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The provided captioning must have been wrong since the paper Taeyong has holding says “NCTZEN” not “NCTIZEN” on it! Therefore, our fandom name is “NCTZEN”! We sincerely apologize for any misunderstandings we may have caused! The previous post concerning the fandom name has now been edited accordingly. Thank you for understanding~

the-doughboy1917  asked:

You know, the more I study World War 2 the more I question whether or not the Ailles were just the Axis with a "Good Guy" label slapped on them. What do you think? Should we really consider the Allies good guys? Or were they nothing more than the opposition to the Axis?

Hi there! That’s a really interesting question, one I’ve given some thought to myself while maintaining this blog and reading up on the war. There’s definitely some truth to that old adage: history is written by the victors, and if there’s anything the current political climate around the world has taught us, facts are relative. Additionally, as I’ve tried to share via this blog, the Allies were flawed states themselves, and as time has worn on more and more attention has been given, rightfully, to the oftentimes unjust societies and governments of the Allied nations. 

Take the United States, for instance – the U.S. was still a segregated nation at the time, to the point of maintaining segregated units in the Army (like, for instance, the 92nd Infantry Division, of which 2 soldiers were posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor in 1997, when it was determined that they had previously been denied the award due to their race, and the celebrated Tuskegee Airmen). The racism and ongoing imperialism of the U.S., particularly the ongoing American presence in the Philippines (officially a protectorate of the U.S. at the outbreak of WWII) was often skewered by the Nazis in propaganda and leaflets

(Of course, there is a certain amount of irony here, as the Germans were equally happy to internally celebrate the resources provided by their own colonies in Africa.)

The internment of Japanese-Americans, too, has long been recognized as a shameful and clearly racist and discriminatory act by the U.S., to the point of reparations paid and Pres. Reagan apologizing on the behalf of the nation through the Civil Liberties Act of 1988.

Other Allies had their own issues as well; Great Britain was still a major colonizer at the time of the war, with the racism that inevitably comes with that, and heavily relied on the material wealth of those colonies (particularly India, a fact Japan attempted to exploit through political leaflets) to fund their war effort; the USSR, under the rule of Josef Stalin, imprisoned, exiled, and executed millions of so-called “enemies of the working class,” political enemies of the government, during the Great Purge of the 1930s. 

And these are just a few examples (went more into detail with the U.S., since, as an American, it’s what I’m most familiar with). I could wax ad infinitum about the sins of these nations. So there are really no black-and-white answers. And yet…

The fact remains that it was the definitive actions of Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler that triggered the war. The invasion of Poland, the annexation of the Sudetenland, these were actions taken directly by the Third Reich, and sparked the war. (The failure of British appeasement notwithstanding.) And it is my view that the horrific actions of Nazi Germany, chiefly the Holocaust, cause it to cede any moral high ground. Any actor that partakes in literal genocide gives up any claim to the title of “the good guy.” Any state that directly causes the horrific death of approx. 11 million innocent civilians, 1.5 million of those children, on the basis of religion, race, sexual orientation, and political belief – and all to serve as a scapegoat so that the nation does not have to confront its actual problems – is morally bankrupt. 

The sins of the Allies should be recognized, taught, and discussed, in an objective and critical manner. This is how we learn from our history and progress as a society. But we should be very careful of, in that process, inadvertently engaging in apologetics for the Axis powers, by reducing the Allies to just their “opposition.” By and large, the assorted nations of the Axis engaged in numerous atrocities, through policy and through military action, and are justly condemned by history. The Allies, in fighting the Axis (and thus these atrocities), then, have as much claim to that label of “Good Guy” – inasmuch as any complex state can be called “good.”

There is so much to learn from World War II: chiefly, in my view, what a nation can do when headed by a fascist propelled to power by demagoguery and populism, and the time to learn from it has never been more important than it is now.

Previously my policy has been that if a ship is suggested without any fanwork apparent in the smushname tags, I’ll hold the ask until there is content.

This is changing from now on (as a note, though, this won’t affect the asks I’m already saving for this reason).

Before you send an ask suggesting a name for a ship that doesn’t already have suggestions, you need to check the tags to ensure that there actually is content and that the ship is actually eligible to name. Preferably, your ask should also note which tag that content is currently in, so that I can mark that down and hopefully keep the smushname tags contained/orderly as well.

In future, if you send a suggestion for a ship without previous suggestions and I can’t find any content in the tags, your ask will be deleted without commentary.

Ships become eligible to name once they have content. If the ship doesn’t have content - and especially when you admit in the ask that you haven’t actually checked beforehand - it is not eligible for naming, so please do not attempt.

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Hey guys! I’m so sorry for this, but the blog will be on hiatus for the next two weeks. I may update it if I have time but exams are kicking my butt. The askbox will still be open for submission but please be patient with updates.

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In all honesty, what is there left to confess? Why do we keep beating the dead horse? 'Merlin' is over. Please, unless it is new meta or head!canon, don't confess it--someone else did already. We heard enough of Arthur's death, and Gwen's pretty dress, or Morgana's this and Merlin's that, or SHIPX's passionate love, which is so igniting that it can melt the iceberg that sunk the Titanic. Something new please, fandom? I'm sure the mods are as bored as I am seeing the same things done thrice over.

We’re not entirely sure if this was a confession, a response to a confession, or a message to the mods but we felt we should answer this ourselves. 

While there are some confessions submitted which is very similar, we delete duplicate confessions and don’t publish those which have been submitted more than once. However, if there’s a confession that’s original, we have no issue with making a confession and publishing it.

The show might be over but that doesn’t mean the fandom is. Jess and I will continue to make confessions for you guys as long as you want us to. 

(this wasn’t meant to be rude or demeaning in any way, just a response to your message!)


Sorry for the inactivity of the last few days! My exam weeks are closing in so I might be a bit spotty with updates. I’ll definitely catch up on the season finale and confessions tonight. As usual, confessions related to a particular episode will be tagged with #ah spoilers for two weeks after airing.