we all know how that would have turned out in any other novel, but KC has been refreshingly hitting the ‘not a romance’ buttons from the start. He is exposed as a traitor, and is replaced by another man in an out-of-the-blue last minute insert. Cassie also has a sexual experience while stuck in another hot guy’s body, and her first sex is second-hand via another woman. She also starts having the hots for a demon lord and his son soon after, and has sex for the first time with a quasi-friend. In the next book, she has sex with guy #2, but even that is void of declarations of eternal love and other tropes. From book four, she starts being intimate with guy #3, so there’s more stuff added to the horizon. She’s not following your everyday romance cliché screenplay, and that’s great. It’s original, interesting, it’s not predictable, it’s awesome. There’s no moon-eyed soul-gazing, no angsty romantic pining, no sentimental but meaningless platitudes, no making smooch-faces at each other.

And then comes a change in the nonconventional, original, not-writing-romance formula via the development of the ‘Pritkin romance arc’ which brings exactly those clichés that have been helpfully avoided so far. Well, to say that it was disappointing is putting it mildly, as it was less a ‘development’ for him and more a downgrade of his character into a selection of romance clichés. To take such a rich back story and basic premise as Merlin and utilize it only as the damaged hero the heroine must save with her love was already a bit tropey. From that turn onwards, Pritkin’s most interesting qualities, including his flaws ceased to exist. He became the perfect troubled dark knight the heroine can put back together, but who otherwise follows her unquestioningly and exists only to cater to her needs as a side rib with no life other to be an accessory. He starts delivering hallmark lines like ‘you’re the strongest person I know’ which is hilarious coming from a guy who’s been to Camelot and the demon realms and lived for a long time on Earth too doing badass warmagey stuff.

Pritkin is straight out of the pages of a romance novel, which is so out of place in the Cassie series. Perfection is boring, clichés are boring, and that’s exactly where KC took an otherwise promising set-up for conflicts and spicing up an unconventional urban fantasy storyline that suddenly had this teenage-romance-level totally-oblivious will-they-won’t-they meant-to-be plotline inserted into it that has been done a thousand times before. Another reader voiced her fear that she might lose interest in them if they eventually have sex, because there’d be nothing to look forward to. Indeed, Cassie and Pritkin seem to be heading into the eternal love direction as one could almost hear the wedding bells ringing in the background when Cassie whispered his name before she almost died, or just before Pritkin tried to tell her something. I made a post recently about how I’d like to see Pritkin fleshed out a little more than just a romance tropey white knight into somebody with his own character development, but of course there’s really no way of knowing for certain what direction KC is planning to take the books, this is just a hope of mine that we can get something with less wish-fulfillment with more believability.

Because I really hope Dory and LC will not go down the same path. That’s two characters who have had their share of dark and troubled past, they lived through the worst parts of European history, and should be accordingly mature. Dory is introduced into the series as a badass would-be baby killer and LC as an arrogant guy with a misguided sense of murderous honor. Soon enough, they establish themselves to each other as ‘one thou shalt not mess with’ with a later addendum of ‘even if we’re attracted to each other.’ Their dynamic is great. But then coinciding with the later Cassie books, there’s this trend in the Dory series too which I hope won’t drag those two down into lukewarm tropeland. Like, wanting a teddy bear in the Dory#4 teaser chapters, or cutely trying to fluff her thigh in Lover’s Knot. KC has mentioned that Dorina might have something to say about Dory dating a vamp, or that there might be some adjustment to be done, and while I really hope that there won’t be another contrived triangle, I do hope we can stay away from quoting romantic one-liners at each other straight out of a romance serial. I’d just really appreciate it if we could keep paranormal romance clichés from taking over urban fantasy.

probably a wildly unpopular opinion: I’ve gotta say it, hanna post-time jump has been the absolute worst like idk what happened to her character but she’s gone from my #2 to #4 or even #5 if we’re counting Ali and I never thought that could happen. I legit hate seeing her on my screen at this point like this is gonna sound really harsh but she’s so depressed and moody and snarky and irritating and she’s literally just leeching negative energy everywhere she goes

Okay so let me start out by saying - one, warning, this is going to be a long, probably somewhat unpopular opinion post. And two, I’ve never posted a long opinion post on tumblr before, because of a combination of many reasons, but this has gotten out of hand lately and my inner pacifist just can’t help herself. So here goes. 

There has been an unbelievable amount of anon hate and just hate and negativity going around in general on tumblr lately, and I can’t stand it anymore? Two people I know on here attempted suicide because of all the anon hate they were receiving, one person deleted their blog for the same reason, and another friend of mine just woke up this morning to see an anon ask saying “go kill yourself”. What. Is. This??? I know it may be hard to remember sometimes because this is an online community and you can’t see anyone face-to-face, but there are real people with real, human emotions and feelings behind every blog on this website, and telling people mean, rude things or telling them to kill themselves can actually really wound a person!! Yes, I get that a lot of anon hate is sent over people having contrasting opinions about fandoms/ships/characters, but is loving a character somebody dislikes really a reason to tell someone to kill themselves??? My mantra that I follow when I chat with people on tumblr is - would I say this to someone’s face, in real life ? No? Then why say it on anon ?? The very fact that people do it anonymously means they know that it is wrong and would never say it to someone’s face, so don’t abuse this wonderful feature tumblr’s provided us with to say things you wouldn’t normally say. The point of anonymous asks is so people who aren’t comfortable for any reason can still ask bloggers questions. It is meant to be a beautiful thing that lets people feel safe. Don’t turn it into a tool for you to make people feel UNsafe

And secondly, what is the POINT of anonymous hate? Is sending a 500-character anon ask really going to change someone’s opinion? If they posted about disliking a ship that you really love, is sending an anon hate really going to change their opinion? 

I only joined tumblr about a year ago, and from what I understood when I was encouraged to join, it was supposed to be a place where fans could share their love for fandoms together. What happened to this? Yes, maybe you have a different ship or a different fave character than someone else, but you’re still in the same fandom, love the same show/film? A lot of my friends on here have very different opinions than me about certain characters or ships, but we get along just fine? We focus on the fact that we LOVE the same show/film and leave each other be to have our own opinions. I personally joined tumblr because none of my friends in real life enjoyed the same shows/movies/books that I did, and I wanted a community of people who would share the same love for my fandoms as me. Why can’t we all just appreciate how beautiful it is that we have this place to meet others who share the same passions as us, even if they like different ships or characters in the show/film? I personally am happy to just have friends who watch the same shows as me, I don’t care what they ship or who they love or dislike, as long as we can discuss the latest episodes and fangirl about the show itself together, I’m extremely happy. Why can’t everyone just love a fandom they have in common together, rather than hate on others for not sharing the same opinions as them? 

And lastly, I would just like to point out that tumblr is (or was) largely a place for people to share uncommon or sometimes repressed opinions - things we don’t often get to express in real life, because the world is still against it or whatnot. This is supposed to be a place for people to feel safe sharing their opinions, not scared that posting something they believe in will get them lots of anon hate. Yes, you can perfectly well disagree with someone’s opinion, but you can be civil about it! I discuss contrasting opinions with my friends all the time, and we keep it polite and nice. Why is there a need to tell someone to kill themselves for having a different opinion than your own? And alas, we reach a point I was hoping not to cover, but this rant got away from me so here we are. People are allowed free speech and to have whatever opinions they want, and the very act of sending them hate or telling them their opinion is wrong or bad is suppressing that freedom? Tumblr was meant to be a place for people to express their love and creativity freely, not somewhere where we feel scared and attacked whenever we post an opinion. By sending anon hate, people are literally attacking others for having their opinion, and that is just not okay. By sending anon hate, people are repressing others’ ability to freely have and express their own opinions, and that I cannot tolerate. 

So, in short, please stop all the hate! Take some time to think about the fact that a real person with real feelings will be reading your hate, and if you wouldn’t like that said to you, don’t say it to someone else. Just spread some love and positivity, and love each other for all being in the same fandom and loving the same show/film!