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Sometimes the thin line you walk isn’t worth the panic, let it all go. You can only struggle for so long, you can also only help for so long, you will know when it has been enough. Make yourself your priority and remember you are not a balancing act, you are not a acrobat made to preform for the entertainment of others, you are there for yourself. And only yourself.

acrobats by Amy Kennedy



More Bitterblue shenanigan doodles

1. Haha doodling more scenes I love from the book. Giddon never really denied it tho > : ^ ) . Also saw a few post some time ago about Giddon potentially being bi himself and yasssssss. Bitterblue also wondered if he shared a bed with a woman or a man’s at her court too.

2. Giddon …you hot mess. I notice how much he distracts himself with work when something upsetting has happen to him. Gets rejected? Mopes a bit then devote yourself to the council. Upset at Po’s grace? Goes on a long council mission trip. Got disnobled and your estate burn down? no problem ! He’s a councilman , jumps back into work.

3. Been thinking alot of what Madlen  look like. She’s from Dell but is described as being quite pale. Maybe she’s Pikkian but lived in Dell? I need to re read for her description again.

Ula’ula Island & Po Town

A brief history of Alolaโ€™s second largest island; focuses on Pokemon Lore and Native Hawaiian culture, especially on mythology based around Lono and Kanaloa.

Centered around the Calavera AU

The land where Po Town is located, along with the entirety of Ulaโ€™ula Island, once belonged to and was inhabited by a group of Kanaka Maoli (Native Alolans); though the name of the tribe has been long forgotten, they were a tribe of farmers who worshipped Tapu Bulu. Because of their numerous, generous libation and gifts to the Tapu, they were blessed with fertile landโ€”their crops were nourished by the perfect balance of sun and rain, allowing the tribe to live a comfortable but humble existence with a bounty of food. Their thanks were given in the form of the holiday, Makahiki, a grand festival that celebrated the bounty of the land.

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Okay but 

Waitress! AU

- Marinette is an employee of her parents bakery, and is married to some jerk who isn’t important. 

- She’s planning to leave her husband when she gets knocked up, and her plans are put on hold. 

- In walks Adrien, her cute doctor and new lover (also he’s not married in this AU because happy endings) 

- Adrien watches from afar for as long as he can until months down the road and Marinette has been worked to the bone and her husband is still a PoS. 

- When her daughter is born, Marinette makes the split second decision to tell her husband off and move in with Adrien. 

- Cue her winning a pie-baking contest and having a happy life with her new family 


Kuga Kyosuke and  Kaede Okumura

Prince of Stride Alternative. Episode 11

Kaede: I see myself as your biggest fan, but moreover, I want to be your biggest rival. I want to become strong enough to deserve to fight you head on.That has been my wish for a long time. I feel that I am now prepared to do that. “ I won´t lose! ”.

Kuga: Good expresion. “ But I have no intention of losing, either ”.

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You don't fucking deserve it because you are a GOD DAMNED MURDERER! Actually, I take that back about Guzma.... None of you Team Skull bastards deserve to sit there. Since you're all just useless fucking pieces of shit!

      Oh… THIS again?

   “Look. I only KILLED the disgusting people I killed because they had put my life in DANGER.
  I’m not going to ELABORATE further none of it is your damn business!

      Team Skull has been disbanded for a LONG ASS time and it’s been a great CHALLENGE to get my sibs to move on with their own lives and live out their own dreams. There’s still some here and there that still try to hide out in Po Town and act as though they can ignore reality and pretend we’re still a thing, but I gotta go hit ‘em WITH the reality.

               Most of us have bettered ourselves. Nanu and Molayn helped me out in the beginning after Team Skull had disbanded. I don’t see why Nanu cared, though, and stopped me from calling LIFE quits.

         But here I stand. And here I SIT. It was a DREAM of mine to be here at this throne and look what I got… Are you MAD that a former THUG and STREET FLOWER is doing better than you? Are you MAD I’m living out two out of three of my BIGGEST dreams?!

             Are you JEALOUS? Have you nothing BETTER to do with your time than to TALK DOWN about me and my sibs? You are also indirectly disrespecting RED and his choice in making ME the next Champion.

             FUCK. OFF.”


hey!! look at me!! I’m learning to love my body and I’ve never been happier, I’m still going through the toughest time I’ve ever had right now but one thing has improved and it’s my body positivity! Recovery is long and slow and most days i would never do this. Currently I’m at my heaviest weight ever and WHO GIVES A FUCK? Not me because I’m beautiful and I rock this fifties fucking high waisted bikini and I can’t wait to show myself off to the world. Love yourself. Love your body.

A quick walk through the woods never hurt anyone...

Jin gathered her things for traveling in a small bag, and straightened up her side of the room so her sisters couldn’t complain. “Jin…….how long are you going to be gone for?” Asked Tang, her younger sister who was waking up next to their youngest sister, Emiko. “Not very long, you two will barely notice me gone.” She said with a wink, although her sisters can be a pain in the neck, she was going to miss them as well. “ Just make sure you don’t meet a man and leave us forever like Masumi….” Emiko whined as she rubbed her eyes to awake faster. “ She didn’t leave forever Emi! She married some rich man from the middle ring! That’s why we barely see her, don’t worry, no guy would every marry Jin, much less a rich man.” Tang teased her older sister only to receive a pillow to the face. “Watch yourself Tang, now that I am away, you will have to carry your weight around…for once…meaning, you get the main chores. Oh…and stay out of my side of the room, I just got the bed to myself, I don’t need you two’s germs all over it while I am gone…” Jin reminded them with a threading tone to end her warning. “ We’ll see about that…” Tang huffed as she threw the pillow back at her older sister, “Tell Grandma and Grandpa…we say hey….”  Jin’s playful grin turned into a painful smile, “ Of course I will….." 

Jin had been walking for a good distance, she was heading back to her old village to lay some flowers down. It had been awhile since her family visited the burnt remains of their homeland, that now was letting a forrest grow back, little by little. Every year or so, her family took a trip down from Ba Sing Se, their home, but the gap between trips has been growing each time. Finally, Jin couldn’t take not seeing her favorite place and convinced her parents to let her take a trip on her own. They lived in the lower ring of Ba Sing Se, so over the years, Jin had been forced to grow up. A benefit of being one of eight children, her parents were much more flexible on the matter, but still worried about their third child.

"Now remember Jin…..don’t talk to strangers, don’t stay for to long….” Jin’s mother listed as she packed some food in the girl’s bag. “Mother…..I can handle myself…..” Jin whined as she grabbed her bag. “Sure you can…” A sarcastic boy said as she walked into the kitchen. “Denji…..You aren’t helping, besides, you and your three followers love to test my strength every day. I can handle myself,” Jin said to her older brother, referring to how their younger brothers follow him around like duckings and attack her as a game. “Watcher you say quirt, but if you aren’t back in five days, I am taking your stuff. I’m going to go work with dad. See ya!” with that kurt goodbye, Denji ran from Jin’s rage. “ He makes me so mad! He can’t have my stuff Mo- you okay mom? You don’t look so good….” Jin asked her Mother who was tearing up on her. “Oh… I am fine, just be careful, I don’t want to loose you….and I know your father feels the same way….” She sniffed, pulling her daughter in for a tight hug. “Mom! I can’t breathe, you are over reacting, we have been there and back a thousand times. What could go wrong?” Jin asked, trying to catch a breathe. “Hey Jin…” Denji said as he popped his head bag in the front door. “What?!” She yelled, pushing away from their mother, who was a mess at the moment. “Tell Jet I said hi and that I miss bossing all the kids around from the village….” He said with a solum look on his face. “Of course I will…..” she said with a light smile, thinking of her childhood friend, “Anything else you want me to tell him?” Denji thought for a moment before he decided to yank his sister’s chain, “Oh, tell him that Masumi said hi, I am sure he would looooveee that. Remember how he had a crush on her and you got really jealous?!” he laughed, running out the door. “Denji!! I wasn’t jealous! He was my best friend and Masumi loves to steal all of my friends!! GET BACK HERE!!” Jin yelled, chasing her brother out of the house and setting off on her journey. “Be careful sweetie!” yelled Jin’s mother out the door. 

It’s true, Jin had never been on the outside of the city walls, traveling, on her own, but a part of her yearned for adventure and it would not be silenced till it got it’s wish. When Jin arrived at the village, or what remained of it, she said hi to her grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, Jet. She missed them all dearly, she wished the fire nation never took them from her. So far, so good, the trip went fine, she gave her respects and started back without a hitch. 

Now Jin, likes hard work and all, but after so much walking, her legs felt like bricks. She decided to take a short cut on a path that she had never been one, but she was positive that it would knock a couple of hours off her travels. All was well with the world until she noticed a town up ahead of her, she picked up her pace, wanting to shop a bit and grab some tea. She froze when she saw red. Red. On the roofs, the gate, the clothes of the people, everywhere. “Fire Nation…..” Jin whispered as she froze in her tracts, “But how….?” How indeed, she had lived in this area for eight years of her life and visited off and on for the next seven. She came to the conclusion of the village being built between the last visit of her family, two years ago. 

Tears started to build up in the young Earth kingdom girls eye’s, she turned and ran into the surrounding woods, not paying attention to where she was going. It made her upset since it was the fire nation that burned down her village, killing her friends, family and loved ones. What made them think that it was okay to bring their loved ones here and start fresh. Sure, it wasn’t over the site of Jin’s old town, but it was to close for her liking. Her parents and siblings were the only ones to be lucky enough to make in out of the fiery inferno, she couldn’t imagine their reaction to such news. She need to find a quiet place to rest, think and retrace her steps, so she could get back on her original path. She found a moss covered rock that looked perfect for a good sit and cry,  as Jin approached it, her body was lifted from the ground in a tangled mess. She was trapped, in the air and no one was around to find her. 

As Jin swayed in the wind, the earth seemed to blur together and got hazy, then her tears fell to the ground below. Then it hit her, she could be in a trap for the fire nation, her world was falling apart. This couldn’t be happening to her. She had to get out, she called out for help, hoping someone could hear her and help, someone who isn’t fire nation. 


Sneak Peek: Kung Fu Panda 3 Ups Bear Count

USA Today reports: For two Kung Fu Panda animated movies, portly Po has believed all his bear kin were in panda heaven. That he was the lone survivor.

But Kung Fu Panda 3 proves Po wrong. The new film (opening Jan. 29, 2016) is Panda-palooza.

“There is great joy,” says Jack Black, the voice of Po. “Lo and behold, there’s a secret panda village. There’s intense rejoicing as I am reunited with my people.”

Po has a chance run-in with his long-lost panda father Li (Bryan Cranston), who brings Po back to an enclave where the pandas have been living since a fierce panda attack alluded to in DreamWorks Animation’s 2011 hit Kung Fu Panda 2.

Also found in the village: an overeager, amorous young female panda Mei Mei (Rebel Wilson), a wannabe ribbon dancer. This does not turn out to be a panda love story.

“Po’s a little freaked out, since he’s never been around a female of his own species,” says Black. “I don’t think he has game in that realm yet.”

It’s not all fun. The biological father/son reunion causes concern for Po’s adopted father, the noodle shop-owning duck Mr. Ping  (“He feels very protective,” says Black). There’s also a menacing supernatural villain called Kai who poses a threat to the village and the world. Po has to train his fellow pandas in martial arts to fight back.

Kung Fu Panda 3 enlists the original characters from the past hit films, with all Furious Five kung fu warriors returning: Angelina Jolie as Tigress, Jackie Chan as Monkey, Seth Rogen as Mantis, David Cross as  Crane and Lucy Liu as Viper. Warrior trainer Master Shifu (Dustin Hoffman) returns as well.

I have a somewhat scary idea

I read somewhere that, now that Po has been appointed as Oogway’s successor and master of all kung fu, he’ll likely have a very long life just like Oogway did.

And naturally, I immediately imagined 500-year-old Po talking to a young student about his adventures and his friends and family that have been dead for centuries now and I just

I want to write it so much but I’m making myself so sad

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Catching up on endless mail today [which I love]. While I can’t quite be out on the field yet, God has been bringing the harvest to me. I will never get used to the fact that this has now become a part of my ministry. Today I received a long, soul-bearing letter in my po box all the way from Poland and I was gently reminded that Jesus is everywhere and His faithfulness abounds. May we never lose this; the power and art of handwritten letters.