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If I Could Tell Her - @dearevanhansen (aka please hire me im so multi-talented) My voice has been a little tired lately but I wanted to post this for Valentine’s Day! 😘❤

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Over the course of Black Sails, Luke Arnold’s John Silver has progressed from a thorn in Flint’s side to his reluctant sidekick in Season 2 to his confidante in Season 3. By the show’s fourth and final season, “friends” seems like an inadequate word. They share an emotional shorthand and understand each other in a way nobody else does. To its credit, just as it did with Flint’s relationship with Miranda Hamilton (Louise Barnes) Black Sails doesn’t try to define it neatly.

“There’s a need in Flint for Silver as a sort of alter-ego,” says Stephens. “As an expression or an extension of himself. That was interesting for me to play, especially this season where there’s a shift in power. There’s a sense that Flint’s star is declining, and Silver’s is ascending, and how that isn’t going to end well. Yet in a way, Flint makes it happen. He sort of gives away his power to Silver. Why does he do that? It’s interesting.”

For his part, Stephens thinks it comes down to sharing the burden of his position. “He finds a kindred spirit in Silver. It’s finding this balance between somebody who’s driven by pragmatism but also has this dark side — this anger that’s feeding it, these motivations that are emotional. Flint projects this on him. Because I don’t think Silver can ever live up to that. I don’t think anybody can live up to these things that Flint demands of them. It’s how that resolves itself which is where Season 4 really kind of comes into its own.“

—  “friends” seems like an inadequate word, Toby Stephens on Flint and Silver for Inverse

So I got some bad news today. Health stuff wise. This is personal stuff that’ll likely have a big impact on my writing, but ultimately it’s still personal so I’m going to put it under a read more. I apologise in advance to people phone-browsing.

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The first issue of the new Pirates of the Caribbean comic comes out a week from today (on September 28), so I thought I’d post this reference stuff I made for my pal and collaborator and all-around incredible artist and storyteller Joe Flood (I’m writing, Joe’s doing the art, and Marissa Louise is doing colors).  Though he’s one of the cleverest artists I know and could have figured this stuff out on his own, we had a tight turnaround, and ships can seem random and daunting with the lines and ropes and whatnot, so I thought this might help.

I’ve been a huge pirate buff since I was a toddler, and that enthusiasm has never abated (heck, my first full-length graphic novel was a pirate book).  When I was asked to do Pirates of the Caribbean, I was over the moon, and jumped on an opportunity to crew on one of the ships used in the movies, and went to Disney World and rode the ride multiple times, with me taking notes on elements that might be easter-egged into stories (keep your eyes peeled).

Anyway, I’m a big POTC fan, and I hope you are, too.  I hope you’ll swing out to your local comic shop and pick up a copy next Wednesday.

River Song's Wardrobe (Updated for “The Husbands of River Song”!)

So after my post on Martha Jones’ wardrobe got unexpectedly loved, and before I wrote about Rose’s Series 1 clothes, I thought I’d continue to put my two favorite things together (costume analysis and Doctor Who) and see what I could come up with. Because this is my specialty, yo, and it makes me happy.

So: let’s do River Song!

Now, there’s a small difficulty here. Either I can analyze River’s outfits in the order we see them, thus revealing the writer/viewer’s arc of her character’s trajectory, or we can look at them in the order River wore them from her perspective, going all in-universe and watching River’s wardrobe progression in the order it happened for her. I’ve decided to go with the second object, because then we can admire how the costume team managed to keep certain threads (oops, pun) consistent in a story that’s all out of order and out of time. And then you can go back and piece it together in order if you want! What nerds we are!

So, anyway, what’s River wearing when we first meet her? Well.

I’m sure it’s the height of baby-fashion, whatever it is. One nice anon pointed out that it looks like something called a Halo sleep sack, though, so there’s a thing for you. Baby fashion, guys. It’s complex.

River/Melody appears a few more times as a child, but her clothes are so little seen that I can’t really build anything solid off of them. River’s wardrobe only really starts to come into its own when she’s under the name of Mels, larking about with her parents:

What a lovely gif. You can’t see the outfit terribly well (because I chose this gif over closer shots, sue me), but it’s a gray tank and a black leather jacket. Not much to go on, but tank tops tend to be for active people and leather jackets always signal “tough person,” unless David Tennant is wearing one and looking like a wet adorable rat.

He is so smoll.

But the color palette for Mels’ clothes is already important: despite being a very colorful person, River sticks to a neutral palette most of the time, relying most heavily on beigey colors or muted earth tones, often with a shot of black to spice it up.

Kinda like the above outfit, actually. While we’re looking at it, note the pattern on her dress: how weird it is, kind of skeletal. It’s bold, but not an easily identifiable print like polka dots or stripes or florals. It looks like rows of spines, or barbed fencing. Something fierce and weird and not to be trusted.

Ah, good, now Alex Kingston is wearing it! Look at how the fit changes: that’s the River Song shape, right there, from the knee-length hem to the v-neck neckline to the drapey bodice. There’s usually a lot of draping in her dresses; I think it’s to add to the drama of it all, that appearance she has of living life on a very great stage.

In the above picture, River’s showing off her great lace-up boots, too. Here is someone who came dressed for murder. She totally looked in the mirror today and said “And that’s how an assassin looks!” to herself, while dancing to punk rock. Or to the screams of horrified civilians, as happens with her next outfit.

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Zombie Masterlist

A Bite Too Late - RedHershey

Summary: In an AU, post-zombie apocalypse world, Phil returns to the shelter from a search for food to find his companion that he’d been surviving with for about a year, Dan, bleeding on the ground.

Breathe My Rust - hunterfics (ao3)

Summary: The one where Phil rescues Dan in a zombie apocalypse and they accidentally fall in love.

Crash - rosewoodpirate

Summary: Dan finds Phil alone in the middle of the zombie apocalypse and has to decide whether he can trust him.

Dan Of The Dead - grosshowell

Summary: Dan and Phil versus the zombie apocalypse.

Deer In The Woods - romaticphantasies

Summary: Dan has had enough. Louise has been dead for six months, and he hasn’t seen another living person in three. The world will not miss him. It might even be better off without him.

Don’t Let Them Get You - forphansake

Summary: A disease broke out, turning people into something else, the infected. They were dead, mindless creatures. Dan and Phil only have each other in this new world of vile things, but can they hang on for that long?

Lay Me Down And Let Me Sleep - kimboxes

Summary: He swallowed past the acidic bite of bile that permeated his back taste buds. He wasn’t going to puke; he wasn’t going to be weak. Not now. Not when Phil needed him. “No, this isn’t happening. This isn't— Phil, Phil, listen to me, we have to get you out of here. We need to leave.” 

Left Alone - athenianphanfics

Summary: Dan and Phil are the only survivors of a zombie apocolypse.

Radioactive - sonja-blayde

Summary: It’s been a month since the zombie apocalypse began and Dan and Phil are running really low on supplies. How will they survive?

The End of the World - indiestripper

Summary: Dan struggles to keep the motivation to live in a world overrun by undead mutants as he worries about the well being of his missing boyfriend Phil.

We Go Together Or We Don’t Go Down At All - didnotthinkitwouldcometothis

Summary: Dan and Phil are in a tricky situation in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

World War Phan - williambend-over

Summary: In which Dan and Phil find themselves having to survive the zombie apocalypse from their bathtub.

Zombie Bite - snappingfruit

Summary: Phil is trying his best to survive in a world overrun by the undead. But he is haunted by memories of his friend, Dan, being taken by zombies. He doesn’t know what happened to him, and he can only hope that he’s okay.

Zombie Ethics - zeldainhiding

Summary: Zombie AU with a twist… ft. lots of terrible innuendo.

Zombies And Flower Crowns - Namyon (ao3)

Summary: Imagine your OTP in a zombie apocalypse. They are traveling together and one day they find a meadow full of flowers. They decide to stay there and rest. Person A (the happier one) makes a flower crown and gives it to Person B.

How Can Something So Wrong, Feel So Right?

snowbarry week
Day 3: AU/Headcanons.

Title: How Can Something So Wrong, Feel So Right? (FF) (Ao3)
Words: 3, 313 (The longest one so far o.O)
Pairing: Barry Allen/Caitlin Snow (Snowbarry/KillerFlash/FlashFrost)
Rating: Definitely M+

This was specially made for the Snowbarry Week Day 3: “Favorite AU/Headcanons.”

There are so many amazing AU and Headcanons for this wonderful couple (hence, the amount of prompts I constantly post), but lately, I’ve been really into KillerFlash, especially sexy Killer Frost. I don’t know why (maybe I ‘m taking a little of Louise Lincoln personality) but I like the idea of a sexier Caitlin. Their relationship in this Fic is strongly based on the relationship of Spiderman and Black Cat (which I happen to love too).

After countless nights without sleep and Felicity’s latest tracking system, they were available to find her. A year has passed since the last time he saw her since he held her in his arms telling her how much she means to him, a year of not knowing whether she was alive or dead. “So here is where you have been hiding? Nice lair.”

Slowly he approached her, the flames of the fireplace in front of her granted her eyes a blinding shine; a shine that reminded him the reflection of the moon over the ocean; an ocean  in which he was more than willing to drown, “Ah! Flash, you found me.”

She was stunning by firelight.

“I will always find you Cait.” She hardly resembled the brown-eyed, warm Dr. Snow; with her shimmering pale skin and cold body. Even then he could see it in those wide, restless blue eyes; His Caitlin wasn’t lost, she was just locked behind her walls. Walls he once broke, and if he was available to pass behind them once, he could certainly do it again.

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i’ve seen fellow cas stans trying to kidsplain (as in explaining to the kids) how we give about minus two shits about dean and cas’s interaction next episode in relation to our utter outrage at how cas has been relentlessly dragged by shitty narratives for the past 8 years, yet some rugrats don’t seem to understand. so let me make it simple for you.


Guys, Dean doesn’t really love pie. He doesn’t care about pie. Even though he’s made all of those statements about pie and how much he likes it, how much he craves for it, the truth is: Dean hates pie. Dean only puts up with pie because sometimes it’s useful, but he doesn’t really care about it. Not really. And I’m not even going to start talking about that car of his. Dean just despises that thing. He wishes he could buy a cool SUV and send the Impala to some junkyard where it would get all rusty and waste away. And his brother? Pfff. Dean wishes he could just gank the son of a bitch already.

Does all that sound completely insane to you? Great. Now you know how you sound to me when you say Dean doesn’t care about Cas.


So I know I’m a bit late to the whole posting about sprinkleofglitr​‘s book ‘Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter (I was on holiday so didn’t get to read it until I got back, I had a crazy weekend etc) but I thought I’d post about the pages that stood out the most for me personally and explain a little about why they. (Gonna post under a read more because it’s gonna be a long post.)

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As always thank you, and I will just throw it out there that I post all these fandoms (mainly Sherlock though) so feel free to follow if you can never have too much fandom! It is totally cool if you don’t as well though


One more post about the “missing” fall solution footage so everyone’s on the same page, and then we need to move on for a while.

See those pictures up there? Those are all the shots from The Empty Hearse that showed Molly at the real St. Bart’s.

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BBC - Sherlock - The Final Problem - Media Centre
In the final episode of this new series, written by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, long buried secrets finally catch up with the Baker Street duo.

In the final episode of this new series, written by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, long buried secrets finally catch up with the Baker Street duo.

Someone has been playing a very long game indeed and Sherlock and John Watson face their greatest ever challenge. Is the game finally over?

Benedict Cumberbatch returns as Sherlock Holmes, with Martin Freeman as John Watson, Mark Gatiss as Mycroft, Rupert Graves as Inspector Lestrade, Una Stubbs as Mrs Hudson, Amanda Abbington as Mary Watson, Louise Brealey as Molly Hooper.

Confirmed for BBC One on 15 January at 9pm to 10.40pm

I assume this has been posted on my dash but I can’t scroll through it all anymore so uh. 

The line I highlighted above PLUS the picture of Mycroft???? Much subtle there with your spoilers, BBC.